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2010.04.16 07:40 The Digital Home for Vagabonds and Houseless Travelers!

Reddits Home for HOUSELESS Travelers! Created by Vagabonds, for Vagabonds! Hitchhikers / Trainhoppers / Rubbertramps / Vandwellers / Skoolies / Backpackers / Biketramps / Boatpunks / Dirty Kids / Crustpunks / Squatters / All Houseless Travelers Feel free to share stories and pictures about your adventures on the road, or share advice and tips with newbie greenhorns, and curious lurkers! WARNING: DON'T BE AN OOGLE! This includes both TOURISTS, TROLLS, and FAKE TRAVELERS!

2011.10.29 17:23 aqwin The People's Republic of Takoma Park


2011.10.23 07:50 llama_herder Toronto Cycling

A community for cyclists in, around, and just passing through the Greater Toronto Area.

2023.06.01 15:20 raedge [EU][H][Draenor] lf Havoc DH & Devastation(/Augmentation) Evoker

Who are we?
Hello! We are Epic Sausage, a social raiding guild built around the idea that whether you’re a veteran or a new player, the game should be fun. Real life throws enough crap at us without being shouted at or belittled during a raid, in a game for which you are paying a subcription. At Epic Sausage we keep a lighthearted approach to raiding without sacrificing the progression mindset or giving up on a healthy social community.
We put a lot of emphasis on the social aspect of the game. As well as an active Discord server, you will find us running Mythic+ dungeons with numerous alts, organising tranmog/achievement runs from previous content, even playing other games or just hanging out. We also run a social raid once a week, which anyone is welcome to join.
If you enjoy progressing through current content, leveling 67 million alts or jumping around on turtle mounts around the fountain in Valdrakken, that’s fine with us! Both new and returning players can find a place with Epic Sausage - if you can be respectful of others and have a sense of humour, we'd love to hear from you. Bonus points if you have a fabulous transmog!
Founded in 2014, we've been raiding since the latter part of MoP. After progressing through to the second floor of mythic Hellfire Citadel, the guild has settled down to raiding at the heroic level and while we like to see bosses die, we like to have fun while we're at it.
We have a tight-knit group of raiders that all bring something to the guild's atmosphere. While ilvl and experience is important, when applying to the guild, we are looking more at you as a person rather than your progression/item level.
We're currently progressing on Sarkareth Heroic
We raid Wednesday and Thursday from 20:00 to 22:30 server time.
Currently recruiting
Havoc DH Devastation/Augmentation Evoker
Note that, no matter what class or spec you play, you're always welcome to apply anyway. If you bring something to the guild's atmosphere and are good at your class/spec, you're more than welcome to join us!
If all of this sounds like music to your ears and you want to join, feel free to join Our Discord server and fill out the Application form. If you have any questions you want answered or want to jump-start joining the guild, prospective raiders can contact me (Raedge#5679) on Discord.
We hope to hear from you soon!
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2023.06.01 15:20 dangrankeyi Our Skyy 2 x Bad Buddy x 1000 Stars [Episode 1]

Our Skyy 2 x Bad Buddy x 1000 Stars [Episode 1]
This is the on-air discussion thread for Our Skyy 2 x Bad Buddy x 1000 Stars [Episode 1]
Watch it on GMM25 or GMMTV YouTube channel. Here are the links:
  • [Eng Sub] Our Skyy 2 x Bad Buddy x 1000 Stars Ep.1 [1/4]
  • [Eng Sub] Our Skyy 2 x Bad Buddy x 1000 Stars Ep.1 [2/4]
  • [Eng Sub] Our Skyy 2 x Bad Buddy x 1000 Stars Ep.1 [3/4]
  • [Eng Sub] Our Skyy 2 x Bad Buddy x 1000 Stars Ep.1 [4/4]
Our Skyy 2 is the second edition of the anthology that provides extra contents for a number of GMMTV series. This time we see stories of:
  • Nuengdiao (Phuwin) and Palm (Pond) from Never Let Me Go
  • Daonuea (Dunk) and Khabkluen (Joong) from Star In My Mind
  • Akk (First) and Ayan (Khaotung) from The Eclipse
  • Talay (Sea) and Puen (Jimmy) from Vice Versa
  • Gun (Fourth) and Tinn (Gemini) from My School President
  • Cher (Book) and Gun (Force) from A Boss and a Babe
  • Pran (Nanon) and Pat (Ohm) from Bad Buddy
  • Tian (Mix) and Phupha (Earth) from A Tale of Thousand Stars
The following songs are or may be associated with Our Skyy 2:
The songs used in Our Skyy and Our Skyy 2 trailers are covers of this original song:
Related videos
Earlier threads
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2023.06.01 15:19 ThrowRA7788888 How do I (19NB) salvage my relationship with gf (18F) when I have Borderline Personality Disorder?

I’ve been with my GF almost 1 year and we spent a whole ton of it attached by the hip, lots of sleepovers and weekends spent together. Most euphoric I’ve ever felt in a relationship.
Due to my mental illness, I fixate on individuals, have harsh mood swings, irritability, and trouble regulating my emotions. My girlfriend has been the recipient of a lot of this stuff, and she’s been pretty forgiving of the fact that I’ve caused most of our arguments, yelled at her, etc. I try to be an otherwise good partner outside of these moments, I’m very delivered and loving to her.
Right now: We are in a foreign country studying for a month with a group. We’re staying in a room together at a family’s house. It’s day 4. Lately I feel like she’s not the loving and attentive girlfriend she used to be. With me she seems drowned out, bored, etc. She doesn’t show affection much. Conversely, she gets with the group and is immediately all smiles and laughs. And she doesn’t pay me much attention with them even though in the past we were the type of couple to constantly look back towards each other. I’ve been feeling terrible about this and made some mean comments, saying she was “obsessed” with making friends because she kept following people around and these were people she knew for months before and I know they’re not the kinda people she’d click with that well—they’d never talk outside of the trip.
I told her my perspective, that I was feeling a bit ignored, and she told me she saw it differently, that she’s not a romantic person (she 100% can be, I’ve experienced it), etc. This made me feel even worse. She gives so much of her energy to the group and so little to me. But I know my behavior is shitty. I gifted her a camera for the trip, and today when I was telling her I started medication for my mental health she paid attention for 2 seconds then went to lie on the bed and watch all the videos she had taken of other people speaking, vlog style. I asked her why she was so obsessed and told her I found it weird she was lying there looking back at them. After I took my pill she asked me if I was done being mean.
I deeply miss the relationship we used to have. There are two beds in the room, and although we normally sleep together, tonight we’re in separate beds. No one’s said anything about it. We have a whole room to ourselves and there’s no flirting, speaking, or anything going on. Our day starts at 7am and ends at 10pm so I understand if she’s tired, but not like this ):
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2023.06.01 15:19 PainIzInevitable "I don't date transgender individuals"

What are your thoughts on people who say this, more specifically our fellow LGBT brothers, sisters, and NB? Also happy pride month :D
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2023.06.01 15:18 bh4434 Song-by-song take on LIBAD

In the pantheon of A7X albums I think I’d put this 5th, just ahead of Self-Titled and behind The Stage. Obviously this album is very experimental. The thing about experimentation, as we all learned in science class, is that sometimes you get the result you want and sometimes you don’t. As such, this album is hit-or-miss. The peaks are extremely high and the valleys are pretty low.
My biggest takeaway is that there seems to be a sweet spot of experimentation, where you stay true to who you are, but expand yourself into new areas. Mattel and Cosmic are both songs Avenged Sevenfold would have written in the past, but with new elements that actually IMPROVE the songs (especially Mattel) instead of detract from them.
Here are the songs ranked (in my opinion) and my brief takeaway from each one:
  1. Cosmic - This song as absolutely as beautiful and emotional as it was hyped up to be. My only complaint is that they brush past the Elton John part pretty quickly, and only bring it back as vocoded background vocals that are hard to hear. But the melody is so beautiful and it’s the single-best lyrical song A7X has ever written. A top-5 song in their discography.
  2. Mattel - The experimentation in this song absolutely WORKS. The piano part in the chorus is a really cool contrast from the rest of the song (but still flows), and the synth after the second scream…….my god. I’ve never heard a synth be so heavy. It builds the tension so well. Nothing bad I can say about this song. Top-10 all-time Avenged song, only behind Cosmic because Cosmic is so damn beautiful.
  3. Nobody - Everyone’s already heard this obviously. To me this is a classic Avenged song just with a couple of twists. I don’t mind the repetition. Love the guitar solo.
  4. Beautiful Morning - I think this is a really good song concept, but I’m not sure the tempo changes actually served the song. A couple of them probably would have worked, but there were too many and it was distracting. Still an outstanding chorus and a really cool vibe. The ending is well-done with the creepy piano part mixed with the chorus.
  5. (D)eath - I really like Matt’s vocals here. Very catchy Sinatra-style vocal melodies with a very dark and haunting vibe. Not a metal song at all aside from some creepy guitar in the second half. Best song in the G.O.D. trilogy easily.
  6. Game Over - This grew on me a bit when I got to hear the full song start-to-finish, instead of the 1-minute snippet Matt posted the other day. I’m still not crazy about the vocals in the heavy part, but the Disney part at the end sounds really good in the album version.
  7. We Love You - We’ve all heard it of course. Super-catchy chorus, way too spastic for me otherwise. Doesn’t flow at all. But the chorus is memorable as hell.
  8. Easier - Ugh. I guess I’m just not a fan of the vocoder. They had a pretty good song concept here. But it’s hard to pay attention to because it feels like a robot is singing it, and that just doesn’t sound good to me. Some good guitar and good vocals from Matt when not vododed.
  9. G - This just feels weird for the sake of weird to me. Very hard song for me to follow. Definitely has a funk vibe and some good musicianship, but after multiple listens, barely anything from this song sticks with me.
  10. (O)rdinary - This just isn’t my style of music at all. And I can’t even say “well at least there’s good musicianship” because….there is no musicianship lol. It’s all computerized. It is sort of catchy though, just not in a way I’d want to come back and listen to a lot.
N/A. Life is But a Dream - Can’t really rank it because it’s not a proper song. Cool piano piece with a bittersweet vibe. Ends very suddenly.
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2023.06.01 15:18 Leading-Yam3010 How good are body mists?

I have bought a couple of body mists from BBW and Victorias Secret in the past. (still has one from BBW) While I agree they smell nice, it barely has any longevity? I see a lot of posts on body mists, so I am wondering am I missing anything on these? I didn’t find them remarkable at all, even after constant reapplication. Whereas I can smell EDPs like YSL or D&G on my clothes and body even after a day.
Is it worth it to buy body mists? Should I just stick to a few EDPs or decants ? What EDPs are a good choice which have similar scents as these body mists but are stronger? I have tried floral scents like Dior Jador, Bvlgari Omnia, Armani Si etc. did not quite like any of those scents!
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2023.06.01 15:18 mrfollicle June 2023 Moving, Tourism, Holiday Travels, and Nightlife Megathread: All posts on these topics should go in this megathread to keep this sub from getting oversaturated with these topics. Also please check the Wiki and/or read the contents of this post first.

Hello Miami visitors,
This is a megathread for all tourism, nightlife, and moving related questions.
Why this megathread? We've had an influx of people deciding to move to or visit Miami and it quickly overwhelms the subreddit. All questions related to those categories should live in this megathread so as to not overwhelm the main page with these types of posts. These types of questions are more than welcome! They just belong here. But considering the world class city Miami is and becoming, they would inundate and deluge the community related posts in the main sub. There is not a guarantee the community will always respond, but several do along with a few of the mod team.
Follow the most important rule in our sub "Be Excellent to Each Other." If you find a comment that is out of line, please use the report button or message the mods with a link. Thanks.
Previous months' megas are very helpful, often your question has already been asked!
Link to Sept 2022 Mega
Link to Oct 2022 Mega
Link to Nov 2022 Mega
Link to Dec 2022 Mega
Link to Jan 2023 Mega
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Link to May 2023 Mega
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2023.06.01 15:16 milahfromthegram Skinstut Drama

Hi everyone, I recently started seeing a new dermal therapist. When I told her that I’d been using Skinstitut she was not happy. She said that it’s not proper skincare, destroys the skin’s acid mantle, is “toxic” and that the concentration of their actives are too high. When I told her that this is the first time hearing a bad word about that brand she said that the skin will look good while using the products but will immediately spiral when you stop using them and that’s what makes people think it works. She said that its all over dermatologists “most hated lists” on social media, etc. But I tried to look it up and I found nothing… She told me to throw all my skinstut products in the bin and to use micellar water instead of a traditional cleanser. She had barely an recommendations when I asked her for alternatives and the few things that she did show me were laughably out of my budget.
Very confused. Does anyone know if theres any truth to what she’s saying?
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2023.06.01 15:16 tawneyj1 Seems sketchy

Seems sketchy
Just got this email. Seems sketchy and like I’d start to get screwed with routes since I have a Hyundai Tucson. Just asking them to throw 40 packages on me even for a 3 or 3.5 hour block. Just wondering how limited my block selection will be if I don’t add my vehicle info.
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2023.06.01 15:16 SSM_Crypto TOP 5 ALTCOIN GEMS TO BUY THIS JUNE!!!

GM and Happy New Month Fam 💖
Every new month in the crypto space brings FRESH OPPORTUNITIES to find the best crypto projects to buy that can give you 100x returns.
For the month of June, this means the end of Q2 and with it many projects trying to accomplish milestones on their roadmaps
This video covers 5 lowcaps to highcap crypto gems that span across several narratives and offer strong utility\_dLSk
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2023.06.01 15:16 69thKnightOfCats Berserker's Fury Mushroom

Item Name: Berserker's Fury Mushroom
Origin and History:
The Berserker's Fury Mushroom is a rare and potent edible resource inspired by the tales of Vikings who harnessed the power of Amanita muscaria, a magical mushroom, to fuel their legendary berserker rages. Goliath warriors, renowned for their fierce barbarian nature, partake in these mushrooms to amplify their already formidable fury. These mushrooms can only be found within cold regions, exclusively inhabiting conifer or deciduous woodlands. They form symbiotic relationships with trees such as pine, oak, spruce, fir, birch, and cedar.
The Berserker's Fury Mushroom displays vibrant red caps adorned with distinctive white spots, emanating an earthy and intoxicating aroma. Its taste is bitter and pungent, inducing a tingling sensation on the tongue and a rush of adrenaline throughout the consumer's body.
Ingesting the Berserker's Fury Mushroom unleashes an uncontrollable surge of primal power within the consumer, emulating the effects of the Rage feature found in the Barbarian class of D&D 5e. Regardless of their class, anyone can consume this mushroom and experience the same effects as a barbarian's rage. However, there are limitations to its usage.
Rules Mechanics:
Non-barbarian characters: By consuming the Berserker's Fury Mushroom, a non-barbarian character gains the benefits of a single use of the Barbarian's Rage feature. This effect starts immediately upon consumption and lasts for the standard duration of a Rage (1 minute). Once the rage ends, the character suffers one level of exhaustion.
Barbarian characters: Barbarians can safely consume the mushroom once per day, granting them an additional use of their Rage feature. This extra use must be activated immediately and follows the standard rules for the Barbarian's Rage, lasting for the usual duration of a Rage (1 minute).
For non-barbarians, consuming a second Berserker's Fury Mushroom on the same day is fatal. It is possible to consume another mushroom within the same month, but the user must succeed on a Constitution saving throw with a DC of 20. Failure results in four points of permanent exhaustion after the rage effects end. This exhaustion can be removed by casting Greater Restoration or by gaining a level in the Barbarian class.
For Barbarians, daily consumption of the mushrooms is viable. However, even for barbarians, consuming two mushrooms within a single day leads to adverse effects: four points of exhaustion for one week following the cessation of the rage effects. Consuming a second mushroom during a rage induced by the first is fatal. However, consuming a mushroom during a regular barbarian rage grants a potent increase in power: while raging, the barbarian can make a single melee weapon attack as a bonus action on each of their turns after the one they initially took. Upon ending the rage, the barbarian suffers four levels of exhaustion. Finishing a long rest reduces the exhaustion level by 1, provided that the user has also ingested some food and drink.
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2023.06.01 15:15 rlahbro Swiss Miss

How much are people truly willing to pay for a boxed, untouched Swiss Miss?? Are there really people out there spending $100+?
I am genuinely curious! Looking on DePop and EBay it shocks me the prices people are asking, but it also appears their are people that do buy them for $$$. Wondering because I have 2 in their boxes (and 1 out of the box) and I’d like to make ~something~ off of them based on those searches, but also don’t want to be ridiculous in an asking price.
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2023.06.01 15:15 MotherShip808 Grief Syndrome Discussion & Help Thread

Grief Syndrome is a doujin game by Twilight Frontier (also known as Tasofro) which was released at Comiket 80 on August 13, 2011. It is a side-scrolling beat-em-up featuring the characters of Puella Magi Madoka Magica. 1 to 3 players can play with local (all gamepads/keyboards connected to the same computer) multiplayer, or online multiplayer with a patch.
This thread is for Discussion & Help purposes. You can download the game through the Google Drive download link on the sidebar. This version of the game has the 1.1 patch already installed, all you need to do is extract the folder and run the .exe inside for either the local or the online version. I will add a FAQ to this thread for quick solutions. But please use the Grief Syndrome Wiki page first.
Grief Syndrome Wiki Page
Google Drive Download
Unlocked Laps Save File
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2023.06.01 15:15 CallMeStarr I'm the Host of a Terrifying Game Show: Let's Make a Deal with the Devil

Season 2 Finale
“You look worried Bruce,” my producer jokes, moments before going live. “Even for you.”
This gets a chuckle from the crew.
“Quiet on the set!”
I’m already shaking in my shoes. Not a good sign. Working for the Devil is extremely stressful. And dangerous. And certainly not for the faint of heart. Why I took this gig is beyond me.
(Cue creepy music)
“Going live in five…four…three…”
I get the nod.
(Cut to camera one)
“Greetings Hell Beings and hell raisers. Welcome to the Season 2 finale of….”
(Cue the audience)
I wave my arms in the air.
The audience jumps to their feet.
Someone heckles.
“Alright. Knock it off.”
I serve up my best game show-host grin. It looks as fake as this cheap Hollywood studio.
“As you probably know, my name is Bruce Davie, and I’m the host of…”
(Cue audience)
There’s a disturbance in the audience. A crew member forcefully removes someone. The commotion settles, and I get the go-ahead.
“Phew! A feisty crowd tonight!”
My painted-on smile takes up the entire screen. So does my gleaming bald head.
“Now I know what you’re thinking. What’s the Devil got in store for us this evening?”
The audience rumbles.
I shrug.
“Honestly, I wish I knew!”
This is true. But I’m sure it has something to do with me spending an eternity in Hell. It’s right there in my contract, which runs out after this episode.
(Cut to camera two)
“So, without further ado, let’s bring out tonight’s contestants, shall we?”
The audience roars.
“And yes, you heard me correctly. Tonight, for the first time ever in this show’s defamatory history, we’ve got two contestants!”
Audience is on their feet, whooping and hollering.
(Cut to camera three)
(Cue music)
A middle-aged couple promenade towards the podium. They’re dressed like cowboys, and walk with a sense of purpose.
(Split screen)
“Welcome, both of you.”
More like: Welcome to your funeral.
“Tell us a wee bit about yourselves, why don’t you?”
(Cut to camera four)
The woman speaks first. Her hair is amber, her completion as pale as light beer.
“Well, Bruce. My name is Tammy. I’m a stay-at-home mom. This here’s my partner, Tex. He owns his own gun shop. We live in Austin Texas, with three beautiful children, who are with us here tonight.”
She points.
(Cut to overhead camera)
Two tall boys and a young girl, each dressed head-to-toe in denim, stand and bow.
The audience applauds.
(Split screen)
The other contestant approaches the microphone. He’s as tall as an ivory tower, with a voice like a banjo.
“Howdy Bruce. Good to be here.”
He tilts his cowboy hat. His square jaw and rugged good looks give Chuck Norris a run for his money.
I salute them.
(Cut to camera two)
“Well then, now that we’re finished with the formalities, I do believe it’s time to…”
(Cue audience)
(Cue creepy music)
(Cue pyrotechnics)
The stage fills with fire and brimstone. Pentagrams slice through the air. The Devil appears suddenly, dressed in a shiny new devil suit, tailored specifically for tonight’s show. It’s jet-black, and leaves little to the imagination. His pitchforked tail follows closely behind him as he approaches the podium.
(Cut to Camera five)
The Devil wraps his arms around the two contestants, kisses them both on the cheek.
Tex, clearly perturbed, winces, then grudgingly wipes his cheek.
The Devil snarls, then looks him up and down.
“Looks like everything isn’t bigger in Texas,” the Devil teases. Suddenly, he’s grown over eight-feet tall, and is looming over the tall Texan.
(Cut to camera three)
The bright lights and furious makeup make me look like a cartoon.
“What an exciting night this promises to be!”
Tammy steps forward.
“You bet it is, Bruce. We’ve watched every episode. We just love…”
(Cue the audience)
(Cut to camera three)
“Of course!” Damion boasts. “This is Hell’s most popular show. And for good reason.”
He slaps the woman’s backside with his tail, then raises his eyebrows mockingly.
The cowboy puffs out his chest, fists clenched, daring him to touch his wife again.
“Woah, easy their pardner.”
Damion nudges Tex.
Tammy is flushed. “Don’t mind Tex. He’s the jealous kind.”
“Oh really?”
Damion’s tail is now shaped like a lasso. With it, he snags Tammy and pulls her close. Her face turns tomato-red.
The cowboy grunts, pulling it off with one strong swoop.
The audience boos.
The Devil snickers.
I feel sick. If this is to be my last episode (or final day on Earth), I don’t want it spoiled by this denim-clad dude whose hat is bigger than his brains, or by Damion, who seems extra feisty tonight. Even for him.
(Cut to camera one)
I clear my throat.
“Tell us, Tammy and Tex…no, tell all of Hell…what it is your beating hearts desire?”
The audience is on the edge of their seats.
(Split screen)
The Texans exchange doubtful looks.
The wife takes charge.
“Well Bruce,” Tammy says. “We don’t want anything that might get us killed. Being from Dallas, we were raised with some common sense.”
The audience hisses.
(Cut to camera five)
The husband steps up.
“That’s right, Bruce. Simply put, we want to be famous for a day. That’s it. Then we can write a book and live off the royalties.”
The audience erupts into a frenzy of catcalls.
(Cut to camera three)
The Devil’s eyebrows touch the top of his head. His voice slithers like a snake.
“Is that so?”
My heart plummets. These Texans are flirting with disaster. If they’d stuck to the script, they might be safe. They were supposed to ask for a lifetime’s supply of Super Bowl tickets. Easy-peasy. Who do these cowpokes think they are? Do they really think they can outsmart the Devil?
“Well then,” I say, shakily. “I’m sure Damion can arrange that.”
I raise my arms.
“What does the audience think?”
The audience goes ballistic.
(Cut to camera three)
The Devil, still towering over the Texans, leans into the camera.
“Famous, eh?”
His lips smack against his face. When he touches the dude’s shoulder, the cowboy swipes his arm away.
The audience boos. Someone tosses an egg onto the podium, narrowly missing the contestants.
“Woah! Easy does it!” I spurt out.
All hell breaks loose.
(Cut to overhead camera)
The crew gets busy, disposing of both the egg and the agitator.
(Cut to camera one)
I wipe my sweaty forehead.
“Tough crowd.”
The audience hoots.
The Devil sneers.
Flames flash across the room.
People shriek, including me.
(Close up of Damion)
The Devil, boasting his gambler’s grin, turns to the contestants.
“Yes, yes. You WILL be famous. But just for one day.”
The audience roars their approval.
I shudder. Never in all my years, have I felt so much animosity from an audience. I’ll be lucky to make it out alive.
(Split screen)
“Sounds like the Devil has a plan.”
I try to sound cheerful. But cheerfulness is the opposite of how I feel.
(Cut to camera one)
“Tell us Damion…and all of Hell…what you’ve got cooked up?”
The audience leans in.
(Cut to camera three)
The Devil winks at Tammy.
“Well, I do believe it’s time for those two cowpokes to become famous. Am I correct?”
The audience jumps to their feet, chanting: “FAMOUS.… FAMOUS…. FAMOUS.…”
(Split screen)
Tammy looks pleased. Her partner, on the other hand, is showing concern. His shoulders are tense, he’s swallowed his bottom lip.
Damion dazzles the audience.
“Famous, y’all shall be.”
He snaps his fingers.
The studio goes dark.
Someone in the audience screams.
Tammy gasps.
Tex grunts.
(Cut to camera one)
I shrug.
Is this Damion’s latest trick? Or did they finally cut the power? We give the impression that this show is hugely popular; but in truth, outside of Hell, this show is a dud. Cable and internet companies avoid us like the plague.
(Cut to overhead camera)
The contestants vanish under a cloud of fog.
A flaming pentagram floats across the stage.
“Well, isn’t that just dandy!”
The Devil points to the large screen behind the audience.
“Mister and Missus Cowpoke are about to jump the falls!”
He snaps his fingers, then he disappears.
My legs go weak. My heart is beating irregularly again. I still don’t know he does it. How any of this works. Suddenly, I’m alone on stage, shaking in my fine Italian boots, while the audience grows rowdier by the second.
Cameras mounted on drones are pointed at Tammy and Tex, who are trapped inside a large, steel barrel, with Niagara Falls looming below them.
Damion flies across the falls, lands next to Tammy and Tex. He taps the barrel.
“Ain’t she a beauty?”
The audience hurrahs.
The barrel is unlike anything I’ve ever seen. Although it’s huge, and probably weighs a ton, it barely contains the two Texans, who are kicking and screaming, cursing up a storm.
“Get me the hell out of here!” Tammy’s voice rips through the noise of the falls. “NOW!”
Damion frowns.
“You wanted to be famous. Am I right?”
The audience chants, “FAMOUS…. FAMOUS.… FAMOUS….”
Tex pokes his head out of the barrel, cowboy hat and all.
“Now wait one minute, Damion. That’s unfair. We wanted fame. Not death.”
The Devil chuckles.
“The two are synonymous, am I right?”
The audience agrees.
Damion checks his watch.
“Well then…”
He slams the lid shut.
That’s the end of the Texans, as far as I’m concerned.
(Close up of Damion)
“Whatcha think? Should they jump the falls?”
The audience shouts, “JUMP…. JUMP…. JUMP….”
(Cut to camera two)
My insides are melting. I’m petrified. You’d think working with the Devil would get easier over time. You’d be dead wrong.
“Looks like the people have spoken!” I hear myself say.
The audience continues their chant.
(Cut to overhead camera)
“Excellent,” Damion says, fiddling his fingers.
He looks over the cliff, and makes a sour face.
“Wowsers. That’s a long way down!”
“And so much water!”
(Cut to camera one)
My worried-sick face appears on the screen.
I straighten up.
“Once they jump, Tam and Tex will surely be famous!”
Except of course, they won’t be famous. Not in this world anyways. They’ve been duped. Why these people sign up to die is beyond me. Perhaps we’ve reached a spectacular level of stupidity in human evolution.
(Cut to overhead camera)
Damion’s lips stretch across his reddened face, his arms flex like a weightlifter.
“I’ll give them a helping hand.”
He rolls the giant barrel to the very edge of the cliff, ignoring the banging and hollering coming from within the steel coffin.
“Tammy, Tex…” His lips stretch into a snarl. “Prepare for fame!”
The audience is on their feet.
Damion shoves the barrel over the edge.
(Split screen)
The barrel tumbles down the falls, disappearing into the fast-moving water.
The audience holds its breath.
(Cut to spy camera)
Inside the barrel, the Texans are shrieking. Their heads and arms and legs collide. Chunks of puke pour across Tammy’s sickening face, who’s calling Tex every name in the book, and it’s a big book. Meanwhile, Tex is like a frog in a blender. His face is green, his nose is broken; blood is leaking from every orifice.
There’s a loud crash as the barrel plunders underwater.
(Cut to overhead camera)
The barrel resurfaces, traveling dangerously downstream.
The audience is back on their feet, fist-pumping.
(Split screen)
What troubles me is how the pedestrians and tourists, crowding the streets, remain oblivious. To them, this is nothing out of the ordinary. Nobody watches, or even takes a pic. I’m starting to suspect foul play. Somehow, Damion is controlling this. He’s using dark magic. A spell. Maybe none of this is real. Except of course, it is real.
(Cut to camera one)
I’m trembling.
“What a jump!” my voice ricochets off the studio walls. “They’ll be famous in no time!”
The audience chants:
(Closeup of the Devil)
“Yes, yes. An excellent jump, I must say.”
He peaks over the edge.
“Looks like they could use some help.”
(Cut to overhead camera)
Damion flies towards the barrel, which is bouncing off rocks and debris.
(Cut to spy camera)
Blood. So much blood in such a tight space. Tammy’s hair is in disarray. Her face is beyond repair. Tex swallowed his hat. One of his eyeballs is bouncing like a Superball. His left arm is flapping nonsensically. It isn’t attached.
(Cut to camera four)
The Devil scoops up the barrel, then flies to shore. When his feet touch the ground, he shakes off the water, cat-like, then glares at the camera.
“What a jump!”
He cranks open the lip.
(Split screen)
Tammy spills out. So does Tex’s left arm.
The audience gasps.
Damion applauds.
“Such valor and swagger!”
(Cut to camera five)
Tammy is flopping fish-like, barely clinging to life. Her mouth is full of blood and brains.
The Devil puts his foot on her head.
From out of nowhere, a photographer appears.
Damion, looking pleased with himself, is suddenly holding a newspaper.
(Closeup of newspaper)
The headline splashes across the screen: IDIOTS JUMP THE FALLS.
(Cut to camera four)
Damion shoves the newspaper in front of her face.
“Looks like Tammy and Tex are famous.”
Tammy's eyes twitch. Clearly, she needs medical assistance. I’m surprised she’s still alive. Her husbands brains are splattered across the inside of the barrel.
The very sight of this makes me gag.
Tammy tries to speak, but fails. Her eyes are filled with rage.
Damion tosses the leftover arm into the water, then shrugs.
“Sorry about your hubby.”
(Cut to camera two)
With wobbly knees, I face the audience.
“Looks like the barrel got the best of Tex!”
The audience bellows.
I continue to talk involuntarily.
“Gosh dolly. Look at all that blood!”
I find myself chanting along.
Suddenly, my vision blurs. I clutch my chest. Maybe I’ll suffer a heart attack on live TV. Hell waits for no one, I suppose.
(Cut to camera four)
Tammy spits blood on Damion’s boot.
“Devil be damned.” I blurt.
Damion’s face twists into a ball of fury.
“Now, now, Tammy. That wasn’t very nice.”
He crushes her fingers with his boots.
Tammy yelps.
“I was gonna save your long-limbed partner over there,” he points. “Not anymore!”
The audience is bloodthirsty. Paper airplanes and rotten eggs whizz past me. I duck just in time.
(Closeup of contestant)
Tammy’s tongue is leaking from her bloodied face. She’s missing her front teeth. Damion digs his spiky heel deep into her blood-soaked abdomen.
“I reckon you’ll need medical assistance.”
He snaps his fingers.
Suddenly, they're back in the studio.
Damion is as happy as a filthy pig. Next to him is Tammy, who’s caked in blood and gore. Her corpse-of-a-husband spills from the gigantic steel barrel, taking center stage.
(Cut to overhead camera)
The contestant’s children rush the stage. They’re delirious.
The crew hurry out and drag them aside, along with Tammy, who's rushed to the hospital, where she will certainly die.
“Now that’s what I call speedy service!”
My voice appalls me. So does this job. If only I’d listened to my mother, and got into politics.
Damion snaps his finger, then disappears under a plume of dusty smoke.
(Cut to camera one)
“Well, there you have it folks. That’s the last you’ll see of Tammy and Tex. But fret not, they had their moment of fame…in Hell!”
The audience is tossing trash onto the stage.
I narrowly dodge a projectile.
“Hope you’ve enjoyed Season Two as much as I did.”
I hated it.
“And, unless the Devil strikes me down,” and he very-well might, “I hope to see you this Fall, for Season Three of…”
(Cue the audience)
Season Two
Season One
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2023.06.01 15:15 PurpleSolitudes Best Controller For PC in USA Available on Amazon

Best Controller For PC in USA Available on Amazon
Welcome to our conversation about the best controllers for gaming PC ! As more and more games become available on PC, many gamers are looking for a comfortable, responsive controller that can help them enjoy their favorite titles without sacrificing precision or accuracy. In this discussion, we'll explore some of the most popular options on the market, discuss their pros and cons, and help you find the perfect controller for your gaming needs. Whether you prefer console-style controllers, specialized gamepads, or something in between, we're here to guide you through the world of PC gaming peripherals.

Best Controller For PC

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Razer Wolverine Ultimate
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2023.06.01 15:14 dank_tank0816 Dynasty Football League Needs Replacement Owners. SF, TEP, FleaFlicker, LeagueSafe, GroupMe, $50

We are in need of 3 replacement owners for our dynasty football league on fleaflicker. Once filled the 3 new owners will take place in a dispersal draft. The league uses group me for chat, league safe to handle payments and is $50 a year. Below are some league highlights as well as bylaws and a dispersal asset list. Message me or comment if you are interested.
12 Team league
Tight End Premium
Start 11 players (1QB, 2RB, 3WR, 2TE, 2FLEX, 1SF)
Unique scoring model with points per first downs, partial points per carry and heavy TEP
Dispersal list:
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2023.06.01 15:14 Numerous-Boot9074 Does anyone know how I can clean these?

Tried posting it on the Jewellery Reddit but it was taken down for whatever reason by a bot, so I’m going to try my luck here!
How can I clean these?
They’re both pandora wrist bangles I was gifted, made of a soft fabric material and what I think is stainless steel.
I’ve had one for three years, and the other for two, and I feel like they’re starting to smell a bit since I’ve never washed them (if that’s possible?) and I’ve never taken them off. I’d really like to keep them for as long as possible to!
Please let me know how I can wash these at home!
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2023.06.01 15:14 pixitwist How to ask for a raise while negotiating work-from-home?

TL;DR: been working for the company for 8 months; contract says salary increase after 3 months but didn't happen. I need to be working from home on Wednesday every forthnight, but boss doesn't approve.
How do I approach this situation?
I’m responsible for the marketing of my boss’ e-commerce businesses and my job doesn't require me to be facing customers. But they don't believe WFH isn't effective and thinks I’m not working when at home. They’d rather have us in the office!
Since I started taking over the marketing from the agency who used to handle their digital marketing, the brand awareness and performance just keep going up. Meaning, more revenue for the companies. I’m expecting I’m getting a raise but it's just not happening.
The other day I tried to tell my boss I need to take my high functioning autistic son to his speech therapy every Wednesday and looking into doing it every forth night starting next week. She asked how long I will be doing this, and I said I don't know, maybe when he stopped being autistic🙈 and she asked about it again today and seems or acted like she understood and that it's all good.
But before I finished work, boss’ husband told me that working from home for me is not going to happen. I told him I can still be productive and work from home while my son is in his speech therapy cos it is only 6 minutes drive away from my house. I can quickly drop off and pick him up when done.
He said we will talk about the WFH arrangement again tomorrow. How do I bring up the salary raise while also negotiating working from home every Wednesday forthnights?
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2023.06.01 15:14 SPAC_Time D-Wave and Interpublic Group Partner on Quantum-Powered Advertising Optimization - QBTS QBTS.WS

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2023.06.01 15:13 wzmsykk The translation of Why starsector is Genshin impact meme
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2023.06.01 15:13 realvctmsdntdrnkmlk Thoughts (pontifications) from a sympathetic perspective on the self-inflicted disquietude of Hilaria Baldwin’s life..

So, my husband was born and raised in Marseille, France. He moved here in his mid-20’s to pursue his PhD, and much to his mother’s chagrin, he decided to stay and pursue his career. Still, like most people, he has a sense of nostalgia and pride for “his” country. This morning, he was playing me some old folk songs by George Brassens. I don’t know much about music, but the melodies were distinctly French from what I’ve gleaned from movies/TV. He was remarking on Brassens’ turn of phrase, etc. I wanted to have one of these “moments” too, so I asked him to queue up Bob Dylan’s “A Hard Rain’s Gonna Fall.” Per usual, I listened to the song and felt that little pang of poignancy and validation for what it “feels like” to be American. Then I thought about Hilaria. Surely, there are folk legends of Spain that can harmonize their poetry with the same depth as Dylan and Brassens. But even if Hilaria was able to perform the mental acrobats required to internalize the lyrics, somehow, she wouldn’t even be able to understand them in the first place with that broken Spanish. Neither can she really turn around and embrace—with pride—the Bob Dylans and Paul Simons and Dolly Partons that she likely DID grow up with. Well..she can, of course. But, you know..God, that must suck balls.
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2023.06.01 15:13 CosyFog What conditions are needed to combine 30-40 chaotic squares without a complete block of 1 of them (especially corner ones)?

Imagine a square that is made up of smaller squares. Let's call them mini-squares. (5 high and 5 wide) Imagine being able to walk through the cells (horizontally and vertically) like in a turn-based game. Now imagine that there are many such large squares. They can adjoin to each other forming a field even more.
Each square, on its edge, has blocked mini-squares that cannot be moved to a new, attached square. These blocked mini-squares are arranged randomly and can even go in a row.
How to calculate so that such chaotic squares, when attached (the blocked mini-squares of each large square, when attached, form a common border) do not receive more than one, completely closed side? (it is impossible to have all 10 squares after joining be blocked on the border)
If possible, explain in simple terms, I'm not a mathematician, but not stupid. Sorry for my English, and im try to explain it from my smartphone from the train :D Pics in comments
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