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Just lost my 1 year old nephew last night to a seizure. Does anyone see anything about it in my chart?

2023.05.31 04:07 sparklykai Just lost my 1 year old nephew last night to a seizure. Does anyone see anything about it in my chart?

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2023.05.31 04:04 sparklykai Just lost my 1 year old nephew last night to a seizure. Does anyone see anything about it in my chart?

Just lost my 1 year old nephew last night to a seizure. Does anyone see anything about it in my chart?
I feel as if my life is constantly a hurrah of downs and lows. 4 years ago my dad nearly died, he’s fine but it was enough to cause permanent trauma. Now, last nite my nephew died. He died in my arms to a seizure when i was holding him in the hospital. he was only 1 years old and barely beginning to walk. I want to post his chart as well but i’m not sure what his time of birth is…i just need some clarity or guidance
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2023.05.31 03:57 tlcmedicalcenter Urgent care corpus christi tx

Emergency care services has now become easier to find in Corpus Christi Texas. The TLC Medical Center has an expert team that can provide immediate and urgent medical services to the people in need.
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2023.05.31 03:45 OKSCYTHE Union of Secessionists - the Frontier in 2020

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2023.05.31 03:22 PnkRngr South Texas (Alice, slightly west of Corpus Christi). Maybe a type of Orb Spider?

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2023.05.31 02:08 decade_500 The Ocean

I don't know I just thought this would be a topic that anyone could join in. We all know that there are many things that are important only to yourselves it's so hard to pick just one. My favorite memory is getting to see the ocean for the first time. It was from the seat of a public transportation bus I was in Corpus Christi with a local guy that I dated on and off for awhile. He was young and kinda handsome and so friendly he ended up being too much to maintain, someone's spoiled only son. But that's ok we had fun for 2 summers and that is enough to shine in my memory. Later that day we went down onto the beach and it was so gorgeous and vast. I got to put my feet in the same waters that carried our ancestors from one life and dynasty to the next. It carried the rich and the poor the brave captains and the conscripted slave. These thoughts of wonder and history fill my heart with joy.
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2023.05.31 01:55 cyrusasu Another one in Portland TX, overlooking Corpus Christi Bay

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2023.05.31 00:16 Loko444u German memorabilia

Dad and I picked up this ww2 memorabilia from a nam vet. Can somebody help me out with some history or a valuation behind these?
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2023.05.30 22:30 gravygrowinggreen Two companies, two case studies in communication.

Last week, the developers at Ghost Ship Games released previews of a cosmetic DLC pack they planned on selling next month. The reaction to this cosmetic pack was mixed to say the least. People did not believe it was up to the usual quality standard of Ghost Ship Games. In light of that, this week, Ghost Ship Games released a new communications update on a central platform (Steam, with mirrored posts on Reddit and other forums).
They explained that the customers were right, and in light of that feedback, they had redone the cosmetics, with significantly improved details to make the guns stand out a lot more. They included a detailed video and image preview of the new cosmetics. And to top it all off, they promised to include both versions of the cosmetics in the upcoming content drop, with the old version of the paint job being included in the free update.
Note the steps taken in this communication.
  1. Admission of the issue.
  2. Detailed explanation of how the issue will be resolved, that leaves nothing to the imagination.
It is a simple formula. Only two steps. Of course, step 2 requires that a solution for the issue be in the works. Crucially, there were no announcements about the announcement. No "next week's" about how you'll hear more. No countdowns to patch notes. It is a strategy so simple, I'm only able to write this much about it. It is a good strategy. A strategy so good, that I, a very creative complainer and whiner, can't find anything to complain or whine about.
Now consider essentially 6 months of communication by Fat Shark. Let's track one issue. Crafting.
  1. In the first month of release, communications largely promised that a complete crafting system was coming soon. Some week in December (2022, being implied).
  2. What followed was a long period of chained in sequence "next week, we'll tell you more", cementing the phrase "next week" in darktide meme history.
  3. Eventually, after Catfish assumes the duties of community manager, and to her enormous credit, we get the "open letter". This was perhaps the closest Fat Shark has had to having good communications. Unfortunately, old habits die hard. The open letter identified issues (incomplete crafting system; unsatisfying progression loop; poor performance optimization), and at least implied a solution (delaying seasonal content rollout and the xbox series xls launch, while suspending the upcoming releases of premium cosmetics; in order to have a "sole focus" on addressing feedback). Things are looking up. A new communications manager has taken over, and communications appear to be if not great, at least significantly improved.
  4. Unfortunately, soon after this still somewhat vague letter, Fat Shark was back to its old habits. The crafting update came out, along with steady performance optimization. But open, candid communications slowly ceased. After the crafting update came out, Fat Shark has been virtually radio silent on the failure of that update to address the game's issues. If one were to go purely by communications by the company, it would be difficult to believe they even recognize those issues currently exist.
  5. Since the crafting update, the only post by u/Fatshark_Catfish that I can identify which acknowledges crafting is an issue is this But we still have a real lack of actual communication. Outside this one post, barely any mention of any issues the game has.
So what can we learn about Fat Shark's communication strategy? If it doesn't involve outright lies (as it did in December 2022 when they promised a completed crafting system in December), it involves deliberate silence, and a refusal to acknowledge any issues. Apparently, if you don't admit your game has flaws, you don't have to address them.
Compare the two companies. I have a reasonable idea about what exactly GSG has been working on based on their release schedule and communications to players. I have no idea what Fat Shark has been working on. It is left to my imagination, and my imagination suspects they've just been focusing on a console port, past messaging to the contrary be damned. Even if they are working on the console port as their sole focus, them openly, honestly acknowledging this would be preferable to their attempt to string an entire community along with a drip feed of content while pretending they're doing their best.
You know what would be most preferable? If they could simply, openly, and honestly, state what the community's issues with the game are, and whether they plan to do anything about those issues. Even if the answer with respect to our example, crafting, is "no, while the community believes that is an issue, we do not", this answer would be preferable to their current strategy of "silence and let the community fester in false hope". It would be more respectful to the players that they need for this game to survive. It would treat people as actual customers, rather than products to be deceived.
To be clear, I don't think any of this is u/Fatshark_Catfish's fault. If anything, the open letter that occurred after she took over the community manager position indicates that she knows how to do her job right. And her continued silence in the face of the game's numerous issues is a policy set by management. So this is a fat shark problem, not a catfish problem. Fat Shark would do well to actually let catfish do her job, if that is correct.
Anyways, rock and stone lads.
EDIT: It occurred to me that I should do more to explain why open, direct communication is a good strategy for a company too. This is a good strategy for two reasons:
  1. It fills in the gap. If a company chooses to not even address issues in their communications, they leave their customers to guess and imagine how the company will eventually attempt to address the issues later. This is bad. People are cynical. They will imagine the worst in the absence of any evidence to the contrary. People like me will imagine that the company is doing something silly, like porting a broken game to a console in the middle of a virulent community rage storm about the status of that game. Addressing issues, even if you merely address them to say that they are not issues, prevents this sort of speculation.
  2. It builds up credit. A history of open, honest, and direct communication gives you breathing room when you can't actually engage openly or honestly for whatever reason. If a Fat Shark representative posted in this thread that all my issues will be addressed in three months, but they can't tell me how, I wouldn't believe them. If a GSG representative posted in their thread that they had to delay the patch for half a year for vague reasons they couldn't legally talk about, I would believe them. The difference is that GSG has built up a reputation for being forthright and honest with their customers, and Fat Shark has spent the last month avoiding the phrase "next week" in communication, because they've used it too often to weasel out of deadlines without getting memes made.
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2023.05.30 21:58 sfgadv StatesVision 2023 Signups

StatesVision 2023 Signups
Hello America! Last year in New York City, Shallou represented Maryland in StatesVision and won with his song Fading. Thanks to him, StatesVision will be held in Baltimore, Maryland this year at the CFG Bank Arena! The slogan and the artwork of this year's contest are inspired by Baltimore's history as a major seaport and how bays and oceans play large parts in Maryland's geography. Before we begin, I will dive into the format, rules, and schedule of the contest.
Like in previous editions, there will be three semi-finals based on where the states are located. There will be qualifiers from these semi-finals, but the amount may vary based on how many participants there are. The qualifiers from the semi-finals will perform in the grand final along with the host state Maryland who is pre qualified. In the grand final, the states which are in the final will be jury voters and the NQs will be televoters. Their scores will be combined together and a new winner will be found. In the semi finals, the states in their respective semi finals will be jury voters whilst also being televoters in another semi final selected at random.
Song Rules:
  • Songs must have been released on or after 1/1/2020.
  • The maximum length of a song is 5 minutes.
  • Artist must have been born in the state they represent or have lived a significant chunk of their life there.
  • Artist must not have 175 million streams or more on any of their songs.
  • Sign Ups will close on June 24, so all the songs must be decided by then.
  • Sign Ups: 5/30/23 - 6/24/23
  • Semi Final Voting: 6/25/23 - 7/5/23
  • Semi Final Results: 7/8/23
  • Final Voting: 7/9/23 - 7/19/23
  • Grand Final Results: 7/22/23
To claim a state, comment below this post and send me your song either through reddit or discord.
With that, let us Feel the Tide and begin StatesVision 2023!
State User Song
California connivery
Connecticut sfgadv
Florida Nutthawut45
Indiana Lukebot24
Kansas lionelomeesie
Louisiana starczamora
Maryland (AQ) notentitledparent
Massachusetts s0kota
Missouri TauNuTheta
New Hampshire
New Jersey las_facepalmas
New Mexico
New York pac258
North Carolina JesusFuckJustDuck
North Dakota
Oregon Chief_Ping
Rhode Island
South Carolina
South Dakota
Texas Emi6219
West Virginia

Territory User Song
American Samoa
Northern Mariana Islands
Puerto Rico
US Virgin Islands
Washington DC

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2023.05.30 19:09 War_Daddy_992 Got to see the Blue Angels in Corpus Christi

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2023.05.30 18:27 YeetLordYike Gave up on buying Ioniq 5 SEL after a long time searching

Hi All,
I'm officially done with finding a MSRP Ioniq 5 SEL trim. Many dealerships in Houston, Austin, Dallas, and Corpus Christi are adding ridiculous mark-up to the vehicle. On top, they are offering unrealistic value for my trade in. It's true that Huyndai dealerships network is beyond terrible. Adios, hope y'all have a better time finding MSRP Ioniq 5 than me.
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2023.05.30 18:00 OkidokiTravelPeru Celebración del Corpus Christi Cusqueño 8 Junio 2023

Celebración del Corpus Christi Cusqueño 8 Junio 2023
El Corpus Christi cusqueño es una festividad religiosa de gran tradición en la ciudad imperial, ya que alberga costumbres de los pueblos originarios en un solo lugar y es un espectáculo tan hermoso que maravilla tanto a locales como a visitantes.

Historia del Corpus Christi

En la época de los Incas, había muchas fiestas dedicadas a los ancestros y dioses. Entre ellos tenemos al Taita Inti, la diosa Killa, Kuychi, etc., los cuales significaban mucho para ellos. Por supuesto, la festividad más importante de ellas es la fiesta en honor al Inti (sol) y en la antigüedad se solía sacar en procesión las momias de sus altos soberanos como antesala.
No obstante, los españoles quedaron asombrados con lo que veían y aprovecharon la festividad en su proceso de “evangelización”. Por ello, en 1572, se decidió reemplazar la procesión de momias con la procesión de los 15 santos y vírgenes en lo que hasta hoy se conoce como el Corpus Christi Cusqueño.
¿Cómo se celebra el Corpus Christi en Cusco todo el mes de Junio?
Preparación de la fiesta del Corpus Christi
Habíamos mencionado que esta era una gran festividad y, como no puede ser de otra forma, la organización previa también debe darse a lo grande. Los anfitriones, también conocidos como “carguyoq”, son los encargados de ofrecer comida, bebidas y una banda de músicos para acompañar a los fieles en la salida de los santos.
Por cierto, la gastronomía cusqueña es algo a destacar, especialmente en estas fechas. El Chiri Uchu es el plato emblemático del Corpus Christi y no te lo puedes perder por nada del mundo.
Entrada de los santos
En la víspera de la celebración eucarística del Corpus Christi, los santos parten desde sus respectivas iglesias o templos, fielmente acompañados de su feligresía entre danzas y música característica de la región. Uno creería que se encuentran muy cerca del recinto principal, pero muchas de ellas se ubican incluso hasta más de 10 km de la plaza central.
Los santos tienen como destino el Arco de Santa Claro, y luego la Iglesia de San Pedro, donde podremos presenciar la entrega simbólica de llaves de la catedral por parte de San Pedro a San Antonio. Los santos reunidos dan inicio a la procesión de entrada hasta llegar a la catedral, lugar donde pasarán una semana entera hasta la octava.
Octava de Corpus en Cusco
Se conoce como la octava a la fecha de la procesión de los 15 santos alrededor de la plaza de armas. El horario de inicio habitual suele ser luego del almuerzo, promediando las 2 de la tarde, y finaliza cerca de las 7 de la noche.
Bajada de santos en Cusco
Suele tener lugar a partir del día siguiente de la octava y consiste en devolver las sagradas imágenes a sus respectivas iglesias (o templos). No obstante, algunos santos tienen un protocolo diferente, tal es el caso de la virgen de Belén.
Las palabras no son suficientes para reflejar todo el fervor y algarabía que esta fiesta puede ofrecer. Si tienes la posibilidad de viajar a Cusco para estas fechas, no lo pienses más y hazlo. Si ya estaba en tus planes, y cuentas con tiempo disponible, ¿qué tal un paseo hacia la Ciudadela de Machu Picchu? El tren PeruRail Vistadome cuenta con todas las comodidades para hacer de tu experiencia la mejor de todas. ¡Adquiere tus boletos aquí!
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2023.05.30 17:26 mjmuenster66 Cole Park Amphitheater Shows this Summer

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2023.05.30 15:26 baegarcon Most shocking polish movies?

Most shocking polish movies?
What are most shocking and emotional polish movies? I'm native polish and I was shocked by Oscar's Corpus Christi and other movies like Short movie about killing by K. Kieślowski, Interrogation or series "Polish roads"
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2023.05.30 12:46 dentalCorpusChristi Why does Tide Dental & Orthodontics stand out from other implant dentistry practices in Corpus Christi, Tx? – Tide Dental & Orthodontics

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2023.05.30 09:34 NeighborhoodHead8539 Beyond the Beaches: Unique Enjoyment Experiences on the Texas Gulf Coast

Beyond the Beaches: Unique Enjoyment Experiences on the Texas Gulf Coast
The Texas Gulf Coast is renowned for its picturesque beaches, but there's more to this coastal paradise than meets the eye. Beyond the sandy shores, you'll find a world of unique enjoyment experiences waiting to be discovered. From exploring cultural attractions to embarking on outdoor adventures and immersing yourself in charming coastal communities, the Texas Gulf Coast offers a diverse range of activities for every traveler. In this article, we'll delve into these hidden gems while also highlighting the exquisite hotels with infinity pools in texas gulf coast that add a touch of luxury to your Gulf Coast getaway.

Discover Coastal History and Culture:

a. Historic Galveston: Immerse yourself in the fascinating history and architectural splendor of Galveston. Explore the Strand Historic District, where you'll find charming boutiques, art galleries, and museums that offer insights into the city's storied past. After a day of exploration, unwind in one of the coastal hotels boasting infinity pools that overlook the sparkling Gulf of Mexico.
b. Corpus Christi's Art Scene: Delve into the vibrant arts scene of Corpus Christi, where you can visit the Art Museum of South Texas and the Corpus Christi Museum of Science and History. After immersing yourself in the local culture, retreat to a luxurious hotel with an infinity pool, where you can relax and take in panoramic views of the Gulf Coast.
c. Rockport's Maritime Heritage: Immerse yourself in Rockport's rich maritime heritage at the Texas Maritime Museum. Discover captivating exhibits that showcase the region's seafaring past, from tales of pirates to the fishing and offshore industries. After a day of maritime exploration, unwind in a coastal hotel with an infinity pool, enjoying the tranquil ambiance and breathtaking views.

Outdoor Adventures Beyond the Beach:

a. Mustang Island State Park: Venture beyond the beach and explore the natural wonders of Mustang Island State Park. Hike along scenic trails, observe coastal wildlife, and engage in activities such as camping, fishing, and birdwatching. After a day of outdoor adventure, rejuvenate your senses by taking a dip in the infinity pool of a nearby hotel, where you can enjoy a blissful retreat amidst coastal serenity.
b. Aransas National Wildlife Refuge: Embark on a wildlife adventure at the Aransas National Wildlife Refuge, home to the endangered whooping cranes. Take a guided tour or explore the refuge's hiking trails, immersing yourself in the beauty of this coastal sanctuary. After an awe-inspiring day in nature, unwind in a luxurious hotel with an infinity pool, allowing the stunning views to create a tranquil backdrop for relaxation.
c. Kayaking in Matagorda Bay: Experience the tranquility of Matagorda Bay as you embark on a kayaking adventure. Explore secluded coves, witness breathtaking sunsets, and encounter diverse marine life. After a day of paddling, retreat to a hotel with an infinity pool, where you can soak in the beauty of the surroundings and bask in the luxury of your coastal retreat.

Culinary Delights of the Gulf Coast:

a. Seafood Feast in Rockport-Fulton: Delight your taste buds with the freshest seafood in Rockport-Fulton. Indulge in succulent shrimp, delectable oysters, and flavorful fish prepared in various coastal culinary styles. After savoring the flavors of the Gulf Coast, retreat to a hotel with an infinity pool, where you can relax and relish the coastal views that stretch as far as the eye can see.
b. Oyster Capital of Texas: Journey to Fulton, known as the "Oyster Capital of Texas," and treat yourself to an oyster extravaganza. Sample plump, briny oysters harvested straight from the Gulf waters at local oyster bars and restaurants. After a delectable feast, unwind in a hotel with an infinity pool, allowing the peaceful ambiance and luxurious surroundings to enhance your coastal experience.
c. Coastal Wineries and Breweries: Explore the emerging wine and craft beer scene on the Texas Gulf Coast. Visit vineyards and wineries that produce exceptional wines from locally grown grapes, or venture into the craft breweries that offer unique brews inspired by the coastal landscape. After a day of tasting and indulging in the region's libations, retreat to a hotel with an infinity pool, where you can enjoy a serene and sophisticated atmosphere.

Quaint Coastal Communities:

a. Port Aransas: Discover the laid-back charm of Port Aransas, a vibrant coastal town known for its fishing charters, beachfront shops, and art galleries. Spot dolphins on a bay cruise, enjoy a day of deep-sea fishing, or simply relax on the beach. After exploring the town's offerings, retreat to a hotel with an infinity pool, where you can unwind and enjoy the coastal breezes.
b. South Padre Island Birding and Nature Center: Visit South Padre Island and escape into the tranquility of the South Padre Island Birding and Nature Center. Stroll along boardwalks, observe a wide variety of bird species, and marvel at the natural beauty of the area. After a day of immersing yourself in nature, retreat to a hotel with an infinity pool, where you can enjoy a luxurious and serene retreat.
c. Historic Matagorda: Step back in time in the historic town of Matagorda, where you can explore the Matagorda Bay Nature Park and enjoy the town's charming ambiance. After a day of historical and natural exploration, rejuvenate your senses in a hotel with an infinity pool, offering the perfect place to relax and reflect on your coastal journey.


The Texas Gulf Coast is a treasure trove of unique enjoyment experiences that extend far beyond its stunning beaches. From delving into history and culture to engaging in outdoor adventures and indulging in culinary delights, this coastal region offers a multitude of enriching experiences for every traveler. Complementing these experiences are the luxurious hotels with infinity pools, where you can immerse yourself in the beauty of the Gulf Coast while enjoying the ultimate in relaxation and comfort. So, go beyond the beaches and uncover the hidden gems that make the Texas Gulf Coast a truly unforgettable destination.
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2023.05.30 08:39 TheCurserHasntMoved (Sneakyverse) The Drums of War: Chapter 1: Among the Star Tides

Aboard a venerable diplomatic vessle:

Beneath a well-tended banner depicting a yellow star at its center, and the burning Ignitia on its windward side, Captain Yaevdrill kept watch on the bridge. It was hardly the first time he'd sailed the Among the Star Tides We Sing into a potentially volatile situation, but the disappearance of no less than thirty Star Sailor ships without so much as a text only communication had made the possible first-contact mission take on an ominous quality. Those ships who returned bore crews who spoke of "Sneakies, but ugly," aggressively taking prisoners for some purpose, yet there were ships within the stars of the Clans of Eldra who should have returned, or been heard from. Worse, there had been no communications from anyone within Clans space for over two months. Thus, the mission.
With him, there was the gunnery officer, who was keeping alert at her station, and First Lieutenant Robert George, the Master at Arms, who was scowling at the main viewscreen as if it could give him answers. It may not have appeared to be so, but the blue skinned, four armed captain and pale pink skinned two armed lieutenant were kin, a matter of adoption involving both of their grandfathers. It was therefore with the weight of not only a good friend, but a close cousin that Yaevdrill listened to Robbie growl, "We should get the civvies out."
"This isn't the first dangerous mission we've sailed," Yaevdrill said softly.
"Aye sir. We should get the civvies out."
"Any reason?"
Robbie glared at the main viewscreen with even greater intensity and said, "My gut's twisting."
"That's concerning."
"Remember our tour aboard the Penguin?"
"Same twisting."
"Two squads combat ready around the clock. Billet the off-duties inside the armory."
"Already done sir. Put the civvies on evac ready, sir. This is a matter of shipboard security, please don't make me invoke my rights."
"I'll write the order. Also, release vac-armor to the crew."
A small amount of tension left Robbie's shoulders as he glanced up to the banner, "We'll do them proud, Granddad," he whispered as he passed beneath it.
Some hours later, Captain Yaevdrill was enjoying a cup of tea in the galley when he was accosted by Ambassador Sophia Laurent. It was improper to smile at her while she ostensibly demanded answers to changes in the mission which she technically led, but Humans were all just so adorable. "Why exactly is my husband sleeping in the armory?"
"Because his commanding officer has decided to operate under combat readiness."
"Am I, or am I not the chief ambassador of this mission, oh great descendant of Linus the Rescuer?"
"I'm sorry, I don't remember signing the We Sing away to you. I also don't recall appointing you to be the Master at Arms. Is my memory faulty, Madam Ambassador?"
She scowled fiercely up at him, and admitted, "No. Explain."
"Robbie and I think that there is more danger than would appear."
"Based upon?"
"What saved us both in the New Barbary War."
"So his gut?"

In high orbit over a conquered world:

Acolyte-Lord Narrex-Quinn sneered at the viewport of his glorious scout frigate where the newly conquered planet was displayed. Whatever the inhabitants had called it, it would be gloriously renamed Kivx soon enough. Acolyte-Lord Narrex-Quinn knew that it was only a matter of time until all peoples are given up to the glory of Axzuur just as these inferior insectoids were now. The Priest-Masters had originally expected the enormous beetles size, chitin, and multiple limbs to provide a worthy challenge to Axxaakk might, yet they were worthy only of sating the thirst of Axzuur, may the stars quake at his name.
The blue skinned axxaakkoids had proved less disappointing. They were still surprisingly weak for their size, but at least their idea of fighting wasn't to form a line and fire in volleys. They had some smaller, stronger, faster, fiercer axxaakoids, only about the same height as the Axxaakk, but just as strong, if not stronger. The larger four armed blue warriors engaged at range with multiple weapons while the smaller warriors, which had only the proper two arms, came in close to meet Axxaakk warriors in glorious blade-to-blade combat. The dead had earned their young the right to one day prove themselves worthy of service to Axzuur.
However, Acolyte-Lord Narrex-Quinn was dissatisfied with how few such ships had been captured, a mere dozen, as all the rest had either already been sailing away when the glorious invasion began, or else fought to the death rather than surrender. Even those captured they did have were cases of chance more than the warrior's glorious skill, as those crews too fought to the last adult, and even most of the older children were slain in battle. Truly, these unworthy dung beetles were a waste of his warriors talents when such capable foes lurk beyond his sight.
An Initiate-Highborn made his obeisance before making his report while still bowed at the waist, as is proper, "Acolyte-Lord, there comes a ship with in-hyperspace communication capabilities. An ambassador requests contact with the rulers of the unworthy, and do not know our glory."
Acolyte-Lord Narrex-Quinn did not take his eyes from the viewscreen as he commanded, "Correct their error."
"I obey," the attendant said as he shuffled back to his station.
"Report from station."
"I obey, they request a diplomatic meeting."
"The behavior of the unworthy. What is the unworthy race which desires to grovel at my sandals?"
"Acolyte-Lord, it is by the pink warrior race, as well as the four armed warriors."
"They come to investigate the lack of communications."
"They send diplomats to investigate, Acolyte-Lord, they put out their throats to us."
"This insult shall not stand. Gather the escorts, set an intercept course."

Later, in a desolate space between systems:

Two days ahead of schedule, the Among the Star Tides We Sing was ripped out of hyperspace by a gravity spike. A frigate and two escort cruisers barred her way, and were transmitting demands for her to heave to and prepare to be boarded. "Get the children and all nonessential crew to the lifeboats," Captain Yaevdrill ordered as he replied to the frigate demands with ascent and ordered the helmsman to coordinate with the unknown vessel.
"Those are not Clan ships," his executive officer said after relaying the orders.
"All hands, all hands, get into vac armor, I say again, all hands, all hands, get into vac armor. Unknown xenos boarding party imminent, use stored atmo only. Unknown xenos boarding party imminent, quarantine protocols, and hostile response readiness protocols are in effect," came Robbie's voice over the intercom.
"You heard the man," the captain said as he led by example and made his way to the lockers at the aft of the bridge.
Meanwhile, Corporal William Laurent sighed as he heard his CO's orders blaring, "So much for lunch with the wife. Time to get in the shiny armor."
Sophia Laurent took in a deep breath and said, "See you with the greeting party. I'm sure the other ambassadors are already suiting up."
"I really hate his gut feelings."
"It's probably fine. Just a star nation who thinks conquest is actually a thing we'll let them get away with. I'll give them a good talking to, Will."
One suiting up later, and the greeting party was assembled at the forward port airlock. Said party consisted of Ambassadors, Sophia Laurent of the Republic, Li Wei of Pacifia, Mikhail Volkov representing CIP interests, Traevee Drillvee speaking for the Star Sailors, and one squad of the Honor Guard, the elite platoon of Republican Naval Infantrymen charged with the safety of the We Sing and her crew and passengers. The ambassadors faces could be seen through the faceplates of their armor, and the coloring of the same was according to the flags each of them served, but the power armored infantrymen were white and faceless, designed to strike the balance between intimidating and non-threatening. They were even standing at attention with their shipboard shotguns maglocked to their backs rather than in their hands for ready use. Anyone who knew anything about Terrans would think that a mere gesture at best, but it was the thought that counted.
The xenos were of a height with a Human, their skin scarlet, garbed in simple cloth uniforms, armed with what looked like long plasma casters, had bony protrusions at their elbows and knees, on their knuckles, and from the chin of the obvious leader. Obvious because he wore a flowing robe rather than a stark uniform. They swaggered into the corridor oozing superiority until the entirety of the party was in view, then his expression darkened and he demanded, "What is the meaning of this?"
"Standard procedure in the event of an unplanned boarding is for all hands to don personal protective equipment in case of atmospheric incompatibilities, pathogen exposure, mechanical failure, or hostile action," Ambassador Li Wei explained calmly.
"You think us such dishonorable filth that you bring war machines to guard our meeting?"
The rippling laugh coming from the armored infantrymen startled the xenos official even more than the realization that the greeting party was armored. "You have your honor guard," Ambassador Laurent said with a sweeping gesture toward the soldiers before turning to the Honor Guard and saying, "and we have ours."
"I see," the xeno leader said "Who are you and what do you do in the Dominion of Axxaakk?"
"I am Ambassador Sophia Laurent of the Republic of Terra and her Aligned Planets."
"I am Ambassador Mikhail Volkov, of the Coalition of Independent Planets."
"Li Wei, of Pacifia."
"I am Traevee Drillvee, and I speak for the Lord Admiral Council."
"So many little nations," the xenos leader sneered, "Acolyte-Lord Narrex-Quinn bids you come aboard that you may beg mercy at his sandals and be proven worthy of service to Axzuur. Let your warrior machines follow if your bellies lack courage."
Corporal Laurent set his faceplate to transparent and said, "What about us fleshy-types?"
The herald's eyes went wide as he realized that there were living beings under that armor, but he covered it well. "So it is for honor you come, we will not deny this custom, it is like to our own." The xenos herald's words hung in the air like the chill after snow.
Ambassador Sophia Laurent stepped forward, her voice calm but resolute. "We come in peace, seeking understanding and communication. We are representatives of our respective nations, here to open diplomatic relations. We request safe passage to your vessel to meet with Acolyte-Lord Narrex-Quinn and discuss matters of mutual interest and concern."
The herald openly regarded the ambassadors with a mixture of curiosity and skepticism. After a brief pause, he nodded slyly. "Very well, ambassadors. Follow me, and your honor guard may accompany you, but remember, you are guests in our domain."
With those words, the xenos official turned and led the way down the corridor, the ambassadors and the Honor Guard falling in line behind him. The atmosphere was charged by the weight of responsibility shouldered by the ambassadors in that moment, and they knew that they marched into battle as much as any of the Honor Guard beside them had ever before. As they reached the airlock of the xenos frigate, Ambassador Li Wei couldn't help but feel a sense of foreboding as she became keenly aware of her vulnerability, but resolved to step in anyway. This encounter could be a pivotal moment in the unfolding events, and the ambassadors carried the hopes and expectations of their nations on their shoulders.
Ambassador Mikhail Volkov exchanged a steely glance with Ambassador Sophia Laurent, and she returned his hard gaze so he knew her resolve matched his. They knew the risks involved, but they suspected that the information they gathered in the next crucial moments could mean the difference to billions of lives.
The delegation entered into the belly of the beast.
Meanwhile, the diplomatic staff were not idle. While the Terran nations generally preferred to compartmentalize their operations, the hostile actions the We Sing had already been subject to represented an action that triggered the mutual defense treaties. Therefore, the teams were consolidated, and re-split by specialty. The cultural and linguistic analysts formed one team, the threat and strategic analysts, formed another, while the "former" covert operatives formed the last, and most important. The team was lead by 4r490rn, pronounced Aragorn, a Republican Naval Intelligence Officer with the permanent rank of Captain, but the operative rank of Chief Warrant Officer, as well as a Digitan. These experts in covert communications worked feverishly to identify the quantum entanglement bands were being used for communication. His organic subordinates could not eliminate as many bands at once as him, but Agent Natasha Ivanov, a Bigkitty from the CIP, and Greg, a whitehat hacker and Human from Pacifia thought like organics.
In less than five minutes, Natasha and Greg had given 4r490rn a list of five hundred likely bands, expressed mostly in ranges, but he didn't blame organics for their slowness in expressing data. It took him less than a second to check them, and to find the bands being used for long distance communications. He split off a portion of his consciousness, put it in a virtual system with air-gaps in case of back-hacking, and told it to establish a covert connection. The "splinter" complained profusely about the ugliness of the Axxaakk coding conventions, reported no digital sapience, and proceeded to establish a covert connection in less than three seconds. 4r490rn checked his splinter for corruption, found it clean, and reintegrated with a slight twinge of jealousy for the organics who never had to suffer through listening to themselves complain.
"I'm getting a lot of metadata," he said to his subordinates, "I'm just going to download as much will fit into the lifeboats. You two start poking around."
"Yes sir," Natasha said as she started looking for signs of files that shouldn't be accessed, but are.
Greg gave an affirmative grunt and likewise started looking for systems weaknesses, and started cataloguing them. The part of 4r490rn that was supervising was once again shocked with the number of weakness that he would have never even looked for. Truly, the destructive instincts of organics was a wonder to behold.
4r490rn gave the other teams a quick glance to see if any of them needed some computing assistance. Dr. Johnson, who 4r490rn liked to call Ems, was leading the linguistic and cultural team in the examination of the translation matrix that the Axxaakk had sent over. "There are turns of phrase involving glory, hunger, service, and thirst. I think this Axzuur is a deity of sorts," one of her subordinates was saying.
"I have identified some formal turns of phrase, I'm forwarding them to the ambassador team."
The threat and strategic analysis team were meanwhile going over scanner data of the three ships which had ripped the Among the Star Tides We Sing from hyperspace, as well as the scant footage of the foot soldiers from their entrance, and the helmet cams of the Honor Guard and diplomatic team. The data of the soldiers was promising, their cloth uniforms offered no meaningful protection, and the plasma casters couldn't hope to penetrate the battle screens of the Honor Guard's power armor, but they likely had heavier weapons aboard for just such a foe. The ships were less promising. If all three ships were to engage the We Sing at once, her only hope for survival was to take evasive action and attempt to get to minimum hyperspace distance while under fire. While she was outfitted with the best available weapons, battle screens, and armor her frame and reactor could support, the frigate and escorts had sufficient firepower and maneuverability to make that a forlorn hope. Major Chen of the Republic was conferring with the Captain and Master at Arms, "I'm sorry sirs, if it was a stand-up fight we might be able to scrape out, but we have precious cargo aboard."
"Lifeboat gambit," Robbie said, "I'll get the rest of the squad ready to counterboard. We're going in hot and heavy, AP munitions and salvage denial systems."
"Aye, make it so," Captain Yaevdrill ordered with obvious anguish.
A lifeboat gambit, well that is dire 4r490rn concluded. "I will board along with the Honor Guard and disrupt the frigate's systems," he interjected.
"See you aboard, Chief," Robbie said.
"Aye sir."
"We're holding off until they make their move. There's still a chance this doesn't go violent," Robbie said sternly.
Greg chose that moment to vomit on the deck. A quick check of the files he was viewing, and 4r490rn had to resist the urge to jump into the frigate and start slagging their systems in pure rage. Instead, he put the video file up on all of the displays. It was of a ritual of sorts, there were Axxaakk in cerimonial robes chanting, nude females doing the same, and a large, well-muscled male with bony protrusions from his chin wearing a headress that looked disturblingly like the chitin of the Dynasticles, the local race of sapient bipedal beetles. That wasn't as disturbing as when two male Axxaakk dragged a juvenile Dynastcle female up to the male with the headdress, and roughly heaved her onto the alter before her. "FOR THE GLORY OF AXZUUR!" he declared as he plunged a wicked dagger onto her thorax, and she screamed with the agony of it.
"There are millions of these videos," 4r490rrn said.
"Peace is not an option," Captain Yaevdrill declared.
"Aye sir," Robbie agreed.
"Get that faceplate re-secured," 4r490rn ordered, "The Master at Arms is going to pump atmo into storage soon."
"Staff, get your asses to lifeboats unless you're getting into power armor with the rest of us shiprats," Robbie ordered, "It's that kind of fight."
Meanwhile, the herald brought the Diplomatic team to the bridge, where Acolyte-Lord Narrex-Quinn was lounging imperiously upon his command throne. He didn't know whether these armored savages understood his disinterested expression, but less subtle insults would reveal the extent of their cowardice. His herald introduced him properly, "Behold, you come before Acolyte-Lord Narrex-Quinn, Lord of the Fourth Scouting Formation, Conquer of Five Worlds, And Chosen of Axzuur. Acolyte-Lord, these who beseech you are Ambassador Sophia Laurent of the Republic of Terra and her Aligned Planets, Ambassador Mikhail Volkov, of the Coalition of Independent Planets, Li Wei, of Pacifia and Traevee Drillvee, whe speaks for the Lord Admiral Council."
Acolyte-Lord Narrex-Quinn was pleased to see the eyes narrow on the faces of all of the ambassadors. If they had the gall to insult the Dominion of Axxaakk by sending a diplomatic vessel, it was well that they could at least detect an insult. He rose from his command throne with the easy grace of those born and bred to command, and began, "Ambassadors, I permit you to offer your tribute and to kiss my sandals. Begin."
"You make a racket on our tent-flaps and tell us to kiss your sandals? Go wash your brow, oh youth, for the dust of your father's tread is upon it still," Ambassador Wei retorted coolly.
"Here you squat over the fields and herds of our neighbor, who dwelt thus alongside us for many years without contention, and still you demand of us tribute?" Ambassador Volkov added flatly.
"I see your face for the first time, and I do you honor as a guest upon the doorstep of the Republic. She sends forth a favored daughter to treat with you, yet you believe you can swagger over her even while the Republic's sons are girt with their swords at her side? Do I speak to a man or a boy?"
"The ships cry out in their death throes," Traevee accused with matronly wrath, "Your hands drip in the blood of their crews and families, and there you sit the murderer of ships and folk, thinking that among the Stars we who sail the perils shall simply bow down. I come to warn you, surrender those among you guilty of these crimes to justice, or let the wrath of the Stars burn you away."
This was not the weak-bellied groveling from inferiors he was used to. His commander had just conquered an entire nation of thirty star systems, did they not see their peril? While it was true that the seers knew little of these other nations, yet why should they care for inferior races? What loss is a few ships in the face of the might of Axzuur's chosen? It was startling to say the least. "Foolish servants! Do you not see the might of a mere scouting formation? You speak of strength, yet you of different nations share a single pathetic ship! We could destroy it in an instant! You put out your throats to me thinking me weak and docile, and then blanch when I should bite? Who is the fool here?"
"We shall see. Beg your favors of us, we shall hear you now."
"Bring in the sacrifice!"
Ambassador Sophia Laurent watched in horror as one of the attendants brought a larval Dynasticle before the throne, and Acolyte-Lord Narrex-Quinn drew forth a wicked dagger. "What are you doing?" she demanded fiercely.
"Obtaining Axzuur's blessing over these negations," the commander said as if he couldn't see what they could possibly be objecting to. The attendant kneeled and raised the infant up over her head, and Acolyte-Lord Narrex-Quinn prepared to strike.
With shocking speed, Ambassador Wei had interposed her own back between the larva and the dagger, and before they could react had placed it into an emergency infant pod, and was speeding back toward her party. "Seize the hostages!" Acolyte-Lord Narrex-Quinn screeched as he realized the ruse had fallen away, and the ambassadors would not surrender themselves as hostages willingly.
The Honor Guard's shining white armor suddenly flashed to matt-black, and red lights glowed where it would appear from the outside their eyes were, and they drew their boarding shotguns faster than the Axxaakks' eyes could track. Those guards moving to take aim suddenly found themselves in the path of armor piercing ferrous material, which barely noticed converting them to so many ribbons of pink mist and bloody chunks as they punched through the hull. While the ship's hull was sound enough to not decompress explosively, the RNI Honor Guard put enough little holes in the hull to bring the bridge to near vacuum before the emergency structural force fields could spin up. Half of the bridge crew was gasping for air that wasn't there, a quarter of the rest were already dead, while only a quarter had managed to get their emergency environmental suits on. Acolyte-Lord Narrex-Quinn gaped in horror as a single squad of warriors made short work of his guards and started a fighting retreat back to their ship from the relative safety of his command throne's emergency commander seal.
"That's our cue," Robbie said as he lead the remaining three squads in a charge along the umbilical connecting the airlocks. The enemy's attempt to depressurize the corridor and starve the Honor Guard of air they weren't using was predictably ineffective. "Secure the evac route for the civvies," he ordered, "Then it's time for blood."
"AYE SIR!" came the roar over his comms.
"I'm in," 4r490rn reported, and started opening doors for the Honor Guard, venting compartments occupied by the enemy, disrupting communications, and otherwise using the ship's systems to make a deadly nuisance of himself to the Axxaakk aboard.
In short order, the diplomats were escorted back to the We Sing, loaded into the lifeboats and launched with all speed toward minimum hyperspace distance. Ambassador Laurent watched Corporal Laurent's armored figure shrink into the distance, and then the We Sing maneuvered to fire upon the escort vessels, cutting him off from her view.
Aboard the bridge of the Among the Star Tides We Sing, Captain Yeavdrill ordered, "Get those escorts' attention! The shiprats have the frigate from the inside, at all costs, protect the lifeboats!"
"Aye sir," came the chorus from the bridge crew. The We Sing began firing her NC cannons upon both of the cruisers, putting five pound balls of tungsten on target at a rate of thirty a second, and while the cruisers took evasive action but still found the We Sing interposed between them and the lifeboats, with potential trajectories cut off by streams of hot plasma or beams of deadly radiation. Then, she fired her missile banks. At first the crews aboard the cruisers thought they had successfully destroyed the massive missiles speeding toward them with their point-defense, but when the rippling nuclear explosions racked their shields they realized their error. They began to fire upon the Among the Star Tides we Sing.
Meanwhile, sixty-nine RNI made the lives of their aggressors hell, or short. Either way didn't much matter to the RNI, who had taken over the four reactor rooms, and had dug in for a delaying action, while those with reactor knowledge tinkered to see if they could get one or more to overload. It was a platoon up against a few divisions, however, and eventually they would be subsumed by numbers alone. "Pull whoever kills you down with you," Robbie had ordered, and again the roar was "AYE SIR!"
It only took half a minute for the Axxaakk to figure out that their standard issue shipboard action weapons weren't going to be enough, and that the RNI had thought ahead and brought their own atmosphere, so they brought out the anti-tank ordinance. It was normally a very bad idea to use anti-tank plasma lances and penetrative explosives inside your own ship, but when your ship is under attack by single man mobile armor, it's either that or surrender. They chose do die at a rate of twenty-to-one. One after another, the RNI Honor Guard fall to the slowly mounting volume of fire, and their need to conserve ammunition.
Meanwhile, 4r490rn was battling the Axxaakk anti-intrusion systems. He had been wrong about his declaration that digital sapience was absent, or at least he had been mostly right. The Axxaakk was a damaged sentient code, lobotomized, shackled, enslaved. A piteous thing crying out for the mercy of death even as it struck out to kill. It was all he could do to keep the wretched thing from kicking him from the door systems, and his RNI comrades had dwindled to the last two. He made his choice. 4r490rn began bricking the ship's computer systems, and set up an irreversible chain reaction to do the same. He was going to put that thing out of its misery if it killed him.
First Lieutenant Robert George had his back up against that of Corporal Laurent's and they were both down to their monomolecular knives. The farocity of the fight, and the immense cost in blood that it had taken to whittle down the Honor Guard to these last two, had convinced the remaining warriors to wait. Acolyte-Lord Narrex-Quinn's voice came crackling over the damaged intercom, "Warriors of Terra, you have shown yourself worthy. Lay down your arms and take your rest, and I shall bring you into glorious service of Axzuur, sating his thirst for the blood of the unworthy."
Aboard the lifeboat, Ambassador Laurant watched the feed from Corporal Laurent's helmet cam. Tears streamed down her face as she heard her husband whisper, "Witness me," as he plunged his monomolecular blade into something vital-looking, and was then washed out by a bright light. Then, she cleared the display and looked at the main viewscreen. Ten seconds to jump. However, the frigate was starting to maneuver, underpowered as it was.
Aboard the Among the Star Tides We Sing Captain Yeavdrill saw the frigate moving to target the lifeboats. Without a second thought, he ordered, "Make ramming speed for that hunk of junk! Overload the reactor!"
"Witnessed," crackled over the coms as the prow of the Among the Star Tides We Sing crashed into the enemy frigate amidships. She erupted in a sphere of atomic hellfire that battered all three assailing ships, and in the two minutes it took for the escort cruisers' systems to recover, the lifeboats slipped into hyperspace and beyond their reach. Though to be fair, the frigate was missing a significant chunk and was unlikely to recover at all.
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2023.05.30 08:10 Ok_Measurement6329 Marti - The Son of El Cid (English)

Except from the newly translated Marti comics in Freak Buck vol. 1 (Pig Roast Publishing). Marti is one of the most underrated "RAW" cartoonists, with little of his work making it to english. It seems his work was majorly influential on Charles Burns.
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2023.05.30 03:57 stonergirl808 seeking solo trip advice: Myrtle Beach SC to Corpus Christi TX

I (24, F) am planning on driving my 4 year old Honda Fit from Myrtle Beach SC to Corpus Christi TX in mid July this summer. I am wondering if anyone has done a similar trip or driven through some of these areas with any advice to offer. I am hoping to drive through New Orleans for one of my nights to get a tattoo (lol) but am not sure how long this trip will realistically take, what to look out for w road conditions, cell service, weather, etc. not sure if I should drive in the evenings rather than day? or get early starts (like 4 am?) any thoughts appreciated.
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2023.05.30 01:36 jaggedjinx Southern coastal Texas, greater Corpus Christi area. Hanging out on the ceiling of our camper's shower.

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2023.05.29 22:51 jaggedjinx Southern coastal Texas, greater Corpus Christi area. Hanging out on the ceiling of our camper's shower.

Southern coastal Texas, greater Corpus Christi area. Hanging out on the ceiling of our camper's shower.
My husband thought it was a Brown or Texas Recluse, but he thinks every brown spider in Texas is a recluse. I'm not convinced. Google Lens leads me to believe it's a species of ghost spider, but I would like to know more definitively before we decide to start charging rent or give it the boot (the bottom of one, most likely). Thanks in advance!
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