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2023.05.31 04:35 _Lumos Happy birthday, Eric!

My birthday was May 27! Happy birthday if it’s your birthday Eric!
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2023.05.31 04:31 LetOffSteamBennett Wishing Charlie Hall a happy birthday

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2023.05.31 04:31 Lmaoookek Just a Post to describe how im feeling about Final Fantasy.

I know that you're hiding things, using gentle words to shelter me... Your words were like a dream... But dreams could never fool me.... Not that easily... I acted so distance then, didn't say goodbye before you left... But i was listening... you'll fight your battles far from me... Far too easily...
"save your tears cause ill come back" I could hear that you whispered as you walked through that door... But still i swore to hide the pain when i turn back the pages...
Shouting might have been the answer... What if i cried my eyes out and begged you not to depart?
But now im not afraid to say whats in my heart...
1000 words, call out through the ages, they'll fly to you even though i can't see... I know they're reaching you... suspended on silver wings
Oh 1000 words... 1000 embraces.... will cradle you making all of your weary days seem far away...
They'll hold you forever...
I think this song perfectly describes my feelings toward the Final Fantasy series. Its a series i grew up with, a series ive loved and cherished since i was a kid. It was my escape from the real world and it comforted me when i was in pain. I did not have the greatest child hood, and Final Fantasy was my home. It didn't matter the installment... Every installment to me delivered an unforgettable story, with characters i fell in love with. The journey to save the world, the challenge to real world concepts in every game, the love stories... The fantasy. The experiences i have had with this franchise are akin to a first love that i will never forget.
But like a first love, it rarely works out. Like a fleeting love in the summer, the summer must come to an end. And that is where i am in this relationship. Its time to let it go. While it may seem strange for me to talk about a game in this manner, i feel it perfectly describes my connection with it. And ironically, the song that describes it best is from Square themselves.
I have watched her grow and blossom into a beautiful woman. I have befen with her through every adventure. I have enjoyed every minute, no, every second ive had with her. But somewhere in the journey, she changed. And its so difficult to understand the change because even though i love her with all my heart, i cannot accept her changes. She seems like a completely different person; even someone i have never known. How can this be? How could she have changed so much after 2 1/2 decades that i don't know her anymore?
Whats worse is she sees she has changed. But she holds my hand and whispers she still loves me. And that she still wants to be with me. I tremble as she delivers a pale, but heartfelt smile. I decide to have faith in her, to believe that its true; but her actions tell me something different. What can i do? I am lost... Do i stay with her? Do i continue to be her guardian? Or do i disappear? Do i whistle and hope she comes running? Or do i fade away? I don't know anymore. But i know i do want her to be happy. And whoever it is that she finds who loves her changes, i do want them to experience the amazing journey i had with her. She should be cherished, she deserves the utmost care...
So i have come to the sad conclusion, the end of my story. I must find a way to let her go. We no longer have that connection that tied us together. We have become two very different people. We want different things now, and thats okay. I will always love her but i can't be with her anymore.
So now i will say goodbye, my love... my dearest. Thank you for the last 25 years.
Send me, Yuna... Its time.
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2023.05.31 04:29 PCimated 25 [M4F] GA/TN, USA/Anywhere Let's build computers, cars, and a life together!

The most important piece of my life is still missing: you. You're out there somewhere, and I'm ready to get lost in your eyes, to hold you when life is hard or even when everything's good. I want to melt with you in an outpouring of passion and intimacy. Cheesy as it may sound, I miss you, even though we've never met.
I'm searching long and hard (it might be a double entendre 😏) for my soul mate, who shares most of my interests below, and who's also goofy, likes to playfully insult each other, and also believes in open and honest communication. Naturally, if we can trust each other fully and not hold back what we really think, I believe we can work out any problems when they arise. 💛
• I'm a gamer, car guy, and maybe one day, a musician too. I enjoy anime, nature, going on little adventures, traveling... I wanna see the world with my significant other before all the beautiful sights are gone.
• I want to dance with you. In the living room, bedroom, back yard, in the park, almost anywhere. I enjoy doing romantic things and expressing my love. I love deep conversations that distract us from the passing of time.
• I'm a dog person because my allergies chose to target cats for whatever reason, so there's that. 😅
• I don't have children currently, but they're in my plans for the future. Oh, and I'm monogamous, so you're the only one getting my romance, intimacy, passion, and love.
• I'm really hoping to find someone who's also into dirty humor and has mutual...interests 😏 so we have better compatibility in the bedroom (and sometimes in public too). 👉👈
• Specs for those who would like them: - 6 feet tall (about 183 cm). - 240 lbs and dropping (about 109 kg). ~ My figure is very dad-bod, but apparently it comes with a nice ass (so I'm told). ~ This is the most I've ever weighed, and I'm not happy with it. I'm targeting somewhere around 170 lbs (about 77 kg). - Brunette, kept short so I don't have to use any kind of gel/pomade/cream. - Blue eyes. - Caucasian.
• I have learned the hard way that I do have a type. I have dated outside that type before, and it only led to hurt feelings, so I don't want to repeat that. That being said, my type is Caucasian or Asian ranging from petite to average body type. You don't have to love going to the gym, don't worry. 😅 I apologize if my preferences differ from who you are. That does not mean I dislike you. You're probably an amazing person! I have simply learned that I'm more attracted to certain people. You're all beautiful people, regardless! Please love yourself! 💛
Chat with ya soon! 😁 !unlock
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2023.05.31 04:27 BankAmbitious7689 Thank you, Jim.

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2023.05.31 04:27 No_Crow_2265 Do I give my grandparents a second chance? Do I pretend to love them? Or do I cut it off?

Cast: Me (f 23) Brother (m 21) Sister (f 19) Grandma (f 70) Grandpa (m 68)
Situation: My siblings and I were adopted and raised by our paternal grandparents. Me and them have never gotten along. Things got very bad 7 to 4 years ago.
Tensions between me and my grandparents have simmered down since I moved out 5 years ago. Grandparents feel they don’t have a lot of time left and want to rekindle our relationship and “get close again”.
Things have drastically changed since I moved out: grandma and grandpa are claiming to be different people now. I sure am a different person too. They really hurt me in the past and I can’t trust them not to do it again, but my sister who still lives with them claims they have changed for the better.
A HUGE bonus and honestly the biggest reason I am even bothering to consider this situation is that I would rekindle and reconnect to my little sister, who comes as a package deal with my grandparents. I miss her so much.
Option 1: Give them a second chance
Fully commit, open myself up, be the real me, discuss and heal past issues and determine what we want our relationship to look like moving forward. If they really haven’t changed, this could mean opening up myself to a new wave of drama, arguments, manipulation, yelling, and trying to control me. True love is all about being vulnerable with the other person and I don’t know if I am capable of that with them because of how much they hurt me. Plus, I still harbor a lot of pent up anger and emotion regarding how I was treated.
Option 2: Pretend love them and “half” commit
Do, say, and act the part - say I love you at the end of all calls. Be nice but reserved. Keep my heart closed and don’t share the real me. I wouldn’t love them, but I wouldn’t let them know that.
I would give them more of what they want - a relationship. They wouldn’t know just how one sided it would be. I truly believe I can play the part well for many years if needed. Things might get tricky when I have kids, tho?
Option 3: keep it how it is and more or less cut it off
Right now we are more or less on “see you at family events” terms with a phone call thrown in for birthdays and Mother’s Day. I see their “public” face and they keep all of their issues to themselves and I keep all of mine to myself. In the last 3 years there have been next to no arguments, yelling, manipulating, or grabs for control over me. I’ve never been happier and I’ve started to no longer get anxiety attacks when I get a call or text from them. I so badly want to keep it this way. But they hate it and it apparently hurts them a lot.
Other important information: 1) They were so outright emotionally abusive and manipulative to the point I wished they would just hit us instead. Very controlling and strict parents.
2) When things “took a huge downward turn” and our relationship was at its worst, my grandma struggled very hard with having an independent, very emotional teenager (me) and the sudden death of her son/my dad. Since it’s been over 6 years there’s a very good chance she’s fully healed and she has changed since these issues are no longer as relevant.
3) my sister has hinted that my grandparents will never apologize for how they raised us and thus how they treated us (which is where ALL my beef with them is at). “They did their best and they are not sorry for that”. This doesn’t sit well with me and I think plays a big part in my struggle with this issue.
4) all of the things they did to support me they end up holding over my head and using as leverage to try to control me. They helped pay for my college and they make sure I don’t forget it. This happened again in our most recent conversation.
5) we are VERY different people. In the past they have been very vocal about their disproval of my views and actions. In the past, they have been very negative, nagging people with always something to complain about and I HATE being around people like that. A part of having a happy life is to surround yourself with happy people and people you like. Their previous selves would DEFINITELY not fit that bill.
FYI / non-relevant information: 1) Biological parents were druggies and our paternal grandparents stepped in once us kids were CPS-ed out of there. Mom died in 2008, a year after we were legally adopted.
2) I have a husband (m 23), moved an hour away, and am slowly living the life I dreamed of. Things are wonderful except for this issue.
3) I decided to start seeing a therapist because I clearly have a lot to work through. First session isn’t for another month.
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2023.05.31 04:27 Imaginary_Access_691 My (29F) GF and I (25M) are taking a break to work on ourselves. What’s the best advice to give to someone that’s going through this?

I (25M) and my GF (29F) have been dating for about 10 months, we met on tinder over a year ago and instantly hit it off. She was a straight up smoke show in my eyes and I couldn’t believe someone as beautiful as her would ever talk to me in a billion years. We quickly realized we had similar interests in sports teams and music and wanted to take things further. We started going out on dates to restaurants, going to sporting events, and pretty soon things started to get serious. Before we met, I had a daughter in a previous relationship. My ex and I got engaged back in December of 2019 and found out we were going to have a daughter in October of 2020. I’ll go into it in another post but my ex is kind of crazy and I’m currently working to afford a lawyer. Backstory aside, before I asked her out my GF was able to meet my daughter and she was ecstatic to be around her! I finally worked up the courage to ask her out in July 2022 and the next few months that followed were full of love and happiness. We went on more dates and I got to know some of her friends pretty well. Even came along with her on her birthday trip to Austin, TX in October! Come around to the beginning of the year, things kind of started to plateau. I noticed she wasn’t having the same energy that she had in the past. But I brushed it off as her work schedule being hectic. She is a nurse and works nights, given that it was also winter we both concluded it was seasonal depression. About a month later she tells me she never has felt this depressed before. I was still coming around once or twice a weekend, having every other weekend being with my daughter. And I was still trying to come up with ideas and places we could go to, but the depression was cutting into her energy no matter what I tried. Fast forward to a week ago. She called me and asked if we could talk. She told me that she wants to take a break for a while, citing her depression worsening and personal issues with her family that I’m aware of but I don’t want to share here. So we talked about it for a couple of hours and decided that we will give the break a try. She pointed out that I do have stuff I need to work on as well if we want to come out of this break and be a stronger and happier couple and bring both of our best sides out in our relationship. What advice could you users of Reddit can offer me so that I can come out of this break with so that I can be a stronger partner for her?
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2023.05.31 04:25 eniadcorlet table test

Artist Album Count Days
David Bowie The Rise and Fall of Ziggy Stardust and the Spiders From Mars 7 01,2,19,22,26,301,75
Boston Boston 7 13,42,58,62,62,62,74
Miles Davis Kind of Blue 6 01,4,25,31,43,45
Bob Dylan Blood on the Tracks 6 02,6,12,38,59,66
Led Zeppelin Led Zeppelin IV 5 01,19,59,60,75
Nirvana Nevermind 5 01,8,42,53,61
The Cure Disintegration 5 02,7,38,56,58
Prince Purple Rain 5 07,16,22,25,29
The Stone Roses The Stone Roses 5 07,19,31,40,62
AC/DC Back In Black 5 07,22,25,56,65
Radiohead In Rainbows 5 09,19,26,31,72
The Beatles Rubber Soul 4 05,14,19,26
Bob Dylan The Times They Are A-Changin' 4 05,20,26,54
Bob Dylan The Freewheelin' Bob Dylan 4 05,23,24,63
The Velvet Underground The Velvet Underground & Nico 4 05,23,59,62
The Beatles Abbey Road 4 05,28,31,58
Van Morrison Astral Weeks 4 05,31,47,63
Joy Division Unknown Pleasures 4 06,7,15,20
De La Soul 3 Feet High & Rising 4 07,19,26,62
Pixies Doolittle 4 07,23,26,36
Blind Melon Blind Melon 4 08,13,35,69
David Bowie Blackstar 4 10,29,51,74
Pink Floyd Wish You Were Here 3 01,59,75
The Rolling Stones Exile on Main Street 3 01,6,31
Bob Dylan Highway 61 Revisited 3 02,5,26
Bob Dylan Bringing It All Back Home 3 02,5,5
The Doors The Doors 3 02,5,62
The Beatles Revolver 3 05,19,48
The Beatles The White Album 3 05,25,73
Nick Drake Five Leaves Left 3 05,29,62
Rush 2112 3 06,59,61
Bruce Springsteen Born In the USA 3 07,13,57
Violent Femmes Violent Femmes 3 07,18,62
Rush Moving Pictures 3 07,19,26
The Beastie Boys Paul's Boutique 3 07,23,74
Talking Heads Remain in Light 3 07,26,28
David Bowie Scary Monsters (and Super Creeps) 3 07,29,72
Paul Simon Graceland 3 07,33,58
R.E.M. Murmur 3 07,42,62
The Cure Pornography 3 07,48,52
Guns N' Roses Appetite for Destruction 3 07,48,62
Stevie Ray Vaughan Texas Flood 3 07,62,74
Radiohead The Bends 3 08,56,63
Slowdive Souvlaki 3 08,56,63
Radiohead Kid A 3 09,15,53
Tame Impala Currents 3 10,13,38
The Beatles Sgt Pepper's Lonely Heart Club Band 3 19,23,53
Johnny Cash American I 3 24,29,65
Bob Dylan Blonde on Blonde 3 25,27,31
Liz Phair Exile In Guyville 3 27,33,62
Pulp This is Hardcore 3 27,43,59
The Pretty Things SF Sorrow 3 30,55,56
Massive Attack Mezzanine 3 43,52,72
Queen Queen ll 3 43,59,63
Kendrick Lamar good kid, m.A.A.d City 2 01,10
Led Zeppelin Physical Graffiti 2 01,12
Stevie Wonder Songs in the Key of Life 2 01,19
David Bowie Station to Station 2 01,23
Wire 154 2 01,6
Neil Young Tonight's the Night 2 01,75
The Who Who's Next 2 01,75
Iron Maiden The Number of the Beast 2 02,35
David Bowie Low 2 02,48
The Beatles White Album 2 02,5
The Rolling Stones Let It Bleed 2 02,5
Frank Sinatra In the Wee Small Hours 2 04,52
Buddy Holly any 2 04,53
The Zombies Odyssey And Oracle 2 05,19
The Beatles Magical Mystery Tour 2 05,23
Jimi Hendrix Are You Experienced? 2 05,62
Led Zeppelin Led Zeppelin 2 05,62
Jefferson Airplane Surrealistic Pillow 2 05,63
Led Zeppelin Led Zeppelin II 2 05,63
The Band The Band 2 05,63
The Doors Strange Days 2 05,63
Joni Mitchell Blue 2 06,25
Pink Floyd Dark Side Of The Moon 2 06,30
Fleetwood Mac Rumours 2 06,38
Camel The Snow Goose 2 06,45
Yes Relayer 2 06,52
Metallica Master of Puppets 2 07,19
Rush Permanent Waves 2 07,24
Pixies Surfer Rosa 2 07,25
Sonic Youth Evol 2 07,28
Van Halen 1984 2 07,28
U2 The Joshua Tree 2 07,31
Bruce Springsteen The River 2 07,36
Sonic Youth Daydream Nation 2 07,42
Joy Division Closer 2 07,51
Led Zeppelin Coda 2 07,51
Lou Reed New York 2 07,55
Elvis Costello Spike 2 07,56
The Replacements Let It Be 2 07,59
Michael Jackson Thriller 2 07,60
Freddie Mercury and Montserrat Caballé Barcelona 2 07,70
Dire Straits Brothers In Arms 2 07,73
The Raincoats Odyshape 2 07,75
Pavement Crooked Rain, Crooked Rain 2 08,13
R.E.M. Out of Time 2 08,19
My Bloody Valentine Loveless 2 08,22
Jeff Buckley Grace 2 08,23
Slint Spiderland 2 08,28
Radiohead OK Computer 2 08,31
Blur 13 2 08,38
Soundgarden Superunknown 2 08,52
Green Day Dookie 2 08,58
Oasis Definitely, Maybe 2 08,62
Townes Van Zandt Roadsongs 2 08,65
Boo Radleys Giant Steps 2 08,69
The Breeders Last Splash 2 08,69
Portishead Dummy 2 08,8
Outkast Stankonia 2 09,18
The Strokes Room On Fire 2 09,19
The White Stripes White Blood Cells 2 09,25
Amy Winehouse Back to Black 2 09,38
Amy Winehouse Back to black 2 09,38
Beck Sea Change 2 09,38
Björk Vespertine 2 09,39
Vampire Weekend Vampire Weekend 2 09,62
LCD Soundsystem Sound of Silver 2 09,74
The Strokes Is This It? 2 09,9
Jason Isbell Southeastern 2 10,20
Frightened Rabbit Pedestrian Verse 2 10,28
Robyn Body Talk 2 10,41
Tyler Childers Purgatory 2 10,55
Sturgill Simpson A Sailors Guide to Earth 2 10,70
Dave Van Ronk Folksinger 2 12,14
The Moody Blues Seventh Sojourn 2 12,14
Ash Meltdown 2 13,24
Yo La Tengo I Can Hear the Heart Beating as One 2 14,70
Various Artists I am Sam 2 16,21
Various Artists Singles 2 16,37
They Might Be Giants Flood 2 18,19
Sam Cooke Live at The Harlem Square Club 2 19,22
John Mellencamp Dance Naked 2 19,30
Mad Season Above 2 20,47
Idaho Alas 2 20,56
Black Sabbath Paranoid 2 22,52
Def Leppard Hysteria 2 22,59
Soundgarden Badmotorfinger 2 22,74
Bob Dylan Another Side of Bob Dylan 2 23,24
Steely Dan Aja 2 23,58
Creedence Clearwater Revival Cosmo's Factory 2 23,74
The Prodigy Music for the Jilted Generation 2 24,41
Tricky Maxinquaye 2 24,52
Ash 1977 2 24,62
Black Sabbath Black Sabbath 2 25,62
The Cars Candy-O 2 26,63
Judas Priest Painkiller 2 26,65
Cheap Trick Cheap Trick 2 27,62
Ramones Ramones 2 29,33
John Lennon John Lennon/Plastic Ono Band 2 29,60
Bad Omens Bad Omens 2 32,72
The Prodigy Fat of the Land 2 34,41
Placebo Without You I'm nothing 2 34,59
The Cure Seventeen Seconds 2 35,38
Kansas Kansas 2 35,62
Alice Cooper Schools Out 2 36,61
Queen A Night at the Opera 2 36,61
Elvis Costello and The Attractions This Year's Model 2 36,63
Van Morrison Moondance 2 39,43
Deee-Lite World Clique 2 41,69
Teenage Fanclub Howdy 2 42,75
Jeff Beck Blow by Blow 2 43,45
Louis Armstrong Greatest Hits 2 43,46
Ween White Pepper 2 43,72
Neil Young with Pearl Jam Mirror Ball 2 44,48
Idlewild The Remote Part 2 47,55
Lou Reed Transformer 2 48,65
Queen Queen 2 51,61
Rage Against the Machine Rage Against the Machine 2 54,62
Metallica Kill 'em All 2 59,62
Nas Illmatic 2 59,74
Madonna Ray of Light 2 60,65
Oasis (What's the Story) Morning Glory? 2 61,63
Bill Withers Just As I Am 2 62,75
David Bowie The Next Day 2 64,65
Iron Maiden Brave New World 2 64,65
The Who WHO 2 64,65
Chicago Chicago 2 1 01
Daft Punk Random Access Memories 1 01
Faces Long Player 1 01
Leftfield Leftism 1 01
Nirvana Bleach 1 01
Red Hot Chili Peppers By the Way 1 01
The Decemberists Castaways and Cutouts 1 01
Wilco Wilco 1 01
Dead Kennedys Bedtime For Democracy 1 02
Dire Straits Dire Straits 1 02
Grateful Dead American Beauty 1 02
Harvey Danger Flagpole Sitta 1 02
Joni Mitchell Court & Spark 1 02
Tori Amos Scarlet's Walk 1 02
Buddy Holly The Chirping Crickets 1 04
Charles Mingus Pithecanthropus Erectus 1 04
Dave Brubeck Time Out 1 04
Ella & Louis Ella, Louis w/ Oscar Peterson 1 04
Flatt & Scruggs Foggy Mountain Jamboree (1957) 1 04
Frank Sinatra Only the Lonely 1 04
Frank Sinatra Songs for Swingin Lovers 1 04
John Coltrane Blue Train 1 04
Johnny Cash Johnny Cash with His Hot and Blue Guitar! 1 04
Johnny Cash Live at Folsom prison 1 04
Marty Robbins Gunfighter Ballads & Trail Songs 1 04
Moondog Moondog 1 04
Other Worlds Other Worlds 1 04
The Atomic Mr. Basie Count Basie 1 04
Cream Disraeli Gears 1 05
Ray Charles Modern Sounds in Country and Western Music (1962) 1 05
The Band Music from Big Pink 1 05
The Beatles Rubber Soul, the Capitol version 1 05
The Rolling Stones Beggars Banquet 1 05
The Velvet Underground The Velvet Underground 1 05
Them The Angry Young Them 1 05
Black Sabbath Master of Reality 1 06
Bruce Springsteen Darkness on the Edge of Town 1 06
David Bowie Young Americans 1 06
Meat Loaf Bat Out Of Hell 1 06
Neil Young After The Gold Rush 1 06
Simon and Garfunkel Bridge Over Troubled Water 1 06
U2 Desire 1 06
Van Morrison It's Too Late to Stop Now (1974) 1 06
Alice Cooper DaDa 1 07
Bob James H 1 07
Bruce Springsteen Nebraska 1 07
David Bowie Let's Dance 1 07
Def Leppard Pryomainia 1 07
Dinosaur Jr Bug 1 07
Dinosaur Jr You're Living All Over Me 1 07
Husker Du Zen Arcade 1 07
Iron Maiden Killers 1 07
John Hiatt Slow Turning 1 07
Keith Richards Talk Is Cheap 1 07
Los Lobos By the Light of the Moon 1 07
My Bloody Valentine Isn't Anything 1 07
New Order Substance 1 07
Pete Townshend Empty Glass 1 07
Peter Gabriel Security 1 07
Prince Dirty Mind 1 07
Queen The Game 1 07
Queen The Works 1 07
Queensrÿche Operation: Mindcrime (1988) 1 07
R.E.M. Document 1 07
Ramones Pleasant Dreams 1 07
Sonic Youth Sister 1 07
Talking Heads Stop Making Sense 1 07
The Beastie Boys Licensed To Ill 1 07
The Clash London Calling 1 07
The Dreaming Kate Bush 1 07
The Jesus and Mary Chain Psychocandy 1 07
The Kinks One for the Road 1 07
The Moody Blues The Other Side of Life 1 07
The Neville Brothers Live At Tipitina's Volume 1 & 2 1 07
The Police Outlandos d'Amour 1 07
The Rolling Stones Tattoo You 1 07
The Smiths The Queen is Dead 1 07
The Who Face Dances 1 07
Tom Petty Full Moon Fever 1 07
A Tribe Called Quest The Low End Theory 1 08
Alanis Morrisette Jagged Little Pill 1 08
Beck Midnite Vultures 1 08
Beck Odelay 1 08
Björk Homogenic 1 08
Blur Parklife 1 08
Dave Matthews Band Before these Crowded Streets 1 08
Dinosaur Jr Where You Been 1 08
Eminem The Slim Shady LP 1 08
Fiona Apple When The Pawn… 1 08
Garbage 2 1 08
Guided by Voices Bee Thousand 1 08
Lauryn Hill Miseducation of Lauryn Hill 1 08
Mazzy Star So Tonight That I Might See 1 08
Neutral Milk Hotel In The Aeroplane Over The Sea 1 08
Nine Inch Nails Downward Spiral 1 08
Nine Inch Nails The Fragile 1 08
Nirvana In Utero 1 08
No Doubt Tragic Kingdom 1 08
P.O.D. Satellite 1 08
Pavement Wowee Zowee 1 08
Pearl Jam Vitalogy 1 08
PJ Harvey Dry 1 08
Public Enemy Fear of a Black Planet 1 08
Pulp Different Class 1 08
Queens of the Stone Age Queens of the Stone Age 1 08
R.E.M. Automatic for the People 1 08
Sebadoh Sebadoh III 1 08
Sonic Youth Dirty 1 08
Sonic Youth Washing Machine 1 08
Sublime 40oz to Freedom 1 08
Sublime Sublime 1 08
The Cranberries No Need to Argue 1 08
The Flaming Lips The Soft Bulletin 1 08
The Notorious B.I.G. Ready to Die 1 08
The Smashing Pumpkins Mellon Collie and the Infinite Sadness 1 08
The Smashing Pumpkins Siamese Dream 1 08
The Verve Urban Hymns 1 08
Tom Waits Bone Machine 1 08
Tori Amos Boys for Pele 1 08
Tori Amos Little Earthquakes 1 08
Toy Matinee Toy Matinee 1 08
Travis The Man Who 1 08
U2 Achtung Baby 1 08
Vic Chesnutt Little 1 08
Weezer Pinkerton 1 08
Wu-Tang Clan Enter the Wu-Tang (36 Chambers) 1 08
Animal Collective Merriweather Post Pavillion 1 09
Arcade Fire Funeral 1 09
Arctic Monkeys Whatever People Say I Am, That's What I'm Not 1 09
Burial Untrue 1 09
Daft Punk Discovery 1 09
Damien Rice O 1 09
David Bowie Heathen and Reality 1 09
David Gray White Ladder 1 09
Deerhunter Microcastle / Weird Era Cont 1 09
Grizzly Bear Veckatimest 1 09
Jamie T Panic Prevention 1 09
Jay-Z The Black Album 1 09
Joanna Newsom Ys 1 09
Kanye West Graduation 1 09
Kanye West Late Registration 1 09
Kanye West The College Dropout 1 09
Madvillain Madvillainy 1 09
Magnetic Fields 69 Love Songs 1 09
Mark Lanegan Bubblegum 1 09
Mark Ronson Version 1 09
Modest Mouse Good News For People Who Love Bad New 1 09
Modest Mouse The Moon and Antarctica 1 09
Opeth Blackwater Park 1 09
Queens of the Stone Age Rated R 1 09
Queens of the Stone Age Songs for the Deaf 1 09
Radiohead Amnesiac 1 09
Radiohead Hail to the Thief 1 09
Sonic Youth Sonic Nurse 1 09
Spiritualized Let It Come Down 1 09
Sufjan Stevens Illinois 1 09
The Flaming Lips Yoshimi Battles the Pink Robots 1 09
The Good The Bad And The Queen The Good The Bad And The Queen 1 09
The Killers Hot Fuss 1 09
The Knife Silent Shout 1 09
The Mars Volta Deloused in the Crematorium 1 09
The Raconteurs Broken Boy Soldiers 1 09
The Streets A Grand Don't Come for Free 1 09
The White Stripes De Stijl 1 09
The White Stripes Elephant 1 09
Wilco YHF 1 09
Alabama Shakes Boys & Girls 1 10
Arcade Fire The Suburbs 1 10
Babymetal Metal Resistance 1 10
Beach House Bloom 1 10
Cage the Elephant Unpeeled 1 10
Charles Bradley No Time for Dreaming 1 10
Deafheaven Sunbather 1 10
Deap Vally Femijism 1 10
Deerhunter Halcyon Digest 1 10
Foo Fighters Wasting Light 1 10
Foster the People Torches 1 10
Frank Ocean Blonde 1 10
Frank Ocean Channel Orange 1 10
Frost* Falling Satellites 1 10
Garbage Not Your Kind of People 1 10
Jamey Johnson The Guitar Song 1 10
Jamie xx In Colour 1 10
Joanna Newsom Have One on Me 1 10
Kacey Musgraves Golden Hour 1 10
Kacey Musgraves Pageant Material 1 10
Kanye West My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy 1 10
Kanye West Yeezus 1 10
Kayne West My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy 1 10
Kendrick Lamar To Pimp a Butterfly 1 10
La Dispute Wildlife 1 10
Leon Bridges Good Thing 1 10
Leonard Cohen You Want it Darker 1 10
Lorde Pure Heroine 1 10
Marlon Williams Marlon Williams 1 10
Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds Push the Sky Away 1 10
PJ Harvey Let England Shake 1 10
Queens of the Stone Age Like Clockwork 1 10
Sturgill Simpson Metamodern Sounds in Country Music 1 10
Submarine Alex Turner 1 10
Swans To Be Kind 1 10
The Black Keys Brothers 1 10
Tool Fear Inoculum 1 10
Twenty One Pilots Blurryface 1 10
Tyler, The Creator Igor 1 10
Typhoon Hunger and Thirst 1 10
Vampire Weekend Modern Vampires of the City 1 10
Beth Gibbons and Rustin Man Out of Season 1 12
Genesis Trick of the Tail 1 12
Lunatic Soul Through Shaded Woods 1 12
Real Estate The Main Thing 1 12
Sun Kil Moon Tiny Cities 1 12
The Fall Hex Enduction Hour 1 12
Gerry Rafferty City to City 1 13
Gorillaz Plastic Beach 1 13
Lana Del Rey Norman Fucking Rockwell! 1 13
Melophobia Cage the Elephant 1 13
MGMT Oracular Spectacular 1 13
Rumours Fleetwood Mac 1 13
The Beach Boys Shut Down ll 1 13
Townes Van Zandt Live At The Old Quarter 1 13
Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young Déjà Vu 1 14
Mark Hollis Mark Hollis 1 14
Midlake The Trials of Van Occupanther 1 14
R.E.M. Reckoning 1 14
Catherine Wheel Ferment 1 15
Elliott Smith EitheOr 1 15
Enslaved newest 1 15
Fleetwood Mac Bare Trees 1 15
Genesis Wind & Wuthering 1 15
Manic Street Preachers Holy Bible 1 15
Aimee Mann Magnolia 1 16
Curtis Mayfield Superfly 1 16
Danny Elfman Edward Scissorhands 1 16
David Bowie Christiane F. Wir Kinder vom Bahnhof Zoo 1 16
Eddie Vedder Into the Wild 1 16
Glen Hansard, Markéta Irglová and Interference Once 1 16
John Williams Star Wars 1 16
Ramin Djawadi Game of Thrones 1 16
The Bee Gees Saturday Night Fever 1 16
The Blues Brothers The Blues Brothers (soundtrack) 1 16
Various Artists Almost Famous 1 16
Various Artists American Graffiti 1 16
Various Artists Big Lebowski 1 16
Various Artists Dazed and Confused 1 16
Various Artists Forrest Gump: The Soundtrack 1 16
Various Artists Garden State 1 16
Various Artists Goodfellas 1 16
Various Artists I'm not There 1 16
Various Artists Last Action Hero 1 16
Various Artists Natural Born Killers 1 16
Various Artists O Brother Where Art Thou 1 16
Various Artists Pulp Fiction 1 16
Various Artists The Commitments 1 16
Various Artists The Crow 1 16
Various Artists The Harder They Come (1972) 1 16
Various Artists The Matrix (music from the motion picture) 1 16
Various Artists The Royal Tenenbaums 1 16
Various Artists Trainspotting 1 16
Wendy Carlos A Clockwork Orange 1 16
Funkadelic Maggot Brain 1 17
Girl Talk Feed The Animals 1 18
Michael Jackson Off The Wall 1 18
Mothership Connection Mothership Connection 1 18
Parry Gripp Parry Gripp Mega-Party 1 18
Pearl Jam Vs 1 18
Sly and the Family Stone Stand 1 18
The Brian Jonestown Massacre Take it From the Man! 1 18
A Tribe Called Quest People's Instinctive Travels and the Paths of Rhythm 1 19
a-ha Minor Earth Major Sky 1 19
Carly Rae Jepsen EMOTION 1 19
Caroline Polacheck Pang 1 19
Guided by Voices Alien Lanes 1 19
Lana Del Rey Lust For Life 1 19
The Beach Boys Pet Sounds 1 19
The Moody Blues Nights In White Satin 1 19
Mount Eerie A Crow Looks At Me 1 20
Red House Painters Red House Painters 1 20
Cat Power are all good but the first is the best 1 21
Cleopatra records Guns N' Roses, Led Zeppelin tributes 1 21
Metallica Garage Inc 1 21
Ramones Acid Eaters 1 21
Various Artists Appetite for Reconstruction 1 21
Various Artists Bob Dylan 30th Anniversary Celebration 1 21
Various Artists Chimes of Freedom: The songs of Bob Dylan honoring 50 years of amnesty international 1 21
Various Artists Hot for Remixes 1 21
Various Artists I'm Not There Soundtrack 1 21
Various Artists Kiss my Ass 1 21
Various Artists The Smiths is Dead 1 21
Various Artists The Song Remains Remixed 1 21
Aerosmith Pump 1 22
Bon Jovi Slippery When Wet 1 22
Butthole Surfers Locust Abortion Technician 1 22
Cheap Trick In Color 1 22
Justice Cross 1 22
Kasabian Kasabian 1 22
Motorhead Another Perfect Day 1 22
Motorhead No Sleep 'Till Hammersmith 1 22
Narrow Head Moment of Clarity 1 22
Sleep Dopesmoker 1 22
Tune-Yards Whokill 1 22
Bob Dylan John Wesley Harding 1 23
Bootsy's Rubber Band Ahh...The Name Is Bootsy, Baby! 1 23
Brian Eno The Shutov Assembly 1 23
George Best The Wedding Present 1 23
Harry Nilsson Nilsson Schmilsson 1 23
Jim Croce I Got A Name 1 23
Jim Croce You Don't mess around with Jim 1 23
Marian Gold So Long, Celeste 1 23
Miles Davis A Tribute to Jack Johnson 1 23
Nick Lowe Jesus of Cool 1 23
Prince Prince 1 23
Richard Thompson Henry the Human Fly 1 23
Sufjan Stevens Carrie & Lowell 1 23
Tracy Chapman Tracy Chapman 1 23
Traffic John Barleycorn Must Die 1 23
Bill Withers Still Bill 1 24
Bob Dylan New Morning 1 24
Fugazi A Steady Diet of Nothing 1 24
Jellyfish Jellyfish 1 24
King Gizzard and the Lizard Wizard Nonagon Infinity 1 24
Līve The Distance to Here 1 24
Oingo Boingo any 1 24
Orson Bright Idea 1 24
Paul Weller Stanley Road 1 24
Republica Greatest Hits 1 24
Rishloo Feathergun 1 24
Wings Wild Life 1 24
Dave Psychodrama (blue) 1 25
Elton John Elton John 1 25
Elton John Goodbye Yellow Brick Road 1 25
Kate Bush Kate Bush 1 25
King Crimson Red 1 25
Konrad Schnitzler Rot 1 25
Madonna Madonna 1 25
Mos Def Black on Both Sides 1 25
Otis Blue Otis Redding 1 25
R.E.M. Green 1 25
Rammstein Rammstein 1 25
Sugar Copper Blue 1 25
The Cross The Cross 1 25
Thin Lizzy Black Rose 1 25
Violet Violet 1 25
Big Black Songs About Fucking 1 26
Deep Purple Machine Head 1 26
Dr John Gris Gris 1 26
Dr. Dre The Chronic. '92 1 26
Ian Dury New Boots and Panties!! 1 26
Neil Young On The Beach 1 26
Nick Drake Nick Drake 1 26
Pink Floyd The Wall 1 26
Rush Counterparts 1 26
Sigur Ros Ágætis byrjun 1 26
The Rolling Stones The Rolling Stones 1 26
Bubblegum Mark Lanegan 1 27
Cocteau Twins Head over heels 1 27
Cocteau Twins Treasure 1 27
Diamonds and Rust Joan Baez 1 27
Erykah Badu Live 1 27
Hockey Dad Dreamin 1 27
Kate Bush Under the Pink 1 27
Norah Jones Come Away With Me 1 27
Ringo Starr Ringo 1 27
Rod Stewart Every Picture Tells A Story 1 27
Roger Taylor Happiness? 1 27
Roxy Music Bryan Ferry 1 27
Seal Seal 1994 1 27
Estrons You say I am too Much, I Say You're Not Enough 1 28
Icky Thump Icky Thump 1 28
New Radicals Maybe You've Been Brainwashed Too 1 28
R.E.M. New Adventures in Hi-Fi 1 28
Rush A Farewell to Kings 1 28
The Stone Roses The Second Coming 1 28
The Who Quadrophenia 1 28
David Bowie Hunky Dory 1 29
Dennis Wilson Pacific Ocean Blue 1 29
Elliott Smith Roman Candle 1 29
George Harrison All Things Must Pass 1 29
Gordon Lightfoot Sundown 1 29
Jeff Buckley Sketches for My Sweetheart the Drunk 1 29
Linkin Park Hybrid Theory 1 29
Linkin Park Meteora 1 29
Notorious B.I.G Ready to Die 1 29
Purple Mountains Purple Mountains 1 29
Roy Buchanan Live Stock 1 29
Scott Walker Climate Of Hunter 1 29
Sirtaki Mango 1 29
Vic Chesnutt Is the Actor Happy? 1 29
Walter Becker 11 Tracks of Whack 1 29
Blind Melon Soup 1 30
Efraim and Asthar Shamir אפרים ואסתר שמיר 1 30
Gomez Bring it on 1 30
Husker Du Candy Apple Grey 1 30
Idlewild 100 broken windows 1 30
Jane's Addiction Strays 1 30
Kaiser Chiefs Education, Education, Education, & War 1 30
Key Lime Pie Camper Van Beethoven 1 30
Natasha's Friends Radio Blah Blah (רדיו בלה בלה של החברים של נטאשה) 1 30
Pink Floyd Obscured by Clouds 1 30
Steve Miller Band Fly Like A Eagle 1 30
The Boo Radleys Giant Steps 1 30
The Comsat Angels Waiting for a Miracle 1 30
The Coral Butterfly House 1 30
The God Machine Scenes From The Second Storey 1 30
The Pogues Rum Sodomy & the Lash 1 30
The Sound Jeopardy 1 30
Tim Buckley Greetings from LA 1 30
Ultimate Spinach Ultimate Spinach 1 30
Violent Femmes first album 1 30
Yes Tales from Topographic Oceans Studio 1 30
Bob Marley Legend 1 31
King Gizzard and the Lizard Wizard Polygondwanaland 1 31
billy woods Hiding Places (2019) 1 32
Devendra Banhart Rejoicing in the Hands 1 32
Lake Street Dive Obviously 1 32
Lily Allen Alright Still 1 32
Paramore This Is Why 1 32
The Dining Rooms Art is a Cat (2020) 1 32
B52s Cosmic Thing 1 33
Ragged Glory Ragged Glory 1 33
Red Hot Chili Peppers Californication 1 33
The Thrills So Much for the City 1 33
Black Wonderful Life 1 34
Centro-Matic Fort Recovery 1 34
Depeche Mode Delta Machine 1 34
Disintegration Disintegration 1 34
Fountains of Wayne Utopia Parkway 1 34
REO Speedwagon Hi Infidelity 1 34
Suede Suede 1 34
Craig David Born to do it 1 35
Fishbone Truth And Soul 1 35
Jesus Lizard Liar 1 35
Keane Hopes and Fears 1 35
Muse Origin of Symmetry 1 35
Outside Outside 1 35
Placebo Meds 1 35
Teenage Fanclub Bandwagonesque 1 35
Travis Scott Birds In The Trap Sing McKnight 1 35
Alice Cooper Billion Dollar Babies 1 36
Depeche Mode Black Celebration 1 36
ELO Time 1 36
Elvis Costello and The Attractions My Aim is True 1 36
Fish Fish 1 36
Foreigner 4 1 36
High On Fire Death Is This Communion 1 36
Huey Lewis and the News Sports 1 36
Joe Walsh Rocky Mountain Way 1 36
Led Zeppelin Houses of the Holy 1 36
Madness The Rise and Fall 1 36
Ocean Colour Scene Moseley Shoals 1 36
Patti Smith Horses 1 36
Queens of the Stone Age Lullabies to Paralyze 1 36
Ratt Out of the Cellar 1 36
Suede Dog Man Star 1 36
Texas Southside 1 36
The Rolling Stones Some Girls 1 36
Therapy? Troublegum 1 36
Various Artists Empire Records 1 37
Various Artists Godzilla (1998) 1 37
Various Artists Judgment Night 1 37
Various Artists Scream 2 1 37
Various Artists The Revenant 1 37
Bon Iver For Emma, Forever Ago 1 38
Carole King Tapestry 1 38
Chris Isaak Forever Blue 1 38
Frightened Rabbit The Midnight Organ Fight 1 38
Josh Rouse Under the Cold Blue Stars 1 38
Neil Young Zuma 1 38
Richard Marx Richard Marx 1 38
The Last Post Love Lost 1 38
Barry White The Man 1 40
Cannibal Corpse Eaten Back to Life 1 40
Marvin Gaye Lets Get it On 1 40
Smoke City Flying Away 1 40
The Beatles Yellow Submarine Soundtrack 1 40
Tindersticks Tindersticks (1995) 1 40
Various Artists The Morbius soundtrack 1 40
Hed Kandi Disco Heaven (2002) 1 41
Jamiroquai Travelling Without Moving 1 41
John Mellencamp John Mellencamp 1 41
KC & the Sunshine Band KC & the Sunshine Band 1 41
Surrender the Chemical Brothers 1 41
The Prodigy Invaders Must Die 1 41
Underworld Second Toughest In The Infants 1 41
Allman Brothers Band At Fillmore East 1 42
John Lennon Double Fantasy 1 42
The Marshall Mathers LP Eminem 1 42
Ulver Perdition City 1 42
Badly Drawn Boy The Hour of Bewilderbeast 1 43
Bob Marley Kaya 1 43
Brian Eno Apollo 1 43
Grant Nicholas Yorktown Heights 1 43
Grateful Dead Workingman's Dead 1 43
Jack Johnson In Between Dreams 1 43
Seal Best 1991-2004 1 43
The Levellers Levelling the Land 1 43
Tom Petty Wildflowers 1 43
Bongo Fury Bongo Fury 1 44
Brian Eno & John Cale Wrong Way Up 1 44
Isobel Campbell first album with Mark Lanegan 1 44
James Yorkston, Nina Person and the Second Hand Orchestra The Great White Sea Eagle 1 44
John Coltrane and Johnny Hartman John Coltrane and Johnny Hartman 1 44
Linkin Park / Jay Z Collision Course 1 44
Robert Plant & Alison Kraus two albums are so great 1 44
Traveling Wilburys Traveling Wilburys 1 44
Air PRemiers Symptômes 1 45
Booker T Any of the 60s albums 1 45
Brian Eno Neuroli 1 45
Esquivel Caberet Manana 1 45
Frank Zappa Guitar 1 45
Geneva Russian Circles 1 45
Godspeed You! Black Emperor Lift Your Skinny Fists Like Antennas to Heaven 1 45
Herb Alpert and the Tijuana Brass Going Places 1 45
Herb Alpert and the Tijuana Brass Herb Alpert and the Tijuana Brass 1 45
Herb Alpert Any of the 60s albums 1 45
J Dilla Donuts 1 45
Jean-Michel Jarre Oxygene 1 45
Jenova 7 Dusted Jazz, vol. 3 1 45
Les Baxter Ritual of the Savage 1 45
Metal Machine Music Lou Reed 1 45
Mike Oldfield Ommadawn 1 45
Mort Garson Mother Earth's Plantasia 1 45
St Germain Tourist 1 45
The Beastie Boys In Sounds From Way Out 1 45
The Beastie Boys The Mix-up 1 45
The Caretaker Everywhere At The End of Time 1 45
Weather Report Heavy Weather 1 45
ABBA Gold 1 46
Bob Dylan Greatest Hits 1 46
Creedence Clearwater Revival Chronicle 1 46
David Bowie Changes 1 46
Earth Wind & Fire V1 1 46
Judas Priest Living After Midnight 1 46
Prince The Hits 1 1 46
Prince The Hits 2 1 46
Queen Greatest Hits 1 1 46
Queen Greatest Hits 2 1 46
R.E.M. In Time 1988-2003 1 46
Status Quo Whatever You Want: The Very Best of Status Quo 1 46
Steve Miller Band Greatest Hits 1974-78 1 46
The Beastie Boys The Sounds Of Science 1 46
The Beatles 1 (Ones) 1 46
The Beatles 1967-1970 (the blue album) 1 46
Tom Petty & the Heartbreakers Greatest Hits 1 46
Van Morrison At the Movies 1 46
Cardinal Pinegrove 1 47
Frightened Rabbit Midnight Organ Fight 1 47
From Under the Cork Tree Fall Out Boy 1 47
Gringo Mayer Gringo Mayer 1 47
Pan the Sirens Pan the Sirens 1 47
Sam Fender Hypersonic Missles 1 47
Steven Wilson Hand. Cannot. Erase 1 47
The Posies Dear 23 1 47
Toploader Onka's Big Moka 1 47
Young Marble Giants Colossal Youth 1 47
Barenaked Ladies Stunt 1 48
Bruce Springsteen Wrecking Ball 1 48
Jimi Hendrix Axis: Bold as Love 1 48
Megadeth So Far, So Good..... So What!!!! 1 48
Ministry Psalm 69 1 48
Nine Inch Nails Broken 1 48
The Prodigy Their Law: The Singles 1990-2005 1 48
Tom Jones Greatest Hits 1 48
AC/DC Powerage 1 49
Ace of Spades by Motörhead is overrated. It has some great songs on it by the also a lot of shit 49
Deathconsciousness by have a nice life is a really bad album but 4chan people thought wow the bad production and the fact that it was all recorded with a macbook mic makes it special and amazing but its very boring and bad 49
Full moon fever by Tom petty was better than highway 61 revisited 49
I think that Alice In Chains Tripod is significantly better than Dirt even though I do enjoy both 49
Master Of Puppets is not the best Metallica album 49
Neither The Rolling Stones nor The Who have ever produced a great album 49
Pet Sounds by The Beach Boys is like listening to Nursery rhymes and has zero depth to it 49
Pet Sounds is three hits and boring filler 49
Powerage is WAY better than Back In Black 49
Radiohead - OK Computer does nothing for me 49
Tales from Topographic Oceans is the best album by Yes 49
The White Album by the Beatles isn't the masterpiece so many of my friends claim it to be 49
Young Americans is the album of David Bowie I listen the least to 49
Frank Zappa Civilization Phaze III 1 51
George Harrison Branwashed 1 51
Johnny Cash American V 1 51
Johnny Cash American VI 1 51
Johnny Cash Unearthed 1 51
Otis Redding The Dock of the Bay 1 51
Brian Eno music for airports 1 52
Comsat Angels Sleep No More 1 52
John Martyn Solid Air 1 52
Melody AM Royksopp 1 52
Mike Oldfield Amarok 1 52
Miles Davis In A Silent Way 1 52
PJ Harvey Uh Huh Her 1 52
Simple Things Zero 7 1 52
The Orb Orblivion 1 52
Wednesday Morning Wednesday Morning 1 52
Celine Dion Let's Talk About Love 1 53
Coldplay any 1 53
Have a nice life deathconsciousness 1 53
Metallica Metallica (The Black Album) 1 53
Nick Drake Pink Moon 1 53
Taylor Swift 1989 1 53
The Eagles Hotel California 1 53
Weezer Blue Album 1 53
Gang of Four Entertainment! 1 54
London Calling The Clash 1 54
Marc Ribbot Songs of Resistance: 1942–2018 1 54
Monty Python Matching Tie And Handkerchief 1 54
Neil Young Neil Young 1 54
Pink Floyd Animals 1 54
Sly and the Family Stone There's a Riot Goin' On 1 54
Billy Cobham Spectrum 1 55
Coldplay Parachutes 1 55
Dexys Midnight Runners Searching for the Young Soul Rebels 1 55
Eazy E It's On (Dr Dre) 187um Killa 1 55
Foo Fighters Sonic Highways 1 55
Kingston Wall II 1 55
Lou Reed Set The Twilight Reeling 1 55
RH Factor Hard Groove 1 55
The Parlor Mob And You Were A Crow 1 55
The Smaahing Pumpkins Adore 1 55
Trio Trio 1 55
Candlemass The Door To Doom 1 56
Dave Matthews and Tim Reynolds Live at Luther College 1 56
Deadsy Commencement 1 56
Falco Emotional 1 56
Journey Escape 1 56
Somersault Beach Fossils 1 56
The Stooges Fun House 1 56
Bill Cosby Bill 1 57
Chris De Burgh Chris De Burgh 1 57
LostProphets The Fake Sound of Progress 1 57
R.E.M. Monster 1 57
Whitesnake Whitesnake 1 57
Chris Bell I Am the Cosmos 1 58
Radiohead Pablo Honey 1 58
Talk Talk Spirit of Eden 1 58
The Black Album Metallica 1 58
The Blue Nile Hats 1 58
Tom Petty & the Heartbreakers Damn the Torpedoes 1 58
Begin The Millennium 1 59
Dr. Dre 2001 1 59
Frank Zappa One Size Fits All 1 59
In Flames Soundtrack to your Escape 1 59
Marillion Marbles 1 59
Queen Jazz 1 59
Rush Hemispheres 1 59
Coldplay Viva La Vida 1 60
James Blunt Back to Bedlam 1 60
Oasis first three albums 1 60
Queen Sheer heart attack 1 60
Sounds Of My Youth Sounds Of My Youth 1 60
Ted Nugent Cat Scratch Fever 1 60
Adam & The Ants Prince Charming 1 61
Andrew Lloyd Webber Jesus Christ Superstar: Original London Cast 1 61
Badfinger Magic Christian Music 1 61
Bo Hansson Lord of the Rings 1 61
Eminem Recovery 1 61
Iron Butterfly In-A-Gadda-Da-Vida 1 61
Pet Shop Boys Please 1 61
Robert B. Sherman and Richard M. Sherman The Gnome Mobile 1 61
Shakin Stevens This Ol' House 1 61
Styx The Grand Illusion 1 61
The Beatles Introducing The Beatles 1 61
The Partridge Family The Partridge Family Album 1 61
The Prodigy The Fat of the Land 1 61
The Royal Guardsmen Snoopy and His Friends 1 61
Big Star No. 1 Record 1 62
Bruce Springsteen Greetings from Asbury Park, NJ 1 62
Emerson, Lake & Palmer ELP 1 62
Imagine Dragons Night Visions 1 62
Iron Maiden Iron Maiden 1 62
Kanye West College Dropout 1 62
Leon Bridges Coming Home 1 62
Linkin Park Linkin Park 1 62
Marillion Script for a Jesters Tear 1 62
Pearl Jam Ten 1 62
Teenage Fanclub A Catholic Education 1 62
Tesla Mechanical Resonance 1 62
Van Halen Van Halen I 1 62
Weezer Weezer 1 62
Boston Don't Look Back 1 63
CrazySexyCool TLC 1 63
Eden Alley Timbuk3 1 63
Imagine Dragons Smoke and Mirrors 1 63
Mansun Six 1 63
My Chemical Romance Three Cheers For Sweet Revenge 1 63
Nas It Was Written 1 63
Outkast ATLiens 1 63
Raincoats Odyshape 1 63
Rush Fly by Night 1 63
Silkworm Libertine 1 63
The Smithereens Green Thoughts 1 63
The Velvet Underground White Light/White Heat 1 63
Vampire Weekend Contra 1 63
Van Halen Van Halen II 1 63
Bob Dylan Rough and Rowdy Ways 1 64
Bruce Springsteen The Rising 1 64
Bruce Springsteen Western Stars 1 64
Comus Out of the Coma (2012) 1 64
David Bowie final 2 albums 1 64
David Bromberg Use Me 1 64
David Gilmour David Gilmour 1 64
David Gilmour On An Island if not 1 64
Fountains of Wayne Sky Full of Holes 1 64
Fugazi The Argument 1 64
Iron Maiden A Matter of Life and Death 1 64
Iron Maiden Senjutsu 1 64
Marillion Sounds That Can't Be Made 1 64
Metallica Death Magnetic onwards 1 64
Neil Young Mirror Ball 1 64
Paul McCartney Chaos and Creation in the Backyard 1 64
Paul McCartney Egypt Station 1 64
Pink Floyd All three Gilmour-led albums 1 64
Pink Floyd The Division Bell 1 64
Roger Waters Is This The Life We Really Want? 1 64
Rush Clockwork angels 1 64
Sunny Day Real Estate How It Feels To Be Something On 1 64
Tears For Fears The Tipping Point 1 64
You Want It Darker You Want It Darker 1 64
Aerosmith Done with Mirror 1 65
Black Sabbath 13 1 65
Bob Dylan Time Out Of Mind 1 65
Deep Purple Perfect Strangers 1 65
Dinosaur Jr Beyond 1 65
Elvis Presley The 68 Comeback Special 1 65
Manic Street Preachers Manic Street Preachers 1 65
Permanent Vacation Aerosmith 1 65
Portishead Third 1 65
Santana Supernatural 1 65
The Who Endless Wire 1 65
David Bowie most 1 66
Green Day American Idiot 1 66
Neil Young Living With War 1 66
Will Oldham Viva Last Blues 1 66
Austrian Death Machine A Very Brutal Christmas 1 67
Barenaked Ladies Barenaked for the Holidays 1 67
Bruce Cockburn Christmas Album 1 67
Hed Kandi Beach House compilations 1 67
Jackson 5 Christmas album 1 67
Jacob Miller Xmas album 1 67
James Brown Soulful Christmas 1 67
John Denver & The Muppets A Christmas Together 1 67
Mundy 24 Star Hotel 1 67
Phil Spector Xmas album 1 67
Stevie Wonder Someday at Christmas 1 67
Sting Ten Summoners Tales 1 67
Sugar Beaster 1 67
Vince Guaraldi A Charlie Brown Christmas 1 67
Acid Witch Witchtanic Hallucinations 1 68
Black Sabbath Born Again 1 68
Castlemania Thee Oh Sees 1 68
Danny Elfman The Nightmare Before Christmas Soundtrack 1 68
King Diamond Them 1 68
Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds Murder Ballads 1 68
The Birthday Party Junkyard 1 68
Various Artists Ghostbusters (1984) OST 1 68
Various Artists Rocky Horror Picture Show 1 68
A Flock of Seagulls A Flock of Seagulls 1 69
Dada Puzzle 1 69
Edwyn Collins Dr. Syntax 1 69
Gary Numan Pleasure Principle 1 69
Jonathan Edwards Jonathan Edwards 1 69
Marc Cohn Marc Cohn 1 69
The Sex Pistols Never Mind the Bollocks, Here's the Sex Pistols 1 69
Dread Zeppelin Dread Zeppelin 1 70
Gorillaz Demon Days 1 70
King Gizzard and The Lizard Wizard Omnium Gatherum 1 70
Lewis Taylor Lewis Taylor 1 70
The Fugees The Score 1 70
U2 Pop 1 70
Buena Vista Social Club Buena Vista Social Club 1 71
Carmen Fandangos in Space 1 71
Cheikh Lô Bambay Gueej 1 71
Cocteau Twins any album 1 71
Einsturzende Neubauten Halber Mensch 1 71
Gaye Su Akyol Gaye Su Akyol 1 71
Hard Rock from the Middle East Hard Rock from the Middle East 1 71
Kaiser's Orchestra Evig Pint 1 71
Konomi Suzuki (鈴木 このみ) Ultra Flash 1 71
Måneskin Teatro d'ira Vol. 1 1 71
Melody Nelson Serge Gainsbourg 1 71
Os Mutantes Os Mutantes 1 71
Rammstein Reise, Reise 1 71
Rosalia Motomami 1 71
Super Furry Animals Mwng 1 71
The Gipsy Kings anything 1 71
X Japan Blue Blood 1 71
Anthrax Among the Living 1 72
Fleet Foxes Fleet Foxes 1 72
John Prine Lost Dogs + Mixed Blessings 1 72
Led Zeppelin Presence 1 72
Nico Chelsea Girls 1 72
Nina Nastasia Dogs 1 72
Taylor Swift Folklore 1 72
Brian Eno Ambient 1: Music For Airports 1 73
Mike Oldfield Mike Oldfield 1 73
Neil Young Harvest Moon 1 73
Simon and Garfunkel Parsley, Sage, Rosemary and Thyme 1 73
Willie Nelson Stardust 1 73
Adele 19 1 74
Bohren und der Club of Gore Black Earth 1 74
Celer In Light of Blues 1 74
Firehose Flyin' the Flannel 1 74
Fleetwood Mac Madison Blues 1 74
Genesis Trespass 1 74
Gogo Penguin Everything Is Going to Be OK 1 74
Jeff Beck Jeff 1 74
Jon Spencer Blues Explosion Now I Got Worry 1 74
Leonard Cohen The Future 1 74
Marika Hackman We Slept at Last 1 74
Megadeth Risk 1 74
Method Man Tical 1 74
Queen A Day at the Races 1 74
Queen Made in Heaven 1 74
The Allman Brothers Idlewild South 1 74
The Beach Boys In Concert 1 74
The Beach Boys Wild Honey 1 74
The Smashing Pumpkins Atum: A Rock Opera in Three Acts 1 74
The Smashing Pumpkins Gish 1 74
Thyrane Travesty of Heavenly Essence 1 74
Tupac Shakur The Don Killuminati: The 7 Day Theory 1 74
Warren Zevon The Best Of Warren Zevon 1 74
Widespread Panic Space Wrangler 1 74
Yes Yessongs 1 74
Jeff Buckley Jeff Buckley 1 75
Led Zeppelin Kashmir 1 75
Pink Floyd The Dark Side of the Moon 1 75
Radiohead A Moon Shaped Pool 1 75
Simon and Garfunkel Bookends 1 75
The Allman Brothers Band At Filmore East… 1 75
The Grateful Dead American Beauty 1 75
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2023.05.31 04:24 rnilkpan Against all odds

Hello 👋🏼
It’s me again! I thought I’d share my story about my most unlikely manifestation. It wasn’t deliberate, but when I think back to it, LoA is the only possible answer to how this happened.
I’m Chinese. Why am I mentioning this? Basically, grades were my world - and it put me into an incredibly negative place. Anyway, it was coming up to the end of my highschool years and I was 17 years old. I had to select a university that I would want to attend.
I went to my first choice university’s open evening, and they stated that in 2012, the minimum grade for acceptance was AAB (to get into the course I wanted). No one got in via clearing.
At the open evening, they had a talk about campus accommodation. They stated that accommodation in the main halls was only guaranteed by those with an unconditional offer. Everyone else would essentially have to fight for a spot. My dad nudged me and said jokingly “why can’t you get an unconditional offer?”
I laughed and silently kicked myself for not receiving one. I had heard that year that 2 people received unconditionals for the course as a result of being exceptional. I got a conditional offer of AAA. I was well on track with my grades, with predicted of AA*AA (I took an extra A-level).
When I got home, I logged onto my socials. Back then, I was active on a site called Tumblr (WAHOOO!) and there was an extremely popular post called “the shooting star”. It was a gif image of a shooting star which told the reader to make a wish and reshare the image. It became popular because so many people claimed it worked for them. I wished for an unconditional offer. Logically, it seemed a bit silly. I’ve never really heard of places changing a conditional to an unconditional, so it seemed rather baseless. But I wished real hard.
Fast forward to the day of exams… I collapsed in school. As in, I was rushed to A&E and was told that I had almost died due to pneumonia (I had severe asthma, and the flare up caused by pneumonia was… intense). I was placed into intensive care unit for 1 week. I had missed all my exams. I asked my friends to bring me my study books, so I would study on my hospital bed while the exams were going on. I was infuriated at myself.
Despite me being angry, I repeated to myself over and over “I’m getting into that university” with such fierce determination. I would find a way, and I would not make myself sit through another year of school.
On the day of results… you can imagine how mortified I was. I didn’t sit my exams, but they gave me placeholder grades. I came out with a BCCC. The next day I lay there in bed and my dad shook me awake and told me to look at my UCAS (the site we use to apply for uni). I refused and said “there’s no point. I’m not going to uni this year.”
My dad sounded disappointed but said “check anyway.”
So I did. I wiped my tears and plopped off to the toilet and prepared to cry. Until I open up the site and:
“You have been offered an unconditional offer.”
And that’s it. I didn’t redo my school year. I got to live in the main halls. My dad that day apparently went to work screaming of happiness. My mother still tells this story to her friends, claiming I’m magical.
Did me getting an unconditional offer come about in the way I expected it to? Absolutely not. But alas, the universe delivers in unique (sometimes slightly painful!) ways.
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2023.05.31 04:24 paimonnow I was missing out on this game

I just need to lay out my love for this game. I’m a newbie. Only 11% in. And I regret not having tried out this game sooner when the hype was at its peak.
I dislike FPS and shooters in general cause I play on consoles and I find it hard to aim and it stresses me out.
But… this game is so much fun! The fact that they don’t outline the enemies makes it so much more thrilling and realistic. There’s definitely a steep learning curve for me since I’m not used to using guns in games (hell, I avoided The Last of Us like the plague cause of it… lol), but this game blows my mind.
It’s currently on sale (playstation store) and I jumped right into it out of boredom. For reference, my favorite game of all time is The Witcher III, so I’m all for HUGE worlds to explore.
Not going to lie, didn’t think much of it in the first 30 minutes… but when it finally takes off… wow! I love how realistic everything is. How the world is alive! How NPCs can get upset and chase you down. How the horses look beautiful. The scenery. This game is from 2018!
What finally sealed the deal for me was Arthur and Lenny going to Valentine for a drink… you all know what comes next. I was laughing so hard at how both of them got wasted and started dancing and having a good time. Arthur’s vision blurring…. even the dialogue options having typos! “Lemmy? Gret”… amazing attention to detail.
Sorry for all the rambling and I’m sure you’ve probably read all of this before. This game is not short on praise, but I’m so happy I gave it a try and felt the need to share it with all of you!
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2023.05.31 04:23 moss-forest Wednesday Cookies (by cookiesheet.creations)

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2023.05.31 04:23 KittenDealinMama AITA for uninviting my daughter to our Christmas gathering?

Originally posted by u/electronic_gas_5769 in AmItheAsshole on Nov 11, '20, updated Dec 6, '20 and Oct 30, '22. I edited the first post to use the names OP uses in the next 2 posts instead of initials.
Trigger Warning: Cheating, loss of a loved one
Mood Spoiler: Both sad and happy parts
Nov 11, '20
AITA for uninviting my daughter to our Christmas gathering?
Bear with me, I am on mobile.
I am a mother of 4 children. Two older sons and two younger daughters. All of them are adults and have moved out a long time ago.
I have always been close with my daughter Sally, while Penny has always liked to have her own space. Which I don't mind, theyre both beautiful talented young women that I thought I couldn't be more proud of.
We're having early Christmas this year. First week of December I was inviting everyone around for Christmas Dinner, gift giving and the lot.
When I Phoned Penny yesterday to clarify a few things she mentioned that she and her husband would not be coming.
When I asked she said that they had seperated for now as he had cheated. I said that it was surely better to spend time with family if this was the case and maybe she should come home for some time.
She ummed and ahhd but then eventually she told me he had an affair with Sally and they had been seeing each other for the past 2 years.
I felt sick. For the past 6 months in our talks, Sally has alluded that she had been seeing someone and was typically girl-in-love.
I uninvited Sally to the Christmas gathering and blocked her. I don't know if I'm able to deal with her before Christmas but this is family time and family can't hurt each other like that. I'm at a loss in all honesty. Penny is now coming which is good because at this time she needs stability of people who love her imo.
The problem is that Sally naturally thinks I'm in the wrong. It's none of my business and as her mother I can't block her and remove her from the family.
My sister thinks I shouldn't get involved in their personal lives which I think is bs. My daughter needs us right now. But then she tells me "I have two daughters to think about". Which I think isn't true. Sally has forfeited that right atm.
Thankfully my husband is liaising with Sally atm but he is also in solidarity with me.
So are we in the wrong for uninviting a daughter for Christmas??
Edit: my husband showed me that this had gotten a lot responses. Too many for us to answer them all but we will be reading through before bed.
A small update: Penny's MIL found out. While me and her have only spoken a few times, she did dote on Penny and I know Penny got along well with her. I haven't spoken to her personally, but I know she phoned my daughter and was really supportive and crying.
My sister said that if Sally isn't invited then she isn't going either. Which is fine by me - she wasn't invited in the first place due to the pandemic. Otherwise I've been working and doing some crochet so it's been quiet :)
Judgment: Not The Asshole
1st Update
Dec 6, '20 - About 1 month later
Hello all! My Christmas gathering was yesterday and my son & husband wondered if I would post an update for you all.
It's been rather uneventful, but I've been equally surrounded by warmth and love while also feeling heartbroken and lonely.
So first of all, since my post, my husband has been teaching me to use reddit! I've really enjoyed being in some craft communities 😊
My daughter Penny has been staying with us. She works from home. My husband and eldest went to get some more of her stuff from her old house. Pennys mother-in-law (Jane) was there and was very helpful and sweet. She also bought some mint hot chocolate for our penny and Christmas candles. I know they're her favourite.
From what penny has told me, Jane is having similar feelings to me. A lot of guilt over our children's decision to hurt people we love. I think at this point we have to accept that we did our best raising them, but they're adults now so we can't beat ourselves up.
Penny and Jane are going to stay in touch. I think Jane truly does think of penny as a daughtefriend 😊😊
Onto some more negative things. I wrote my letter to Sally during this time. I expressed that I was extremely disappointed and also disgusted. While I will continue to have a relationship with her, she won't be welcome to any family gatherings with penny present unless penny has met a point in her life where she feels comfortable. I told her what some of you had said, that not taking a side would be a side and that she had for all intents and purposes, already uninvited herself when she was so cruel to her sister.
Sally had apparently come up on Friday and knocked on the door. I was out shopping at the time. My husband spoke to her. Apparently, Sally and Michael (my son-in-law) are going to continue their relationship. I will not support it in any way or form. She may be my daughter but that man is not welcome. I am supporting penny through the divorce, and if Sally ever expects money for the wedding or a house then she's a very naïve girl. My husband sent her away, after which Sally said we'd have to get over it someday.
Otherwise, the Christmas gathering was lovely. It was strange not getting drunk and playing boardgames due to covid, but still a pleasant time. My hip hurts from the cooking 😭 but husband and penny did the cleaning up so who's the real winner?
I hope you all have a wonderful day. Thank you very much for your kind words when I last spoke to you ♥
EDIT: I know some are concerned about Covid, but please know that we live in a country with very few cases and we met within government guidelines.
2nd Update
Oct 30, '22 - Almost 2 years later
Hello all!
I hope this message finds you well. A lot has changed since I last spoke with you all, so I would like to update you because I am finding things a bit difficult right now.
First of all, Penny is doing well! She met someone new about a year ago; they're incredibly supportive and sweet, and they made such an effort in getting to know me and my husband. Penny was still living with me when she started seeing them, so I got to watch their relationship develop - and although Penny is a grown woman I couldn't help but be reminded of when she was a child and having crushes. It was very endearing and I'm glad I got to witness firsthand the smile her new partner gives her. Penny also got a new job and has moved to Ireland with her partner.
Sally and Michael have continued their relationship. I don't have a lot of love to give Michael. I am civil enough but frankly, it is difficult for me to become invested in their relationship at all. Michael recently asked my permission to marry Sally, which was disrespectful, to say the least. Penny still lived with me last Christmas, so again they were not invited. I am not hosting this Christmas and am instead going to go visit my eldest son, he and his wife had a little boy at the beginning of this year. They've asked me to stay with them for a little while so I can help with the cooking and cleaning, as they have been struggling a little bit.
Finally, my husband passed away 9 months ago. He fell while on a walk and hit his head, and was there for some hours before someone found him. It's been a difficult transition, to put it mildly. Being a little bit on the older side, I've lost a fair few people in my life and while I did grieve, I always had the strength to continue. Losing my husband made me realise how much I relied on him. Not just to take the bins out, or pick me up from choir practice, but all the times I was angry, sad, and overwhelmed and he was there for me.
When other people passed away at least you get moments of respite in the grief, where you just sort of "forget" they've passed. With my husband, there are only reminders. Every time I wake up alone, when I now have to take the bins out, when I have to cook a meal just for one person. There's not really a moment of peace in this grief and I have found it very difficult to deal with. It's his birthday at the end of November, and there was another moment of grief as I had to get rid of my notes for birthday gift ideas in my notebook. Everything has just been so painful to deal with and I just cannot stop crying even after all this time. I just can't even stand to think of the good moments I shared with him because it just hurts too much. I know there's not a correct way to grieve or time-limit, but I just feel like I've got to get up and start looking after myself for everyone around me.
I really want to thank any of you that read this. It's been incredibly helpful just to be able to share my feelings a little bit. I hope you all have been doing well.
Kind regards.
Reminder, DO NOT comment on the original posts or contact the original poster. I am not the original poster. This is a repost.
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2023.05.31 04:19 Quantumaleviolen Amor Fati

My happiness and contentment for life in general has increased with age. I am a person that has chased the mysteries of the universe in an obsessive fashion due to my curiosity outweighing even my self-preservation. (I'm the first one to die in a horror movie situation. When we hear the strange monster make a noise outside, I'm the one that says, wait here, I'll check it out!)
I believe one aspect has been similar to achieving what Nietzsche called Amor Fati, or love of fate.
The idea he had was that a type of inner peace could be achieved by removing regret or wishful reflection upon instances in the past or to love all events, bad or good, as it truly happened.
As I have a bit stronger empathy for humanity as a whole than many people, I used to contemplate the fate of humanity and stress about what my role was in it. Over the last decade, I've really started to love the story of humanity in a way that I believe I love the fate of us as it truly is.
Yes, humanity has some sucky parts and we may be headed towards a cliff, but the existence of humanity in itself and its uniqueness on the planet (maybe the universe) is beautiful to me. I see beauty in the universe and whatever we were or will become, I believe I will see the beauty in it.
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2023.05.31 04:18 diamondsandglass [Ballet] The only ballerina you've ever heard isn't actually that great at ballet

Briefly, I’d like to say I really enjoy reading the content here, but this is my first time trying my own hand at writing a post. If anyone has recommendations for improvement I’d be happy to hear them. There is so, so, so much drama in the ballet world, so hopefully this will be the first in a series of sorts. I’ll try to keep it relatively light for my first post, but this write-up will include some mentions of racism. Also, apologies for any formatting issues, I am on mobile.
With that being said, let’s get on to the drama.
What is ballet? I’ll try to keep this part brief. Just in case you haven’t heard of it, ballet is a heavily codified and strict form of dance rising out of France in the 17th century. It traveled all around Europe, and eventually the world, changing and taking shape along the way. In the late 18th century some absolute sadist decided that this art would look even better if the dancers had to do everything balanced on the top of their toes, and thus the pointe shoe was born, defining the style to this day.
What is Swan Lake? In the 19th century Russia was the place to be for ballet. Tchaikovsky was writing his greatest music for the royal theater, and working with him was the genius choreographer Marius Pepita. In 1870, this collaboration would lead to a little work called Swan Lake. Swan Lake is one of the most famous ballets of all time, eclipsed only by The Nutcracker. It is a big display of feathers and drama and death and I love it very much.
The plot revolves around a woman who has been cursed to turn into a swan, and the prince who falls in love with her. Unfortunately, the prince is tricked by an evil swan woman who dances so seductively that he promises to marry her instead. This confusion leads to the good swan being so heartbroken she simply cannot live on, and the ballet ends with her tragic death. I know this plot sounds batshit insane, but the dances are so beautiful it kind of helps you forget that. Traditionally both of the lead swan roles are played by the same dancer, which is a massive challenge not just because she will be on stage for ~2 hours, but also because the evil swan (referred to as the black swan or Odiele) has a famously difficult section where she has to do 32 of the same turn. In a row. Put a pin in that for a moment.
Who is Misty Copeland? Misty Copeland is possibly the most famous ballet dancer in the world right now. If you forced someone on the street to name a ballet dancer, it would either be her or Natalie Portman in that one movie. Misty became famous as the first black ballerina promoted to a principal dancer at American Ballet Theater, the de facto national dance company of the U.S. This was a huge step forward for the ballet world, especially notable for the fact that it took waaaaaayyyy too long to happen. Misty was promoted to principal in 2015, the first black dancer to achieve this in the company’s 75 year history.
Misty is not the first black ballerina in history, but she did break a major boundary for future dancers. It’s no secret that the ballet world is stiff, slow-to-change, and overwhelmingly white. Her success was in spite of the conservative powers that be, and made her a huge inspiration to many people. Misty capitalized on this, doing magazine interviews, social media campaigns, and writing several books. She is certainly a groundbreaking ballet dancer.
But is she a good dancer? …that’s a very controversial question. She’s obviously better than the average person, but most dancers would argue she doesn’t stand out from other professionals. Her technique and virtuosity are not what is remarkable about her, and her dancing itself isn’t what made her famous. The problem with talking about this is that conservative ballet people also use this as an excuse to tear down a successful black dancer. It is difficult to distinguish someone that has good faith concerns about her qualifications from someone that is pretending to have concerns in order to voice their racist opinions on her. This had been simmering under the surface for her whole career, but really came to the head in 2018, when Copeland was called to perform the lead role in Swan Lake on a huge international tour stop in Singapore.
Black Swan Remember that pin from earlier? We’re bringing it back. Copeland had performed Swan Lake many times before, including in the lead role, and reviews were mixed. The consensus matches up pretty well with general comments about her dancing, that she’s an average-good performer, but her jumps and turns are underdeveloped and her technique is rough around the edges. Her performance in Singapore overall reflects this, with one glaring issue. The 32 turns.
This is probably the most famous danced section of the ballet, and definitely the most famous piece for the black swan. As mentioned above, Misty is not a very strong turner. She often substitutes in simpler moving steps instead of turning in the same space, as Swan Lake demands. The Singapore performance is particularly rough, and unfortunately someone in the audience that night was filming. Apologies in advance for the poor video quality, but obviously this was a bootleg.
For reference, here’s a whole bunch of other dancers doing the same section- And now here’s Misty-
Misty is obviously off-center from the start, having to hop and slowly drifting across the stage for the turns she does complete. Rather than resetting and finishing out the sets she completely gives up at 17 seconds in and substitutes in a different step.This was not a one-time change. There is additional footage from other performances that show the same thing, replacing at least half the turns with other, simpler moves. It’s clear she can’t do 16 turns in a row, much less the full 32. It had been known to the ballet world for a while that Misty wasn’t an amazing turner, but having video proof made the whole thing start spiraling beyond that.
Responses The backlash started out on small ballet forums, and then spread to blogs and other news outlets. Various reputable sources and also the Daily Mail wrote articles about how embarrassing the video looked for Copeland. The media narrative was quick to get negative, and Copeland is nothing if not media savvy. She had to make a response. And that she did.
Misty chose to respond to a particular negative comment on Instgram- Her response is fairly long and eloquent. She points out that she has never claimed to be the best dancer, and that she is grateful to even have the opportunity to perform this role. She also highlights the importance of artistry and storytelling to ballet as a whole. This response kicked off a second wave of media responses, mostly gushing clickbait articles supporting Misty unquestioningly. Most people called the performance an “off day”, saying it wasn’t representative of her dancing as a whole.
Conclusion For the ballet world, this was a huge story. However, the ballet world is not that big or important to most people. The whole thing was easily swept past, an article or two were posted online and everyone acted outraged for a few days. It hasn’t had a meaningful impact on Copeland’s career, she’s still dancing with ABT and as mentioned is massively popular. She has recently taken a break from performing, but is still very much a part of the company and will probably get more opportunities to perform Swan Lake in future. Anyone that doesn’t like her will just have to die mad about it.
Additional reading In case you’re interested, I got a lot of my additional info here- The writer is not a professional dancer, but does work closely with the ballet world and wrote one of the more comprehensive and unbiased accounts I could find. Most news outlets that covered the story are either exclusively covering Copeland’s response or just designed to tear her down. I’m not interested in trashing her reputation or calling her a terrible dancer, and I don’t want to link to anyone that’s doing that either.
I do think there are other black dancers that deserve to have as much praise and adulation as Copeland, and it’s frustrating that she alone gets so much media attention. However she has done a lot of good with her platform, and her outreach to young dancers especially is really admirable. If you have a little dancer in your life, consider reading them one of her picture books. Or hey, go to a local dance performance! There are thousands of talented dancers in smaller regional companies that don’t ever get the kind of attention American Ballet Theater generates. Having public support is what keeps dance going, whether you’re an intentionally famous principal or a local beginner.
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2023.05.31 04:13 clarahenleys My 37M husband says he loves and cares for me but I 27F don’t believe him.

Please give me advice 27F making a decision about my relationship with 37M I grew up in a very conservative and strict home and got married through an arrangement at age 23. I had only known my husband for 5 months before the wedding and got pregnant and had a baby 9 months after.
It’s been nearly 4 years of marriage but I’m unhappy I used to blame my in-laws for our differences because they have a big negative influence on him and after a couple months of marriage they grew to dislike me because I didn’t want to be the obedient daughter in law and live with them anymore. We have lived alone for about 2 years however things haven’t been that much better. Our issues consist of him wanting to spend more time with his family than with our daughter and I.
My husband also doesn’t give me much of his time, attention or make any effort to plan things unless i suggest them. I feel as if I’m just the classic housewife but nothing more I’ve communicated my wants and needs multiple times and he tells me he will try to change and I’ve seen changes but it never lasts. He changes for a period of time then goes back to how he was, we constantly argue and we are generally not happy with each other even on special occasions such as birthdays.
I’m currently at my family’s home and I’ve said I’m tired of being disappointed every time by him and want a divorce. However to be completely honest I’m scared, I know that I’m not happy with him but I don’t know what to do, I don’t want to regret it.
No one is perfect and I wouldn’t know what deal breakers are as I’ve only been in a relationship with him. I was considering of living together for my daughters sake ( because even if she sees him in the day when I put her to sleep at night and it’s just her and I, she cries for him and it breaks my heart).
Im so confused because his a good person provides for our family and a good dad however not a good husband because I feel he doesn’t love me or care for me even though he says that’s not true. I have another concern he doesn’t know how to express him self or communicate his feelings when I question him about it he’s not sure why.
I thought about the possibility of him actually have difficulties with understanding emotions (I don’t know if this is important but he has a family member that has low level of autism) because when we argue he says it’s not an argument and in general he doesn’t communicate much and doesn’t know how to start a conversation it will take maybe 20 minutes or I have to start it. He’s socially awkward and doesn’t know how to deal with certain situations and even says hurtful things then says I didn’t mean them or I don’t know why I said that after I explain why I’m hurt.
I’ve suggested marriage counselling before however he wasn’t too keen on going. He told me that he will change and won’t make me feel neglected and hurt again but he’s told me that so many times before that I just don’t believe him.
TL;DR;: Is feeling neglected and unloved in a marriage enough to divorce? because other than this problem my life with him is good and my daughter living a happy life in a two parent home. Is it enough that he is just a good parent but not a good husband? How do children cope with divorce? What do people do in these situations? Any advice would be appreciated Thank you.
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2023.05.31 04:10 handysany Anyone know where to find Cool birthday cards?

im from scarborough, lookin for some cool birthday cards like minions maybe singing happy bday? or weird disney character bday cards?
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2023.05.31 04:10 Jealous-Tea7792 I ran into my ex

Its been several months. We did the awkward small talk and they asked about the dog we got together that lives with me now. Then basically avoided eye contact with each until we eventually walked away, which is fine, just weird. I miss talking to them everyday but I know even if we did get on casual speaking terms we wouldn’t be talking to the same people we once were. I will always love them but I don’t want to get back together with them anymore I just want my best friend back. I miss you, stranger.
You looked beautiful tonight. Even after everything you put me through your smile is still my happy place.
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2023.05.31 04:09 Athunder764 Who’s this Solo Sikoa lookin MF?

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2023.05.31 04:08 Athunder764 Who’s this Solo Sikoa lookin MF?

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2023.05.31 04:07 Athunder764 Who’s this Solo Sikoa lookin MF?

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2023.05.31 04:05 SnooCapers1425 Uncle Needs Advice: Beauty product ideas for 16 year niece's birthday

My amazing niece is turning 16 in June. She is pure sunshine and one of my favorite people on the planet. I've asked her what she'd like for her birthday and one of the items is beauty products. I'm a 47 year old bald guy with a big beard with absolutely no experience with these types of products. The last time I needed a comb was in the 90's.
I'd like to get her some type of a gift basket, whether a premade one or something I'd have to create. I overheard her speaking with a friend of hers that she likes sugar scrubs and facials/masks. I'd like to stay under $350 USD for all of it.
I could really use your assistance.
I tried searching posts here but I was overwhelmed by the amount of information and I really didn't know where to start. My apologies if this post is not appropriate for this sub.
Her Description: She's 5'9", very physically active, sandy brown hair with a fair complexion, and bright blue eyes.
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2023.05.31 04:03 Spanishparlante Happy Birthday to Duke Wellington!!! (05/30/2023)

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