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2011.11.06 20:57 RaymondAblack Coffee With Jesus - Spend time with the coolest magician in history!

Jesus always knows the right things to say. I ask Him questions, He answers, and I make a comic telling you what He told me. Come join me, my friends, and our lovable Savior as he answers life's questions and gives everyone who pisses him off AIDS.

2010.08.15 00:30 JM News, Discussion, and Music

A space where John Mayer fans can come together.

2015.01.18 00:53 MILK_DUD_NIPPLES Days n' Daze: My breakfast is straight out the medicine cabinet

Videos of Days n' Daze and shit related to Days n' Daze

2023.06.10 10:44 Celestialsmoothie28 [Lyrics] Got Nothing Left

Lost all motivation
Hope went in remission
Complacency is the new affliction
Death I'm now thinking
But passive just talking
Existing not living
Talking to myself daily
I know it's not healthy
Ultrasound next week
Surgery looking bleak
Got 10 thousand in my savings
Still empty
No evidence of true success
Everyday just depressed
Working but I rather quit
Living I'm tired of it
If others committed suicide then why can't I?
Why is it so hard to die?
Im already tired
Still I'm alive
So afraid to try for the sixth time
Defeatism clogging my mind
God got the plunger
This shit I don't want it longer
Jesus I know can flush
But I had enough
My second attempt should've killed me
I swallowed those pills selfishly
Woke up 15 hours later
Six years later
No way to buy nembutal
If I could Id be done with it all
Ingesting that would take me out
Then this earth I'll finally be out
Kissing death's lips would be the best thing to ever happen
Even though after this earth it's just oblivion
I'm sure eternity would guide me
Finally being free
Infinity then will make love to me
The grave the true home for me
Being with the rest of the dead
To me my soul will finally be at rest
My epitaph I'm not sure what it will read
More concerned with eternal sleep
Underneath the dirt
No more hurt
Humans suffering will forever cease
May I rest in peace
My soul place it next to Tara Condel's please!
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2023.06.10 10:29 Maleficent_Hippo1424 Sona is Overpowered

The main currency and dopamine inducing part of the game is how much damage you deal to the enemy. Sona effectively reduce the damage by Green Chord and this is the part of Sona that scale, not her heal or shield. The champion design itself is flawed that allowed her to effectively curb poking with her shield in a big area and it is impossible to balance this. I was once Dota player and when I started playing Lol Sona caught my attention. Champion like Sona in Dota will be called busted or Overpowered. I wonder why people are not appreciating her more. Despite being squishy she can counter gank assassin easily with damage reduction and her heal and shield itself it takes a lot more effort to kill Sona than you think.
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2023.06.10 10:14 stinkyshin2 I'm ultimately the problem, but God the heat I get from talking to him, just creates a lot of pressure.

Today we were talking about housing for campus.
"Go click this"
"Look here. Why you not looking"
"Pay attention why you don't pay attention"
"You're doing nothing why arent you helping me look for your apartment"
God I fucking hate my AD. Yes I should be looking at this myself but Jesus the pressure from him. And the fact that j should be doing it or I'm a lazy asshole to redditors let alone my AD.
Literally he and my sister judge every single move I take at this point.
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2023.06.10 10:13 stel1234 [Meta] The /r/mashups community has spoken. Starting June 12, this subreddit will go dark indefinitely due to API policies that effectively kill third-party apps.

TL;DR /mashups will go dark indefinitely, starting June 12. Only first place will be announced from the current bi-weekly contest.


On May 31, 2023, Reddit announced new pricing for API usage in third-party apps.
Starting July 1, third-party app developers will have to pay an exorbitant amount of money once they exceed the usage limits of the free tier. One figure cited was $12,000 per 50 million API requests, which is significantly higher than the $166 per 50 million API calls Imgur is charging (Christian Selig, lead developer of Apollo). This is a quick turnaround that caught developers off-guard.
Adding insult to injury, Reddit leadership has responded in a way that is tone deaf and dishonest at best, and slanderous at worst, to fellow app developers (see "Bizarre allegations"). This includes the recent AMA that took place.
As a result, popular third-party apps, such as Reddit Is Fun and Apollo, are planning to shut down on June 30.
Multiple contest mode polls on /mashups have shown that a sizable number of users are on mobile, with Reddit Is Fun and Apollo being the most popular third-party apps. Both are targeted by the policy.
Based on /SaveThirdPartyApps's pinned post, killing third-party apps will have several negative consequences:
/Modcoord also listed the three areas that need to be addressed for the blackouts to conclude: API technical issues, accessibility for blind people, and parity in access to NSFW content.
With all this in mind, several subreddits will be going dark on June 12 to protest the API policy.

/mashups community decision

The /mashups community ran a contest mode vote over a 48 hour period from June 6-8 to determine how we will respond on June 12. The results* were:
Based on the results, the /mashups community overwhelmingly chose to go dark indefinitely starting on June 12. In the event an admin or mod wants to cast doubt, we have receipts.
If you've read other subreddits shamelessly copying the /SaveThirdPartyApps post verbatim in their statement to go dark, you would have already known most of this.
I write separately to discuss the cultural impact of mashups and how this protest is woven into that fabric.
* You may see these number show up slightly differently due to vote fuzzing, but are close within +/- 5 upvotes on page reload.

Cultural impact in the past

I think a discussion of cultural impact starts with a simple question: When you think of mashups, what crosses your mind?
One might see it at a basic level as simply a vocal over a different instrumental. Another might see it as two well-known songs mixed together. Many of our users might think of it as a fusion of several different sources together with transitions in between (Girl Talk). Others might have experienced it during the early 2000s in the form of bastard pop. There are also others who may have heard complex sampling that's so well-made that they don't know they're hearing mashups (Pretty Lights, Fatboy Slim, Coldcut, The Avalanches, etc.). Some even look at it as a commentary on culture (Negativland, Evolution Control Committee). Regardless of how you first experienced it, mashups evoke a certain excitement when sources you know fit like a glove to the point that it sounds like quality art.
In the early 2000s, there was no YouTube and no social media the same way there is today. There were peer to peer file sharing services (Morpheus, Kazaa, LimeWire, etc.) and forums (Gybo). Computers were getting to the point where they were powerful enough for remixing to be affordable to the average consumer.
This meant that mashups were more underground, and gradually came to the surface through word-of-mouth circulation and bootleg releases. Some were mainstream, to include Can't Get Blue Monday Outta My Head (Kurtis Rush).
Back in August 2002, published an article that termed this phenomenon as "bootleg culture". This article can also be accessed as of this writing. At that time, 2ManyDJs tried to get their work cleared by labels and failed. Eventually, their work circulated over the Internet and became mashup classics. The article points out Smells Like Booty by 2ManyDJs, Stroke Of Genie-us by Freelance Hellraiser, and George Gets His Freak On by Kurtis Rush, which are all all-timers. This playlist on RateYourMusic lists more mashups from that time and earlier.
Later in the article, Salon calls out mashups as a form of cultural commentary back in the late 80s/early 90s:
Mash-ups were typically created as statements about pop culture and the media juggernaut that surrounds us, not as fodder for the dance floor.
It also calls out mashups in the early 2000s as a "subcultural movement that has threatened the status quo". To put it another way, bootlegs and mashups took on a form of cultural resistance in getting to a point where more and more producers could make mixes that could circulate like popular art outside the labels.
Bootie Mashup was founded in San Francisco in 2003 to become the first and biggest mashup party worldwide. It's about to turn 20 years old. I don't remember if "we ruin your favorite song" was a slogan directly tied to Bootie, but I know it was worn as a badge of honor.
The Grey Album would soon follow in continuing this cultural movement in 2004, and then Girl Talk in 2006. At the same time, the popularity of mashups led to a mainstream mashup album in 2004 in the form of Collision Course.

Cultural impact today

At this point, you're probably asking why I mention all of this.
Today's mashups are more mainstream with social media, as well as both audio and video sharing services. There is an expectation of high quality with recognizable sources.
However, there is still a subtle element of cultural resistance in poking fun of pop music and how much the music industry (and others) lean on nostalgia to create hits. Flowers is a modern clone of I Will Survive. Blinding Lights leans on 80s production and rhythms (some comparing it to Take On Me). Good 4 U is similar to Misery Business. Sweetest Pie lifts the progression from Between The Sheets. Break My Soul is inspired by 90s dance. And so on.
As for mashups, the Four Chord Song and Pachelbel Rant both immediately come to mind as classics in poking fun of similar chord progressions in pop.
Influences are everywhere, and Reddit too, in their song and dance, seems to be channeling Twitter's progression with their latest move to charge an exorbitant amount for their API. Even the AMA responses have a similar tone. Capitalist tendencies won't die as long as there are investors to feed them. And when one company makes a move to see how much they can get away with, others emulate. Just look at when the headphone jack was removed from smartphones, starting with Apple. For these companies, YOLO would not stand for You Only Live Once, but You Obviously Lack Originality.
This protest of Reddit channels the same kind of energy that mashup creators had in poking fun of pop culture and threatening the status quo by creating something different than what the music industry was creating. The genre clashes we create are a part of this movement. Mashups are a part of cultural resistance. And we, as a community, are ready to take this on.
So go ahead, sing the lyrics of your favorite mashups from the rooftops. Let's sign the Four Chord Song. Pachebel's Rant. Boulevard of Broken Songs. Even the chorus lyrics from Call Me A Hole would work nicely as a message towards Reddit leadership. The control they want to impose is too much.
And once we're done partying, and June 12 approaches, the lights fade to black and we continue to sing as we walk out. /mashups will go dark. Reddit had their chance to keep many of us as users, and now they failed us.
All that said, make sure you follow the plan /Save3rdPartyApps set out: Complain, Spread the word, Boycott, and Don't Be A Jerk.
Thank you all for taking part in an incredible journey.
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2023.06.10 10:11 Hugemikublaster [TOMT][SONG][80s-90s] I have a recording of the melody, here
OK this is a very very very rough approximation I made of what I heard. You can hear the song if you click the play button in the bottom left. I heard this song a couple of weeks ago, and it's been plaguing me. My first post got taken down so I'm going to be very solemn and rule-abiding about this one:
It was giving me late 80s early 90s, kinda Cyndi Lauper esque-ness. The singer was female and she was the only singer on it I'm pretty sure
English song, I'm guessing American
I didn't catch any lyrics. I think I heard "better without me" on the first chord progression, but I'm super unsure
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2023.06.10 10:05 VerseKong How can Jesus possibly be human and GOD.

In a lot of my earlier debates with Trinitarians I used to argue how could Jesus possibly be human and God. By that, I mean how could he possibly have a dual nature, I would usually point to stuff such as him being dependent on his mother, him eating and drinking, him being powerless as us, being beaten and enduring pain ect.
Trinitarians respond with their usual stuff that he wasn’t dependent on theses things, only that he decided to be dependent on theses things, out of his own will. (He had no will.) Supposedly he chose all of this, to have the full experience of being human, even though he wasn’t sinful like us.
Who’s right? Me or the Trinitarian.
By the way I don’t argue like this anymore because it’s pointless and there’s better topics to discuss about.
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2023.06.10 09:47 rateacct123 Use of Jesus on a cross in a logo

Throw away account
Though I maybe not personally agree with religion I do try to be respectful of others decisions whenever possible. Thus my post.
I have recently started creating webpages for businesses and recently I came across a nonprofit that would be needing some help with the technological side of things. They are from Latin America and wanted me to create a logo for them as well.
The language is Spanish with their name having a single “Y” in the middle.
Would it be inappropriate for me incorporate the image of Jesus on a cross to accomplish both the task of adding a religious aspect to it while also substituting as a letter.
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2023.06.10 09:42 SpellingIsAhful [Question] Just getting back into guitar and maybe went a little too long yesterday... Any thoughts on how long it takes to heal some blisters and sensitivity?

I played a bit when i was younger but haven't touched a guitar in years. My partner bought me one not too long ago, and I've been having a great time relearning fingerings, chords, and all.
Made a mistake and played for like 2 hours yesterday (played badly, btw, mostly just strumming and freestyling comedy lyrics).
My left hand fingertips are thrashed... Not painful, just sensitive at the moment and seeing a few blisters crop up. Any idea how long this type of damage takes to heal so I can embarrass myself again?
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2023.06.10 09:40 jtuttle923 when is enough enough

When is enough going to be enough, from the route 91 shooting to parkland florida and so many others. People just need to lean on God and Jesus and Remember the virtues they taught us, like treat othe like you would like to be treated and love thy neighbor and thou shall not murder. I am thankful that God has blessed my family and kept each and everyone of them safe. Thank you o lord . May other learn to live in peace as many of us have learned, for an example my juggalo family love each other and respect one another and we help each other even if we anit blood were still family, whoop whoop. May God bless everyone who reads this and help them to live in harmony with one another. When will enough be enough. When will we get mental health background checks before people can buy guns and why do we need anything bigger than a shot gun to protect ourselves, like Robin Williams said what is their some big deer in the forest with abullet proof vest on going hay let's party this is for my brother who's hanging in a bar in Kentucky. Rest in peace. I pray that everyone learns that others are not to blame for your problems, nor is their religion or skin color or their attitude that is responsible for your problems, you are the only one who has control over your situation and you are the only one who can do anything about your situation. Grow up and be a real human being not a whiney little complainer who blames everyone else for their problems. In the emortal words of Rodney king " can't we all just get along ". I would like to thank all of the the brave frist responders who have saved countless lives during all of the tragic mass shootings in the country. Thank you all for your bravery. I hope that one day congress learns that we need laws that work not laws that work for the gun lobby or manufacturers or big corporations but for all of us. God I pray that you put some sense into our politicians to make better decisions about the world. I pray these things in Jesus name Amen.🙏 ✌️@❤️.
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2023.06.10 09:12 Alarmed-Film871 Experiencing the Profound Love of God: Unveiling the Divine Verses

Experiencing the Profound Love of God: Unveiling the Divine Verses

verses about love of god
Introduction: Love is a universal concept that transcends time, culture, and religion. When it comes to the love of God, it reaches depths beyond our human comprehension. In this blog post, we will explore some of the most profound verses about the love of God from various religious texts. These verses remind us of the boundless and unconditional love that the Divine showers upon us, offering solace, guidance, and eternal hope.
This verse from the Christian Bible beautifully encapsulates the essence of God's love. It emphasizes God's sacrificial act of sending His Son to bring salvation to humanity, offering eternal life to those who believe in Him.
Quran (Islam): "And He is with you wherever you are. And Allah, with what you do, is Seeing." (Quran 57:4) In this verse, the Quran emphasizes that Allah is always present, no matter where we are. It highlights the encompassing nature of God's love and His constant awareness of our actions. It assures us that we are never alone, and Allah's love and guidance are with us at all times.
In this verse, Lord Krishna conveys that through the power of knowledge and self-realization, one can overcome their past mistakes and be freed from the cycle of suffering. It exemplifies the compassionate love of God, offering hope and redemption to all, regardless of their past actions.
Guru Grant Sahib (Sikhism): "O my mind, worship and adore the Lord, who permeates and pervades the water, the land, and the sky; the Lord Himself is pervading everywhere." (Guru Grant Sahib, Ang 737) This verse emphasizes the omnipresence of the divine within all creation. It reminds us that God's love is not confined to any specific place or time but pervades every aspect of existence. Through worship and devotion, one can experience the profound love of the Lord.
Conclusion: These verses from different religious texts provide glimpses into the immeasurable love of God. They remind us that irrespective of our backgrounds or beliefs, we can all connect with the divine love that transcends human understanding. By embracing this love, we can find solace, guidance, and eternal hope in our lives. May we all be inspired to seek and experience the profound love of God in our spiritual journey.
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2023.06.10 09:01 Evening-Reach3345 Ps5 disc version for sale!

Ps5 disc version for sale!
Selling my PS5 for $350. • no box • comes with 2 controllers • charging chord • power chord • no games
Graduating and no longer see myself playing games!
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2023.06.10 09:00 PaperCannon Seeking a Like-minded Friend!

Hey Christian Gamers!
I’m starting my search here in this subreddit because I’ve got this burning desire in my heart to reach out to gamers, geeks, otakus, weebs, nerds, and everyone in between with the incredible love of Jesus. You know, diving deep into those communities, connecting with like-minded individuals, and sharing my thoughts and experiences through a personal blog.
But, let's be real, the internet can be a tricky place, especially for Christians trying to navigate with mindfulness, humility, and without isolating ourselves from everything. It's a nuanced tension and balancing act, avoiding controversy while still being able to make an impact.
So here's the deal: I've come across a few websites, but they just don't have that lively, relatable vibe that I believe would truly resonate with our target audience. I want to make a difference, but I don't want to do it alone. That's where you come in!
I'm on the lookout for a Christian friend who shares this passion and can help me stay accountable in this exciting endeavor. As Jesus sent out His disciples two by two, I believe in the power of companionship and the value of having someone who understands the unique dynamics of these communities, providing valuable insights and feedback.
Disclaimer: Before we jump in, let's set some expectations, my friend. Just so you know, I'm not making any money from this blog, and I haven't published anything there yet. It's a work in progress, a labor of love and a passion project.
So, no, I won't be able to pay you for your awesomeness. But trust me, the rewards in heaven will far surpass any earthly compensation!
Here's what we can do together:
If you're as passionate as I am about reaching out to gamers, geeks, and nerds with the hope and love of Jesus, let's join forces! If you have a knack for writing, that's even better! Extra points if you want to do the Frodo - Samwise thing and carry each other forward.
Shoot me a message or drop a comment below, and let's embark on this epic journey of friendship, accountability, and transformative outreach together.
Can't wait to connect with you!
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2023.06.10 08:51 lynn_5926 Join the ✝†ꃳ꒐ꃳ꒒ꏂ ꇙ꓄꒤꒯ꌦ†✝ Discord Server!

Hello! My name is Lynn and I am a teenage, female Christian who is setting up a Christian Discord Community for people to come together, Bible study, grow our relationships with God, and much, much more! The server consists of Bible note taking channels, voice channels where you can Bible study with others, jam to some music using LunaBot, or just lounge with members of the community, et cetera. With a potentially large community in me and my moderator's hands, there must be some rules for our members to follow to keep us all safe. You can view these rules that I set up in the server. My (so far!) small community warmly invites people of all religions to learn about the Word as long as they respect our religion as we will respect theirs. Like how this sounds? Come join us in this small Christian Discord community today! I will have the link to the server posted down below + embedded in the post. God loves you all! Have a blessed day/night.
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2023.06.10 08:23 New-Animal-700 roller coasters

Im going to florida universal this month and im particularly afraid of getting s on a ride that has these inversions ( velocicoaster) and jesus im good with fast rides but i hate anything that goes upside down or loops or anything i remember it makes me dizzy but i dont remember much because it was years since ive been on anything that loops, anyways is there anything i can do to prevent any motion s or just overall lessens my chance so i can have a good experience id hate to chicken out it looks so fun!
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2023.06.10 08:23 ArtFraga My Favourite Telecaster Friday Fretworks Chords - Guitar Tabs - Chris Buck

undefined guitar tabs download as Guitar Pro and PDF on:
Click here for a free preview of the score (first page)
Credit: this score was transcribed/uploaded by @David_May
If you cannot find the score, it might be because of a copyright issue. Click on "Request" button at to request and get the score.
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2023.06.10 08:14 tinkerbell3111 Utterly lonely

First, I want to praise God for bringing me back to Him after a traumatic event that tore my world apart. I followed Him blindly after praying and followed his guidance. I left my cozy life behind and took a leap of faith in trusting His path for me. It’s been a year and a half now as a single mom, finding my footing, going through hellish litigation to keep my kids safe, and going back to school.
I have an incredibly dysfunctional family, and had to distance myself. So after my divorce and now being a single mom, I’m feeling extremely lonely. I found a church about 8 months ago and got involved in service work. I’ve been doing almost daily Bible reading. I pray and talk to God. I have a couple close friends. Im back in college. But I feel lost. I’ve fallen back into 2 sins out of nowhere and I’m struggling hard. I cry out to God and truly want to change. I can’t get it together and it’s frustrating because I was living righteously. Now I can’t stop these sins even though I love Jesus and have dived into my faith.
I miss connection. Deep conversations. Im also dealing with trauma that feels unbearable at times. I’ve had a very tough journey and my heart is hurting.
Im not sure of the purpose of this message. My heart hurts and I don’t know how to get back to tapping into His strength. I haven’t stopped praying despite my sin, and I keep hearing how much he loves me. But I’m scared. I don’t want to lose Him because of my sin.
Thank you for listening if you’ve made it this far. I wish I had someone to give me a big hug. Tell me it will be ok and I’ll make it through this. I’ve screwed up most of my life but the last 10 years I’ve been on a good path. Not anymore.
Any words of encouragement, love or wisdom I’ll take. Thank you.
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2023.06.10 08:12 blanewbla69420 I need help

Hi guys, I need help in getting my sister to come back to Jesus. I don't know how.
Ever since she had her birthday last week, she became more sad looking, as if she'd been depressed her whole life. She doesn't even talk to anyone. She even said that she doesn't deserve love. She also said that she doesn't care if she ends up in hell, nor does she care about Jesus. I am afraid that I won't get to see her in heaven. Which scares me the most. I don't wanna imagine her being in the fiery furnace for eternity. Please help
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2023.06.10 08:10 SparxIzLyfe I met my family, and it's the worst

I know my parents, but I didn't really know my parents' siblings growing up. I got to know my dad's a bit, but my mom stayed away from her family, and now I understand why.
One of my mom's brothers came to visit. He was one of the few that we did sorta know, but hadn't seen in many years. Life just kept going in separate directions for us. He visited, and with time he wanted to go back to his home state. Turns out that he knew he was dying when he came to visit, and he wanted to go back to his home state to die around as many of his siblings and their families as possible. He kept telling us that we should know our family members, and that they would love us, and we would love them, and it would be this grand, loving reunion.
If it had been this big ball of familial love that it was supposed to be, I obviously wouldn't be here complaining, but here I am. My mom was one of 15 kids, and not all of them live in this state, but a nice little collection of some of them do, and their adult kids, and some adult grandkids. Little by little, we met and hung out with family members, and we were emotional and grateful for this opportunity to know our own kin. Growing up without the extended family connection was difficult for myself and my adult son, and we thought we had a balm for the soul in connecting with these people.
Soon after meeting everyone, we started to notice the lies, the theft, the inappropriate comments and suggestions. They turned out to be thieves, liars, schemers, perverts, abusers, and cultists. We didn't find out all at once. We would find out about one or two members at a time, thinking they were outliers, and the others can't be that bad, right? Wrong. So wrong.
Now I understand why my mom didn't have much to do with her sibs for years and years. She thought they had changed, too. I'm not a Christian, but my mom is, and she genuinely believed that some of these people had found Jesus and changed their lives around. They had only changed their superficial appearances. Underneath, gods, just so much ugly underneath.
Now, we've been through 3 years of abuse by these people. We have had to cut off this one or that one, and we were down to the last couple of cousins we thought were decent. No. Lol. Just no. Not decent at all, just better at hiding their skeletons. We've been stolen from, lied about, stolen from again, and again, and again. We've been extorted, exposed to the craziness of two different cults, discovered secret drug addictions and secret alcoholism, and had our labor exploited.
I'm so tired of this. I wish we had never come here. Just know, if you have met your family and it has nearly destroyed you or your nuclear family to do so, you're not alone, and I'm so sorry it happened to you, too. We could have been an amazing family. Instead, I literally sometimes wish I could just make up my own family name and use that, because even though I don't have my mom's family's name on my documents, I would love to erase all connection to them. I already knew that my dad's family was toxic, so I wasn't crazy about the name I do have. Now, I don't want to be connected to the vast majority of anyone I'm related to outside of my mother and son.
Unfortunately, we're still living with the consequences of moving here and trusting these people. It has upended our stability and ability to survive. We had some issues before we moved out here, but nothing like this. We had a house that needed some work done that we just couldn't find the expertise and the money to pay for, but other than that it was pretty stable, and it didn't involve other people in a way that made us vulnerable. Now we can't completely get away and cut off the last pair of cousins, yet. Really hoping we find a way to, so I can put the memory of these people as far behind me as possible and move on with my life.
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2023.06.10 07:57 rmaliksi1997 How to Confess and Revert back to Catholicism?

I'm a born Roman Catholic but as I aged I began to question my faith and never really did do extra research of my own religion and began exploring as I explored I began to question the existence of God and so I became an Atheist at my teen years, some time in my university years I began to believe in Him again (God) but I began to become more of like a Agnostic. After 2 years or so I discovered Islam and the fact that I don't understand and reject trinity before, they have attracted me to join and convert to Islam. I've been a Muslim for almost 3 years after that I began to question it again so I began to explore more. Fast forward to present I've been to all different kinds of religion (Hinduism, Buddhism, Islam,etc.) And all of them have "Jesus" and respect Jesus as like a very good example of being. So I began to ponder all of them use Jesus to promote their teachings while Jesus being sabotage by all different religions hold firm and he is the only one who said he is God and got resurrected and all these miracles. After a researching more about my birth religion I realize that all the answers are there, I just chose to close my heart and mind in believing and doubting him.
I want to repent and confess all my sins, Is it possible to confess all the since I've done in the past 6 years? How can I come back home to Jesus? What's the best thing to do so I can hold steadfast in my faith. I want to be firm and strong. I want to be a good Catholic for God, for me, and my future children.
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2023.06.10 07:40 emehaushs And I’m back again, having yet another religious existential crisis.

I don’t know what it is anymore. There’s so many rhetorics, so many beliefs and every other day I see someone getting “saved” or “healed” by Jesus Christ and I get envious. How can I be envious of something I’m capable of receiving anytime I want? It makes no sense.
My faith is just so unsure and I feel like every time I consider being religious again, it’s just because I see someone else doing it and it I feel “inspired” or because I feel like I’m behind because everyone has faith in God but then I’m just a religious nomad. Like I know God and Jesus are real, but ever since 2020 I just can’t particularly FEEL it all the time. I had this short phase of where I wanted to be Muslim (did Ramadan, used Islamic terms and all that) because I felt a “connection” with Allah but like, I just don’t know what I am or what I plan on being anymore. Maybe I’m waiting on a miracle/ divine intervention to happen, or for Jesus Christ to come to me in a dream and tell me to follow him. I’ve tried and experimented with everything. Witchcraft, spirituality, crystals, agnostic/ atheism, Islam, Hinduism, Buddhism, JUST EVERYTHING. And nothing has managed to fill the void, other than when I get random bursts of faith and passion for Christianity. I feel like I have religious psychosis and trauma sometimes. Thinking they’re talking to me in my head when it’s just my thoughts and stuff, it’s so weird.
I just wish I didn’t go down the spiritual/witchy rabbit hole everyone else went down in 2020, cause I’d prob just be a normal Christian now. Then I was “gay” and hated church and my parents influenced Christianity in my face any chance they got and got violent sometimes so that just psychologically influenced some disdain for Christianity. Idk what to do, I know I’m [f14] probably just going through a phase right now but I’m tired of feeling like a numb religious nomad who doesn’t know where to go.
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2023.06.10 07:39 XlDeFuSioNlX Finally got the magnus pro set up but i have a couple questions.

1) Is there a way to get my monitors to better align together with the Magnus monitor mounts? I tried my best to get them together but it seems with how limited the arms are its kinda difficult to get them to sit properly together without spaces (the monitors).
2) The MAGRGB strip power chord seems a bit loose and never fully connects and will disconnect on the slightest movement. Is that standard of am I just not fully connecting the strip to the power?
Pics for set up btw
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2023.06.10 07:37 ShodaryGoji1998 Yesterday, i did this sketch of Jesus in the style of Prince of Egypt with my own twist as he looks down at Earth

Yesterday, i did this sketch of Jesus in the style of Prince of Egypt with my own twist as he looks down at Earth submitted by ShodaryGoji1998 to sketches [link] [comments]