Biomedical equipment technician 3 salary

Biomedical Equipment Technician

2011.06.23 01:01 adle1984 Biomedical Equipment Technician

This is a community for biomedical equipment, imaging, and life science service technicians providing management, preventative maintenance, and repair on medical devices and systems in hospitals and healthcare facilities. See our wiki for more information

2014.04.17 20:15 KevinWeisert Aviation Maintenance: Est. 1903

This subreddit is for all aviation maintenance technicians and enthusiasts of the inner workings of aircraft.

2011.10.09 01:24 mmmTurkeyLeg A Subreddit for Pharmacists

**An exclusive subreddit for pharmacists, or soon-to-be pharmacists, asking for peer advice and discussion.**

2023.06.10 00:36 Comfortable-Fee-4585 The horrors of freedom’s edge prison

Day 1, May 1: The first signs were subtle. Greenery in the atrium began to grow more rapidly, wild and unchecked, turning the once serene waterfall into a churning monstrosity.
Day 2, May 2: The transition seemed to seep into our cells. The temperature dropped, our plush beds hardened, the cozy rooms turned bone-chillingly cold.
Day 3, May 3: Widescreen TVs, once our windows to the outside world, started flickering, and then showed nothing but a harsh, static-filled screen.
Day 4, May 4: The meals began to change. Delicious flavors turned bitter, with an unexplainable metallic aftertaste.
Day 5, May 5: Our private studies, once full of sunlight, were left in shadow. The artificial lights flickered, then died out, replaced by an eerie half-light that didn't seem to come from anywhere.
Day 6, May 6: The shadows in our cells grew longer, deeper. They seemed to writhe and shift when we weren’t looking directly at them.
Day 7, May 7: The sound of water from the waterfall transformed into a low, threatening roar, constant and unsettling.
Day 8, May 8: The five-star dining facility, once filled with the clinking of fine cutlery, fell into a stifling silence. Every meal was an exercise in fear.
Day 9, May 9: A new routine began. We woke up to our beds feeling like stone, our meals turning our stomachs, our minds filled with an increasing sense of dread.
Day 10, May 10: The courtyard changed. The once lush lawn was now filled with brambles and thorns, the open skies above constantly overcast.
Day 11, May 11: The gym facilities started deteriorating. Equipment rusted overnight, the mirrors showed twisted reflections, like funhouse distortions.
Day 12, May 12: The library, once a haven of knowledge, turned into an impossible labyrinth of dusty shelves and scrambled books.
Day 13, May 13: The films in our private theater began playing backwards, characters we loved contorted into horrifying shapes on the screen.
Day 14, May 14: Screams echoed through the hallways at night. No one knew where they came from. No one wanted to find out.
Day 15, May 15: The hallways became a confusing maze, paths changing when you looked away, guiding us deeper into the prison.
Day 16, May 16: Every corner seemed to hold a new horror, unseen entities watching from the shadows, footprints appearing on the once pristine floors.
Day 17, May 17: Food became scarce. What was served had a rotting smell, the taste unbearable. Hunger gnawed at us.
Day 18, May 18: The nights seemed longer, the darkness almost sentient. Whispers filled the air, unintelligible but clearly full of malice.
Day 19, May 19: The courtyard, once a place of peace, filled with a chilling mist. The ground hardened, plants withered.
Day 20, May 20: We lost all sense of time. Day and night melded together. Lights didn’t work anymore, and darkness loomed everywhere.
Day 21, May 21: No one dared to venture into the library. The whispers of the books turned into screams, their words a garbled mess of horror.
Day 22, May 22: The water from the waterfall turned black, the atrium transformed into a jungle of overgrowth, hiding untold horrors.
Day 23, May 23: The theater was abandoned. The distorted, terrifying projections continued to play, flickering shadows of horror on the cracked screen.
Day 24, May 24: Screams became our lullabies. We slept fitfully, haunted by nightmares that didn’t end when we woke up.
Day 25, May 25: Our cells felt smaller, the walls closing in. The air was heavy, making it difficult to breathe.
Day 26, May 26: The dining hall served nothing but unidentifiable mush. Starvation felt like a kinder option.
Day 27, May 27: The once bustling prison was filled with silence. Each of us trapped in our own personal nightmare.
Day 28, May 28: The labyrinthine corridors turned into a spiral, each path leading us deeper into the heart of the prison.
Day 29, May 29: The darkness was oppressive, choking. The whispers grew louder, the unseen presences more ominous.
Day 30, May 30: We were trapped, forgotten, in a place that shouldn't exist. The luxury of Freedom's Edge was a distant memory, replaced by the reality of its horror.
Day 31, May 31: And then, as if a cruel joke, everything returned to normal, like the nightmare never happened. But we remembered. We couldn't forget.
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2023.06.10 00:36 Tarmanitelos Since yall are sharing your goblets here is mine, definitely one of the weaker ones among all the posted ones here, but it gets her to almost 130 ER so Im happy

Since yall are sharing your goblets here is mine, definitely one of the weaker ones among all the posted ones here, but it gets her to almost 130 ER so Im happy submitted by Tarmanitelos to EulaMains [link] [comments]

2023.06.10 00:35 FoodStamp96 AC not getting fixed

We've been having trouble getting our air conditioning fixed since September of last year. We live in an apartment complex in Knox County, Tennessee.
It continuously runs without cooling the apartment. Whenever someone comes out to fix it, one of the following happens.
- they turn it on, come back in a hour and say they feel the air blowing out.
- they say they don't know what's wrong with it but they'll come back (they don't).
- they say that they know what is wrong but that they'll have to get a technician to come out to fix it (never see one).
- when it finally turned cold outside we found out the heat also wasn't working, they eventually fixed that after one of the handymen jerry rigged the elements to not turn off unless you turned off the breaker.
I've called and gone down to the office multiple times to try to get this fixed. This week alone I've gone down to the office 3 times. I've been told that they don't know why it's not being fixed by the people in the office.
I'm not sure what do at this point. I've contacted Code Enforcement, but I'm not sure if that's the appropriate resource. Someone mentioned a 14 day notice but I'm not sure what that entails. Should I get a lawyer?
Any advice is appreciated.
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2023.06.10 00:32 AutoModerator [] Get: ✔️ Simon Dixon – Retirement Plan ✔️ Full Course Download

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Conversion Playbook #3 – Social Singularity Pt. 2 (Channels: Fb Group, Email, DM) Conversion Playbook #4 – Webinar Registration Rev Up (Channels; Webinar, Email) Conversion Playbook #5 – The Lead-Score Lift Up (Email, DM)
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2023.06.10 00:32 terrapinstadium Higher duties allowance - did I miss my opportunity?

I am employed as a retail sales consultant, however since March I have been working full time in a manager role, but I have been doing additional duties daily since December (which has taken from me being able to achieve sales targets).
I have been asking for higher pay (without success) not knowing that my enterprise agreement has a clause about Higher Duties allowance which says:
a) If we require you to perform work of a higher classified role on a temporary basis (generally not longer than 12 months), you will be eligible to receive a higher duties allowance as follows.
b) You must perform some or all of the work of a higher classified role for a period of at least 4 weeks to qualify for a higher duties allowance.
The document also says that the payment is based on the employer's discretion, taking into account the renumeration of the higher job and the percentage of my time spent doing the higher duties (which on a week-by-week basis since late February, has been between 96% and 100% - I spent about 4 hours last month doing my "actual" job) and even spent about a week running the store when both managers were absent.
The answer I've always gotten from my higher ups is that they're up-skilling me for when a position does become available so I'll be ready, however I have taken over the duties of a sales manager and operations manager who left in March and April - so a position is technically available, he just doesn't seem to have any intention of filling it. On top of that I'm still held accountable for sales targets and I'm achieving them. I'm working absolutely flat out and have had no compensation beyond my measly $48k base salary and negligible commission structure (~$200 monthly regardless of my actual sales - which have been extremely high).
I have recently accepted a new job which I'll be starting in one month (with a much higher salary). Is it too late to ask for this allowance and potentially a back pay for the last 3-7 months?
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2023.06.10 00:28 SpamSando County stormwater project accidently crossed into my property slightly.

Sorry, this might be a little long. As the title says, the county (WA) accidently crossed into my property slightly at a three way intersection with another property owner (who they also crossed into) while building a big fancy bio-swale/stormwater filtration vault along the shoulder of the road in front of my house. Prior to construction we negotiated an easement agreement since they would need to use my driveway/drive through my property in order to stage equipment on my neighbors property. During construction they have also gone against the easement agreement by parking in my parking lot, staging heavy equipment over nights/weekends, putting a porta potty on my property, that's still there for some reason). I'm very frustrated to say the least. They called me today to let me know that their surveyors located the property intersection in the retaining wall they just built. And if the retaining wall is the contact point, then there is also a monitoring well installed approximately 3-ft into my property.
It's an undeveloped part of my property, with a stand of mature trees. So there wasn't a fence or anything to use as a reference for the exact property lines, although the intersection WAS staked prior to them starting construction with a T-post, that they removed themselves.
Any advice would be greatly appreciated, I have so many questions. What are my rights here? Is there some kind of compensation above fair market value since I was never given the choice in the matter and this will ultimately decrease my property value? Should I just expect that they offer me what they consider to be the fair market value for the land (In this case it should be around $10.5/ft2)? What if they say they only stepped in for like 50 square ft (I'm not sure yet how far along the retaining wall it's crossed)? That would just be a huge pain in the ass with less than like a $1000, so it don't even feel worth the effort. Is there some kind of buffer they should extend long the retaining wall (you can't access it from the other side due to traffic, so say I built a fence along my property line, they would not be able to access the swale for monitoring on either side). Should I negotiate higher payment since the acquisition was not agreed upon? I found info on what the county does if they need to acquire your property for projects, but it all involves notification/agreement before construction is to commence. It also says that they need to present evidence as to why they have to acquire your property before doing so. If it's helpful you can read that info here:
Thank you in advance for any advice. I just want to make sure I don't get taken advantage of, especially since I feel like they have already been pushing it on this project.
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2023.06.10 00:28 NightCities13 88 Years Later-Game 16

Day 1
This year’s arena was an abandoned insane asylum, with plenty of decrepit old equipment still lying around. The usual supplies, weapons, and consumables were also included, alongside the usual backpacks.
When the bell rang, Google and Tweet ran forwards and grabbed a backpack each, before fleeing in opposite directions.
Tanaquil and Aurus performed the usual bloodbath slayings, with Tanaquil killing the boy from 12, the girl from 11, the boy from 10, and Cornetto (9), while Aurus killed the girl from 8, the boy from 7, the girl from 4, and Norman (6).
Tanaquil and Aurus left the cornucopia, and decided to kill some more tributes. They killed Colin (1), Zilla and Rodney (both 5), and Pelican (4) before heading back to the cornucopia and resting.
Google hit inside an old office, while Tweet hid under a bed.
That night, the portraits of Colin from 1, Pelican and the girl from 4, Zilla and Rodney from 5, Norman from 6, the boy from 7, the girl from 8, Cornetto from 9, the boy from 10, the girl from 11, and the boy from 12.
Day 2
The next morning, Tanaquil and Aurus explored the arena, and killed Hortense (1), Oryza (9), Tara (12) and Culver (11), their portraits showed in the sky that night.
Google stayed in his hiding spot, underneath a desk, while Tweet also remained where she was.
Day 3
Despite her drugged up mentor, Andorra (6) had made it far, but her journey ended when Aurus stabbed her in the head with his sword.
Tanaquil and Aurus entered an old building, and were shocked to find Tweet hiding under a bed. Aurus stabbed her in the head, and in a moment of expected betrayal, Tanaquil stabbed her spear into the back of Aurus’s head.
Tanaquil found Nyasa (7) hiding under a nearby bed, and quickly killed her, before exploring the basement, killing Carrie (10) and Raglan (8).
All of a sudden both Google and Tanaquil’s tracker started beeping, and Tanaquil followed the noise up the stairs. The beeping stopped as she arrived outside of the office.
Tanaquil kicked opened the door to find Google throwing a knife at her, that hit her in the shoulder. Tanaquil tackled Google to the ground, painfully removing the knife from her shoulder, and stabbing it into his head.
Seventeen year old Tanaquil Schuster of District 2 was announced as the victor of the 16th Hunger Games, and Tanaquil tiredly sat back in the office chair.
Tanaquil’s shoulder was healed, although she had a scar for the rest of her life. Tanaquil returned to District 2, and married a young man named Galen Stanton. They had two sons, Tiberius and Theseus, and a daughter, Hippolyta.
Tanaquil took Horus’s place as mentor, and was known for being tough on her tributes, until one of them won.
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2023.06.10 00:25 Peudan Did i hear goblet? also pretty sure this guy cursed my luck forever, after i got it i've been stuck on emblem since it was released...

Did i hear goblet? also pretty sure this guy cursed my luck forever, after i got it i've been stuck on emblem since it was released... submitted by Peudan to EulaMains [link] [comments]

2023.06.10 00:23 SemiLogicalUsername QoL changes for presets

One of the best things added to season 3 was presets. The ability to lock in a loadout and equip / buy the missing parts and go.
The initial roll out was pretty good, and with its current implementation you can actually overload your stash.
However, there are two things that can make it really shine.
First, make loadouts lock in your cosmetic skins. It would be awesome if I didn't have to change the cosmetic every time I selected my presets. Secondly, allow players to edit the loadout after its locked in. This would fix a lot of problems like trying to clear out safe pockets, wanting to change your secondary weapon, or just change what's in your backpack loadout.
I'd love to hear others feedback on what might be some cool QoL changes they'd like to see
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2023.06.10 00:23 up_to_something Applying for a job - is the salary suitable?

I am on the cusp of being offered a job in Cayman and I am unsure how suitable the salary is for local life.
It’s for 130k usd. My partner would not be working and we have a 3 year old. This seems like a lot of money to me but with how expensive things seem on the islands, will this be enough to live comfortably? Or will we be skating by?
For example, we’d prefer to live in a house if possible rather than an apartment, will this make a huge difference?
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2023.06.10 00:23 gimikER Chess variations

1) kangaroo chess: Same as chess, but a piece can just jump above another piece with these basic rules: a. You can not jump above 2 pieces the same time b. You can only jump one square further then the tool you are jumping above c. A king can do what's called: a kingaroo, meaning he can jump above tools which are in radius 1 of him, passing the tool by 1 square. d. Pawns can't eat while kangarooing, other tools can surely do that.
Point system:
Pawn=1 Horse=2 Bishop=3 Rook=6 Queen=10 I've put thought into this system after playing a few games against friends.
2) I wanted to call this anarchy chess but... I don't want anarchychess taking over my post and colonising even more subreddits:
In this game, the tools change. All tools are disks devided to 5 parts, each is equipped with a drawing of a different normal piece of chess. Now rules are: every time you move a tool, you switch the disk 1 unit to the right, transforming it to the next tool. The order of the disk is:
Pawn→Bishop Bishop→Rook Rook→Horseeee horse Horse →Queen Queen →pawn
Example: B1 horse to C3, but the horse now transformed into a queen, so it can do it's next move as C3 to E5.
3) nope chess / half anti chess:
For the 3 starting turns, everything is alright. The 4th round is the anti round, where each player plays a move for the opponent, in goal to make his position as much damage as possible. 1 more things, no undoing moves. Meaning if its now your turn after your opponent sent your queen from B6 to B4 you can't send her back. You can for instance take her to B5. Same thing if the opponent just played a move and you are now undoing it in the nope round. This rule applies only one turn after the move, meaning you can undo a move if it was done more then 1 turn ago.
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2023.06.10 00:22 EarthWarping [Pincus] The team is believed to be looking for a home for John Collins, but some whispers abound that Dejounte Murray could be had in the right deal.

Murray is due $18.2 million this season but may not be open to an extension limited to a $25.4 million starting salary. Unless Atlanta can shed significant salary elsewhere, they may not be able to afford Murray at his current price, let alone on a new deal in his likely asking range above $30 million.
That's where Porter, with his long-term stretch, could help the Hawks under the luxury tax entirely. It would probably take the No. 4 pick, along with other considerations.
The Rockets get Towns to pair with Harden, a very different look than Green in the Warriors scenario. If Udoka expects a defensive roster, the front office would add two high-powered scorers who aren't nearly as impactful on the other end.
Once again, Houston gives up one of its top three prospects, No. 4 and other considerations. Would the Timberwolves say no to Murray and Smith for Towns? Do the Hawks turn down No. 4 and other playedraft pieces from Houston for Murray?
And there's enough flexibility to configure it in different ways, with Murray to the Wolves, Smith to the Hawks, throw in No. 20 or a Brooklyn future first—Collins could be added to the equation from Atlanta. There would be fertile ground for conversation if the three franchises were so motivated.
Or maybe Minnesota and Houston just leave the Hawks out, and Minnesota goes for younger pieces in volume from Houston and figures out a point guard later.
The Rockets have the cap room, young players, draft picks and Porter's magic bullet contract. The starting point is a "yes" from Harden, but Houston may not get that without lining up the trade possibilities first.
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2023.06.10 00:22 Irukanoko Set 9 Utility Guide

I wanted to share this utility guide before the release of Set 9. Please let me know if there are any edits I should make. I'll attach the most up to date Google Doc version here. I hope this helps!

Set 9 Utility Guide

Hi, I'm Irukanoko, and this is my analysis of Set 9's utility in terms of champion abilities, items, and synergies. This guide focuses on TFT aspects beyond just physical and magic damage stats. While the guide does not incorporate this set's augments, they can also be applied to the categories listed below.

Utility Overview



Armor Penetration (Sunder: Reduced Armor by X%)


Magic Resist


Magic Penetration (Shredded: Reduced Magic Resist by X%)




Shield Counter




Healing Counter (Wounded: Reduced healing received by 50%)


Bonus Mana


Mana Reave: Increase max Mana until the next cast




Stun Counter


Bonus Attack Speed


Attack Speed Counter (Chill: Reduced Attack Speed by X%)


Bonus Health


Bonus Health Counter


Crit Chance


Crit Damage


Critical Damage Counter


True Damage

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2023.06.10 00:21 musicandsex Need guidance career wise

Ok Ill try to make this quick
I am a real estate agent (18 months in)
I've made 13k so far this year but I also have a b2b sales job that pays me 50k a year plus commission (around 1k monthly) so 62k per year. All in all, by simply doing a bare minimum I can probably make around 100k doing these two jobs in tandem.
I don't hate this b2b job and it does have perks one of them being that i can do real estate at the same time.
The problem is that I dont see myself doing this b2b job for long as it is inconsistent, lots of issues with orders, not getting paid properly (commission, my hourly salary is always paid properly) and lack of advancement. And its a door to door business job, i hate prospecting and door knocking even if its businesses. (also what I hate about real estate which is why I only work with friends, family or references)
So I've started looking for something I could do long term which brings me to two jobs opportunies in Insurance, one has already hired me (start day July 31st) and the other one will submit an offer monday (start day July 4th) both jobs pay respectively 52k and 55k yearly, the problem with these two jobs, is that although I can see myself doing it longterm and building a nice career out of it, is that I will have to hang up my real estate license as you cannot do both jobs at the same time.
So not only am I going from 62k/y to 55k but I also will have to say bye bye to my side hustle which is real estate.
On top of that, I just put some friends under contract for the sale of their 500k condo and purchase of a 800k house which we are still looking for so that's about 25k in commissions if we end up closing eventually in the next couple months.
So you can see where my dilemma lies, do I quit everything and start from scratch at 55k and work my up slowly but surely and have peace of mind (work from home 3 days a week 2 days in office, no weekends no nights) or do I suck it up, keep my b2b job that pays 62k a year and keep doing real estate but keep living with this anxiety of the future and not knowing exactly where I am headed career wise?
I really need help and I have to start answer all these companies soon as the start dates are very soon and I'm just so stressed about it.
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2023.06.10 00:20 ArmadilloEither Skyblock Foraging Foncept

Hey I ve created a concept for a foraging update, would be happy if you could tell me what you think about it.

Hypixel Foraging Update Concept ​
Hey, Hypixel players and admins, we all know that foraging is the skill that is least played and offers no variety. That's why you'll find in this thread my ideas for a foraging update. The numbers in this concept are not balanced, and of course, everything can be changed. I look forward to hearing your opinions and ideas about my concept. New Island: The Sawmill
● On this island, there will be a large building (the sawmill). This island is reached by an NPC (Fabian), and more later. ● The sawmill is surrounded by trees; the type of wood can be selected from the NPC (Fabian).
● The new NPC (Fabian) spawns on "The Park" (-307 82 17) after the player has reached Foraging Skill Level 7 ● He tells the player about his family, which runs a sawmill, but this sawmill is very old and needs repairs ● He offers to take you to the sawmill ● Arriving at "the sawmill" you have to cut down two big trees that have damaged the sawmill due to a thunderstorm ● Then Fabian offers you to help him and his family and take over the management of the sawmill ● Then you can choose with Fabian which tree type you would like to have on your sawmill ● From there, the tutorial is finished, and the foraging can begin
The difficult thing about an update is keeping the wood affordable to allow players to build with it. In addition, it is difficult to use something similar to the "replenish" enchantment with wood, as it would be unrealistic. So here's my approach: So my idea is to add a new item called "bark" (each type of wood has its own bark item). This can be traded normally like any other crop, but the normal price of wood is not affected, and it can still be used for building without spending too many coins.
● To obtain bark, the tree is stripped with a new tool. However, the tree itself remains; only the texture of the tree is changed for a short time (like mithril) to signal that the tree has been stripped of its bark.
New Tools:
Saws: ● The saw is a new tool that comes with the update. ● The saw can be upgraded with a tank and engine to a chainsaw, which can be dropped by a new mob. ● Each type of wood has its own saw, debarking a type of wood with the corresponding saw brings more foraging fortune and speed ● Depending on the rarity level of the engine, the chainsaw gets more foraging speed
New Mob:
The squirrel: ● The squirrel spawns when removing the bark from trees to a small chance ● Depending on the player's foraging skill level, the squirrel spawns at a different rarity level. ● The squirrel is a neutral mob that runs away when it gets hit for the first time. It has 5-20 health ● The higher the rarity level of the squirrel, the higher the chance of dropping an engine or tank at a higher rarity level.
New Pet:
The Hedgehog: [1-100] Hedgehog (Legendary) Foraging Pet
Foraging Fortune: 1 → 120 Defense: 0 → 20
Bark keeper Gain 5 foraging fortune per digit of bark collection
Spiky Returns 0.15% → 15% damage dealt back at the attacker
HP Hedgehog Power Chainsaws are 1% 10% faster Armor:
Timberland Armor:
● The Timberland armor can be upgraded 6 times. ● The armor must be upgraded with each type of bark. ● The rarity is increased with each upgrade until the armor reaches the ultimate rarity: "Lumber" ● The armor with the rarity "Lumber" is the equivalent of the rarity: "Divine"
QoL Feature:
We all know how annoying it is when we have a whole backpack full of equipment and have to change the equipment for every activity. That's why I propose with the new Foraging Update an equipment quick change function like for armor. However, like everything else in this world, it is not free. It is a unique profile upgrade that can be crafted using the new items. Each player has 3 Equipment Sets available by default, but players get one more Equipment Slot per rank. I have tried to incorporate something from every aspect of Skyblock into my concept so that most players will benefit from this update, but I am aware that many things in my concept are still a bit unbalanced, but these are all ideas I had to make the foraging skill easier for the players. I hope the admins take a few inspirations from my concept. It would be really great if after the Rift update possibly comes a foraging update because the community has been waiting for so long. If you have further ideas that complement my concept, please write to me Fabian#9954. I have named the NPC after me because I thought it would be cool, but of course, the name is completely irrelevant.
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2023.06.10 00:20 RonnocDidNothinWrong [H] Marines, Sisters, GSC, Orks, etc [W] $$$, Rogal Dorn tank [Loc] TX NA

Space Marines (Most are Painted):
Primaris Chaplain on bike (painted in sub assembly): $30
Unpainted Runepriest: $5
Custom Chapter Space Marines Astartes All painted in the same scheme and I'm willing to take offers for the lot or a chunk of it:
Reivers: $20
Aggressors: $30
Aggressors: $30
Incursors (Recast): $20
Intercessors: $20
Eliminators: $25
Hellblasters: $30
Bladeguard: $30
Eradicators: $15
Kitbash Incursors: $15
Infiltrators: $25
Judiciar: $35
Phobos Captain: $15
Chaplain: $20
Shrike (Recast, Kitbash): $20
Bladeguard Captain (magnatized to be captain on bike as well): $30

Sewer Themed Genestealer Cult:
All painted in the same scheme and I'm willing to take offers for the lot or a chunk of it:
Bladed Cog (Admech) Acolyte squad: $35
Abominant: $20
Genestealers: $35
Biophagus: $20
Primus (Recast): $15
Nexos: $20
Locus: $20
Kelermorph: $20
Acoylte Lot: $50
Iconward: $15
Ridgerunner sludge: $30
Ridgerunner Sewer: $30
Painted and Magnatized Goliath: $50
Assembled Goliath: $40
Loose Acolytes: $25
Jackals: $35
Magnatized Jackals (Equipment not shown): $35
Alphus: $25
Dark Vengeance Dark Angels (or $90 for the lot):
NOS DV Marine squad: $30
NOS Librarian Turmiel: $20
NOS Company Master Balthasar: $25
NOS Dark Angel Bikers: $35
Soul Shackle / Into the Dark / Shadow Vaults:
- Game Board: $20
- Void War 28mm Bases x10: $5
- Void War 28mm Bases x10: $5
- Void War 28mm Bases x10: $5
AOS shaman orukk: $12
Kommandos(3 orks and squig): $10
Old Ork Truk: $8
Old Ork Buggy: $10
Random Ork Models: $8

Fantasy / Old World (NOT AOS):
NOS Crypt Ghouls: $15
Metal Vampire Count: $20

Imperial Guard:
unpainted Lascannon Field Ordinance Batteries: $30
Sisters of Battle Adepta Sororitas:
- Morvann Vahl NOS: $40
- NOS Paragon Warsuit Squad: $50
Chaos Space Marines CSM :
NOS Draznicht, chosen champion: $20
Shipping is free (in CONUS) if you get at least $30 of stuff, otherwise it's $5. Willing to trade for Magnatized Rogal Dorn (tank). May be interested in some NOS marines and some special guard regiments. Prices do not include any G&S type fees. Photos Here:

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2023.06.10 00:18 musicandsex In a cluster**** of a situation

Ok Ill try to make this quick
I am a real estate agent (18 months in)
I've made 13k so far this year but I also have a b2b sales job that pays me 50k a year plus commission (around 1k monthly) so 62k per year. All in all, by simply doing a bare minimum I can probably make around 100k doing these two jobs in tandem.
I don't hate this b2b job and it does have perks one of them being that i can do real estate at the same time.
The problem is that I dont see myself doing this b2b job for long as it is inconsistent, lots of issues with orders, not getting paid properly (commission, my hourly salary is always paid properly) and lack of advancement. And its a door to door business job, i hate prospecting and door knocking even if its businesses.
So I've started looking for something I could do long term which brings me to two jobs opportunies in Insurance, one has already hired my (start day July 31st) and the other one will submit an offer monday (start day July 4th) both jobs pay respectively 52k and 55k yearly, the problem with these two jobs, is that although I can see myself doing it longterm and building a nice career out of it, is that I will have to hang up my real estate license as you cannot do both jobs at the same time.
So not only am I going from 62k/y to 55k but I also will have to say bye bye to my side hustle which is real estate.
On top of that, I just put some friends under contract for the sale of their 500k condo and purchase of a 800k house which we are still looking for so that's about 25k in commissions if we end up closing eventually in the next couple months.
So you can see where my dilemma lies, do I quit everything and start from scratch at 55k and work my up slowly but surely and have peace of mind (work from home 3 days a week 2 days in office, no weekends no nights) or do I suck it up, keep my b2b job that pays 62k a year and keep doing real estate but keep living with this anxiety of the future and not knowing exactly where I am headed career wise?
I really need help and I have to start answer all these companies soon as the start dates are very soon and I'm just so stressed about it.
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2023.06.10 00:17 ZealousidealKnee6636 Sorry; Rant time about quality techs in the field-the lack of.

I am 10 years in the field with school, a journeyman, and considered a trane tech. Today for my first call i had 3 repairs. Gathered all materials according to materials list. The technician that was there that wrote up all repairs was with me today is middle aged and ~30years in the field, to keep it broad. All 3 repairs were at a elementary school with roof access inside and secured doors so we had an escort. The "senior tech" got out of his van, brought 0 tools, carried 0 parts, and was on his phone the entire morning...
As we entered the school and passed kids that are probably first and second grade, he was still on the phone having a loud, heated argument with someone else on speaker, passing all the kids, teachers, staff, and our POC as an escort.. At this point i am mortified and don't want to even say anything and kind of hurried along since i know where the roof access is. We got to the roof to perform repair#1, replace a failed condenser fan motor blade and the dual capacitor. replaced all parts as he sits on his phone for the 1.5hours while i work on a roof top fishing the wires.
i perform the start up and found the compressor is mechanically seized up, running at 43amps and LRA at 53, RLA is 15. I attached gauges and this thing is FLAT.... he comes over and said oh its flat? I told him compressor is also locked up. He proceeds to tell me that it was running "just fine" when he was there a month ago, and since the rtu had power shut off. I looked over and flipped shit, I told him there's no way a compressor fails by sitting there for a month with no power, and that the condenser fan motor most likely failed, ran high head pressure, blew a leak, then since there's no safeties the compressor ran itself into the ground and he can STFU and not Bullshit a fat fucking lie... I've seen his maintenances he performs and i could train a green tech who is eager to learn to perform it better.
At this point he goes down to his van, and I start on the other 2 repairs. Found out all the parts he wrote up were just wrong and it wasn't the guy purchasing them in the office who messed up. I asked him to go get the parts with a list needed at the supply house 12 minutes away, since I recommended a new unit and fill out the information to replace it. he doesn't come back for TWO HOURS.... the supply house had all parts needed. after that call I told my dispatcher and he was just sent home.
Call back for call #4, i arrive and checked in. Found the rtu tripped a 200amp breaker. A refrigerant leak search and repair was performed ~1 month ago that was flat. said it was **"The shrader core"** by that technician... I took 5 seconds since it was a Trane that it was the hot gas header, and now that compressor is grounded...
Thank you for reading and thank god its the weekend.. time to drink. Please just be honest and just look over the whole unit for your write ups. just own up to mistakes, like how I shorted out a thermostat, i just replaced it and moved on no need to lie and say it was just bad.
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2023.06.10 00:16 Ok_Experience_7993 Professional Air Duct Cleaning Services: Breathe Clean, Breathe Easy

Healthy, comfortable indoor air is crucial. Air ducts can collect dust, allergies, and other impurities, lowering household air quality. Professional air duct cleaning services provide a comprehensive solution to remove these pollutants, improving the air you breathe. Air duct cleaning is important, and our experienced services can make your home cleaner and healthier.
The Importance of Air Duct Cleaning Services
Air duct cleaning plays a crucial role in maintaining good indoor air quality. The ductwork in your HVAC system acts as a pathway for conditioned air to circulate throughout your home. Unfortunately, ducts can collect dust, grime, pet hair, pollen, and other contaminants. These particles not only contribute to poor air quality but can also worsen allergies, respiratory conditions, and overall health.
Professional air duct cleaning services are vital to remove these accumulated contaminants, improving indoor air quality and creating a healthier living environment. By cleaning your ducts, you can improve your family's respiratory health and lessen allergy symptoms.
The Professional Air Duct Cleaning Process
When you choose our professional air duct cleaning services, our trained technicians follow a thorough process to ensure a comprehensive cleaning. Here are the typical steps involved:
Inspection: Our technicians conduct a detailed inspection of your air duct system, identifying any problem areas or signs of contamination.
Equipment Setup: We take care to protect your home while setting up specialized equipment, such as high-powered vacuums and brushes, to clean your air ducts effectively.
Duct Cleaning: Using advanced techniques, our technicians remove accumulated dust, debris, and contaminants from the air ducts. We employ methods like negative air pressure and agitation to dislodge and capture these particles effectively.
Vent Cleaning: In addition to the ducts, we clean the supply and return vents, grilles, and registers to ensure a thorough cleaning process.
Sanitization (if required): If microbial growth or mold is detected, we apply safe and effective sanitizing agents to eliminate any remaining spores and ensure a healthier environment.
Benefits of Professional Air Duct Cleaning Services
Choosing professional air duct cleaning services offers numerous benefits for your home and well-being. Key benefits:
Air duct cleaning improves indoor air quality by removing dust, allergens, and toxins.
Energy Efficiency: Clean air ducts promote better airflow, allowing your HVAC system to operate more efficiently. This can result in energy savings and lower utility bills.
Odor Reduction: Accumulated debris in ducts can contribute to unpleasant odors. Air duct cleaning eliminates these odors, leaving your home smelling fresh and clean.
Extended HVAC System Lifespan: Regular air duct cleaning prevents the buildup of dirt and debris that can strain your HVAC system, ultimately extending its lifespan and reducing the need for repairs or replacements.
Investing in professional air duct cleaning services is a wise decision for creating a cleaner and healthier home environment. By removing dust, allergens, and contaminants from your air ducts, our expert technicians improve indoor air quality, reduce allergies, and promote better respiratory health. Our services also increase HVAC system lifespan, energy efficiency, and odour reduction. Breathe easier and enjoy a fresher living space by choosing our professional air duct cleaning services. Contact us today to schedule an appointment and experience the transformative benefits for yourself.
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