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2023.06.08 10:44 Drakolf Dragon Rising- 22. Contact:

The morning after our victory, I led a small team of Paladins, Clerics, and Artificers, with Rogues outside of sight alongside us.
Well, it was more accurate to say that we took one of the military vehicles and carefully drove it over to the next city. The Artificers didn't strip entire cars bare on the street, they had to get it into a garage somehow.
This excursion was primarily exploratory, to see what we were dealing with at the end of our effective territory.
The blockade was a nice touch. We slowed to a stop, we got out, and we approached. When they raised their guns, I held my hand up, and we stopped.
"This is a formal request for a ceasefire." I stated, projecting my voice with the amplifier. "We will continue to approach, opening fire will signal to us that you do not value your lives."
We continued approaching, the guns still trained on us.
The person who came out to speak with us was more forced out, he clearly didn't want to be the one to talk to us.
"Am I to assume you speak with authority?" I asked. He looked at the other soldiers, he didn't have a clue. "Then I'll make this concise and brief. You will dismantle this blockade, you will retreat, and you will not prevent us from making contact with the neighboring city. Any attempts to prevent us from passing will result in your immediate capture, any attempts to harm us will result in your immediate death."
The standoff was tense, after a few moments, I began to count down. "Five."
I could see sweat beading down their faces.
Eyes wide, terrified.
They broke first, backing away, guns still trained on us.
"If your intention is to retreat, such that you can face us with a larger force, allow me to make one thing clear." I blasted their blockade apart, some of them screamed. "Your bullets are useless against us."
They ran, we cleared the blockade away, and we repeated this two more times.
Seeing the city after so long felt... overwhelming. I had completely forgotten how big it was. It was almost enough to not notice the checkpoint, and the fifty of so Humans who stood on the other side, guns pointed at us.
"I will allow one of you to shoot me." I said, walking toward them. "A freebie, use your highest caliber, try and hurt me."
The bullet that struck me ricocheted into a tree, The silence that fell was just as deafening as the report from the gun, they stared at me in utter shock, and then they all ran
Several Human civilians looked at the fleeing soldiers, then looked at us as we stepped out from our territory and into theirs.
"Oh, shit. That video was real." I heard someone say. "Look at that sick fuckin' armor." Another spoke. "Are they going to attack us?"
"Halt." I commanded, my troop stopped, the tension in the air was palpable.
"My name is Ruuk Stingtail." I spoke. "For the time being, I come in peace, and invite anyone who is curious to ask questions.After all, it has been a solid year and a half since we had any contact with anyone other than enemies and ourselves."
There was still tension, of course, but eventually someone did approach, cautiously, of course. "Yo, uh, can I touch you? You know, to make sure you're actually real and not some sort of weird animatronic?"
I reached my hand out and he touched it. "Whoa." He pulled his hand back.
Several Humans had pulled out their phones, they were already recording us. I quickly appraised the people around us, looking for anything we could exploit for our own uses. I noticed someone with their arm in a sling, it wasn't in a cast, but it was wrapped up.
"You there." I said, pointing at him. He pointed at himself. "Yes, come here."
He approached cautiously. "What happened to your arm?" I asked.
"I, uh, I tore a muscle." He said. "Doctor said I can't do much with it until it heals."
"Ruka." I said, looking at the Paladin of Bahamut. He walked closer. "Show us your injury, if you would."He did, there was the ugliest bruise I'd ever seen.
"Do you consent to having your injury healed?" I asked.
"What?" He asked, blinking.
"I'm offering to have your injury healed." I reiterated.
"Yeah, sure?"
Ruka gently laid his hands on the Human's arm. "O, holy Bahamut, heal this grievous wound and grant wholeness and wellness to his man, zyak qe coi."
The Paladin's hands radiated holy light, the bruise rapidly faded, and the Human stared at it, utterly awestruck. "Holy shit." He gasped. "I mean-"
"It is not taken as blasphemy." Ruka stated, holding his hand up.
"We are here-" I spoke, looking at everyone, "-to prove our existence beyond a single video. Circumstances demand that what we do isn't simply charity, but the means by which we can survive. For this, I am sorry, I recognize that in this way, I am using you." I paused, dredging up and wiping away tears. "Our people depend on this."
If we were to have any form of peace, any form of justification for war, we needed to be sympathetic. By taking prisoners, we made ourselves targets to any would-be vigilantes looking to serve their country.
By being up front about our intentions, we showed a quiet desperation, efforts made to foster peace, even though I had bared the fangs of war.
More Humans gathered, those who were sick or in pain, we provided healing. I told our story, of how we one day woke up like this, the struggles of finding ourselves in a situation where nothing was made for us, how when we were quarantined, we were forced to fend for ourselves. How when the mine collapsed, we worked together to save the trapped miners. How when we were blockaded so they could force us to die en masse, how we were blessed with miracles.
How, when we fully understood what our intended fate was, the people heard the wisdom of my Emperor and elevated me to the position of Imperator, and how I used my authority to direct our people to our first victory.
"I shall admit, taking those soldiers' lives brought us satisfaction." I said. "They had oppressed us, tried to eradicate us, we gave them every opportunity to choose peace, to choose life. I just can't understand how they couldn't see us as people who desperately wished for love and compassion."
I laid it on thick, and the Humans ate it up.
Before long, we had expended our spells, and I said, "We will try to return, presuming the military doesn't try to carpet bomb us into oblivion, our prisoners of war be damned. I pray your leaders see reason."
We returned to our commandeered vehicle, closing the checkpoint so nobody could get in, and we returned to the city.
We did this each day we could, speaking words of hope for peace, determination to protect ourselves as needed. As always, we provided healing to those who needed it, some people even came, desperate for relief from something incurable, to which we did the best we could. Throughout this, I spoke of things to come, a thriving city, as much a part of the world as anywhere else, a place where we could share the wonders of magic.
I was asked, "Why do you close the gate when you leave?"
I simply answered, "If you entered, they would force you to remain, even though we know anyone who remains Human under the Divine Gate remains Human." It was an embellishment, but it was more poetic and exotic.
Throughout all of this, the military watched us like a hawk, waiting for us to slip up and cause some damage.
Days turned to weeks turned into a month, and we had solidified our existence to the world. We turned the checkpoint into our border, our Rangers found that we were completely sealed in on all sides by fencing.
I declared it the territory of the Empire.
"All of the land that the U.S. government sealed off belongs to the Empire." I spoke. "By locking it behind fence and gate, they have declared it our border, and we shall agree to that sentiment."
It was such a tiny parcel of land, compared to the rest of the continent, but it could comfortably fit ten offshoot villages, each which could connect us to other cities.
Construction of the new border wall began shortly after, the fencing uprooted piece by piece, replaced by solid stone proudly displaying the anachronism our lives had become, and even though there had been no agreement to peace, the U.S. government was powerless to stop us.
The moment I had claimed the land, the moment it was known to be claimed, my Emperor had claimed it in turn. By the end of the week, we had a new border wall built, one that was staffed with Rangers, Druids, Fighters, and Artificers. One that was connected by tramways, simplifying travel.
And throughout this all, Darastrixthurhi was transformed from a lifeless rock, to a city teeming with plantlife.
My Emperor held me in his arms as we laid on our bed. Sharing a bed together had always been a highlight of his being with me, his willingness to hold me, to touch me, made it all better, made it all right.
"Our enemy stalls for time, while we win the hearts of their people." He mused. "I can hear them praying to me, wishing for strength, for power, and I pull on them, make their hearts yearn. Tomorrow, invite them to visit, to witness the splendors of our nation, to feast with us in the name of peace."
"As you wish, my Emperor." I spoke.
"Ruuk, I permit you to call me your love."
"As you wish, slaitov." I replied. "Shall there be a day when we show our subjects?"
"I shall announce it during our feast." He replied.
My heart thundered, it was so sudden, yet... "Thank you, slaitov."
"Soon to be husband, Imperator mine." He replied.
When I announced the feast, the Humans who wished to join us were ecstatic. I even extended the invitation to the military personnel. "Come as civilians, if you would." I said.
The preparations that went into the feast went underway, we had a good hunt and our efforts to preserve our food was going excellently. When the Humans arrived, they marveled at the tramways, the architecture of our housing, our magical wonders. Some even saluted me, though they said they simply wanted to give me the respect I deserved.
I ensured they had the grand tour of the town, but when we neared the wall into the Fortress City, I spoke solemnly, "Any further, and you risk your Humanity." I looked at them all. "I would interpret any such entry as a desire to join our Empire, and will expect a pledge of loyalty."
The look of longing in their eyes showed me that my warning was largely going to be ignored. Hell, a handful of Humans walked right in, transforming almost immediately.
"It reacts to a want to become a Kobold." I said. "Anyone who doesn't want to might have a better time of it."
While our new citizens were given some proper clothing, I led the rest of the Humans around.
"Why didn't you stop them?" One of the Humans, a female soldier, spoke.
"Why should I?" I asked. "I very clearly stated what would happen, they made the choice."
I showed them around the Artificery, magic items and what technology we were able to make was proudly on display. I noticed one of them palm a device and walked over to them, holding my hand out. "Do not think we are not paying attention." I said. There was a tense moment before she put it in my hand. "Besides, this is just a little hand fan." I flicked a switch, two paper and wood blades extended and began to spin. "You taking this would have left one of our prisoners without any form of air conditioning."
I put it back, they tried to hide the anger at my casual mention of prisoners.
"Are they being treated well?" The soldier asked.
"Yes." I said. "Due to the lack of wireless signal, we allow them their phones so they have something to occupy their time when we're not putting them out in the yard for exercise or giving them their ration."
"You're forcing them to eat rations?" She asked.
"We all eat rations." I replied. "Feasts like this are for when we have a surplus that we can't guarantee to keep." I smirked. "That being said, as we are smaller, we need less to eat than the average Human."
I didn't pretend any of that was meant to be reassuring. "The prisoners will be joining us for the feast." I said. The incredulous looks I got elicited a chuckle from me. "If you think I'm being bold or flippant, we have them fitted with enchanted collars that will choke them if they attempt to flee. They are cursed, you see, and can only be removed with magic."
"That's fucked up." Another soldier stated.
"Inhumane, actually." I corrected. "But it's the only thing we have available that won't accidentally kill them. The worst that will happen is they'll pass out, a passive regeneration effect will keep them alive."
"Have you... tested these collars?" A third soldier asked.
"We have a small group of Sorcerers in the Warren who tried to summon a Demon for power." I said. "They have tested the collars every now and again, usually by fucking around and finding out." We approached the area where the feast was being held, food was already being set up, the prisoners were already seated, their eyes widened when they saw their fellow soldiers.
"You won't get away with this." The female soldier growled.
"Funny, that's what we said when we were locked in here." I replied. "They are fed, given water, are clothed, and are provided shelter. That's far more than we were ever given."
I directed them to their table, and soon, everyone was sat, except for my Council, and my Emperor. They arrived shortly after every one was seated, each took their seats. I sat beside my Emperor's seat.
I noted that same female soldier was attempting to film us surreptitiously.
"Today, we are gathered to welcome our Human guests, those who have seen us as people, rather than monsters." My Emperor spoke. "The establishment of my Empire was always a dream, to bring back a glory lost to time, to honor the thousands who died during the first Dragon Rage, to honor those who were murdered by my long-standing enemy." He looked around. "It had always been me desire to hunt down every last one of his children, to eradicate them, it was my Imperator who entreated me to choose compromise."
He paused, taking up a cup. "These Humans are here because my Imperator has likewise chosen compromise, to cast aside the hatred that has grown in his heart, for the sake of our peace and prosperity. Enough lives have been lost, let the first year of our Empire not be drenched in blood, that in peace and prosperity, our greatness is acknowledged, whether grudgingly, or emphatically. To my Imperator, without whom this victory would have never been manifest."
Every Kobold raised their cups, including our new citizens.
"And to our guests, who have agreed to come here in peace. May their wisdom be echoed by their leaders."
The cups were raised again.
"Now enough talk, let us feast!"
The Human frowned, putting their phone away. It was clear she didn't get what she wanted from that. After everyone polished off their plates, the people began dancing as our musicians displayed their newly awakened Bard Class- it seemed not simply playing or doing well at the arts was enough, one needed confidence and a desire to entertain.
Our guests were allowed to mingle and enjoy themselves, though the prisoners were kept under guard, any Soldiers who wished to speak to them would have to live with the fact that they would be listened in on, and considering the guards could use the spell Comprehend Languages, well, they wouldn't be able to hide beneath a foreign language.
"So, you're the leader of this little group." I regarded the Human who approached me, that same soldier who seemed bound and determined to catch us with our pants down.
"Yes." I said. "Your attempt at catching us with your recording won't work, you know." She betrayed surprise. "One, any idiot would know not to say anything incriminating at a party their enemies are invited to. Two, anyone stupid enough to do so wouldn't even make it as far as we did."
"Indeed." She said. "What was this about compromise?"
"Exactly as it sounds." I replied. "My God, Kurtulmak, has nurtured a well-earned hatred of Gnomes, considering their God committed near genocide against us. Imprisoned against his will, for the crime of wanting justice... When the victors write the history books, they will do everything in their power to make those who are suffering injustice out to be the bad guys."
"And what will your history books say?" She asked.
"That depends on your leaders' answer, Miss..?"
"Martel." She said. "Corporal Martel."
I had completely put it out of my mind, after all, we got our vengeance on the soldiers who tried to have us massacred by a God.
"So." I said. "The one who set Garl Glittergold against us shows her face." I remarked. Her eyes widened. "Why were you, of all people, not present that day, when we marched on your encampment?"
"I was called away on duty-" She started.
"Bullshit." I said. "You fled, didn't you? You ran from your fellow soldiers like the coward you are, you left them to die."
Arcane energy crackled across my body, and I had to hold back from blasting her apart. "Leave." I hissed. "This day of peace is not for cowards and traitors."
She backed away, clearly terrified. I couldn't hold back the anger any more, but I wasn't going to let her be a casualty yet. I aimed my spell at the metal pole, the Witch Bolt striking it. "I said LEAVE!" I roared. "IF YOU EVER DARE TO RETURN HERE, I WILL END YOUR MISERABLE, PATHETIC, COWARDLY LIFE!"
She fled, I did not care that several eyes were on me, if there was one thing I hated more than Humans, it was self-serving cowards like her.
I felt my God's touch on my shoulder, his presence soothed the rage, granted me the clarity of mind I needed to function. I cast my gaze toward the rest of the soldiers, who looked like they were mice caught in a trap. I approached them.
"You may leave, if you wish." I stated. "My anger at her is not anger at you."
"What the fuck did Tiana do, that pissed you off so much?" One of the soldiers asked.
"That woman was the one who called down a God to kill us." I stated. "The fact that she is present at all means she abandoned her post and left her fellow soldiers to die." My lip curled into a snarl. "The only thing I hate worse than anything, is a coward and a traitor, and that woman, Tiana Martel, is both."
I sensed a jolt of shock from my Emperor, I looked at him.
"Ruuk." He said. "Say that name again."
"Tiana Martel." I replied.
My Emperor about faced and roared, "Paladins of Bahamut, after that woman! Move!"
The Paladins gave chase, our Emperor did not order them around, out of respect for his pact with Bahamut.
"My Emperor, do you really want to risk any peace we could gain, chasing after one woman?" I asked.
"Ruuk." He said. "What are the chances that a single woman who can call down a God, who has knowledge of us that can be exploited, is suddenly not present when we finally make a counter attack? By our pact, your eyes are my eyes, and she has tried to cause problems the entire time she has been here."
He paused. "Tiana Mahtel, that's how she pronounced it, yes?"
I blinked.
"Wait, that woman is Tiamat?" I asked.
As if in answer, there was a roar, and in the distance, a dragon reared up, one bearing five heads of different colors.

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2023.06.08 10:42 ubbitz Reddit API Changes, Subreddit Blackout, and How It Affects You

(For transparency: this post was respectfully templated from Gaming)
Hello /Bassnectar
tl;dr: We’d like to open a dialog with the community to discuss /Bassnectar’s participation in the June 12th reddit blackout. For those unaware, please read through the entirety of this post. Otherwise, let your thoughts be heard in the comments.
As many of you are already aware, reddit has announced significant upcoming changes to their API that will have a serious impact to many users. There is currently a planned protest across hundreds of subreddits to black out on June 12th. Some users on Bassnectar have expressed interest in participating, so we wanted to ensure that whatever action we take is largely supported by our community.

What’s Happening

Open Letter to reddit & Blackout

In lieu of what’s happening above, an open letter has been released by the broader moderation community, and /Bassnectar will be supporting it. Part of this initiative includes a potential subreddit blackout (meaning the subreddit will be privatized) on June 12th, lasting 48 hours or longer.
We would like to give the community a voice in this. Do you believe /Bassnectar should fully support the protest and blackout the subreddit for at least June 12th? How long if we do? Feel free to leave your thoughts and opinions below.
/Bassnectar Mod Team
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2023.06.08 10:42 webuyequipment Heavy Equipment Operators - Interstate Heavy Equipment

Heavy Equipment Operators - Interstate Heavy Equipment
Heavy equipment operators are paving the way for construction projects. As a result, the demand for their skills is twice as high as for other types of work. The Bureau of Labor Statistics estimates that jobs for heavy machinery operators will grow by 10% between 2018 and 2028, which is twice the average rate compared to other jobs.

What Does Heavy Equipment Operators Do?

Many machines are needed to prepare structures, including felling trees, moving dirt and materials, and digging holes.
Operating Engineers use excavators with buckets, scoops, and shovels to move dirt and materials such as concrete pipes. It may be easy, but you need to know more than you think. Make sure the bucket is attached correctly and secured to the crane. Determining the maximum lifting weight of a crane is critical.
Paving and Surface Operators operate equipment that spreads concrete and asphalt on roads and car parks.
Pile Driver Operators use machines with large hammers to install large concrete, wooden, or metal piles (beams) into the deep ground to support structures such as bridges and foundations.

Other Job Requirements

Heavy equipment operators must clean and maintain the equipment. They are always expected to handle basic equipment repairs. Operators must adhere to safety standards. A critical aspect of safety is the effective communication of ground personnel using manual or audible signals.
Operators are responsible for documenting and reporting equipment issues to the project manager. The same equipment from different manufacturers is the same, but not the same design. Therefore, heavy equipment operators should consult the manufacturer’s manual for the specific machine you are using to find out how you can handle important tasks such as emergency shutdown. In addition, the manuals provide instructions for essential tasks, such as determining the maximum lifting weight of the machine in various situations.
The technology has become more integrated into heavy equipment. For example, the operator can monitor the weight of the cargo in real-time from an onboard system such as the Cat Payload. Likewise, a worker checked the load on a computer screen in a cab. Another skill that a heavy technician must master today is the use of hardware and software.

Work Environment

That’s not an excellent job at the table. You have to love the outdoors and be willing to work in any weather. Even if excessive rain or snow stops the construction project, it should not be suitable for the company to lose volunteers due to delays. To become a heavy machine operator, you need to get warm – and relaxed. Although most heavy machinery operators set a typical 40-hour week, the hours may be non-standard. It would help if you also prepare to work day and night, even on Sundays. Some employers may need over time. A pleasant advantage, however, is the extra salary.


Did we mention it’s not an excellent job in the office? Building areas are dangerous areas. As a heavy equipment operator, you hold people’s lives on earth in your hands. Knowing and understanding safety procedures is as important as knowing which handle to pull. Check your machine and surroundings before turning the key. If something goes wrong, a brave operator confronts the project manager and refuses to operate the machine.
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2023.06.08 10:41 Tigrannes On this day in History, June 8

On this day in History, June 8
Ancient World
218 – Battle of Antioch: With the support of the Syrian legions, Elagabalus defeats the forces of emperor Macrinus.
452 – Attila leads a Hun army in the invasion of Italy, devastating the northern provinces as he heads for Rome.
Middle Ages
793 – Vikings raid the abbey at Lindisfarne in Northumbria, commonly accepted as the beginning of Norse activity in the British Isles.
1042 – Edward the Confessor becomes King of England – the country's penultimate Anglo-Saxon king.
1191 – Richard I arrives in Acre, beginning the Third Crusade.
Early Modern World
1663 – Portuguese Restoration War: Portuguese victory at the Battle of Ameixial ensures Portugal's independence from Spain.
1772 – Alexander Fordyce flees to France to avoid debt repayment, triggering the credit crisis of 1772 in the British Empire and the Dutch Republic.
Revolutionary Age
1776 – American Revolutionary War: Continental Army attackers are driven back at the Battle of Trois-Rivières.
1783 – Laki, a volcano in Iceland, begins an eight-month eruption which kills over 9,000 people and starts a seven-year famine.
1789 – James Madison introduces twelve proposed amendments to the United States Constitution in Congress.
1794 – Maximilien Robespierre inaugurates the French Revolution's new state religion, the Cult of the Supreme Being, with large organized festivals all across France.
1856 – A group of 194 Pitcairn Islanders, descendants of the mutineers of HMS Bounty, arrives at Norfolk Island, commencing the Third Settlement of the Island.
1861 – American Civil War: Tennessee secedes from the Union.
1862 – American Civil War: A Confederate victory by forces under General Stonewall Jackson at the Battle of Cross Keys, along with the Battle of Port Republic the next day, prevents Union forces from reinforcing General George B. McClellan in his Peninsula campaign.
1867 – Coronation of Franz Joseph as King of Hungary following the Austro-Hungarian compromise (Ausgleich).
1887 – Herman Hollerith applies for US patent #395,781 for the 'Art of Compiling Statistics', which was his punched card calculator.
1906 – Theodore Roosevelt signs the Antiquities Act into law, authorizing the President to restrict the use of certain parcels of public land with historical or conservation value.
1912 – Carl Laemmle incorporates Universal Pictures.
World Wars
1918 – A solar eclipse is observed at Baker City, Oregon by scientists and an artist hired by the United States Navy.
1928 – Second Northern Expedition: The National Revolutionary Army captures Beijing, whose name is changed to Beiping ("Northern Peace").
1929 – Margaret Bondfield is appointed Minister of Labour. She is the first woman appointed to the Cabinet of the United Kingdom.
1940 – World War II: The completion of Operation Alphabet, the evacuation of Allied forces from Narvik at the end of the Norwegian Campaign.
1941 – World War II: The Allies commence the Syria–Lebanon Campaign against the possessions of Vichy France in the Levant.
1942 – World War II: The Imperial Japanese Navy submarines I-21 and I-24 shell the Australian cities of Sydney and Newcastle.
Cold War
1949 – Helen Keller, Dorothy Parker, Danny Kaye, Fredric March, John Garfield, Paul Muni and Edward G. Robinson are named in an FBI report as Communist Party members.
1949 – George Orwell's Nineteen Eighty-Four is published.
1953 – An F5 tornado hits Beecher, Michigan, killing 116, injuring 844, and destroying 340 homes.
1953 – The United States Supreme Court rules in District of Columbia v. John R. Thompson Co. that restaurants in Washington, D.C., cannot refuse to serve black patrons.
1959 – USS Barbero and the United States Postal Service attempt the delivery of mail via Missile Mail.
1967 – Six-Day War: The USS Liberty incident occurs, killing 34 and wounding 171.
1968 – James Earl Ray, the man who assassinated Martin Luther King Jr. is arrested at London Heathrow Airport.
1972 – Vietnam War: Nine-year-old Phan Thị Kim Phúc is burned by napalm, an event captured by Associated Press photographer Nick Ut moments later while the young girl is seen running naked down a road, in what would become an iconic, Pulitzer Prize-winning photo.
1982 – Bluff Cove Air Attacks during the Falklands War: Fifty-six British servicemen are killed by an Argentine air attack on two landing ships, RFA Sir Galahad and RFA Sir Tristram.
1982 – VASP Flight 168 crashes in Pacatuba, Ceará, Brazil, killing 128 people.
1984 – Homosexuality is decriminalized in the Australian state of New South Wales.
1987 – New Zealand's Labour government establishes a national nuclear-free zone under the New Zealand Nuclear Free Zone, Disarmament, and Arms Control Act 1987.
Modern World
1992 – The first World Oceans Day is celebrated, coinciding with the Earth Summit held in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.
1995 – Downed U.S. Air Force pilot Captain Scott O'Grady is rescued by U.S. Marines in Bosnia.
2001 – Mamoru Takuma kills eight and injures 15 in a mass stabbing at an elementary school in the Osaka Prefecture of Japan.
2004 – The first Venus Transit in well over a century takes place, the previous one being in 1882.
2007 – Newcastle, New South Wales, Australia, is hit by the State's worst storms and flooding in 30 years resulting in the death of nine people and the grounding of a trade ship, the MV Pasha Bulker.
2008 – At least 37 miners go missing after an explosion in a Ukrainian coal mine causes it to collapse.
2008 – At least seven people are killed and ten injured in a stabbing spree in Tokyo, Japan.
2009 – Two American journalists are found guilty of illegally entering North Korea and sentenced to 12 years of penal labour.
2014 – At least 28 people are killed in an attack at Jinnah International Airport, Karachi, Pakistan.
1949: George Orwell's novel "Nineteen Eighty-Four" is published, portraying a dystopian future dominated by totalitarianism and surveillance.
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2023.06.08 10:41 linzdeva What are some of the healthiest drinks I can get from Starbucks?

Starbucks offers a variety of beverages that can be enjoyed as part of a healthy diet. When it comes to Starbucks' summer drinks, several options are highly regarded for their refreshing flavors. Here are some options to consider:
Brewed Coffee: A plain cup of brewed coffee, such as Pike Place Roast or Blonde Roast, is a low-calorie option. You can add a splash of milk or a natural sweetener like stevia if desired.
Cold Brew Coffee: Cold brew is made by steeping coffee grounds in cold water for an extended period, resulting in a smooth and less acidic flavor. It is typically served unsweetened, but you can add a splash of milk or sugar-free syrup for flavor.
Iced Coffee: Starbucks offers iced coffee, which is brewed coffee served over ice. Opt for unsweetened or lightly sweetened versions. Adding a splash of milk or requesting it with reduced-fat milk can make it creamier.
Iced Tea: Choose unsweetened or lightly sweetened iced teas like Teavana Shaken Iced Green Tea or Passion Tango Herbal Tea. These can be refreshing options, especially during hot weather
Teavana Hot Brewed Tea: Starbucks offers a selection of hot brewed teas, including green, black, herbal, and white teas. These can be enjoyed plain or with a splash of milk.
Remember to be mindful of portion sizes and any added sugars or syrups. Customizing your order by asking for reduced sweetness, sugar-free syrups, or alternative milk options can help make your drink even healthier.
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2023.06.08 10:39 peliccancars12 Pre-book Taxi Service from Stansted Airport CM24 to London Southend Airport SS2


When it comes to traveling, convenience and reliability are paramount, especially when navigating busy airports. Peliccan Cars is here to provide you with a seamless taxi service, ensuring a stress-free journey from Stansted Airport CM24 to London Southend Airport SS2. By pre-booking your taxi with Peliccan Cars, you can relax and enjoy your trip, knowing that your transportation needs are in capable hands.
Enjoy Hassle-Free Airport Transfers
Airport transfers can be a significant source of stress for travelers, but Peliccan Cars aims to alleviate that burden. By pre-booking your taxi service, you can rest assured that a professional and experienced driver will be waiting for you upon your arrival at Stansted Airport CM24. With our meet and greet service, you'll be warmly welcomed, assisted with your luggage, and swiftly escorted to your comfortable and well-maintained vehicle.
Prompt and Reliable Service
Peliccan Cars understands the importance of punctuality, especially when it comes to catching flights or making connections. Our drivers are committed to providing prompt and reliable service, ensuring that you reach your destination on time. By pre-booking your taxi, you eliminate the risk of waiting in long queues or struggling to find a cab upon arrival. Our drivers will monitor your flight's progress, allowing them to adjust their arrival time accordingly and be there when you need them.
Professional and Knowledgeable Drivers
Our team of drivers at Peliccan Cars consists of professional and knowledgeable individuals who possess extensive experience in the industry. They are well-versed in the best routes and shortcuts, ensuring a smooth and efficient journey from Stansted Airport CM24 to London Southend Airport SS2. Additionally, our drivers prioritize your safety and comfort, making your trip as pleasant as possible.
Comfortable and Well-Maintained Vehicles
At Peliccan Cars, we pride ourselves on maintaining a fleet of comfortable and well-maintained vehicles. Our cars are equipped with modern amenities, such as air conditioning and ample space for luggage, ensuring a comfortable and enjoyable ride. Whether you're traveling alone or with a group, we have a variety of vehicle options to accommodate your needs.
Transparent Pricing and Easy Booking Process
We believe in providing transparent pricing and a straightforward booking process to enhance your experience with Peliccan Cars. Our competitive rates are clearly outlined, with no hidden fees or surprises. You can easily pre-book your taxi service online or by contacting our customer support team, who are available 24/7 to assist you with any queries or special requests.
When it comes to pre-booking yourtaxi service from Stansted Airport CM24 to London Southend Airport SS2, Peliccan Cars is the trusted choice. With our hassle-free and reliable service, professional drivers, comfortable vehicles, and transparent pricing, we strive to make your journey as seamless and enjoyable as possible. Take the stress out of airport transfers and start your trip off on the right foot by pre-booking your taxi service with Peliccan Cars today.
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2023.06.08 10:39 Fun-Policy-8082 Suggestions Needed (maybe a partner in crime?)

so basically i host a course sharing site and it has approx 40TB of courses and it's been hosted on Google Drive. Being hosted on Google Drive, it was 30$ per month but often users faced download quota errors because google has a 750GB/day limit. It worked great with few errors until now.
Recently, Google Limited the storage limit for workspace users for upto 5TB per account.
It was all working fine for me till a week ago when I received the same email and now I've 60 days to figure out something. Anything you can recommend or anyway as I don't want to loose it and I don't even know if I'll loose it because Google said it'll make files read only and if read only allows download then it'll be okay but I wanna be ready for the worst.
I had a dream of distributing educational stuff for free to every needy but I don't see a way now. It's not for monetary gain because till now it's ad-free because who likes ads. I've a strict no leech policy so it's all ripped by me alone and it's over 3 years of work and I haven't posted the link because I don't wanna be called a promoter :( (i can share if mod allows). I can name some of the sites I've ripped (101 blockchains, java brains, 2d animation 101, javaspecialists, 365 data science, lecturio, antonit,, prepinsta, codingphase, pyimagesearch university, color grading academy, skylines academy, domestika, superdatascience, dr. been lectures, tcm sec, dr. najeeb lectures, the art of aaron blaise, eattheblocks, ec-council, ine, will gibbons - keyshot rendering courses, infosec institute, williams academy, itprotv, zerotomastery_
I wanna know if anyone is up to host something like this with me or suggest me any other service.
If anyone wanna dm pls message to my other id -
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2023.06.08 10:38 sastsoffer Flipkart Upcoming Sale 2023

Flipkart Upcoming Sale 2023
Get ready for a thrilling shopping journey with Flipkart's upcoming sale events! We bring you many irresistible offers, jaw-dropping discounts, and unbeatable deals that will leave you spellbound. Please mark your calendars because we have everything from electronics to fashion, furniture to appliances. Join us as we unveil the excitement of these upcoming sales, guaranteed to ignite your shopping desires!
1. Big Saving Days: A Shopper's Paradise (10th - 14th June 2023)
Gear up for the ultimate shopping spree as Flipkart's Big Saving Days make a grand entrance from 10th June to 14th June 2023. Prepare to be amazed by the best deals on mobiles, electronics, TVs, appliances, and much more. Indulge in a delightful shopping experience and unlock savings like never before.
2. Back To College: Unleash Your Academic Style (18th - 22nd June 2023)
Embrace the new academic year in style with Flipkart's Back To College sale. From 18th to 22nd June 2023, immerse yourself in a world of irresistible discounts of up to 80% on electronics and accessories. Upgrade your tech gadgets and redefine your college experience. It's time to make a statement and unleash your academic prowess with the best deals in town!
3. Big Bachat Dhamaal: Save Big, Shop Bigger (1st - 3rd July 2023)
Prepare for a spectacular shopping extravaganza with Flipkart's Big Bachat Dhamaal. From 1st to 3rd July 2023, seize the opportunity to save on all your favorites. Explore a wide range of products and enjoy unbelievable discounts that will awaken you. It's time to pamper yourself and make every purchase count!
4. Big Saving Days: The Ultimate Shopping Spree Continues (23rd - 27th July 2023)
The excitement doesn't end! Flipkart's Big Saving Days return from 23rd to 27th July 2023, bringing you another wave of unbeatable deals on mobiles, electronics, TVs, appliances, and more. Get ready to indulge in a shopping extravaganza and unlock incredible savings.
5. Big Saving Days (Independence Day Sale): Celebrate Freedom with Unmatched Discounts (6th - 10th August 2023)
As the nation celebrates freedom, Flipkart joins the festivities with the Big Saving Days Independence Day Sale. From 6th to 10th August 2023, experience the joy of up to 80% OFF on electronics and accessories. Rejoice in the spirit of independence and take home the latest tech marvels at irresistible prices. Celebrate freedom with Flipkart!
6. Grand Furniture Sale: Elevate Your Living Space (11th - 15th August 2023)
Transform your home into a haven of style and comfort with Flipkart's Grand Furniture Sale. From 11th to 15th August 2023, enjoy up to 75% OFF on best-selling furniture. Upgrade your living space with exquisite pieces that reflect your unique taste. It's time to create a home that truly defines you!
7. Electronics Sale: Unveiling the Best Offers (21st - 25th August 2023)
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8. Budget Dhamaka: Fashion at Unbeatable Prices (28th - 29th August 2023)
From 28th to 29th August 2023, Save up to 80% OFF your favorites. Unleash your fashionista side and redefine your style game.
9. Flipkart Super Saver Days: Prioritize Your Health and Well-being (1st - 3rd September 2023)
Your health and well-being deserve attention, and Flipkart Super Saver Days support your journey. From 1st to 3rd September 2023, enjoy up to 85% OFF on nutrition and health care products, makeup essentials, and personal care items. Prioritize your self-care routine and unlock incredible savings on essential products that enhance your well-being!
10. Smartphone Carnival: The Ultimate Celebration of Mobile Technology (2nd - 8th September 2023)
Indulge in a week-long celebration of mobile technology with Flipkart's Smartphone Carnival. From 2nd to 8th September 2023, experience great smartphone deals that will leave you mesmerized. Upgrade to the latest models, capture memories in high definition, and stay connected with the world. It's time to make a smart choice and level up your mobile experience!
The Grand Gadget Days: Unleash the Power of Technology (7th - 11th September 2023)
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Flipkart Big Billion Days: The Epic Shopping Extravaganza (3rd - 10th October 2023)
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Big Dussehra Sale: Celebrate the Festivities with Unbelievable Offers (20th - 24th October 2023)
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Big Diwali Sale: Illuminate Your Festivities with Unbeatable Offers (1st - 6th November 2023)
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Grand Gadget Days: Embrace the World of Electronics & Accessories (25th - 29th November 2023)
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End Of Season Sale (EOSS): Embrace Fashionable Savings (7th - 12th December 2023)
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Big Saving Days: Unleash the Shopaholic in You (16th - 21st December 2023)
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EOSS (Christmas Edition): Celebrate Christmas with Fashionable Delights (22nd - 25th December 2023)
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2023.06.08 10:38 mallikmallu Difference Between Data Scientist and Data Analyst

Difference Between Data Scientist and Data Analyst

Difference Between Data Scientist and Data Analyst


In the era of data-driven decision-making, the roles of data scientists and data analysts have gained prominence. These roles involve extracting insights from data, but data scientists and data analysts are the same regarding scope, skills, and responsibilities. This article aims to delve into the distinctions between data scientists and data analysts, shedding light on their job descriptions, primary tasks, and their value to organisations. By the end, you'll have a clearer understanding of how data scientists vs data analysts contribute to the broader field of data science and data analytics.

What Does a Data Analyst Do?

Data analysts play a pivotal role in organisations by transforming raw data into actionable insights. They are skilled at handling large datasets, cleaning and organising them for analysis. Data analysts work closely with stakeholders to understand their requirements and design analytical frameworks to address specific business questions. Data analysts contribute to the broader field of data science by utilising their expertise in statistical programming languages like Python or R to perform descriptive and diagnostic analytics.
Data analysts employ various statistical techniques and data visualisation tools to uncover patterns, trends, and correlations within the data. They leverage their expertise in statistical programming languages like Python or R to perform descriptive and diagnostic analytics. By conducting exploratory data analytics, they identify key metrics, generate reports, and present their findings to key stakeholders. These skills differentiate data analysts from data scientists, who possess a broader skillset and are involved in more complex tasks.
While data analysts focus on extracting insights from data, data scientists go a step further in data science. Data scientists possess advanced knowledge of machine learning algorithms, statistical modelling, and programming, allowing them to develop predictive models and solve complex problems. However, data scientists and analysts contribute to the broader field of data science and its applications in various industries. Data analytics can even help you fast-track your career in the supply chain field.
The insights provided by data analysts empower organisations to make informed decisions and take appropriate actions. By identifying trends, correlations, and outliers, data analysts enable businesses to uncover opportunities for improvement, identify potential risks, and optimise processes. Their work supports strategic planning, operational efficiency, and the overall growth of an organisation. Data analysts bridge the gap between raw data and valuable insights in the data science landscape, contributing to the larger field's data exploration and decision-making goals.
Data analysts play a crucial role in organisations by transforming raw data into actionable insights. They utilise statistical techniques, data visualisation tools, and programming languages to uncover patterns and trends within the data. Data analysts contribute to the broader field of data science by applying their skills in data cleaning, statistical analysis, and data visualisation. While they differ from data scientists in their skillset and responsibilities, data analysts provide valuable contributions to data science and its applications in various industries.
If you want to make a successful career in this field, an IT Certification course will help you land a good job. There are many options available in the market for you to choose from. Domain-specialised certification programs will help you get an edge over the others.

Data Analyst Job Description

  1. Collecting and cleaning data: Data analysts gather relevant data from multiple sources, ensuring its accuracy and completeness. They clean and transform data to make it suitable for analysis.
  2. Analysing and interpreting data: They apply statistical techniques to explore and summarise data, identifying trends and patterns. They use data visualisation tools to present their insights effectively.
  3. They are generating reports: Data analysts create comprehensive reports highlighting key findings and actionable recommendations based on their analysis. These reports aid decision-making processes within the organisation.
  4. Collaborating with stakeholders: They work closely with various teams, including business managers and data scientists, to understand their needs and provide data-driven insights to support strategic initiatives.
  5. Monitoring data quality: Data analysts establish standards and ensure ongoing data accuracy and consistency.

What Does a Data Scientist Do?

Data scientists are professionals with strong mathematics, statistics, and computer science foundations. They possess advanced analytical skills and can solve complex problems by applying machine learning algorithms and statistical modelling techniques to large datasets. In data science, data scientists differentiate themselves from data analysts by delving deeper into the intricacies of data analytics and modelling.
Data scientists go beyond the traditional realm of data analytics and embrace the broader field of data science. They develop sophisticated models and algorithms to predict future outcomes and optimise decision-making processes. Their expertise in programming languages like Python or R and their knowledge of specialised tools like TensorFlow or PyTorch empower them to build and train predictive models that provide actionable insights.
While data analysts focus on extracting insights from data, data scientists employ advanced analytical techniques to uncover complex patterns and correlations. They leverage their mathematics, statistics, and programming skills to explore the available data's full potential. Data scientists play a vital role in data science by pushing the boundaries of what can be achieved with data and driving innovation in data analytics.
In data analytics, data scientists contribute to the broader field of data science by leveraging their advanced analytical skills and expertise. Their models and algorithms enable organisations to make informed predictions, optimise processes, and gain a competitive edge. By combining their knowledge of mathematics, statistics, programming, and domain expertise, data scientists provide valuable contributions to the field of data science and its applications in various industries.
Data scientists possess a strong foundation in mathematics, statistics, and computer science. They differentiate themselves from data analysts by applying advanced analytical techniques and developing sophisticated models and algorithms. In the realm of data science and data analytics, data scientists play a crucial role in extracting valuable insights from complex datasets and driving innovation in the field.
To become a successful data scientist, you should take data science courses from renowned institutions like Learnbay. It provides domain-specialised training that will give you an edge over other applicants.

Data Scientist Job Description

  1. Data exploration and preprocessing: Data scientists acquire, clean, and transform data for analysis. They deal with unstructured data and apply advanced techniques for missing values and outliers.
  2. Developing predictive models: They design and implement machine learning algorithms and statistical models to solve complex problems, leveraging their knowledge of algorithms, mathematics, and statistical methods.
  3. Testing and evaluation: Data scientists rigorously test and evaluate the performance of their models, fine-tuning them to achieve optimal accuracy and efficiency.
  4. Deploying models: They integrate models into production environments, ensuring scalability and reliability. It involves collaborating with software engineers and IT teams.
  5. Continual learning and improvement: Data scientists stay updated with the latest advancements in data science and continually enhance their skills. They explore new algorithms and techniques to improve the accuracy and effectiveness of their models.

Data Scientists vs Data Analysts - Key Differences

  1. Skillset: Data analysts possess specialised skills in data cleaning, statistical analysis, and visualisation, which are essential for conducting descriptive and diagnostic analytics. On the other hand, data scientists have a broader skillset encompassing advanced knowledge in mathematics, machine learning, and programming. It enables them to develop sophisticated predictive models and tackle complex problems.
  2. Scope of analysis: Data analysts primarily work with structured data, exploring it through analysis to uncover insights and identify trends. In contrast, data scientists handle structured and unstructured data, leveraging machine learning algorithms and statistical models to make predictions and derive valuable insights.
  3. Problem complexity: Data analysts typically focus on well-defined business questions and provide descriptive insights based on their analysis. In contrast, data scientists deal with more intricate problems that require them to develop and deploy models and algorithms. They often engage in exploratory research and experimentation to solve these complex challenges.
  4. Decision-making impact: Data analysts support tactical and operational decision-making within organisations. Their insights provide valuable information for day-to-day operations. On the other hand, data scientists have a more significant impact on strategic decision-making. By delivering predictive models and actionable insights, they drive innovation and growth and shape the long-term direction of a business.
  5. Technical expertise: Data analysts possess expertise in statistical analysis and data manipulation. They are proficient in tools and programming languages, enabling them to perform data cleaning, visualisation, and generate reports. In addition to statistical analysis and data manipulation, data scientists have advanced knowledge of machine learning algorithms, deep learning techniques, and statistical modelling and possess strong programming skills.
  6. Job responsibilities: Data analysts are responsible for data cleaning, visualisation, and generating reports that provide descriptive and diagnostic insights to stakeholders. On the other hand, data scientists have a more comprehensive range of responsibilities. They engage in exploratory data analytics, develop and refine models, conduct testing and deployment, and collaborate with IT teams for scalable integration of their models into the organisation's systems.
  7. Expected outcomes: Data analysts produce reports, dashboards, and visualisations that offer descriptive insights into the analysed data. Their work helps stakeholders understand past and current trends. On the other hand, data scientists generate predictive models, recommendations, and optimised solutions. Their work enables organisations to make informed decisions, predict future outcomes, and optimise processes to achieve desired outcomes.


In the realm of data science and data analytics, both data scientists vs data analysts play crucial roles. While data analysts uncover valuable insights from data and provide descriptive analysis, data scientists go further by developing predictive models and leveraging machine learning algorithms. Understanding the key differences between these roles helps organisations determine the expertise needed to extract maximum value from their data. By leveraging the strengths of both roles, businesses can make informed decisions, drive innovation, and gain a competitive edge in the data-driven landscape.
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2023.06.08 10:37 robertsonjasmine403 1.

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2023.06.08 10:35 czottmann Actions for Obsidian: 30+ Apple Shortcuts actions for Obsidian — now available on iOS!

Actions for Obsidian: 30+ Apple Shortcuts actions for Obsidian — now available on iOS!
Hi, it's Carlo, your friendly neighbourhood macOS/iOS dev.
I'm happy to announce that two days ago, Actions for Obsidian finally passed the iOS App Review process — it's launch time more! 🚀 (I've announced the macOS version here in /ObsidianMD about 3 months ago.)
With almost 40 dedicated Shortcuts actions, it brings your notes and Apple automations together, making Obsidian a solid first-class citizen in Apple's Shortcuts app, now on both macOS and iOS.
30+ Shortcuts actions for working with Obsidian
A lot of work went into that app and its documentation: there's a Knowledge Base, which contains docs and examples for all actions as well as some tutorial videos. Also: a FAQ section which has articles about why the AfO actions behave a bit differently than Shortcuts actions natively provided by other apps.
🚨 And finally, if you're a reviewer: Press Kit. If I can help with your review, please do hit me up!
There's a trial period of 14+ days, a "Pay What You Think Is Fair" pricing scheme, and pricing discounts for when you already own the macOS version or want to buy a combo license for both platform.
Thanks for maybe checking it out!
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2023.06.08 10:35 poslepoludnya I've (23M) Been Seeing A Girl (25F/N) That Worries She Might Be A Lesbian

I've been seeing a girl (she/they) for around 3 months. It's been really great, really, incredibly magical. I hadn't seriously dated anyone in a year, and she hasn't in 3 years, we've had a lot of strong feelings and have hung out a ton. We've gotten really close, and have something really special.
Last weekend though, she sent me a message that she's worried that she's a lesbian because she doesn't feel much romantic attraction towards me. She said that she thought it was because of all of her bad relationships with men in the past and her sexual trauma (abusive dad, really abusive partners), but now she's worried that it's her sexuality.
I just feel so confused, mainly because she still wants to see me, like we have been, cuddling, having sex, etc. A few days ago she also told me that she feels a lot of love for me, and that she hasn't let herself do something like this in a really long time. She told me that she's afraid that she's going to ruin it because her "shit would surface", and that she's afraid of making me suffer. We haven't really talked about it much since.
We're seeing each other on Friday to cuddle and watch movies, and I was wanting to say some stuff about it then, that she's safe and not going to ruin anything, and that I'll still love her whether we end up in something romantic or not, but I also want to be really careful. Has anyone been in a similar position to this, or know someone who has? What would you wish your partners would have done, if anything? She has a lot of anxiety, and I don't want her to feel pressured by me.
I also should mention that I am non-binary, but normally use he/him pronouns because I find it more convenient. That also caused me to be pretty confused, because I'm not like, a man-man or anything like that.
tl;dr: The person I'm seeing is worried that she's a lesbian, but she is physically attracted to me and has also said that she loves me. It leaves me confused, but I want to help her through this time, whether things sort of stagnate or eventually turn into a romantic relationship.
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2023.06.08 10:35 Koekelaring TIFU by meeting someone on tinder

First, some context: I study in a town that has two universities. Usually, people from one university don't know many people from the other, nor do they know much about the locations etc. I go to one of these universities. My ex first studied at my university for a year, but then changed to the other one to study architecture there, so I have been on their campusses often to pick her up as it's really close to my place. My ex and I broke up about a year ago. We don't talk a lot anymore, sometimes she does call me when there is some sort of problem, but that's not frequent.
So a couple of weeks ago, I matched with a girl one tinder and we've been chatting ever since. Due to exams we haven't been able to go on a date yet, but that is definetly in the pipeline for when we are both available.
As we were chatting, the subject of our studies came up and she mentioned she had studied architecture at the other university for a year after changing to pursue a college degree. I told her she must have passed by my residence when she still went there, as I live just down the street from one of their campusses. I told her they have some really nice buildings etc. and she asked how I knew this so well. I explained about my ex and she asked what her name was, as she might know her. I told her my ex's name, but since she is technically in a year below us, she didn't know her (or to be more precise: she didn't realise she knew her yet).
This is where the fuckup happened: I did say that she might know my ex's new bf, as he would've been in the same year as the new girl when she studied there. I told her his name and suddenly, everything clicked. New girl knows my ex's bf very well: they were best friends when she still studied there. She realised then that she did in fact know my ex as well. From what I understand, she still hangs out with ex's bf regularly.
The problem: my ex's bf can't stand me. He has made her block me on instagram and he didn't like the fact we saw eachother on a skiing trip a couple of months ago. And now I'm about to start dating his best friend. I'm already looking forward to the awkward first meeting which will inevitably happen if things get serious lol.
TL;DR: I met someone on Tinder and she turned out to be the best friend of my ex's new bf, who doesn't like me.
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2023.06.08 10:35 Top_Chain_9617 Study help

Hello aviation community! I am a student pilot taking my check ride next month. What was the best way you found to prep? Any tips are more then welcome! I’m currently going through the faaim and reading the blue book. I also go over my notes daily. Am I missing anything? Any better ways? Little history of my start: I got my written exam done in feb 2023. I started training in may 2022. This has taken long due to planes being down for 5 months! After I pass my checkride I will be building time like a part time job while Ifr training. Hoping to be at cfi by March 2024. So you think that’s realistic? Thank you all for such an awesome community!!
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2023.06.08 10:34 SavingsAnnual3678 I need help getting out of this...

Its a long text of wall, I am sorry for this, but somehow,
I am ashamed of my situation, that I let myself in like this. I want to be as honest as I can, and hopefully someone will understand my struggle and my situation, because I feel pretty alone,unloved and left alone to rott somehow...

I have this relationship with a girl from abroad for now almost a year, she is from indonesia, we met through dating website, and pretty fast she confessed her love to me, which overwhelmed me, and i felt very uncomfortable, but she was the first girl that was flirty with me, that gave me the feeling she wants me and not only for the reason i am a foreigner.. Not only that, but also she was so increadibly beautifull, no joke. My eyes got attached to her, and we startet chatting... the first red flag, i ignored, because from my last toxic relationship, i have learned about myself that i can be a catalyst, and i am aware of my short moodswings(i have ADHD, and struggled with that not being aware of myself), so I kinda thought, okay maybe i was just not very kind or something?
The situation was, after 3-4 days of talking to her daily, i was mentioning her thati am not her boyfriend yet, i dont know exact reason why i have said that, but her mood switched instantly, and she was cold, not talking anymore and visibly upset... The next day i wanted to discuss this, and kinda yea blamed myself for her reaction and asked her to be my girlfriend, which she agreed too. At this point I already heard from her, she never had a boyfriend or relationship before..(She was 25 at this point) Which is not a rare statement...
More and more situations like these happened, her temper, I always blamed myself, took the stress, but never yelled or snapped, tried calling her trying to comfort her... at a point, stupid me... I asked just for "fun" if she want to have the number of my ex(I have also a daughter with her), which she said, yes. And i have told her, that this was just a joke"i could not shut my mouth, i regret that so much)... and i gave her the number, i warned her my ex is not an honest person and i am single for a reason..I told her not to contact her, which she stated, i will, but everything she tells me wont have an effect...
I havent had much contact with my ex, and since i was with my new girlfriend now, i wanted to be loyal as possible, since i had a daughter with my ex, it was kinda obvious at a certain point i had to talk with her(the kid lives with me). Fast forward, within a few weeks i got a unrest in my belly, and i kindly asked her to give me a whatsapp screenshot of her recent chats, i wanted to feel okay, i asked her about this because she suddenly wrote to me "dont chat any girls" and as far as i know, i did not... so why would she asked like that.. i said to her, you too, dont chat with boys. Aaaand she gave me the screenshot, bingo, she chattet with a man, flirty(he replied pretty dry), one sentence kinda hurt me the most, she wrote him after he asked, "what are you doing" she replied, "chatting with you 😊" ... she was chatting with me at the same time.
This was the first time, i lost hope with her, but unfortunatley, i was emotionally attached to her already, she told me "its just a friend" ob boy, i cant heat that nonsense... i was devastated, i did nothing, i was loyal, why could she do this to me? I yelled at her, lost my temper... the next day i told her how much i suffer from seeing this, she kinda turned it off, its just a friend, sorry... And i think, when she betray me why she not delete the chat before she sent me it? And i though, okay, calm down, maybe its really just like that.... Later (6 month) she revaled she startet chatting with him, because my ex told her i had a relationship with her and she thought i am unloyal to her.(which i was not at the time)
But the situation at this point, i lost trust in her, i could not trust her anymore, when she said to me over the peroid of 2-3 days "dont chat with other girls" i got so suspicious.... and now i saw this, it prooved what i was scared of, that i found someone again who is not loyal.

6 weeks into the relationship i decided to visit her in indonesia, i have never been there, until that moment we had almost fight on a daily base for small things, wrong questions or whatsoever... but i thought, when i see her, i will know what person she really is, maybe its justa huge missunderstanding .

So i arrived with my daughter at the airport, suprise, the girl is not there, she has a reason the next day she will have an exam(which is not a lie) and will be interviewed by some people and she needed to prepare for that. Atleast thats what she said. (Later she revealed, she did not want to pick me up at the airport, because her friends wanted to join and she felt jealous).. So i was there, alone in the hot sun of indonesia, felt lost and left alone, unworthy, and kinda realise what big mistake i do, someone who i thought loves me, left me alone in a country where i never been too, i contacted her, and ofcource i complained... she asked the hotel staff from the hotel to pick me up, which he did, so yea, i kinda felt atleast she cared, somehow.

the next day, i was in the hotel, i havent showered or eaten yet, only my daughter. She was pretty happy, she loves to jump on beds, so yea, i felt atleast a bit relief that this wasnt a total faulure yet to go there after such a short amount of time.

She said she will visit me after work, which is 16, with driving or traffic problems arround 18 then.. I havent talked to her, because i wanted to wait, guess who could not be reached for hours, at 18, she turned on her phone, said she is on the way, there was an accident on the road, and they will drive a detour... (Later she revealed, that she lied, the story about this isnt very compleeted, just recently she added more details, but yea)

Anyway she arrived at 21:00 on the hotel, and i was in a state between is she playing with me and excitement to see her. I knew she was lying, i had checking up google maps, no way the driving was arround 4-5 hours... So after our heartfull greeting, we where hugging and kissing but somehow these unrest within me, that she might not be serious, so i asked her, did you really drive 4-5 hours? She said yes, there was traffic accident... i knew she was lying, and i asked her, to be honest to me, which she said, she is honest. (At that time i took that very serious, because i dont want to hear any stories, which are false, i am pretty sensitive and could not trust her so easily after she not there at the airport and the previous situation with the chatting boy)

And i made my decision, i asked her to go away, i was just devastated that she lied to me, she startet crying and tried to call with her godmom, its already 3am, and i did not really realised about her situation, after i calmed down, i approached her and said sorry, and we went to bed(she stayed with me) We had no issue so far for the next 2-3 days. After 5 days(the peroid of the hotel booked) i needed to find a new hotel, we, before i went to indonesia agreed that i could stay with her, in her arpartment... Turns out, its not the case, so yea, i booked a hotel for me and her, which she visited me, its very close to her work, so everything was kinda fine, but we argued alot, almost everyday until this point...

And my behaviour was more and more like a brute, i was starting to yell at her when she really dared to pick up a fight again, i could not calm myself, her little things really hurt me, for instance, she asked me to kiss her for 10 minutes, which i refused, and i kissed her for 30 seconds, which was not what she wanted, and she went mad, pointed a google maps route on her phone without saying anything, packed her stuff let the phone on the bed so i can see it, and after she almost done packing, i asked her whast this about... Yup she was about to leave... Small things like this, elevated our sitation always, from small things like these we went up to risk everything, neither she or me wanted to budge and not try to calm down the other person, int he end it was me who calmed first and tried to make the situation less toxic.

Now to the initial situation almost 10 month later... I am sitting here writing this, my ex almost talked oto her and spread lies about me on a weekly base, she believe the most things, and this makes me so broken, i have suicidal thoughts, i hurt myself pretty bad, i have scard on my body(which i never had before!) and she uses everything against me what she can in a "fight" she never approaches ne, never feels guilty, never see's her attiture and her cold behaviour, at this point she knows already i am the weak one here in this relationship, i am the one who will always come back, regardless what she does, at this point she states almost everymonth she want to chat with somerone else(turned out she did that a few times) and also mentioned at some point she wanted to have intercourse with another man.

Besides my mistakes, and yes i really did a few huge things, like i asked my ex, after the first time i saw her chat with another man, i got so sus, that i asked her to translate(my ex also from that country......but living here in my country) and she assure me "hey this girl is nice to you, you need to go with her, she is good for our daughter) so i felt comfortable getting informations and solutions about this what i do, yea she confirmed my relationship with my new girlfriend, and kinda felt supportive... I fell into a deep trap, behind my back she told my currentl girlfriend "he is horrible, dont be with him etc etc etc"

i havent clearly understood everything between those two, neither my ex or my current girlfriend are very open and only reveal a bit by a bit, ofcourse my current girlfriend is super jealous and angry... somehow i cant break this relation, i know myself, the red flags are everywhere, even on my side, i had done a huge mistake and other things which i havent mentioned... but until this day everything i do, she uses against me, a small word, and i end up crying in agony and pain. she hangs up the phone so easily, like i mean nothing to her when she is upset, she can throw me away like garbage when she is about to be angry...

i dont understand, when she states she loves me? how can she constantly disrespecting me and treating me like this.... I really need to get out of this, i dont know how, i am alone and isolated, i have a few friends which they clearly stated at some point, "you dont want to listen, please dont bother anymore with that"

the emotionally attachment makes me crazy, i dont want to feel, i want to be cold and careless, i want to have my peace, how??
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2023.06.08 10:34 limaoscarlima_ I (m27) want to show my (f25) ex how much I love her

TLDR; Drove 12 hours to see my ex who I still love. She said she isnt ready to see or talk to me. I have an idea to make a sign that says I Love you and post it near her house. Grand gesture or overstep?
Myself (m27) and partner (f25) decided to breakup after almost 2 years. We were having alot of struggles communicating through hard stuff (the rest of the relationship was amazing) and things needed to change. She said was not happy. So I moved away for a new job because I thought that it was the best for us. Its been 2 months and Ive gone to therapy, done some serious work and came to some life changing conclusions about myself and our relationship. I had so much doubt about our love because I was scared to commit and be vulnerable and didnt love myself in the ways I needed to. I finally feel like I know what I want. I want her. (I knew this all along, I just needed to work through my own stuff)
We had planned to talk this week, so I decided to drive 12 hours to see her and give us the opportunity to talk in person. She has always been someone who deeply appreciates grand gestures. However, I gave her a warning instead of showing up unexpectedly and she said she wasnt ready to see me. I asked if we could talk on the phone. She said she wasnt ready to talk.
I did the drive. Im here but I cant do any of the things I was hoping for.
So... I have a crazy idea. I know where she lives (we lived together for almost a year). I want to make a sign that says: "Her name, I Love You - My Initials"
I would post it on the corner by her house so when she leaves she would see it.
Is this an overstep? Am I crazy? Am I breaking her boundaries? Is there a better way to have the same effect? Am I better off leaving her alone?
Would love to hear everyones thoughts! Thanks!
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2023.06.08 10:34 Pigsrule23811 My (20f) partner (20m) let his coworker (26f) draw a heart on his arm

I’ve been with my boyfriend a little over a year now. He’s had the same job the whole time we’ve been together. He’s a supervisor for a welding company, and oversees 3rd shift. About a month ago he started ranting about this new girl at his job. He said she keeps on reporting guys for harassment, and has already gotten 4 guys fired. I didn’t think much of this and just felt bad for the girl. Flash forward to 2 days ago.
My boyfriend picks me up every morning at 6am (when he gets off work), and as he’s driving, I notice a faded heart on his arm. I ask what it is, and he insists it’s “just a smudge.” Obviously I don’t believe this, because I can tell the difference between a smudge and what is clearly a faded heart drawn with pen 2x over. I immediately assume a girl has done it (I mean come on). He goes on saying “Come on, you know I’d never let you sit here looking stupid like that” and “I wouldn’t let a girl touch me, you know that.” And although I knew it wasn’t what he said it was, I dropped it. As he’s the only guy I’ve been with who I’ve actually felt was fully committed to me, and I’ve never worried about him cheating or anything like that.
2 hours go by and he can tell it’s bothering me. He tells me to just talk to him about it, tell him my concerns. I do. He tries telling me it’s just a smudge again, until I start thinking about it more and start getting upset to the point of shaking. Eventually he says “fine, i did it to myself” which I didn’t believe for a second. Without thinking I grab a notepad and a pen and ask him to draw a heart. He draws one and (of course) it doesn’t look anything like the one on his arm. I ask him to draw one on his own arm, and he draws it upside down from the other one. Looking completely different. I point both these facts out to him, as well as tell him that the heart is on his dominant hand. The one he uses to write with.
After some silence he admits it was a girl. He admits he tried to wash it off before I saw it. He told me that him, and a few of his employees were in his office talking about drawing hearts (he told me why, but i can’t remember), and I guess she just decided to draw one on him. He told me he let her do it “in a soft moment” (that broke my heart). I asked what her name was, and he replied with the name of the girl who’s been getting guys fired left and right. I asked why she even felt comfortable doing that, and he said “I think she likes me.” He goes on and tells me that on her breaks she’s been coming in and ranting about her baby daddy to him. Having him comfort her. He cried telling me it was a stupid reason to lie. He told me he didn’t want me to leave, but will respect my decision If I decide to. I’ve never seen him cry. I had him drive me back home.
I texted his mom. Yup. I didn’t know what else to do, and me and her are pretty close. She also works with both of them and told me that she isn’t a threat. She told me that she’s always is men’s faces, that my boyfriend wasn’t the only one. If they end up doing something that the girl doesn’t like, she reports them. She told me that we are still new to the relationship and people are going to try and test it, that i shouldn’t hold it over his head because we are good for each other, and she truly believes this was a mistake. My mom pretty much thinks the same thing, telling me that “everyone deserves at least 1 chance.”
I’ve been throwing up and not eating these past 2 days, the only breaks I get come from me sucking it up to go to work. It took me so long to trust someone again after my previous relationship of 3 years where I got cheated on countless times. I genuinely trusted this man with my life, just for it all to be ripped away in a matter of hours. I know we are both young, but I genuinely believed this man would be my future. I gave everything to him, and he’s given everything to me. He’s been perfect up until this point. It mostly hurts because it seems like there was emotion involved on both ends. As well as how hard he tried to lie about it, until I pushed it to where he literally couldn’t deny it. I’ve been thinking, if I hadn’t gone through the trauma I had in the previous relationship, I 100% would’ve let it slide and forgave him as long as he promised not to let anything like that happen again. He didn’t give me this trauma. Am I taking that trauma out on him wrongfully? Am I overreacting?
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2023.06.08 10:33 Inevitable_Minute_38 Cohabitation Dilemma

Dear Reverend Fathers,
My girlfriend had a child with her ex partner out of wedlock and they never married. When I met her, she was struggling financially to pay for her rent, her child’s rent (they were staying separately), and the nanny’s salary. She’s also a baptised Catholic albeit non-practising.
She had a very unfortunate past. On the other hand, her child was not well taken care of by the nanny.
When I met her, I felt compassionate toward her and her child. I was worried that she might take up immoral jobs to make ends meet. I was also worried that her child might grow up being a dysfunctional person. I fear if I don’t help this mother and child, the Lord will cast me away from Him on the Day of Judgment. So I wanted to help her as the Lord commanded us to care for the least amongst us.
However, I could not sponsor her financially. So, I foolishly invited her and her son to move in to my place so that her financial burdens might be eased and her child might get to feel what’s it like to have a family.
Later only did I realised that my compassion was twisted by the devil to make me end up in a state of mortal sin.
We have been staying together for six months. The child even calls me papa as I care for the child like my own day and night.
Shall I evict this mother and child so that I may be holy? Doesn’t that make me a Pharisee?
I cannot afford to move out of my place.
Marriage is an option. But my relationship with my girlfriend is shaky as she spends most of her time working instead of caring for her child. She also disapproves me for spending too much time in church (mass, ministry, BEC, Holy Hour, etc). We often get into conflicts because I could not stand her for being so worldly and uncaring of her own child while she could not stand me for being so involved with church. I tried to encourage her to at least to follow me to mass as she is a baptised Catholic but she refused. I’m afraid we might not end up getting married as I desire a wife who loves God above everything else.
Before we met, I was discerning the priesthood. But during the period of discernment, I was plagued with loneliness and envy as most of my friends are married and many are already parents. I was also afraid that the priesthood might not be my calling so I wanted to test myself. So I prayed fervently for a partner and I met this woman who later revealed to me that she had a child out of wedlock.
I had a taste of what’s it like to have a family albeit in an incomplete sense. But my heart still desires the priesthood. I’m not sure if it’s because things are not working well between us or if God is really calling me to the Holy Orders.
What should I do now? I’m really confused.
Also, can I still take Holy Communion after confessing my sins to a priest? I will try my best to be chaste but this is still scandal.
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2023.06.08 10:33 networkarchitectural Why Opting For Non-Combustible Cladding Is A Sensible Option For Modern Buildings

This article explores the reasons why opting for non-combustible cladding is a legal requirement in many jurisdictions and a smart decision.
In recent years, the construction industry globally has witnessed several devastating incidents caused by the rapid spread of fires in high-rise buildings. These incidents have shed light on the crucial role of cladding materials in fire safety. Non-combustible cladding has emerged as a sensible and responsible choice for modern buildings, offering numerous advantages over combustible alternatives.
This article will explore the reasons why opting for non-combustible cladding in Australia is not only a legal requirement in many jurisdictions but also a smart decision to ensure the safety and well-being of occupants in Australia.
Fire Safety Regulations and Codes
Following tragic fire incidents, governments and regulatory bodies have implemented stricter fire safety regulations and codes for building construction. In many regions, these regulations now mandate the use of non-combustible cladding in high-rise structures. By complying with these regulations, building owners and developers demonstrate their commitment to protecting the lives of occupants and mitigating the risks associated with fire outbreaks.
Superior Fire Resistance
Non-combustible cladding, such as metal or mineral-based panels, offers superior fire resistance compared to combustible materials like timber or plastic-based composites. In the event of a fire, non-combustible cladding acts as a barrier, preventing the rapid spread of flames and limiting the potential damage. It significantly reduces the risk of fire engulfment, buying valuable time for the evacuation of occupants and enabling emergency response teams to effectively control the situation.
Reduced Fire Load
One crucial advantage of non-combustible cladding is its ability to minimise the fire load within a building. The fire load refers to the amount of combustible materials present in an enclosed space. By opting for non-combustible cladding, building owners can reduce the overall fire load and limit the potential fuel available to a fire. This proactive measure is essential in preventing the rapid development of fires and their devastating consequences.
Enhanced Structural Integrity
Apart from its fire-resistant properties, non-combustible cladding contributes to the structural integrity of buildings. Materials like steel or stone-based cladding systems are known for their durability and strength. They offer excellent resistance against external factors such as weather, impact, and deterioration, ensuring the long-term stability of the building. By choosing non-combustible cladding, architects and engineers can enhance the structural performance of the building, providing occupants with a safer environment.
Improved Insulation and Energy Efficiency
Non-combustible cladding options, particularly those incorporating insulation materials, can provide excellent thermal performance. These systems help regulate temperature, minimising heat loss during colder months and reducing heat gain in warmer climates. By improving insulation and energy efficiency, non-combustible cladding not only promotes environmental sustainability but also enhances occupant comfort and reduces energy consumption.
Positive Public Perception and Value
Choosing non-combustible cladding for modern buildings also has significant implications for public perception and value. With the increasing awareness of fire safety, prospective buyers, tenants, and investors are more likely to show a preference for properties with non-combustible cladding. Buildings equipped with such cladding systems convey a sense of reliability, responsibility, and commitment to safety. Consequently, these structures tend to attract higher market values and enjoy a competitive edge in the real estate industry.
Given the rising concerns regarding fire safety in buildings, opting for non-combustible cladding Australia is undoubtedly a sensible option for modern construction projects. Non-combustible cladding materials not only comply with fire safety regulations but also offer superior fire resistance, reduced fire load, enhanced structural integrity, improved insulation, and energy efficiency. Additionally, such cladding choices positively impact public perception and property value.
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2023.06.08 10:33 throwaway_axccc Can my drinking be moderated?

I'm not an alcoholic yet, however I might be on my way to alcoholism if I don't control my drinking habits.
Everything started with 2 beers a day (each being 5 ABV, so nothing at all) last year and 2 days I ago I got blackout drunk after downing a 250 ml vodka and a lot of strong beers (each being abv 10 range). I woke up in an apartment at 6 in the morning, baffled by everything that happened the night before. I have already skipped work 3 times this month to get blackout drunk and I'm afraid my employment might be terminated.
I've been getting blackout drunk for the past few months and I feel like it's getting out of control. I never imagined myself switching to vodka - I've always been a beer guy - but now that I find myself reaching for 250 ml vodka I'm kind of terrified. I don't get withdrawal symptoms whatsoever when I stop, I just get mild anxiety which is manageable, however I think about my next drink all the time.
Where do you think I stand in terms of my habit's severity? (e.g. out of 10)
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2023.06.08 10:32 Hikinggal08 UK HPI Visa: 5 year cut-off rule

Hi guys,
I am applying for the HPI Visa close to my deadline (graduated in June 15th 2018). Wanted to ask for your experience if you were in the same boats and got outcomes.

  1. Regarding the 5-year validity rule, is it applied to the exact date or month of graduation? For example, if I graduated in 15 Jun 2018, would I be ok apply anytime in June 2023 (got some delays due to overseas travel) or do I need to apply by 14 Jun 202
  2. For the date of application, is it the date you submitted the application online or when you completed your biometrics (deposit your passport) and TB test? I just got to the final stage of the application and paid the visa fees but didn't get a submission confirmation email.
Much appreciated.

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