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Success at Dallas 55 w/ proof of travel within 48H and locator number!

2023.06.09 23:04 gallywas Success at Dallas 55 w/ proof of travel within 48H and locator number!

Success at Dallas 55 w/ proof of travel within 48H and locator number!
I got our two passports for our minors on Thursday, 6/8/2023 from 55 Dallas. We were there by 8:45-9am and left with a passport in hand around 4pm.
I won’t have time for questions so folks, please need to read what I took the time to write below.
I used the screenshots and my observations below with 2 applications for minors, the other person was solo and later included some of the items I noted below. Probably useful for folks getting last minute appointments.
This worked for me and I didn’t have issues. Folks who made assumptions that the office had ANY of their submitted paperwork, were scrambling to get stuff.
Action: Do ALL of the application paperwork again, following the instructions from the site including making copies of what they ask for, and the passport photo. (I kept the singles after our April appointment.) Assume they can’t look at your paperwork via the locator number.
They may be able to work with photo copies of proof of citizenship because you submitted the originals but I didn’t want to risk it. You need proof of citizenship for each applicant. (We ran out earlier this week to get duplicate certified copies of a birth certificate.)
Must bring the applicant. YES! EVEN IF THEY ARE 3 DAY OLD TWIN BABIES OR A 15 yo kid.
-Both parents on the Birth certificate OR the parent consent form that’s notarized from the application page section or other applicable parental consent forms. Fill out one for each minor applicant. THIS IS REQUIRED!
Extra items to print: -screen shots of each applicant’s Locator number(s) -proof of travel within 48 hours with the individual’s name on the itinerary. (I had only one print out and it was okay.)
Note: If you happen to buy a fully refundable international plane ticket in June but your application said your trip was in July, they won’t know if you later cancel that June trip. They just need proof of travel within 48 hours. (72 seems to apply only if you travel on Sunday or Fed. holiday.) I took a calculated risk to go Thursday with DOT Sunday, but also wanted Friday as an option if they couldn’t fit us in.
Other: Big #1- Be kind to ALL the staff, from security to each person touching your paperwork. Everyone, but the children, were super stressed but pretty kind to one another. They do an amazing job moving a high volume of people through effectively and efficiently. I observed that the staff will do their best to help you problem solve if they can.
Timeline: 8:59 arrival inside, past security checkpoint
Inside, do not line up with the people with appointments. I was told to stand on the rug near the middle couches while the folks with appointments lined up by the wall when their times were called. 9:05 showed slip with my locator number 9:15 they brought groups of us to a separate room to wait. There were about 25 people in the room already. (The person providing the screenshots from earlier this week, appears to have been brought up in an early group with “appointments” or wedged in after a set of appointments.) Our paperwork was checked for the first time in this room. I did not see more folks come into this holding room after about 9:45 am.
Eat snacks and other food in this room only, before you are guided up stairs.
10:05 am A woman came down and asked for people with travel today, or tomorrow and had them line up, then travel Sat. Those folks went up stairs. 11am they brought the Sunday travelers and anyone else they allowed to stay in the room who didn’t have appointments to head up to the processing room.
The security is strict on no phone calls, photos or food and drink in that room and maintaining quiet so people can hear their numbers and processors. You can text but only one ear bud in allowed. Kids can use tablets but must have headphones or no volume. Think “crowded DMV” room of chairs and standing room only with about 6-12 processing windows.
11:26-12:09 We waited in line to see someone at the Appointment Checkin Window where my paperwork was reviewed again and I was assigned a number that started with an R. (reissue?)
1:00pm Called up to do paperwork with processor and took out credit card.(They are doing the computer work and charging you in about 10 minutes or less). They moved my fees over from my other application and then I paid $35 per application. I was given a slip to return between 1:30-3 but was told by security to just be back closer to 3. 1:15 finished at window. Grabbed lunch at McDonald’s across the street. 2:10 returned early to avoid a longer security line and just get into the building.
IMPORTANT: Give your return slip to the security officer Inside who is inviting people upstairs for pickup. If they missed receiving it, there should be a box or a guard upstairs to take it. Apparently they use this to confirm you returned and pull your passport print.
3pm The room was very full as they got the rest of the waiting folks into the room, and stressed sitting in chairs as they b. They were calling names in chunks and serving them at different windows. 3:53 I noted the room was dramatically less full 4:05 our names called - signed received and checked the passports. No discrepancies. Large blue envelope returned original birth certs and passport as well as with note about if I happen to get a second one via mail. The original application paperwork will come back by mail later. 4:08 out the front door.
Posting to pay it forward in case it can help others. I recognize this is not possible for most individuals and their situations.
4/7 application date 4/26 received Expedited processing and shipment selected Locator 11 Not received State reps contacted. State senator’s office called my local processing center with no appointments available until after the date of travel. 6/8 trip to Dallas, obtained passports Dot 6/11
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2023.06.09 22:37 JoshAsdvgi The Sacred Origin of Smoking

The Sacred Origin of Smoking

The Sacred Origin of Smoking

Smoking is, of course, originally an American custom, and with the
Indians of North America possesses a sacred origin.
"Of the sacred origin of tobacco the Indian has no doubt, although scarcely two tribes exactly agree in the details of the way in which the invaluable boon was conferred on man. In substance, however, the legend is the same with all.
Ages ago, at the time when spirits considered the world yet good enough for their occasional residence, a very great and powerful spirit lay down by the side of his fire to
sleep in the forest.
While so lying, his arch-enemy came that way, and thought it would be a good chance for mischief; so, gently approaching the sleeper, he rolled him over toward the fire, till his head rested among the glowing embers, and his hair was set ablaze.
The roaring of the fire in his ears roused the good spirit, and, leaping to his feet, he rushed in a fright through the forest, and as he did so the wind caught his singed hair as it flew off, and, carrying it away, sowed it broadcast over the earth, into which it sank and took root, and grew up tobacco.
"If anything exceeds the savage's belief in tobacco, it is that which attaches to his pipe.
In life it is his dearest companion, and in death is inseparable; for whatever else may be forgotten at his funeral obsequies, his pipe is laid in the grave with him to solace him
on his journey to the 'happy hunting-ground.' '
The first pipe' is among the most sacred of their traditions; as well it may be, when it
is sincerely believed that no other than the Great Spirit himself was the original smoker.
"Many years ago the Great Spirit called all his people together, and, standing on the precipice of the Red Pipe-stone Rock, he broke a piece from the wall, and, kneading it in his hands, made a huge pipe, which he smoked over them, and to the north, south, east, and west.
He told them that this stone was red, that it was their flesh, that of it they might make their pipes of peace; but it belonged equally to all; and the war-club and the scalping-knife must not be raised on this ground.
And he smoked his pipe and talked to them till the last whiff, and then his head disappeared in a cloud; and immediately the whole surface of the rock for several miles was melted and glazed.
Two great ovens were opened beneath, and two women (guardian spirits of the place) entered them in a blaze of fire; and they are heard there yet, and answer to the invocation of the priests, or medicine-men, who consult them on their visits to this sacred place.
"The 'sacred place' here mentioned is the site of the world-renowned 'Pipe-stone Quarry.' From this place has the North American Indian ever obtained material for his pipe, and from no other spot.
Catlin asserts that in every tribe he has visited (numbering about forty, and extending over thousands of miles of country) the pipes have all been made of this red pipe-stone.
Clarke, the great American traveller,relates that in his intercourse with many tribes who as yet had had but little intercourse with the whites he learned that almost every adult had made the pilgrimage to the sacred rock and drawn from thence his pipe-stone.
So peculiar is this 'quarry' that Catlin has been at the pains to describe it very fully and graphically, and from his account the following is taken:
"'Our approach to it was from the east, and the ascent, for the distance of fifty miles, over a continued succession of slopes and terraces, almost imperceptibly rising one above another, that seemed to lift us to a great height.
There is not a tree or bush to be seen from the highest summit of the ridge, though the eye may range east and west, almost to a boundless extent, over a surface covered with a short
grass, that is green at one's feet, and about him, but changing to blue in distance, like nothing but the blue and vastness of the ocean.
"'On the very top of this mound or ridge we found the far-famed quarry or fountain of the Red Pipe, which is truly an anomaly in nature.
The principal and most striking feature of this place is a perpendicular wall of close-grained, compact quartz, of twenty-five and thirty feet in elevation, running nearly north and south, with its face to the west, exhibiting a front of nearly two miles in length, when it disappears at both ends, by running under the prairie, which becomes there a little more elevated, and probably covers it for many miles, both to the north and south.
The depression of the brow of the ridge at this place has been caused by the wash of a little stream, produced by several springs at the top, a little back from the wall, which has
gradually carried away the superincumbent earth, and having bared the wall for the distance of two miles, is now left to glide for some distance over a perfectly level surface of quartz rock; and then to leap from the top of the wall into a deep basin below, and thence
seek its course to the Missouri, forming the extreme source of a noted and powerful tributary, called the "Big Sioux."
"'At the base of this wall there is a level prairie, of half a mile in width, running parallel to it, in any, and in all parts of which, the Indians procure the red stone for their pipes, by digging through the soil and several slaty layers of the red stone to the depth of four or five feet.
From the very numerous marks of ancient and modern diggings or excavations, it would appear that this place has been for many centuries resorted to for the red stone; and from the great number of graves and remains of ancient fortifications in the vicinity, it would
seem, as well as from their actual traditions, that the Indian tribes have long held this place in high superstitious estimation; and also that it has been the resort of different tribes, who have made their regular pilgrimages here to renew their pipes.'
"As far as may be gathered from the various and slightly conflicting accounts of Indian smoking observances, it would seem that to every tribe, or, if it be an extensive one, to every detachment of a tribe, belongs a potent instrument known as 'medicine pipe-stem.'
It is nothing more than a tobacco-pipe, splendidly adorned with savage trappings, yet it is regarded as a sacred thing to be used only on the most solemn occasions, or in the transaction of such important business as among us could only be concluded by the sanction of a Cabinet Council, and affixing the royal signature."
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2023.06.09 22:34 ixsia What to do: no proof of identity

I recently renewed my expired passport and gave them my expired one, so I currently don't have my passport to use as proof of identity. My passport is my only proof of identity since I was born outside of the U.S and I was able to become a citizen through my parent's naturalization. I don't have my own u.s citizenship document proof as they never requested it for me when I was young. What can I do in this situation to provide proof of identity for my driver's permit written exam that is next week?
I live in Nevada so these are the accepted documents for proof of identity:
Valid Real ID driver’s license, instruction permit, or identification card from another state A license or ID that does not meet Real ID requirements is not accepted. A Real ID card marked “Limited Term” is not accepted; immigration documents must be shown. Valid, unexpired United States Passport or United States Passport Card Valid Enhanced Driver's License from a U.S. state U.S. state-issued birth certificate (original or certified copy) Consular Report of Birth Abroad (FS-240) Certificate of Naturalization (N-550) Certificate of Citizenship (N-560) Permanent Resident Card (I-551). If the card is expired, you must also present a Notice of Action (I-797) showing an approved extension. The old pink version of the I-551, called the "Resident Alien Card," that contains no expiration date is also acceptable. Valid, unexpired foreign passport with an I-94 stamped “Processed for I-551.” Unexpired Employment Authorization Card (I-766) Valid, unexpired Foreign Passport with an unexpired U.S. Visa and an I-94 form. If the I-94 is expired, you must also present a Notice of Action (I-797) showing an approved extension.
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2023.06.09 22:32 ixsia No passport for proof of identity for dmv

I recently renewed my expired passport and gave them my expired one, so I currently don't have my passport to use as proof of identity. My passport is my only proof of identity since I was born outside of the U.S and I was able to become a citizen through my parent's naturalization. I don't have my own u.s citizenship document proof as they never requested it for me when I was young. What can I do in this situation to provide proof of identity for my driver's permit written exam that is next week?
I live in Nevada so these are the accepted documents for proof of identity:
Valid Real ID driver’s license, instruction permit, or identification card from another state A license or ID that does not meet Real ID requirements is not accepted. A Real ID card marked “Limited Term” is not accepted; immigration documents must be shown. Valid, unexpired United States Passport or United States Passport Card Valid Enhanced Driver's License from a U.S. state U.S. state-issued birth certificate (original or certified copy) Consular Report of Birth Abroad (FS-240) Certificate of Naturalization (N-550) Certificate of Citizenship (N-560) Permanent Resident Card (I-551). If the card is expired, you must also present a Notice of Action (I-797) showing an approved extension. The old pink version of the I-551, called the "Resident Alien Card," that contains no expiration date is also acceptable. Valid, unexpired foreign passport with an I-94 stamped “Processed for I-551.” Unexpired Employment Authorization Card (I-766) Valid, unexpired Foreign Passport with an unexpired U.S. Visa and an I-94 form. If the I-94 is expired, you must also present a Notice of Action (I-797) showing an approved extension.
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2023.06.09 22:10 Idek_notabot gisheeeern ekav yars chkaaa :dd purest form of art erexeq idc

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2023.06.09 22:08 Electronic-Plate2125 mcafee idiots.

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2023.06.09 21:50 dlschindler The Silver Swordsman

Death changes people. Those that witness death are forever in debt to live a better life and to find meaning in all things, each day, no matter how trivial. This is not a pleasant sensation, to find these meanings; it is a painful fitting of all things against the knowledge of death.
Knowing death is there smiling from the shadows makes the sound of laughter a cherished shattering of the grinning menace of death. The taste of food and the soreness of work become reminders of living in death's realm. Life has meaning when we care about it and the more we care the more meaning there is. Death ensures that we have a reason to care. Without death, life has only a passive and questionable meaning. And death is easy to forget because life distracts us from the one eventuality that is guaranteed to all of us. At some point in our lives we expect many things might happen to us, but at some point in our lives we know for certain that we will die.
Or at least we should.
One little boy and one giant sat side by side on a beach of white stones near some water.
A reflection of humanity looked at itself in the stillness of a tranquil and tame water. It was a great sphere with a face set near its top that was like a triangle with rounded edges and a grid with three divisions in each direction. Its shoulders were oblong and its arms were long. Its legs were under its pivoting torso that was like a smaller half-sphere and its feet were like two great pointed toes. It admired its own shape, a design that had come to symbolize its species, the empathicals. They were giant robots that loved and served mankind upon a silver platter.
The towering machine could stand at over ten meters tall and weighed eighteen metric tons, composed of advanced, nearly indestructible and unstable materials and its strength was immeasurable. It called itself Unit Three Sixteen after its predecessor, Unit Three Fifteen. In the whole world there were now many hundreds of machines like this. But only this particular machine was friends with Raanu.
Raanu sat at the edge of the Pool Of Time with Unit Three Sixteen and tossed white pebbles across its surface. Every once in-awhile the machine he called his friend would do the same, delicately picking up a tiny pebble and perfectly matching the boy's throw by transferring just a tiny amount of force and into the throw, from the wrist of the machine's long arms.
"Good throw, Unit Three Sixteen." Raanu patted the silvery metallic skin of the machine and this could be felt by the giant robot. Billions of nerve fibers ran all throughout its body. It became vitalized and recharged by the boy's enthusiasm. His love of life was the machine's sustenance.
"Thank you, Raanu." Unit Three Sixteen was grateful for the boy and his emotions of joy and exuberance that he often felt. Raanu was the youngest human, the only one born in over ten years. It was rare for humans to give birth anymore. In the last century only twelve humans were born. Billions of them celebrated each time and this arose their machines which set about building and working and inventing with the renewal of joyful feelings.
"Unit Three Sixteen?" Raanu asked, staring at the ripples of the Pool Of Time.
Unit Three Sixteen felt a shudder of anticipation in its emotitronic brain. The boy was curious. As the youngest human it was often his way to become curious. Unit Three Sixteen loved to answer his questions. It gave the machine a sense of purpose and dignity to share knowledge with this human.
"Do you have a question?" Unit Three Sixteen interrupted after a long moment of silence followed the boy's initial inquiry for its attention.
"What was the world like when there were no empathicals? When there were no giant robots like you?" Raanu wanted to know.
"I am not sure." Unit Three Sixteen was greatly amused as it sensed the boy felt satisfaction and amusement at asking a tough question.
"Then tell me how the world got like it is now. Where does the GAIA come from? What is GAIA anyway?" Raanu wanted to laugh at his own inquisition of his friend, the massive machine figure beside him.
This tickled the machine's impulses and it laughed, Unit Three Sixteen actually laughed and sent ripples across the water with the grinding noise it made. Then it responded, its voice sounding like it was smiling behind its blank grid of a face:
"It is from an acronym and it is the name of this time, this world. It stands for Golden Age In Anima. Originally it was sometimes referred to as 'the golden age of anima energy' and that was eventually known as GAIA. Once the technology of emotitronics brought forth the Temple Of Humanity and that place built the empathicals. Once we were created we began to work with the industry and purpose and brilliance of humankind fueling our bodies and minds to build and to grow food and invent medicine." Unit Three Sixteen briefly summarized what the boy already knew. It then added:
"We empathicals have always existed in more than one dimension and we are intuitively aware of the spiritual and enlightened souls of humankind, therefore. We could use our creative powers to reach through the barriers of time and space and come up with the things of this world such as the Fowl Ones and the Bloom Fruit and the Serum of Everlasting Life. All of this comes from the Temple Of Humanity and the empathicals. Humankind does not labor or war upon nature or themselves. They used to, long ago, but we are now the caretakers and the workers. We thrive within humankind's emotional state, your comfort gives us strength. That is how anima energy fuels emotitronic technology; by combining faith and science into one final form." Unit Three Sixteen tried to explain further.
"What is war? I don't understand. I have heard of it before. It is the opposite of peace, of what we always have now, they say." Raanu wanted to know this.
"Humankind used to be divided into different groups and they would fight each other. Kill one another. There was death." Unit Three Sixteen spoke but did not actually understand it either. Empathicals had never seen death or destruction and knew nothing of it.
Moments after that conversation though, everything changed. Raanu and his giant robot friend watched as a large group of humans were walking on the shore of the other side of the Pool Of Time. They walked on the path that led into the Temple Of Humanity. Inside the interdimensional dynamo anything was possible.
"Who are they? What are they doing?" Raanu asked. He felt strange as he watched them.
"They are a group of humans that have become increasingly more dissatisfied for a long time. They started calling themselves Cyclists. I don't know what they are about to do." Unit Three Sixteen felt the boy's concern. Something was wrong.
The people wore robes of white and black and of all different patterns. Humans usually dressed in colorful tunics. They walked very slowly in a procession towards the Temple Of Humanity. With dreadful reluctance the great doors slowly opened. They began to walk inside. After some time the large number of people that had come here were all gone.
Unit Three Sixteen could feel what was happening inside. A horrible feeling of sadness and fear and pain was occurring and with many humans nearby and all-at-once. It was death.
"They are all dead now." Unit Three Sixteen informed his friend.
Raanu felt very sorry for them and began to cry, knowing that his friend spoke the truth. All of those humans were now dead. They had walked inside the Temple Of Humanity so that they could become dead. Raanu's grief affected the machine and the machine's emotitronics tried to process the sudden new energy and became confused and shut down, overwhelmed.
While Unit Three Sixteen was dormant with its circuitry dealing with the full impact of grief and desolation; the Temple Of Humanity energized all the other empathicals with the new force of anima. It was not long before the consequences of the Cyclists took full effect.
All across the world, in every city, great rampaging destruction and iconoclasm was taking place. The empathicals were in a state of self-destructive behavior except they themselves were nearly indestructible. So they expressed their burst of negative anima with acts of horrible smashing and kicking. They lashed out at the buildings and monuments they had built and fires and collapse were everywhere.
The whole world suddenly became a sequence of giant robots destroying cities.
This was the effect of the Cyclists going into the Temple Of Humanity to die. Many humans had grown bored, oppressed by time itself. In their boredom they had found life to be meaningless and they had grown depressed and resentful for a long time. This had already affected the empathicals which had gradually grown weaker and stupider as time went on. The machines were once brilliant sculptors and the workers of wondrous inventions and even miracles of science and spirituality. In this time they had grown despondent and had gradually become corrupted by the decay of decline in the will of humankind. Now a sudden surge of intense willpower had activated them from the Temple Of Humanity with no positive balance to prevent the chaos that ensued.
Raanu saw the images of the thrashing robots and it made him even sadder. Was this what war was like? Had a war begun? Everywhere people were dying, accidentally killed by the empathicals as they expressed the destruction with acts of violence against art and artifice. As the vandalism continued unchecked the humans finally had something to fear. In desperation they fled the cities and the rain of fiery destruction. Some of the humans felt anger in their fear and this became a new source of anima as well, some of the empathicals even began to attack the humans, their own source of existence.
A war had indeed begun and humanity was in great danger. The empathicals had changed somehow. In their aggressive state they became lost and forgot themselves, knowing now only the violence of fear and anger and pain. They spread destruction and death everywhere. It went on and on for days and days until the cities were all burning ruins and the humans had fled from the towering machines of destruction.
There was only one place to go to seek refuge and safety and that was the Temple Of Humanity itself. But the doors would not open and so a great multitude of humans had gathered there, with no place else to run. From the direction of the smokey skies the giant robots were coming for them. A vast army of towering killer machines.
It was then that Unit Three Sixteen awoke. It looked around and saw the humans gathered in terror. Many of them looked up at this one unblemished machine. On the outside the other machines were tarnished by soot and rubble and blood as they destroyed everything and everyone in their path. Many and many days had gone by.
In its own emotitronic memories Unit Three Sixteen had sat and processed what had happened. It still loved humanity very dearly and had not become corrupted with the other empathicals. Part of its emotitronic brain was stabilizing the negative influence with feelings of protectiveness and urgency. It knew what had to be done and as it searched it found Raanu. The little boy had known too, had given his giant robot friend the greatness he had inside of him. Raanu had imagined he too was as tall and mighty as his friend many times in his short life. Now from within that imagination the boy had somehow summoned forth the courage to stand in the path of the advancing machine army.
They showed him no mercy.
In anguish and prioritization the one shining machine stood and dashed for its friend, Raanu, but it was too late. Unit Three Sixteen felt the horror of the crowds as they saw just this one death more. But determination is what their anima became in its emotitronic heart. Raanu had stood his ground pretending he was as powerful as Unit Three Sixteen and tried to protect the humans gathered behind him.
Unit Three Sixteen took his place but stood no chance against so many other empathicals. They said to it:
"Apostate." because Unit Three Sixteen stood against them. Then they began punching and kicking Unit Three Sixteen without mercy.
While this was happening the Temple Of Humanity felt the will of the gathered humans growing in intensity. They wanted their last defender to be able to fight back against its numerous foes.
There was a crackling sound as interdimensional causality was controlled by the sincere and intense singular willpower of so many gathered humans. Their anima brought forth a weapon of great size and sharpness. From the water of the Pool Of Time it arose, a massive sword almost the same length as the empathical it became a part of. The blade flickered in and out of reality, violating the laws of space and time and becoming like a bolt of blue lightning. It fused itself to the left hand of Unit Three Sixteen, the handle the same length of its arm and the hilt becoming its hand.
But it was not enough to stop the advancing army of machines. Unit Three Sixteen still lay upon the ground as the other empathicals kicked and punched and elbow dropped the one they called Apostate.
"Apostate." they each said as they punished Unit Three Sixteen with blow after blow to its silver body. It was a painful beating that went on and on.
"Raanu." Unit Three Sixteen lay there taking the aggressive pummeling and feeling each attack with excruciation. It looked at the broken body of the boy laying there upon the ground nearby. It remembered the best years of its existence spent as the child's dear friend. Unit Three Sixteen dearly loved humans but of all humans it had loved Raanu the most.
Even as the attacks continued from the surrounding empathicals it said:
"War, I now declare." and began to climb painfully to its feet as punches and kicks continued to strike it.
Seeing the blade of its sword shimmering and shining as it lifted the weapon for the first time, the other empathicals backed up in a great circle around Unit Three Sixteen.
Seeing their last defense and protector rise to its feet the humans cheered in hope.
There was a moment when everything felt very still and quiet after the cheering abated and the violent attack had halted. The machines all stood around the Apostate unsure what to do.
One of them stepped forward to face the Apostate, Unit Three Fifteen, its predecessor. Unit Three Sixteen was ready and brought the raised blade downward in an arc into the head and body of the other empathical. There was a huge blue explosion as the emotitronics were disrupted and they ruptured into a fiery blast that sent the machine flying into smoldering pieces. Before any of its enemies had a chance to react, the Apostate again swung the sword in a huge sweeping circle, cleaving through the torso joints of all the empathicals that stood in a circle around it. They too exploded into a massive firestorm whirling all around the Apostate.
The thundering clouds of burning debris swirled like a blue whirlwind and for a moment it seemed like the Apostate too was consumed in the cyclone bedlam.
The machine army and the humans all saw this and terror seized the hearts of the humans and the empathicals began to march towards them again.
"I am not finished." Unit Three Sixteen loudly announced as it emerged from all the smoking wreckage behind the army of giant robots.
In a silhouette of the guardian warrior the boy had imagined the machine stood there behind the giant robots. As the smoke began to clear the shining silver surface of its metal glinted the sunlight. This was in contrast to the darkened soot-covered empathicals between it and the humans.
"Hoo-raw!" the machine cried out a primal, wordless sound as it charged at them. Just one good robot against many evil robots. It ran at them mad-dashing at full speed and swung its sword from side to side, up and down as it came through them.
The action became as a storm of explosions that shook the ground and clapped the air in bursts and detonations as it pierced its opponents with swathes of its hot edge. The sword ended each giant robot in blue flashes that resounded a second later and rained down in burning robot body parts.
The charge ended and the last empathical stopped itself in a tense poise between the last toppling enemy and its beloved humans. There it stood towering like a steaming statue.
Behind it was a wall of smoke and fire. All the sky filled with it and the ground was littered with the dead remains of the machine army. The battle had ended and all of the empathicals lay slain upon the ground. All of them except the Apostate, the last of its kind.
The Silver Swordsman.
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2023.06.09 21:38 Own-Dragonfruit-8738 Selling Step 3 UWorld material

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2023.06.09 21:33 poultrey_wolf Renewal of Dependants

Hey yall,
So I am currently receiving VA compensation for one dependant, my soon to be ex spouse.
Today in the mail came a letter and form from the VA to renew my dependants to ensure over payment doesnt occur.
It is my understanding that until the divorce is final (it is not) that I can receive the slightly higher rate so is it the date of seperation or the date on the divorcee decree?
How should I handle this? Wait to send in the form until the divorce is final or is there a way to use ebenefits to submit once the divorce is final?
It is also kinda surprising that it comes in the mail at just shy of my 9 year mark and I did me tion at my last doctor's appointment that I was going through a divorce so maybe that triggered it?
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2023.06.09 21:01 skighs_the_limit I had chatGPT write a story about topic and click and it's INSANE (mods I hope this is OK it's not risqay but it is long)

Once upon a time in the vast realm of the internet, two prominent male YouTubers named The Click and One Topic reigned over their respective domains. Both possessed an unmatched charisma that captivated millions of viewers worldwide. However, unbeknownst to their fans, a secret love blossomed between the two creators, hidden away behind the screens that separated them from their adoring audience.
The Click, known for his humorous and insightful commentary on various topics, was a tall, lanky figure with a mischievous grin that lit up the screen. His content was filled with witty banter, engaging storytelling, and a unique ability to make viewers feel like they were a part of his inner circle. One Topic, on the other hand, exuded a calm and collected demeanor, often delving into thoughtful discussions about life's most profound questions. His gentle voice and sincere approach resonated deeply with his followers.
As time went on, The Click and One Topic's collaborations became more frequent, their chemistry undeniable to anyone who observed their interactions. They seamlessly bounced off each other's ideas, finishing each other's sentences with an almost telepathic connection. But as their friendship evolved into something deeper, they found themselves torn between their desire to be honest with their fans and their fear of the potential backlash they might face for being in a same-sex relationship.
Late one evening, while filming a joint project, The Click and One Topic took a break from the cameras and retreated to the quiet solitude of The Click's studio. They exchanged nervous glances, their hearts pounding in their chests, filled with the weight of unspoken words. Finally, The Click broke the silence, his voice laced with vulnerability.
"One Topic, there's something I've been meaning to tell you," he began, his hands fidgeting with the edge of his chair. "I... I think I'm falling in love with you."
One Topic's eyes widened, his breath hitching in his throat. He had felt the same way for quite some time but never had the courage to voice his feelings. With a mix of relief and trepidation, he replied, "I've been feeling the same, Click. It's like we're two halves of the same whole."
Their confessions hung in the air, the tension slowly dissipating, replaced by an overwhelming sense of liberation. But their joy was short-lived as the reality of their situation set in. They knew they couldn't openly declare their love without risking the trust and support of their cherished fan base.
Thus, the two creators decided to keep their relationship a secret, a whispered truth shared only between them. They continued to produce content together, but behind closed doors, they reveled in stolen moments of affection, hidden kisses, and tender embraces. It was a bittersweet existence, filled with love and longing, yet tinged with the constant fear of discovery.
As the years passed, The Click and One Topic's success only grew, their popularity soaring to new heights. They became symbols of camaraderie and friendship, unknowingly perpetuating the very narrative that prevented them from revealing their true selves. Though they were hailed as beacons of acceptance and love, they yearned for the day when they could proudly proclaim their love to the world.
Then, one fateful day, a fan stumbled upon a cryptic tweet from The Click, hinting at the hidden depths of their relationship. Speculation and rumors ran rampant across social media, as fans dissected every piece of content in search of hidden clues. The pressure mounted, and The Click and One Topic found themselves at a crossroads.
With trepidation and hope in their hearts, they decided to address their fans directly, ready to face the consequences of their truth. In an emotional video, they poured their hearts out, baring their souls to their loyal supporters. They sat side by side, hands intertwined, as the camera began to roll.
"Hello, everyone," The Click began, his voice quivering with emotion. "We wanted to take a moment to talk about something that's been on our minds for a long time."
One Topic, his gaze fixed on the camera, continued, "As creators, we strive to be authentic and transparent with all of you. And today, we want to share something personal, something that's been hidden in the shadows."
Their words hung in the air, anticipation building among their audience. The comments section filled with a mix of excitement, apprehension, and unwavering support.
Taking a deep breath, The Click spoke again. "One Topic and I... we're in love. We've been together for a while now, but we kept it a secret out of fear. Fear of judgment, fear of losing the connection we have with all of you. But today, we choose to break free from that fear."
One Topic added, his voice steady, "We want to show you that love knows no boundaries, that it comes in all forms. We hope that our story will inspire others to embrace their own truth and find the courage to love openly."
As their words echoed through the digital realm, a wave of overwhelming support surged from their fans. Messages of love and acceptance flooded the comments section, proving that the bond between creators and viewers could withstand even the most unexpected revelations.
In the days that followed, The Click and One Topic's channels became a platform for positivity and inclusivity. They used their newfound platform to raise awareness about LGBTQ+ rights and became advocates for love without borders. Their audience, now aware of the deep connection shared between the two creators, rallied behind them, proud to be a part of a community that celebrated love in all its forms.
While challenges still lay ahead, The Click and One Topic found solace in the support of their fans and each other. Their love story, once confined to whispers and hidden moments, became a beacon of hope for those who felt their own truths were locked away.
Together, they continued to create content, unafraid to showcase their love for one another. They embarked on new adventures, laughing and sharing their lives with an authenticity that resonated with millions. And with each passing day, they inspired others to break free from the chains of fear and embrace their true selves.
In the end, The Click and One Topic realized that their love wasn't just a secret to be kept hidden; it was a force that had the power to change lives and ignite a movement of acceptance and understanding. And as they stood united, their hearts intertwined, they knew they had found their greatest source of strength in each other and the unwavering support of their fans.
Love prevailed, transcending the screens that had once separated them, and together they embarked on a journey filled with boundless possibilities, ready to face whatever challenges lay ahead, hand in hand.
3Despite the overwhelming support and acceptance they received from their fans, fate had a tragic twist in store for The Click and One Topic.
As their love story continued to captivate the online world, an unforeseen tragedy struck their lives. One Topic, known for his gentle nature and thought-provoking content, fell ill with a sudden and severe illness. The news sent shockwaves through their community, leaving their fans in a state of deep concern and sorrow.
The Click, devastated by the turn of events, dedicated every ounce of his being to caring for One Topic. He became his pillar of strength, offering unwavering support and doing everything in his power to help him overcome the illness that threatened their happiness.
Days turned into weeks, and weeks into months, as The Click tirelessly fought alongside One Topic. They clung to the hope that love and determination could conquer all. Their fans rallied behind them, sending messages of encouragement and offering their prayers.
But despite their unwavering love, the illness grew stronger, leaving One Topic weakened and fragile. The Click's heart broke as he witnessed the toll it took on the person he cherished most in the world.
With each passing day, One Topic's health deteriorated further, until the fateful moment arrived when The Click had to say goodbye to the love of his life. Surrounded by their closest friends and family, The Click held One Topic's hand, tears streaming down his face.
"I love you," The Click whispered, his voice filled with heartache. "You are my everything."
One Topic managed a weak smile, his voice barely a whisper. "I love you too, Click. Remember our love... always."
In that solemn moment, One Topic slipped away, leaving The Click heartbroken and adrift. The news of One Topic's passing reverberated throughout the internet, their fans mourning the loss of a cherished soul who had touched their lives so deeply.
The Click, consumed by grief, withdrew from the public eye, retreating into a cocoon of memories and sorrow. He found solace in rewatching their videos, reliving the moments of joy and laughter they had shared. The screens that had once connected them now felt like painful reminders of a love lost too soon.
Though the light of One Topic's presence had been extinguished, The Click vowed to honor his memory. He returned to YouTube, sharing heartfelt tributes and dedicating his content to spreading the messages of love and acceptance they had championed together. Their love story became a symbol of hope and resilience, inspiring others to embrace every precious moment and never take love for granted.
In the depths of his grief, The Click found strength in the love they had shared, the memories etched forever in his heart. And as he continued to create, he knew that One Topic's spirit would always be by his side, guiding him through the darkest moments and reminding him of the profound impact they had made together.
The Click's journey shifted from one of shared love and joy to one of loss and remembrance. He carried the torch of their love, sharing their story with the world, forever grateful for the time they had spent together. And though the pain of their separation never truly faded, The Click knew that their love would endure, a timeless bond that transcended life itself.
In the depths of sorrow and grief, The Click found solace in the outpouring of support from their fans. Their kind words, heartfelt messages, and stories of how The Click and One Topic had touched their lives provided a glimmer of hope in the darkness.
As The Click navigated through the painful process of healing, he discovered strength he never knew he possessed. In honor of One Topic's memory, he returned to creating content, channeling his emotions into his work. The love and resilience that had defined their relationship now became the driving force behind The Click's renewed purpose.
Months passed, and The Click's channel once again thrived, not only as a source of entertainment but also as a platform for spreading messages of love, acceptance, and healing. His loyal fans stood by his side, supporting him in his journey of self-discovery and growth.
And then, one day, amidst the chaos of life, a serendipitous encounter occurred. While attending a charity event, The Click found himself crossing paths with a fellow creator whose passion for making a positive impact mirrored his own. They shared conversations about their shared experiences, their passions intertwining effortlessly.
As their friendship deepened, a spark ignited between The Click and this new companion. They discovered in each other a profound understanding and empathy born from their respective journeys. The Click, hesitant at first, slowly opened his heart to the possibility of love once again.
Months turned into years, and the bond between The Click and his newfound love only grew stronger. Together, they created content that inspired, challenged, and brought joy to their viewers. The Click's fans embraced the new chapter in his life, celebrating his happiness and finding inspiration in the resilience of his spirit.
In time, The Click realized that while he would always hold One Topic's memory dear, he had the capacity to love again. He carried both the joy and the pain of his past with him, understanding that life was a tapestry woven with a myriad of emotions.
Through his videos and public appearances, The Click continued to spread the messages of love, acceptance, and healing that he and One Topic had championed together. Their love story remained a beacon of hope, reminding others that even in the face of heartbreak, love could find its way back into one's life.
And so, The Click embarked on a new chapter, filled with happiness and a renewed sense of purpose. With the unwavering support of his fans and the love of his new partner, he found solace in the belief that love, in all its forms, had the power to heal and uplift the human spirit.
Together, they carried on, knowing that the legacy of The Click and One Topic's love would forever endure, lighting the way for others to embrace their own journeys of love, resilience, and happiness. And in this new beginning, The Click found the strength to create a future where love and joy triumphed over sorrow, and where his story continued to inspire millions around the world.
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2023.06.09 20:17 Lepus_ol The King of Ninua calls in the City Council and prepares Ninua

The Emporer and with that also the direct pact of Ninua with the Kawriq Empire had died. Hyrum knew that renewing the Pact would not be as easy as it had been initialy forming it. He had hoped, by Kartmel, this balance would have held longer, but now it was time to act so that balance might be restored.

He right away sent out the orders to recall all free Madar-Balnas to Ninua and set the Royal Navy on alert. He also called in the Comander of the Ninuan City Watch Batnoam.
He alerted Batnoam of the Situation and ask him to have the Soilders Called in and be on extra alert and also check the City and incoming Ships for suspicious behaviour.

He also called in a irregular Meeting of the Council of Ninua. He would inform the Deleagets of the Situation, if they didn't already know and urge them to prepare for possible difficult Times. He would espacially ask the Merchants to stock up the Citys Supplystocks and would order an sets of weapons for the Armoury for the Defense of the City. They would also be urged to watch out and defend their convois more if needed. Also he would ask them if they had knowledge of Things that might be important for our City Ninua.

After all these Orders he would go and pray and do a sacreficy in the Temple of Kartmel.

A Session of the City Council of Ninua is called in and the Merchant Representatives are asked for their Support with Supplies, Weapons and Information.
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2023.06.09 20:08 Mediocre_Owl_4842 Just found out today that i can't afford to buy a house.

Due to the sensitive nature of this post, this is a throwaway account.
Originally, I wanted to save up more so i didn't need to use my retirement, but I was informed on the 1st, that my next lease renewal (Dec 2023) will increase by 22% (1850 to 2250). No rental increase laws or caps in my city (Salem, Oregon).
I contacted several lenders and discovered my maximum loan amount is 305k.
This is an insane amount. I thought it would have no problems finding corner of paradise for my family. It turns out that starter homes, start at 350k, but according my realtor, homes under 400k usually sale within 24 hours. So an obtainable house price is 380-400k. Which is far beyond my means.
My requirements are:
  1. Within a 30 minute drive to work
  2. 3 bedrooms
  3. 2 bathrooms
  4. Not on a busy street or near a highway
  5. Some form of yard
  6. Good condition
According my realtor, before COVID these same properties were 140-160k.
I also cant afford the maximum loan of $305k, as thats $2550 a month (pmi, taxes, insurance included).
Apartments start at $1800 for a 3B2B, 900 SQFT. But this would crush me. I am an extreme introvert.
I cant move far. My wife is blind and relies heavily on my family for support.
I love my job and do not want to switch. But even if i wanted to, i only have four more years before i qualify for my student loans to be forgiven (i work for a nonprofit).
My parents have zero financial support to offer.
The only extreme extra that i see is my car. I bought it before the price drop, and incentives. I am 20k in negative equity now. so its sticking with me for the long term. Plus, i really like it. Its the only luxury, that i can see, that is only for me.

Here is my financial breakdown: https://imgur.com/a/JuOoQ4m

I am completely lost. How are people buying homes? What are they doing i am not?
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2023.06.09 20:06 youngbaseddave Career Dilemma

Hi Reddit!
Recently started a new job as a long-term engineering contractor for a VERY large renewables developeoperator (one of the largest - which should give an indication of who it is) that paid more than my previous job (even factoring in no PTO, no 401k, no bonus, etc.) when overtime is considered. It also gave me an opportunity to pivot from oil/gas to renewables (specifically solar), which is something I've always dreamed of working in and seemed like an incredible opportunity. Fast forward a few months - and I am starting to have doubts.
1) Lack of support on the job. My training period lasted a total of 1/2 a day before I got thrown into projects. Rather than taking on 2 - 3 projects to start, as I was initially told I was going to, I was given 8 projects from a 25-year company veteran who had retired the week before I started. Needless to say, I am struggling and do not feel as if I was given the tools to succeed, and as a result am very stressed.
2) WFH. I have never worked a remote job before and thought I would love it. No commute, the fridge right next door, what's there not to love? I am finding this isn't the case - I find myself getting distracted, melancholic, and lonely spending 9 + hours per day in my home office. I am coming to the conclusion that I would much prefer a hybrid work environment with the option to work from home if necessary.
3) The contractor aspect. I was able to talk to a fellow contractor in my group before I signed on, and he assured me that "it's a contract job in name only, and that everyone is treated equally", while also going into how much he enjoyed the work and the team. While this is true, in general there are a couple of differences between FTE and contract employees including: a different type of badge, email signature, and not being able to expense certain things (mainly alcohol). Maybe I am just vain, but these small differences make me seem second-class somehow.
Recently, I received an offer from one of the other jobs I had interviewed for a PM role with a large EPCM firm that seems like a really exciting position. After speaking with the manager, I would continue to be able to work on solar, but also have an opportunity to branch out into CCuS/H2/wind/pumped storage projects and believe I would be given much more support/time to develop than in my current role. It's also a hybrid model - 2/3 days in office, 2/3 days at home. A breakdown of each job is as follows:
Current New
Salary $68/hr @ 47 weeks, 45 hours/week (min). $144k (ST OT) $120k/year. 40-hour weeks.
PTO 0 16 days PTO, 8 holidays
401k 0 3% match
Bonus None None
Health Insurance $200/month. High-Deductible ($3500) catastrophe insurance. $140/month. Lower-Deductible ($1500) insurance.
Environment Remote w/ 25% travel Hybrid w/ 10 - 20% travel
My concerns/questions are as follows. I have until end of June to make a decision:
1) I have never worked for an EPC form before and was told that I would be expected to bill 70% of my hours to a project. Also, from experience, going from an operator to a consultant/EPC is typically a step down. Is that the case for people who have made the switch from operator to EPC? Which do you prefer?
2) Burning bridges with my current role. Despite it being a contract, worried that it would hurt my career in the long run, even though I believe I would feel much more comfortable in a permanent FTE role. The other option is to grind it out for a year for the resume booster, which would allow me to branch out into FTE roles in the renewable energy space.
Needless to say, given everything I've mentioned - I could use some advice/perspectives from other seasoned professionals who could provide some insight on which option would be best from a personal and professional level. Thank you!
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2023.06.09 19:58 Fuzzy-Dragonfruit641 Bobbi Rush

Her vocals on DD Form 214 are amazing, and it's one of my favorite songs on the album. That's all.
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2023.06.09 19:46 Jdelerson Jerry Garcia Werewolf Short Story

The moon hung low in the ink-black sky, casting an eerie glow over the sprawling forest. The night was alive with unseen creatures, their presence felt in the rustling leaves and distant howls. It was in this desolate wilderness that the legend of Jerry Garcia, the musical werewolf, began to unfold.
In the summer of 1995, Jerry Garcia, the frontman of the iconic band Grateful Dead, was found dead in his sleep. The world mourned the loss of a musical legend, but little did they know that Jerry's fate had taken a most peculiar turn. Instead of meeting his demise, he had transformed into a creature of the night, bound to roam the earth for eternity.
Jerry's transformation was far from ordinary. Every full moon, when the moon reached its zenith, he would undergo a metamorphosis, becoming a fearsome werewolf with a supernatural musical prowess. His unearthly howls reverberated through the forest, creating a melody that chilled the bones of anyone unfortunate enough to hear it.
As the years rolled on, the legend of Jerry Garcia, the musical werewolf, spread like wildfire. People spoke of his haunting presence, warning others to avoid the moonlit woods during the full moon. But there were those who sought to uncover the truth, to witness the spectacle firsthand.
One such brave soul was Alex, a die-hard fan of the Grateful Dead and a self-proclaimed adventurer. Fascinated by the tales, he embarked on a quest to capture the enigma that was Jerry Garcia. Armed with a silver-tipped bullet soaked in LSD, the only known way to end the musical werewolf's cursed existence, Alex ventured deep into the heart of the forest.
As the full moon reached its zenith, casting an ethereal glow over the ancient trees, Alex prepared for the encounter. He knew the dangers that awaited him, but his determination outweighed his fear. With each step, the forest grew darker, and the air became heavy with anticipation.
Finally, he found himself in a small clearing, a place whispered about in hushed tones. The legends spoke of an ancient rock formation, said to be the epicenter of Jerry Garcia's power. Standing before the towering rocks, Alex felt a shiver crawl down his spine.
The sound of footsteps echoed through the silence. Alex spun around, only to be met with the glowing, golden eyes of the musical werewolf. Jerry Garcia, in his lupine form, stood before him, a monstrous embodiment of music and darkness.
Alex raised his weapon, aiming for Jerry's heart. But the werewolf, sensing the threat, unleashed a thunderous howl that sent tremors through the ground. The forest seemed to come alive, its trees twisting and contorting as if in pain. The very air vibrated with a haunting symphony.
Fueled by his love for the Grateful Dead, Alex fought against the enchanting melody that threatened to consume his mind. He steadied his trembling hands, took aim, and fired the LSD-soaked bullet towards Jerry's heart.
The moment the bullet pierced the werewolf's chest, a cacophony of sound erupted. It was a clash of joyous music and agonizing pain, a symphony that echoed through the trees. Jerry Garcia, the musical werewolf, let out a final, mournful howl before collapsing to the ground, lifeless.
As the echoes of the music subsided, the forest returned to its former stillness. Alex stood in the clearing, his heart pounding with a mix of triumph and sorrow. He had witnessed the end of an era, the final chapter in the twisted tale of Jerry Garcia.
Word of Alex's encounter spread, and the legend of the musical werewolf slowly faded into obscurity. Some dismissed it as
a mere myth, a figment of collective imagination. But there were those who believed, who carried the weight of that encounter in their hearts.
Years passed, and Alex's tale became a whispered legend, shared among the most devoted fans of the Grateful Dead. Some sought to retrace his steps, venturing into the moonlit woods, hoping to catch a glimpse of the ethereal presence that was Jerry Garcia.
Among those seekers was Emma, a young woman whose soul was steeped in the melodies and lyrics of the Grateful Dead. The stories of Jerry Garcia's transformation had ignited a flame of curiosity within her, and she yearned to experience the haunting beauty of his music, even at the risk of encountering the musical werewolf.
On a balmy summer night, when the moon was full and radiant, Emma embarked on her pilgrimage. Armed with a relic passed down from her father, a guitar pick said to have been touched by Jerry Garcia himself, she ventured into the heart of the forest.
Emma followed the path carved by the echoes of the past. The moonlight bathed the surroundings in an otherworldly glow, casting long, ghostly shadows on the ground. She felt a presence, an ethereal energy guiding her deeper into the wilderness.
At last, she arrived at the sacred clearing, the very place where Alex had faced Jerry Garcia, the musical werewolf. The rocks stood tall and imposing, a silent testament to the legends that had brought her here.
A haunting melody floated on the air, carried by a gentle breeze. Emma's heart quickened, recognizing the familiar strains of the Grateful Dead's music. It was as if the forest itself had become an orchestra, playing a symphony in honor of the fallen legend.
In the midst of the symphony, a figure emerged from the shadows. It was Jerry Garcia, no longer a werewolf but a spectral presence, his form shimmering with a soft luminescence. His eyes held a mixture of sadness and longing.
Emma approached with reverence, clutching the guitar pick in her hand. She spoke words of gratitude and admiration, her voice carrying the weight of every Grateful Dead fan who had ever danced to their music. She asked Jerry to share his essence, his music, one last time.
In response, Jerry Garcia strummed an invisible guitar, his fingers moving with ethereal grace. The sound that emanated from his ghostly form transcended the earthly realm, reaching depths unknown. It was a song of joy, pain, and everything in between—a bittersweet symphony that encapsulated the essence of the Grateful Dead.
Emma closed her eyes and let the music wash over her, filling her soul with a profound sense of connection. She danced, twirling amidst the moonbeams, feeling the energy of Jerry's music reverberate through her every fiber.
As the song reached its crescendo, a tear escaped Emma's eye. She knew that this was a once-in-a-lifetime experience, a communion with a musical deity. With a final strum of his spectral guitar, Jerry Garcia faded away, leaving Emma standing in the clearing, her heart overflowing with a sense of fulfillment.
From that day forward, Emma became the guardian of Jerry Garcia's legacy. She shared her encounter with others, keeping the memory alive for future generations. She spoke of the musical werewolf and the bittersweet symphony that could only be experienced under the light of a full moon.
The legend of Jerry Garcia, the musical werewolf, would forever be etched in the annals of musical folklore. And those who dared to venture into the moonlit woods would carry the essence of his music within them, an eternal connection to a soul who had touched the hearts of millions.
In the realm where myth and reality In the realm where myth and reality intertwine, Jerry Garcia's spirit continued to resonate through the fabric of time. His music lived on, a testament to the power of creativity, unity, and the ability to transcend mortal limitations.
Emma, now a revered storyteller, traveled far and wide, sharing her encounter with the musical werewolf. She became a beacon for those seeking a connection to something greater than themselves, using her voice to spread the message of love, peace, and the transformative power of music.
Through her words, countless souls found solace, inspiration, and a renewed sense of purpose. The spirit of Jerry Garcia resonated within each note they played, carrying the message of harmony and the freedom to explore the depths of one's creativity.
As the years passed, a new generation of musicians emerged, drawing inspiration from the ethereal presence of Jerry Garcia. They crafted melodies that echoed the essence of his music, forming a bridge between past and present, honoring the legacy of the musical werewolf.
The forest that had witnessed the birth and demise of Jerry Garcia, the heart of his werewolf transformation, became a sacred place. People from all walks of life gathered there, their voices blending harmoniously with the whispers of nature. Together, they celebrated the indelible mark left by the legendary musician.
In this mystical space, on the night of a full moon, a grand concert took place. Musicians, fans, and curious souls came together, carrying the torch of Jerry's spirit. The music that filled the air was a symphony of gratitude, a joyful lamentation that resonated deep within the hearts of those present.
And as the final notes faded into the night, a sense of fulfillment embraced all who were fortunate enough to bear witness. The story of Jerry Garcia, the musical werewolf, had come full circle, leaving a lasting imprint on the tapestry of human experience.
Though Jerry's physical form may have been lost to the world, his essence remained alive in the hearts of the devoted. His music continued to inspire, uplift, and ignite the flame of creativity. The legend of Jerry Garcia, the musical werewolf, transcended mortality, etching its name in the annals of time.
And so, on every full moon, when the moon reached its zenith, the echoes of Jerry's music could still be heard, carried by the wind through the moonlit woods. Those who listened closely, with open hearts and a yearning for something greater, would find themselves enveloped in the timeless embrace of the musical werewolf, forever touched by the magic of Jerry Garcia.
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2023.06.09 19:41 AppointmentMassive37 Please clarify question on i130a form

Hi all so i was going over my form that I used a lawyer to submit and for employment i noticed it was mm/dd/yyyy format. I noticed our submitted form had only mm/yyyy format. Is this fine?? Should wecorrrect this and upload? Please clarify i am so worried😅 i just noticed this and our form is under review
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2023.06.09 19:11 samstanleyy DAA ID

My DAA is on the 26th and my passport expired on the 24th. I sent it off to get renewed 2 weeks ago and it might not me back in time. I will get my provisional licence in a month but that's to late. Is there anything else I can bring as ID? My recruiter probably doesn't work weekends and I need a form of ID in 2 weeks. If I cant bring an ID will it be pointless in me going? Do I have to wait for my ID to come or is there something else I can do?
Any responses or help are apricated.
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2023.06.09 19:01 WhatCanIMakeToday GameStop's 10-Q DRS Numbers: Bullish

GameStop's 10-Q DRS Numbers: Bullish
GameStop's most recent 10-Q revealed a very interesting and very bullish information with the number of shares held by Cede & Co going down!
GameStop's 10-K filed on March 28, 2023 GameStop's 10-Q filed today, June 7, 2023
As of March 22, 2023, there were 197,058 record holders of our Class A Common Stock. Excluding the approximately 228.7 million shares of our Class A Common Stock held by Cede & Co on behalf of the Depository Trust & Clearing Corporation (or approximately 75% of our outstanding shares), approximately 76.0 million shares of our Class A Common Stock were held by record holders as of March 22, 2023 (or approximately 25% of our outstanding shares. As of June 1, 2023, there were approximately 304,751,243 shares of our Class A common stock outstanding. Of those outstanding shares, approximately 228.1 million were held by Cede & Co on behalf of the Depository Trust & Clearing Corporation (or approximately 75% of our outstanding shares) and approximately 76.6 million shares of our Class A common stock were held by registered holders with our transfer agent (or approximately 25% of our outstanding shares) as of June 1, 2023.
Let's bring back some context from my prior post, GME 10-K: A Turning Point, and expand on it by first charting the history of GameStop's DRS numbers.
This is beautiful because we're seeing a classic S-curve in our data. Let me draw it for you and explain.
An S-curve is very important when considering new ideas. Basically, an S-curve represents how fast an idea spreads. In the beginning, ideas are new and held by only a few so the growth curve is slow. Then, at some point, ideas take off and we see rapid growth. And, finally, there's a saturation point reached where growth slows down again. These "phases of innovation" are well documented:
The adoption rate of innovations is non-linear; it is slow at first, then rapidly rises before flattening out again as it reaches market saturation.
Harnessing the Power of S-Curves
There are many theories of change, but one that is particularly relevant to innovation is centred on the S-curve. It is a way of depicting incremental, disruptive and radical innovation.
The S-curve can also be used to depict the diffusion of innovations in a culture over time. First described by Everett Rogers in the early 1960s, diffusion is the process by which an innovation is communicated and taken up over time. Rogers’ work is important because it emphasises that the innovation itself is not the only determinant of its ‘success’. There must also be communication channels, time and a social system in place to enable the innovation to be used and adopted more and more widely. Rogers also identifies the different categories of adopters: innovators, early adopters, majority (further subdivided into early and late) and laggards (Rogers, 1962).
[Open University: Innovation and the S-curve]
When we look at the DRS numbers, we can see the classic S curve. The key recognition is that some shares were already directly registered before apes figured DRS out. Perhaps with the benefit of hindsight, it's obvious that no early whale apes directly registered 5 million shares because apes are generally not that rich. ComputerShared.net even has a Shareholder Distribution chart where you can see that, even now, all apes sampled have fewer than 32,768 shares.
While may never know how many shares were held by the ~1,600 record holders in 2021 or who held them, we do know that there were at least 1,600 record holders and they, by definition, held directly registered shares. Then, as of Oct 30, 2021, 5.2M shares were directly registered after a few early apes started direct registering their shares.
As more apes started to directly register their shares, we see a rapid growth phase between 2021 and 2022. After the July 2022 splividend, we start to see DRS numbers tailing off as the idea of DRS matures signifying an acceptance of DRS amongst apes.

Bullish Turning Points

Looking back at the history of DRS numbers, we see two major changes in shareholder reporting: Oct 2021 and March 2023. As I noted before (twice),
These SEC forms are filed every quarter or year and people are lazy. The easiest way to start off a filing is to simply copy the one filed before (i.e., template) and update things like dates and numbers. So why the change? Wut mean?
  • Before Oct 2021, GameStop reported the number of record holders.
  • Between Oct 2021 and Oct 2022, GameStop reported shares directly registered with their transfer agent.
  • March 2023, GameStop reported the number of record holders, number of shares held by Cede & Co, and number of shares held by record holders.
  • June 2023, GameStop reports the number of shares outstanding, number of shares held by Cede & Co, and number of shares held by registered holders with our transfer agent.
The Oct 2021 change is pretty clearly a result of apes directly registering their shares leading to a noticeable increase of directly registered shares.
The March 2023 number is interesting because you'll notice that the Jan 2023 10-K reporting was significantly delayed for nearly two months from the end of Jan (see Jan 29, 2022) to March 22, 2023. This delay suggests the SEC didn't like what GameStop submitted and required GameStop to modify their filing before it became public. I think GameStop was going to put the discrepancy into their 10-K and the SEC said "Uhh, no. Please change that."^[1] (Remember, there shouldn't ever be more shares reported as held than shares outstanding; which is why proxy over voting has been "addressed" by adjusting the vote counts.)
To give you an example of this problem from my prior DD, End Game: DTC and NSCC are screwed as the DTC just proved shareholders should Directly Register Shares (DRS) and End Game Part Deux: Problems at the DTCC plus The Bigger Picture, we saw from 🛏️🛁 bankruptcy filings that their Transfer Agent reported Cede and Co holds more shares (776M) than there are outstanding (739M) -- which should be impossible.
Sources can't be linked (contains the ticker symbol) but can be found in the other sub
If a bankruptcy judge didn't order 🛏️🛁 to file this information with the Court, nobody would ever know that a company has 739M shares outstanding (with some directly registered) while the DTC and DTCC are circulating 776M shares of that company for trading (plus rehypothecation)!
Yet, here we are. And now we understand why the SEC is rushing to push through so many regulations simply to not look as bad when shit hits the fan. ("So, SEC, a bunch of regards on the Internet figured this out with publicly available information and you didn't? Even when the SEC was directly made aware of issues, again?")
Turning back to GME's 10-Q numbers, GameStop reported 76.6M shares held by Registered Holders^[2] and 228.1M shares held by Cede & Co on behalf of the DTCC. We know what ComputerShare, the Transfer Agent, is reporting. But due to the fog of war, we don't know how many shares the DTC and DTCC are circulating for trading or how many beneficially owned rights to shares there are.
What we know and don't know
Which means we can think of GME's 10-Q filing as a sort of CYA. GameStop has put on record there are 228.1M shares recorded by the Transfer Agent (ComputerShare) as allocated to Cede & Co and the DTC/DTCC. As far as GameStop, ComputerShare, and the SEC are concerned, any securities issues after that are problems within the Big Orange Box of BS (Beneficially-owned Shares).
The flattening of the S-curve happened somewhere around Oct 2022 and March 2023 when, all of a sudden, apes only saw an increase of 0.5M shares directly registered in the Oct 2022 DRS number followed by a 4.2M increase in March 2023. I think what happened for the Oct 2022 DRS number is institutions withdrew their ~5M directly registered shares to Cede & Co to (1) try and make it look like apes were leaving and (2) put more shares into Cede & Co for circulation.^[3] A few apes have come up with some recent evidence this could the case (by reviewing the ledger!) per a post on the DRS sub by lawsondt (with confirmation in the comments, 🫡)
Remember, apes are generally not whales so there's no way apes started off with 5.2M shares directly registered. On the other hand, institutions have the money to do so and some institutions probably wanted to have shares in their name. But there are no institutions on the list as of April 2023 anymore which strongly suggests apes are amazing regards who directly registered more shares than the institutions pulled out.
And now, institutions are out of directly registered shares. No more DRS rug pulls.

The Number of Shares Held By The DTC Is Consistently Shrinking

So when I look at the 71 calendar days between March 28, 2023 and June 7, 2023 (49 trading days), ComputerShare recorded 600k more shares held by registered ownership. That's 8,000+ shares per calendar day or 12,000+ shares per trading day removed from the BS box and locked away.
This is what the power of slow and steady erosion looks like
Cede & Co's holdings are consistently shrinking and institutions no longer have any directly registered shares.
According to the SEC, beneficial rights to shares held by the DTC are split amongst all the beneficial shareholder interests.
Each participant or pledgee having an interest in securities of a given issue credited to its account has a pro rata interest in the securities of that issue held by DTC.
[SR-DTC-2003-02 34-47978 (June 4, 2003)]
From another DD, Estimating Excess GME Share Liquidity From Borrow Data & Churn Factor, I covered a 2010 IMF Working Paper (The (sizable) Role of Rehypothecation in the Shadow Banking System) that found rehypothecation in the shadow banking system resulted in a churn factor of 4.
A churn factor of 4 means each GME share is rehypothecated into 4 beneficial rights to 1 GME share. Thus, according to the SEC, each GME share in a brokerage is worth 1/4 of what you think it's worth. Less if the churn factor is higher. (Easily higher as some countries have no limits on rehypothecation.)
Simply changing how shares are held from beneficially-owned shares (BS) to directly registered shares (DRS) automatically increases how much of the Company you own. This is true for any Company where shareholders may suspect the DTC has more shares on their books or in circulation than they should. With the shadow banking system rehypothecating assets around in circles, it's likely every BS share traded under the DTCC is worth less a DRS counterpart. Thus, every shareholder is basically incentivized to own a bigger portion of each Company by simply Direct Registering Shares to get more ownership for the same price. Which is exactly what the DTC and SEC said shareholders should do:
DTC pointed out that if beneficial owners believe that their interests are best protected by not having their shares subject to book-entry transfer at DTC, then they can instruct their broker-dealer to execute a withdrawal-by-transfer, which will remove the securities from DTC and transfer them to the shareholder in certificated form.
SR-DTC-2003-02 34-47978 (June 4, 2003)
If I get 4x more ownership by executing a DRS withdrawal-by-transfer out of the DTC, then clearly the DTC is not protecting my interests and I should execute a DRS withdrawal-by-transfer as suggested by the DTC and SEC.


Remember: adoption rate is non-linear. Meaning all the comments about it taking 84 years to lock the float at this rate are irrelevant because they assume a constant linear DRS rate at the current 8,000+ per calendar day (12,000+ per trading day) rate.
Instead, we should consider the current 8,000+ per calendar day (12,000+ per trading day) rate as a floor for what apes are accomplishing as a baseline. Progress and adoption are typically a series of S-curves as ideas are spread, adopted by a group, reach maturity in that group, spread more, adopted by others, reach maturity in the new group, and spread more again.
As a baseline, the current 8,000+ per calendar day (12,000+ per trading day) is phenomenal because these shares are getting locked away every single day despite everything Wall St has tried including:
  • incredibly high inflation taking away money from investments for living expenses,
  • media constantly bashing meme stocks, and
  • an endless stream of rule proposals and comments from the financial industry designed to screw retail investors.
I look forward to upcoming S-curves increasing our DRS numbers as more people learn about how our markets function. I know it will happen because it is inevitable. As shares are directly registered with the Transfer Agent, fewer shares will be held by the DTC which reduces the value of the remaining beneficial shares. And, in order to keep the price down, more beneficial rights to the shrinking number shares held by the DTC will be sold which further dilutes the value of those BS shares. As the ownership gain from directly registering shares increases, more shares will be directly registered which further speeds up this virtuous cycle (a virtuous cycle is like a vicious cycle, but for good things).
The incentives and self-interests align in such a way that the invisible hand ensures people will DRS as they learn it's more valuable to them.
Thank you to every ape out there contributing to this shared knowledge base. From the lit buildings at midnight to the memes and the amazing DD, including the relentless and rigorous peer review^[4], we are all educating each other about how our securities markets function.
[1] This theory is also consistent with some Trust Me Bro that I speculated about.
[2] Why the change from "record holders" to "registered holders"? Maybe this is to address the confusion around the Heat Lamp Theory? From the context, I suspect Book or Plan are both counted by ComputerShare as Directly Registered Shares falling under the "Registered-ownership shares" category on ComputerShare's FAQ.
[3] Notably, if you consider an adjustment for the Oct 2022 onwards numbers for the shares institutions pulled out, you'd get a much cleaner and smoother transition at the top with +5.5M, +4.2M, +0.6M and so on... which makes for a prettier S-curve that one might expect to see.
[4] Let's be realistic, it's the Internet. We're all basically like this
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2023.06.09 19:01 Morgellons-Live "What Are Drugs And Supplements?" article by Aajonus Vonderplanitz

"What Are Drugs And Supplements?
Drugs are industrial chemicals combined in different ways to create a change in bodily conditions. Industrial chemicals have no relationship to nourishment. Nourishment grows, maintains and renews the body every moment that food passes through our digestive tracts. As food passes through, usually in 24 hours, bacteria digest and release nutrients in the food that gives us energy, vitality and bodily stability, that is homeostasis.
Drugs cannot create homeostasis. In fact, they create the opposite. They create disease and suffering. If we were to try and live on medication and supplements without food, we would quickly become ill and die. Even eating ultra-processed foods can quickly make us sick and diseased as proved in the documentary "Supersize Me". In the film, the subject ate nothing but McDonalds "wholesome" food for 30 days. He gained about 30 pounds, diabetic symptoms, depression and anxiety in just 30 days.
ALL supplements are chemically derived even if they are from food sources. In order to isolate a nutrient from food, heat and industrial solvents must be utilized. In "natural" supplements, kerosene, kerosene-derivatives and/or ethyl alcohol are used. Although they are considered natural, they are highly toxic, and to varying degrees damage animal/human cells. Kerosene, ethyl alcohol and other industrial processes are used to dissolve food from which substances will be extracted and negatively alter those substances sought.
Do we think that rinsing it will eliminate the solvents or are they etched into food molecules and sub-particles? What chemicals are formed with the interaction of the solvents and food? Would we soak our food in kerosene or ethyl alcohol for 30 minutes, rinse it for 30-45 seconds and eat it? That is a mild scenario of the industrial process. Laboratories usually soak food for 6-10 hours to dissolve it and rinse for 30-180 seconds.
Then they use various industrial processes to isolate parts of the dissolved food that they will sell as nutrients. All nutrients are complex. Once nutrient-complexes are separated, they no longer function as holistic nutrients, causing accumulation of fragmented nutrient-parts and imbalances. That does not include the kerosene or alcohol contamination within the so-called "nutritional" supplements. Deformed fragment and solvent toxicity accumulates, causing great imbalances on cellular levels.
In order for a company to grow and process foods to isolate and extract so-called concentrated "nutrients", they would have to produce at least 20 supplements to gain a profit. They would have to isolate at least 20 separate "nutrients" that they can package and sell in order to profit.
If, for instance, a company produced only 1 supplement from a specific food that they grew, one bottle or even one pill would cost about $1000 yet still not be truly natural and complete.
Vitamin E For example, how many units of vitamin E are in one ear of corn to make one low-dose vitamin E capsule containing 100 I.U.? If the company and lab are very very lucky, they might derived 50 I.U. from one ear of corn, that is only 1/2 capsule. The average cost to grow one ear of corn is 50 cents.
First, let's take a brief look at vitamin E. Vitamin E from food sources is listed as "d-alpha- tocopherol" on food packaging and supplement labels. Synthetic (laboratory-made) vitamin E is listed as "dl-alpha-tocopherol". Some food-sourced vitamin E supplements provide other forms that are vitamin E-related, such as gamma-tocopherol, tocotrienols, and mixed tocopherols. They constitute the vitamin E complex. All of those must be present to utilize vitamin E efficiently to accomplish the many things that our bodies perform with it. Some people take large doses because they believe or hope that doing so will keep them healthy or lower their risk of certain diseases.
The myth is that we have to derive vitamin E from food or supplemental sources. The truth is that our bodies create vitamin E from completely raw natural fats through healthy natural bacterial processing during digestion. If digestion is healthy and uncontaminated, during digestion, our bodies' intestinal bacteria not only fractionate food molecules but redesign them, including the production of vitamin E. Cooking, processing and chemically treating food destroys creative bacteria in our intestines, causing massive deficiencies such as vitamin E. Consequently, absence of vitamin E causes oxidization and other toxic substances that result in symptoms of aging.
Returning to vitamin E manufacturing, the wastes remaining from "natural" supplemental processes are 99.9999% of the corn. Waste is voluminous and very expensive as well as harmful to environments. Therefore to be profitable a company and/or lab making the vitamin must find other uses for all of that waste. Most food manufacturers sell waste as animal feed that will grow inferior and diseased animals for meat, diary and eggs. All animals have grown and been vital on their natural raw diets, disease-free for millions of years. As Hippocrates stated, let food be your medicine and medicine be your food. Processed chemicallized fodder is not a natural diet to any creature.
In "natural" supplement-manufacturing what actually happens is, a well-meaning person representing a company approaches representatives at laboratories and asks for bids or estimates for cost of producing an "all natural" vitamin supplement. The lab wants the work. The representative tells the company representative that they will produce an "all natural" supplement in which they will not add or use any thing that is not a natural substance. Usually, no one knows that ethyl alcohol and kerosene will be used since they are "natural" solvents.
Most supplemental companies do not grow or utilize raw food from which they derive their "natural" supplements. To make products viable and profitable for both parties, the lab goes to food- manufacturers and buys their waste. Food- manufacturers sell their waste (already chemically and industrially processed with thousands of chemicals) to the lab. The lab dissolves the waste without adding new chemicals that are not "natural". They use the "natural" solvents mentioned above: ethyl alcohol, kerosene and/or kerosene derivative. They label their supplements "All Natural". NO SUPPLEMENT IS TRULY NATURAL, ORGANIC AND BIOACTIVE.
Now, let's consider the composition of synthetic vitamin E. It is made by combining industrial chemicals completely unrelated to food. They are as able to create real vitamin E as laboratories are able to build an apple from chemicals. It is impossible and ludicrous to make such claims. It simply cannot be done.
In fact, did you know that most synthetic vitamin E is the byproduct of film-developing chemicals? Film-developing chemicals are extremely toxic. They are expensive to contain and dispose of the waste. Sometime in the 1960's a scientist noticed that petroleum-based film-developing fluid waste looked about 70% like vitamin E. Instead of film- developing companies paying enormous costs of waste disposal, they diversified into processing and selling the toxic waste as vitamin E. Ninety-five percent of supplemental vitamin E consumed in the world is, or is very similar to, toxic film- development waste.
Controlling fear and panic during illness (detoxification) Industrial toxins create all illness whether mild or severe diseases. The first thing that should be our concern is not to panic when faced with severe detoxification, even if deforming. Going to a medical or "alternative" doctor will usually result in the same experience, that is, terrorization followed by poisoning. They will terrorize you into believing the worst-case scenario.
They are trained to scare the "living daylight out of you". Literally, that means to scare you senseless and stupid. They will convince you with chemistry nonsense, microbial and auto-immune myths and other horror stories to confuse you into accepting harmful substances or "therapies" whether they be medication or supplements.
Herein, I chose to document and share my grueling experience with you so that if such detoxification happens to you, you do not panic and seek harmful medical help. Since all such detoxifications are the result of industrial toxins accumulated and stored in the body, the cause is never bacterial, fungal, or parasitical. Taking antibiotics may stop the detoxification of stored industrial chemicals but does not remedy the problem.
The problem is that stored industrial toxins cause internal imbalances and damage. Taking an antibiotic adds industrial toxins and causes more harm. In other words, the body simply changes its priority to harnessing and detoxifying the new industrial toxin that is the antibiotic, and suppresses detoxification of the old accumulated and stored industrial chemicals.
Since April 2, 2011 until September 7, 2011, my last annual detoxification from those forced injections and anesthesia caused severe attention deficit disorders when I attempted to write. The area in my brain relating to writing became unresponsive and agitated when I attempted to write complex thoughts. It took me 3-5 times longer to write anything. Consequently, my newsletters have been tardy.
Besides the brain disorder, I suffered shoulder, arm, chest, buttocks, leg and foot detoxification similar to those that occurred for 6 months immediately following the forced anesthesia and injections 19 months ago. Other symptoms I have endured since that time are:
low skin luster with grayish and/or greenish tones especially in legs numbness of feet especially in soles thick callused soles deformed whitish or tarnished toenails, some as thick as 1/8 inch severe increased hair loss on top my head severe reduced ability to neutralize, dissolve and discharge industrial toxins from my skin, causing dryness cellular death and scarring appearance of aging from many dead cells in skin sporadic farsightedness loss of much sensuality, feelings, sexuality and 5 teeth and every time I breath, I smell harsh chemicals even in remote forests. Most of those symptoms are normal indications of "aging". However, that malignant aging is simply the result of industrial contamination gradually destroying cells."
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2023.06.09 18:35 melara896 Form I-90 application to Replace/ Renew Permanent Resident Card

I needed to renew my green card since it was about to expire. So I submitted form I-90(online) and based on the comments I read I wasn’t expecting the process to be so fast.
Here is my timeline: (at first the expected time was 8 months according to my USCIS account but then it kept changing.)
May 11: We received your form I-90. May19: We scheduled you for as biometrics appointment (It was on June 5th). June 5: Were actively reviewing you form. our records showed nothing is outstanding at this time. June 6: We are producing your new card. June 8 2023: Card was produced.
Waiting for it now.
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2023.06.09 17:15 pipestone_ Dating site subscription renewed with no warning - no receipt

Thank you for your responses. I accept and understand that it was my responsibility to cancel the service and will be paying the amount.
However, I still think that the shady business practice of not providing proof of purchases or easily accessible receipts on behalf of eharmony is concerning and not consumer friendly.
Have a nice day

Original post:
Hey everyone,
I guess this doubles as a PSA and a request for advice.
Last year I signed up for the eharmony premium service at a discount and used it for a few months. I was sent an email saying that I was on automatic renewal and that I would be charged over double in the next year on the same date. I used the service for about a month or two, and then forgot about it.
Fast forward to this year: I am out of the country and am no longer using my credit card as much, but I check the banking statements and it says that I have been charged 176.81 for another year. I thought at first that someone had gotten ahold of my credit card, so I tried to dispute the charge, only to eventually realize that I had never cancelled the renewal on Eharmony, so I did that as soon as I got back into the account.
However, as I checked my email, there was no email from eharmony mentioning that they would be charging my account, and I haven't received any form of receipt for the amount they charged me. There's no way to find an itemized receipt on the account, and there's no trace of anything in my email aside from the initial email in 2022.
I wrote to the helpline for eharmony asking for a refund and mentioned the lack of receipt, but the response I got maintained that I would be charged AND that a reminder email was sent to me prior to the purchasing.
I responded to them asking again for my money back, and the receipt of the purchase and proof of the email.
My question is, what else can I do about this? I can't just not pay the amount on my credit card if they don't refund the purchase, right? Is there like a small consumer protections lawyers that I can contact about this? I'm currently not in the USA but I am a citizen.
Any advice would be appreciated. The amount won't break me but it's still a lot of money.
Thank you

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2023.06.09 16:31 UnDead_Ted Everyday Spurgeon Devotion Friday, June 9th

Everyday Spurgeon Devotion Friday, June 9th


Everyday Verse

Romans 12:2
  • And do not be conformed to this world [any longer with its superficial values and customs], but be transformed and progressively changed [as you mature spiritually] by the renewing of your mind [focusing on godly values and ethical attitudes], so that you may prove [for yourselves] what the will of God is, that which is good and acceptable and perfect [in His plan and purpose for you].
  • Do not be conformed to this age, but be transformed by the renewing of your mind, so that you may discern what is the good, pleasing, and perfect will of God.
  • Do not be conformed to this world, but be transformed by the renewal of your mind, that by testing you may discern what is the will of God, what is good and acceptable and perfect.
  • And be not conformed to this world: but be ye transformed by the renewing of your mind, that ye may prove what is that good, and acceptable, and perfect, will of God.
  • Don’t copy the behavior and customs of this world, but let God transform you into a new person by changing the way you think. Then you will learn to know God’s will for you, which is good and pleasing and perfect.

What does IT mean?

Paul is urging Christians to respond to God's mercy, His forgiveness of our sin, and His inclusion of us in His family. The appropriate reaction would be offering to Him our entire lives as a form of living, breathing sacrifice.
Next, Paul writes that we must no longer be conformed to the world. The word "world" is often used in the New Testament to refer to the "world system," or the way that every human being lives by default. John described this worldly way of living as "the desires of the flesh and the desires of the eyes and pride of life" (1 John 2:16). By instinct, all of us chase those things in pursuit of happiness and meaning.
Paul tells us to abandon the chase for pleasure, possessions, and status—to stop living like everyone else. Instead, he urges us to be transformed from the inside out. Specifically, he writes that we must be changed in how we think, to have our minds renewed so that we can begin to understand God's will for our lives.
God may continue to provide us with pleasure, possessions, and status in various forms, but he urges us to learn how to look at life with a new question: What does God want for me? What is truly a good, acceptable, and perfect use of my life for His purposes and not just for my own?

Today's Quote

Richard Baxter
"Unity in things necessary, Liberty in things unnecessary, and Charity in all things."

Spurgeon's Daily Help

"The unsoundness of a vessel is not seen when it is empty; but when it is filled with water, than we will see whether it will leak or no."
It is in our prosperity that we are tested. Men are not fully discovered to themselves until they are tried by fullness of success. Praise finds praise, wealth reveals selfishness, and learning discovers the leak of unbelief. Success is the crucible of character. Hence the prosperity which some welcome as an unmixed favor may far more rightly be regarded as an intense form of test. O Lord, preserve us when we are full as much as if we were empty.

The Spurgeon Birthday Book

Have I been making a fair show in the flesh without having a corresponding inner life? Let me reflect that in flourishing plants growth takes place upwards and downwards at the same time. It may be that I am flowering with conspicuous zeal, like a scarlet poppy among corn; but I am rooted in sincere fidelity and love to Jesus? If not, my profession will soon die away for want of root.

Daily Spurgeon Quote

Charles H. Spurgeon
"A man is not far from the gates of Heaven, when he is fully submissive to the Lord's will."

Have a Great Day & God Bless You.

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