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2023.06.08 10:37 poshunicorn314 Fuck you.

Fuck you for holding me. Fuck you for pulling me in close. Fuck you for kissing me hungrily. Fuck you for making me feel desired. Fuck you for letting me know what all that feels like, because now it’s killing me not having it.
Fuck you and your perfect body that I gushed about to my friends. Fuck you for writing sweet texts that made my friends gush over you. I never believed a word you said.
Fuck your tattoos that you didn’t want to tell me the meaning of. Fuck your motorcycle you couldn’t stop talking about. Fuck your perfect hair. Fuck your cute prescription classes. Fuck your broad shoulders. Fuck your full lips, I can’t get them out of my head.
Fuck you for pulling me in tightly and telling me you don’t want me to leave. Did you ever mean that?
Fuck you for lying to me so often. Fuck you for making me feel safe, then brutally breaking my trust. You never even tried to make it up to me. You squeezed ever last drop out of me, and I let you do it, because I desperately hoped, in vain, that you would hold me again. That’s all I ever wanted. And it felt as comforting and warm as I thought it would, which is devastating, because now I don’t have it and I’m dying for it.
Fuck you for holding me. Fuck you for telling me I’m beautiful. Fuck you for holding my face gently before kissing me goodbye. Fuck you for not kissing me goodbye for the last time. I cried on my way home that night. You didn’t kiss me goodbye. You couldn’t be bothered.
I’m sorry I made things so complicated. I really need help. I wish I could be more like you.
I hope I run into you in ten years and you’re doing well. I hope I’m still alive in ten years. We’re both so young. I hope you make smart decisions. I hope I can escape my head.
Fuck you for being so beautiful. Why did God have to pick someone like you to deliver these life lessons? I hope my redemption arc is worth this pain.
Thank you for making me feel something. I hadn’t in a long time. Thank you for holding me, I needed it. I hope you’re okay.
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2023.06.08 10:37 haiahhahaamkasi AITA for ending my visit to see long distance girlfriend early?

My girlfriend and I are long distance. We have struggled a bit recently with our communication. She appeared to be pulling away and avoidant, which made me very anxious and needy. During my last visit to see her, we had an emotional discussion about these incompatibilities. I asked her if she wanted to stay together, and she said, “I don’t know.” She often said “I don’t know” to questions about her emotions, which has been frustrating for me. I asked her to clarify how sshe felt and what she wanted, but she wasn’t sure. I suggested we break up, realizing that if I have to ask whether she loves me or not, or if she’s so easily willing to break up, then I may not be good for her or her for me. It was sad, but we were clearly both unhappy and it seemed for the best in the long run. She seemed relieved fwiw.
So I changed my flight home, since there were five days left on my trip and I didn’t think it was smart to continue seeing hestaying with her when we’ve decided to split. Her reaction to me changing my flight was surprising: she became VERY upset (which is unusual for her as she doesn’t display big emotions) that I would decide “to leave just like that.” I thought it was really strange and gaslighty and made it seem like I broke us up when I wanted to stay together but took on the burden of breaking up. It was a mindfuck, and I don’t know what she would have preferred me to do. Anyways, we hugged goodbye but she said she was so hurt I would just leave and pay more money to end my trip early, that it didn’t have to be so dramatic.
AITA for ending trip to see long distance girlfriend early?
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2023.06.08 10:37 Significant_Metal561 Quick transaction scam?

(Creator here) Hi so I was just curious it seems as though I possibly got scammed, I had someone message me on Reddit saying they wanted a custom done and they’d pay thru OF they wound up paying for the sub and tipped like I asked and I sent the video , shortly after the user got it there account disappeared from OF and on Reddit as well are they able to take there money back after such a thing and scam me or please let me know
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2023.06.08 10:37 Pale_Remove_2141 being the “therapist friend” is sometimes not the best

being the therapist friend is when you’re basically a therapist for your friends or family, they can come to you when in distress for support or advice. it’s nice being able to be there for someone when they’re not at their best or people being able to trust you to talk to you about how they’re feeling but it gets “tiring”.
i’ve always been the therapist friend and it’s nice but it’s tiring. i always listen to how my friends feel and i support them whenever they need it, and i do love doing that for them because i love them, but i don’t ever get to talk to someone when im feeling down. and it’s not they’re fault because i never actually have talked to them about how i feel, but it’s just that over the years i kind of built a “border” that makes me block out me being “weak” or being anything other than “strong”.
like if i ever feel depressed, or im having thoughts of suicide i always block them out because it’s not “strong”, i’ve always been strong and independent so when i feel down or weak, it feels out of order for me.
i want to cry and let out my pain or be vulnerable but anytime i try, i start telling myself that it’s weak and it’s not me. i don’t want to keep this bottled in, i want to let it out but i can’t, i just don’t know how to explain myself or what im feeling
*english isn’t my first language, sorry for any mistakes
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2023.06.08 10:37 Khal_Rushing66 Overwhelming Splendor

So my opponent cast overwhelming Splendor and in my hand I had three counters. I had counter target spell unless controller pays 1 and then two counter target non creature spell but it wouldn't let me counter overwhelming Splendor. Is it just uncounterable and doesn't say it? This is the 4th time that's happened to me
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2023.06.08 10:36 sejope How can I best support my wife when she gets pregnant?

Hi all,
My wife and I are in the beginning stages of trying to have a baby, and while I know it can be quick or take a lot of time, I want to better understand how I can support her during those 9 months (and obviously beyond).
Any advice you can give me would be much appreciated. I’m not sure if trying to do too much for her at the beginning stages would seem overbearing for her as she grapples with major changes to her body and lifestyle. Alternatively, I want to make sure that I’m not doing too little and can support her as much as possible.
Thanks so much for any and all insights you can provide. Let me know what little things you appreciated or would have appreciated from your partner at different stages of your pregnancy journey!
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2023.06.08 10:36 sloppytango 25 years ago I (37m) advised my friend (37f) to get married despite the age gap

I’ve been seeing a lot of age gap judgement on reddit as of late. Sometimes it is justified but sometimes it is not. When we were 18 my friend (lets call her Daedra) fell in love with a man (lets call him Tony 49m) who was 12 years our senior. Her family was supportive, for cultural reasons and they are just open minded types, her large circle of friends from our religious private school though? Very very judgemental to the point of being cruel.
I never told her what to do, how to do things, who to choose in any situation so I was surprised when she asked me if she should go through with the wedding. I had met her husband before she did and I knew him to be an honourable strong and kind man. I told her such, but I also told her it was irrelevant. Daedra got confused and asked me why the good things I said were irrelevant, she wanted to hear those good things.
I said to her it’s irrelevant because what I think doesn’t matter, I’m not choosing to be with him you are, the only thing you should factor into this is how you feel!
I am not going to list what others were saying to her that is a whole other story.
Now it’s been 25 years, and personally I know no one in my life who has had a better relationship, they raised a family. He treats her with love, he is protective (he literally put his life on the line to save his wife), he is wise (an awesome father who is not afraid to show his emotions to his kids and the world, and he treats my friend like a queen. I could not have dreamed a better life for her she is just as happy now as she when we met as children.
All those who doubted him, and her relationship with him, now idolise him, when their relationships fall and break down left and right he is a rare positive example of how to make a relationship work in our circle. I should also note she puts just as much work into their marriage as he does it’s not a one sided thing.
So next time you see an age gap in a relationship, sure be cautious that’s the wise thing to do, but don’t tell the them to break up, at least meet the person before casting that metaphorical first stone.
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2023.06.08 10:35 Regular_Angle_2955 Full 'gambling' experience in HSR with: Qingque (ft. Silverwolf)

For legal reasons, I DO NOT SUPPORT GAMBLING :3
So I've seen a lot of Qingque guides and videos and one conclusion i can draw is that she is simultaneously the best and worst character in hsr.
For any who dont know, her damage is mainly through drawing 4 of the same majong🀄 tiles through complete luck. And u use a skill point that RNGs the tiles. So if your luck is bad, u dont get 4 same tiles, u get small dmg. BUT if u manage to use 4 skill points and get 4 matching tiles, you get an attack % buff that stacks 4 times into your enhanced basic attack. And if u got decent crit and atk, u get a mahjong tile tossed in your face that DECIMATES everything.
The reason I love her so much is (u might have guess) the gambling. The thrill of not getting 4 similar tiles 💀💀 the dopamine and pain i get by getting or not getting 4 similar tiles to maximise my damage just makes my HSR experience so much more...interesting. Especially during times when the enemy is on the very precipice of death and RNG just fails me. I love the pain 🥲.
Yesterday, I just got Silverwolf. I got myself a monoquantum team with Seele, SW and QQ and either natasha/fire trailblazer as the last slot, so my HSR experience so far is either a) 'fkk where r my skill points?' or the worst/best one (I'll let u decide) b) the joy or pain that comes with the full casino gambling experience between Silverwolf's randomised debuffs and Qingque's RNG tiles.
Idk if im a masochist or what bcs I love torturing myself by playing these 2 characters together :D so for anyone who loves causing pain to themselves ontop of losing 50/50s in both Genshin and Honkai, highly reccomend Qingque. To many, she may be a troll character but seriously she's my spirit animal. Loves gambling (cough cough), lazy to work and a whole ass meme.
But rest assured. Despite not doing much damage if she doesnt get 4 of the same tiles, QQ does massive emotional damage to you. At least I can guarentee that.
In a nutshell, 10/10 reccomend QQ for the elevated Gacha experience in HSR!
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2023.06.08 10:35 Grevoron I don't know if I missed something from Film RED but... (Manga Spoiler)
I noticed that these guys are watching the same concert as the rest of the world who got sucked into Uta's reality but none of them were... affected? IIRC Uta can affect even those watching from a projector Den Den Mushi as long as they can see and hear the performance.
If that is so, then that means these 5 were already showing signs of mysterious strength to even overcome what the rest (even some of the Worst Generation) couldn't, way before the recent chapters dropped some bombs about their scary secrets.
It's also kind of embarrassing to admit that it's an eye-opener given that I, too, have this thought that they are not that powerful strength-wise. I guess I wasn't paying much attention.
Please tell me if I've missed something else.
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2023.06.08 10:35 AdMedical5510 Paypal or Cash App sauce here let me know if you guys are interested very quick survey only

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2023.06.08 10:35 czottmann Actions for Obsidian: 30+ Apple Shortcuts actions for Obsidian — now available on iOS!

Actions for Obsidian: 30+ Apple Shortcuts actions for Obsidian — now available on iOS!
Hi, it's Carlo, your friendly neighbourhood macOS/iOS dev.
I'm happy to announce that two days ago, Actions for Obsidian finally passed the iOS App Review process — it's launch time more! 🚀 (I've announced the macOS version here in /ObsidianMD about 3 months ago.)
With almost 40 dedicated Shortcuts actions, it brings your notes and Apple automations together, making Obsidian a solid first-class citizen in Apple's Shortcuts app, now on both macOS and iOS.
30+ Shortcuts actions for working with Obsidian
A lot of work went into that app and its documentation: there's a Knowledge Base, which contains docs and examples for all actions as well as some tutorial videos. Also: a FAQ section which has articles about why the AfO actions behave a bit differently than Shortcuts actions natively provided by other apps.
🚨 And finally, if you're a reviewer: Press Kit. If I can help with your review, please do hit me up!
There's a trial period of 14+ days, a "Pay What You Think Is Fair" pricing scheme, and pricing discounts for when you already own the macOS version or want to buy a combo license for both platform.
Thanks for maybe checking it out!
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2023.06.08 10:35 poslepoludnya I've (23M) Been Seeing A Girl (25F/N) That Worries She Might Be A Lesbian

I've been seeing a girl (she/they) for around 3 months. It's been really great, really, incredibly magical. I hadn't seriously dated anyone in a year, and she hasn't in 3 years, we've had a lot of strong feelings and have hung out a ton. We've gotten really close, and have something really special.
Last weekend though, she sent me a message that she's worried that she's a lesbian because she doesn't feel much romantic attraction towards me. She said that she thought it was because of all of her bad relationships with men in the past and her sexual trauma (abusive dad, really abusive partners), but now she's worried that it's her sexuality.
I just feel so confused, mainly because she still wants to see me, like we have been, cuddling, having sex, etc. A few days ago she also told me that she feels a lot of love for me, and that she hasn't let herself do something like this in a really long time. She told me that she's afraid that she's going to ruin it because her "shit would surface", and that she's afraid of making me suffer. We haven't really talked about it much since.
We're seeing each other on Friday to cuddle and watch movies, and I was wanting to say some stuff about it then, that she's safe and not going to ruin anything, and that I'll still love her whether we end up in something romantic or not, but I also want to be really careful. Has anyone been in a similar position to this, or know someone who has? What would you wish your partners would have done, if anything? She has a lot of anxiety, and I don't want her to feel pressured by me.
I also should mention that I am non-binary, but normally use he/him pronouns because I find it more convenient. That also caused me to be pretty confused, because I'm not like, a man-man or anything like that.
tl;dr: The person I'm seeing is worried that she's a lesbian, but she is physically attracted to me and has also said that she loves me. It leaves me confused, but I want to help her through this time, whether things sort of stagnate or eventually turn into a romantic relationship.
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2023.06.08 10:35 imafraidofgrass How do I (24M) get into a relationship?

I'm actually confused. All my (24M) friends (25M/24M/22F/27F/25M, the list goes on) are currently dating someone, and whenever I ask them how they did it, they just tell me that my time will come. Yet they never have a girl they could maybe introduce me to. May I say how frustrating this is?
I have never been in a relationship before, and I would like to change that. I don't think I'm objectifying women when I say I want to be in a relationship. This is just something I would like to experience with another human being. Am I wrong to think of it this way? If other people do it, why can't I do it to? I have tried many pieces of advice before and it seems that I'm not making any progress.
I was depressed through college but I got out of it once I finished it, and with the help of therapy. I just wish I had been stronger during that time, and maybe who knows, I could have met someone my age? Now that I am working it just became harder. People on my team at work are all at least 10 years older than me. I feel hopeless.
Advice I took have been things like starting to go to the gym, taking better care of myself, getting a hobby that involves people, no matter how nerdy it is as long as I enjoy it (and I do enjoy it! and yes, it is nerdy!), go to meetups with strangers, dating apps, take the dog for walks where there will be people nearby, be kind and open to strangers, etc. Now I am not undermining what I have done so far. I think it has made me a better and well-rounded person overall. But this is still not leading me anywhere, and all around me I see people, including my friends, who did not need to do half of these things in order to start a relationship with someone.
Whenever I try to express how frustrating this is, the answers I get vary from "Oh, but being single is great!", "Just continue to improve yourself.", "Stop looking for it and you will find it.", "Just get physical and see where things go from there." (This one makes me uncomfortable, as I never even had a first kiss and would like it to be with a girl I liked.) I'm not saying these are bad advice, but they do a really poor job at recognizing my loneliness. I have never been a person who feels lonely, but as I get older this is something that is starting to get to me. All I can think is that something inside me is broken or just wrong in some way. I'm not an ugly guy. I consider myself quite handsome, actually. A little shy and quiet than most people, sure, but I don't let that be perceived as a flaw.
I guess what I'm looking for as I write this is both advice and recognition of how shitty this feels. Sometimes it feels like people who are in relationships get detached from how hard this can be. I know being single is better than being in a bad relationship, but I am doing my damn best to find a good one.
It is not working though...

tl;dr: I (24M) can't seem to find a relationship no matter what I do. I'm starting to feel hopeless as all my friends get into relationships and tell me my time will eventually come. This is starting to become very frustrating and lonely. Some advice and empathy is appreciated. Thank you!
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2023.06.08 10:35 BestDistressed Question about resignation notice

I am contractually obliged to provide 4 weeks notice prior to resignation at my current place of work. My workplace has been known to let people go immediately upon handing in their notice for reasons such as the employee going to a business in the same/similar industry or not disclosing who has hired them. If I were to resign and my current employer let me go immediately, would they have to pay me out for the 4 weeks that I am required to give notice for?
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2023.06.08 10:34 SavingsAnnual3678 I need help getting out of this...

Its a long text of wall, I am sorry for this, but somehow,
I am ashamed of my situation, that I let myself in like this. I want to be as honest as I can, and hopefully someone will understand my struggle and my situation, because I feel pretty alone,unloved and left alone to rott somehow...

I have this relationship with a girl from abroad for now almost a year, she is from indonesia, we met through dating website, and pretty fast she confessed her love to me, which overwhelmed me, and i felt very uncomfortable, but she was the first girl that was flirty with me, that gave me the feeling she wants me and not only for the reason i am a foreigner.. Not only that, but also she was so increadibly beautifull, no joke. My eyes got attached to her, and we startet chatting... the first red flag, i ignored, because from my last toxic relationship, i have learned about myself that i can be a catalyst, and i am aware of my short moodswings(i have ADHD, and struggled with that not being aware of myself), so I kinda thought, okay maybe i was just not very kind or something?
The situation was, after 3-4 days of talking to her daily, i was mentioning her thati am not her boyfriend yet, i dont know exact reason why i have said that, but her mood switched instantly, and she was cold, not talking anymore and visibly upset... The next day i wanted to discuss this, and kinda yea blamed myself for her reaction and asked her to be my girlfriend, which she agreed too. At this point I already heard from her, she never had a boyfriend or relationship before..(She was 25 at this point) Which is not a rare statement...
More and more situations like these happened, her temper, I always blamed myself, took the stress, but never yelled or snapped, tried calling her trying to comfort her... at a point, stupid me... I asked just for "fun" if she want to have the number of my ex(I have also a daughter with her), which she said, yes. And i have told her, that this was just a joke"i could not shut my mouth, i regret that so much)... and i gave her the number, i warned her my ex is not an honest person and i am single for a reason..I told her not to contact her, which she stated, i will, but everything she tells me wont have an effect...
I havent had much contact with my ex, and since i was with my new girlfriend now, i wanted to be loyal as possible, since i had a daughter with my ex, it was kinda obvious at a certain point i had to talk with her(the kid lives with me). Fast forward, within a few weeks i got a unrest in my belly, and i kindly asked her to give me a whatsapp screenshot of her recent chats, i wanted to feel okay, i asked her about this because she suddenly wrote to me "dont chat any girls" and as far as i know, i did not... so why would she asked like that.. i said to her, you too, dont chat with boys. Aaaand she gave me the screenshot, bingo, she chattet with a man, flirty(he replied pretty dry), one sentence kinda hurt me the most, she wrote him after he asked, "what are you doing" she replied, "chatting with you 😊" ... she was chatting with me at the same time.
This was the first time, i lost hope with her, but unfortunatley, i was emotionally attached to her already, she told me "its just a friend" ob boy, i cant heat that nonsense... i was devastated, i did nothing, i was loyal, why could she do this to me? I yelled at her, lost my temper... the next day i told her how much i suffer from seeing this, she kinda turned it off, its just a friend, sorry... And i think, when she betray me why she not delete the chat before she sent me it? And i though, okay, calm down, maybe its really just like that.... Later (6 month) she revaled she startet chatting with him, because my ex told her i had a relationship with her and she thought i am unloyal to her.(which i was not at the time)
But the situation at this point, i lost trust in her, i could not trust her anymore, when she said to me over the peroid of 2-3 days "dont chat with other girls" i got so suspicious.... and now i saw this, it prooved what i was scared of, that i found someone again who is not loyal.

6 weeks into the relationship i decided to visit her in indonesia, i have never been there, until that moment we had almost fight on a daily base for small things, wrong questions or whatsoever... but i thought, when i see her, i will know what person she really is, maybe its justa huge missunderstanding .

So i arrived with my daughter at the airport, suprise, the girl is not there, she has a reason the next day she will have an exam(which is not a lie) and will be interviewed by some people and she needed to prepare for that. Atleast thats what she said. (Later she revealed, she did not want to pick me up at the airport, because her friends wanted to join and she felt jealous).. So i was there, alone in the hot sun of indonesia, felt lost and left alone, unworthy, and kinda realise what big mistake i do, someone who i thought loves me, left me alone in a country where i never been too, i contacted her, and ofcource i complained... she asked the hotel staff from the hotel to pick me up, which he did, so yea, i kinda felt atleast she cared, somehow.

the next day, i was in the hotel, i havent showered or eaten yet, only my daughter. She was pretty happy, she loves to jump on beds, so yea, i felt atleast a bit relief that this wasnt a total faulure yet to go there after such a short amount of time.

She said she will visit me after work, which is 16, with driving or traffic problems arround 18 then.. I havent talked to her, because i wanted to wait, guess who could not be reached for hours, at 18, she turned on her phone, said she is on the way, there was an accident on the road, and they will drive a detour... (Later she revealed, that she lied, the story about this isnt very compleeted, just recently she added more details, but yea)

Anyway she arrived at 21:00 on the hotel, and i was in a state between is she playing with me and excitement to see her. I knew she was lying, i had checking up google maps, no way the driving was arround 4-5 hours... So after our heartfull greeting, we where hugging and kissing but somehow these unrest within me, that she might not be serious, so i asked her, did you really drive 4-5 hours? She said yes, there was traffic accident... i knew she was lying, and i asked her, to be honest to me, which she said, she is honest. (At that time i took that very serious, because i dont want to hear any stories, which are false, i am pretty sensitive and could not trust her so easily after she not there at the airport and the previous situation with the chatting boy)

And i made my decision, i asked her to go away, i was just devastated that she lied to me, she startet crying and tried to call with her godmom, its already 3am, and i did not really realised about her situation, after i calmed down, i approached her and said sorry, and we went to bed(she stayed with me) We had no issue so far for the next 2-3 days. After 5 days(the peroid of the hotel booked) i needed to find a new hotel, we, before i went to indonesia agreed that i could stay with her, in her arpartment... Turns out, its not the case, so yea, i booked a hotel for me and her, which she visited me, its very close to her work, so everything was kinda fine, but we argued alot, almost everyday until this point...

And my behaviour was more and more like a brute, i was starting to yell at her when she really dared to pick up a fight again, i could not calm myself, her little things really hurt me, for instance, she asked me to kiss her for 10 minutes, which i refused, and i kissed her for 30 seconds, which was not what she wanted, and she went mad, pointed a google maps route on her phone without saying anything, packed her stuff let the phone on the bed so i can see it, and after she almost done packing, i asked her whast this about... Yup she was about to leave... Small things like this, elevated our sitation always, from small things like these we went up to risk everything, neither she or me wanted to budge and not try to calm down the other person, int he end it was me who calmed first and tried to make the situation less toxic.

Now to the initial situation almost 10 month later... I am sitting here writing this, my ex almost talked oto her and spread lies about me on a weekly base, she believe the most things, and this makes me so broken, i have suicidal thoughts, i hurt myself pretty bad, i have scard on my body(which i never had before!) and she uses everything against me what she can in a "fight" she never approaches ne, never feels guilty, never see's her attiture and her cold behaviour, at this point she knows already i am the weak one here in this relationship, i am the one who will always come back, regardless what she does, at this point she states almost everymonth she want to chat with somerone else(turned out she did that a few times) and also mentioned at some point she wanted to have intercourse with another man.

Besides my mistakes, and yes i really did a few huge things, like i asked my ex, after the first time i saw her chat with another man, i got so sus, that i asked her to translate(my ex also from that country......but living here in my country) and she assure me "hey this girl is nice to you, you need to go with her, she is good for our daughter) so i felt comfortable getting informations and solutions about this what i do, yea she confirmed my relationship with my new girlfriend, and kinda felt supportive... I fell into a deep trap, behind my back she told my currentl girlfriend "he is horrible, dont be with him etc etc etc"

i havent clearly understood everything between those two, neither my ex or my current girlfriend are very open and only reveal a bit by a bit, ofcourse my current girlfriend is super jealous and angry... somehow i cant break this relation, i know myself, the red flags are everywhere, even on my side, i had done a huge mistake and other things which i havent mentioned... but until this day everything i do, she uses against me, a small word, and i end up crying in agony and pain. she hangs up the phone so easily, like i mean nothing to her when she is upset, she can throw me away like garbage when she is about to be angry...

i dont understand, when she states she loves me? how can she constantly disrespecting me and treating me like this.... I really need to get out of this, i dont know how, i am alone and isolated, i have a few friends which they clearly stated at some point, "you dont want to listen, please dont bother anymore with that"

the emotionally attachment makes me crazy, i dont want to feel, i want to be cold and careless, i want to have my peace, how??
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2023.06.08 10:34 haiahhahaamkasi AITB for ending my visit to see girlfriend early?

My girlfriend and I are long distance. We have struggled a bit recently with our communication. She appeared to be pulling away and avoidant, which made me very anxious and needy. During my last visit to see her, we had an emotional discussion about these incompatibilities. I asked her if she wanted to stay together, and she said, “I don’t know.” She often said “I don’t know” to questions about her emotions, which has been frustrating for me. I asked her to clarify how sshe felt and what she wanted, but she wasn’t sure. I suggested we break up, realizing that if I have to ask whether she loves me or not, or if she’s so easily willing to break up, then I may not be good for her or her for me. It was sad, but we were clearly both unhappy and it seemed for the best in the long run. She seemed relieved fwiw.
So I changed my flight home, since there were five days left on my trip and I didn’t think it was smart to continue seeing hestaying with her when we’ve decided to split. Her reaction to me changing my flight was surprising: she became VERY upset (which is unusual for her as she doesn’t display big emotions) that I would decide “to leave just like that.” I thought it was really strange and gaslighty and made it seem like I broke us up when I wanted to stay together but took on the burden of breaking up. It was a mindfuck, and I don’t know what she would have preferred me to do. Anyways, we hugged goodbye but she said she was so hurt I would just leave and pay more money to end my trip early, that it didn’t have to be so dramatic.
AITB for ending trip to see girlfriend early?
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2023.06.08 10:34 Frosty_Trader Just a quick little rant. Apologies in advance.

Being attacked left right and center this week. Apparently i’m acting differently (I can’t actually pinpoint where or how but she said I am so it must be true) which means i’m talking to other girls. Also I said that i’m not helping her look for apartments to move out into (move in together) because because we tried a few months ago and our financial situation wasn’t good enough so we kept getting denied viewings, so why would it be any different now when our financial situation is the same. And that’s me destroying her excitement or something. Also she doesn’t like me being on my laptop working on my new online business when we’re on facetime, which, I explained is the very thing that’s going to allow us to have enough money to move out. But apparently I’ve been saying that for 6 months and that’s not quick enough for her. So I said “at least I’m trying” which she read as “at least i’m trying unlike you” which is not what I said or was trying to say.
Feeling really loved and supported and appreciated right now. So glad i’m putting all this work in on top of a full time job because she is really grateful as you can see.
Just wish I could do 1 thing right. Just 1. Is that really too much to ask?
P.s - I forgot to mention that ALL I talk to her about now is the gym or my business. Those are the only topics that leave my mouth absolutely nothing else.
P.P.S - Trying to talk to me is like pulling teeth now but when I tried to start a conversation last night 9 times (I counted) I was met with either a 1 word answer, being ignored or a 2 second smile. But it’s my fault of course becuase I ruined her excitement and not the letting agents when we inevitably get denied.
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2023.06.08 10:34 Pigsrule23811 My (20f) partner (20m) let his coworker (26f) draw a heart on his arm

I’ve been with my boyfriend a little over a year now. He’s had the same job the whole time we’ve been together. He’s a supervisor for a welding company, and oversees 3rd shift. About a month ago he started ranting about this new girl at his job. He said she keeps on reporting guys for harassment, and has already gotten 4 guys fired. I didn’t think much of this and just felt bad for the girl. Flash forward to 2 days ago.
My boyfriend picks me up every morning at 6am (when he gets off work), and as he’s driving, I notice a faded heart on his arm. I ask what it is, and he insists it’s “just a smudge.” Obviously I don’t believe this, because I can tell the difference between a smudge and what is clearly a faded heart drawn with pen 2x over. I immediately assume a girl has done it (I mean come on). He goes on saying “Come on, you know I’d never let you sit here looking stupid like that” and “I wouldn’t let a girl touch me, you know that.” And although I knew it wasn’t what he said it was, I dropped it. As he’s the only guy I’ve been with who I’ve actually felt was fully committed to me, and I’ve never worried about him cheating or anything like that.
2 hours go by and he can tell it’s bothering me. He tells me to just talk to him about it, tell him my concerns. I do. He tries telling me it’s just a smudge again, until I start thinking about it more and start getting upset to the point of shaking. Eventually he says “fine, i did it to myself” which I didn’t believe for a second. Without thinking I grab a notepad and a pen and ask him to draw a heart. He draws one and (of course) it doesn’t look anything like the one on his arm. I ask him to draw one on his own arm, and he draws it upside down from the other one. Looking completely different. I point both these facts out to him, as well as tell him that the heart is on his dominant hand. The one he uses to write with.
After some silence he admits it was a girl. He admits he tried to wash it off before I saw it. He told me that him, and a few of his employees were in his office talking about drawing hearts (he told me why, but i can’t remember), and I guess she just decided to draw one on him. He told me he let her do it “in a soft moment” (that broke my heart). I asked what her name was, and he replied with the name of the girl who’s been getting guys fired left and right. I asked why she even felt comfortable doing that, and he said “I think she likes me.” He goes on and tells me that on her breaks she’s been coming in and ranting about her baby daddy to him. Having him comfort her. He cried telling me it was a stupid reason to lie. He told me he didn’t want me to leave, but will respect my decision If I decide to. I’ve never seen him cry. I had him drive me back home.
I texted his mom. Yup. I didn’t know what else to do, and me and her are pretty close. She also works with both of them and told me that she isn’t a threat. She told me that she’s always is men’s faces, that my boyfriend wasn’t the only one. If they end up doing something that the girl doesn’t like, she reports them. She told me that we are still new to the relationship and people are going to try and test it, that i shouldn’t hold it over his head because we are good for each other, and she truly believes this was a mistake. My mom pretty much thinks the same thing, telling me that “everyone deserves at least 1 chance.”
I’ve been throwing up and not eating these past 2 days, the only breaks I get come from me sucking it up to go to work. It took me so long to trust someone again after my previous relationship of 3 years where I got cheated on countless times. I genuinely trusted this man with my life, just for it all to be ripped away in a matter of hours. I know we are both young, but I genuinely believed this man would be my future. I gave everything to him, and he’s given everything to me. He’s been perfect up until this point. It mostly hurts because it seems like there was emotion involved on both ends. As well as how hard he tried to lie about it, until I pushed it to where he literally couldn’t deny it. I’ve been thinking, if I hadn’t gone through the trauma I had in the previous relationship, I 100% would’ve let it slide and forgave him as long as he promised not to let anything like that happen again. He didn’t give me this trauma. Am I taking that trauma out on him wrongfully? Am I overreacting?
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2023.06.08 10:34 tragiclovee Am I [22F] in the wrong re. my bf [23M]?

Background info.: my bf and his ex were in constant contact up until September time, when we started talking and getting closer. To my knowledge they were very on/off, he still mentions her in conversations when we’re around mutual friends sometimes and doesn’t understand that it makes me feel uncomfortable. I recognise the past is the past and 90% of people have a dating history, however I can’t understand some of his actions.
My bf and I have been speaking as more than friends since last September, with him asking me to be his gf in November of last year. Since then, knowing his history with his ex, I feel that he isn’t totally over her but wouldn’t admit it. We’re long distance at the moment which makes things harder, but I can’t shake the feeling that he still has feelings for her due to certain events.
He still, semi-regularly brings her up in conversation, or mentions things which can only directly relate to her, e.g. where she lives (a very obscure place I’d never heard of before.) He maintained for months that he didn’t speak to her, and when we saw each other back in February, he didn’t have her on any social platforms (I noticed when he was on his phone.) However, fast forward to a few weeks ago, we’re sitting drinking coffee and I decide I want to post a silly pic on his Snapchat story. And there it is. In blind, plain sight. Her. But it’s not her name, it’s an affectionate pet name with mine directly above it. I’m floored and pass his phone back to him, he immediately realises what I’ve seen and starts self-pitying and beating himself up about it.
He didn’t have her on it back in February, and so if he doesn’t speak to her, why is she magically on his Snapchat friends list? It said the last message sent was 40 weeks ago, but I don’t understand why he has her in the first place. Snapchat is one of the dodgiest apps out there, for y’know… so it doesn’t make sense. I asked him plain and simple, does he still speak to her, and he said no. I told him to prove it and he couldn’t, then went into a rant about how he has no friends in real life and relies on people online. He basically started a pity party to justify continuing to do something he knows would make me feel uncomfortable.
I feel like I’m losing trust in him, and faith in us actually working out. I knew an ldr would be difficult, but not this difficult. I’m constantly battling between “no, he wouldn’t do that” and “but, what if he does?”
As much as he says he has no feelings for her, his actions are telling me otherwise. I’ve asked him before if he does, and I was met with him getting frustrated and telling me not to ask him again.
I don’t really know what to do at this point. If I say I’d prefer for him not to speak to her again, I fear he would end up hating me or trying to dictate his actions, which I don’t want. I just simply do not understand this.
TLDR; bf is still in contact with his ex; she removed him from social media platforms and he was the one who likely added her back less than a day later; feels like he’s using me because he can’t have her.
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2023.06.08 10:34 lordelotony I feel lost with my major.

Hey guys,
I'm an international student in Germany, currently pursuing my master's degree in English studies. To be honest, it's turning out to be much tougher than I expected. Now, I'm at a point where I'm not sure what to do once I graduate.
I've always been passionate about English, which is why I chose to study this field. But the more I progress in my program, the more I question if it will lead to a fulfilling and well-paying career. I don't want to end up struggling to find a job after investing so much time and effort into my studies.
Given these uncertainties, I've been considering changing my path. One option could be pursuing a vocational training program. However, I'm not very good at math, so certain technical fields are not suitable for me.
That's why I need your advice and help! Feel free to be honest, even if it's not what I want to hear. What do you think? Should I continue on my current path and hope for the best, or should I explore alternative career paths or training programs? Are there any specific vocational training programs that could be suitable for someone like me?
Thanks in advance for your time and responses!
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2023.06.08 10:34 Ismaeliszero I don’t know who I am

Hello everyone, I’m guy who is now 26, my emotions has been complex. When I was in my teenage years my dream was to be father, but now I don’t know what I want. I never been married, I feel like I been single my whole life but my last relationship was 2017 but it last 3 months m, that certain ex who her best friend was more than a friend but beside that I’m not very experienced with sex and ironically I worked at sex store for 7 years, I helped approved other people. I love helping other people. Now I feel like I wished I was more noticed, I always send messages but everyone leaves me seen. I stopped, I just wished I found someone like me. When 30, what the point of moving forward in life? I’m not really smart, I have can’t write proper and I don’t know how connect with people anymore. Maybe if I was taller, I’m 5”4 when you’re short guy nobody really pays attention to you. I found a note to myself when I was 19, I made promised to myself if I had nothing in life and single at that age 30 to just finally end my road there. I’m happy guy, I like making people laugh and I do go out. Lately i been feeling my life is in quick sand. My friends tell me to go see therapist, I had twice. It didn’t help, sadly I always keep my guard up. I don’t know who I am or what to do.
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2023.06.08 10:34 Lottynaught Doctor prescribe wrong medicine and makes partner go psychotic?

My partner is 19FTM 5”5 160lbs no testosterone no ftm medicine currently. They went to the doctor two days ago. I was getting live updates of what the doctor said and I did confirming it with my partner. Currently he would be the one posting on here but he is not coherent enough to be texting currently and I got his permission to do this. While he tried to nap this off to smooth our fears. So I am texting on his behalf. my partner went in for a suspected hernia because I did notice a lump in their stomach. Before going in I was worried it maybe strangled because of the pain complaint so i softly massaged it back into the abdomen. As soon as I felt a little pop of it going back in pain seem to dissipate a little bit but still went to their primary physician. Doctor said it wasn’t a hernia that it was tissue sticking out of the weak part through the muscles which right there already made me baffled. I told my partner to ask more questions, and he didn’t get very far with that. Whatever we trust the doctor and that’s where I screwed up my partner mentioned having headaches so the doctor prescribed 25mg of topiramate. OK I know it’s an anticonvulsant usually used for seizures and offsetting migraines. That’s OK. The doctor said it was to help with his MDD with psychotic tendencies mood swings and their migraines. Odd never heard of it being prescribed that way, but I just assumed it was off script (but was never informed of that). Seeing as a doctor did not mention any major side effects or concerns when my partner asked about it we assumed that it was a relatively safe medicine although I did have my worries because I did vaguely remember hearing that it could cause memory loss and my partner already kind of suffers from memory loss, (I listen to doctor podcast and medical case studies for fun so I knew of it but not really) no diagnosis on it just random symptoms that they have including memory loss suspected PCOS but not confirmed just listing out these just in case it may help but that is not why the medication was prescribed. Well the doctor told him to take it when they felt a migraine coming on and then if it didn’t work take it two hours later again OK well I go and buy my partners medicine for them you know trying to be nice and it says take one tablet by mouth for two weeks, then increase to take one tablet by mouth twice a day Odd, but seeing as the doctor gave very precise instructions, they went based off the doctors instructions and took one waited 2 hours took another one and went to sleep easy Peezy no problem may be a bit of odd mood swings but not much. Until they took it today on my birthday I mention it’s my birthday so you understand that I’ve been with my partner since the beginning of this day he was awake all day and active in celebration which is till now 3:33 AM. And also let me warn you that the only warning on this bottle says may cause drowsiness, dizziness, alcohol and marijuana may intensify this effect. (They don’t smoke pot and drink alcohol rarely and never very drunk drinking more of a like the flavor so sip sip done drinking). Use care when operating a vehicle vessel, boat, or machinery, and the piece of paper that came with the medicine bag doesn’t give any information it says that we are suppose to get a pamphlet. We never got a pamphlet, nor was it offered and the Hyppa agreement was never signed either at the bottom of that paper. Real odd because I did a little bit of digging and knowing that this medicine has a lot more side effects and had a lot more warnings on the Internet if I had only known, there were so many more that I did not know my partner went from a sweet may be a little bit of an airhead reserved respectable man and into what seemed to be a drunken hysterical psychotic person, switching from high to low to numb back to high. Constantly sweating and sprinting everywhere. Grabbing onto me aggressively then suddenly dead panning away. They seem to want to end it all because they laughed at a fart joke and said that they shouldn’t have laughed at such a horrible joke, which, in my opinion it wasn’t and then started degrading themselves viciously. They then started to profusely, just sob, and then static then stop again and then hysterical, manic laughter. And my partner has only had two episodes ever that were like (which were Lows where they just quiet cried and once screamed at the sky ) this and they were brought on by high intensity stress. Now that the medicine has started to wear off, they admitted to me that they were not stressed about my birthday or anything, when this suddenly struck. They also had a almost impossible time differentiating between reality in their delusions, and they have never ever ever had a problem of disorienting between reality and delusions. They also seemed to suddenly have picked up OCD tendencies out of nowhere having this extreme, strong, intense urge to find exactly replica cans of some kind of drink that we were getting, and I don’t mean the same color in size I mean, no dents, facing forward in the same aisle within the same conformed group same brand, same name, same texture And I can tell you my partner is the least OCD person I have ever met and this is coming from someone with OCD. They will dump all their colors. They will sleep with Mitch matched blankets and they cannot understand why I lock the door three times over so it’s not like they had OCD and it just suddenly came out like peekaboo. They also suddenly had the hardest time peeing. We thought it was a UTI because recently they had taken a UTI test because they couldn’t P but nothing as we delve deeper into possible side effects all of these a line with side effects from this medicine, some common some rare, but just all of a sudden they were showing OCD tendencies they were sounding like they were drunk I made him do it stroke test the past fine besides the slurred speech they were stumbling around they were unable to stand upright even for a moment. They were having high low, numb, high low, numb cycles that even I cant keep up with in that were way beyond his usual. They became 20,000 times more degrading and suicidal. Their delusions were impossible to tell from reality. They’re eyes suddenly became incredibly dilated to where I could only see a sliver of the blue. I’m sorry if I’m missing some details I’ll edit them in but like I said it is 3:30 AM and I am just watching my husband sleep because I am so terrified he won’t go to the ER. He won’t go to the hospital and I will be assisting him in calling his doctor tomorrow when this medicine has worn off by then.
My question is what is this drug? What is it meant for mostly? What are the worst symptoms possible for it and if possibly allowed on the sub, Reddit do normal doctors prescribe this like a normal basis because it seems pretty dangerous to me? I will admit the doctor did not disclose any of the side effects even when I asked if this was a routine, drug and stuff like that. also, I looked through the rules but my brain is so scattered from the events of today that I may have overlooked one if I broke any rules I’m so sorry.
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