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AITA for splitting bills down to the penny?

2023.06.10 01:57 Blissfulwakenbaker AITA for splitting bills down to the penny?

TLDR: I feel that if I owe someone money, I owe them the exact amount. If someone owes me money, they owe me the exact amount.
I(M) live with my sister and we’re both in our mid 20’s. I often go to stores/am out and about and my sister will call and ask that I pick up ABC or get her food from wherever we’re getting. I don’t mind doing this at all, and more often than not when it comes to the food I’ll just cover her and she’ll get me when she’s out and about and I want food.
When it comes to groceries/other items, she has a tendency to under pay me, while I pay exact to the penny. I feel that if I asked someone to buy some things and the total is $50 + tax, so say $53.50, that I owe them $53.50, or $54 if I want to round up to be nice. I dont feel that I owe them $50-$53 though. I know the difference is normally less than a dollar to a few dollars, but thats my debt, not yours. In my mind if I didnt pay what I owed, that would be incredibly rude.
My sister on the other hand feels that if I tell her the total is $54 she’ll happily pay it, but in general if she sends me <$1-$3 that its no big deal. When I mention “oh the total was actually .75 cents more” it comes across as super annoying, she gets defensive, and it turns into an unintended argument.
While at costco we got several bulk items we wanted to split 50/50. Because she set a giant bold line in the sand a year ago about me eating her food, I dont want to eat her things out of respect. So when we got home, she thought it was extremely silly that I wanted to count and split an $18 bag of chicken tenders so I didnt over eat the literal $9 worth of chicken tenders she paid for.
Today, while splitting a new costco trip’s receipt, we got into an argument over sour cream? She is a sour cream fiend. She eats it often with/on foods and much more often than me, and like I get it, but I dont eat it that often so I suggested she pay for 3/4ths of it, and I pay for 1/4th. Said it casually, didnt mean anything mean/aggressive by it, but she took it very personally and it turned into a whole thing. She thought it was silly that I wanted her to pay $1.25 more for something she was likely to eat the entire thing on, and said she’d happily pay for the whole thing. I felt that was too much because I was going to eat some of it. This was right after she had me get her wine and paid .54 cents less than the total of her part.
We’re not struggling financially or anything but like, in my mind what I owe I owe, what others owe me, they owe me. Am I the Asshole?
Edit: We never exchange in cash, always electronically.
Second Edit: The issue with me eating her food was because in the past I would buy plenty of food for myself but would get drunk and eat the savory stuff, so if I got drunk and didnt have a frozen pizza, but she did and it was say 2am, I’d eat it and either pay her back or replace it a day or two after. Not asking (mostly because she was sleeping) was such an issue that we had a huge blow up fight that ended in her saying she would cut me out of her life if I ever ate her food again. So I’m trying so hard not to go near that boundary.
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2023.06.09 22:15 HorrorJunkie123 I Work at a Small Town McDonald's. My Manager Makes us Follow a Strange Set of Rules - I Think I'm in Way Over my Head.

If you need to catch up, you can do so here.

A couple of college kids stumbled in, trying to hide the fact that they were obviously stoned out of their minds, and retrieved a pickup order. I watched as they clumsily staggered out the door. One of them held it politely for a small old lady. An old lady wearing a shawl. She didn’t utter so much as a thank you, beelining up to the register with purpose. I was exhausted, up well past my normal operating hours, so I had completely forgotten about the rules. Big mistake.
The woman glowered up at me, face obscured from view. Her head covering was black as well as the rest of her outfit, not unlike a ninja you’d see in a movie. The aura she radiated frightened me, but not enough to release me from my sleepy haze.
“Hello, how can I help you?” I yawned, lazily covering my mouth.
The woman didn’t move a muscle. She scowled at me, yellow reptilian eyes piercing my psyche and sending my heart into overdrive.
“Ma’am? Would you like to order something?”
Nothing. The longer we continued our staring match, the more sedated I felt, and not just due to the lack of sleep. She had some sort of strange pull over me. I nearly nodded off, my mind wandering back to the instructions.
Before I passed out, I murmured, “where’s Tony?”
Suddenly, I was released from my trance and the woman was nowhere to be found. Like she had simply vanished into thin air. My eyes widened. That was close. Too close. I trudged to the sink and splashed some cool water in my face, then poured myself a large cup of coffee. I knew it would probably keep me up well past closing, but hey, if it helped me avoid another incident like that, I was all for it.
I had just finished dumping the dustpan into the trash when I felt it. A peculiar sensation crept over me like bugs crawling on the back of my neck. I was being watched. But from where? I sensed it coming from the drive thru. I whipped my head in its direction. Empty. It shifted to the dining area. No one was there. I grew lightheaded and panic began to surge through my system. A breeze swept past my ear, and I swear I could hear a soft almost imperceptible voice whisper, “Blair.”
I bolted to the office, slamming the door shut as quickly as I could. What was that? I paced around the office like a caged animal, anxiously waiting for something, anything to happen. After what felt like an eternity, it began to dissipate without incident. I sat there for a moment, contemplating if this was really the right career path for me.
Was every night like this? I was snapped back to reality by static emanating from my headset. I ripped it off until the noise stopped. A bumbling male voice crackled through it.
“Hey, uh, is this place open?” he slurred, obviously under the influence.
“Yeah. What do you want to order?”
I was beginning to lose my cool. Between all the strange occurrences and the inebriated customers, my patience was wearing thin.
“I’ll have a filet-o-fish meal.”
“Coming right up.”
I made my way back to the kitchen and began preparing his order.
“Who the hell comes to McDonald’s at one-thirty in the morning for a freaking filet-o-fish?” I grumbled, purposely dousing his sandwich in sauce.
I served the man, hoping to be rid of him as soon as possible.
“Thanks. Hey, is that a kid at the counter?”
I turned my head and sure enough, there he was. A mess of blonde tangles and deep blue eyes peered at me from the register. I sighed.
“Yeah, I’ll take care of him. Have a good night.”
A child. Unaccompanied in my restaurant. Just what I needed. I began to approach the counter when rule seven blared in my mind like a tornado siren. I froze mid-stride.
“Just ignore him, Blair. It’s almost two. You got this,” I reassured myself, starting my closing duties early.
That was easier said than done. The child began wailing, shrill high-pitched screams reverberating off the walls. He ran into the kitchen area, allowing me a full view of his tiny frame. The boy couldn’t have been older than six. His Pac-Man T-shirt looked well outdated, and he was filthy, as if he hadn’t showered in years. He began tugging on my shirt, begging for attention.
“Please help me, lady. I can’t find my mommy,” he cried, tears streaming down his rosy cheeks.
He was relentlessly pulling at my clothing. That was it. I’d reached my breaking point. If this child, monster, demon, whatever he was, planned on killing me, he could go ahead and put me out of my misery. I was done.
“Get out! Just screw off and leave me the hell alone!”
He immediately quit sniffling and straightened up as if I’d flipped a switch. Red tinged his striking pupils. Dread began sinking into my gut. A malicious grin blossomed across his lips.
“You made the right choice,” he growled as he headed toward the exit.
“Weirdo kid,” I mumbled, returning to cleaning.
I finished up and waited around for two to hit, praying for a quiet, uneventful end to my first nightmare closing shift. Of course, my prayers went unanswered. I had a mere three minutes until I was supposed to clock out when I spotted it. A dark red viscous liquid oozing from beneath the stove.
“Great. Awesome. Just what I needed.”
I filled up a mop bucket in the storage closet and began sopping up the mystery fluid. If it wasn’t blood, you could’ve fooled me. A persistent copper taste assaulted my tongue every time I opened my mouth. I gagged, forcing vomit back down my throat. The stuff just wouldn’t stop coming. On my third bucket-full of sloshing crimson, I finally started gaining an upper hand.
I mopped fervently as blisters erupted across my hands from the friction of the wooden handle. All the not-blood had been disposed of. I breathed a sigh of relief, careful to avoid splashing myself as I dumped the last of it down the drain. I’d done it.
“Take that, bitches! I win!” I cheered as if I’d just claimed first prize at the Indy 500.
My celebration was short-lived once I glanced down at my phone. 2:35 A.M. I bolted to the freezer, scooping up a couple bags of frozen patties. I slashed them open as quickly as I could, hoping in vain that I’d be able to make it out in time. I dumped their contents on the grill, then turned to toss the packaging in the trash. My heart plummeted into my gut.
A man stood before me. His black dead eyes matched that of the small mask encompassing the top half of his face. Wispy red hair sprouted from his floppy hat. A matching tattered black and white striped uniform framed his features, accompanied by a dingy red tie dotted with images of burgers. He grinned at me, jagged rotten teeth sending a chill undulating through my entire body. He spoke, a rough gravelly voice shattering the tense silence.
“Look, I know you’re new here, so I’ll spare you this time. But if I ever catch you in here this late again, I won’t think twice about increasing my calorie intake.”
His wicked smile exuded a malevolent hunger that still haunts my nightmares. A wet gray tongue wormed its way around his cracked withered lips. I felt like a mouse about to be devoured by a rattlesnake. He scowled at me.
“What are you still doing here? GET OUT!”
I suddenly regained my mobility. I tore through the dining area and burst into the cool night air. The Hamburglar’s soulless stare followed me into the vacant parking lot. I hurriedly locked him inside and raced to my car as a torrent of emotions flooded through me at once. Fear, anger, and confusion were all prominent on my desolate drive home. In the end, rage won out.
I wasn’t scheduled the next day, but I was determined to make that smug prick in charge at least give me some sort of explanation. I returned to the golden arches around four hours later running on zero sleep and a whole pot of Maxwell House. With fire in my eyes, I flung the door open and marched straight to Dave’s office.
“Oh, yeah, it was great. Had his car repossessed and everything. Oh, hey Blitz. Uh huh. Yep. I-”
“For the last freaking time, it's Blair! B-L-A-I-R. Not Blitzen, not Blaziken, not Blakely. BLAIR.”
Dave furrowed his brow, mouth slightly agape.
“Yeah Jim, I’ll have to get back to you.”
He ended the call and furiously pocketed his phone.
“Do you even know who that was? I mean, why the hell do you think you can just storm into my office like this-”
“No, you listen to me, Davey boy. I just had the worst night of my life. Every weird thing that could’ve happened, happened. And you don’t care one bit.”
“I see you’ve become acquainted with our more… troublesome clientele.”
“Yeah. I have. And I’m not dealing with that crap again. I quit,” I hissed, dramatically slapping my hat onto his polished cedarwood desk before turning to walk out the door.
“Wait! Twenty-five an hour.”
I stopped dead in my tracks. I reluctantly faced him. A sly toothy grin was stamped on his greasy face. I mulled it over. That was almost double what I was currently making. I could have my college paid for in no time.
“Twenty-seven and you’ve got a deal.”
“You drive a hard bargain, Mrs. Blair. I accept,” he said, extending his hand.
I begrudgingly shook it, cringing as his sweaty palm gripped mine.
“I’m glad you were able to see reason. Welcome to the night crew.”

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2023.06.09 21:21 Fluid_Reflection2351 For the US, Burger Mold 8 in 1, Meatball Maker, Hamburger Slider Silicone Mold, Hexagonal Hamburger Patty Maker, Ingenious Non-Stick Burger Press, and Freezer Storage $29.99 Dm me if interested.

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2023.06.09 20:00 giri0n Tundra 45 is my new favorite

Had a family trip planned to the Mammoth Lakes area of California for a while now. Since we were looking to feed about 9 people and bring enough food with us to do so on the 7ish hour trip from SoCal to Mammoth, I took the liberty of using my REI 20% off coupon and some dividend to pull the trigger on a Tundra 45. I wanted tan, wife wanted white, so we compromised and got....white. :)
I grabbed an extra basket and the divider as well, not so much for this trip but for future ones...the size was right for our first out-going kit: 2 count of 18 eggs, a half gallon of regular milk, a quart of oat milk, several packages of frozen sausage patties, and some condiments/jam/bread. Took some frozen butter and several vitamin C shots in the basket to keep them from getting wet. Used a couple Yeti ice thins in the bottom and then poured half bag of ice over the top.
On the way back, we had the leftovers, and added in: 10 cans of soda/sparkling waters, as well as 3 bottles of some leftover adult beverages. Same deal on the way back - Yeti ice at the bottom, and half bag of ice over the contents. Left Monday morning about 11am, and drove back to the house straight away. Last night (Thursday) decided it was time to pull the drinks out of the cooler which had been sitting on the kitchen floor for the last few days unopened. The ice was of course melted, but the water inside (as well as the cans/bottles) were still cold enough for me to pull out and have a cold one.
Its big enough to hold enough food/drinks, but not too big or heavy for me to carry solo (even semi-full) and with the rope handles 2 person carry is a cinch. I have the Hopper Flip 12 and the Tundra Haul and have loved them both, but this new T45 is the sweet spot and something I can see us using for years to come on camping trips, to the beach, or with the dudes on our next trip up to SF coming in a few weeks. Never had the feeling of "I made the right purchase" as I did after using the T45 this weekend.
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2023.06.09 18:36 Bajininja Question about variety on rawmeatybones.com and Tom Longsdale book Work Wonders

It appears the hardest part to the raw diet is finding affordable sources for varied meats other than chicken. Walmart Chicken leg quarters would probably need to be a staple for my dogs' diets since it seems difficult to find affordable sources for other types of meat, at least for my income.
After reading this guide here: http://www.rawmeatybones.com/petowners/feedyourdogrmb.php it says " The closer you follow the natural ideal the better. Feed whole carcasses whenever you can and otherwise base your feeding regime on raw meaty bones in large pieces from a variety of animals. However, wolves frequently depend on meat from a single prey species, for instance deer, and there are lots of pet dogs that eat chicken at every meal." This tells me I would probably be ok providing whole Walmart chicken leg quarters and sometimes Walmart or food lion/Kroger etc. whole chickens for pretty much every meal. Convenient, cheap, and good for the dog. If who is considered the founding father of the pet raw diet says it's ok for a lot of dogs to eat chicken carcass at every meal, it's probably a safe bet. Of course there are special needs dogs and allergies and whatnot, but as a general rule he's saying many dogs can live nutritionally well off a chicken carcass based diet. What are some opinions on this from people here?
I'm now reading the book Work Wonders, also by Tom Longsdale, and he says " Feed meaty bones from a variety of animals—for instance chicken, lamb and rabbit—thus ensuring good balance of nutrients." "Please keep these principles in mind, but at the same time practical considerations and availability of supplies may influence your decisions." Yet, despite this he also says on the website write-up that I quoted above that a lot of dogs eat chicken at every meal. This sounds conflicting. I'd like to be able to feed our dogs chicken carcass at every meal because it's super cheap and convenient, with some store bought raw unseasoned meats of other varieties mixed in once the dogs get used to the raw chicken carcass diet. Other meats are just so much more expensive than chicken, at least store bought. I also want to be doing them right nutritionally too. I will say, our Walmart has many whole cheap frozen fish types so I was planning on adding some whole tilapia as well. Staying away from salmon due to that possible disease Salmon may give dogs. Also was going to do some canned fish (not salmon) as well into their dishes a few times a week.
I'm not a hunter, I live in a small rural town with pop of about 24,000. Have a townhouse with a 0.18 acre lot with a small to I guess medium sized backyard, enough room for our Doberman and Shiba to get some good running in along with some neighborhood walking. The Walmart chicken base would work perfect for my income and our living situation, but I'd also like to add some other raw bone meat varieties into that chicken base. With Walmart bought chicken I could probably get away with just using our fridge for the storage of weekly bought chicken leg quarters and whole chickens. However, the buying of other meats in bulk which seems to be the way for saving money on other meats--I would buy a small freezer for storing those. No issue buying a freezer. The only issue with me it seems is finding a decent cheap'ish source of animal carcasses other than chicken.
Opinions on this? Is it a safe bet feeding our dogs primarely Walmart bought chicken leg quarters and whole chickens given his line "lots of pet dogs that eat chicken at every meal"?
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2023.06.09 12:46 JSC918 Do these symptoms make sense? Gallbladder ultrasound showed many stones, but aren't symptoms directly related to food intake?

Hi, all. I've been having a long bout of stomach issues (going on 2 years) that recently a new GI specialist has deemed to be caused by my gallbladder. My main symptoms are: -persistent nausea -frequent loose bowel movements (rarely emergent) -persistent pain in abdomen, mostly right under my sternum in the center of my abdomen. Sometimes it also radiates under my ribs on the right side. -occasional painful bloating/gas pain
The thing that confuses me is that there's times when my symptoms get kind of severe, even if I haven't eaten anything. For instance, I'm currently having very uncomfortable pain/cramps under my right rib and below my sternum. It's a dull/deep pain that has random waves of sharp discomfort. I'm also extremely nauseous. But it's been over 12 hours since I've ate, and my last meal was nearly fat free (98% lean hamburger, no cheese or other toppings, just patty and bun).
I only eat once a day to try and minimize my chances of discomfort, but I'm almost wondering if it's something other than my gallbladder. When it gets severe, I'll skip eating for a few days to try and resolve it, which used to work great. Now not so much. Can gallbladder issues present even without eating?
TLDR; can gallbladder symptoms persist even when you haven't eaten anything recently?
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2023.06.09 12:45 hnqn1611 20 Shocking Facts About Food and Beverages

20 Shocking Facts About Food and Beverages
20 Shocking Facts About Food and Beverages
You Didn’t Know Food and water are essential for our survival. But the food industry has been tampering with the stuff we consume in order to make it look more appealing, taste better, and last longer. In this video, we reveal the shocking facts about food and beverages you probably consume every day. All foods and drinks mentioned here are considered safe to consume, however these facts may lead you to reconsider before you actually consume them…
Number 1 – Burgers The average hamburger contains meat from nearly 100 cattle. Imagine that… pieces from 100 cows just to make a burger. But wait…It gets better! Mass production cows are often raised knee-deep in their own poop. They're butchered so fast, that there often isn't enough time to clean them. The end result? Cow pie in your cheeseburger. Yum!
Number 2 - Processed Cheese Nothing makes a burger better than a thick slice of cheddar cheese. Right? The problem is that processed cheese isn’t cheddar. Heck, half the time it’s barely even cheese! Research has revealed that around half the contents of most processed cheese are chemicals, additives and fat – leaving a final slice with an alter ego - and less than 50% of what it claims to be!
Number 3 - Candy Mmmmm…. yum, yum. Who doesn’t like candy? M&Ms and Jellybeans are tasty treats, but I bet you didn’t know that their shiny coating is made from bug feces? Did You?! Shellac, also known as confectioner’s glaze, is made from a resin excreted by the female lac beetle. The resin is first processed into flakes, then it’s made into a liquid shellac, and then sprayed on food products. – Oh... and this stuff is also used to make lacquer for hardwood floors and furniture…
Number 4 - Packaged Food Ah yes… packaged foods. What a blessing. Especially if you’re like me, and hate cooking! Yeah, yeah I know they’re full of preservatives and a bunch of other crap. But if everyone’s eating it, then it can’t be THAT bad… or can it? The FDA actually says it is okay for things like maggots, rodent hairs, fruit flies and parasites to be in our food. But don't worry - they regulate the amount. The guidelines outline how much microbiological or extraneous matter can be present before it is considered a food safety issue. How appetizing…
Number 5 - Fruit Flavored Snacks You may never have guessed, but your favorite fruit flavored snacks are made with carnauba wax, the same ingredient that’s found in car polish! The wax is made from the leaves of carnauba palm trees, and it’s actually used to add that attractive sheen to many things you put in your mouth, such as candy, chewing gum, gravy and sauces. Carnauba wax is also used in shoe polish, dental floss, surf boards and floors… Gummy bears, anyone?
Number 6 - Bread Many commercial breads are made with L-Cysteine to soften the dough and prolong its shelf life. But, did you know that L-Cysteine is made from human hair and duck feathers?! Most of the hair is obtained from barber shops and salons. And when human hair is not available or is too expensive, people use duck feathers, chicken feathers, and even cow horns to extract the softening agent. So, yeah… your bread is kind of gross.
Number 7 - Salmon You might have heard the buzz about wild-caught vs farm-raised salmon. But, as it turns out, that’s’ not the only concern about this particular fish! It’s crazy how mislabeled salmon is! In Europe about 30 % and in the US about 40 %. This means, that you’re eating similar, cheaper fish that’s just colored pink - to make it “look like” salmon. Hmmm… That’s seriously FUCKED UP.
Number 8 – Gelatin You probably enjoy treats like Jelly-O, marshmallows and frozen cakes… Right? Well, they’re all made with gelatin. Great. But, did you known that gelatin is made from collagen extracted from the skin, bones, and connective tissues of animals such as cows, pigs, horses, chickens and fish? Eek…
Number 9 - Vanilla Flavoring Many delicious sweets and baked goods use Castoreum as vanilla flavoring. And in case you didn’t know… Castoreum is created from the secretions of the anal glands of beavers. Yep, you heard that right. What’s even more shocking is that in some cases, manufacturers don’t even have to list castoreum on the ingredients list, and may instead just refer to it as “natural flavoring.” Enjoy! Number 10 - Decaf Coffee Or is it…? Most decaffeinated coffee is not completely caffeine free, as it contains small amounts of caffeine. For example, a decaf latte can have as much caffeine as one can of coke.
Number 11 – Honey Honey is made from nectar and bee vomit. Nectar is extracted from flowers by bees and stored in their stomach. The stored nectar mixes with enzymes and its chemical composition and PH are transformed. When the bees return to the hive, they pass the collected nectar by regurgitating the liquid. Then, the process of evaporation removes the water and transforms it into honey. Another interesting fact about honey is that it never goes bad – apparently it can last 3000 years!
Number 12 – Fountain Drinks Ever notice how you still feel thirsty after guzzling down a jumbo-sized fizzy drink from fast food restaurants? Well, there’s a reason for that. To give these beverages their sweet taste, many fast food chains load their fizzy drinks with high fructose corn syrup – a highly processed substance used as a sugar substitute that allows that sweet flavor to dance on your tongue, while tearing away at the enamel on your teeth, stretching out your stomach lining, and attacking your vital organs. Sweet…
Number 13 – Fast Food Nuggets Golden, crispy chicken nuggets are a favorite treat for many. However, the way that they’re produced is rather shocking. Studies have shown that junk nuggets contain barely any chicken at all. Instead they’re mainly comprised of fats, bone, nerve and tissue.
Number 14 - Raw Meat When you buy meat from the supermarket, you’re under the impression that you can tell how fresh the meat is by its color. But the unfortunate reality is, that it’s actually sprayed with carbon monoxide in order to make it “look fresh” and retain its color. Good thing I don’t eat meat!
Number 15 - Hot Dogs Hot dogs may be one of the most popular street foods, but they’re not much more than a disgusting mix of discarded meat parts, fats and starch. They also mix it with something called cereal filler, which is a mix of bread crumbs and flour. It sounds pretty awful right? But that’s not all. Once they have a mix made, they add toxic dyes and artificial flavors as well… Bon Appétit.
Number 16 - Orange Juice Oh the good old O-Jay… It’s supposed to be “nothing but freshly squeezed oranges.” Right? That’s what they want you to believe! But the reality is, that they’re far from being freshly squeezed. In fact, orange juice is stored in a tank for about a year or so. The process of making juice starts off by extracting oxygen out of it so it can be stored accordingly. And because of this process, it loses its original flavor, and then artificial flavor is added. How refreshing!
Number 17 - Packaged Salad Are you one of those people who keeps buying packaged salads for lunch? Well, you may not be making the healthiest choice, because packaged salads are sprayed with a chemical called propylene glycol, that’s also found in anti-freeze! This chemical is responsible for keeping your lettuce crispy and your veggies full of color…but, still…
Number 18 - Bottled Water You may think that bottled water is pure and good for your health, as opposed to tap water with all its impurities. Have you have wondered if that’s really true? About 40 % of bottled water is actually regular tap water – and what’s even more surprising is that a lot of it doesn’t even get treated. It’s just straight out of the tap.
Number 19 - Red Food Coloring I’m pretty sure that the main ingredient in this common food dye might seriously "bug" you… If you enjoy eating strawberry-flavored yogurt or sipping on cranberry juice, you may be consuming bugs! But don’t worry. These insects don’t contaminate your food by accident! The red food coloring Carmine - extracted from a type of insect known as the cochineal - is deliberately added by food manufacturers.
Number 20 - Peanuts There’s nothing “wrong” with peanuts. Well, besides the toxic mold issue…. But, you may be a little shocked to find out that peanuts are an ingredient in dynamite. Peanuts contain an oil that is used in the process of making glycerol. Glycerol is one of the main ingredient in nitroglycerin, and nitroglycerin is the main part of dynamite. Who knew?! What do you find the most shocking about the foods and beverages you consume every day? Have you ever completely stopped eating a certain food? Or stopped drinking a beverage just because you found out something unsettling about it!? We wanna know! Share your thoughts and comments below!
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2023.06.09 07:09 ThrowAway7s2 "A well organized Girl Scout weekend at Cuesta" from the May 29, 1973 Door County Advocate

A well organized Girl Scout weekend at Cuesta

Pop and Popcorn. Julaine Jeanquart, Patty Baudhuin, Mrs. David Marsh, Jackie LaVine, Teresa Stroh, Kelly McDougall, Barb Kelsey and Kim Pagenkopf.
It's secluded in a wooded area near Kangaroo Lake. The large cabin, of surprisingly modern construction, has no indoor plumbing. Lack of plumbing does not upset, or even surprise, the 12 eager girls tumbling out of station wagons with sleeping bags in tow. They are Junior Girl Scouts, Troop 350. And this is their first weekend camping experience at Cuesta.
Their leader, Mrs. David Marsh, supervises the stowing of bedrolls in open box-shaped cupboards. Next she shows everyone the "washing-up room"; basins are arranged on a shelf beneath the counter-top; towel racks are fastened to the shelf. A "water-boy" sits on one end of the counter-top. Perhaps because this is a girls' cabin, several mirrors adorn the walls.
Then everyone sits on benches at picnic tables in the middle of the main room to eat their nose­bag suppers. When appetites are satisfied, the leader instructs the girls to throw their paper bags into the fireplace. "We'll build a fire later and make popcorn."
"We want to go to the bathroom," announces Barbara.
"We know where it is," Paula adds, "right down the gravel path." Half a dozen of the girls put on their coats and go out into the gathering darkness, carrying flashlights.
Five minutes later they come running back, squealing and shoving one another to get into the cabin door.
"There's something out there!"
"Loud noises down by the outhouse!"
"Something is going bang­-bang-thud, bang-bang-thud!" Motioning for quiet their leader explains that there is nothing to be frightened of in the woods.
"I'll go back out with you, girls," Chaperone says with false bravado. "Maybe there are some rascally raccoons out there."
Shining her flashlight on the gravel path, Chaperone leads the way toward the source of the noise. Some of the less-intimidated scouts chant, "There's lions, and tigers, and bears, of my! Lions, and tigers, and bears, oh my!" Up ahead something is going bang-bang­-thud! Reaching the outhouse, Chaperone takes a firmer grip on her flashlight and pushes open the first door.
"Nothing in there!" She pushes open the second door. "Nothing in there!" From the other end of the outhouse comes bang-bang-­thud!
"No raccoons, girls; not even lions or bears. But watch the doors." The wind caught the doors. opening them slightly and banging them gently shut.
"Oh, it's only the wind banging the doors."
"Shucks" said Chaperone, wiping her brow.
Back in the cabin they gathered around Mrs. Marsh who ex­plained that they would now go on a night hike. Chaperone sighed softly and put her coat back on.
Down the gravel path, past the no-longer-scary outhouse, and out into a field under the stars, they walked.
"Look, there's the big dipper."
"And the little one too."
"I can see the North Star!"
Mrs. Marsh showed them several fire scars where they would do outdoor cooking tomorrow. Then they started back to the Scout Cabin singing, "The other day I saw a Bear"
After washing up, spreading bedrolls, and getting into their pajamas, they divided into "details": the fire-building detail, the find the pan and melt the butter detail, and the pop the corn detail. Chaperone took pictures of the gay group and joined them in eating buttered popcorn and drinking soda pop. Then, to bed.
At four o'clock in the morning, somebody shook Chaperone's shoulder and whispered in her ear, "Will you go to the bathroom with me?" Groggily Chaperone pushed back her covers and got to her feet. The scout who'd roused her was searching for something, using her flashlight as a guide. Whispers: "What are you looking for?" "My other red tennis shoe." "Did you look under your blanket?" "It's okay; I'll put on my boots instead." Just then another scout awakened and felt the need to join them. Once outside, and jogging down the now-familiar path, Chaperone became aware of how sweet and fresh the air smells at four in the morning.
Three hours later Mrs. Marsh sounded reveille. Quickly everyone washed up, dressed, and began the work of the preassigned Patrols. The Water Patrol filled three "water-boys" from the outdoor pump (started by electric switch). The Cooking Patrol began making French toast. Mary, flipping a piece of toast, asked, "Does this count toward our Cooking Badge?" Mrs. Marsh assured her that it certainly did. The Hospitality Patrol gathered leaves, shells, and pretty bits of wood and fashioned centerpieces for the tables. Breakfast ready, they sat down.
"Please pass the syrup," Kelly requested politely. The leader passed the pitcher. "Mrs. Marsh, that doesn't look like syrup on your French toast."
"Why, this is the syrup pitch­- oh no, this is the coffee pit­cher!" Amid the merry laughter, the leader tasted her French toast and pronounced it "Exotic! Sort of like the Galloping Gourmet might cook."
After cleanup and a brisk hike in the woods, the Cooking Patrol began making Jungle Brew over an outdoor fire. Ordinary cooks of the world would call it spaghetti 'n hamburger, or glorified goulash. Only Girl Scouts un­derstand its very special essence.
Early in the afternoon, co-leader, Mrs. Bob Schultz joined the campers. They spent the next two hours studying nature. Saturday's supper offered another surprising specialty, Hawaiian Eyes. Teresa and Patty placed shortcakes filled with crushed pineapple sweetened with brown sugar in aluminum foil wrappers. After heating in the campfire they made a scrumptious dessert. Mustard, meant for the hot dogs, was spilled five times during supper, once into someone's milk.
After supper, Brother Andrew arrived driving a cattle truck. Seeing the questioning look on Chaperone's face, Mrs. Schultz calmly explained that they would all ride in the back of the truck to attend mass in Baileys Harbor. It was just a windy enough ride to blow away all adult inhibitions. Before entering the church, everybody picked straw off their coats.
Before bedtime the scouts put on a hairstyling contest, shrugging off the fact that sleep would muss their elegant coif­fures.
Sometime around midnight, a voice came out of the darkness. Sleepy heads started up to hear Mrs. Schultz intone, "I want one print here, and one print there!" When nothing followed this startling pronouncement, the sleepy heads giggled and sank back into their pillows.
On Sunday afternoon they set off hiking down Logerquist road to visit the Brothers of St. Joseph Novitiate. Halfway there Brother Andrew met them in the cattle truck.
At the farm, operated by the Brothers, the scouts were treated to horseback rides. Then, Brother John asked, "Now, who would like to ride the bull?"
"The bull!! He'll throw us off!"
"No, he won't. He's a gentle old fellow, really." "Okay, I'll ride him." "So will I!" And ride him they did. The adults watched from a sensible distance.
After the rides, the Brothers invited them into the big recreation room of the farm­house. They gathered around the piano. Brother Andrew played and the girls sang. He surprised them by knowing every request.
Next, refreshments. The scouts brought out cupcakes and cookies from their totebags. Brother John served glasses of Kool-aid. Then it was time to pile into the back of the cattle truck. The girls said good-bye to Brother John and the spotted dogs, Alice and
Poncho. Brother Andrew drove them back to camp.
The cabin was tidied and locked. Then everyone par­ticipated in a flag ceremony to close the day. "Would you like camping here every weekend?" asked Mrs. Marsh. "Ye-e-sss!" came the enthusiastic reply.
Courtesy of the Door County Library Newspaper Archive
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2023.06.09 04:15 Weird_Leg_1566 using frozen onions

I'm still new to cooking and have a question, Ihave some frozen chopped onion I bought from the store (I know its cheaper to just buy a whole onion and chop it myself, it was for a specific recipe) and I want to use the rest of the bag when making fried salmon patties tomorrow. I'm planning on frying the patties for about 5 minutes on each side in hot oil, my question is should I thaw the onions first or will that 5 minutes on each side cook them through? I don't want a hot patty with icy onions lol.
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2023.06.09 03:27 syntheticwig I don’t know where tf nika learned how to cook but that bitch can’t cook and she’s lazy in the kitchen!!! Hot dogs are NOT good for you especially to be eaten almost everyday it’s ground up processed scrap meat with a lot of salt and chemicals. You obviously don’t know how to grocery shop

All the food stamps you get nika and all you feed your kids is cereal, noodles, hot dogs, pork n beans, fried chicken, and pork chops. Them kids don’t get no type of nutrition other than canned beans and whole milk and that could explain why most of them are delayed including Sy. You should add yogurt to your grocery list, apple sauce, fruit cups, granola bars, cereal bars, fruit snacks (INSTEAD OF CANDY), lunchables, turkey or ham to make sandwiches, oranges, apples, pears, bananas, watermelon, strawberries, broccoli, cauliflower, carrots, peas, salad or romaine lettuce, juice boxes, caprisuns, popsicles, frozen nuggets, frozen fries, frozen breakfast sandwiches, waffles, breakfast sausage Patties, mac n cheese cups, individual bags of chips, box of cookies, snack crackers. These are basic necessity groceries you should have to feed your children. There’s no reason why your refrigeratofreezer should be that empty. And there’s no reason why You should be frying hot dogs and biscuits as a “snack”. You should also get a Sam’s club membership or Costco so you can buy in bulk and not have to make so many trips to the store!
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2023.06.09 02:28 LoLoki10 Anyone had issues with food at Hy-Vee?

Hi, I frequent Hy-Vee, specifically the one off of sycamore and I’ve had repetitive issues over the last few months of having food go bad within a day of storage. Specific examples I have are of sausage, pasta, tortillas, and hamburger patties. Sometimes the meat smells absolutely rancid as soon as it’s opened, and today I opened the pasta tortellini I had bought Tuesday to find big spots of mold on some of them.
Yes I have checked my fridge temperature
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2023.06.08 23:56 OGPenguin14 Still Selling Acct DM

Still Selling Acct DM submitted by OGPenguin14 to FortniteAccountsSale [link] [comments]

2023.06.08 19:27 Olivesplace THE PIZZA BURGER PIE

2 cans of pizza dough or your favorite pizza dough recipe you will need two dough rolls.
1/2 cup tomato sauce for pizza
For the stuffing
1 pound ground beef
1 teaspoon table salt
1/4 teaspoon black pepper
1 tablespoon chopped onion
1/2 teaspoon dry Italian seasoning
3/4 cup tomato paste
4 oz sliced canned mushrooms optional
2 cup mozzarella cheese
1 cup cheddar cheese
1 sliced tomato
pepperoni to taste
1/2 cooked chopped ham or bacon
Heat oven to 375°F
Prepare stuffing and set aside. Make a large hamburger patty (9 inches in diameter and 1 inch high).
Cook the giant patty in a skillet until cooked but juicy but not dry.
Spread one of the pizza cups in a greased 9- or 10-inch pie pan to make a crust. Place the hamburger on the crust, top with the cheddar cheese.
Roll out the second pizza crust and place it on top of the hamburger.
Top with pizza tomato sauce, mozzarella and pepperoni.
Bake for 30 to 35 minutes, or until lightly browned. Sprinkle with bacon. Serve immediately.
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2023.06.08 18:25 scoobysnacks1 My nutritionally complete overnight oats recipe

I made this recipe as I love overnight oats but I wanted to fix the vitamin and mineral deficiencies in my diet meaning I can be more relaxed with my dinner or even skip dinner.
Sharing with you this tasty recipe that hits all the daily recommended macro-nutrient targets (I fed it through the Cronometer app). The bulk of it can be stored dry in a big jar for ease of preparation.
A few Ingredients are there just for taste and to try hit a more diverse fruit and veg weekly target for gut health purposes. There is no added sugar and I tried to keep it as healthy as possible. Measurements are approximate. It is decently calorific as I try to front load my calories in the day

• 80g oat groats or steel cut oats
• 1xtbsp each of chia, ground flax, hemp seeds
• 1xtsp each of nutmeg, cinnamon, raw cacao powder
• 2x tbsp pumpkin seeds, raisins, walnuts, dried mulberries (to reach vit C target)
• optional 1x scoop of whey protein powder
• 1x crushed brazil nut (for the selenium)
• pinch of sea salt
This is the dry mix I keep about a week's worth in a big jar.

The Soakening:
Add to dry mix the following:
• 200ml milk kefir (I recommend getting into making your own if you don't already, it's super easy, cheap and very healthy. More strains of healthy bacteria than yoghurt)
• 100ml whole milk
• half a cup of frozen raspberries
• 1x chopped frozen banana
• optional 1xtbsp almond/peanut butter
• half cup shredded raw carrot (works well with the nutmeg, cinnamon, cacao)
• half a cup of frozen edamame beans (controversial addition but this is to hit the folate target)

I buy the fruit frozen in bulk it saves a lot of money, and it thaws overnight in fridge.
Give good mix and sit in fridge to soak overnight at least 20 hours to get nice consistency and to semi ferment with kefir for greater digestibility.
It tastes great and has helped me get healthier. If anyone tries it let me know! Cheers
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2023.06.08 12:04 Omologist Hamburger Patties With Cremini Mushroom Red Wine Reduction Want to spice up your regular hamburger patties? Here's a special sauce you can make that's made with cremini mushroom and red wine.

Hamburger Patties With Cremini Mushroom Red Wine Reduction Want to spice up your regular hamburger patties? Here's a special sauce you can make that's made with cremini mushroom and red wine. submitted by Omologist to hamburgerrecipes [link] [comments]

2023.06.08 10:26 Edward-Margon Veggie-Spinach Burgers

Veggie-Spinach BurgersPREP: 10 minutes GRILL: 15 minutes MAKES 4 burgers
2 medium red onions, cut into 1⁄2 -inch slices
4 refrigerated or frozen meatless burger patties
1⁄4 cup bottled vinaigrette salad dressing
4 cups fresh spinach leaves
1 clove garlic, minced
1 tablespoon olive oil
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2023.06.08 05:29 RobyMac85 Beef Patties - still safe to eat?

Bought a big box of beef Pattie’s which have a precooked beef stuffing and come frozen. Drove home, forgot about them for about 9 hours and just remembered and threw them back in the freezer. Are these still safe to eat? The beef is all precooked so does that help?
Was going to thaw one on the fridge tomorrow and cut it open to see if the meet looked funny or is smelled.
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2023.06.08 03:35 domors89 Low-water recipe check

Hope you don't mind the @ u/stormbeforedawn - carrying on from the other thread I figured a new post might be easier.

  1. Bag fruit (probably) and let sit in bucket until defrosted
  2. Add Novoclair, dissolved in 150ml, 40C water. Mix and roughly mash fruit with potato masher. Water to 18.3L
  3. When must is at room temperature, add honey and thoroughly mix/aerate/bash fruit around
  4. Pitch yeast, re-hydrated in GoFerm
  5. Punch cap 2-3x daily for first 7 days
  6. Aerate/vigorous stir 2x daily for first 5 days
  7. Nutrient additions at 24 & 48 hours - half each time
  8. 24 hours after pitch (after aeration/mixing) add bentonite and FT Rouge
  9. After 7 days, seal and leave unopened for 2-3 more weeks
  10. After those weeks, remove fruit bag (if using) and wring out bag in separate vessel. Rack liquid from primary to bulk aging (hopefully a 3 gallon carboy full, but likely have to use smaller vessels). Rack liquid from ringing out into single gallon carboy. Age two (free run and 'pressed') separately. If not using a bag, use hop spider to rack from primary. Then throw fruit in a bag and wring out. Age free run and 'wrought' liquid separately. Rack onto 50ppm K Meta.
  11. After 6-12 months of aging, consider blending of two for tannin balance (if no oxidisation issues with wrought liquid)/oaking/adding peppercorns/spices/backsweeten to taste.
Important Question - did I get the nutrition right? The numbers seem too high after watching your (Storm's) no-water nutrition video and Arrow to the Mead's no-water videos. Rhone 2226 has high nitrogen requirements. To use only DAP and Ferm AT, I had to double the limits for those on the calculator. Are the amounts I've got in the recipe too high? The default settings with Fermaid O zeroed out, had 19.4g DAP, 9.08g Fermaid AT & 14g remainder Fermaid O.
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2023.06.07 22:20 XcalaforceBruh Notes on the study material for the next Bundesnachdan history quiz

The history test will be done in four segments each of which going over a specific period or event that takes place in Bundesnachda.
Segment 1: The Kokatiel Family Massacre
Duncan Kokatiel was a man praised for his aid in the war for Shibuya. He was initially a humble Bundesnachdan goat breeder but upon the request of General Noah he began to breed the goats as 'Bundesnachdan War Goats' to help bring the south side victory. The goats bred in Bundesnachda were ideal for war as they had an unbelievable amount of natural aggression, so much so that they are not allowed around children under the age of sixteen to this very day due to their insatiable hunger for human flesh. These goats were used to stop the southern Bundesnachdan residents from fleeing to hide in the north side before the dome was placed, leading to the events of 'The Great Bundesnachdan Feast'. Duncan Kokatiel however was driven to madness raising these war goats as it was not the same as raising a regular goat, to raise a war goat they had to be raised on human meat rather than the normal kibble. This festered their aggression and made them far more violent, but the madness Duncan developed did not come from their aggression it came from the souls as Bundesnachdan goats can be possessed temporarily by the souls of the flesh they consume. Day by day raising these goats for the war consumed his sanity they whispered the words of the dammed in his hear. Soon after the war his insanity consumed him and he went on a wild rampage killing his wife, daughter, brother and two sons obtaining a pentakill. He did the murders using his prized possession, a shotgun he called 'The Collector'. This event caused his exile and he has not been seen since.
Segment 2: The National Celebration of John Bundas second marriage
A modern historic event that occurred is John Bundas forty seventh marriage to the Hamburger Helper Hand. Only a few years ago John got a divorce from his then 46th wife Beyoncé Bunda. Therefore as is tradition and Law in Bundesnachda he ate her. As many of you will know when a man divorces a woman in Bundesnachda it is customary that he air fryes her and eats her with is children (In bundesnacha the air fryer was invented before the flintlock pistol).
When John Bunda married soon to be Hamburger Helper Hand Bunda it is believed to be the biggest party in Bundesnachdan history, it lasted 5 days and 5 nights many people died during but when they did the party go-ers would just collect and cook up the corpse and eat it, John Bunda labled this strategy as 'Getting Party Fuel'. The 5 days were mesmerising people of all ages, drinking, smoking and finding joy it was truly blissful, you would look out your window and all you would see is a sea of perky nipples and smiles.
After the end of the 5 days John Bunda gave a wedding gift to his people, he stuffed a bunch of at the time mysterious purple objects into a giant cannon. Then BOOM a flurry of thousands of Rabbadon's Death Caps flew into the crowd as his people cheered. "THIS IS MY GIFT TO YOU, THAT YOU FOR COMING!" John Bunda screamed and that concluded not only the biggest party ever thrown but also the best marriage in Bundesnachdan History.
Segment 3: The Tunnels Below Bundesnachda
A lesser spoken of part of Bundesnachdan history is John Bundas colonisation of the land. In 5 BBC, soon after arriving to the island and forging a family with the chimps John Bunda encountered the original inhabitants of the land... The Gnomes. They were incredibly aggressive toward Mr Bunda and the chmips and despite their best effort would not agree to join forces with them to create the wonderful nation we live in today. After their many disputes with the new self-proclaimed leader of what he was now calling 'Bundesnachda' the Gnomes would scurry back to their tunnels. The Gnomes lived in what was discovered to be a tunnel system filled with many colonies of Gnomes. They sustained themselves using strange liquids and fruits they found and grew in their tunnels, some say these strange now extinct 'Bundesnachdan Delicacies' are the key to what made John Bunda immortal and why he is still alive and healthy to this day. Although things changed for the Gnomes when the glorious John Bunda and his chimps grew sick of the vile gnomes refusal to join them when suddenly one of Bundesnachdas first miracles occurred, one of the chimps spoke to John and he said... "John our glorious and kind hearted leader, we cannot grow to be the greatest nation to ever exist if these evil gnomes do not follow us I know what we must do..." John then asked the chimp what we had to do, the chimp then spoke of the first great war strategies in Bundesnachda 'The great Gnome Flush' the chimps plan was as follows: "John, first we must erect.. hehehe I said erect. Anyway we must erect a giant forge the size of witch the world has never seen and within that forge we must melt millions of gallons of metal and pour it into the gnomes tunnels capturing all of them and their homes in an eternity of a metal prison." A tear flew down John Bundas cheek when he heard the idea, it was a stroke of pure genius, he was in disbelief not only because of his tremendous respect for the idea but also at the fact that mere moments ago this chimpanzee could only make chimp sounds and now it can speak fluent English. They got to work, in only 3 hours John Bunda and 3 other chimps built what we now know as the 'Great Tower of Bunda Apartment Building' but at the time was a forge to melt metal, this forge was twice the size of the current empire state building in New York. They quickly melted all the required material that the other chimps mined before pouring it into the Gnomes tunnels using a comedically large funnel. What's great is you can view the entire frozen in metal Gnome tunnel system today as it's on display at the Ambassing Museum in Shibuya.
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2023.06.07 20:39 Ok-Extension-9064 VEVOR Hamburger Press 100-150mm Commercial Cast Iron Manual Round Meat Shaping, Kitchen Machine Home Forming Burger Patty Maker

VEVOR Hamburger Press 100-150mm Commercial Cast Iron Manual Round Meat Shaping, Kitchen Machine Home Forming Burger Patty Maker submitted by Ok-Extension-9064 to u/Ok-Extension-9064 [link] [comments]

2023.06.07 18:41 CrimsonClover14 MB’s new boyfriend is calling the shots now

I started working for this single mom about 3 years ago. She has a little boy, 6M.
Less than a year ago she started dating this guy and things moved really fast (none of my business of course but for context purposes) and two weeks ago the three of them moved into together.
They moved further into the city that we’re from and next week I’m moving too, to a more rural area. I’ll be too far to work for them regularly so I gave her a heads up a few months ago.
Before they even moved to their new place there was an issue with food in the house. It’s not a money issue before anyone asks. Like there’s no snacks, frozen food, she only buys one or two boxes of Mac and cheese at a time. It’s really strange. I bring my own food and will bring extra just for him. It’s annoying but I really need the mom as a reference for when I graduate college and start teaching so I don’t say anything. I know he’s being fed they just eat out a lot. I did mention it to her in a fake oblivious way like “So what’s for dinner?”.
She’s said several times “Oh I need to go to the store bad”. Or she’ll suggest something that he doesn’t eat, like tomato soup. One time she told me to feed him freezer burnt ice cream as an after school snack. When she does buy food it’s not nutritious or filling for him. For example she bought rice Krispy treats in bulk and that was his ONLY snack for a month. Empty calories.
She doesn’t drive or have a car but her boyfriend does. Without fail every time I look in the fridge there’s a new case of beer for the bf. So he’s going to the store to get beer but not food for the child? It’s so bizarre.
So the day before yesterday I’m there for 3 hours and again, no food. He’s asking for snacks over and over. I tell him “Sorry sweetie there’s no snacks”. I did end up convincing him to eat an uncrustable (the only thing in freezer in which he does not like). Right before I left I gave him a bath because we had been at the pool. There’s no soap in his bathroom so I went to the master bath to grab soap.
Boyfriend got home and relieved me. The next day, my last day with them before I move, NK told me that the bf was mad about the soap and told NK “This is unreal” when he found the soap in the bathroom.
So apparently there is this built up resentment towards me when I’ve never heard a negative comment from MB ever. NK also has never said anything to the effect before. I barely know this man. And on top of that I am being wildly underpaid but I am in a atypical financial situation at this point in my life so I can afford the pay cut. The mom has acknowledged this and is grateful for it, I guess the boyfriend feels like I should be doing more (I don’t do household chores).
I called the mom and told her, she said “Oh no my bf would never get mad over something like that.” And I was like okay whatever. A few hours later NK asks for a snack, I said you’ll have to wait until mommy gets home. He said “Mommy’s bf was also mad that you never feed me. You could have fed me pasta (MB frequently suggests pasta but theres no sauce or butter in fridge)”.
I immediately called MB who was on her way home from work with bf. She denies it, gets home, makes all of these excuses like “I don’t want him eating too much, because he’s underweight so we’ve been feeding him vegetables and meat.” Mind you, there’s no vegetables or meat in the fridge just condiments. And this is the first time I’m hearing this. How is feeding him less going to help him gain weight? Sounds kind of made up?
I’m afraid she’s not going to pay me, she owes me for over 20 hours right now not to mention all of the food I’ve brought him from my own house. Clearly they think I’m in the wrong for being uncomfortable about the food situation to the point where it’s somehow being turned on me. Child services has been suggested to me but I don’t have any hard evidence anything is going on. NK has expressed to me that he’s fearful of the boyfriend but again no specifics that would be reportable. I’m done with nannying guys, done.
Update: Mom texted me and told me that CPS came by and “immediately close the case” and that the social worker told her that my report was “biased and uninformed” I’m in shambles. I did what I thought was legally and morally right. At least now there is a paper trail. Thank you guys again for your comments.
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2023.06.07 17:54 cokeslurpees Do you have a Costco membership?

I’ll be hitting the road in September and wondering if anyone uses their Costco card while van dwelling. I know a lot of it is bulk and space is an issue, but some things are such a great deal from there I’m wondering if it’s worth keeping for the staples I buy like jerky, protein, ramen, chia seeds, frozen fruit, etc. Also fuel is cheaper and you can’t beat a $1.50 hot dog.
If you have a Costco card I’d love to know what you buy while vanlifing!
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