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It's like /Socialism but better because we don't have any real socialists.

2023.05.31 06:30 Sea-Phase-7999 Insurance Plan In India - Tulsi Wealth

What is insurance
Insurance is a way to manage your risk. It is like indemnity contract. insurance is kind of your protection against your unexpected financial losses. And also, if something bad happen to you in future The insurance company pays you or someone you choose. if by any chance an accident happens, that if you do not gave have kind of insurance so this case, you may be responsible for all related costs for that. For a person Having the right insurance for the risks it will be a big impact in your life. People also get insurance not only to help with risks from unexpected events but also to help pay for routine things, like annual medical checkups and dental visits etc. basically, all the insurance companies negotiate with health care providers, so their customers can pay those discounted rates. An insurance policy is kind of a written agreement between insurer (the insurance company) and policyholder (the person or company that gets the policy. And also, a company and an individual as well, may get an insurance policy that protects another person or entity. For example, when a company buys any kind of life insurance for their employees, then employee will be the insured, and the company will be the policyholder as well.
How does insurance reduce your financial risk?
Imagine you’re driving your car and you hit a deer, which damages your car. If you have the right kind of auto insurance policy, the insurance company will pay the costs of the car repairs (minus the deductible — the portion you have to pay). Now, imagine a water pipe bursts in your bathroom, ruining everything in that room and in the bedroom next to it. Typically, if you have homeowner’s or renter’s insurance, the insurance company will pay to replace some or all of the damaged property, once
you pay your deductible. Insurance policies will only pay for things that are described in the policy. So, it’s important to read a policy carefully before you buy it so you’ll know exactly what’s covered.
How does an insurance policy work?
Insurance policies are often in place for a specific period of time. This can be referred to as the policy term. At the end of that term, you need to renew the policy or buy a new one. With some types of insurance, you choose a beneficiary, the person you want to receive the policy’s benefits or payments. When you buy an insurance policy, part of your responsibility includes paying a fee called a premium. Some premiums are paid monthly, like health insurance. Others may be paid once or twice a year, like auto or homeowner’s insurance. The cost of your premium generally depends on how much of a risk you are to the insurance company. In addition to the premiums, most insurance policies include a deductible. That’s the amount you have to pay first, before the insurance company pays their share. For example, if you have a $500 deductible on your homeowner’s policy and a storm causes $3,000 in damage, you will pay $500 and your insurance company will pay $2,500. With some policies, you can choose your deductible. Usually, a higher deductible means a lower insurance premium.
Life insurance
Life insurance is basically a plan that is ‘insured our life”. It is a kind human basic need so that they are able secure their life’s. and life insurance also offers many benefits to their customers. It will give you a
chance to build wealth and provides your loved ones with financial security in your absence and it allow you and your loved ones to live life fearlessly as well. And also, it protects our family’s financial wellbeing from all kind of consequences of living without an income
  1. T ERM LIFE IN SU RANCE: Term Life Insurance plans are designed for specified periods of years, say 10,15 or 20 years etc. These are the cheapest plans compared to other plans. The policy holder gets the claim amount only when death is happens.
  2. U NIT LINKED IN SU RANCE PLAN (U LI P S): Unit Linked Insurance plans (ULIPs) offers policyholder ‘life security plus investment opportunity’. Premium paid into this policy is bifurcated into two parts, ‘one for the purpose of Life insurance and another for the purpose of investment’. And also policies are ‘linked’ to market products like mutual funds, bonds, stocks, etc.
  3. ENDOWMENT PLAN: Endowment plan is kind of a ‘life security plus survival benefits’. Basically, main motive of Endowment plan is
‘policy holder gets assured & lumpsum amount at maturity’ are the main thing in this plan.
  1. WHOLE LIF E POLICY: Whole life policy offers protection for the
‘entire lifetime’ of an individual person. In this plan insures can have an upper age limit for maturity of policy as well as Death benefits is provided to the nominee on demise of the policyholder. If there is a maturity benefit associated with the plan, a maturity amount will be paid when the policyholder attains the upper age limit associated with the scheme.
  1. A NNU IT Y / PENSION POLICY : Annuity/pension plans can be used by individuals looking to “financially secure their retired life”. The amount collected in the form of premium and distributed.
  2. MONEY BACK PO LICY : In the money back policy, Insurer pay some amount or percentage of sum insured amount to the policy holder at regular intervals. For example, let’s say 20 years policy, the insurer pays 20% of sum assured amount after every 5 years and remaining 40% at maturity period.
  3. CHILD INSU RANCE P OLICY : In child insurance policy is type of combination of saving and investment plan to fulfill their future financial goals. And this policy allows their policyholder to invest since childhood age to adult age. Some policies allow you to withdraw your savings at certain intervals.
In this period of time health is a first priority to human being. To human without health there is no actual life, its only kind of only a suffering as well as languor. In nowadays healthcare cost is increasing day by day and for common people it’s difficult pay such a big amount for their treatments. But if people have their health insurance so it will be able afford treatments for their health regarding problems. And also, health insurance plan work is kind of a financial protection assets against medical expenses. It provides reimbursement or direct payment for expenses associated with illness, hospitalization and injuries etc. in this policy cost and range of protection given by health insurance policy is totally depends on the policy or insurance purchase by people. Some policies also cover pre post hospitalization expenses as well.
FAMILY FLOUTER HEALTH INSURANCE: Family Floater Health Insurance provides health cover for entire family members, under a single insurance policyowner need not take separate policies for individually. This provides the facilities as like individual insurance policy i.e., in-patient care, pre- and post-hospitalization etc.
SENIOR CITIZEN HEALTH INSURANCE: the era of today’s mode of living in this time it is a kind of blessing to have elders to have in our home. Period of pandemic, senior citizens became more vulnerable to the infection due to their reduced immunity and strength. So, we have to secure their lives. And in this case, we have ‘senior citizen health insurance’ policy to secure their life’s. this plan is specifically made for a person over age of 60 years. And also in this period of time health as well as medical expenses are increased. So, it will
good to take health insurance plan to bear those medical expense.
CRITICAL ILLNESS HEALTH INSURANCE: in today’s lives there is one more important thang that we need focus on it. And that important thing is critical illness that’s includes, diseases like cancer, organ failure, kidney diseases, coma, major organ transplant and heart diseases etc. if in case any person have any one of this diseases then they have to pay big amount for the treatment for this. And in today’s society all people are not able to afford such as big amount but if they have ‘critical illness health insurance’ then they will able
to receives a lumpsum payout for that.
PERSONAL ACCIDENTAL INSURANCE: if we see nowadays in our
lives and society accidents are put so much effect on our health and
mode of living as well, because if accident happens it will live major effect of our physical as per as mental health as well. And this major accident could result temporary disability, permanent disability and death etc. so that why we have secured our live through personal accidental insurance.
Kindly Go Through This Website To Get More Information About Stock Market And Investment Plan :
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2023.05.31 06:29 leoliak123 Verify your payment method

Basically trying to cash out, and need to add my bank info. It says I need to make an Interac e-transfer into my coinbase account to add my bank account. I deposited $1 using my bank info, and although the dollar left my bank account, the extra $1 doesn't show on "my asset" and I don't see my bank account registered on my profile. Is it supposed to take some time or did I get scammed by coinbase
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2023.05.31 06:29 placebomaster GNOME was kinda cool, actually

I typically use Fedora KDE spin as my main distro, but I've been exploring distrohopping a little. Most recently I discovered the archinstall script and how easy it was to use and have been doing installs with different DEs, just for the fun and learning experience. Along the way I discovered 2 things: 1. GNOME, while not exactly ideal for me or something I'd call home, was far more usable for gaming purposes than I had anticipated and 2. I love Wayland. Just tried it for the first time with GNOME Wayland and Arch and holy fuck, it's amazing.
For this distrohopping journey my primary "target" for each new install was to have everything configured and running, Steam installed, a couple Proton versions/games ready to go, and a couple native ones. Just to get the experience across different games. One big thing I was expecting was for games to be absolutely unplayable given MutteGNOME/Wayland significantly increasing input lag for games (or so I've heard). In my experience, I could only perceive the difference when it came to super 1:1-response-time-required online shooter games like Quake or Counter Strike. Not all shooter games, just those ones with a competitive edge. But the more casual ones, such as Battlefield or Warframe or others I didn't even notice at all and probably would have never noticed if I hadn't heard about the infamous input latency online. It was only a thing I could say would be considerable if you have a CSGO k/d you're trying to maintain.

GNOME review I guess:

GNOME Shell is definitely a head scratcher out the box, it's a complete nightmare for those with carpal tunnel syndrome and it impedes the workflow if you're not the type who can easily get into new things. Personally I opted to keep GNOME as it was, besides turning off that chalkboard-inducing section at the top left by turning of the Hot Corner via GNOME Tweaks, just used the super key from there. It got much more tolerable after that. I didn't use Dash to Dock or anything that changes the UI, I wanted to experience GNOME as GNOME. I'm not sure if I ever got used to it, but I can say that for what it is it works very well these days. I'd tried GNOME 40 once a while back when it was new and the animation of the Shell opening was sluggish even on good hardware. That is not the case anymore, in fact it's the opposite. And I attribute this to one thing...Wayland. Onto the good about GNOME. Everything simply looks fantastic, some things feel more tight and in-place than they do on my home at Fedora KDE. I love the title bars, fonts (once I turned them down, by default they're way too large on 1080p and look goofy) and I love the way the GNOME Shell is laid out with your apps displayed. Shell isn't a bad multitasking method once you get used to and try to see your desktop as an IRL canvas of your work. I enjoy trying to envision what a project is aiming to achieve and I can sense that GNOME has some solid ideas. The gnome-control-center settings menu, is simply phenomenal. While I require KDE for its features, my least favorite thing about Plasma is the labyrinth that is the settings menus. It simply webs way too much for a home operating system/desktop in my opinion. GNOME's is simple, but has the very basic hardware control and barebones user preferences the every day person would look for. Save a few at least...the app Tweaks I found gave me some essential ones that should probably be in there though such as disabling mouse acceleration, and enabling the maximize/minimze title bar buttons. (OK I lied, I did go directly against the philosophy and tweaked that one tiny thing about GNOME but shhhh don't tell them lol) Overall it was a pleasant experience after the 30 minutes or so it took to get used to it, and the best part was how smooth it all felt and looked. It feels like a solid product you can really throw onto any device and just start using, a rarity in the Linux long as you're willing to use it the way it's intended to be used, which I could see being too much to ask from some.
My journey back home to Fedora KDE was extra warm & exciting & fresh considering it'll be the first time I'm ever using KDE with Wayland, up until this point I had only used x11 because I assumed VRR only worked there but I was shocked to find it works on KDE Wayland now too. I get to experience that smoothness I was talking about with GNOME, but right here at home with KDE instead, how fun.
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2023.05.31 06:29 Small_Reference3687 Expanding Brain

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2023.05.31 06:29 Essie-S-Nix I Yell Back After Being Forced To Clean The Kitchen AITA?

I am a 21 F and life with an odd house arrange of my Mom (58) God Mom (59) let’s call her T for short and God Sister (F 22) let’s call her C, live in a four – bedroom two – level house and each have different jobs. This means our house can be a bit chaotic when we cross paths, as our schedules can be all over the place. About three months ago, I got a new full-time job as a caretaker. And while the job is different from anything I'm done before, the main difference is that as it being full time, my family can no longer complain that I know longer pull my wait around. It is okay if not a tiptoeing on a type rope balance of not trying to rock the boat with this new house arrangement. That is until a week ago, where out of the blue, T started to seem to be in a bad mood every day. T would come home and yell at the first person she would see, this would normally be C, her daughter. I would do my best to stay out of her way by going outside on walks, staying in my room or hiding in C’s to not get noticed. After a few days, I got sick of it and ended up staying down most of my night in my Mom’s room watching movies and eating small snacks to avoid and awkward dinner. Until mom wanted to go to bed. Not wanted to get any of T’s ire. Three days ago, my mom had an accident while walking a dog and tour her tendon which pulled a bone improper. Seeing my mom was in pain, I would try to go out of my way to make her feel better. This would include going on walks, giving her massages, and offering any stacks if she seemed hungry. This comes to about the question. We had been watching a TV show as a family when my mom had asked if I could help clean the food before I went to bed. Not seeming a problem with helping, I agreed, she went to bed and after an hour or so, I followed. Seeing that the kitchen was a mess, I put the hamburgers away and dumped the leftover food away and put the plates in the sink as the dishwasher had been running. I had left the corn out, assuming that C or T would do the last part, and was heading to my room when I got called again. C refused to help as she did dinner and T said that I didn’t finish cleaning the kitchen. This is where I may be the A hole. I pointed out I only offered to deal with the food and had no obligation to clean the whole kitchen. Pointing out, it wasn’t even that messy to start with. This is where T jumps on me for not finishing the kitchen. Saying that the dishes were dirty still. I pointed out I had yet to rinse them, as I had just thrown the food away. T then asked if the dishwasher was done, which had just finished at this point. I had responded that I would just leave the finishes and put the clean ones away in the morning. She got upset and said as a 21-year-old and I having a full-time job, Is hound be able to complete thing fully now. And while I pointed out that I did not agree to this, I was forced to clean the entire kitchen as well hear nasty comments about how I can’t do anything right. Being the black sheep and the family when it came to cleaning. I snap saying well I’m not OCD so I can’t help it. And , you never help anyway, which got her more upset, getting her to yell at me. I brought up how she’s been in a bad mood all week and that why I didn’t along with the rest of my family want to be around her. Before whiping down the last of the kitchen and storming off. AITA?
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2023.05.31 06:29 YourLocalTashMan Life has me stressed and it’s wearing me down

I miss being happy and being able to enjoy life without stress, not having to worry about anything, and being happy with friends.
Life hasn’t been the best to me over the past few years and I’m mentally exhausted and just hate it so much. I used to be a happy person who had a lot of friends both online and in person and I was able to just be me but I don’t have friends anymore. I stop being friends with my online friends when I realized they were racist and would just bash me because I didn’t agree with their politics or I didn’t agree with them on a topic. I lost all my in person friends when I dropped out of high school to get my GED because I didn’t want to graduate at 21 so I got my GED and graduated at 17 and sometimes I wish I didn’t. I’m 19 now and I’m supposed to be having the time of my life but instead I’m stressing out over money after I lost my job and living in a small town and trying to find a job is hard but I’m hoping someone I applied to will call me soon, I don’t have any friends so I can’t go anywhere to socialize or try to make friends, I don’t even have my license I just have my permit but no one will let me practice driving and when they say they’ll take me they never do, and I’m just tired all the time no matter what I do it feels like it’s draining everything out of me.
I just feel like I’m living my life on pause and waiting for something to happen that won’t ever happen and I just want to live and do stupid shit with friends that won’t bash me for not wanting to be political. I started working out and eating healthier and I’m hoping this will give me a boost of confidence and help me get out of this depression state. There’s more things that’s stressing me out but not as bad and I don’t see them to be necessary to be brought up.
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2023.05.31 06:28 DisastrousIndustry46 My ex husband and I are staying friends

My now ex husband ( 27)and I (29) divorced a few months ago and we are staying friends, it was an amicable divorce. We were together for 11 years, pressures from both sides and just being young and dumb caused things to spiral. We talk occasionally, he’s not ready to see me right now and hang out in person. He says he doesn’t want to ruin what we have now and he’s at peace with this for now. I don’t super understand, I mean I ask if he wants to hang out every once in a blue moon I’m not sure if I’m actually ready to, though. He initiated the divorce and everything happened so fast.
We’re both rooting for each other from the sidelines and glad to see each other doing well, it’s just not at all what I thought divorce would be like, and while I do hope eventually we find each other again when we grow as people separately it’s a weird feeling being alone for the first time in my adult life but I’m glad I get to try to figure things out on my own.
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2023.05.31 06:28 Exploding_Muffin One in Twelve Million

“Unexpected weight in decontamination area.”
Owen grunted and stepped out of the hygiene pod. He canceled the request on the touch pad next to the pod doorway. Several dialog boxes later, he waited with crossed arms as the machine calibrated.
“Please enter decontamination area,” the pod chirped.
He stepped up into the pod, feet placed squarely on the colored ovals on the floor. His palms pressed against similar ovals on the curved wall.
“Please place hands on—“
He pulled back, and pressed his hands on the wall sensors again.
The hygiene pod chirped a cheerful tune, and the sensor ovals flashed.
“Unexpected weight in decontamination area.”
He threw his hands up with an aggravated growl. “How is this better than showers?” he challenged the machine as he stepped out. “’State of the art’. More like state of my ass. Get cleaner at a freight station…” Greasy fingerprints streaked the touch pad as he poked at the screen.
An overhead speaker chimed before First Officer Skencie’s voice blurted, “Dreskle to conference room, immediately!”
Owen yanked a plush blanket from his bed to cinch around his waist with his gravbelt. A stiff hand gesture commanded the door open as he took his hat from a hook.
“Sounds proper mad now,” Ivain commented with a crackling chuckle. “What’d you—“ She recoiled as Owen emerged from his cabin, bare aside from the hat and makeshift skirt.
Buhet gave a sharp-toothed grin. “You’re going up like that?” he asked hopefully.
Owen crossed the common room to press a hand against the elevator sensor. “It sounded urgent,” he commented flatly.
Ivain turned away, slate raised to obscure the horrific visage of an unclothed human. Meanwhile Buhet released a bone-vibrating laugh that raised the hair on Owen’s arms.
As the elevator doors slid shut behind him, Owen pressed the call button on the command console. A gruff voice answered. “Have you tried using the ‘open door’ button?”
“It’s Dreskle, scale on my hygiene pod’s busted.”
“Been laying into the contraband again, huh?”
“Shut up… You going to look at it?”
“Get to it when I get to it. Bit o’ stench won’t kill ya.”
Owen shrugged at no one. “Won’t be me complaining.”
The elevator pinged, and opened. He ended the call and strolled down the corridor. Research team members gasped and recoiled as he passed. Those that weren’t embarrassed on his behalf struggled to remain composed. Arthropods could take months to completely desensitize toward endoskeletons.
The double doors of the conference room opened as he approached. Across the long table that ran perpendicular to the doors, First Officer Skencie waited. Wings folded primly at his sides, his cool facade was betrayed by the sharp raps of a talon against the metal floor.
Skencie’s plumage immediately ruffled on Owen’s entrance. He struggled to keep from flapping.
Owen stepped forward until the doors slid shut. He matched Skencie’s restrained posture by tucking his arms behind his back. “Reporting.”
“What in Typhon’s name—?!?!” Skencie shrilled.
“You said ‘immediately’, sir,” Owen replied flatly. “Per Federal Common Linguistics—“
“Do not quote the dictionary at me!” Skencie exclaimed. The shrill sound of the Cynostel native tongue stabbed into Owen’s brain, despite the noise management of his translator. The man’s attempt not to cringe resulted in an eye twitch. “Of all discretions, this is the most unacceptable!”
pre-existing activity.”
Skencie’s chest visibly heaved. A talon rapidly beat a pockmark into the floor.
Owen stood silently. After a wordless minute, he raised an eyebrow underneath the brim of his hat.
Skencie lowered and shook his head. His wings fitfully fluttered as he paced a small distance. His head feathers flattened with a breath. “This will be going on your employment record, but I called you here for another reason.” He waited, but Owen remained silent. He lifted a long, thin leg so a talon could manipulate a slate on the table in front of him.
The room dimmed as four glass panes lowered from the ceiling. They were organized into a square, one pane facing each side of the table. The panes brightened to show a white text document filled with wide black rectangles instead of words.
Skencie stepped to the side to look at Owen directly. “What do you have to say for this?”
“I request your supervisor,” Owen stated.
“Request denied,” Skencie snapped.
“I require a recording of the denial for a supervisor request,” Owen said.
A tense silence fell.
“Per regulation,” Owen added.
Skencie stared through him. His sharp talon slid over the table to press an intercom button. “Captain Toptor to the conference room, please.”
Owen shuffled to the side and faced the doorway while they waited in silence.
After several minutes, the hall doors slid open for Captain Toptor to enter. His antennae fidgeted as he took in the dim room, screens, a tense Skencie, and an under-dressed Owen.
“Now explain yourself, Dreskel,” Skencie demanded.
Owen continued to stand straight, hands behind his back. “Apologies, Captian. My hygiene pod is malfunctioning. The issue has been reported to maintenance.”
“Understood,” Toptor said with a small nod in Owen’s direction.
“You know what I mean!” Skencie snapped.
“Let’s start from the beginning, for my benefit,” Toptor said calmly.
Skencie’s wings fluttered and pressed to his sides. “Dreskle, explain what is shown on screen.”
“I see redacted information,” Owen replied.
“And why would that be?”
Skencie’s plumage began to ruffle. “The directory path shows the document is supposed to be the educational record of human physiology and terran culture, all useful information has been irreparably destroyed.”
“Can the information be transfered from hard copies?” Toptor inquired.
Skencie stared at Owen. “All relative hard copies have gone missing.”
Owen looked from Toptor, to the screen, to Skencie. “Who’s in charge of the security and upkeep of these records?”
“I am, and have always done so flawlessly,” Skencie said.
Owen smiled. “Congratulations, the security of this information is air tight. I commend you.”
Skencie’s crest feathers stood upright. “These records have obviously been tampered with.”
Owen shifted to one side as his arms crossed. “Concerning. Has there been an investigation?”
“We’re currently interrogating the prime suspect,” Skencie hissed.
“Excellent, thank you for keeping me updated,” Owen stated, and turned to leave.
“You are the prime suspect!” Skencie snapped.
Owen put a hand to his bare chest. He looked at Toptor. “I am shocked.” He turned back to Skencie. “How am I relevant?”
“Only terran information was targeted, and who could benefit from this other than the only present terran?”
Owen’s eyebrows raised. “No one told me we had a terran.”
“Stop stalling!” Skencie ordered. “You are terran.”
“Incorrect,” Owen said flatly. He rubbed a thumb against his nose. “Assuming the crime scene was investigated, what evidence was left? If a human were involved, there would likely be oil-based prints. The patterns present on human skin are unique to the individual, making them easily traceable. My prints should be on record for comparison.”
“No prints were left at the scene,” Skencie admitted.
“Then I fail to see how I—“
“Your uniform has gloves!”
Owen held up a finger with a thought. “What of the security cameras?”
“There is a thirty micro-fraction segment missing from the recording due to a system update.”
Owen put his hands on his hips. “Inconvenient. Maybe cross-referencing schedules? I’ve done nothing but follow mine the past several rotations, so…”
Skencie cooed. He touched the slate. The screens changed to show a color coordinated schedule. “Interesting how the time of the system update places you directly outside my office.”
“Yet I never noticed any suspicious activity in the corridors. The bio labs, however…”
“Can you prove that you never entered my office at the time of the system update?” Skencie pressed.
“Of course not,” Owen replied.
“Liar! Wait-“
“Please explain,” Toptor said.
“I pass the class-A offices several times on shift. It’s impossible to say where I was or wasn’t at the time.”
“But you admit to entering my office,” Skencie pointed out.
“Emptying your trash receptacle and dusting are within my duties as a member of sanitation. So yes, I have entered your office, several times. If that’s your point, I have never interacted with your private terminal. However,” he added thoughtfully, “if your terminal is similar to the public ones, there should be an access log with timestamps.”
“An apt observation,” Toptor stated. “Officer Skencie, are you able to pull up the access log of the time in question?”
Skencie’s wings fidgeted as he turned his attention to the slate on the table. The screens changed to a repetitive list that featured various timestamps and one name: Skencie, Evid.
“Another dead end,” Owen sighed. His head tilted. “Possible the culprit logged into Officer Skencie’s account, so the system wouldn’t show their activity.” He chuckled. “But that would be impossible. Neo-terra research vessel regulations state all account passwords must resemble a string of mixed symbols, numbers, case-sensitive letters, and be a minimal eight characters long. No person could simply guess, especially within thirty micro-fractions.” He looked at Skencie. “Right?”
“Correct,” Skencie admitted. “But this is a matter of motivation! Only terran files were tampered with.”
“Unfortunate,” Owen said, “but I’m uninvolved, as I’m not terran.”
“Semantics is not a defense,” Skencie said. “You’re not exactly a nagirian.”
“So you’re a roctel?” Owen shot back.
“Deskle,” Toptor warned.
“How dare you!” Skencie exclaimed. “But I know your game. Don’t change the subject to hide your guilt. The Wayfinder has never had a security breach until after the last interspecies cohesion assessment, which you were at the center.”
“Through no choice of mine,” Owen pointed out. The hands on his hips shifted into fists.
“Skencie, I suggest we postpone—“ Toptor started, which Skencie ignored.
“Now suddenly all our interspecies records on terrans has—“
Owen’s hands slammed on the conference table. “I’m not terran!” he yelled. Mouth twisted into a snarl, his face and ears burned red. “You’d know if you read the [e x p l e t i v e] files! There are an estimate twelve million humans in federal space; an estimate ten million are terran, which I’m not,” he growled. “So [e x p l e t i v e] your records, they don’t apply to me!” He whipped around and stormed toward the hall doors.
Toptor buzzed thoughtfully as Owen passed.
The hall doors smoothly slid open, accompanied by a small stampede of hurried footsteps. Several doors along the hall simultaneously closed as Owen exited the conference room.
“This interrogation is not over!” Skencie yelled.
“[E x p l e t i v e] you!” Owen yelled back.
By the time the elevator returned him to the sanitation common room, the anger that burned his face had shifted to flushed embarrassment. When the elevator door opened, he shuffled toward his cabin, head down.
On the wall, a monitor displayed the security feed of the conference room. Toptor’s muffled voice said, “…mans without social bonding are naturally combative and self-serving. There were much better ways to handle this.”
Buhet rumbled before he watched Owen cross the room. “What is a terran?”
Owen stopped as the private cabin welcomed him. “A citizen of Earth.”
“So what are you?”
“I’m me, that’s all.”
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2023.05.31 06:28 KimAndersson Concern about D4 difficulty

After seeing quite a few YouTube videos with reviews from people who could play the complete game I’m starting to become a little concerned about the difficulty of the game. I recently started playing D2 again after finding out about D2R and I have to say I missed the challenge of hell, having to avoid certain packs, needing resistances, needing some tactics to beat certain parts or aspects of the game etc pp.
All I heard so far is that the only “challenge” was end game dungeons and they weren’t to bad either. I hope D4 won’t be a running through full speed game once you get some equip going.
What’s your take on it?
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2023.05.31 06:28 chicken566 Just Bought Vizio M50Q6-J01, can't get HDR to work on PS4Pro?

Hello, I just bought the a new Vizio M Quantum-Series TV and I having issues with HDR content showing on the PlayStation 4 Pro. I ensured that my settings were correctly set on the PlayStation's video output settings, yet when I go to the Input Settings for the HDMI port on the Vizio TV, the HDMI output keeps on restarting and resetting to "Auto" instead of staying at 2.1 to support HDR and Dolby Vision Content. However, when using SmartCast, I can see Dolby Vision/HDR seems to work.
I saw other say that there's a bug with HDMI2.1 right now? If so, is this why I can't use the HDR content of my PS4PRO?
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2023.05.31 06:28 walkinginthesky Could this make the hall of shame?

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2023.05.31 06:28 flightlessbird13 Convinced my “unicorn” bag isn’t out there at this point.

Hi, /manybaggers!
I’ve been on a quest since February to find an ideal EDC backpack. At first I thought I wanted a totepack convertible option, so I bought the Osprey Daylite Totepack. It’s great, but it didn’t travel well since I couldn’t access the lower part of the bag easily. This led me to start researching full zip/clamshell/top and side access options instead. My issue is that everything is TOO tactical/masculine/rugged for what I’m interested in.
What I’ll be using it for:
Brands I’ve considered: - Dagne Dover (no external water bottle) - Various Bellroys (no external water bottle) - Brevite Jumper - cheap material according to a lot of redditors - Peak Design everyday zip - 15L is too small, it’s too firm/structured - Topo and Cotopaxi - totally my vibe for my outdoors bags, but not for daily carry - Beis The Backpack - possibility, but would like a bit more organization - Lo and Sons - all black options - Aer, Evergoods, Mystery Ranch, Wandrd etc: too tactical/masculine - Kanken & Herschel - too simple in organization, feel kinda basic - Tropicfeel Shell- many reviews of poor quality of bag - Away Far - no external water bottle - Tumi - feels too corporate, many no external water bottle
As you can see, I’ve spent a lot of time trying to find a great pack. Am I wanting/asking too much? What of my list seems like it could sacrificed in the name of finding a good one? Am I being too much of a unibagger when clearly I need to be a many bagger regularly? I’m hoping there’s a few smaller, quality brands that I haven’t found yet. Budget is under $1000, preferably much less.
Any insight would be so appreciated. Thanks in advance!
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2023.05.31 06:28 yerBoyShoe Weird old dude needs to make rent?

So the other day I was driving home from lunch with my wife who works in a sketchy part of town.. I thought I'd stop by a store I frequent but not usually in this location, just to see if they have anything different. I was just about to drop into a parking space in the pretty busy lot when this old feller fast walks up to my window (why me? White Middle Aged guy in a minivan = safe? A good mark?).
He is frantically waving me down. Seems is well-put together, clean golf shirts, jeans and a baseball cap, so I roll down my window thinking he must need some very specific help - a jump start, he has a flat, someone is hurt...
Immediately he launches into a long story about how he needs $13 to make his rent and doesn't get paid until Friday, yadda yadda. He may have been telling the truth. I legit have no cash on me and tell him so. He says something to the effect of "isn't it terrible no one uses cash anymore?" I give a bland agreement.
The discussion is going nowhere when suddenly another car comes the wrong way down the parking lane. I'm in the middle of the lane (it's clearly marked one way, and the cars parked on a diagonal) so I have to pull over to get out of the way while the other driver practically runs over the old guy, who has to quickly move against the parked cars. All this is giving such a weird vibe I decide to just drive off. I don't need to go to the store that bad, I've passed the parking spot I was aiming for, and I don't want the old guy to follow me or mess with my car, so...
Never felt in danger (I'm a big dude, the old guy was probably half my height, it's broad daylight, O don't think the wrong way car was related, just odd), but the whole thing felt
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2023.05.31 06:28 anonymous98764629 GF39 stringing along 4 + dudes while in relationship w me 50M

Cheater of a weird kind
Me 50M Dated a woman 39F for a few months who kept fwbs in her DMs the entire relationship. She would send them flirty selfies, topless pics and they would send her “throbbing” messages to which she would reply she needed to help resolve. In one instance she was texting me and another man that she was drunk (separately) and to him she was fun and flirty w selfies, but to me very toned down and no selfies. She asked the guy to come over to her place. She had no less than 4 men texting her and it wasn’t until the last few weeks of our relationship that she told them she was “kinda” seeing someone (me) but asked them all to still be her friend. She would reference our weekends to them when they would ask how her wkend was but would either say she was hanging with a friend or would refer to me as “man” or “dude” as in “not much just hung w dude” while our wkend was actually fun (in my mind). I found out all of it, saw it for myself, and now she says she’s blocked them all and is going to therapy. I was crushed. I left her place and She came over mine 2 days later and we had sex, slept over and when I woke up at 4a told her it wasn’t going to work. She was not happy about that and I explained there was no trust. I loved her deeply and she said she did the same but I don’t believe her. Actions and words kinda shit…anyway, What kind of mind can allow this kind of mind fuckery to ensue while saying they love you? Note - we were spending weekends together and saying I love you all the while.
She claims she never actually had anyone over and doesn’t know why she did it. I said its because she loved the attention and I believe she actually did physically cheat.
Trust your gut. I had many convos w her about something feeling off and she said I was crazy until a text came in to her with me standing next to her and she thought I saw it but didnt. Thats actually the funny part. Not that its funny. Then she said we need to talk and shit show ensued…
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2023.05.31 06:27 BuyWonderful How to spell tomato.

This morning, you asked me how to spell tomato.
I was busy, far too busy to be questioned by a 4 year old on the spelling of a fruit.
I mumbled something about a time and a place, and you slunk off, disappointed but not unhappy.. Or so I thought, I mean maybe you were upset at my dismissal.. I never actually bothered to ask you.
On the way to school you were telling me about a play you’re going to be in. You were so excited, but I can’t remember what character you were going to be, because I was too distracted with getting you dropped off, with getting myself to work on time.
Work was so busy. It always is. I didn’t get a chance to check my phone until after lunch. By then, the school had been trying to reach me for 4 hours.
I am out the door, without a word to anyone. My boss sees me leaving, and asks what’s wrong.
“My daughter.” I say, breathless. “She’s hurt, badly. They don’t think she is going to make it.”
The principal is waiting at the hospital, a solem but horrified expression on her aged face. Even without her words, I already knew.
You had died before I arrived. I was late yet again when you needed me, when you needed me the most. I was not even on time for your death.
The principal explained, with tears streaming down her face, that you had a sports carnival on today, and of course, I’d forgotten your bag. And instead of asking the teachers to phone me, it’s like you had just known your mother wouldn’t answer, you took it upon yourself to walk home and get it.
But you didn’t make it home.
The truck driver never saw you until it was too late, or that’s what he claims, anyway. He did not stop to see if you were okay, because he was drunk. He did not want to get into trouble, so instead, he left you, a little girl, all alone on that cold, damp concrete.
I can’t forgive myself.
But I can’t forgive him, either.
I am currently with the truck driver, we have been downstairs, in my basement, for the last few hours.
He keeps crying, big, ugly sobs. Keeps apologizing. He still smells like whisky. But all of that.. it doesn’t matter. It’s really much too late.
The cops have us surrounded, they are banging and yelling, threatening to break the door down at anytime.
They keep telling me to give myself up, but I won’t do it.
No, I relish them coming in and ending me. Ending all of this. I relish being free, I want to be with you again.
While I’ve been waiting, I have been keeping myself busy.
I’ve been here, slowly marking out each letter,
I carve carefully, and slowly, into his skin, over and over again.
Mummy is so, so sorry. See you soon baby girl.
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2023.05.31 06:27 Maleficent-Mousse962 35 [F4R] Lyon, France

Looking to either join a group or start something new - though I should say I‘m a total beginner (lots of experience with ‘adjacent’ things like Buddhist/secular meditation and active imagination). My family and I just moved here from abroad about a year ago. Either English or French speaking. I tried google to see what there is already, but found very little - so if anyone knows any other places I could check out, that would be much appreciated too.
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2023.05.31 06:27 iksemme True Karen neighbours

Backstory. Karen and family move in and decide to spend $1 million or more to renovate house next door to the barn that I lease a horse at. They are horse people as well and want to build a horse stable for their own use and horses. In my city you need a permit or need to be “grandfathered” in to have horses on your property (grandfathered being having horses for 10 years or more before the permit system was created, permits were in effect since 1974). The barn that I am at has been grandfathered in. Anyway, Karen decided to just build her horse stable without applying for the permits and then gets all snippy with all the other barns in the area because her barn gets denied and reported to the city. She has tried over several years to either reapply for horses or sell the property (for 2x it’s actual worth) and doesn’t disclose that it’s actually not a legal horse barn. She also has had it listed for 4 years but has never lowered or changed the price.
Lately she’s been out in full force. She’s taken to throwing large river rocks over the fence at our horses, reporting us to the city for using lights to light the stable, and attacking our landlord with several complaints and lawsuits. What prompted me to write about her today was that I had forgotten to wet down the gravel (it keeps the dust down) before I rode my horse. She comes storming over, yelling at me before she even sees me (there is a fence between our properties) and says “can you wet down the gravel before you ride?!?!? Look at all the dust!!!!” Then she proceeds to stick her full Karen ensemble (I’m talking haircut, glasses, bleach blonde) head over the fence and scares my horse, causing it to rear up on its hind legs and almost throw me off. Then she keeps screaming at me and goes on to a barrage of “I’ve called the city about this..this..and this.. before” and “if you don’t water down the gravel I’ll call again”. I apologize, not wanting to cause a conflict because I do not desire to spend my evenings after work arguing with Karens. I also say yes I’ll water down the gravel and that I forgot but I am also annoyed at this point as she’s coming in hot. Then she gives me the classic Karen “DONT USE THAT TONE WITH ME”. To which I replied “if you don’t want me to use that tone then maybe don’t immediately start screaming and being hostile”. That shut her up good. I’m hoping she doesn’t call the city but in true Karen fashion, I’ll be expecting the call from them tommorrow 🤦‍♀️
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2023.05.31 06:26 RoguishRonin Magic Kingdom - May 30th

My wife and I came specifically for the fireworks and every CM we interacted with was amazing! I’m a hobbyist photographer and I asked a few of the Disney photographers if they would be able to take pictures of my wife and I with my camera and they were very excited to help, even when I had to walk them through the differences between my gear and what they use day-to-day.
Prime lenses can be a struggle!
Pecos Bill’s was awesome today. Might be because we were ravenously hungry, but those chicken tacos and Barqs root-beer hit the spot.
Everything Disney-wise was amazing - special thanks to Bill in the Emporium for helping us find a specific pin. Above and beyond, sir!
Even the other guests during the fireworks were better than expected. Sure the tall guys kept walking in front of us, but other tall people saw my shorter wife and offered her space to stand. Again, above and beyond from guests. Most of you are AMAZING and I think I got some decent photos. We’ll see!
However, I had one extremely surprising encounter with a small guest and one WTF experience with an elderly guest.
The first one was while I was waiting for the ferry. I was talking to my wife and I felt a tiny hand slide under the front of my t-shirt and quickly latch over my belt buckle and into pants, little fingernails scratching on my skin. I jumped back and pulled a 5 or 6 year old boy with me and earned a dirty look from the mom when he nearly sprawled on the ground.
Saying that I was quite surprised would be an understatement.
After boarding the ferry I encountered the WORST GUEST EVER in the form of a ranting, vile, elderly woman that should probably never leave her house, let alone go to a place with children around.
What started her rant? She couldn’t find a Goofy shirt that she liked and there were “too many ——— rainbows”. Assume the worst things you can imagine following that start and it will probably be less vile than what she was saying.
A gentleman with his family - wife and two young ones - very politely said “ma’am” and then just nodded his head toward his kids and she was silent for a moment, but then her rant just got quieter and became about their race until I said “ma’am?” and gave her the what-are-you-doing shrug.
I was going to approach a CM about it, but the old lady was lost in the unloading crowd and the CMs were busy with end of day stuff. Honestly, I’m just not sure how I should deal with situations like that at the parks in the future.
I do not understand why some people think that being disgusting is appropriate, but I’m thankful for this community. It lets me know that it’s mostly welcoming and cool people at the parks.
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2023.05.31 06:26 Chaosbrushogun ROTB “CYCLOPS” just showed up on BBTS pre-order. Anybody know what this is?
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2023.05.31 06:26 Anin_Aponi How to get along with Scorpio Dad

So I’m a Scorpio sun and a woman. My partner and I have recently moved in with his parents so we can save for a house(his idea). Anyway, I’m noticing a distaste I have for his Dad who is a Scorpio as well. We never really talked much and he made a sarcastic comment about something I did a few months ago that I did not like. I didn’t appreciate it cause I know his flaws and I don’t disrespect him and bring them up, but he seems to think it’s okay to do so with me. Just today he made another comment on a personal situation in my life and it’s annoying.
I tried being friendly with him like at least saying hi and bye and I tried asking about how he was but he never answers. I’m not really into making conversation and he’s never tried to have one with me either which is fine. However, I’ve noticed he does this thing where he will not acknowledge my presence. I was standing right in front of him and he pretended that he didn’t see me even though I’m right in front of him. It wasn’t ignoring me which I would’ve been okay with he said to me, “ Oh I didn’t see you there.” And pretended I scared him. Like it was weird fr cause there’s no way you don’t see a person standing directly in front of you when you’re walking straight towards them.
I’m getting a vibe he doesn’t like me much (though idk why) and honestly, I don’t care but I find myself being very annoyed being around him. I’m okay with being disliked as well but I appreciate when people are upfront about it or just ignore me instead of doing/saying petty things. And honestly, if he makes another comment I’m ready to go in on him hard but I’m trying to keep it together for the respect I have for my lover.
I’m just wondering have any others had this issue with other Scorpios? I know everyone is not the same and there are other influences in people's charts and stuff, but every time I read other people's posts they’re always saying how well Scorpios get along. I do get along well with other women Scorps but for some reason, the men and I rarely click. I want to get along with his Dad/ parents but at this point, I’m just avoiding being around him as much as possible. I’m thinking I’m probably just overthinking as usual and I really shouldn’t care or post this at all, but it’s nice to let it out and I’m curious to see what someone might say about this. I probably will end up deleting this.
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2023.05.31 06:26 jadeoracle Partnering with your Doctor?

Hi, I've not started yet, trying to gather more information and would love your help.
What is your plan/relationship with your doctor when starting Ozempic and throughout the process?
Had my physical today and my PCP wasn't that familiar with Ozempic or the other similar options.
She instead directed me to a compounding pharmacy, which wouldn't discuss with me unless I saw a different doctor, one not in network and about 2 hours away from me. So not likely going to go that route.
She also said if I did still want to move forward directly with her she'd prescribe it to me, but it was more "You would get it in the mail" and felt like I'd be on my own.
What should the process actually look like with a good provider? I likely cannot switch PCP because I have shit insurance and no one else in the area is accepting new patients. So curious what tests and follow ups are common, especially in the early days?
Is there a different type of doctor I should be looking for?
What are people's thoughts on the "wellness/weight loss clinics" that ONLY do Ozempic? I talked with one today and the sales pitch was on full blast. I also don't know how to know if they are legit, if the meds are actually Ozempic, etc. The price seemed cheaper than I can see buying Ozempic outright from say GoodRX? Is that a red flag? (They claimed they usually charge around 700 a month, but I could get a discount of 400 a month.)
I know I've seen articles about some people just doing a telehealth appointment and getting prescribed, but does that mean your on your own after that? Should you be?
Thanks for any help. I just feel a bit lost with no one to ask.
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2023.05.31 06:26 IllustratorFirst7869 Olivia hanging out with a racist

Olivia hanging out with a racist
Wasn’t Jordan Beckham exposed for saying the n-word multiple times? Why is Olivia so excited to see her like i’m pretty sure everyone who was on social media at the time knows about what Jordan said. Idk this just doesn’t sit right with me…
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