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For discussing the manga and anime series Black Clover by Yuki Tabata.

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here, we will be sharing sakuga/gengas from Black clover the anime. fan made animation are also allowed.

2023.06.10 10:30 AYmolishED_ Click for click! :D Click on my link and I will click yours!! Tell me when you click mine with your Temu username!! :D S2A9882 https://app.temu.com/m/usmDerLMTK5no7k

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Click on my link and I will click yours!! Tell me when you click mine with your Temu username!! :D
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2023.06.10 10:29 TEPsays I either hate or feel indifference towards my family

My family has done a lot of bad things to me. But, the latest thing is when my family manipulated me into getting a car under my name for my sister. My sister told me that she would let me use it. That was a lie. She told me that she could pay for it. That also was a lie.
So, guess what happened?
The car got reprocessed because my sister wasn’t making the payments. And this isn’t the first time they took the car away from her. This is actually the second time.
My sister has never been good with money and she lives beyond her means. So, I do think she could pay for a simple car. Everyone else does it without problems. It’s just that she just can’t.
So, now I have to go with her to God only knows where and do God only knows what because it’s all under my name.
It’s going to be so much fun. 😒
She is considering (most likely will do) to take out a loan under my name to pay for the car and that’s how she will get it back. I don’t understand why she can’t take out a loan under my name. Money is money. It doesn’t matter where it comes from. I told them this. But, they just shrug my off. So, I’m not sure what if they will do it my way or not.
I don’t really need advice. I know no matter what I do I’m screwed. This thread is just to vent of how much contempt I have for my family. I feel nothing for them. I don’t want them to be punished or anything. I just don’t care about them anymore. I used to try so hard to make them love me, but as far as they’re concerned I’m the lost, burden child of the family. So, why try so hard for people that will never give you the affection you want?
On a last note, I was told by my therapist that this is adult abuse, especially considering I’m disabled and chronically ill. I shouldn’t be threatened, manipulated, gaslit, and overall used like this. If anything, they should take care of me because I have health issues. But, they never cared about my health issues. They never cared about me.
Please, don’t shame me for being an adult in this situation. I honestly can’t get away from my family and I have to do what they say.
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Click for click! :D
Click on my link and I will click yours!! Tell me when you click mine with your Temu username!! :D
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2023.06.10 10:29 whoRU7383 Soon to be port into Lifewireless.

Just looking for what to expect. Soon will be porting from Mint (T-Mobile) to Lifewireless (At&t) as a lifeline benefit member. So far the rule is to port first before activating the SIM.
Any preventing on the possibily my number can vanish into black hole during porting process from both ends?
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2023.06.10 10:29 Make_the_music_stop "137 movie sequels currently on the way." And when you scan down through this list, some of the sequels from our 1980s movies will either fill you with horror or delight.

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2023.06.10 10:29 AYmolishED_ Click for click! :D Click on my link and I will click yours!! Tell me when you click mine with your Temu username!! :D S2A9882 https://app.temu.com/m/usmDerLMTK5no7k

Click for click! :D
Click on my link and I will click yours!! Tell me when you click mine with your Temu username!! :D
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2023.06.10 10:29 mathiiist What’s the difference between being inactive for 90 days and 200 days (for example)?

Will the auto upgrade feature upgrade more buildings when you’re inactive for 200 days (and at what rate) or is it the same if you return after 90 days or 200 days?
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2023.06.10 10:29 AYmolishED_ Click for click! :D Click on my link and I will click yours!! Tell me when you click mine with your Temu username!! :D S2A9882 https://app.temu.com/m/usmDerLMTK5no7k

Click for click! :D
Click on my link and I will click yours!! Tell me when you click mine with your Temu username!! :D
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2023.06.10 10:29 JOoHN_CINnAaaaaa Where is the meth Bassanio

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2023.06.10 10:29 puddincupsrgud Don’t know what to do about my anxiety, depression, and self hate. (Sorry for the length, I needed to vent)

I (22m) am a college student with anxiety and depression. In hindsight I’ve dealt with it for years and I’ve realized and accepted just how much my anxiety affects my life. They’re have been times when I have had unshakeable s*cdal thoughts, and depression that just keeps me from being productive.
I don’t really know what my hesitance to go to therapy is rooted in. My gf (19), sister (27) and my best friend (22m) have all suggested that I may need it. As they have all used therapy and medications. Yet I still have been unable to make myself do it. I am Christian and am not opposed to getting help by any means, I am just nervous about being medicated, and I guess I’m just hopeful and praying to work through it.
I don’t want my anxiety and depression to negatively impact my relationship. have been dating my gf since this last winter, and I’ve realized she is the love of my life. Her and I were good friends before we started dating and apparently things clicked for her because she told me she loved me a week after we started dating. Things moved quick naturally and we both were open about what we want, and we’ve decided we want to get engaged next year, and married the next. She helped me get through my fears starting a new relationship after I had a tough breakup last year. And she pushes me to be a better person.
My problem is I am afraid my issues with depression and anxiety will negatively affect our relationship as well as my life as a whole if I don’t get it under control. She lost a brother to s*cde and makes a point to make me talk to her about my feelings, which I’ve always hid. I can see she does love me and she makes a point to be there for me. But I don’t want her to have to carry around my weight when it can’t be 50/50 the majority of the time.
When we’re apart my anxiety gets out of hand like it used to, my mind tries to convince me my life is falling apart and that I’m going insane. She was open about her sexual past as well, and I don’t think less of her, as she’s changed, but for some reason, when I have these episodes I dwell on it. My episodes of s*cdal thoughts have gotten more frequent too. She helps talk me through it and prays with me. She truly is amazing which makes me feel even worse because I feel like she’s settling for me.
She’s more than what I ever prayed for in a woman and I want to love her the way she deserves. And she is the only person other than God who I can be myself and be fully open with. But I am afraid of my anxiety and depression worsening and am afraid of pushing her away. I want to be enjoyable for her to be with not a pain to take care of.
I know I rambled but I just wrote what was on my heart. Any suggestions on therapy seeking? Any luck with meds?
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2023.06.10 10:29 Hufflepuff_emily I don’t know what to do about my family and how to talk about what happened

For some context, I do have a wonderful amazing family with problems like most. They love me unconditionally and would never harm me in ways that would deviate my life. But they truly do not know what’s happened behind closed doors and my memory has been heavily manipulated over the years. Me and my sister (we’ll call her M) lived with our parents ( Mom we’ll call D and step dad we’ll call V) we ended up moving for most of our lives due to “financial” situations. Tho I was never truly sure if that was the reason cause we always moved from county to county and I was so young and always believed what my parents said. This happed for many year until my sister got to high school where we decided to stay for awhile so she could graduate. My sister wasn’t acting out but stood up to our parents. She got a car a job and a boyfriend. I was super proud of her cause her and my parents never really gotten along, they always fought and she never liked V. She never wanted to be alone with him unless I was there and they were always fighting about something. She took off shortly before she graduated. Our mom was sick so it was just me that showed up to her graduation. Shortly after my sister left. Me and V used to always be close. My dad abandoned our family after years of abuse towards me and my sister. And he showed up shortly after and took care of us. I’ve always loved him cause my father never made contact after he left. One night years ago we were at a party for a friend. I was 13 in middle school. I used to sit on Vs lap and we would watch movies. At the party there was a lot of drinking which was normal for me. Everyone in my family drinks. We have long history of alcoholics which is why I’m always careful to only drink around those that care about me and never alone. At the party V said to come sit on his lap, thinking nothing of it I did. After sitting and talking for a minute I felt a hand try to go down my pants. I got up pushed him and never sat on his lap again. My trust was destroyed and something in me changed and snapped. When he tried to bring it up to me I threaten him to leave me alone or I’d kill him (I was bullied a lot and V didn’t let up at home cause I needed “thicker skin” he also hit us so lots of anger there) It’s been over 10 years now and I still haven’t talked to my sister about it. Me and V still have a father daughter relationship because I made it stay. I feel sick sometimes knowing what I know and still not having it in me to cut him off. He’s my dad still took care of us. Me and M keep in touch but because I still have a relationship with V it’s strained. And I have this sick feeling on why. I threaten him. What if she didn’t to protect me. M if you see this I never knew. I only contacted the dots. And if I’m right I’m sooo sorry and I will pick you over him cause you were always there. I’m scared to have this conversation with M cause it’ll become real. As I said in the beginning my memories have been heavily manipulated. But that scene on the chair haunts me everyday. Of what could have happened. Of what else he could’ve done. I don’t know what else to do cause starting to eat me
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2023.06.10 10:28 HereComesVettel Who is the best overtaker in F1 history ?

It's truly the one category in which people usually don't seem to have a clear pick. When you ask about qualifying pace Senna will be mentioned by most, race pace usually goes to Schumacher, wet weather skills go to SchumacheSenna, starts to Alonso/Hakkinen, tyre management to Hamilton, IQ to Prost, defense to Alonso, etc. However I feel like nobody stands out when it comes to the best overtaker. Which driver would you go with ?
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2023.06.10 10:28 wakeworksleeprepeat Dropped by my cousin, then my work friend, then my sister. How the heck do I deal?

In the last six months, three people I care about very much have ditched me for different reasons. I was devastated after the first, the second time I couldn’t believe it was happening again, now after the third time … well, I just don’t know how to cope.
In the first instance, a cousin I have been friends with since we were teenagers ghosted me after I went on a trip without him. It was a trip I’d spent years saying was a dream of mine and my cousin and I had talked - though not in depth - about possibly doing it together one day. There was a discussion last year about heading off in the summer (9 months away) along with my current partner, but I didn’t catch up with my cousin again until the spring, due to us both working jobs with many hours, and due to living far apart (we sent the odd txt and had the odd call - but we didn’t discuss the trip again). I had also told my mum about the travel idea and at some point she asked if I was still planning to go that summer. With the work I had on I said, probably not, but then a couple of months later my partner and I decided we would travel after-all, and leave in a month’s time. Once the decision was made, I contacted my cousin to see if he was still keen to come. He said that due to a work contract he was loving at the time he would not be able to come, but that we had his blessing to go. I did not pick up on any resentment from him and genuinely thought he was fine with the way things had worked out. A month later I found out his true feelings via family members: my cousin was not happy at all. He felt that “by rights” he should have been on the trip and felt that we had purposely given him short notice so that he couldn’t come. He’d also heard weeks prior, through my mum, that the trip was off, so to him this was more evidence that I’d cut him out of the plans. I contacted him to apologise for not giving more notice and said that it was never my intention to make him feel left out, but he was not interested in my apology. It has been six months and he has still not spoken to me. Also, his parents, my aunty and uncle, have not spoken to me either - and they all refuse to attend family gatherings if I am there.
In a completely unrelated situation (my cousin does not know this person), a workmate who I had considered a good friend for two years, and with whom I’d had many deep and meaningful conversations with, and with whom I worked closely with as part of a team, suddenly stopped talking to me. I have wracked my brain trying to work out what prior events, if any, might have led this to happen, but I cannot think of any explanation. We were getting along really well and had a highly productive working relationship. I made a couple of attempts to ask what was wrong, but I got shrugs and averted eyes. All of our routines were dropped, over night, and I eventually had to admit defeat and transfer to another team. We still work in the same circles and months later I now get the occasional smile or wave from a distance, but perhaps it is just politeness. I have tried to reach out, suggesting a coffee catch up, but got the “sorry, too busy” reply.
My sister has also withdrawn completely from my life just a month ago. She has zero connection with my workmate and spends no time with my cousin, so the events are not connected in that way. She was upset with me and my partner for overstaying at her place (I assumed based on our conversations about the living arrangements that it was okay to stay, she withdrew rather than tell me she was not okay with it). She didn’t tell me how she felt until I was in the process of moving out, at which point she sent me a hateful email outlining all the ways I was selfish and delusional and had made her life miserable. I’d had no idea of the intensity of her feelings. I was moving out on a hunch that she was withdrawing because she wasn’t happy for us to stay, but what she wrote about me and my partner came as a complete shock. Although she drinks heavily herself, she also wrote that she disapproved of my partner based on his drinking habits, and wrote that unless I left him I was not welcome back at her house. While I do understand her concerns, I did not feel things were bad enough that they warranted an ultimatum of this kind. The rest of my family (obviously aside from the cousin not talking to me) can see that my partner is loving and is genuinely working to be responsible.
Obviously I can’t include every detail here, it would go on for pages, but in each case I am willing to apologise for wrong doing and sort things out through discussion, but also in each case I have met with total resistance to the idea. That any one of these people would rather remove me from their lives than talk through a problem is 100% a shock to me. Although my sister has never been good at talking about her feelings, the other two were, and in any case if someone had said that one day none of them would want anything to do with me, I wouldn’t have believed them. It was just not in my realm of experience to believe that any one of them would have cut me off like this. I am not completely ruling out the hopes that reconciliation may one day be possible, but my friends tell me I also have to be prepared in the event one/all of them never wish to reconcile.
I’m at a total loss about what to do. How do I go about my life now? I’m grieving the loss of these people in my lives, while at the same time seeing them go on with theirs as if I don’t exist. My birthday came and went without a single peep from any of them. My identity as a cousin, as a friend, as a sister is shattered. I can’t stop thinking about it all. I’m always rehashing (in my mind) my last conversations with each of them. I’m either awake all night thinking things over or one of them is in my dreams in some weird scenario, and sometimes I feel sick with worry about it. I’m beginning to doubt my ability to understand close relationships and whether I should trust new ones. My sweet partner is very supportive, but I don’t want to overwhelm him with my why why why wondering. I don’t want to obsess over any of it, but I don’t know how to move on yet. How do I find a new normal when these relationships have ended so abruptly and on such extreme one-way terms?
Any suggestions?
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2023.06.10 10:27 Immediate-Gift-1345 Will a bye button pop up at the end of this

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2023.06.10 10:27 farmers_rabbit I don't want to be a big kid anymore

(For context, I'm 19. I have pretty bad ADHD, but not really ADHD. I have executive issues and really bad sensory processing issues. I am taking a gap year from college cus of that plus a severe decline in my mental health.)
I don't know what I'm doing. My mom says I shouldn't have to know. And I trust her, because she's my mom. But I want to know what i'm doing. I'm joining a church when we get back from our trip, so I can maybe help myself there. But I just wish I was little again.
I was listening to an old voicemail from my grandmother. She died 3 years ago from covid. I hadn't spoken to her for a year before that because she was an alcoholic and had gotten bad again and my mom, who had to grow up with that, wanted to shield us. She was clean for a long time. She was.. she was a lot better for a long time. And I remember her that way. I remember my nona, the one mom would drop me off with over the weekend, and i would be in Tennessee with her for a few days, playing games and watching my shows. She used to have this plastic fish plate that was my favorite. It was silly looking.
I miss my great-grandfather, my papaw. Some times, when we would go to visit my mamaw, part of me still expected to see him and his white whispy hair, in the rocking chair by the door, about to say my name in a silly way to make me laugh. Now mamaw is gone too. She was in her 80's and she went peacefully. But she's still gone. No more thanksgivings down there, no more cutting up onions for stuffing or watching the thanksgiving day parade with my great aunt (who has cerebral palsy and severe mental delays) and then calling to my mom in the other room when the dog show came on.
I'm never going to hear my bio dad's voice, or know how he sounded when he played his violin. It's sitting in my closet now. I want to learn how to play it, so I can hold on to part of him. But I'm scared of not being good enough. He died when I was 7 but he didn't know who my mom was by the time I was 5 (brain cancer, got diagnosed when I was about 2-3).
Mamaw's death was hard and not because it hurt. But because my mom. Mamaw was her favorite maternal figure. Because her own mom was unstable. But Mamaw was stable. And mom said, the day before she went down to go see them for the last time, she said that she was losing all her maternal figures. And I had to sit, and realize that one day, I'm going to have to mourn my mother too, because one day, my mommy is gonna die and i'm never going to hear her laugh about a little dog in a silly outfit again. I won't have the smell of coffee in the mornings from her, or watch her do her crosswords while I'm laying on her lap. One day, I will never watch another old movie with her. Because one day, she'll be gone too.
I want to be little again. I want to not know how the world works and be able to think everything will always be ok. I don't.. i don't want this. I want it to stop.

TL;DR grief is hitting me really hard right now, and I wish I was still a little kid, unaware of it all
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2023.06.10 10:27 RamaSchneider Question regarding training on local, custom data ...

When training ChatGPT on local data, I'm told to set the data up under one directory. Will the process of going through the data recurse through the subdirectories? And if so, how can I place more emphasis on certain data (my program .py files) over other data (the downloaded Python docs)?
I know this is addressed in various documentations, but I am having problems with interpretation and need some more specific guidance. I am experimenting with setting up a system that will help me develop new code that makes use of my current code as a template for building new files. I would like to be able to do something like "using ... as a template, give me a class that will ....".
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2023.06.10 10:27 sludgecraft Anyone else having problems with EasyWP and Firefox?

Everything has been working fine for the last 18 months or so, but in the last few weeks i keep getting errors when I'm adding headings to my post.
I get a message that says "this page is slowing down Firefox. To speed up your browser, stop this page". If I stop the page, sometimes it will make the heading, sometimes it won't. Closing the browser etc. doesn't help.
For clarity, I write all my posts in Google docs, then copy all the rest into a new post and make headings etc. I just can't change the text to a heading.
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2023.06.10 10:27 transcribersofreddit NotHowGirlsWork Image "So by this logic, gay men's relationships should last forever, right?"

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2023.06.10 10:27 Disappointing_Search Season 2 Messed Up The Show

It just lacks the charm of the original, most of the jokes are flat. Just like Beavis And Butthead's first 2 show reboots they tend to change what it isn't broken leading to just weird episodes like "escape rooms" "tiktok" "ab*rtion".
Abe is now a side character more than anything now. He only had the pilot and now he's sharing the spotlight with the 4 new characters.
They are really pushing the 4 new characters when they don't even go well with the show or in designs. Columbus is okay as a choice (he just seems like Julius's replacement), Harriet Tubman as a side character could have worked more but pink hair really?, Frida Kahlo now as a main lead/getting a redesign (it just feels like she shares the same personality/mindset as Harriet), then we have Confucius /who also a redesign is just Gandhi if he were still in the show.
Ghadi will also never come back due to the show not wanting to be "supposedly cancelled again", he will be referenced at most for a goof, that's it.
The old cast is barely here besides minor cameos in the background meaning Genghis Khan , George Washington Carver, Mr. Sheepman (due to reminding people of real life issues), Jesus (due to religious issues), Julius Caesar, Marie Curie (due to disability issues), and Toots/Foster parents (dead) are not going to be in any main plots.
The time jump to the present is also really unwarranted it makes things a lot more "fellow kids" rather than making sense, however the worst part is that connected storyline TV shows usually put the most creative effort into first 3-4 episodes so you get a clear idea how the show will be turning out.
So it''ll probably drop off in numbers in season 3 if they don't make things better.
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2023.06.10 10:27 adrover123 White good options and what to avoid when furnishing a house for the first time?

So I am moving to a new place that I recently bought and would like to furnish it. When it come to white goods, I’ve decided to go with brand new ones. Do you guys have any preferences and experiences on what brand and/or items I should look out for. Looking to get a washing machine (have a spare laundry room so space is not an issue), fridge (the cavity in the wall will fit most bigger sizes fridges) and other items. I see Hisense have crazy value for money but should I go for it? Ideally the most bang for the buck is my goal but things should be durable as well. If I have cash left behind, I’d get a TV as well.
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2023.06.10 10:27 anonymindful Estimated cost, procedure, and recovery? (No insurance)

I (22F) just got these x-rays from the dentist and I really want to get all four out, but I'm nervous about the cost and how surgery will go...
I'm not too worried about the top ones because they are growing in straight anyways, but after research, I found that the two horizontals (bottoms) are way more expensive and complicated. I'm also paranoid and wonder if I'm at risk for nerve damage, or if they'll need to take off jaw bone.
I'm also starting full time in a month and hope to get my surgery shortly after my consultation next week so I can recover in time, but how long does recovery take? (To resume normal eating and have the puffiness go away completely)
I can't find information or teeth scans online that closely resemble mine, so if yours were like these photos, please share your experience!
Any insight and advice is appreciated!
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2023.06.10 10:27 JoshAsdvgi The Seven Clans of the Cherokee

The Seven Clans of the Cherokee

The Seven Clans of the Cherokee

Division of the Clans
There are seven clans of the Cherokee Indian.
It is important to know these clans and the differences between them, because the Cherokee people are not allowed to marry inside their clan.
Because women are the head of the household in the Cherokee nation, children are placed in the clan of their mother.
Members within a clan are considered brothers and sisters.

It is said that there were originally 14 Cherokee clans, but some would not obey the laws and customs of the people and were driven out of the nation.
The expelled clans formed the tribes known now as the Erie, Mohawk, Onandaga, Cayuga, Seneca and Oneida.

The seven clans that remained became known as Ugaya, or the Seven Clan Society.

The Seven Clans of the Cherokee Nation
Ani Tsiskwa

1.) Aniwahya (Wolf Clan or Panther Clan)
The Aniwahya Clan Represents War

The Wolf Clan is the largest and most prominent clan.
Most of the war chiefs in Cherokee history have come from this clan. They are the keepers and trackers of the wolf, and only they are the only clan who can kill a wolf through special ceremonies and wolf medicines.
It is their responsibility to develop, maintain and teach the knowledge of loyalty, protection and security.
They stay up to date when it comes to intelligence regarding the surrounding environment and function as part of the group while maintaining their own individuality, much like the wolf.
The clan color if the Aniwahya is red, their wood is hickory and their flag is red with white stars.

2.) Ani Tsiskwa (Small Bird Clan or Eagle Clan)
The Ani Tsiskwa Clan Represents Spirit

The Small Bird Clan rests in the north, on the Chickamaugan Stomp Ground. Members of this clan are keepers of the birds, sacred feathers and bird medicines.
They are very skilled in using blowguns and snares for bird hunting.
These clan members are the messengers of the Cherokee nation.
They are responsible for teaching the importance of recognizing the whole pattern of life regarding positive and negative events.
They teach keen observation, sharing and giving, interpretation of dreams, the birds, interpretation of their messages and their willingness for self-sacrifice for the sake of the two-legged ones.
They are also responsible for collecting feathers earned by others, because they were the only ones authorized to collect them.
Their color is purple, their wood is maple and their flag is blue with red stars.

3.) Anikawi (Deer Clan or Bison Clan)
The Anikawi Clan Represents Peace

These clan members are the keepers of the deer, deer hunters and trackers, tanners and seamers and keepers of the deer medicines.
They reside in the northwest on the Chickamaugan Stomp Ground.
They are known as fast runners and foot messengers, delivering messages from village-to-village or person-to-person.
They also maintain all sports and sports equipment. It is their responsibility to teach the knowledge of relaxation and unconditional love.
They also teach of the deer and its habitat, including its willingness of self-sacrifice in order to provide the two-legged ones with food and clothing.
Their color is brown, their wood is oak and their flag is purple with yellow stars.

4.) Anigilohi (Twister Clan or "Long Hair" Clan)
The Anigilohi Clan Represents Day and Night

Members of the Twister Clan are also known as Long Hair, Hanging Down Clan or Wind Clan. The word Gilahi is short for an ancient Gitlvgvnahita, meaning "something that grows from the back of the neck".
They reside in the south on the Chickamaugan Stomp Ground.
Members of this clan wore their hair in elaborate hair styles, walked in a proud and vain manner, twisting their shoulders with each step (hence the name, Twister Clan), and Peace Chiefs wore white feather robes.
This clan's responsibility is to teach tradition, spiritual knowledge and intuition.
Many old spiritual priests came from this clan.
It is sometimes referred to as the Stranger Clan because prisoners of war, orphans from other tribes and others with no Cherokee tribe were often adopted into this clan.
Their color is yellow, their wood is beech and their flag is black with white stars.

5.) Anisahoni (Blue Clan or Blue Holly Clan)
The Anisahoni Clan Represents Sky

Members of the Blue Clan are keepers of all children's medicines and caretakers of medicinal herb gardens.
They reside in the southwest on the Chickamaugan Stomp Ground.
They became known for a medicine that came from a bluish plant called the Blue Holly, ultimately being named after it.
They are also known as the Panther Clan or Wildcat Clan in some regions.
Their responsibilities include teaching knowledge of the panther and its habitat, truth, ability to balance power, intention, physical strength, grace, and growing, preparing and using herbs for food and medicinal purposes.
Their color is blue, their wood is ash and their flag is blue with white stars.

6.) Anigatogewi (Wild Potato Clan or Tobacco Clan)
The Anigatogewi Clan Represents Flesh

Members of the Wild Potato Clan are known as farmers and gatherers of wild potato plants in swamps ("gatogewi" meaning swamp) and along streams to make flour or bread.
They reside in the south on the Chickamaugan Stomp Ground.
Their responsibilities include teaching the knowledge of insight, introspection, gathering, growing and preserving food, and providing shelter.
They also teach of the bear and its habitat and the bear's willingness to self-sacrifice in order to provide food and clothing for the two-legged ones.
This clan may have also been known as the Bear Clan. They are nurturers by nature, and gatherers.
According to the Chronicles of Oklahoma, they were originally known as the Kituwah Clan. Their color is green their wood is birch and their flag is yellow with green stars.

7.) Aniwodi (Red Paint Clan)
The Aniwodi Clan Represents Death

The people of the Red Paint Clan, or Paint Clan, were also known as the "Corn People."
They reside in the southeast on the Chickamaugan Stomp Ground. Members of this clan made red paint.
Dida:hnvwi:sgi (healers/ sorcerers and medicine men) and Adawehi (wisemen) traditionally came from this clan at one time in our history.
This clan is the smallest and most secretive of the groups.
Their responsibilities include teaching the knowledge of life, birth, death and regeneration. They also teach of things kept hidden, second sight and illusion, including the ceremonies, rituals and tools needed for these aspects of Cherokee life.
They were the only ones allowed to make a special red paint and dye, used for ceremonial purposes and warfare.
This clan is known for their prominent Medicine People and Conjurors.
Their color is white, their wood is locust and their flag is black with red stars.

Clan Control

Each clan is controlled by elected women and by elders of both genders.
The women were given this responsibility because they were the ones who stayed home with their babies and assured the continuity of the family and clan.
Because of this, all property belonged to the women, and the children belonged to their mother's clan.
It was also women who inherited field rights, which were handed down from mother to daughter.
It was the responsibility of each clan to judge and execute any punishment of any social wrong done by a clan member, but the clan did not and could not make the laws or social customs.
All laws and customs were made either by the Anidawehi, the people or evolved from of ancient acceptance.
All religious laws were handled by the Anidawehi, and Cherokee's believed religion was part of every day life.

The Four Sacred Colors
Each of the four sacred colors represents a direction and is associated with certain meanings.

Red: East / Success / Triumph
White: South / Peace / Happiness
Black: West / Death
Blue: North / Defeat / Trouble

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