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2023.04.01 00:47 NoelwithNOel User Testers Needed for Columbus-based startup! Will pay for time and provide food!

Hey, /Columbus!
My name is Noel Castillon and I am the co-founder of Sidewalk Sidekick LLC, a Columbus-based tech startup that aims to make pedestrian travel and safer and more accessible experience. On April 8th from 12:00pm-2:30pm my team and I are testing a key feature of our app and we’d love to have folks from the community help us out!
A big part of our mission is crowdsourcing data on things that inhibit the walkability of communities. This will be a canvassing event where we’ll have folks explore the University District/Short North area to record such issues. As compensation for your time and effort, we’ll distribute $20 Amazon gift cards and provide pizza as lunch.
The event will take place at COhatch - The Gateway right by OSU. If you’re interested, sign up using this form. Please note that this test event is only available for testers with access to an Android phone with a mobile data connection, with plans for future test events to be available to folks with either iOS or Android.
Thank you all!
Noel & Team Sidewalk Sidekick
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2023.04.01 00:46 Habsonik Made some screenshots of the new event

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2023.04.01 00:46 Wurdyburd [Long Post, Part 1] GW2 and Roles: Why Attributes and Gear Fail to Teach Players, Diversify Gameplay, or Inform Design Direction

Hello, it's me again, the wordiest of birds, with another analysis and design post. This could easily be ten different posts, but I'm cutting it down to two main themes. As always: I mostly play PvE, but spend time on every class in every mode; The goal of this is not necessarily to wildly invent new systems for the game, but to identify themes, and what it takes for them to flourish, not condemn and start over, and invite conversation; I find spoiler-hiding my walls of text helps keep it digestible. Part 2 will cover non-attribute designs and tech in GW2, and open discussion about whether our current obsession with "hit big monster make big numbers go up more" is stifling the diversity of the game, and whether there could be a place for builds that aren't exclusively about damage or boons. A lot of this has been cooking for a long time, and as much as I love the game, I do worry about it's longevity, and the diversity of elite specs, builds, and challenges that we've been getting for the last several years, and what it'll mean for content in the future.
First, the state of the game. While GW2 is both celebrated and chided for it's [relative] departure from "holy trinity" teamcraft, it still fails to present the 'role' of RolePlaying Game especially seriously. Increasingly, traits and skills lack any kind of narrative or thematic flavor, opting instead to slap numbers and % increases around until some unseen meta god is appeased, while teamcraft has identified a flexible DPS/boonDPS/boonHeal to be the main way to approach challenges, but with severe consequences should they be played off-design. This leads to an ENORMOUS amount of dead traits, dead equipment prefixes, dead runes and sigils, and some dead weaponry, plus oversimplified gameplay with spammable moves, and while a limited number of meta/best-in-slot equipment makes it easier for the developers to target overperforming builds, it means that there are many elements of buildcraft that sneak under the radar, unnoticed and unassuming.
Questions are asked, "Are there any advantages to melee combat over range?", "Are we expected to stand still or move around during combat?", "Should every profession be viable at every challenge, or should they have unique advantages?", and "We don't believe that profession complexity should translate into an increase in DPS," among others. In attempting to form a baseline for the game, and make it's various components easier to balance, the game runs the risk of becoming too homogenized, too bland, reliant increasingly on roleplay themes that the devs don't seem interested in mechanically representing, while as many as 30 different non-PvP attribute combinations fail to see use. All the while, powercreep slowly inflates the average player's output, undermining the difficulty of old content, failing to teach players how the intricacies of the game works, and shocking inexperienced players who jump from location to location with difficulty and mechanics they are neither prepared for, nor understand.
Gripes aside, Guild Wars 2 has perhaps the strongest foundation for MMO buildcraft I've ever played. It's huge array of diverse traits and swappable weapon sets, and diverse component interactions, both within a profession and between professions, is what drew me to the game, kept me playing the full range of content, and what leads me to make these lengthy, passionate articles. There's a good reason why many other MMOs see GW2 as an inspiration, or even copy from it directly. For all it's challenges, all this game needs is a slight clarification in philosophy, even without making any of the changes recommended here, and the pieces will fall into place over time.
Guild Wars 2 is sometimes compared to Magic the Gathering.>! They both share an incredible number of sub-mechanics and themes that all fold together in intricate, and sometimes unexpected ways. Fans of each game are probably aware of the remarkable confidence that MtG has in it's color spectrum: for each color, there are a series of powerful, and well-documented sub-themes, many of which overlap with other colors. It's when the colors combine that the game truly shines, creating dynamic playstyles and themes that appeal to an incredibly diverse audience, with 3-color decks having much more tech available, and much stranger themes, than 2-color, or 1-colored decks. From the moment that a colored card is revealed to you, a practiced player can instantly make inferences to what their opponent's strategies may be, and begin to move in a way to counteract it, while pushing their own strategies. This "foreknowledge of theme" rather than "foreknowledge of event" means that two players can effectively combat each other, despite never having met or taken the chance to look through each other's deck list, and makes for more personalized decks, and more enjoyable games.!<
I give this example because such a case could be made for Guild Wars 2's attribute system.>! Much like MtG colors, each attribute aligns with a purpose, some objective that promotes value when travelling the world or the Mists alike, with each "color combo" coming together to form an attribute prefix. The problem with this analogy is that Guild Wars 2's gear prefixes aren't each designed to carry a mechanic that helps the player succeed, either while travelling alone, or in a group. Many traits exacerbate this with attribute conversion, usually from +Power, and if your selection doesn't result in you or an ally killing an enemy faster, it's generally regarded as a dead choice. !<
Were GW2 to shift to recognize each attribute as a genuine gameplay mechanic, it would grant the designers a foundation from which to design content that harnesses specific challenges, and grant the players of the game confidence in their build, as well as flexibility in purpose, when approaching said challenges.
(As an aside, first: many MMOs have rather abstract stat and buff systems, that make it impossible to understand without extensive out-of-game research, and even once understood in concept, Guild Wars 2 doesn't always communicate how these effects are supposed to interact. An across the board UI fix here would allow players to see a breakdown of where their stats are coming from, by source, and what % impact it has on each of their attribute, such as from gear, food, utility consumables, or traits, without having to actually slot it first, possibly at an armor-repair station so as to not blow out the during-gameplay UI. Being able to see the exact number of points they are away from their next +1% or 1sec effect increase would be helpful too. )
In the case of the attributes themselves, each attribute should be viewed as a component of a larger puzzle, that each have their own, special identity. By considering which professions, skills, weapons, and group content are defined by which attributes, much stronger combinations of those attributes should arise.
With these roles defined, each attribute combination becomes not just a build type, but a distinct element of encounter design. Simply select two sets of 2-3 different attributes, combine them together, and you have a meaningful encounter:
The main problem with these "Attributes as Roles" designs, is the gear combinations themselves. 4-Stat prefixes carry such a staggering advantageous weight over 3-stat prefixes, and Celestial over most 4-stat prefixes, that the more 'roles' are added to an encounter design, the more 4-stat and Celestial gear carries the day. While all the rest of this can be done fairly easily without disrupting metas too badly, I would honestly, personally, recommend lowering the stats associated with 4-stat and Celestial gear, even by 5% total, to help 3-stat gear, which is infinitely more narrow in application, stronger and more specialized for purpose. Additionally, changing which stat conversions exist on which professions, how, and increasing what % they take from other, less ideal attributes, could mean that each of the nine professions stand to benefit from different attribute combinations than each other, which would help enormously in bringing value to the 33 underperforming stat combos.
Otherwise, were these to be adopted, many different dead or unrecommended prefixes stand to open up, which really highlights the extreme extent to which gear has been made useless in this game, by merit of the narrow outlook the balance team takes when viewing each profession.
Disappointing outliers include:
Much of this is exacerbated by the fact that stat-selectable gear is so readily available, with every single stat an option. Gearing a new build has turned from what used to be, at minimum, an excuse to run certain dungeons or farm Heart of Thorns, and devolved into a fairly meaningless scramble to grab up stat-select gear from any source, select either Berserker's, Viper's, Harrier's, Diviner's, or Celestial, and sigh in relief as you ignore the game's 33 other options. (Not that all those are ignored, I'm just being facetious. Easily 90% of all online builds use the above 5 options though.)
So. This concludes Part 1. In part 2, I aim to cover how we might pair these 'attribute roles' with mechanical effects in different classes that help produce roles not currently recognized by ArenaNet. In the meantime, I'd like to open discussion:
  1. Should each professions be expected to benefit from a more personal set of gear attributes? Overlap is guaranteed in many cases, but should we see more cases such as Ritualist's, which is only desirable on professions with Vitality conversion? Or should all professions benefit identically from the same prefix options?
  2. Are there any archetypes or build fantasies that you think our current selection of attributes could be used to address, but currently aren't in the game, such as Expertise affecting trap duration? If so, what are they, which profession would be doing it, and which attributes do you think would enable it?
  3. Do you think stats being freely available is a good thing, or would you be interested in different attribute sets looted from specific zones or content types? For example, high-durability gear looted by roaming open world, or that different metas drop gear with prefixes that are explicitly designed to help you defeat it? Or that 'raid-ready' gear prefixes be looted from champions, strikes, and raids themselves?
  4. Should 4-stat and Celestial be nerfed, or 3-stat buffed, in order to make them more appealing? If not, what purpose do you propose for 3-stat, non-Berserker gear?
  5. If more content started to use a greater variety of challenges, other than just "hit big monster make big numbers go up more", would you be excited to experiment with different gear setups, in order to be better prepared for the challenges of each encounter? Or, do you prefer having a small number of loadouts, that can handle any and all content in the game?
As always, thanks for reading! If you have critiques, let me know! And if you're interested in Part 2, find it here! [link later]
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2023.04.01 00:46 coney_ireland Slumlord harassment

I am extremely distressed by the behavior of my new landlord.

For ref, I've been here 25 years & I'm senior. A holding company
bought the building 2 years ago.

The slumlord introduces himself in the following way, in
screeching, threatening tones:


Here is the issue. Two workers were up here for 5 minutes. The
slumlord calls me shortly afterwards and tells me: "I have very bad
news for you. I got pictures of your apartment. I sent them to a
guy at the regie and he said "WE CAN HAVE THIS GUY EVICTED IN 24

I asked him to send me these pictures because I don't know what he's
talking about (the place is clean). He said "I have A MILLION
pictures. A MILLION. But I'll send you just one."

I got nothing.

My partner called him and suggested we bring the in the Regie, since
we happen to know that they can be very helpful to tenants.

He said, "Oh no, let's leave the regie out of this." (Alert flag).

She asked him to send her the photos. He said, "I' can't send it
to you because it's my evidence against him." Of course the pictures
would be digital, so he's certainly lying.

Another event involved the claim that my
apartment was the site of this building's vermin. He said "I have a
report that rats, mice and coquerelles are coming from YOUR
apartment." That is not possible.

So it would seem that there was no photo at all, and that the call
was pure and simple landlord harassment. The claim about the rats was bald-faced lying.

As I see it, my "peaceable enjoyment of my
premises" is compromised by this horrid man's threats and false claims
(eg rats) and I would like to review my legal options.

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2023.04.01 00:45 anzum007_ "Kaguya-sama: Love is War -The First Kiss That Never Ends-" Episode 01 & 02 - Links and Discussion

Stream Link(s):

Keep all episode related things here for 24 hours No manga spoilers in the thread, no hinting about future events, use appropriate spoiler tags when needed.

Any untagged manga spoilers will get a direct ban. Be careful.


  • Do not link to illegal streams. If you wanna sail the high seas so it but no linking here.
  • If you are new to the sub read the FAQ and the rules
  • Especially rule 7, which is, Memes and low effort posts are not allowed (you can post memes on Kaguya_memes or Animemes). Don't post links to plain (or slightly edited) panels, pages from the manga and unedited screencaps and gifs from anime, unless they provide some sort of discussion. High quality edits/shitposts are allowed but mods have the final say.
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2023.04.01 00:45 Thammarat02 Come Join the Remnants of Hope Gaming Community

Come One, Come All

Hey GW2 players! Are you looking for a fun, social, and brave space to game? Remnants of Hope might just have what you're looking for! We are a multifaceted gaming guild that is large enough to support all game modes, but cozy enough to care about you! Our Guild Wars 2 Division is part of an inclusive, well-organized, and democratic gaming community which has been around since 2009. We embrace players of all ages, genders, abilities, and playstyles. While we are most active 7-midnight Eastern time, we have members across North America and the world who play at a variety of times.
What's the new member experience like? Check out this post from our GW2 Forums thread:
Brand new member and brand new to the game! RoH has proved to be my best new player experience of any game! The events are fun and engaging with no hard feelings if someone is new. Strategies and next steps are explained calmly and helps a newbie like me feel much more inclined to try out new things. Highly recommend this guild and super glad I found it!

All the Modes, for All Kinds of Players

Our GW2 Division is organized into Departments to ensure we give our players all the ways they want to play:

More than Just a Game

The Remnants of Hope gaming community offers far more than just the GW2 Division, however. After beginning in Star Wars Galaxies in 2009, RoH has grown to include Elder Scrolls Online, Star Wars: The Old Republic, Guild Wars 2, World of Warcraft, and Final Fantasy XIV. People who join RoH through the GW2 Division are welcome to join other Divisions and experience all RoH has to offer.
Our large gaming community also delivers stability and a democratic structure few guilds can rival. We hold Division and Community elections every six months, keeping leadership fresh and avoiding burnout. A detailed Charter enables good governance and financial stability for an organization designed for the long term. A strict but fair disciplinary system ensures that any toxic behavior is addressed quickly and confidentially.
This guild structure allows a safe and joyful space for players of all backgrounds. Many of our leaders and members are part of the LGBTQ+ community, and we have players in every generation from Zoomer to Boomer. Our commitment to antiracism, diversity, and inclusion is built into our foundation and implemented through all our policies, including accommodations as appropriate.
The larger gaming community additionally provides many opportunities outside GW2. Our Discord and forums are constantly active, and the community meets as a whole once a month. We have a range of cross-community activities, including karaoke, movie nights, multi-game fashion and other shows, and casual games. We have also held meetups in Washington, D.C. and Las Vegas, sponsored a booth at Awesome Con, and are currently planning our 2023 meetup! Feel free to catch up on guild news on our Twitter @ Remnantsofhope1.

Ready to Join?

We *deeply* value our community and want to protect it from disruption and toxicity. To that end, every applicant must go through a two-week trial period, which includes reasonable activity and engagement requirements, to make sure there is a good fit between you and our community. Rest assured, however, there are people here who help you throughout the process; you never just join our Discord server and fend for yourself. Many of our Trial Members appreciate the care we take in integrating new players into the guild, and you can check out what some new members have to say on our GW2 forum thread.
If all this sounds good to you, come check us out at www.remnantsofhope.com and fill out an application today!
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2023.04.01 00:45 Lucky-Skill5531 RECOMMENDING A DATABASE HACKER FOR HIRE

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2023.04.01 00:45 myusernameperiod Yagotta Regatta

Yagotta Regatta
This summer will mark the 40th Anniversary of the final Regatta in 1983. While Beer Tree held an event in 2018 in the spirit of the Regatta, it was a much shorter float and ended at the Beer Tree location in Port Crain instead of downtown Binghamton. July is four months away. Plenty of time build yourself a float. Yagotta.
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2023.04.01 00:44 nonbinarycthulu1 I’ve been ignoring an old friend and it’s not his fault.

I need to vent so here we are.
I(NB20, born female) grew up in a school district where I pretty much knew everyone since elementary school. Starting in Kindergarten, I would keep getting placed in classes with the same kid. Let’s call him Taylor(Who I assume is 20 as well by now).
Taylor has Down Syndrome. I grew up surrounded by kids with various disabilities due to having my own. Thing is, I have higher functioning autism, and while I do struggle with a lot of things, they grouped any kid with a disability together. I was with Taylor a lot because of this.
I didn’t like him as a child, mainly because he seemed infatuated with me at the time. He would follow me around, copy things I did and at one point in second grade started calling me ‘honey’. This went on until sixth grade when i finally had enough and asked his para(a guide/teacher of sorts) to get him to stop. While there was that struggle, he did and we eventually become friends. We were never to close, but I got invited to birthday parties and his mother would always invite me personally to join them for this 4th of July event our city would throw every year. I had a great time with them, and I still cherish those memories. Taylor even started dating a girl in our early years of highschool(I think they were dating? She was nonverbal, so I could never tell if they were or they were just very close. He would call her his girlfriend.)
Fast forward to 2021 and I left home before my senior year due to circumstances where my brother got custody of me. I had a fallout with my best friend and promised to leave my old life behind, feeling there was nothing for me to go back to. My grandmother who raised me ran into Taylor’s mom and gave her my old phone number so that Taylor and I could catch up.
He’s doing well. He’s actually a public speaker, and I’m very proud of how far he’s come. However, we only talked once since then. I don’t answer his calls anymore. I don’t know what it is, but I want to leave my life back there behind, as well as the people in it(except for a select few). He just called me now, and I just can’t answer him.
I guess I can’t say we were “never close” considering all his family did for me. I love his family so much, but I’m not good with telling people how I feel. It’s not him, it’s me. Plus, I don’t know how he’ll react. I don’t want him to think it’s his fault.
I don’t know. I don’t see us staying friends with us being cities apart and having our own separate interests and lives, but I have this guilt and I feel like I’m being selfish and ungrateful.
Taylor, I’m so sorry. I know you’ll probably never see this, but it’s not you. I adore you and your family so much, especially your mother. You both are saints.
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2023.04.01 00:43 AttractiveCuckoo You're in school, working two jobs and attend church? Gonna need proof.

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2023.04.01 00:43 titanfan71 How do i gain packs other than the challenges for the new event Ive won 8 games in a row of teddy conflict and still no pack what do i do?????

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2023.04.01 00:43 wellnesshap123 San Diego Wellness Event

San Diego Wellness Event
Come network with us over coffee overlooking the beautiful scenery at Mission Bay Park!
Bringing together health & wellness enthusiasts and businesses to meet, network, prosper, grow our connections and/or businesses! Anyone within health & wellness or simply interested in interacting to learn more are welcome to attend. We will meet casually to network and share our awesome ideas, business(s), products & services to foster valuable relationships. Look for the group with the Meetup sign. Bring plenty of business cards! All Health & Wellness advocates are welcome!
Thank you for being great stewards of better living!
Multiple Dates!
Superbloom Coffee & Juice
2688 East Mission Bay Drive San Diego, CA 92109
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2023.04.01 00:41 Beanie_Inki The 1791 United States Assembly Elections The Hamiltonian Way

The 1791 United States Assembly Elections The Hamiltonian Way

The results of the nation's first gubernatorial election.
Secretary of Foreign Affairs: John Jay (1789-1791)
Secretary of Finance: Oliver Wolcott Jr. (1789-1791)
Secretary of War: James McHenry (1789-1791)

A Successful Beginning…
The first few years of Alexander Hamilton’s governorship had been an eventful few years. Almost immediately, Hamilton began to organize his camp by founding the nation’s first political party: the National Party. The Legislature would be made up entirely of Nationals, and the actions taken by the Legislature would reflect such. Hamilton saw fit to appoint John Jay as his secretary of foreign affairs, Oliver Wolcott Jr. as his secretary of finance, and James McHenry as his secretary of war. Among the first actions of the Legislature was to pass the Judiciary Act, which would establish the Supreme Court of the United States. The Court would be made up of one chief judge and two associate judges. The first appointees to the Court would be John Marshall, Oliver Ellsworth, and William Cushing. The three would be confirmed by the Senate without opposition.
His economic program was pushed through without much trouble, as the Bank of the United States was chartered, protective tariffs were enacted to protect the nascent industries of the Northeast from foreign competition, and national infrastructure projects called “internal improvements” began. Among these infrastructure projects was the construction of government buildings in Philadelphia, the nation’s official capital. Buildings for the Legislature, the governor, and the Supreme Court were their constructions. The first action taken by the Bank was to disseminate a single, national currency: the United States dollar. The dollar was to be pegged to the Spanish silver dollar. The tariffs were also quite successful in raising revenue, and the small industries in the Northeast started to strengthen. Though, the South did start to have some second thoughts about voting for it, as the imports they needed had started to become more expensive.
The first major problem faced by Governor Hamilton, however, was the matter of Britain. Britain had, for some time now, remained in forts in the Northwest Territory despite otherwise being kicked out of the Thirteen Colonies, alongside the impressment of American sailors, and American exports having restricted entry into Britain. As Hamilton was already in-favor of improving relations with Britain, he saw this as a good opportunity to jumpstart a friendly relationship with the mother nation. So, he sent Secretary of Foreign Affairs John Jay to negotiate a new treaty, which would later be dubbed the “Jay Treaty”.
Though many believed it could’ve been better, nonetheless, the final treaty would contain advantageous provisions such as the withdrawal of British forces from the forts alongside the US gaining the trading status of “most favored nation”, although trading restrictions would continue in the West Indies. Britain would also pay for shipping damages, while the US would pay down its war debts. Many wanted more, and some, such as Senator Thomas Jefferson of Virginia’s 1st senatorial district, would voice some opposition to the treaty, but its passage was smooth, and things ran relatively smoothly afterwards.
Secretary of Foreign Affairs John Jay, the man who negotiated his namesake treaty.
The only other major foreign policy accomplishment during this time would be the annexation of the unrecognized Vermont Republic, which was de jure part of New York, and its ascension as its own state, much to the dismay of New York, which had wanted to keep Vermont for itself.

…Brought to an Abrupt End
In the aftermath of the Jay Treaty’s ratification, the matter of the war debt was at the forefront, and Hamilton needed to take decisive action in order to pay it off, lest his quest for better relations with Britain collapse. Though tariff revenue was helping provide the national government with the money to pay off the debt, it wasn’t quite enough. So, Governor Hamilton came up with the seemingly ingenious idea to levy an excise tax on distilled spirits, most notably whiskey.
However, for the first time, it seemed that the Legislature was going to have some notable opposition to Hamilton’s agenda, particularly in the Senate, with Senators Thomas Jefferson and James Madison of Virginia’s 1st and 2nd senatorial districts, alongside Senator George Clinton of New York’s 4th senatorial district, being among the most notable opponents of the tax. The three managed to rally a quarter of the Senate to oppose the tax, so that while it would pass, it would show that there was a rising opposition to Governor Hamilton.
Yet while the passage of the tax seemed like the end of problems, things would end up taking a turn for the worse. In Western Pennsylvania, farmers would begin harassing tax collectors and refusing to pay the new excise tax. While Hamilton initially believed that the farmers would eventually quiet down, and that Governor Thomas Mifflin would be able to mop up the mess thereafter, this belief would be dashed when General John Neville, a tax collector, would have his home placed under siege by angry farmers. With the western frontier now in open rebellion, Hamilton saw only one solution to the mess: putting it down by force.
The Legislature would be called into session and it would debate the passage of a bill establishing and funding a standing army, something which Hamilton had wanted to do the entire time anyways. The debate over the bill would be intense, with even more opposition to it than the excise tax. The opposition believed that the rebellion should be ended by a repeal of the tax, while the proponents believed that any violent rebellion to the nation’s laws should be quashed, and that a standing army would allow for badly needed order in the countryside. In-spite of the Senate’s growing opposition to Hamilton’s agenda alongside even the Assembly seeing a rise in opposition, the bill would pass. Veterans of the Revolutionary War were quickly recruited into the new army, and Governor Hamilton himself, after failing to coax George Washington out of retirement to aid in putting down the rebellion, would lead forces to put down the rebels, conveniently, or perhaps inconveniently at the time of that year’s Assembly elections, which could very well decide the course of the so-called “Whiskey Rebellion”.
The trio in the Senate who led the first major opposition effort against Governor Hamilton's agenda. From left to right: George Clinton (N-NY), James Madison (N-VA), and Thomas Jefferson (N-VA).
Anti-Whiskey Nationals
While the Assembly may be made up entirely of members of the National Party, the semblance of unity has quickly been shattered by the Whiskey Rebellion. The faction that supports the tax alongside Hamilton’s actions regarding the rebellion is the “Anti-Whiskey” faction. The faction is defined by its staunch support for Governor Hamilton’s agenda, with many seeing them as blindly loyal. Aside from their stance on the Whiskey Rebellion, they also support Hamilton’s economic agenda alongside the Jay Treaty. They have often been attacked by the Pro-Whiskey Nationals as being so loyal to Governor Hamilton that they would want him to be an emperor, and some whispers from fringe subfactions aren’t exactly helping their case that they don’t.

Pro-Whiskey Nationals
On the other side of the party is the “Pro-Whiskey” faction. The Pro-Whiskey faction opposes Governor Hamilton’s actions regarding the Whiskey Rebellion, with the faction pushing for a repeal of the tax, along with the disbandment of the standing army. They’re also almost all opposed to the Jay Treaty. However, they aren’t as united as the Anti-Whiskey Nationals when it comes to Governor Hamilton’s economic agenda, with a substantial minority supporting only slightly reduced tariffs, the maintenance of the Bank, albeit in a weakened state, and continued internal improvements. The rest, however, stand for free trade, for free banking, and against national infrastructure projects. They’re often attacked by the Anti-Whiskey Nationals as traitors trying to upend the Constitution, or even lead a second American Revolution against Governor Hamilton. With the whispers of some fringe subfactions, their case isn’t exactly being helped.

Who are you voting for in this election?
View Poll
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2023.04.01 00:41 SplendidBeats NBD: '73 Gibson Les Paul Triumph

NBD: '73 Gibson Les Paul Triumph
Through a series of very fortunate events, this ridiculously clean '73 Gibson Les Paul Triumph has made its way into my possession. I wasn't looking for a vintage bass, but here it is and I'm not mad at all. Also, my first short-scale.
It still has the original strings on it, which is a cool story, but I'm not digging their dulled, short-sustain tone. However, it also came with a duplicate set of "new" flat wounds in the case. How sacrilegious would it be to update the strings on this thing, either to the new/vintage set or actually new strings?
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2023.04.01 00:41 Sanabakkoushfangirl To do a research year or not to do a research year? That is the question.

Context: M2 going to be an M3, T30 state school, upper quartile in all blocks except one remediation due to personal illness, in good academic standing overall. Most of my energy has been focused on STEP 1 studying this (calendar) year.
Up until this point, I have one (ENT research) manuscript that has been submitted for publication/an associated poster presentation from M1-M2 summer (2022). Other than that, I haven't done much other than study and some scattered interest group leadership positions.
Currently considering adult or child neurology, infectious disease, heme/onc, and possibly cardiology as long term goals - I'd most likely be applying adult or child neuro, IM, or med-peds as a starting point for residency, but all of this could change once I actually start M3. Honestly, I'm still fairly open to almost anything at this point.
Is it worth it to take a year out to do research specifically related to those specialties? Is it possible to pick up another research project during M3 year without burning myself out/overloading myself, given that the priority is doing well on the shelf and getting good evals/letters?
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2023.04.01 00:40 JKNetwork777 Scream fans thoughts on these slasher films if you’ve seen them?

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2023.04.01 00:40 Pavologi20 I Love my Future Mother In Law... BUT...

Can we spend a minute talking about future Mother-In-Laws please?
Mine is a wonderful woman... BUT... she's a former Long Island florist and a divorcee. She has OVERWHELMING opinions about our 2024 wedding...and it's a lot for me to take in. Allow me to explain.
She had been divorced from my fiancé's father for over 20 years... but she still refers to him as "Satan" and loves a little drama. While they have both agreed to be civil during the event... I know that some of her opinions are because she wants to be able to take credit for helping us with our big day. I have been very quiet about many of our wedding details other than the date and venue for that specific reason.
We (my FH and I ) are paying for the entire event and not expecting anyone to pitch in... also, we are not listing anyone's parents on the invitations and are making the event very much about us...while being very strategic about how we involve our families in the different pieces. We don't want either of them to feel any pressure other than to enjoy the day as part of their son's life...as we have made time to see them both throughout our relationship and surely want them there on our day if they'd like to be.
Both agreed to keep it together...and we've given them a few seats to offer to their friends so they have people to be with. I feel that we've already been more than accommodating to each of them -- in fact, his father has expressed his gratitude already. His mother is also grateful...but also seems to be trying to find ways to seem helpful...while I am reading it as ways to take "credit" for things...
She made the comment the other week, while not knowing too much of anything about where I am in planning, that "people will talk if her son's wedding doesn't have incredible florals." -- which really rubbed me the wrong way.
I'm sure it's the florist in her that is concerned...but I am not overly into florals. I had mentioned in passing about loving the classy look of greens and candles at a friend's recent wedding and she seemed a bit disgusted by the simplicity. It wasn't until I left that she then told my fiancé that she'd PAY for the florals, because clearly I was going to need something other than greenery.
....now, for the record: I have no problem telling this woman to take her money elsewhere. If I decide I'm doing greens and candles, she's gonna just have to get over it. BUT -- I know that this is not going to be our only point of contention as details start to make their way out into the open. She has already sent me a half dozen dresses that she'd love to see me in.
And your girl is gonna have her princess diaries moment.. but Mia's big white ballgown is really not my style. I also am VERY body conscious... and really feel strongly about my dress being between me and a few woman I know I can trust (i.e. my best friend from college and my own mom.)... I just don't know how to really express that out loud.
I also am not sure how to to allow her to be helpful without it becoming something she can just brag about. Not to sound ridiculous but this day is about our relationship... not her glory days as an incredible florist.
Anyone got any really good ideas? LOL -- also, thanks for letting me get this off my chest. My fiance has been super supportive about it all..often just being like "oh, you'll have to talk to the bride." to his mom and deferring to me but she thinks she'll wear me down. I beg to differ...but figured I'd see if we can't scheme up some ways to get her to chill.
Thanks in advance.
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2023.04.01 00:39 Cicero_torments_me Question about the time war

Sorry if the question sounds stupid, but it’s something I’ve never really understood. If time lords are able to travel through time and space, then how come the Doctor (almost) never encounters them in NuWho? What I mean is, how can he be the last of his species, if his species is able to travel through time? Surely, before the time war, the time lords explored time and space, just like the Doctor does. But just because it’s their past, it doesn’t mean it is an absolute past: we should still be able to meet them, shouldn’t we? Idk I feel like I’m missing a crucial bit of information and I feel pretty stupid for this, but I just don’t get it. How can you describe a species, whose concept of time is non-linear, as extinct? Wouldn’t they always be alive in some time and place? And so wouldn’t the Doctor be always able to go back? For example, what would happened if he went back to his childhood home (ignoring eventual paradoxes)? They aren’t gone, they are still there, in the right time. And time is a complicated concept for time lords, so they aren’t actually extinct, are they?
Sorry if this sounds a bit pointless considering the events of the 50th, but I was wondering if anyone could explain it to me.
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2023.04.01 00:39 GroundbreakingMud424 One Piece pacing is too fast now

I think since late Wano One Piece has been going WAY too fast with events and it seems Oda is setting up the final war already.
I didn't want Luffy to win and more importantly, I didn't want both Kaido and Big Mom to lose in the SAME arc
I wanted more islands and arcs before Luffy and the Supernovas were fighting and able to beat Yonkos
I wanted Kaido to have a more fleshed out backstory.
I wanted the Straw Hats to be getting stronger alongside their captain but now it seems like only the Monster Trio get see any improvement and the rest are kinda just comedic relief or fun distractions instead of a part of the battles and adventure
I think Egghead has been good for slowing the pace down a bit again but still want more development for the other Straw Hats and it concerns how fast the world is changing outside of Egghead bc it's setting up for the big war already
Ideally I wish One Piece had 10-15 more yeara of story left but it seems like it will end this decade at this rate
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2023.04.01 00:39 Alexbest11 Will the 3 regional monkeys ever come back like this? I didnt get any shinies of them... But got like 9 other shinies in the event

I got 1 Lugia, 2 Meltan, 3 Stunfisk, 1 tympole, 1 pidove
My Brother got Panpour and already had pansage from Go fest, and we live in pansear region... So he gonna have the trio and I got nothing unfortunately. How possible is it that they will come back one time?
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2023.04.01 00:39 Qrahe PC-NA April 2023 Econ Update

I'm back again for those who follow along with a quick update on the economy for PC-NA to hopefully show the quick and easy ways I make gold along with some trickier farms that can pay off. I go more into depth and show off other methods of making gold when I stream. This month we are going into the Anniversary Event, so either sell off your motifs or be willing to wait a month or two for prices to stabilize after the drops. Also the hottest tip for the next few days, the Jester's Minstrel Daedroth Costume Fragments drop comes from the gold boxes and I haven't heard of any dropping from purple. You need 10 but there are only 9 days of drops, so you either need to buy tickets with crowns or gold, or buy the fragments from traders (600k+ as of today), likely only going to go up as the costume seems to be a hot ticket item for a lot of people.
April 2023 Econ Update
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2023.04.01 00:39 CanaRoo22 Luck has zero impact on your luck?

If I'm reading this right, having high luck won't change the rate of more rare drops from chests / events / rolling for items? I went back and read many posts from the last six months... But this just doesn't fit my understanding of the universe! Confirm?
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