Cheapest gas in plano


2021.10.14 02:01 Black-Beard-97 LotusBSC

Lotus is a community-driven token that provides a use case; A PVP Game and NFTs in a known market place, which entwine with the game. We are targetting the gaming community, and have decided to launch on the BSC Network, as gas fees are the cheapest and it's deemed the most popular blockchain. You will be able to bring centralized money into the decentralized space via our token, which will be implemented in our NFTs and Game!

2019.08.08 03:36 noncongruent earwiggles

Place to post earwiggles by nursing critters

2023.06.01 13:08 Hortenho2299 I have a task for the people who like to read a lot of fnaf horror stories like “My Summer Job” to help me find an old story.

Ok I’ve been on a trip down memory lane, watching/reading/listening to old fnaf videos and stories. There’s one fnaf story that I really like but can’t find and I need some people who may know this story or could help find it.
Information/plot of the story:
The story of a guy (character’s name I can’t remember) says that he is some sort of investigator hired to look into 4 missing kids at Freddy Fazbear’s pizzeria (the location is the first fnaf game and the story is about 8 year old.) the investigator goes to the pizzeria and gets hired as the night guard. (I’ve forgotten most of the story but I do remember most of the important parts of the story) the guy finds out that Frye soul in foxy is friendly and wants to help him shut down the place and that golden Freddy is who kidnapped 4 kids. He tortured them and put them in the robots. The investigator find out when he fell into a hole under the desk in the office that lead to the basement where he would then find the 4 kids hung up on a wall dead and beaten and on his way out of the basement he find a laptop with pics of the kids (the story is a bit gory) one of the night a female coworker pass out leaving the place and the investigator brings her in but him and foxy have to protect her from the other robots but she ends up dead.
I remember the ending very well. The investigator burns/blows up the building by releasing the gas from the gas ovens and gets thrown by the blast. He sees golden Freddy rise up out of the burning rubble and attacks the investigator and throws him into the forest. after a while of tumbling he gets impaled on a tree. When golden Freddy get to him they fight and golden Freddy ends up destroyed and the investigator crawls off into a tiny cave and passes out (a reference to slender man was here) emergency services find him then some time passes by and he finds himself at the burnt pizzeria. The spirits of foxy and the dead coworker appear to talk to the investigator and give him a good bye before the two pass on. The end.
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2023.06.01 13:07 Dinierto SLPT: FREE FOOD HACK- Go to McDonalds when nobody is in the drive thru line, buy the cheapest thing they have, and offer to pay for the guy behind you. Pull around and receive your free meal!

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2023.06.01 13:04 bitkogan Playing the Gas Market: A Comparative Analysis of BOIL and UNG

Playing the Gas Market: A Comparative Analysis of BOIL and UNG
As expected, BOIL is lagging behind UNG. My prediction from April 27th stands firm.
Yesterday, the July natural gas future NGM23 saw a surprising jump after news broke that Equinor ASA had halted production at the Hammerfest LNG plant in Norway to repair a leak.
European responses to the news have been understandable and justified. However, their issues don't influence the prices at Henry Hub. Hence, it's not worth reacting too emotionally to them. US LNG exports won't increase due to reduced supplies from Norway.
As expected, prices fell towards the end of the session, and the July future will soon test its previous low of May 4th.
I'm not surprised, as I've been saying for a while that there are currently no fundamental reasons for natural gas prices to rise. According to BloombergNEF, a daily record for extraction was set yesterday – 102.43 bn cubic feet. If the reduction in Gas Rigs leads to a drop in extraction, then we can discuss the justification for a rise in prices, but not until then.
BloombergNEF's daily data is often revised, but I believe that EIA will confirm the trend in today's gas storage data and further in next week's Short-Term Energy Outlook.
The depreciation of BOIL relative to UNG is going as planned. Since April 27th, when I sold June calls on BOIL, hedging risks by buying UNG, BOIL has lost over 22%, while UNG has lost less than 10%. BOIL is now significantly below its May 4th low, while UNG is above its.
I only regret the low liquidity of BOIL options, which limits position size. Hence, my current profit is only around $700. I'm not closing yet, as a bounce in gas prices might increase it. It's true that a downside protection wouldn't hurt now, but I'll proceed without it for now.
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2023.06.01 13:04 Aniruddhb16 Best online store to buy sealed products from in Canada?

I am in Regina, SK. Any online websites which are good for buying different sealed products like sleeved booster packs, booster boxes, with great discounts and cheapest prices.
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2023.06.01 13:03 Ok_Listen_8789 A couple of what would you do questions

Hi! I have no friends and only a few colleagues/acquaintances who have nannies too, so someone suggested I try reddit!
I have two things I'd love your advice/opinions on.
We have a nanny who works full-time hours for us, but without any sort of set schedule (ie, every week is different). She has guaranteed 40h pay for the week. I'd say 90% of the time, she works about 36h/week and the other 10% is somewhere between 36 & 40. She puts our kid to bed maybe once a week, but mostly works daylight hours. She does occasionally watch her on the weekends for a date night/special occasion and for those, she gets paid her hourly rate separately from her normal weekly pay. So, my first question: two weeks in a row coming up, she's staying through the evening to do bedtime on Fri night. She will not be over her 40h for the week, including this time, and the evenings are contiguous to normal daytime working hours. Should I treat this as part of normal hours/not pay extra, or should I treat it as extra weekend hours? Or kinda split the difference, which is what I was thinking and just give her like $50 as a thank you for doing Friday bedtime?
Secondly, the car. She has her own car, so we've always just paid for gas and helped her with maintenance & repairs. But said car has been struggling in the past month or two. We paid for a few thousand dollars worth of repairs a few weeks ago and it broke down again on Monday. Long story short, we went to get her a new car, but don't really know how to arrange it. Do we buy a car, have the title in our name, and just "let her use it"? Do we have her buy a new car and reimburse her - for some vs all of it? Do we let her drive one of our existing cars and get a new one for ourselves? I'm not super inclined to just spend $20,000++ on a car for her with no logically thought out arrangement going forward... But, she drives our kid everywhere, and we want them to have safe & reliable transportation!
Thanks in advance for your thoughts!
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2023.06.01 13:03 Poo_In_Teeth Help. Why won't it recognise my gas?

I have optimism but needed gas to send to an exchange. Sent the gas to my main Ethereum network wallet address. The money has been received.
However when I click optimism there is an eth section and that says there is 0. When I try to do anything with the optimism it says there is insufficient gas even though that's false.
I checked the wallet address for the main ETH and the eth area in the optimism area that says 0 and they are the same address....
How can I get it to recognise the Ethereum?
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2023.06.01 13:01 osianharding Working Glitches List + FAQ [Mod Post]

Working Glitches

This is the Working Glitches Section! This is always being improved, and if you have any recommendations please let me know in the comments or send me a direct message. If you know a glitch is working on any other platform I haven't included or doesn't work anymore, also let us know. If a glitch is patched then it will be stricken through. If a platform is in italics, it means it is unsure. If a platform is just "Xbox" or "PlayStation", that means that it works with both old gen and new gen versions of the game.
Money and RP Glitches:
Semi Frozen Money (No Bird, No Save Wizard, No Save) - Xbox One, PS4 - Solo Facility Car Dupe - Xbox, Playstation - Solo Gold Glitch - Xbox, Playstation, PC - Solo
Arena RP Glitch - Xbox, Playstation, PC - Solo Cayo Double Secondary Loot - Xbox, Playstation, PC - Solo Arena Car Dupe - Xbox, Playstation, PC - Solo
No Save AHK - PC - Solo Arena Car Dupe - Xbox, Playstation - Semi-Solo LS Car Meet Rep Glitch - PS4 - Solo
Arena Car Dupe - Xbox, Playstation - Semi-Solo Semi Frozen Money (Save Wizard) - PS4 - Solo Gold Glitch - Xbox, Playstation, PC - Solo
Semi Frozen Money (Fresh Meat) - Xbox One, PS4 - Solo BEFF - Xbox, Playstation - Solo 5k RP Every 30 Secs - Xbox, Playstation, PC - Non-Solo
Dr Dre Linux Replay Glitch - PC - Solo 100k Every 10 Minutes - Xbox, Playstation, PC - Solo Semi Frozen Money - Xbox One, PS4 - Solo

Player Based Glitches:
Checkerboard Outfit in Lobby - Xbox, Playstation, PC - Solo Agency God Mode - Xbox, Playstation - Semi-Solo Account Duplication - Xbox - Solo
OTR God Mode Glitch - Xbox, Playstation - Solo Cashmere Coat with Vest - Xbox, Playstation, PC - Solo Taxi God Mode - Xbox Series, PS5 - Solo
No Ragdoll - Xbox, Playstation - Solo Agency God Mode Xbox, Playstation - Solo Orange/Purple Joggers and Bulletproof - Xbox Series, Playstation - Semi-Solo
Modded Outfit Transfer - Playstation - Solo Unlock Checkerboard Cargo - Xbox Series, PS5 - Solo Freakshop OTR - Xbox, Playstation, PC - Solo
Play as Big Rabbit - Xbox, Playstation - Non-Solo Arena God Mode - Xbox, Playstation - Solo Apartment God Mode - Xbox, Playstation - Solo
Candy Cane Weapon - Xbox, Playstation - Non-Solo Jet Black Duffle - Xbox, Playstation - Solo Bigfoot Beard - Xbox, Playstation - Solo
Migration Keep Progress - Xbox, Playstation - Solo Halloween Biker Jacket - Xbox Series, PS5 - Solo 20 Max Armor - Xbox, Playstation - Solo
Black Joggers - PS4 - Solo No Ankles - Xbox, Playstation, PC - Solo Casino God Mode - Xbox, Playstation - Solo
Female Joggers - Playstation - Solo OTR Party Bus - Xbox, Playstation - Semi-Solo KD Farm - Xbox, Playstation - Non-Solo
Easy God Mode - Xbox, Playstation - Solo Outfit Transfer - Xbox Series, PS5 - Non-Solo Joggers and Bulletproof Helmets - PC - Solo
Remove Bodysuit Logo - Xbox, Playstation, PC - Solo IAA Badge - Xbox, Playstation, PC - Solo Gender Swap - Xbox, Playstation - Solo
Transfer Duffle - Xbox, Playstation, PC - Solo Tan Joggers - Xbox, Playstation, PC - Solo Motorcycle Texture Glitch - Xbox, Playstation, PC - Solo
Invisible Arms on Cop Outfit - Xbox, Playstation, PC - Solo Any Shoes with Gorka Pants - Xbox, Playstation, PC - Solo Casino OTR for GCTF - Xbox, Playstation - Solo
Casino OTR for GCTF - Xbox Series, PS5 - Solo Cop Outfit - PS4 - Semi-Solo Yellow Rebreather - Xbox, Playstation - Semi-Solo
Transfer Glitch - Xbox Series, PS5 - Semi-Solo Perma Stun Lock - Xbox, Playstation, PC - Semi-Solo Modded Outfits (No Checkerboard) - Xbox, Playstation, PC - Solo
Kill God Mode Players - Xbox, Playstation, PC - Solo Invisible Stomach - Xbox, Playstation - Solo Thermals in Aircraft - Xbox, Playstation, PC - Solo
Play as Franklin - Xbox, Playstation, PC - Non-Solo Ballistic Health Boost and Minigun - Xbox, Playstation, PC - Solo FIB Necklace - Xbox, Playstation - Solo
Gorka Joggers with IAA Belt and Invisible Torso - Xbox, Playstation, PC - Solo Duffle Bags - Xbox, Playstation, PC - Solo Machine Revolver - Xbox, Playstation, PC - Solo
Frontier Outfit in 1 Day - Xbox, Playstation, PC - Solo Save CEO Outfits - Xbox, Playstation, PC - Solo SP-MP Outfit Transfer - PS4 - Semi-Solo
Female No Bra - Xbox One - Solo Cayo Perico Pouches - Xbox, Playstation, PC - Solo Invisible Torso - Xbox, Playstation - Solo
White Duffle - Xbox, Playstation - Solo Grey Snapback Half Hat - Xbox, Playstation, PC - Solo Merge Special Outfits - Xbox, Playstation, PC - Solo
Juggernaut Suit - Xbox, Playstation, PC - Solo Racing Suit Shoulder Pads - Xbox, Playstation, PC - Solo Gruppe, Prison and Paramedic Belts - Xbox, Playstation, PC - Solo
Overcoat and Suit Vest - Xbox, Playstation, PC - Solo No Kick Glitch - Xbox, Playstation, PC - Solo Chemical Mask on All Outfits - Xbox, Playstation, PC - Solo
Alien Outfit Without Mask - Xbox, Playstation, PC - Solo Topless Female - Xbox, Playstation - Solo NOOSE Outfit - Xbox, Playstation - Solo
Invisible Arms - Xbox, Playstation, PC - Solo Unlock Railgun - Xbox, Playstation, PC - Non-Solo OTR using Double Garage - Xbox, Playstation - Semi-Solo
Double Garage God Mode - Xbox, Playstation - Semi-Solo Wear Any Blacklisted Outfit - Xbox, Playstation - Solo Transfer Coloured Chutes Duffle Bags - Xbox, Playstation - Solo

Infinite Toreador Boost - Xbox, Playstation, PC - Solo Skip Original Heist' Setups - Xbox, Playstation - Solo Creator Mode Online - Xbox, Playstation - Solo
Public Solo Session - Xbox, Playstation, PC - Solo Car to Car Merge (No Arena) - Xbox, Playstation - Non-Solo Modded Acid Lab - Xbox, Playstation, PC - Non-Solo
Vehicle God Mode - Xbox, Playstation - Solo UDC Finale B2B - Xbox, Playstation, PC - Solo AFK Modded Jobs - PS4 - Solo
DMO Lite - Playstation - Solo Casino Online GCTF - PS5 - Non-Solo Weapons in Facility - Xbox, Playstation - Solo
TP Mugshoot Room - Playstation - Solo Infinitely Spawn Vehicles - Xbox, Playstation - Solo Clean Your Plates - Xbox, Playstation - Solo
Sandy Shores GCTF - Xbox, Playstation - Non-Solo Sell 27 Cars/Day - Xbox One, PS4 - Solo Oppressor Mk2 Unlimited Missiles - Xbox, Playstation - Solo
Car to Service Car Merge - Xbox, Playstation - Solo Arena War AFK - Xbox, Playstation, PC - Solo Car to Service Car Merge - Xbox, Playstation - Solo
Vehicle Magic Slot - Xbox, Playstation - Non-Solo Skip Dax Cooldown - Xbox, Playstation - Solo Autoshop Car to Service Car Merge - Xbox, Playstation - Solo
Facility Merge - Xbox, Playstation - Semi-Solo Orb Spam - Xbox, Playstation - Solo Glitch Through Walls - PS5 - Solo
TP 50 Car Garage - Xbox, Playstation - Solo Undermap for Acid Lab/Freak Shop - Xbox, Playstation, PC - Solo Cheap Acid Lab Supply - Xbox, Playstation, PC - Solo
Brickade Fooliganz Livery Flip - Xbox, Playstation - Semi-Solo Give Terrorbyte to Friend - Xbox, Playstation - Non-Solo Car to Car Merge - Xbox, Playstation - Non-Solo
Brickade Merge - Playstation - Solo Bandito Teleport Glitch - Xbox, Playstation, PC - Solo Beach Door Launch - PC - Semi-Solo
GATF - Xbox, Playstation - Non- Solo BF Wevil Speed Glitch - Xbox, Playstation - Solo Shooting Range Glitch - Xbox, Playstation - Solo
Thermal in Story Mode - Xbox, Playstation, PC - Solo Savage God Mode - Xbox, Playstation - Semi-Solo 2 Sparrow at Same Time - Xbox, Playstation - Solo
Quickly Fill Nightclub - Xbox, Playstation - Solo No Cops - Xbox, Playstation, PC - Solo No AFK Kick - Xbox - Solo
Infinite Company SUV's - Xbox, Playstation, PC - Solo Endless Simeon Test Drive - Xbox, Playstation, PC - Solo Double Damage - Xbox, Playstation, PC - Solo
Teleport in LSCM - Playstation - Solo Get Inside Luxury Autos - Xbox, Playstation, PC - Solo CoPilot Weapons as Pilot - Xbox, Playstation, PC - Solo
Cayo Prep Job TP - Xbox, Playstation, PC - Solo Skywalker - Playstation - Solo Cop Car Glitch - Xbox, Playstation, PC - Non-Solo
Colored Stock Wheels - Xbox, Playstation - Non-Solo Never Fall Off Bike - Xbox, Playstation, PC - Non-Solo Director Mode Trailer Online - Playstation - Solo
Launch Glitch - Xbox, Playstation, PC - Non-Solo Car on Cerberus Slot - Xbox, Playstation - Non-Solo Casino No Timer - Xbox Series, PS5, PC - Non-Solo
No Wanted Level - Xbox, Playstation, PC - Solo Launch Glitch - Xbox, Playstation, PC - Solo Drive Invisible Vehicle - Xbox, Playstation, PC - Non-Solo
Sultan Classic Speed Glitch - Xbox Series, PS5 - Non-Solo Yellow Car Freak Out - Xbox, Playstation, PC - Non-Solo BMX Launch - Xbox, Playstation, PC - Solo
Special/Person Vehicle in Sumo - Xbox, Playstation - Semi-Solo Unlock Trevor at Beginning of Game -PS4 - Solo Wheel Merge/Transfer - PC - Non-Solo
Chameleon Pearlescent Glitch - Xbox Series, PS5 - Solo No Cops - Xbox, Playstation - Solo Magic Slot Merge - Xbox, Playstation - Solo
Bushole Launch - Xbox, Playstation, PC - Solo Extra Consumables - Xbox, Playstation - Solo Out of Bounds - Xbox, Playstation, PC - Semi-Solo
Under the Map Anywhere - Xbox, Playstation - Solo Invisible Aircraft - Xbox, Playstation - Solo Facility GCTF - Xbox, Playstation - Non-Solo
Double Sell Customers Cars - Xbox, Playstation - Solo Merge/Teleport Jobs - Xbox 2 Boys, 1 Hole - Xbox, Playstation, PC - Solo
RC Bandito C4 Throw - PS4 - Solo Pick Your Bunker Research - Xbox, Playstation, PC - Solo Replay Dr Dre Finale - PC - Solo
Custom BMX Color - Xbox, Playstation, PC - Solo Repeat HSW Time Trials - Xbox Series, PS5 - Solo Choose Primary Target Cayo - Xbox, Playstation, PC - Solo
Autoclub Podium Vehicle - Xbox, Playstation, PC - Solo Launch Glitch - Xbox, Playstation, PC - Semi-Solo Low Grip Tires on Any Car - PC - Solo
High Speed Jet Donuts - Xbox, Playstation, PC - Solo OOB Glitch - Xbox, Playstation, PC - Solo Toreador God Mode - Xbox, Playstation, PC - Solo
Wall Breach - Xbox, Playstation, PC - Solo Teleport with Akula - Xbox, Playstation, PC - Solo Hydra with MOC Health - Xbox, Playstation, PC - Solo
Galaxy Livery - Xbox, Playstation, PC - Solo Freeze Time - Xbox, Playstation - Solo Transparent Jet - Xbox, Playstation, PC - Solo
Trevors Car - Xbox, Playstation - Solo Kosatka Speed Glitch - PS4 - Solo Change Org Name (Free) - Xbox, Playstation, PC - Solo
Matte Pearlescent Respray - Xbox, Playstation, PC - Solo Job TP - PC - Solo God Mode Speedo Van - Xbox, Playstation - Solo
Hide Cargo - Xbox, Playstation, PC - Solo Skip Doomsday Setups - Xbox, Playstation, PC - Solo Hydra Speed Glitch - Xbox, Playstation, PC - Solo
Car to RC Merge - Xbox, Playstation - Solo Weapons Inside Arena - Xbox, Playstation - Non-Solo BEFF Double Garage - Xbox, Playstation - Solo
Bypass Daily Sell Limit - Xbox, Playstation - Solo Walk in the Sky - Xbox, Playstation - Semi-Solo
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2023.06.01 12:56 Jagtom83 The gas company Jemena is offering NSW customers a $500 cashback to people who dump electric appliances for new gas ones in a program that flies in the face of state and federal government policies to support the transition from the fossil fuel

The gas company Jemena is offering NSW customers a $500 cashback to people who dump electric appliances for new gas ones in a program that flies in the face of state and federal government policies to support the transition from the fossil fuel submitted by Jagtom83 to AustraliaLeftPolitics [link] [comments]

2023.06.01 12:55 Unit28722 Which headline would you rather want to see next time you keep up with the news?

  1. Hundreds of people have been infected with a mutated rabies,'rage' virus in Wuhan, China.
  2. An unidentified craft has crashed in Central Park, area evacuated due to alleged spread of hallucinogenic gas.
  3. The body of an ape-like bipedal creature shot in northern California confirmed in forensic lab to be a hominin unknown to science.
  4. Scientists and engineers succeed in creating a general AI with an IQ of 250.
  5. consolidates absolute power to head of state after being scarred and deformed by assassination attempt, persecution for guilty political party called for.
View Poll
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2023.06.01 12:55 DanielMaherMSM Oh no

Oh no submitted by DanielMaherMSM to shid_and_camed [link] [comments]

2023.06.01 12:54 Maxcactus Maryland Gas Tax To Increase By 10 Percent In July

Maryland Gas Tax To Increase By 10 Percent In July submitted by Maxcactus to maryland [link] [comments]

2023.06.01 12:53 OmerinoXsK123 Can someone explain the answer

Can someone explain the answer submitted by OmerinoXsK123 to igcse [link] [comments]

2023.06.01 12:50 AdityaEng Best Petroleum Engineering College in Andhra Pradesh Aditya Engineering College

Andhra Pradesh is well known for its Petroleum resources as one of the biggest petroliferous basins of the world known as KG basin endows the state. The basin expands all along the coast of AP on the east coast of India and lies merely 30km from ADITYA. Taking this advantage of being in the vicinity of major oil and gas players within the KG basin, ADITYA stands first to introduce B.Tech in Petroleum Technology in the state, actively fed by the experts around us in the KG basin and across.
The institute has introduced the B.Tech Petroleum Technology course to meet the growing demand for skilled human resources in Petroleum Industry. The course enables students to develop a good foundation of petroleum ventures well in time.
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2023.06.01 12:42 Category_Thin Chapter 13 expenses- anything that might be at high chance of being objected?

Case facts: - High income(~220K pre tax household income) - High debt(over 300K CC debt + over 500K in mortgage) - NJ - household of 3
Expenses: - Electricity $350 - WateSewer $50 - Phone and Internet $340 - Food Grocery Housekeeping $950 - Childcare and education $1755 - Clothing and Cleaning $300 - Personal Care products $215 - Medical and Dental $150 - Transportation and Gas $600 - Entertainment $150 - Car insurance $220 - Wife’s Credit card obligation $125 - Baby toiletries $125
These are the current expenses that me and my lawyer went through. But Im a bit paranoid that trustee or the judge will see anything “unusual”. Most of these numbers are basically just “made up” since I really NEVER kept track of how much I actually use. But just the overall spending and disposable amount after these expenses are about correct.
Is there any expenses that has high chance of getting questioned? And if so, should I try to make the adjustments now? Or submit then amend?
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2023.06.01 12:39 SHIBgeneral Shibarium Theory - A Must Read

This is a long read but well worth the time, in my opinion.
A comment was made on one of our posts about Shibarium and whether it would be run on Polygon in an effort to reduce fees. A fellow member pointed out that Shytoshi had once commented that it wouldn't be run on polygon but a polygon like network inferring that the devs were attempting to develop their own layer 2 (L2) protocol. I've had some theories for a while and this really got me thinking... how does a new L2 for in with ShibaSwap tokenomics... and here's my theory. Please forgive me if I ramble at all, it's 2:30am here and I've had 5 hours of sleep in 2 days. Comment below and let me know what y'all think... am I onto something here or am I way out in left field on this?
I remember reading that Shytoshi said Shibarium would be run on a polygon like protocol. I think it would be great if the devs in fact created their own L2 protocol, but my reservation is why recreate the wheel to get the same outcome? So that got me thinking what would I do if I was the devs to set ShibaSwap ahead of the competition. I dabble in programming just so I can try and understand some of this stuff, and I think I know the answer. If I'm way off please tell me, I'm not an expert by any means. Anyways, when we talk about defi protocols, the two that really compete are uniswap V3 and Sushiswap using polygon. Both swaps are great in their own right but both have fundamental issues. V3 revolutionized the way liquidity pools operated. Traditional pools spread out your liquidity pairs from 0 to infinity, even though a significant portion of that range will never be used. V3 allowed for concentrated efficiency where a liquidity provider could concentrate their capital into specific price points reducing investor exposure to impermanent loss and increasing fees earned by over 500% in some pools (aka an investor could earn 5x the fees than a traditional liquidity pool). The downside was that gas fees are still ridiculously high on V3 because it's still using the Ethereum network. Then you have Sushiswap who built out a L2 through polygon reducing fees and increasing speed of transactions. It also allowed users to use the "matic bridge" to swap tokens between ERC20 and other networks, by a process of minting and burning tokens going back and forth. The beauty is it allowed users to access other cross chain tokens through a single interface, and best of all users paid for gas fees in their native Matic coin instead of Eth. Sushiswap also allowed users to access Kashi Lending whereby users could trade on leverage or margin, for those investors who wanted to take big swings in crypto. This also had the benefit of allowing liquidity providers to put up their tokens for margin trading, earning good returns and no exposure to impermanent loss since it was only 1 token investments. Sushiswap also developed a token vault known as BentoBox that allowed for margin trading in 1 transaction hash versus other margin trading platforms that required 3 transaction hashes, saving huge amounts on gas fees and increasing transaction speeds.
I guess what I'm getting at is Shibarium needs to be if V3 Uniswap and Sushiswap protocols had a baby. Shibarium would allow for concentrated capital liquidity pools, the ability to switch tokens across different blockchains using SHIB as gas (only utility I can see for it... change my mind), and allow users access to margin and leveraged trading, while simultaneously allowing additional revenue streams for liquidity providers and creating token vaults. If Shibarium managed to incorporate the best of both swaps, it could begin to compete for heavy volume which would bring back the billion dollar TVL numbers. But if that weren't enough, if the devs could incorporate their own algorithmic stable coin Shi into the mix as a daily transactional token, whereby users could buy and sell with it, with minimal fees, and giving sellers the security of a stable coin, and the speed of visa, it would truly begin to revolutionize crypto.
IF the devs can pull this off it would be a game changer in crypto defi platforms. SHIB would finally have a purpose, Shi would become a global currency, BONE would be highly coveted by whales who wanted governance over the future decisions of the swap, and LEASH would be the value store to bring in institutional investors, similar to what Bitcoin is. Uniswap earns $2-3M in fees per day, and Sushiswap earns $1.2M in fees per day (as of January), there's no reason ShibaSwap wouldn't be able to easily pull in $3-5M in fees through its platform if it was able to implement this plan. It's an ambitious goal but one that I think makes the most amount of sense and maybe why the devs are playing things pretty close to the vest as the saying goes because they don't want the other swaps to pivot before they release Shibarium.
Let's hear your thoughts. Anyone else have a theory on what type of protocol Shibarium will run on or benefits they should implement?
Also, if you know of other users who haven't been invited here, please help me continue to grow this page by sending them a message recommending they come check our page out. This article and others like it, are only going to have effect if we can get exposure to a larger audience. Personally I think this theory could give hope to so many who have begun losing hope in SHIB and the entire ecosystem....I know it gives me hope and in my mind it helps me begin to put the pieces of the puzzle together into a congruent picture. And it doesn't hurt that I believe if this happens, we're all going to be very well off having gotten in very early.
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2023.06.01 12:36 mbun34 Can anyone help? Also when question says monatomic, can I assume Cv=3/2RT even if Cv isn’t given?

Can anyone help? Also when question says monatomic, can I assume Cv=3/2RT even if Cv isn’t given? submitted by mbun34 to PhysicsHelp [link] [comments]

2023.06.01 12:35 Suk__It__Trebek I lost my mum May 01,2023

I moved back to my hometown 2 years ago to help, when I realized her memory wasn't so great. Mum lived on her own. It took a year of appointments, and stress, and the stove catching fire, and phone calls from police in the middle of the night finding her in her car out of gas because she got lost, and arguments with friends and family to get her diagnosed with dementia. She never had a family Dr.
We moved mum into a retirement home with a locked memory care floor, end of March 2022, as she was able to do everything on her own, but needed supervision.
A year later, March 2023, the retirement home said they could not provide her the care she needed as she was no longer able to care for herself, or walk/stand. This was after 2 months of us paying extra for them to feed her. And, as we found out later, they hadn't been bathing her either as they didn't have the proper lift equipment. End of March 2023, we moved mum into Long Term Care.
Mum passed May 01, 2023 of sepsis at age 71. Not having baths or being physically moved can cause skin breakdown. Her open sore got infected and the antibiotics couldn't stop it.
It hurts so much knowing that it didn't have to go this way. I would have bathed her myself, had I known. We only found out when they asked to schedule her with the hairdresser to have her hair washed.
I miss my mum. I miss having her sit on FaceTime while I would work. I miss our laughs. Even with her dementia, I would call and chat with her about everything.
My grandma, and last living grandparent, passed in February. She was my dad's mum. My dad passed 13 years ago.
Sometimes it all feels like it's just too much. Life shouldn't be this hard. I just really miss my mum.
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2023.06.01 12:34 cormundo The used SUV battle: The reasonable crossover SUV (2011 Rav4), its sporty cousin (similar Subaru), or its badass grandpa from the war (Old 4x4)?

So I need to buy a car. My budget is 10k US. I don't currently commute, but I may in the future as my current online-only contract ends in the fall. I live in Quebec and I'm planning to drive across the country to move to BC in the fall. I live in the city, around good public transit, so the car is a tiny bit of a luxury I don't necessarily need and I can take my time in picking one.
I'm fairly outdoorsy, less so now than when I was younger but its still there. I'd love a car more for weekend adventures, especially given I don't need to commute right now, but don't want to break the bank. I wouldn't mind putting something together thats in the style of the "battlewagons" or those crazy outdoors jeepy things... but I also wonder how much that would cost in time and repairs, given my budget leads me to much older models.
So, as I see it, I've got three options:
1) 2011 Rav4, 11k CAD/8k USD, 160k miles - this one I've already looked at a lot, and I need to make a final call on by tomorrow. I would say it feels like the most reasonable average of all decisions. I hear they are good in the snow, but not in the mud - I've heard the term "fake outdoorsy" due to the limits of the Toyota AWD system instead of true 4WD. It, of course, is a bit of a minivan of an SUV, so it fulfills a lot of my city needs.
2) A Subaru. Outback or forester, either would work, and I've seen (slightly longer in the tooth) versions in my area on my budget. However, the more research I do, the more i find Subarus from this era are filled with oil leaks and mechanical problems including the dreaded head gasket issue. The 4WD system is supposedly better. I also like their design a tiny bit more than the Rav4. Seems to buy a decent Subaru, a newer model than 2012 would be needed.
3) I'm now flirting with the idea of saying fuck it, and buying an older true 4x4 option. Early 2000s/ late 90's jeeps and 4runners have a beautiful design. If I am willing to spend 10k, maybe I can just put that towards the inevitable repairs and customization that those types of vehicles require. I also worry that they won't suit my needs for the rest of my city-boy life and the gas milage will kill me on the cross country move and in my time in BC, if I end up with a job that requires commuting.
So, WCSIB, what do you think? Which car should I buy?
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2023.06.01 12:34 boobopamericano Cheapest supermarkets in Valencia to buy groceries etc

I was at Consumar this morning and thought it was the general supermarket chain but a bit pricier than expected. Is there a general supermarket chain that would be seen as the lowest cost to buy from? Thanks!
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2023.06.01 12:32 undercover784 Young and in debt.

Hello (f22) so i just need some help. Me and my fiancé live together and support each other and we have since were 17. With prices going up, gas, food, rent. We have lived in the same apartment for 3 years cause it’s the cheapest we can find. Well unfortunately we keep going negative every month after we pay rent and this month they switch payment processes and the price went up to over a $1000 just for this month. We have been surviving the couple days we are negative with credit cards. My credit card i have always made the payment, but it’s pretty much maxed out and they raised the payment and it’s so ridiculous and out of my budget i can’t pay it. I only was passed due $50 and now it’s late and i owe $350. My check was $650 but i was negative $100. So i only have $550 to last us a week between gas for work and food. I can make it this week but i can’t pay my credit card. Idk what to do. Can I go to the bank and ask for an extension? Any recommendations would be appreciated.
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2023.06.01 12:31 Fortune_Platypus Don’t ever buy no weed from the gas station bro

Don’t ever buy no weed from the gas station bro
if the "n-word" aint in yo contacts
don't never go to the gas station bro
i went up there at 11 o'clock last night
trying to give me some weed bro
i smoked that shit
woke up
my motherfuckin eye was right here
and my other eye is still right here
explain bro
i got to go look for this "n-word" bro
what the fuck did you sell me bro
look at me bro
i'm hideous
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2023.06.01 12:30 Toddsburner Significant Increase in marketplace premiums

I am seasonally employed in a corporate job from December-May and spend the rest of my year traveling. I’ve been on this schedule for a few years now. For legal purposes my “permanent address” is my mom’s address in Texas, so during my time off I buy insurance through the ACA marketplace using that address (the rest of the year I get coverage from my employer). I am a healthy person who has never had more than a few hundred in annual healthcare costs, and because of this I always go with the cheapest “disaster plan” option for the summer just to limit my out of pocket to $9K and make sure I don’t go bankrupt if I fall off a mountain or get hit by a car.
In the past, I’ve always bought marketplace insurance from Bright Healthcare at a sticker rate of $120/mo that comes out to $80/mo when adjusting for tax credits based on income. This year I will make too much to receive any credits, so I was expecting to pay about $120. When I went to look into marketplace plans this year, I was shocked to see that Bright Healthcare has left the state, and the cheapest option I will have is a United plan for $260/month. Has anyone else experienced similar premium increases? This will be over 3x what I am used to paying, and I’ll get basically no coverage for it. Do I have any other options?
Thanks for your help.
Edit from Automod recs: Age: 28 Income: Approx $115K/yr (all concentrated during Jan-June, not evenly spaced) Zip: TX, Houston area
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