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2016.06.29 03:03 mostinterestingtroll BLΛƆKPIИK 🇯🇵 [BORN PINK] WORLD TOUR in OSAKA - JUNE 3-4

BLACKPINK / 블랙핑크 (stylized as BLΛƆKPIИK) is a four-member K-pop girl group by YG Entertainment, consisting of members Jisoo, Jennie, Rosé, and Lisa. The group debuted on August 8th, 2016. BLACKPINK is represented by Interscope and Universal Music Group outside of Asia. Second subreddit: BeulPing

2014.07.06 00:46 LegalNA Legal Advice UK - Legal help and advice for those in England, Wales, Scotland, and Northern Ireland

LegalAdviceUK exists to provide help for those in need of legal support in England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland. We operate as a form of "legal triage" where commenters can guide posters towards resolving issues themselves or towards an appropriate professional.

2011.02.28 05:50 littlewing91 Gettin' faded, one day at a time

For enthusiasts of raw denim in all its forms; from the rarest Japanese heritage jeans, to the most frayed of jorts.

2023.06.01 15:18 gherkinit Jerkinit with Gherkinit S41e7 Daily DD and Charting

Jerkinit with Gherkinit S41e7 Daily DD and Charting
Good Morning,
Last night at 9pm the house voted in favor of raising the debt ceiling on a vote of 341-117. The bill will will likely move through the next two steps unhindered and the Treasury could begin issuing new debt as soon as this week. With a couple hundred billion in Extraordinary Measures needing to be covered right away and the Treasury expected to raise their deposit at the Federal Reserve by $1t in the next couple weeks, we can expect to see yields rise and liquidity leave the equity markets. FED president Harker came out yesterday and made a rather bold declaration of a potential to pause at the June session. This is in pretty stark contrast to the rest of the FED president's statements that have all signaled another rate hike in June, especially as PCE YoY came in .6% hotter than the FEDs March expectations. Regardless of Fedwatch expectations I think the stagflationary conditions that are being presented by slowing GDP and entrenching inflation are only being temporarily protected by continued strength in the labor markets.
ES failed to gain any ground in the Asian and European sessions overnight, showing that the debt ceiling expectations were already largely priced in. Gamma on the chain remains decidedly split. Probably into this morning's ISM data. This presents an upside range of about 4210 with a downside range of around 4150, so far. Watch both the fast and standard gamma neutral levels for an indication of momentum today.
SPX 1h
GME continues to realize a small amount of liquidity but the daily pullbacks in the pre-market session and lack of increase in borrow rate are not significantly improving price. The fairly stagnant index trading in the last two days isn't helping drive anything either. I still remain cautious of its potential given the borrow rate and R2k situation and will probably not make any decisions till later this week or next depending on if we get any acceleration in liquidity or not. I do plan to start pulling back $25CCs for June 16th over the coming days, with earnings on the 7th it seems prudent to start closing them now rather than wait for a higher IV environment.
GME 4h
UPST shorting is progressing a little more in line with expectations now that the BOTZ pressure has eased with NVDAs drop yesterday and maybe more so today with C3.AI's earnings. My expectation here is still sub $20 over the next couple months as UPST's headwinds remain very much in front of them for the near future. The lack of recurring RegSHO inclusion tells me that some of the more entrenched shorts have either averaged or pulled back for the time being. But the current price and IV will likely pull them back in.
Options Data

GME - 2023-05-31
DN: 16.95 GN: 4.47 GM: 25.67 VN: 0.31

UPST - 2023-05-31
DN: 23.56 GN: 22.68 GM: 31.06 VN: 19.54

NVDA - 2023-05-31
DN: 295.3 GN: 284.61 GM: NaN VN: 250.81

As always feel free to check out the livestream from 9am - 4pm EST on YouTube
Our join the community discord https://discord.gg/9ZDgRU7hFk
As always the information will be available here on reddit as well.
You are welcome to check my profile for links to my previous DD
GME Resistance/Support:
13.66, 15.50, 16.00, 17.46, 19.50, 21.40, 22.50, 24.68, 29.83, 30.73, 31.65, 32.90, 33.99, 35, 36.05, 37.50, 40, 42.50, 45, 50, 52.50

Pre-Market Analysis

Fidelity: 162,973 @ 2.25%
IBKR: 95,000 @ 7.830%
Fidelity: 0 @ 17.00%
IBKR: 200,000 @ 23.160%

* Although my profession is day trading, I in no way endorse day-trading of GME not only does it present significant risk, it can delay the squeeze. If you are one of the people that use this information to day trade this stock, I hope you sell at resistance then it turns around and gaps up to $500. 😁
*Options present a great deal of risk to the experienced and inexperienced investors alike, please understand the risk and mechanics of options before considering them as a way to leverage your position.
*This is not Financial advice. The ideas and opinions expressed here are for educational and entertainment purposes only.
* No position is worth your life and debt can always be repaid. Please if you need help reach out this community is here for you. Also the NSPL Phone: 800-273-8255 Hours: Available 24 hours. Languages: English, Spanish.
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2023.06.01 15:17 nerd2727 When it comes to getting back into shape, what's the most challenging thing for you?

Starting this thread for anyone that is struggling, and those that can offer advice :)
Rated from most difficult to not difficult.
  1. Sleep. 2.Diet.
  2. Exercise.
  3. I suck at sleeping. I feel like most nights I sleep like crap, lucid dreams and wake up at least once. For example, I got 4hrs 59mins of sleep last night even with melatonin. 😭. I worked out yesterday, stayed in my macros was extremely tired. Bed time comes and I get a burst of energy. I'm too scared to try sleeping pills 😨, but it's definitely past that point. Age 32 and have eye bags and dark circles of a 50yo 😭.
  4. I use a weekly meal prep service. I receive 10 meals a week (lunch & dinner), for breakfast I have a protein shake. I find that Saturday and/or usually Sunday are the day(s) I end up cheating. Sometimes I'm good and stick to chicken salad, soup... Something healthy. But usually I steer directly towards pizza, tacos, beer, margarita, trulys, pasta, in n out... Stuff like that.
  5. I work out 3 times a week with a trainer. Two days a week I do workouts at home. The workouts alone kick my ass, I'm finding it harder and harder to make it through them. Not because the workout itself is hard, it's because I have ZERO energy, even with pre-work out. I have, or thought I had a sensitivity to caffeine, so I usually do less than half a scoop. I upped it to half, nothing. I'm scared to take a full scoop 😂. I'm unsure if that's what's keeping me up. I also take Vyvanse 30 mg daily for the last 12 years so maybe it's the mixture? The pre work out is working like ... Putting $2 in the gas tank, when prices are $5.96/g You'll move, but not very far. Currently talking Alani pre workout.
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2023.06.01 15:17 illumiflo NBA Finals Lotto Ticket

NBA Finals Lotto Ticket submitted by illumiflo to sportsbetting [link] [comments]

2023.06.01 15:17 annoyedtbh4 I'm very irritable lately [F30]. Very grumpy. My coworkers [F30-50]]bother the shit out of me. How can I kindly say "just please stop talking to me, no offence"?

This is a temp job and we've know each other for 2 months. We're going to be working together for another 2 months.
I am very overwhelmed with things happening in my life. I have a full time job, I'm also attending several courses in the evenings. My average day is wake up at 6am, get to work by 830 am, leave work by 5:30pm and then go to school for 6pm and end class by 9pm. by 10pm I'm home and showering and in bed my 11. Because this is a temp job, I'm also spending 10-15 hours a week applying to jobs because I have nothing lined up after this.
I'm getting 7 hours of sleep or less per night, 4 days a week. On Fridays I'm trying to do something with friends, but I'm often too exhausted. On weekends I'm meal prepping, grocery shopping, and going to appointments and doing homework.
I feel very stretched thin. But I paid thousands of dollars for these courses and I can't give up. It's just a few more months.
When my coworkers constantly want to get together during lunch or breaks, it's actually very irritating. I've made good friends with them, but our conversations have shifted to complaining about management. Often out of our 1 hour long lunch break, 50 minutes are spent complaining about management. I don't want to be a therapist 5 hours a week on top of doing everything myself.
I don't have the energy to maintain these relationships. I just want my lunch break in peace and quite - the only actual BREAK I have for 4 days straight sometimes.
So far I've just been faking the pleasantries and accidentally made some new friends here. I did not intend to. But now they expect me to be available for them to complain about our boss (they do their work less well and our boss has a bad reaction to that - I don't get as much of the heat because I do my job well. They bring it on themselves but they are right that the boss overreacts).
tl;dr: I've overscheduled myself and I'm spread thin. I have no patience for my workers complaining at work constantly, so I want to tell them kindly to stop expecting me to join them at lunch.
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2023.06.01 15:16 Butidigress817 Food pantries & kitchens

Food pantries & kitchens
Found on the IFM Facebook page.
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2023.06.01 15:16 JakeN9 Choosing the best proxy to use from a large list

I'm trying to write a scraper for a website, but I am encountering two issues.
The main issue
The scraper works successfully without proxies enabled, and can achieve a rate of 800 requests per second. When proxies are enabled, this rate drops to ~10.
I am writing code in Java (as it's a language I'm familiar with). The code runs one producer thread that creates tasks, and multiple consumer threads, which process tasks asynchronously with a limit on co-currency.
My issue is that when making these requests, it seems as if not all proxies in the database are utilized properly.
For each proxy in the database, I hold the following information:
connection_string, usage_count, success_count, failed_count, fail_streak, cooldown_until, last_used, status
To select proxies from the database, I do
String query = "SELECT id, connection_string, usage_count, success_count, failed_count, fail_streak, cooldown_until " +"FROM test_proxy " +"WHERE (cooldown_until IS NULL OR NOW() > cooldown_until) " +"ORDER BY CASE WHEN usage_count = 0 THEN 1 ELSE success_count / usage_count END DESC, last_used ASC " +"LIMIT 150";
I load the proxies into memory, and then run an update on the database every second using batch, and reload the data. This prevents a huge amount of requests from having to be made to the database. To fetch a particular proxy, I do the following:
I load the proxies into memory, and then run an update on the database every second using batch, and reload the data. This prevents a huge amount of requests from having to be made to the database. To fetch a particular proxy, I do the following
 public Proxy getNewProxy() { synchronized (proxies) { if(proxies.size() == 0){ return null; } Random random = new Random(); int randomIndex = random.nextInt(proxies.size()); Proxy proxy = proxies.get(randomIndex); return proxy; } } 
When a request fails/succeeds, the following occurs
public void onSuccess(){ this.usageCount.incrementAndGet(); this.successCount.incrementAndGet(); this.failStreak.set(0); this.cooldownUntil.set(System.currentTimeMillis()); } 
this.usageCount.incrementAndGet(); this.successCount.incrementAndGet(); this.failStreak.set(0); this.cooldownUntil.set(System.currentTimeMillis()); }
public void onFailure() { this.usageCount.incrementAndGet(); this.failedCount.incrementAndGet(); this.failStreak.incrementAndGet(); int baseCooldownTime = 1000; double exponentialFactor = 1.5; long cooldownTime = baseCooldownTime * (long) Math.pow(exponentialFactor, failStreak.get() - 1); long cooldownUntil = System.currentTimeMillis() + cooldownTime; // TODO: check new cooldownuntil time is not more than 1 hour //System.out.println("back off time = " + (cooldownTime / 1000)); if(cooldownUntil > this.cooldownUntil.get()){ this.cooldownUntil.set(System.currentTimeMillis() + cooldownTime); } } 
The code only seems to use 50 of the proxies within the first 10 minutes, and only achieves a rate of ~10 requests per second.
I have been stuck on this issue for 2 months. I need a better strategy picking proxies, in order to optimize the amount of potential requests that can be made every second.
Currently I rank all proxies by success, and last used, then limit to the top 50, and select a random proxy.
If you have any suggestions on a better method, other than round-robin, please let me know, as I'm struggling a little!
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2023.06.01 15:16 Knotty83 A rock bottom story

A rock bottom story
Minor trigger warning for the NEWLY SOBER
What follows is a humorous mostly true account of a tough day I had in Amsterdam whilst still an active alcoholic.
Some leaps of logic have been made as my memory of the time is not how you would say “perfect” and some events have been streamlined for ease of storytelling.
I’m posting to hopefully make you smile, and to remind myself of just how far i have come in my sobriety journey.
Oh god, why does consciousness always hit like a ton of bricks
The world hurts Today, what did I do last night? I can taste vomit, How much did I drink? Why am I wet?
Oh man my head
I wish that man would stop yelling……Did he say boat?
Cautiously I opened my eyes, the painful rays of light make the throbbing in my head worse.
The man doing the yelling, is a big bearded man who in any other circumstance would have had a kindly face.
“Excuse me” I manage to squeeze past my aching vocal cords.
“Oh good” the man exclaims with a heavy dutch accent “He’s not dead” “Daisy, Nee”(no) He says to a young woman brandishing a bucket of water standing next to me.
She reluctantly relaxes from her attacking position.
I try a smile, it makes my face hurt, so i go back to painless bewildered look.
Using all of my strength I squeeze out “Where am I?”
“In Amsterdam” he responds “Now hop it”
Amsterdam? But that’s miles from my sisters. I need more information, how did I get here? What day is it? Why is the floor rocking? I sum all these questions up into an eloquent sentence, fix the man with my best steely look ready myself to speak and …proceed to throw up in his potted daffodils.
The man looks to the woman “Doe Het”
SPLOOSH the bucket of water is as refreshing as it is painful.
“Now get off my damn boat”
The woman has grabbed a mop and is pushing me towards the edge. I clutch my side and roll over, staggering onto my feet.
I hop off the boat and onto the footpath, steadying myself on a bicycle. I try to stand upright but find hunching hurts much less.
Seeing a sign that points towards Amsterdamn central train station I start to hobble in that direction.
It hurts to breath but each fresh lung full of air hits me like a healing wind. “Its going to be ok” I tell myself.
Stopping next to a cafe I lean my arm against the window to keep my balance. For the first time that day I get a grips of my reflection. I’m not wearing a shirt?! What the hell, I’ve got a chipped tooth and have bruises everywhere. Was I in a fight? What the hell happened.
Looking past my reflection and into the cafe I see a Well dressed woman on the other side of the glass trying to enjoy a morning tea and crumpets. I try smiling (ouch) I should really stop that. The sight of food make my stomach do a somersault, I’m not sure if I’m Hungary or about to throw up again.
I wave the lady goodbye and make my way towards the station.
I watch a child walk past me eating some mayonnaise chips, she dumps the half finished packet in a bin, bearing no care for my surroundings I dive into the bin after the food. I throw a few of the greasy salty chips in my mouth…… Moments later I return them to the bin covered in a second wave of vomit.
The station is only a few hundred meters but it feels like a marathon. Flashes of the night before go through my head, Beers, shots, Schnapps Toilets, Vomiting, Kebabs
I make it to the station, I spend far too much time trying to focus on the big clock…. I think its 0930 in the morning. For the first time I think about my phone. My hand shoots to my pocket. OF COURSE my phone will have the answers!!!
I pull it out, wipe the water from the front, it is, of course dead. Filled with a new purpose I look around for a solution.
A waiter is taking chairs off tables at the Cafe Loetje. I run / hobble over to him and in my incredibly broken dutch including several miss used words of French and some German try to communicate id like a phone charger.
He says in perfect English “We open in half an hour, but shirts are normally a requirement for service”
I must have looked a complete shambles as his resolve soon crumbled, “Sit at the table in the corner” he said.
I fall into a chair in the corner and lean back My chest is killing me.
A plane flies over head, this seems important but I can’t put my finger on why.
The waiter walks over to me with a charger a t shirt and a coffee I don’t remember asking for the coffee but I reach into my pocket pulling out €1.50 I hold it out hopefully. “Don’t worry party man, this ones on me, just do me a favour and put a shirt on”
I thank the waiter , I watch him as he goes back to the counter and gets money out of the tip jar to pay for my coffee, a pang of guilt hits me.
I plug my phone in The screen lights up!, At least its not broken.
I sip at the coffee and feel the sun on my face while the phone charges enough to boot up. These old buildings are really pretty, maybe ill move here one day. Under any other circumstances this would be a beautiful morning.
The phone dings and dings AND DINGS. So many angry messages, so many confused messages, from strangers, from people I haven’t thought of in years though have apparently been messaging while blacked out. Too many to go through, ill apologise to them all later. I just need to find out where my stuff is.
I swipe closed the multiple texting apps and open my email. Scrolling past the online check in for my flight tomorrow I find my hotel reservation. Nice looking place, cheap enough, about 1.2km away. Ill sit here until my hangover recedes a little more, wit the coffee an the sun, then ill wander back and crash for a bit, Ill come back tonight and return this waiters shirt. Maybe take him out for a drink to repay his kindness.
The phone dings again. Mum “Great to see you on Monday, Have a good flight” Monday? Weird way for her to talk about yesterday and she got my flight wrong its not till tomorrow. The bottom of my stomach falls out.
I run up to the counter and try to get the waiters attention.
“Hey, Um, What day is it?” “Chill out party man, its Wednesday”
Wednesday!!! But I went out for a drink on Monday night! Wednesday I have a flight Wednesday afternoon! FUCKING WEDNESDAY!
I glance up at the clock, 10:30! If my flights at 1pm I need to be at the airport by 12 absolute latest,I should go get on a train. But my stuff is at this hotel. (I hope)
I throw the water his charger and start to RUN my phon on 28% battery guiding the way. Trying to do the maths in my head. The hotel is 1.2 km away , I could run that in 10 min. But that’s sober and I feel like I’m about to die. Oh fuck it just run. You idiot.
Exhausted, I find the hotel, 12 flights of stairs to the lobby and 5 more to my room. These old building can suck my dick, I get to the check in desk. My stuff is in a pile in front of it.
“I’m sorry” I blurt out. The cashier gives me a dirty look and holds out a credit card machine €150. Miraculously my emergency credit card and passport are in my suitcase. Lacking the time or ability to argue the charges I tap the card and pray that it will go through.
Ding , it’s accepted. Thank the old gods and the new.
The cashier holds out a receipt, I snatch ti and grab my suitcase and throw it down the 12 flights of stairs. Apologies to the U11’s soccer team that we’re making their way up.
Back on the street I check my phone, 18% battery 11:03 A train leaves for the airport in 27 min……RUN
Dragging my suitcase through the cobbled streets of Amsterdam,I run to the station.
As I pass the cafe, unable to breath I pull off the t shirt leant to me by the waiter and throw it at him.
“Merci” I yell. That was French you idiot, AND he speaks English. No time to explain, get on that train.
I drag the my suitcase into the station, tap my credit card and run to the platform. As I set foot on the train the doors close behind me. Collapsing into a seat I grab a shirt from my bag then open my emails and check into my flight, 8% phone battery.
The train gets to the airport and I head over to digital check in and get through security.
I get through security, random bomb check (of course) then head over to my gate.
I have ten minutes till boarding, time for a swift drink I order two pints and a shot, finish them with time to spare so order another pint.
Get onto the flight, stinking of booze and puke,
Pass out sleeping on a broken rib and multiple bruises.
Get back to Australia get the cab home to stop at the bottle shop, don’t get any food. Get home cry drink through the pain.
This is NOT my rock bottom story.
It would take me 3 more years to admit I had a drinking problem and another 2 to actually take action.
I am currently 1296 days (or 3 1/2 years) sober and my life couldn’t be more different. I’m married, have a daughter, and a job that I love. I still get stressed, and sad on occasion but don’t drink to deal with the demons any more.
If you’re on day 1 or day 1000 of sobriety or you’re just sober curious know that you are loved , I believe in you and I’m glad you’re here.
If you’ve enjoyed reading this, please let me know, writing is one of my outlets and therapies.
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2023.06.01 15:16 AutoModerator /r/SaGa_ReuniverSe Gacha Thread (2023/06/01)

/SaGa_ReuniverSe Gacha Thread (2023/06/01)

Welcome to the Lucky Thread!!!

Romancing Festival Central Saga Now Available!

The Romancing Festival Central Saga Summon includes a discounted 3-Rounds-Only Summon!
New Styles SS [I've Had Enough of This!] Rocbouquet, SS [Star Train Now Departing!] Macha, and SS [Illusory Nightscape] Matriarch are here!
The SS Styles available in this Summon will only be the Pickup SS Styles. Also, after the maintenance on Thursday 06/01/2023 08:30 EDT, the non-Pickup Styles in Romancing Festivals will be updated with the Romancing Festival exclusive Styles that appeared before 06/25/2022 PDT.
*Romancing Festivals available before Thursday 06/01/2023 08:30 EDT will not be affected.

In-game Notice

  • The availability period is subject to change.

Style Introduction

SS [I've Had Enough of This!] Rocbouquet


SS [Star Train Now Departing!] Macha


SS [Illusory Nightscape] Matriarch



Romancing Festival Western Saga Now Available!

The Romancing Festival Western Saga Summon includes a discounted 3-Rounds-Only Summon!
New Styles SS [Tough Work to Get Some Squid] Jo, SS [Shucho Chef] Polka Lynn Wood, and SS [Storm the Castle!] Liz Lynn Wood are here!
The SS Styles available in this Summon will only be the Pickup SS Styles. Also, after the maintenance on Thursday 06/01/2023 08:30 EDT, the non-Pickup Styles in Romancing Festivals will be updated with the Romancing Festival exclusive Styles that appeared before 06/25/2022 PDT.
*Romancing Festivals available before Thursday 06/01/2023 08:30 EDT will not be affected.

In-game Notice

  • The availability period is subject to change.

Style Introduction

SS [Tough Work to Get Some Squid] Jo


SS [Shucho Chef] Polka Lynn Wood


SS [Storm the Castle!] Liz Lynn Wood



3rd Anniversary Romancing Festival Now Available!

The first 10x Summon of each round of the 3rd Anniversary Romancing Festival Summon will be free!
Also, the SS Styles available in this Summon will only be the Romancing Festival exclusive Styles that appeared from 06/30/2022 to 02/23/2023 PST! Details can be checked by going to Summon>Summon Details>Summon Rates.

In-game Notice

  • The availability period is subject to change.

Use this thread to:
  • Share your gacha pulls(good or bad).
  • Brag about your luck :P
  • Discuss new banners.
  • Discuss new units and their gacha value.


1 - Please be kind and courteous to each other!
2 - Any Gacha post outside any of the Megathreads will be removed!
All summons posts on /SaGa_ReuniverSe should be limited to the Megathreads. If you notice that someone has made a post showing off their summon outside of this thread, please politely direct them here and report their post to the moderators.

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Here is how
If you have any criticism/advice regarding the subreddit please contact the mod team: message to the moderators.
We hope you enjoy your time here at SaGa_ReuniverSe and good luck!!
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2023.06.01 15:16 JabbaTheSlutt_ PC Says “no connection, secured” on wifi and I may have made it worse trying to fix it

Full story: I had been using my pc all day for video editing and gaming then I left for about 5-6 hours. When I came home and turned on my pc again it wasn’t connecting to wifi. I tried restarting it a couple or times but nothing.
The internet told me to disable IPv6 and then re enable it, which I did and my WiFi worked fine for me to get through a 15 minute game. At the end of the game though, my wireless headphones started being a bit patchy both plugged in and unplugged. So I restarted my computer again and I was seemingly back at square one, except there were now two of my wifi networks. Titled “wifi network” and “* wifi network* 2”.
More googling led me to device manager where I selected “show hidden devices” and uninstalled any greyed out devices with the same names and the wifi connection devices that I recognised (those being Bluetooth, Ethernet and Intel AC 8265 dual bandwidth) so only the ones with “#2” at the end were left.
This didn’t help so I used my phone to Hotspot my pc which seemed to work. this made me think that it was an issue with my wifi and not my computer, but later on the hotspot connection started having similar issues.
Then I noticed that my PCI encryption/decryption had an error logo by it and when I went to update the drivers for it, it said no drivers found.
I used the hotspot to download the AMD drivers for the wifi connection (I have a Ryzen 5 processor), then I realised that my wifi card is intel so I downloaded those drivers. Then I again realised that in a note on the website, intel says that I need to instal different drivers for the AC 8265 so I did that. However I couldn’t find psp for the AMD drivers or any wifi drivers anywhere in the downloads.
I’ve given up for tonight (it’s 1am where I am and I’ve been struggling since 11pm) but any advice or suggestions you have are greatly appreciated!!
I have a Ryzen 5 5600x cpu with a ASU’s prime B350-plus motherboard. The wifi card is an Intel Dual bandwidth AC 8265 card that I have an antennae attached to. OS is windows 10
One final note: I am aware of the 2.4GHz and 5GHz wifi leading to two different networks, but I’ve never seen the two different options before on this wifi. It’s only ever been the one wifi network.
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2023.06.01 15:16 stollba [NM] 75335 BD-1 - 130 spots @ $1 each

Escrow for u/lnpt2922
Item Name Set Number: 75335 BD-1
Lego Price: $100 + $8 tax = $108
Shipping: $22 UPS (15x16x4), 4 pounds, 92105 to 10001, UPS insured)
Raffle Total/Spots: $130 / 130 spots @ $1 each
Price justification: Lego [email protected]
Call spots: Yes
Spot limit per person: No
Duration of spot limit: N/A
Location(Country): USA
Will ship international: Y, winner pays any excess shipping over $22
Timestamp Album: https://imgur.com/a/8JYIWLl
Description: One of the top 3 best droids in Star Wars (BB-H8 and B2EMO being the other two)
Payment required w/in 15 minutes of raffle filling, 10 for drama.
CashApp payments should have NO COMMENTS. Comments will result in a permanent ban

PayPal Info: PM for PayPal
Cash App Info: https://cash.app

Tip BlobAndHisBoy
Number of vacant slots: 130
Number of unpaid users: 0
Number of unpaid slots: 0
This slot list is created and updated by The EDC Raffle Tool by BlobAndHisBoy.

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2023.06.01 15:15 zardfizzlebeef Can ya'll please help me choose an insurance plan? New Gov employee with very generous insurance options.

Basically it comes down to 2 options.
One's a HDHP with HSA and the other doesn't have it.
Plan 1 (HDHP+HSA):

Plan 2
- Co insurance is 80% - $1,000 deductible - Out of pocket max is $4,000 - Co Pay is $25 office, $50 specialist, $60 urgent care and $250 ER - RX prescriptions is tiered. 10, 30 and $60 tiers. - Monthly premium is $50

On average I currently pay about $400 in co pays a year, $900 for RX.
I go to the Doc maybe 1 time a year. I'm 30(M) and in good health.

Please help. I've only worked trash customer service jobs and our insurance plans were pretty basic.
I like the idea of growing a HSA, my Mom has one. But that $3k deductible I don't like the idea of paying all that up front. .
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2023.06.01 15:15 raedge [Static] [EU - Light][LFG] Flex Caster looking for 6.4 Static for Savage and Ultimate

Yo! Name's Raedge (Raedge Blackblossom in game) and I'm looking for a long-term MC-sHC group for 6.4 Savage and Ultimates.
I have cleared the previous Savage tier but the group fell apart due to long-term scheduling issues.
I would like to have a schedule that is consistent even when new content is released. This means no hard Week 1 Clear pushing. Maybe 1 extra day but no more.
I'm available from 16:30 - 22:00 Server Time during weekdays, 11:30 - 15:45 and 16:30 - 22:00 Server Time during weekends. I would prefer 2 - 3 days raiding per week but specific days are flexible.
My main job is SMN but have Savage experience on RDM as well.
Logs can be found here: https://www.fflogs.com/characteid/14581935#
DM me here or on Discord (Raedge#5679) for more info.
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2023.06.01 15:15 Superb_Register_4967 New⛽️🍯

60 each 20% off
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VANCOUVER, BC , June 1, 2023 /CNW/ - Usha Resources Ltd.** ("USHA"** or the "Company") (TSXV: USHA) (OTCQB: USHAF) (FSE: JO0), a North American mineral acquisition and exploration company focused on the development of drill-ready battery metal projects, is pleased to announce that it has confirmed the presence of a fertile lithium-cesium-tantalum ("LCT") system at its Mead Project located 25 minutes south of Hearst, Ontario
  • A two (2) day site visit has been completed which identified beryl-pegmatites confirming the presence of a lithium-cesium-tantalum ("LCT") system. The identification of beryl is a key finding that confirms the potential for Mead to contain highly evolved LCT-pegmatites that could bear spodumene, the key lithium-bearing mineral in pegmatites.
  • The project comprises 1,001 hectares located adjacent on both east/west boundaries to Brunswick Resources' Hearst Project, where it has an on-going drill program to assess the spodumene-bearing Decoy pegmatite and other pegmatites along trend to the west/southwest towards the Mead Property up to 2 kilometres from the claim boundary.
  • An exploration permit has been approved for a five (5) hole drilling program.
  • The project was recently optioned for $5,000 and 50,000 shares and the Company has the right to earn 100% through a total payment of $62,500 and 412,500 shares over 3 years.
The Company completed a successful two (2) day site visit where it identified numerous minerals that are indicative of an LCT-system including garnet, tourmaline and most importantly, beryl. Given Mead's location within the same granite-sedimentary belt as Decoy, the identification of beryl is a key finding that confirms the potential for Mead to contain highly evolved LCT-pegmatites that could bear spodumene, the key lithium-bearing mineral in pegmatites.
The Mead Project comprises 1,001 hectares located adjacent on both east/west boundaries to Brunswick Resources' Hearst Project, where it has an on-going drill program to assess the spodumene-bearing Decoy pegmatite and other pegmatites along trend to the west/southwest towards the Mead Property up to 2 kilometres from the claim boundary. The Mead Project was recently optioned for $5,000 and 50,000 shares and the Company has the right to earn 100% through a total payment of $62,500 and 412,500 shares over 3 years.
Based on its successful initial visit, the Company plans on making exploration at Mead a focus with a comprehensive range of fieldwork activities, including prospecting, mapping, soil and further visible outcrop sampling that will ultimately lead into its now permitted drill program.
"Due to snow cover, at the time, there was very limited exposure of pegmatite outcrops, so we are thrilled with the findings from our initial visit. This success validates our strategy and belief in building out our lithium pegmatite portfolio," said Deepak Varshney , CEO of Usha Resources. "Our focus has always been to acquire quality projects at the right price and to be able to add an asset like Mead and turn it into a drill-ready lithium project this quickly is a testament to the quality of our technical team. We firmly believe every asset we acquire has the ability to be the next major discovery in Ontario's growing lithium hotbed and we look forward to advancing this ourselves or as part of a potential partnership beneficial to our shareholders."
Qualified person
The technical content of this news release has been reviewed and approved by Mr. Andrew Tims , P.Geo., a qualified person as defined by National Instrument 43-101.
About Usha Resources Ltd.
Usha Resources Ltd. is a North American mineral acquisition and exploration company focused on the development of quality battery and precious metal properties that are drill-ready with high-upside and expansion potential. Based in Vancouver, BC , Usha's portfolio of strategic properties provides target-rich diversification and consist of Jackpot Lake, a lithium brine project in Nevada ; White Willow, a lithium pegmatite project in Ontario that is the flagship among its growing portfolio of hard-rock lithium assets; and Lost Basin, a gold-copper project in Arizona
For more information, please call Tyler Muir , Investor Relations, at 1-888-772-2452, email [[email protected]](mailto:[email protected]) , or visit www.usharesources.com
Neither TSX Venture Exchange nor its Regulation Services Provider (as that term is defined in policies of the TSX Venture Exchange) accepts responsibility for the adequacy or accuracy of this release.
Forward-looking statements:
This news release may include "forward-looking information" under applicable Canadian securities legislation. Such forward-looking information reflects management's current beliefs and are based on a number of estimates and/or assumptions made by and information currently available to the Company that, while considered reasonable, are subject to known and unknown risks, uncertainties, and other factors that may cause the actual results and future events to differ materially from those expressed or implied by such forward-looking information. Readers are cautioned that such forward-looking information are neither promises nor guarantees and are subject to known and unknown risks and uncertainties including, but not limited to, general business, economic, competitive, political and social uncertainties, uncertain and volatile equity and capital markets, lack of available capital, actual results of exploration activities, environmental risks, future prices of base and other metals, operating risks, accidents, labour issues, delays in obtaining governmental approvals and permits, and other risks in the mining industry.
The Company is presently an exploration stage company. Exploration is highly speculative in nature, involves many risks, requires substantial expenditures, and may not result in the discovery of mineral deposits that can be mined profitably. Furthermore, the Company currently has no reserves on any of its properties. As a result, there can be no assurance that such forward-looking statements will prove to be accurate, and actual results and future events could differ materially from those anticipated in such statements.
View original content to download multimedia: https://www.prnewswire.com/news-releases/usha-resources-confirms-presence-of-a-lithium-cesium-tantalum-system-at-the-mead-lithium-pegmatite-project-and-receives-drill-permit-301839566.html
SOURCE Usha Resources Ltd.

View original content to download multimedia: http://www.newswire.ca/en/releases/archive/June2023/01/c1736.html
Universal Site Links
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2023.06.01 15:15 CreamyPeach98 What do I do ?!?! Dating advice

After a year of dating I’ve realized my boyfriend has avoidant detachment style and I have a anxious attachment style. This is my first boyfriend that has witnessed my journey going from MTF. The thing that I’m struggling with is that I’ve realized that he is slowly pushing himself away. ( he says that he isn’t )
I’m someone that works 12 hour shifts while he WFM. So sometimes I crave to see him because I’m overstimulated by stress since I work in the healthcare field. Overall he’s stopped giving me compliments and taking me out on dates. I’ve been wanting to take him out to eat but he’s always busy with family. I sleep over his house mostly every other day. I come at 11pm and I’m out by 6am.
With my transition I’ve been super sentimental and last night when I was trying to get into the moment as I’ve been craving for some “ woo hoo “ ( if you ever played sims then you know what I mean ) he pretty much stated that if we were to do something it’ll just only be for me as he won’t be able to climax as he has to witness me be stressed all the time so he wouldn’t be in the mood. ( I’m like this doesn’t make any sense, who uses an event that happened 2 or 3 days ago as a reason not to have sex ) so it made me feel emotional and I told him that his response is BS. As I was crying he literally kept watching YouTube videos as if everything was fine. I ended telling him that I am going home since I’m losing my self worth crying next to a man who isn’t even comforting his girlfriend. I’ve communicated how the way I wanted to be comforted and reassured while also understanding his boundaries. I’m staring to feel like I’m losing myself asking and begging for the bare minimum. I don’t know what to do but the fear of finding out that I’m getting played is bothering me and I just want to detach and ghost him as trauma response. Overall I know I look amazing and I’m very passionate but I don’t like the feeling of constantly begging for change while he gets whatever he wants. It’s starting to feel one sided
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2023.06.01 15:15 montydes Revolut referral £60

Join me and over 28 million users who love Revolut. Sign up with my link below:
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What do my friends need to do?
  1. Create a Revolut account using your unique referral link
  2. Verify their identity and pass our Know Your Customer (KYC) checks
  3. Top up their account by connecting another bank account or using a bank card
  4. Order a physical Revolut card (delivery fees may apply)
  5. Complete 3 purchases of at least £5 each with their Revolut card. Exclusions on transactions apply, please review the full terms and conditions for details. (Note: purchases can be done with a virtual card while they wait for their physical one)
  6. All before 20 June 2023 11:59 PM GMT
What’s in it for me?
We'll reward you with £60 for each friend that meets the criteria above, up to 5 sign-ups. Get the full terms and conditions on our blog.
Invite your friends as soon as possible to give them enough time to do all the steps before the promotion ends on 20 June 2023 11:59 PM GMT!
I will offer another £20 for each person referred..
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2023.06.01 15:15 Haunting-Committee62 33 [M4F] — Bondage Friends

Do you enjoy being tied up? Does the thought of being hogtied and helpless excite you? Are you comfortable having your wrists, arms, knees, thighs, and ankles bound while you're blindfolded and/or gagged, happily pretending to be my damsel in distress?
I'm seeking a girl with a bondage kink to play out our fetishes. While tying you up is the primary focus, we can also engage in other forms of BDSM. I'm experienced with spankings, D/s, collar & leash play, mild pain play, and rough sex if we really click.
6'2, single, white, handsome, HWP, tested DDF. Private inner loop apartment with plenty of rope and BDSM toys for us to play with.
Bonus points if you're up for a summer fling where we try new restaurants, visit museums, and go to events throughout town. For now, all you need is an interest in bondage to send me a PM or chat request.
Hope to hear from you!
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2023.06.01 15:15 Moehhy [21] [M4F] virgin here

What’s up, just moved to the Houston area recently and all I do is work I don’t socialize, I am 21 5’10 and 150 lbs, I wanted to lose it to someone special up until a year or 2 ago now I jus don’t have time for it much, idk anyone around here so I’m looking here
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2023.06.01 15:15 yazidbfs20 First technical interview

I am a junior CS student and I have applied for my first software engineering/developing internship at a tech startup. I have passed the first phase of the interview (non-technical) and I was scheduled for a technical one. I do not know what to expect since I do not have any previous experience with interviews. I have knowledge in Pyhton, Java and C and I have worked on some projects using Js frameworks and MERN stack for full-stack applications. However, It has been a period of time since I have solved any competitive coding problems( leetcode, hackerrank...) or have interacted with data structures and such things. Mainly because all the course I took for the past 2 semesters have been pure theory and we just pseudo-code. Am I expected to code and run my program during interviews? What topics are usually covered? In the job description it says that I should be able to work with different frameworks, should I be knowledgbale about all of them as well? I am just a bit stressed as this my first time and it happened very fast and I do not know what to prepare for exactly.
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2023.06.01 15:15 CallMeStarr I'm the Host of a Terrifying Game Show: Let's Make a Deal with the Devil

Season 2 Finale
“You look worried Bruce,” my producer jokes, moments before going live. “Even for you.”
This gets a chuckle from the crew.
“Quiet on the set!”
I’m already shaking in my shoes. Not a good sign. Working for the Devil is extremely stressful. And dangerous. And certainly not for the faint of heart. Why I took this gig is beyond me.
(Cue creepy music)
“Going live in five…four…three…”
I get the nod.
(Cut to camera one)
“Greetings Hell Beings and hell raisers. Welcome to the Season 2 finale of….”
(Cue the audience)
I wave my arms in the air.
The audience jumps to their feet.
Someone heckles.
“Alright. Knock it off.”
I serve up my best game show-host grin. It looks as fake as this cheap Hollywood studio.
“As you probably know, my name is Bruce Davie, and I’m the host of…”
(Cue audience)
There’s a disturbance in the audience. A crew member forcefully removes someone. The commotion settles, and I get the go-ahead.
“Phew! A feisty crowd tonight!”
My painted-on smile takes up the entire screen. So does my gleaming bald head.
“Now I know what you’re thinking. What’s the Devil got in store for us this evening?”
The audience rumbles.
I shrug.
“Honestly, I wish I knew!”
This is true. But I’m sure it has something to do with me spending an eternity in Hell. It’s right there in my contract, which runs out after this episode.
(Cut to camera two)
“So, without further ado, let’s bring out tonight’s contestants, shall we?”
The audience roars.
“And yes, you heard me correctly. Tonight, for the first time ever in this show’s defamatory history, we’ve got two contestants!”
Audience is on their feet, whooping and hollering.
(Cut to camera three)
(Cue music)
A middle-aged couple promenade towards the podium. They’re dressed like cowboys, and walk with a sense of purpose.
(Split screen)
“Welcome, both of you.”
More like: Welcome to your funeral.
“Tell us a wee bit about yourselves, why don’t you?”
(Cut to camera four)
The woman speaks first. Her hair is amber, her completion as pale as light beer.
“Well, Bruce. My name is Tammy. I’m a stay-at-home mom. This here’s my partner, Tex. He owns his own gun shop. We live in Austin Texas, with three beautiful children, who are with us here tonight.”
She points.
(Cut to overhead camera)
Two tall boys and a young girl, each dressed head-to-toe in denim, stand and bow.
The audience applauds.
(Split screen)
The other contestant approaches the microphone. He’s as tall as an ivory tower, with a voice like a banjo.
“Howdy Bruce. Good to be here.”
He tilts his cowboy hat. His square jaw and rugged good looks give Chuck Norris a run for his money.
I salute them.
(Cut to camera two)
“Well then, now that we’re finished with the formalities, I do believe it’s time to…”
(Cue audience)
(Cue creepy music)
(Cue pyrotechnics)
The stage fills with fire and brimstone. Pentagrams slice through the air. The Devil appears suddenly, dressed in a shiny new devil suit, tailored specifically for tonight’s show. It’s jet-black, and leaves little to the imagination. His pitchforked tail follows closely behind him as he approaches the podium.
(Cut to Camera five)
The Devil wraps his arms around the two contestants, kisses them both on the cheek.
Tex, clearly perturbed, winces, then grudgingly wipes his cheek.
The Devil snarls, then looks him up and down.
“Looks like everything isn’t bigger in Texas,” the Devil teases. Suddenly, he’s grown over eight-feet tall, and is looming over the tall Texan.
(Cut to camera three)
The bright lights and furious makeup make me look like a cartoon.
“What an exciting night this promises to be!”
Tammy steps forward.
“You bet it is, Bruce. We’ve watched every episode. We just love…”
(Cue the audience)
(Cut to camera three)
“Of course!” Damion boasts. “This is Hell’s most popular show. And for good reason.”
He slaps the woman’s backside with his tail, then raises his eyebrows mockingly.
The cowboy puffs out his chest, fists clenched, daring him to touch his wife again.
“Woah, easy their pardner.”
Damion nudges Tex.
Tammy is flushed. “Don’t mind Tex. He’s the jealous kind.”
“Oh really?”
Damion’s tail is now shaped like a lasso. With it, he snags Tammy and pulls her close. Her face turns tomato-red.
The cowboy grunts, pulling it off with one strong swoop.
The audience boos.
The Devil snickers.
I feel sick. If this is to be my last episode (or final day on Earth), I don’t want it spoiled by this denim-clad dude whose hat is bigger than his brains, or by Damion, who seems extra feisty tonight. Even for him.
(Cut to camera one)
I clear my throat.
“Tell us, Tammy and Tex…no, tell all of Hell…what it is your beating hearts desire?”
The audience is on the edge of their seats.
(Split screen)
The Texans exchange doubtful looks.
The wife takes charge.
“Well Bruce,” Tammy says. “We don’t want anything that might get us killed. Being from Dallas, we were raised with some common sense.”
The audience hisses.
(Cut to camera five)
The husband steps up.
“That’s right, Bruce. Simply put, we want to be famous for a day. That’s it. Then we can write a book and live off the royalties.”
The audience erupts into a frenzy of catcalls.
(Cut to camera three)
The Devil’s eyebrows touch the top of his head. His voice slithers like a snake.
“Is that so?”
My heart plummets. These Texans are flirting with disaster. If they’d stuck to the script, they might be safe. They were supposed to ask for a lifetime’s supply of Super Bowl tickets. Easy-peasy. Who do these cowpokes think they are? Do they really think they can outsmart the Devil?
“Well then,” I say, shakily. “I’m sure Damion can arrange that.”
I raise my arms.
“What does the audience think?”
The audience goes ballistic.
(Cut to camera three)
The Devil, still towering over the Texans, leans into the camera.
“Famous, eh?”
His lips smack against his face. When he touches the dude’s shoulder, the cowboy swipes his arm away.
The audience boos. Someone tosses an egg onto the podium, narrowly missing the contestants.
“Woah! Easy does it!” I spurt out.
All hell breaks loose.
(Cut to overhead camera)
The crew gets busy, disposing of both the egg and the agitator.
(Cut to camera one)
I wipe my sweaty forehead.
“Tough crowd.”
The audience hoots.
The Devil sneers.
Flames flash across the room.
People shriek, including me.
(Close up of Damion)
The Devil, boasting his gambler’s grin, turns to the contestants.
“Yes, yes. You WILL be famous. But just for one day.”
The audience roars their approval.
I shudder. Never in all my years, have I felt so much animosity from an audience. I’ll be lucky to make it out alive.
(Split screen)
“Sounds like the Devil has a plan.”
I try to sound cheerful. But cheerfulness is the opposite of how I feel.
(Cut to camera one)
“Tell us Damion…and all of Hell…what you’ve got cooked up?”
The audience leans in.
(Cut to camera three)
The Devil winks at Tammy.
“Well, I do believe it’s time for those two cowpokes to become famous. Am I correct?”
The audience jumps to their feet, chanting: “FAMOUS.… FAMOUS…. FAMOUS.…”
(Split screen)
Tammy looks pleased. Her partner, on the other hand, is showing concern. His shoulders are tense, he’s swallowed his bottom lip.
Damion dazzles the audience.
“Famous, y’all shall be.”
He snaps his fingers.
The studio goes dark.
Someone in the audience screams.
Tammy gasps.
Tex grunts.
(Cut to camera one)
I shrug.
Is this Damion’s latest trick? Or did they finally cut the power? We give the impression that this show is hugely popular; but in truth, outside of Hell, this show is a dud. Cable and internet companies avoid us like the plague.
(Cut to overhead camera)
The contestants vanish under a cloud of fog.
A flaming pentagram floats across the stage.
“Well, isn’t that just dandy!”
The Devil points to the large screen behind the audience.
“Mister and Missus Cowpoke are about to jump the falls!”
He snaps his fingers, then he disappears.
My legs go weak. My heart is beating irregularly again. I still don’t know he does it. How any of this works. Suddenly, I’m alone on stage, shaking in my fine Italian boots, while the audience grows rowdier by the second.
Cameras mounted on drones are pointed at Tammy and Tex, who are trapped inside a large, steel barrel, with Niagara Falls looming below them.
Damion flies across the falls, lands next to Tammy and Tex. He taps the barrel.
“Ain’t she a beauty?”
The audience hurrahs.
The barrel is unlike anything I’ve ever seen. Although it’s huge, and probably weighs a ton, it barely contains the two Texans, who are kicking and screaming, cursing up a storm.
“Get me the hell out of here!” Tammy’s voice rips through the noise of the falls. “NOW!”
Damion frowns.
“You wanted to be famous. Am I right?”
The audience chants, “FAMOUS…. FAMOUS.… FAMOUS….”
Tex pokes his head out of the barrel, cowboy hat and all.
“Now wait one minute, Damion. That’s unfair. We wanted fame. Not death.”
The Devil chuckles.
“The two are synonymous, am I right?”
The audience agrees.
Damion checks his watch.
“Well then…”
He slams the lid shut.
That’s the end of the Texans, as far as I’m concerned.
(Close up of Damion)
“Whatcha think? Should they jump the falls?”
The audience shouts, “JUMP…. JUMP…. JUMP….”
(Cut to camera two)
My insides are melting. I’m petrified. You’d think working with the Devil would get easier over time. You’d be dead wrong.
“Looks like the people have spoken!” I hear myself say.
The audience continues their chant.
(Cut to overhead camera)
“Excellent,” Damion says, fiddling his fingers.
He looks over the cliff, and makes a sour face.
“Wowsers. That’s a long way down!”
“And so much water!”
(Cut to camera one)
My worried-sick face appears on the screen.
I straighten up.
“Once they jump, Tam and Tex will surely be famous!”
Except of course, they won’t be famous. Not in this world anyways. They’ve been duped. Why these people sign up to die is beyond me. Perhaps we’ve reached a spectacular level of stupidity in human evolution.
(Cut to overhead camera)
Damion’s lips stretch across his reddened face, his arms flex like a weightlifter.
“I’ll give them a helping hand.”
He rolls the giant barrel to the very edge of the cliff, ignoring the banging and hollering coming from within the steel coffin.
“Tammy, Tex…” His lips stretch into a snarl. “Prepare for fame!”
The audience is on their feet.
Damion shoves the barrel over the edge.
(Split screen)
The barrel tumbles down the falls, disappearing into the fast-moving water.
The audience holds its breath.
(Cut to spy camera)
Inside the barrel, the Texans are shrieking. Their heads and arms and legs collide. Chunks of puke pour across Tammy’s sickening face, who’s calling Tex every name in the book, and it’s a big book. Meanwhile, Tex is like a frog in a blender. His face is green, his nose is broken; blood is leaking from every orifice.
There’s a loud crash as the barrel plunders underwater.
(Cut to overhead camera)
The barrel resurfaces, traveling dangerously downstream.
The audience is back on their feet, fist-pumping.
(Split screen)
What troubles me is how the pedestrians and tourists, crowding the streets, remain oblivious. To them, this is nothing out of the ordinary. Nobody watches, or even takes a pic. I’m starting to suspect foul play. Somehow, Damion is controlling this. He’s using dark magic. A spell. Maybe none of this is real. Except of course, it is real.
(Cut to camera one)
I’m trembling.
“What a jump!” my voice ricochets off the studio walls. “They’ll be famous in no time!”
The audience chants:
(Closeup of the Devil)
“Yes, yes. An excellent jump, I must say.”
He peaks over the edge.
“Looks like they could use some help.”
(Cut to overhead camera)
Damion flies towards the barrel, which is bouncing off rocks and debris.
(Cut to spy camera)
Blood. So much blood in such a tight space. Tammy’s hair is in disarray. Her face is beyond repair. Tex swallowed his hat. One of his eyeballs is bouncing like a Superball. His left arm is flapping nonsensically. It isn’t attached.
(Cut to camera four)
The Devil scoops up the barrel, then flies to shore. When his feet touch the ground, he shakes off the water, cat-like, then glares at the camera.
“What a jump!”
He cranks open the lip.
(Split screen)
Tammy spills out. So does Tex’s left arm.
The audience gasps.
Damion applauds.
“Such valor and swagger!”
(Cut to camera five)
Tammy is flopping fish-like, barely clinging to life. Her mouth is full of blood and brains.
The Devil puts his foot on her head.
From out of nowhere, a photographer appears.
Damion, looking pleased with himself, is suddenly holding a newspaper.
(Closeup of newspaper)
The headline splashes across the screen: IDIOTS JUMP THE FALLS.
(Cut to camera four)
Damion shoves the newspaper in front of her face.
“Looks like Tammy and Tex are famous.”
Tammy's eyes twitch. Clearly, she needs medical assistance. I’m surprised she’s still alive. Her husbands brains are splattered across the inside of the barrel.
The very sight of this makes me gag.
Tammy tries to speak, but fails. Her eyes are filled with rage.
Damion tosses the leftover arm into the water, then shrugs.
“Sorry about your hubby.”
(Cut to camera two)
With wobbly knees, I face the audience.
“Looks like the barrel got the best of Tex!”
The audience bellows.
I continue to talk involuntarily.
“Gosh dolly. Look at all that blood!”
I find myself chanting along.
Suddenly, my vision blurs. I clutch my chest. Maybe I’ll suffer a heart attack on live TV. Hell waits for no one, I suppose.
(Cut to camera four)
Tammy spits blood on Damion’s boot.
“Devil be damned.” I blurt.
Damion’s face twists into a ball of fury.
“Now, now, Tammy. That wasn’t very nice.”
He crushes her fingers with his boots.
Tammy yelps.
“I was gonna save your long-limbed partner over there,” he points. “Not anymore!”
The audience is bloodthirsty. Paper airplanes and rotten eggs whizz past me. I duck just in time.
(Closeup of contestant)
Tammy’s tongue is leaking from her bloodied face. She’s missing her front teeth. Damion digs his spiky heel deep into her blood-soaked abdomen.
“I reckon you’ll need medical assistance.”
He snaps his fingers.
Suddenly, they're back in the studio.
Damion is as happy as a filthy pig. Next to him is Tammy, who’s caked in blood and gore. Her corpse-of-a-husband spills from the gigantic steel barrel, taking center stage.
(Cut to overhead camera)
The contestant’s children rush the stage. They’re delirious.
The crew hurry out and drag them aside, along with Tammy, who's rushed to the hospital, where she will certainly die.
“Now that’s what I call speedy service!”
My voice appalls me. So does this job. If only I’d listened to my mother, and got into politics.
Damion snaps his finger, then disappears under a plume of dusty smoke.
(Cut to camera one)
“Well, there you have it folks. That’s the last you’ll see of Tammy and Tex. But fret not, they had their moment of fame…in Hell!”
The audience is tossing trash onto the stage.
I narrowly dodge a projectile.
“Hope you’ve enjoyed Season Two as much as I did.”
I hated it.
“And, unless the Devil strikes me down,” and he very-well might, “I hope to see you this Fall, for Season Three of…”
(Cue the audience)
Season Two
Season One
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2023.06.01 15:14 qwe654321 The Soccer Tournament - Day 1 Early Matches - Rolling Match Thread

all times Eastern. Links to Youtube streams (which allegedly should work)
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2023.06.01 15:14 TangoApocalyptical_ Where do you drive? What's the last couple of weeks been like?

I really want to see some stats on the issue of dead zones. For myself, I am in north Florida.
4.95 rating, 56% acceptance rate, 10% cancellation rate
I don't think demand has dropped this much. Uber has overhauled their platform to exclude picky drivers. I went from being able to make $50-100/night to maybe getting 1 or 2 rides, and I'm pretty sure I can guess why. I doubt it's demand, because too many weird things have been happening randomly....for example last friday night I went driving, got online and ventured out into the deep. It was over an hour and I had not seen any requests, so I go offline and go back on....immediately get a 'out of your preference' eats request for $3. Accept that, complete it, and wait for another ride.....nothing coming in. Go offline and back on, immediately boom another out of preference request....$2
So I thought that was a good tactic to keep using just driving around and toggling off and on, but they just keep giving ridiculous requests that I can't make any money from. How is something like $3 for 12 miles viable?
Too many drivers are calling out common scenarios in some of the biggest cities in the country. I bet if we compared our stats we would notice a similar trend.
We all know Uber is dishonest and does things like baiting drivers to a surge zone only to rip it away when you reach the area. They contain all the power to curtail our experience and unfortunately for those who are struggling it's causing us extreme frustration and affecting our lifestyles. Just wish this was fair, but it looks like they only care about drivers who will accept low fares that take exorbitant amounts of time to complete.
To those who are condescending to drivers, you should be ashamed. I'm willing to bet at some point in your lives you needed or will need a ride from rideshare, and I bet you'd be mad taking a cab...because cabs aren't cheap, neither is Uber for that matter just a little bit less.
These drivers provide a much needed service but it's looked at as a bum job because people just think drivers are worthless, have no skills, lazy, not willing to better themselves.
Drivers are just people, making extra cash, or ends meet...but that isn't commendable in this world. I've used Uber plenty of times, and I know how it is...and when I do use it I tip great. I tip great because I know that most people who Uber are going through tough times, I can see that thousand yard star in their eyes...the feeling of just getting through another day, another trip to the gas station, another PB&J sandwich, another bill finally paid, getting that laundry detergent so you can wash your clothes, standing at the grocery store picking the generic brands and adding the prices up based on what's left in your bank account, declining friends invitations to hang out because you aren't sure you can afford it.
There is a very small percentage that wants to do this for a career. It's a stepping stone to something better. People love to tell you that if you don't like something or it's not enough, find something else. Thanks for that idea, you know I just didn't fucking think of that 🙄
I use it for extra income due to covid wiping out my family's expenses and catching their lives back up, it's been a tough couple of years and Uber has helped me and I am grateful for what I've been able to do. I work my ass off though, nights and weekends I'm on the road putting the hours, miles, wear and tear on my car and self.
I like having the flexibility to drive when I can, so getting a second scheduled job doesn't fit for me.
Please respond and comment your ratings and area so everyone here gets an idea of the BS Uber is pulling.
I'm just very curious.
If you don't have anything constructive to comment just don't. If however, you know of different opportunities I can use to acquire income I'd like to know. I was doing online surveys but that is very time consuming and the payouts are small and infrequent.
Day labor? Fuck....I don't know. I just don't know.
Maybe I'm looking for validation of corruption, maybe I'm crying out for help in fear of losing everything...I feel defeated.
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