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2023.06.09 23:32 ReputationQuick2381 Anybody ever bought decals from SM Customs?

Anybody ever bought decals from SM Customs?
I love the guys work and will continue buying figs from him but the paper used for his decals have so far been kind of a pain, I don’t know if there’s maybe a different method for this kind of paper that works better? I’ve been decalling for a little bit now and have gotten pretty decent at it and haven’t had any issues so far but this barc trooper and a phase 1 trooper I did a little bit ago it was just a pain in the butt to decal. Doesn’t want to wrap around curves, doesn’t slide off the paper easily no matter how long they sit in the watewhat the temp is, almost never sticks to the surface like most decals, and now is fraying and splitting after drying. Again no hate to him he does an awesome job and I’ll continue supporting him but I’m just curious if you guys have any experience with them. Also yes I use micro sol and set
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2023.06.09 23:31 ThrowRA_crafty 38 f 36 m to go or not go with my ex ?

Been with my bf on and off for almost three years. He moved out at the end of April, mainly because my daughter who is 13 is a bad influence on his daughter who is 10. I try to keep that under wraps but it is hard. The fights began after that. He would go out to the bar. I would usually go to bed. Then he would come home drunk and one night I decided that was enough and packed his stuff. We broke up for about a week then he begged me to forgive him and that we love each other and wants to focus on working on things. So I agreed because I do love him and don’t want to be with anyone else. I thought he was actually doing better, eating better, going to the gym. But I found out 5 days ago after he crashed at my house and the phone rang at 11 pm he has been seeing another female sense the first of May. She was upset as he told her he was single. She said they hung out about three times and slept together all three occasions including Memorial Day weekend when they went out of town together. ( he told me he was floating with a buddy ) he of course denies having had sex with her but admits they hung out. It makes me mad he keeps denying about sleeping with her and I don’t understand why. We broke up. So I had booked an Airbnb for us and the kids 6 months ago and I can not get a refund after begging. None of my friends can make it. I really don’t want to go alone. Should we go together with no kids just as friends ? I would hate to loose a ton of money. But I’m conflicted. Hurt
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2023.06.09 23:31 GuessableSevens My final (and very controversial) NBA Draft Lottery Board

This draft ranking does not reflect who I believe will be taken at each draft position, nor which player fits best with each team at each draft position. This draft ranking is solely a reflection of who I think should be taken in each draft position based on their most likely (read: median or 50th percentile) outcome. My draft philosophy generally values players based on how well I think they would do on a typical NBA championship contending roster.
1. Victor Wembanyama: I think he has a very clear path to be the greatest defensive player of all time. His improvement on the defensive end this season from Game 1 to Game 48 was utterly remarkable, and I think he profiles to be a top 5-10 Centre in the league as a rookie on the back of this ability alone. I think his offense needs a lot of work, and while it’s possible he could become an unstoppable force on that end, I don’t really see him reaching the heights of KAJ or Hakeem or Shaq. He doesn’t really have any moves to get him easy points, and NBA teams will soon figure out that undersized PFs with a strong and low centre of gravity (PJ Tucker, Al Horford, Draymond Green, OG Anunoby types) can get into his body and completely take him out of the game. He never really figured out how to overcome these defenders this season in France, whereas he improved in every other respect. Aside from that, I think the shooting will become very good with time, and I think it will be a privilege to watch his career. Oh, and I have no real injury concerns, nor would they change my evaluation of him when his ceiling and floor are both this high.
2. Scoot Henderson: I think he’s going to be a franchise PG, simple as that. Will he reach the top echelon (top 5-10 player in the league) or not, I don’t know. However, I need a PG who has a good handle, who has athleticism, who has good vision and playmaking, and who can shoot off the dribble. While most will not be impressed by his 3P shooting numbers, he shot 31% from 3P off the dribble (NBA 3P line), and 42% on small volume catch and shoots. He also shot 38% from midrange on the highest volume in the entire class, which would be 4th best behind Sensabaugh, JHS, and Cason Wallace. If he can hit C&S 3s, and he is a great midrange pull-up shooter, I believe the pull-up 3P shooting will come around. He’s also a rock defensively when he’s engaged. This is not really a discussion imo.
3. Brandon Miller: I’m lower on Miller than some, but I still think it’s impossible to deny what he accomplished this season. I like his premium shooting, positional size, and the fact that he has no glaring holes. I think there is very little argument for him to be above Scoot, because he just does not have on-ball juice as a lead handler. He has a good handle for his size and he can make basic reads, but he’s not going to be a guy who can get to the rim 20 times a night like Scoot can. Yes, he has a high floor because he will always have his shooting, but a 3 & D player is much less valuable than a star lead handler (Ja Morant is more valuable than Khris Middleton).
4. Taylor Hendricks: Taylor Hendricks has three major strengths – high level rim protection (especially as a secondary rim protector), excellent switchability and versatility, and excellent shooting for the PF position. In today’s NBA, on a contending team, that literally the only three things you need from your perfect PF role player. Unlike many of the players I’ve ranked lower, Hendricks only has to continue to do what he already does well in order to be a valuable player for a contending team. His weaknesses – on-ball creation, handle, iffy-but-passable finishing on layups – are not things I NEED from him to feel good about him. If you told me those things will not improve for him until his 5th or 6th year of his career, it still wouldn’t change my mind. As long as his strengths translate (and I think they will), he will be a top 5-10 PF in the league for a long time IMO. That’s worth a top 5 pick to me, even if he won’t be a lead creator.
5. Kobe Bufkin: For me, Bufkin and Hendricks are neck and neck, and I would be fine with either one being #4. With Bufkin, Michigan was +10 with him on the floor and -11 with him off this season. He shot 40% from 3P after his first 5 games this year, and he shoots 85% from the line. He shoots 70% at the rim, and 66% at the rim in the half court. These are all elite numbers. He also shot 37.5% from midrange pull-ups, which is Scoot-tier (albeit on half the volume). Lastly, he shot 34.5% on pull-up 3s, which is solid and very valuable for a guard prospect. I also love that Bufkin just has amazing hands, I liken him a bit to Kyrie, though of course he isn’t that level. Defensively he is a rock, he’s got good positional size, he’s a solid athlete, his passing vision is good-not-great but he’s a score-first guard, and he’s freshman-aged despite being a sophomore. Overall, I guess I just think he’s possibly the most skilled guard in the class, and he has everything else.
6. Cason Wallace: Wallace has been miscast as a “defense-first” guard IMO. He offers excellent defense at the guard position, but he’s also just a great point guard. I think people underrate his shooting – 35% from 3P, including 33% on pull-ups and a staggering 45% on midrange pull-up 2s. At the rim, he shoots 65% which is excellent, and 56% on halfcourt layups which is not quite Bufkin-tier, but the same as Scoot. Essentially, I have no concerns about Wallace’s scoring ability in the NBA – the 3P shot will improve and he’s already great everywhere else. I think his passing vision is a good even if not elite, and he makes the right reads almost everytime. His defense is better than Bufkin’s but I also think he’s become overrated – he doesn’t have the physique to be a Marcus Smart or Jrue Holiday. He’s just going to be a solid POA defender, get steals, get blocks, and make smart rotations on defense while giving you some switching. I understand the qualms about his shot creation ability because he doesn’t really pop off the page, but I think it’s being overstated – he can drive and get to the rim, and had more rim attempts than Amen Thompson and JHS. Also, realistically, most guards use a screen in today’s NBA anyway.
7. Anthony Black: AB has two elite skills – perimeter defense, and vision/playmaking. If you haven’t seen the Maui invitational, I highly recommend – specifically his 4th Q performance against Creighton. This guy does not miss any reads. He’s an absolute gifted passer, and he’s over sized. I think on a team with a good roll man, he is going to be a devastating PnR passing threat. He’s got good athleticism to get to the rim and he’s a monster on defense. The shooting will always be a question with him, and I am not optimistic. If I felt better about his ugly ass form and ability to hit 3s, I might even have him at #4. Unfortunately, pull-up 3P and 2P shooting matters a lot NBA guards, and I’m not sure how good he can really get at those. Still, I think his game is extremely similar to Josh Giddey except more athletic and much better defensively, so I think he has a good role to play in today’s NBA.
8. Brice Sensabaugh: I think it has become lost on us how elite Sensabaugh is as a shooter and scorer. He shot a blistering 52.6% on pull-up 2s on high volume, and shot 40% from 3 (only 26% on pull-up 3s, which I cannot explain other than the fact that it was low volume). He is a gifted scoring prospect, and these are KD/Derozan tier numbers. His defense is bad, but if you watch the film, it’s largely when he’s not engaged/focused. Doesn’t get into his stance, doesn’t pay attention to rotations, etc. However, late game and early game (i.e. when he is focused), I was surprised at how adept he was as a post-defender and I would even say he had decent lateral movement when he was in his stance. I think the offensive upside is so high that he merits a pick here, and a bet that he can be a focused defender in a more limited role playing less minutes. AJ Griffin was a similarly horrific defender last season in addition to being a highly skilled scorer, and his defense has been totally fine this past year. I think at #8, the upside you get if you can coach him to be engaged defensively like Griffin is worth the swing. To be clear, if he was a plus defender, I’d have him over Brandon Miller at #3.
9. Gradey Dick: Everyone knows about the elite shooting with prospects like this. The question is always “what about the defense and the rest?”. To me, Dick is actually a plus defender, I don’t understand why his defense is so hated. He moves his feet excellently, he’s got good positional size, he’s scrappy, and he gets steals. Ultimately, this is your SG – there’s only so much you can ask of defense from that position. He is an adept cutter, plays with a high IQ, he’s athletic, finishes well at the rim… I honestly don’t know what there is to not like. He takes the odd midranger and attacks closeouts well too. This type of player is never going to be a star, but I view him as a Kevin Huerter-type. If he puts on muscle, I could even be convinced that he could be better than Huerter. Kevin Huerter is easily worth a #9 overall pick.
10. Jordan Hawkins: Hawkins is probably the best shooter in the class IMO. He is also a plus defender, probably better than Dick. The reason I don’t have him above Dick is because I don’t think his IQ is as high as Dick’s. He’s not the same level cutter, he isn’t as good at making the next pass or attacking closeouts, he’s not gonna crash the class and get a clutch rebound the way Dick does, and he’s a year older. Still a valuable role player.
11. Amen Thompson: Flat out – I put >50% chance Amen is going to be a bust. I buy his athleticism, but that’s about it. I agree he has some passing vision, but it’s super overrated IMO. A lot of it is transition (near worthless to me), and within the halfcourt he has some flashy highlights, but I don’t even know if he’s a smart decision-maker in the PnR, because we didn’t really see him face good PnR defenses in OTE. I don’t see him finishing around 7 footers, or making difficult passes to the roll man. Despite his athleticism, if you watch the OTE Finals series, he actually struggles to beat his defender in crunch time, which makes you wonder how that’ll go in the NBA. The shooting is broken as hell, I don’t think itll ever come around since he’s been working on it for 2 years and it hasn’t improved. The handle is loose, the motor is not high and he didn’t exactly dominate OTE… he’s older too. I just think he’s going to bust, simple as that. On the off-chance I’m wrong about his passing, and he sorts out his aggressiveness issues and puts more pressure on the rim in the NBA, I think he’s worth a flyer in this range. I think he’s a huge mistake as a top 5 pick though, he’s not an NBA player today or in the near future.
12. Jarace Walker: Some will be confused as to why I have Walker so far behind Hendricks. I think Walker has a high chance of busting, and I don’t consider them to be the same caliber of prospect. To begin, he is not a great point-of-attack defender, unlike Hendricks (despite Walker being smaller). He gets blown by way too often, and this will only get worse in the NBA. Interestingly, when Caitlin Cooper did a breakdown of his game, I noticed she didn’t mention or notice this at all but I care about this a lot. For this reason, despite being smaller than Hendricks, he’s also not as switchable (Hendricks is the better lateral mover). I do agree he is a breath-taking helpside rim protector, so that makes up for it a little. I also think he has good IQ on both ends which helps. Offensively though, I think people will be disappointed. The shot just doesn’t fall for him, and FTs are an issue too. He has the perfect physique to play bully ball and put guys under the rim, but he just doesn’t. He plays remarkably soft for a guy with his build, it almost reminds me of Deandre Ayton – a guy who should be physically dominant but just doesn’t want to be. His handle is good for a PF/C, but certainly not good enough to be a ball handler in any capacity. Yes he can pass, but when is he going to use that skill if he can’t shoot and you’re not going to be running sets for him? I cannot imagine taking the ball out of a lead point guard’s hands to give isolation or PnR reps to Jarace Walker lol. People talk about the Draymond role all the time, but that’s a pipe dream. There have been 100 prospects since Draymond Green who we think will work as well as Draymond does, and they never do. Especially not Jarace, since he has some defensive flaws with his slow lateral movement, while Green is near flawless as a defender and played with the greatest shooters of all-time. Personally, I think Walker can be attacked on defense or in the PnR, and I think you can help off him because he isn’t a credible shooting threat, so I think he has significant bust potential.
13. Cam Whitmore: This is another guy I think has high bust potential. Cam’s elite skill is that he is an explosive one-footed leaper, and he can be a big threat driving to the rim in a straight line. Unfortunately, you need a lot more than that to be a real NBA player. For a guy who makes his living at the rim, for some reason he has a really low FTr which I can’t explain. His biggest red flag is his ball stopping nature and his lack of feel for the game/BBIQ. IF you’re going to be a ball stopper, you gotta be absolutely elite at scoring. He just isn’t. The shot looks good but his misses are so awfully bad, I have to believe he has a long way to go before he becomes a credible 3P threat, given that the NBA line is 2 feet further away. I think his top end outcome is basically Norman Powell, and I don’t think he will become good enough of a shooter or dynamic enough to get to the level of a Miles Bridges-type. On the off-chance his shooting comes around, he’s worth a swing in this range imo.
14. Derek Lively: I view him as a prospect who you feel confident in defensively, but the question will always be his role on offense. I like his defense so I think at worst he can be a bench Centre for a long time in the NBA, but you’d like more than that from a lottery pick. His finishing numbers are solid, so hopefully it’s a good sign.
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2023.06.09 23:31 gtd_rad Question on rebuild status and their value

One of my friend has a 4 series grand coupe which I really like and he's moving out of town and was asking me if I'd be interested in buying it off of him. It does have a rebuild status but apparently it was only the rear bumper or something that wasn't major that got damaged and he hasn't experienced any issues with the car over the course of a few years and he doesn't abuse it and the car is in pretty good condition.
He said he bought it for only like around 22k so I'd presume it'll be a few k less maybe if he sells it.
All said I will eventually need a bigger car as we're planning to have a kid down the road. Will this car atleast hold somewhat of it's value and would it still be relatively easy to sell a few years down the road?
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2023.06.09 23:31 dlschindler My Crow And The Faerie Heist Horror

Ashes shaped like the entire rave remained in the outline of a single soaring rook. I awaited their arrival. I had known to go no further than Man's Bane. I first had to sort out the Choir. I had no choice but to choose which of them would stay and live with the animals and which ones could come with me and my talking crow Cory, back to our own world.
They had a chorus of questions, most of them difficult to answer, for they were the inquisitions of the enchanted and the insane. The gibberings of the transformed ravens, now escaped medieval asylum patients, earned the attention of the inhabitants of Man's Bane. I glanced around nervously at the various animals attempting to walk upright, some of them wearing a single article of clothing or clutching an artifact of the old world.
"We are here to sort out a few of you." I told them plainly. Many of the Choir were compulsive murderers and worse. I simply couldn't unleash them back on the world. They'd have to live among the animals.
I first pointed to Serene Sinclair. "Do you want to stay here or come with me?"
She walked over to where Cory and I were.
"Well if she's your first choice, why not all of them?" Cory squawked.
"You'll remain under my supervision, right?" I asked her.
"I just want to be helpful." She promised.
"You do? Is that right?" I stared. Cory made a grinding noise in the back of his throat that meant he found her words amusing somehow. He was laughing and said in Corvin:
"She quotes you, my Lord. Remember when you met my Winters?"
"Uh, yes." I clicked to him in annoyance. "She has magics."
"Oh. Is that all?" Cory sassed me.
We continued to argue in Corvin as I selected a few more of the Choir. I was being careful. If I picked the wrong one or wasn't careful of the commotion, I could have a riot of lunatics and beastmen. I just wanted to make it home in one piece.
"Dini Ghanat, Jessica Darling, Clide Brown." I called on several more dangerous ones, yet they were the ones that were too dangerous to leave behind. Cory clicked rapidly at me in disapproval.
"Your bird. It does not like me." Dini Ghanat said with his heavy accent. I reached into my bag and took out the little leather case with his serum inside.
"You will not operate without my oversight." I told him.
"Of course not. You are our fearless leader." Dini Ghanat grinned obsequiously. I trusted him as far as I could reach. I knew better than to leave him behind in the fertile world of unguarded labs and shuffling beastmen. He'd experiment on them and make some kind of weird animal-man realm that I would have to worry about. I wanted to leave Man's Bane behind and forget the world or time period entirely.
"Christo?" I asked the man with a different Christo in his mind. He looked at me as the Christo I could trust.
"You can come too." I told him. Then I told him he was on fire and the other Christo stared at me. I told that Christo: "Sorry. You gotta stay here. You will never have another birthday if you come with us. Here though, it is always Saturday. Tomorrow is your birthday, and you know what that means."
"I can play with Polly?" The other Christo asked. His menacing grin spread, reminding me vaguely of the cartoon of the Grinch from my childhood.
"Well, goodnight Christo." I smiled. Christo turned around and then looked at me and asked:
"Where are we going?"
"I'm going home and I am taking you with me." I promised.
"I don't think this is how this works." Cory advised me with mock cynicism.
"It was your idea!" I hissed back.
"Oh yeah." Cory made a noise that was his most mischievous.
I picked a few more before we took that final flight as ravens. I got Samual Monica, Castini Ishbaal and Father Dublin the Exorcist. We flew the rest of the way, backwards through time, as ravens. The Choir was split, I'd say those I left there became the Choir and those I took were no longer really of the Choir anymore.
The world had changed in many ways and yet it had stayed the same. What I mean, is that the disasters of the time when we struggled to close the book of evil, or the time we were in Dellfriar and the world ended, all seemed to be gone.
The effect of such horrors pressed in from the sides of the familiar world I had once known. I asked Cory:
"Am I experiencing hallucinations from the medications we were taking in Dellfriar?"
"No, my Lord. We are escaped mental hospital patients in the same world we left long ago. How is this possible?" Cory sounded amazed and spoke in English.
I looked at the assembled ex-Choir members with me. They were all somehow out-of-place if we weren't facing the post apocalyptic horrors I had expected.
"You look confused." Dini Ghanat told me.
"I thought." I stammered. "I thought things would be different out here."
"How? We escaped." Father Dublin smiled. "What did you expect?"
"A world in ruins and desolation. A world ruled by rampant monsters and vengeful enemies like the Folk Of The Shaded Places." I tried to explain what my expectations were. "This changes things."
"This world is coming apart at the seems. It is about to collapse. The ends of all worlds push at its sides, like a dying universe, everything dies." Serene Sinclair announced in proclamation.
"Now wait." I told her. "You sense all of that too?"
"Indeed. You have chosen a tribe of the most dangerous, and some might be too dangerous. You chose most of them not." Serene Sinclair prophesized me. "And you would know death either way. At least this way you shall know its form."
"I'm starting to like her too." Cory chirped meanly.
"Your bird doesn't like any of us, does he, Mr. Briar?" Dini Ghanat was somehow behind me. I'd taken my eye off of him for one second.
"He doesn't trust you. He's seen how dangerous you all are. I'm taking you home to my family, showing a lot of trust in all of you, despite what I too have seen you all do. However, unlike those we left behind, none of you have ever threatened me or Cory or my family. To be fair, you've never given me a reason not to trust you."
"You're speaking to all of us, then?" Clide Brown asked.
"Dude, you're a werewolf." I gestured that I was making my point anyway. He nodded and muttered:
"Good point. I see your point. Yeah."
"I couldn't leave you people behind. Over these years, stealing artifacts and everything, you all have become like this depraved, lunatic family to me. Stop drooling." I said. I was looking at Christo on my last beat. "The point is, I have another family. Can I count on all of you as I already have? I have to ask."
"You can't count on me. We don't know if the moon is full. I could kill everyone." Clide Brown had changed his discord as he spoke. His confidence always went out of him whenever anyone mentioned his other half.
"Cory, is the moon full?" I asked my talking crow. Cory called out and his crow's call was answered by another.
"Of course it is." Cory said in English.
"See?" Clide Brown started swearing.
"Relax, I am only joking. We have a few nights to get ready for your monthly puberty." Cory teased the agitated werewolf.
Clide Brown frowned but was obviously still far from any sort of anger. He had the best anger management skills.
We all got onto the back of a hay wagon with nobody driving it and rode into town. In the street outside Dr. Leidenfrost's apartment we stood, a gaggle of straight jackets and a gleaming razor sharp hook on the end of Jessica Darling's prosthetic arm. There were no other visible weapons, but I knew all of them were armed.
It was early evening and I sensed something watching us. They were in the shadows, moving along in the darkness and avoiding the streetlights as they turned on one-by-one in the gloom.
"What is it?" Father Dublin asked, fear beaded on his forehead as he realized we were being stalked.
"Folk Of The Shaded Places." I thought I saw one as a dark rod, moving in jagged animation through a patch of shade and shifting light. Somehow the Cambrian elder was like a centipede, in its general shape. They were intricate and with a hundred different limbs and their faces somehow evoked an image of all-teeth, the kind that snack on trilobites. I knew their intelligence too, an angry and ancient species, waiting for their world to return to their endless hands. It was just my imagination, but it was also reality. Folk Of the Shaded Places could travel instantly from one dark corner, into a dream, through a wall and back into another shadow. To see them in any capacity, always occurs as a partial glimpse, easy to ignore.
"What to they want?" Dini Ghanat was perplexed. He used a simple charm to look and try to see them magically. "I'd like to know them better."
"No, you wouldn't. Trust me." I assured the mad alchemist and disgraced scientist that stared after the spy from the darkness.
The spies in the darkness were gone, I could sense that they had left us.
"Daddy!" Came the voices of Persephone Briar and Penelope Leidenfrost, my daughters. They came running out to greet me.
"I knew you were coming. I've watched all of your flights." Penelope told me. Her heterochromic eyes were the most beautiful in the whole world. She blinked as she spoke to me for the first time in her life.
"Daddy, you're back. Sister told me you were here." Persephone told me.
I stared at her, unbelieving how she had grown. My mind flashed to the rampage of the giant horse, death, gemstones, all of it to serve the cats so that she would live. I had always loved her, even when she was not alive, at the beginning.
I hugged them both.
"Such a sweet reunion." Samual Monica commented. There was always a strange hint in his voice. Part of me was not happy to let him near my family, but also, he was family now too.
Then I looked up and saw the love of my life, after being away for so long. She stood there, every aspect of her was dark, as she stood in the shaft of light from her home. A fairy flitted from her shoulder back to the sanctuary of indoors.
"Heidi?" I stared and stood and trembled. My legs forgot their strength when I tried to walk towards her. Clide and Christo were there to hold me up.
"I can walk." I said softly and I did. I walked to Dr. Leidenfrost.
"Welcome home, Lord." Dr. Leidenfrost stared at me. I wondered if she still loved me too. I noticed Isidore approaching me. She hugged me and then stepped back next to Dr. Leidenfrost.
"Who are all of these people?" Dr. Leidenfrost asked me.
"These people are my new family members." I told her.
"A gang of murderers that have escaped from Dellfriar with you?" Dr. Leidenfrost asked strangely.
"Well - I mean -when you put it in that way." I argued against her wording.
"I've missed you so much!" Dr. Leidenfrost nearly jumped me in the parking lot.
"You all have to stay out here." Isidore told the escaped insane asylum patients. "Girls, come inside, now."
And our daughters obeyed and I went inside with my family and Cory flew on in ahead of me and landed on the back of the couch.
"Right now." Dr. Leidenfrost wanted to rekindle our marriage immediately. I went with her and did so. When we were rekindled we found it was almost morning already.
"Your friends are keeping quiet out there." Isidore told me, over breakfast.
"What is going on? You're the only people we've seen." I ate.
"There's a massive evacuation going on." Dr. Leidenfrost explained. "But Agent Saint called and told us to stay right here. She said it would be safe until she gets here."
"Why?" I asked.
"Supposedly there is to be a tsunami. That was more than two days ago." Dr. Leidenfrost nodded sagely. "It was all a lie."
"I see." I gulped. "We gotta feed them. No low blood sugar for our crazy people."
"I already fed them. I didn't want to stay in the apartment while you two, you know." Isidore blushed.
"Did you want some of him? He's still yours too." Dr. Leidenfrost teased her.
"Stop, Heidi." Isidore looked at me and our eyes met briefly. I wondered if she had ever loved me. It didn't matter, she loved me as a friend, which was fair enough. I hadn't felt particularly crazy about her, after-all.
Dr. Leidenfrost watched our gazes repulse each other like opposing magnets and made a clicking sound with her tongue. Cory appreciated the word and translated, hopping up and down with excitement:
"My Matron calls you both cowards!" Cory exclaimed in English.
"You are both cowards." Dr. Leidenfrost confirmed. "That's why I am the head of this family."
"Fair enough." I muttered. Isidore said nothing.
"I don't agree." The soft and melodious voice of our resident fairy spoke up. "Lord has shown courage when he fears for another's sake. I've seen him stand against wrongdoing with no guarantee he could survive."
I looked over and spotted Silver Bell alight upon Dr. Leidenfrost's shoulder. I smiled and greeted her:
"Hello Sylvia." I recalled her earthbound name and used it instead of her Faerie name.
"I've waited a long time to go home." Silver Bell was glowing. "Penelope has drawn my key, but she is not strong enough to conjure. She needs her father for that."
"What?" I asked.
"You stole the way for such a key to be crafted. In Faerie, it was your theft that removed the one who would have touched the gold to craft it into what we needed. No new key can be made, without the hand of a smith. Do you remember?" Silver Bell explained. In her voice she sounded tired, there was no resentment.
"I rescued a child from your queen." I recalled. "Is that the consequence?"
"There is a horror upon your world. If we do not reverse the ways of magic, Man will fall. Nothing good will rise in your place. I have learned of all these things while trapped in your realm. I must report to my queen that Faerie cannot stand and do nothing or we will be obliterated next. What happens to one part of the body affects the whole." Silver Bell spoke slowly and we all listened.
"What horror?" Dr. Leidenfrost asked, her voice hushed.
"Lord knows of it. That is why I know he will help me. Your daughter has drawn my key. Now her father will forge it for me. It must be done." Silver Bell demanded.
Dr. Leidenfrost stood up and went to her desk. She opened a drawer that contained a stack of drawings made by the girls that hadn't made it to the gallery on the refrigerator.
After a silent shuffling she found a drawing of a key. She stared at it and then her eyes watered. She hadn't known what it was.
I got up and walked over to her and said quietly:
"She is like me. She is also like you."
"I know Lord, that's what scares me."
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2023.06.09 23:30 charmingyounglad Being female at birth makes me want to die.

I’m a trans guy.
Not old enough to pursue hormonal treatment on my own, so I’m trapped waiting just over a year in this body until I can fix it. Before you tell me I am damaging my body, let me tell you this… My body is already damaged, I let it experience a full female puberty, there are few things that traumatized me and left me reeling more than that tragedy.
I got the exact opposite of what I wanted, my body is small and weak, and no matter what strides I make, I will never be comparable to a regular boy in athletics. I have a C-cup chest, thick thighs, and wide hips. I don’t feel like a real man, I feel like I never will.
Damn it all, a simple coin flip I could’ve won at conception, only to lose it and live a damned life as a hated minority, to be outcast from society and under constant targeting from corrupt politicians. What a life. I wanna die.
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2023.06.09 23:30 sabrinastanley9 Soundtrack for season 2 missed the mark

This is obviously just my opinion, and I’m not among the people who hate season 2 although I agree it’s not as strong as the 1st. The season 1 soundtrack was the perfect blend of tracks, some more well known than others. Scenes in season 2 felt like a music video for songs that get way too much play on the radio even currently. Zombie for example was way too on the nose for them bringing Javi’s body to camp, it actually felt really cheesy. I hope the creators see this because the actors in this show are strong enough to carry these scenes on their own, without an overly loud overly long overplayed song trying to set the tone. The tone is already set, let the actors do their job.
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2023.06.09 23:30 gamergirlforestfairy the pain feels endless and I’m so tired of trying

Title. I feel like no matter how far I think I’ve come, no matter how good the day is before, I can still fall back down to rock bottom and feel as lonely and hurt as I ever have. I don’t have any close friends. I don’t have any support system. My last therapist made me feel like I was intentionally staying in this cycle of pain, like I’m just not “accepting reality”, like my feelings aren’t even rational. She would read me words out of a handbook and expect it to fix my deeply rooted trauma.
I rarely leave the house for anything but coffee. My trauma is so deeply rooted and radiates through me in every way. It’s like a disease. A parasite. It never leaves, I can only distract myself with weed and video games and music for so long before the pain creeps back again, and I’m reminded by how completely alone I am. By how little anyone in my life understands. By how my own fucking brain is killing me slowly.
Why was I even born? What is the point? No one in my real life shows me they care about me. They can’t be fucked to put any real effort into supporting me, anything that takes actual work is too much. I’ve been abandoned and neglected by everyone whose meant to guide and care for me since I was born. I don’t understand why the universe put me here, just for me to suffer for 17 years. I can barely function day to day.
I can barely go a day without sobbing. I don’t know what the point of being here is anymore. I don’t feel happiness. I only feel distracted from the inevitable pain and suffering that haunts me. Nothing I do makes it better. It just comes back all over again eventually, and I realize how diseased my brain is, and how little I’m able to function in this sick fucking world.
I’m so goddamn tired. I don’t want to be here anymore. I just want to feel content and peaceful. This world isn’t fucking worth this suffering. It’s being ruined by humans anyway. It’s a fucking dystopian nightmare. I don’t want to work hard. I just want to lay in the grass and feel the breeze on my skin and know I have people who love me. But I know that won’t ever happen. I’ll always be in pain and barely hanging on. So why am I even here? Why do I even keep trying?
This is fucking awful. I hate this fucking life I’ve been forced to live.
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2023.06.09 23:30 zxshs I want to die to escape reality

Reality is so scary. People are scary. I hate having responsibilities. I hate going through all these stupid college stuff just to end up in a low paying job. The only thing that helps me going is the thought that we’re all just shitty small particles floating in the universe and not a single one of us matters. I hate being poor. I hate this life i have. Killing myself is the only fucking option. I hate today. I don’t want to meet people. Why am i even trying? I am scared and i want to die. Living is horrible.
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2023.06.09 23:30 clickertyQqQ Should I become a mailman

I'm 19, and I was remote during the pandemic, I finished high school remotely, never had many friends. Due to this, I wasn't really interested in going to college, nothing I really wanted to do there... Not interested in living away from my house.. Anyway, in covid I did some online like affiliate marketing, and I made like 50k (at like 17) so I never actually like worked at a grocery store... This year I got some certifications from Coursera in like basic IT but I hate math and no desire to do any programming. I don't really think I'm interested in the office life, I have general social anxiety and I'm not really tryna do office culture shit. My parents are kinda like "you want mailman job cuz it's an easy way out" but I mean if I could buy a condo and some cars from it, I'm happy. (Already own a Subaru BRZ). My parents also say there's bad social stigma around the career. Do you guys think I should at least try
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2023.06.09 23:30 Humble-Local3390 (Spoilers TWoW) My own Theory about the North in Winds

So first of all, I'm gonna preface with, this is my first actual community post so I apologise if I get anything wrong I've barely used reddit before now😅 (also my second attempts bcs I messed up the first time, espeeeecially with formatting).
Anyway to the point of the post. I've just started re-reading the books for the first time after reading them 2 years ago and a question popped into my mind of, 'where does the Northern plotline go after The Battle in the Ice?' Frankly I think it's fairly obvious Stannis will win the battle, take some captives and use some nice espionage by dressing some of his men up as Karstarks, Freys and Manderlys and sending in 'captured prisoners' and also using Theon's knowledge of Winterfell to sneak in and take the castle from the inside out considering everything we saw from Theon 1.
From here things get iffy but I'm gonna rush through this relatively quickly to what I believe to be the meat and potatoes of this. Firstly, Stannis will set most men women and children to preparing crops and when they can, training in their nearest town or stronghold to prepare for the upcoming war. He'll send Theon to The Wall as he can be a future asset for undermining Eurob and also as a way to placate the Northern lords. He will probably wait for Tycho Nestoris's 20,000 sellswords and sort out whatever issues are left at The Wall while trying to manoeuvre the Northern Lords to support him unconditionally for the next phase of his plan (also after Davos returns with Rickon, I ain't getting into Skagos that's 5 whole cans of speculation worms).
When the 20,000 arrive he will have some of them work at the wall, others to help train the local populace but take most south with 8,000 northmen and the remainder of his southern army to Moat Cailin (so probably an army of around 22,000). From here Stannis will layout his plan to Ser Davos, and here I'm gonna take a page out of Preston Jacobs's Frey Civil War video.
I imagine his idea about Littlefinger and him likely assassinating Black Walder and Petyr Pimple is a correct assessment. Couple this with the likely Red Wedding 2.0 and there will be a massive power vacuum causing a massive Frey meeting at the Twins and a bunch of them to start killing each other, permitting Littlefinger to invade, take over the Twins and much of the Eastern Riverlands... aside from the fact Aegon VI will have his eye on the area with the might of Highgarden and Sunspear and the Golden Company behind him. LF will probably refrain from attacking him at first, trying to gain more allies in the region and even play Aegon off but considering how brash the kid is I highly doubt it will work, causing the 2 to go to war.
This comes just at the right time for Stannis. No matter which way the story goes, it is building to a confrontation between him and LF. As such with Lord Wyman's 60 warships, plus his own at Eastwatch, he and 6,000 of his soldiers will sail from White Harbour and assault Gull Town, Runestone and afterwards, Old Anchor. Ser Davos will lead the rest of the army to the Twins (leaving 5,000 as reserves to send to Stannis) telling the new lord Frey to join them as Stannis is going to win the war, and also send out multiple letters to each individual lord and lady of the Vale to rebel against Littlefinger lest Stannis take Iron Oak, Saltpans, Longbow Hall and all the rest.
With LF preoccupied with most of the Vale's forces in the Riverlands, losing 2 bloody wars against the BwB and Aegon, Stannis attacking them from behind (and Alayne likely coming out and telling them the truth about LF and his plans), the Vale will turn on him, taking him prisoner and joining Stannis's forces alongside a decent chunk of the northern Riverlands.
From here I feel we would be over half way through the book and Dany's invasion will be beginning (yes I'm being generous to how quickly GRRM can get through the Meereenese Knot but I think it's possible) causing Aegon's forces to almost certainly focus their attention on the big dragon lady allowing Stannis to scoop up a lot more of the Riverlands.
After this point I feel he would focus on consolidating his power in the area, removing the BwB and doing something about the Westerlands as Aegon and Dany try to kill each other right in time for the Wall to fall and Westeros to maybe be divided into-
North, Vale, Riverlands, Westerlands with Stannis, Crownlands, Stormlands, Dorne and Reach with Dany. And yeah the Iron Isles with Euron with pockets of control in other areas.
Sorry for such along winded post it's just a theory thought up that I ain't seen anywhere else and frankly those sellswords and warships have gotta do something! For any of you that read this I hope you like it and I'd enjoy any feedback :).
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2023.06.09 23:29 Sufficient_Strain874 Former-member “S” fans, you’ve got to stop

Today, I address sort of a sore spot but I’m not afraid of the hate. I want to address the unyielding and fanatic supporters of the former member. You are hurting the other members chances at future activities.
  1. Before certain people with law degrees and 100 years of experience come with the “plots” and “evidence” angle. I just want to tell you that, if there was a slight chance he was innocent, he wouldn’t have plead guilty to keep his reputation and he wouldn’t have gotten that much longer of a sentence anyways if he chose to plead not guilty.
  2. “Oppa didn’t eVEn all commit those heinous crimes he probably only did GAMBLING” Are these words registering in your brain, research the case properly without your biased conclusions….. How can you downplay this, just because people like JJY committed even more heinous crimes doesn’t mean he is innocent.
  3. “This is a big scapegoat situation”, so what! Understand that he can be a scapegoat for potentially bigger criminals but he is still responsible for the crimes he individually commited. Don’t you think he had the resources to fight for himself and have a chance. This is not as “harmless” as just gambling and smoking marijuana.
What I am surprised about mostly is, where have all these fans popped up from. As far as I can remeber, he was only ever an “extra” in the group far less talented as others. Always the least popular member. If by any chance OT5 stans are thinking that by doing this, BB will comeback as 5. Forget about it, all you are doing is hurting the chances of any comeback at all. If you are not purposely being blind and deaf, you would know that even the other members thought that he was getting involved with shady people and often joked about him not being in the industry later because of something he could do.
Nostalgia or whatever it is, he is single-handedly responsible for the current state of the group so please think about that. Just enjoy your nostalgia by yourselfs and leave it at that, the verdict isn’t going to change by a popularity vote.
Things will never go back the way they were, everyone is unhappy but the right thing to do is acknowledge the facts and move on.
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2023.06.09 23:29 Frosty-Net-3102 Why do I feel this way??

My husband and I have been together for almost 9 years. My family didn’t like him in the beginning but they grew to love him over time. My husband has always had an issue with alcohol and for the most part of our relationship he’s been trying to maintain his drinking and be more responsible. However, we have recently moved to be closer to our families as we have two kids now and it has gone down hill from there. He is constantly arguing with my family even though they have been extremely supportive and helpful with our kids (he for some reason expects them to do more even though his family never does anything for us). My dad is a general and he has extremely high standards and expectations and it truly hurts me seeing my husband not respect him the way he should be respected. My family have treated my husband like a brother and a son and I just don’t understand why he hates them so much and criticises them all the time.. just to add that I have never ever criticised his family to him or spoken badly to them or about them.
His drinking has gotten worse. I work full time and take care of our two kids when I’m home from work. He helps too as much as he can but it always feels like he is doing me a favour. He drinks whisky every night and he claims it helps him sleep and to calm down, and other days he drinks until he is so buzzed that he can barely help me at home.
I resent him, I hate him. I feel horrible that my kids have him as a father. I can’t believe I have brought them into this world to have an alcoholic selfish and truly mean father. They obviously don’t see this, they are young.. but when they are older I won’t be able to shelter them from this and it pains me. I don’t know what to do, I want to get away but that’s not fair to my kids. I know I could be a single mom, but he would make my life an absolute nightmare.
He’s said he would try to speak to a therapist as he acknowledges some of his drinking and anger issues but he never does anything. I’m at my wits end, I look at him and feel NOTHING. he offers no value to my life or to my children’s life. I make enough money to support myself and my kids and I HATE that we have this useless alcoholic in our home. The only thing that makes me happy is seeing my kids happy when he’s playing with them but other than that, I absolutely resent him for being the way he is. Why do I feel this way??
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2023.06.09 23:29 Thorium90-232038 [Knave][Other][beginner friendly][tuesday][EST][6pm][lfp]

Do we have any fans of Knave floating around this group ? Its an easy to learn and play rules light way to quickly and easily create a character and play the classic adventures (I'm looking at converting Against the Cult of the Reptile God first) in a hopefully long term group. I got my start on adventures like the Temple of Elemental Evil, Castle Amber and others and like having a quick and fun way to dive back into them. Any questions please DM me!
Setting: Greyhawk
Time:6pm EST Tuesdays, 2.5-3 hours,
Spaces: 5 spaces available,
Platforms: Discord and Role
Type: short Campaign, Multiple sessions, module
System: Knave 1E
Cost: 15$
There is trouble in the town of Orlane, a number of its residents have just up and left without warning and reason. Those who stayed are stand-offish, paranoid and suspicious of other residents and strangers alike. Rumours persist that there is something sinister and evil at work in the town. Making your way to the town to see for yourselves and to speak with Mayor Ormand to get to the bottom of it all. Played with the Knave first edition ruleset, with a few custom modifications to add ancestry, this classic adventure will be presented in a fun and engaging fashion with an emphasis on story and fun. Everyone is welcome whether you have never played before or you can remember playing the original back in the day
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2023.06.09 23:29 ThrowRApiggles How Can I (23f) Fall in Love with my Husband (25m) Again?

I (23 f) don't feel anything for my husband (25m) anymore and I don't know why. My husband is a good father and a good partner. We've been together for nearly 5 years. I've always loved my husband and went out of my way to do special things for him because I wanted to. Now, while I still do those things to make him feel loved and appreciated, I find them more of a chore than something I want to do. 9/10 I don't feel much of anything towards him. Not love. Not hate. Not anger. Not sadness. Not anything. I don't know why. I'm extremely emotionally distant from my husband and I've tried to reignite something in every way I can think of. I'm not sure what else to do, but I'm really starting to fear we will end up divorcing due to my inability to return feelings he has.It's even at a point where if he did something horrible in our relationship like cheating on me, I don't think I'd blink an eye about it. He's still my best friend and I care about him a lot in that way. I'm really having a hard time connecting with him emotionally anymore though. No event has lead to this disconnect either. Things have been good. Any advice of any kind would be greatly appreciated as I want to make our marriage work, I'm just at a loss when it comes to my own lack of emotions. this lack of feeling has been for nearly 6 months.
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2023.06.09 23:29 stuckonpotatos Burnt out Social Worker

Need to vent and maybe crowdsource ideas for where to go next.
I’m a Case Manager in a large US city and it’s rough out here, folks. Too many cases to manage, too much crisis work, and not enough money or time or support. I’ve told this to my direct boss multiple times and she agrees that the job is complex and overwhelming, but she’s not in a position to change the system. Just this week they assigned me 5 new cases, and there’s just no way I can even begin them without some relief, which is not coming. It’s all piling up.
My bf has been pestering me to quit for a month now, and I’m almost there. I’m worried about our finances and quitting without another job lined up is hard for me to grapple with.
I’ve worked in a bunch of different industries at this point (teaching, hospitality, event production, corporate marketing, food service, now social work). I have a lot of skills but I’m not sure where to turn to for my next job.
I feel very disillusioned by the concept of “work” at this point. I don’t want to work to live anymore, wasting away my precious time hating every second and waiting for a break. I don’t want to break my back for a measly paycheck and still rely on govt money to live. Capitalism is crushing, and I don’t have it in me to exist like this forever.
Internet friends - what do I do?
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2023.06.09 23:29 Andy14422 Random rant about new school vs old school

So, I was rewatching a few of the old school seasons during the past few days and I just can't help but feel a bit disappointed with what the show has become.
I don't think we should have more as*holes or bullies, don't get me wrong, but I really feel that we desperately need some "regular" people on the cast. Having regular folks who are not well off in their regular lives and who have either not watched Survivor at all or have just some basic knowledge about the show, brings so much excitement and real human interactions.
Those people are entering the game ready to really give it all for that million dollar prize, which is what's making them fight harder and take things more personally and emotionally. The game has much bigger stakes for them.
Like it's great that Survivor casts fans as well, all of us would die to have a chance at playing our favorite game, however, with casts being completely made out of fans, the game becomes much more stale and everyone is just trying to do everything "right" instead of just going all in. Also, a lot of people who get on the show in the new era are pretty much well situated and the prize itself is not a "do or die" for them, so even though they'd like to win, it's not such a huge deal for them if they don't.
This, combined with the fact that social media also has a great impact on the players (they seem to be very afraid of how the public might perceive them) makes for all these game-boty exits, where everyone is smiling and thanking the production for the opportunity, basically being "over the moon" about the fact that they'd just been voted out. (I swear I miss Michaela so much ❣️)
These are also the reasons why we keep getting the same ftc vote time after time. People are just "pressured" into voting "correctly" and being on the "right" side of the consensus, cause if there are 6 other people who voted the same way, then they can justify their decision in front of the general public more easily, in case the viewers get upset by the end result. Which is so underwhelming, cause who cares what the people will say, screw them, you're playing for yourself. Plus, even being in the majority doesn't guarantee you'll be spared of the backlash anyway (Karla and Jesse know this best after all the shit they got last season).
I'm personally not a fan of this narrative and would much rather have some regular people, reacting emotionally and taking things to heart. It makes for a much more interesting game and it also makes the ftc performance much more meaningful, cause you, as a finalist, now possibly have to find a way to persuade someone who really hates your guts to give you a vote.
Due to all this 44 has been the first season in quite a bit that had me engaged, cause the production really lucked out with people like Carolyn and Yam Yam to some extent, who are not afraid to express their emotions and who I could (finally) relate to.
Anyway, I know nothing's gonna change, but I just felt the need to vent. Sorry for having to read all the shit I had to say if you got this far lol 😂
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2023.06.09 23:29 Ambitious-Ad8011 My (25M) gf (23F) of 4 years joined a friend group of mostly guys. Advice appreciated for my situation.

My gf and I moved out of state for her to attend graduate school. Pretty early on she made friends with a group of people, 4 males and 1 female (another female is a bit more on the outskirts). At the beginning of the school year (fall ‘22) she would go out every weekend and hang out with them. Sometimes she invited me, other times not. I’m not very social but I do fine in social settings and get along with mostly everyone (part of me not going out is to save money).
After a while I started to resent her for going out with them every weekend. It definitely caused a strain on our relationship.
A little backstory, the one female was in a relationship for like 8 years. She eventually ended things and within a week was hanging out exclusively with one of the guys in the friend group and they banged like the second week. (This was about 6 months into the school year). This is my gf’s best friend and obviously unsettling to hear this happened.
The second half of the year I made an effort to hang out with them all more. Tbh I’m just not a fan of 3/4 of the guys. Big egos and kinda tools. The one (now dating the other girl) is pretty down to earth.
Im out of town visiting family/friends and whenever she hangs out with them I just get a bitter taste in my mouth. I would definitely prefer my significant other not hanging out with a group of guys. Idrgaf if they’re friends. I’ve talked to her about it a little but she thinks I’m overreacting and doesn’t see an issue with it.
How do I get my point across I don’t want her hanging out with other guys? Any advice on how to handle the situation?
TLDR- my gf is friends with a group of people, mostly guys, I feel it affecting our relationship but I don’t mean it to. Not sure how to handle it.
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2023.06.09 23:27 ForeverBlue101_303 The sinful hypocrisy of homophobia

Hey folks. I know this sounds rather inflammatory and although I would never celebrate someone of death, it's really hard for me to feel sympathy towards two people who I believe gave good Christians a bad name: Fred Phelps and Pat Robertson.
If there is one thing that always puzzled me about homophobic Christians is why are Christians so hateful towards the LGBTQ community, despite how Jesus said "Let anyone among you who is without sin be the first to throw a stone at her" and the more I pondered about this famous parable, the more it makes so much sense as I feel that homophobic Christians who are so hateful of the LGBTQ community are are actually committing sin themselves with their hatred, possibly some worse than being gay: wrath and pride.
It always astounds me how some Christians seem to forget that what they are doing is a million times worse than being gay, since they are labeled "deadly" as evidenced by the anger and hostility a street preacher would scream during a Pride parade (wrath) and the fact that that some refuse to challenge their beliefs and think they know they're right as they feel their beliefs are better than others while telling everyone they're being damned (pride)
And two great examples of Christians who do this, are of course Fred Phelps with his awful rhetoric were he distorts Bible verses to further his hateful agenda and doing the horrendous pickets he does with his family with the fury of a thousand sons and Pat Robertson where he casually and insouciantly tells people, not just the LGBTQ community, but people who suffered disaster, such as Haiti when they suffered from that earthquake in 2010, that they deserved their torment as God's punishment, all while smiling to the camera, which not only displays his sin of pride but the non-religious sign of me interprets it as probably a sign of him being sociopathic and sadistic as he shows no compassion towards anyone who suffered through whatever and happily says that they deserve it because it's "God's punishment"
As I said, it really confuses me how most of the hateful Christians have no self-awareness that their hateful ways are also sin as well while also giving you guys, the non-hateful Christians who want the LGBTQ community safe from danger, irreparable damage where you guys will be associated with a group of hateful, judgemental, ruthless sociopaths thanks to people like Pat Robertson, Fred Phelps and others. I wish you guys the best, thanks for your kindness and don't let these hateful people define who you are.
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2023.06.09 23:27 Hot-Sea-1102 ERTC for schools

I have been looking into ERTC for schools and I have not been able to determine if they are excluded due to public funding (for public schools), or for receiving ESSER funds. Some background, from a small town, and this could make or break our community. Any help/insight would be greatly appreciated.
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2023.06.09 23:27 Dangerous_Island_310 I hate my stepmother

I 18F live with my dad 62M and his fiancée 37F (theyre getting married tomorrow) and i hate it. Theyve been together for the better part of 10 years and it was ok until she moved in. It was hard on me cuz I moved to a new country, had to get used to my half-sister (we grew up with our moms and barely had a sister relationship but more of a friendship) and on top of that skme lady i didnt know. It was hard getting used to everything but once i did evrything was ok except for her! I liked her as a kid but turning into a teen makes you hate everyone. As time went on i stopped doubting my hormones and started seeing her for who she is. She's super 2 faced. With my dad she acts like she cares for us but once hes gone she ignores us but mostly my sister. Im the favorite one and idk if its for better or worse. With time she started to dislike me more tho. At one point we had a fight and my dad took my roomkey from me cuz I locked myself in my room at 12 because I was mad and she banged on my door like a psycho. Not much later when i was 15 she threw a shoe at me while i was sleeping to wake me up and it was just us at home. My sister has heard her talking on the phone with her friends saying we're angry at her because shes the one and my dad broke up with both our moms and that theyre crazy. Shes also not reliable cuz you cant tell her smth and she tells it to dad. She actively tries to act like my mother. She was introducing herself as my mother for 2yrs but she stopped cuz I told her she'd never be my mother (from 12-14 btw and i always corrected her in front of everyone). She also tries to scold me and acts like shes my mother. This pisses me off cuz I do have a mother who's alive and well back home!! My mom likes her and even doubts me when I complain about her cuz she seems sweet until i tell her about what she did to me that week. She flat out ignores my sister and acts like shes the woman of the house which she isnt. All decisions are run by my sister since she was 9. She takes care of food, laundry, cleanliness and since my sister moved out for college the house is a mess and i miss her. I understand my sister cuz my stepmother is super inconsiderate. I have a phobia of bugs and every time i have a panic attack she rolls her eyes and acts like im being over dramatic when I cant help it (I try my best to stay calm). She also disrespects me all the time and doesnt respect my boundaries that I'm trying to set for the first time ever. She also acts entitled over my dad and when he has panic attacks she acts hes being dramatic also. She thinks she knows everything and always complains about her looks but stuffs herself but when I lose weight she tells me im gonna be a skeleton and a sack of bones. Im tired of this and she wants KIDS not one but 2 and she wants twins. I know for a fact that ill have to care for the kid(s). I wanna move out but i cant on my own cuz I can barely go to school without feeling drained. I wanna cry i hate this. I Need out this woman ruined my dad to the point where even my mom cant recognize who he is cuz of how bitter hes become like his fiancée. I'm tired of this.
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2023.06.09 23:27 ForeverBlue101_303 Pat Robertson and Fred Phelps: "Christians" who are guilty of sin themselves

Hey folks. I know this sounds rather inflammatory and although I would never celebrate someone of death, it's really hard for me to feel sympathy towards two people who I believe gave good Christians a bad name: Fred Phelps and Pat Robertson.
If there is one thing that always puzzled me about homophobic Christians is why are Christians so hateful towards the LGBTQ community, despite how Jesus said "Let anyone among you who is without sin be the first to throw a stone at her" and the more I pondered about this famous parable, the more it makes so much sense as I feel that homophobic Christians who are so hateful of the LGBTQ community are are actually committing sin themselves with their hatred, possibly some worse than being gay: wrath and pride.
It always astounds me how some Christians seem to forget that what they are doing is a million times worse than being gay, since they are labeled "deadly" as evidenced by the anger and hostility a street preacher would scream during a Pride parade (wrath) and the fact that that some refuse to challenge their beliefs and think they know they're right as they feel their beliefs are better than others while telling everyone they're being damned (pride)
And two great examples of Christians who do this, are of course Fred Phelps with his awful rhetoric were he distorts Bible verses to further his hateful agenda and doing the horrendous pickets he does with his family with the fury of a thousand sons and Pat Robertson where he casually and insouciantly tells people, not just the LGBTQ community, but people who suffered disaster, such as Haiti when they suffered from that earthquake in 2010, that they deserved their torment as God's punishment, all while smiling to the camera, which not only displays his sin of pride but the non-religious sign of me interprets it as probably a sign of him being sociopathic and sadistic as he shows no compassion towards anyone who suffered through whatever and happily says that they deserve it because it's "God's punishment"
As I said, it really confuses me how most of the hateful Christians have no self-awareness that their hateful ways are also sin as well while also giving you guys, the non-hateful Christians who want the LGBTQ community safe from danger, irreparable damage where you guys will be associated with a group of hateful, judgemental, ruthless sociopaths thanks to people like Pat Robertson, Fred Phelps and others. I wish you guys the best, thanks for your kindness and don't let these hateful people define who you are.
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