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2012.02.10 07:33 neuroPT Topics in Physical Therapy

If you are not a licensed PT or currently under the care of a PT please do not post here. This is a sub for practicing physical therapists to discuss cases, research, old and new tricks, or other therapy-relevant topics. Requests for advice or education regarding your personal health issues will be removed and you may be banned. These questions should be discussed directly with your physical therapist.

2023.06.07 22:25 Old-Salary409 HEP resource?

Anyone have a resource to create personalized HEPs that are concise, have good photos, and are also nice-looking? I work in home health and would love to make HEPs that are easy to understand and have straightforward photos but don’t like HEP2go’s selection and need something that I can edit, so OT toolkit printouts don’t really work either. Any ideas or websites I’m totally missing?
Bonus points for an app that provides videos!

homehealth #exercise #geriatrics #homeexerciseprogram

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2023.06.06 01:17 rhodysailor Knees over toes during squat..

I know it’s not the end all be all. But I’m sure a lot of us use HEP2Go. I noticed a lot of the squat variations in there have patients limiting the ability for their knees to actually go past the toes. Why do people still recommend this as all the evidence is to the contrary… thoughts appreciated
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2023.05.18 03:49 Otherwise-Bread-1950 What’s your favorite (ideally free) HEP builder?

My company doesn’t use Medbridge, so we make all our HEPs through hep2go. It’s not my favorite to use because it’s very disorganized, the search feature isn’t great, there’s a lot of junk on there making it hard to search, and unless you pay for the pro version you can only save 2 programs. Does anyone have any other HEP builders they like?
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2022.12.12 22:06 Working-Internet-528 fitstop suggests

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2021.01.18 20:47 bobthebobofbob Is there a resource similar to Physiotec or HEP2GO that focuses more on lower level inpatient exercises?

So I'm a student currently working at an inpatient sub-acute setting. All of my previous experience has basically come from OP ortho clinics so when it comes to rotator cuff strengthening or scapular stabilization stuff I feel pretty good on coming up with exercises. I'm struggling a little bit to come up with exercises that are more functional and at a level my current patients can do though. I see the other PTs in the clinic doing interesting things like playing balloon volleyball to work on balance or setting up interesting gait obstacle courses that are functional but also still interesting and more engaging for the patients. I started a word doc on my computer so that I can get a list of exercises like that going and what kind of patients the exercises might be useful for so that I can reference it in the future if I need to, but I'm wondering if there is any online resource or textbook (similar to HEP2GO or Physiotec etc) that has a database for those kinds of exercises that I could use to get some ideas.
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2021.01.11 00:10 AnthonyVerducci How do you help patients with home exercises?

Hi, all! I've spent the last eight months rehabbing my knee after meniscus surgery. I worked with a physical therapist who was helpful during my in-person appointments, but once I left the clinic, I felt like I was on my own to track my progress, look up proper form if I had questions about my exercises, etc. Occasionally, my PT would provide me with a black-and-white printout of exercises using free software called HEP2GO, but I found the printouts to be inaccessible and unhelpful.
I'm curious about how other clinics empower patients between appointments? Or is this a gap in care that you think could be addressed?
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2020.12.24 00:15 the_range_boss Searching for an Analog HEP builder.

One of the PTs I was working with told me that, back in the the dark ages before HEP2Go, the clinic had a large box full of tiles and on each tile was printed a diagram of an HEP exercise. The clinicians would take up to 6 of these tiles and place them on the photo copier to mix and match an HEP.
This sounds sooo much better than dealing with the online HEP creators. Does anyone know where to find this? Or what the brand is so I can dig around on eBay? Thanks.
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2020.05.20 19:05 TheBarrelofMonkeys WebPT Exercise Flowsheet

Our clinic will be switching EMRs from RevFlow to WebPT. I have experience with both and am mostly ok with the change aside from the atrocious exercise flow-sheet. It is extremely difficult for aides and PT to navigate.
What alternatives have you guys found in terms of maintaining an exercise flow-sheet that does impede the flow of the clinic?
Some thoughts I have include an excel flowsheet, HEP2Go, etc.
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2020.01.23 16:20 HumerusAcetabulum Prehab Guys for HEP prescription

Has anyone used The Prehab Guys videos for HEP? I usually use HEP2Go but I just found out that you can create exercise routines on the PG site and email them out to patients. Just wondering if anyone has used it and liked it?
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2019.11.24 02:13 Lemzik my most "used by other PT/PTA's" hep2go.com exercise- Suboccipital Release... over 1.3k sent to patients in just a few months

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2019.07.12 16:49 Lemzik HEP2GO users. feel free to use my stuff... gradually uploading more

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2019.02.21 23:54 moonicorn415 Advice for Learning Ther-Ex in PTA School?

I'm currently in my second semester of PTA school. I did great last semester, but I've run into a little bit of a problem. My Rehab I teacher is only teaching progression criteria for TE, but not any sort of baseline of exercises to pull from. I didn't expect to learn every exercise ever, but I thought they'd give us somewhere to start.
Is this normal for PT/PTA school? As someone that hasn't been working in rehab in some way already...I'M SO OVERWHELMED. I've got Hep2Go in my pocket and just ordered some TherEx cards that kind of go with my textbook.
I'm open to ALL the suggestions!
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2019.01.05 15:33 Physionerd What does everyone use for home exercise programs?

I've been using HEP2go for years but looking for new ideas.
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2018.07.30 23:14 shiehman Need suggestions to help expand my therapeutic exercise knowledge

2nd year DPT student here.
I just started my first clinical rotation and am finding out that my knowledge of ther-ex is severely lacking. I am having trouble coming up with new ideas for exercise as well as progressing and regressing when patients are struggling. I am familiar with hep2go as a source, but does anyone know any other databases? Any help would be appreciated!
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2018.03.28 12:01 lookitsblackman Home Exercise Program/Discharge Binder Resource for Level II FW

Hey y'all!
So I'll be done with my level II fieldwork in a couple of weeks, and I wanted to get crackin' with my project. My CI suggested a Home Exercise Program/Discharge Resource Binder, and I wanted to go with that. I don't want to use HEP2Go because the therapists in my facility don't have time, and they'd much rather have something on paper. If any of y'all have any suggestions in how to structure it, that'd be lovely! Thanks.
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2015.02.24 23:16 Hipstamatik Workout Program for Tennis Strength Conditioning

Hi all,
I made a 4-day workout program for tennis strength conditioning based on the recommendations from the USTA website. I tried to separate the workouts to work on one or two muscle groups a day, while giving each group enough time to recover. I have weak ankles, so I added some workouts to strengthen them as well. Here it is:
Day 1 - Chest/Core
Chest Press
Medicine Ball Power Drop
Low to High Pulls
3-Cone Balance Touches
Lunges with Resistance
Medicine Ball Forehand and Backhand Throw
Day 2 - Arms/Shoulders
Standing External Rotation
90-90 External Rotation
Wrist Flexion
Wrist Extension
Wrist Radial Deviation
Lateral Raises
Day 3 - Legs/Core
Medicine Ball Squat with Chest Throw
Medicine Ball Squat Toss
Walking Lunge with Rotation
Monster Walks
Ankle Dorsiflexion
Ankle Plantar Extension
Ankle Pronation and Supination
Calf Raises
Day 4 - Back
Straight-arm Rowing
Shoulder Retraction
Single Arm Row
Low Row
Upright Row
One-leg Balance Pulls
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2013.08.14 19:03 pistolepeter Home exercise programs

Just started working at a new clinic and need to set up an HEP computer program. I have been using HEP2GO.com but wanted to know if anyone out there has been using anything better? Possibly with video or email capabilities?
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