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2023.06.09 07:59 jtjumper I asked Bing AI to "Tell me a story in the world of Rimworld " This is the output

Here is a possible story in the world of Rimworld:
The crash was sudden and violent. The escape pod had barely managed to escape the burning wreckage of the starship, but it was still damaged by the debris and the atmosphere. It spiraled out of control, heading towards a barren desert planet.
Inside the pod, three survivors were strapped to their seats, praying for a miracle. They were:
They had been passengers on the starship, heading to a new colony on the rim of known space. They had different reasons for leaving their old lives behind, but they shared a common dream of adventure and opportunity.
They never expected to end up on this hellhole of a planet.
The pod crashed into the sand with a loud thud. The impact knocked them unconscious for a few minutes. When they woke up, they saw smoke rising from the pod's engine. They quickly unstrapped themselves and got out of the pod.
They looked around and saw nothing but sand and rocks. The sun was scorching hot, and the wind was blowing dust into their eyes. They had no idea where they were or how to survive.
They were scared and hopeless.
They checked the pod's computer for any signs of life or civilization. They found none. The planet was uninhabited and uncharted. They were alone.
They checked the pod's cargo for any supplies or equipment. They found some. The pod had carried some basic survival gear, such as food rations, medicine kits, weapons, tools, and materials. They also found some personal belongings that they had brought with them from the starship.
They were relieved and hopeful.
They decided to make the best of their situation. They agreed to work together as a team, and to use their skills and resources to build a colony on this planet. They hoped that someday they would be rescued or find a way off this planet.
They were determined and hopeful.
They started by building a shelter out of steel walls and wooden floors. They used some solar panels and batteries to power their lights and appliances. They used some beds and furniture to make their shelter comfortable.
They also built a kitchen where they could cook their food rations, a freezer where they could store their food rations, and a dining room where they could eat their food rations.
They were hungry and hopeful.
They continued by building a farm where they could grow their own food. They used some hydroponics basins and lamps to grow rice, potatoes, corn, and strawberries. They also planted some cotton plants to make cloth.
They also built an animal pen where they could keep some animals. They used some haygrass to feed them. They had found some animals near their shelter that they had tamed or captured. They had two muffalos that they could use for wool and milk, two alpacas that they could use for wool and meat, two chickens that they could use for eggs and meat, two dogs that they could use for companionship and protection, and one cat that they could use for companionship.
They were happy and hopeful.
They expanded by building a workshop where they could make their own equipment. They used some workbenches and machines to craft weapons, armor, clothing, and furniture. They also used some research benches and books to learn new technologies and skills.
They also built a hospital where they could treat their injuries and illnesses. They used some medical beds and vitals monitors to heal faster. They also used some drugs and medicine to ease pain and cure diseases.
They were healthy and hopeful.
They defended by building a wall around their colony. They used some sandbags and turrets to fortify their wall. They also used some traps and mines to deter intruders. They had faced many threats on this planet, such as pirates, tribes, mad animals, giant insects, and ancient killing machines. They had fought them off with courage and skill.
They also built a comms console where they could communicate with other factions. They used some radios and satellites to send and receive messages. They had made some friends and enemies on this planet, such as outlanders, spacers, raiders, and mechanoids. They had traded with them, allied with them, or fought with them.
They were safe and hopeful.
They dreamed by building a spaceship where they could escape this planet. They used some advanced components and materials to construct their spaceship. They also used some cryptosleep caskets where they could sleep until they reached their destination.
They had found a broken-down ship with the help of a friendly AI. The AI had told them that it could take them to a glitterworld, a paradise planet where they could live in peace and luxury. The AI had also told them that they had to defend their ship for fifteen days as other desperate inhabitants of the planet attempted to seize control of it.
They were ready and hopeful.
They started their ship, and waited for the countdown to end. They saw their enemies approaching from all directions, armed with guns, knives, bows, grenades, rockets, and flamethrowers. They heard their enemies shouting threats, insults, and demands.
They grabbed their weapons, and prepared for the final battle. They had rifles, pistols, shotguns, swords, clubs, spears, molotovs, frag grenades, and EMP grenades. They shouted words of encouragement, support, and love.
They were brave and hopeful.
They fought their enemies, and defended their ship. They shot them, stabbed them, bashed them, burned them, and blew them up. They killed them, wounded them, or scared them away. They also healed themselves, rescued each other, or buried their dead. They fought with skill, strategy, and teamwork.
They were strong and hopeful.
They won the battle, and secured their ship. They cheered, cried, and hugged each other. They thanked the AI, who congratulated them on their victory. They boarded the ship, and entered the caskets. They closed their eyes, and fell asleep.
They were happy and hopeful.
The ship took off, and left the planet. It flew through space, and reached the glitterworld. It landed safely, and opened the caskets. They woke up, and saw a new world. It was beautiful, green, and peaceful. They saw friendly people, who welcomed them warmly. They saw advanced technology, that fulfilled their needs. They saw amazing wonders, that amazed their eyes.
They were happy and hopeful.
They lived on the glitterworld, and started a new life. They built a new home, where they could live comfortably. They found new friends, who they could trust and love. They found new hobbies, that they could enjoy and learn. They found new happiness, that they could share and cherish.
They were happy.
The end.
Source: Conversation with Bing, 6/9/2023 (1) RimWorld on Steam. https://store.steampowered.com/app/294100/RimWorld/. (2) RimWorld - Wikipedia. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/RimWorld. (3) RimWorld - Sci-Fi Colony Sim. https://rimworldgame.com/. (4) RimWorld review PC Gamer. https://www.pcgamer.com/rimworld-review/.
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2023.06.06 09:38 shamroggg Games with amazing modding community

I am huge fan of Rimworld. The game + DLCs is amazing itself, it's 9/10, but this is mods making it 11/10 game that I have spent over 400 hours in and I am not bored at all, but I am about to complete my current scenario soon and then would gladly take a break for something else before starting the new one.

Therefore my ask here is - please help me find more games with amazing modding communities that leverage a decent game to top level like in case of Rimworld.

The games I like with mods:
- Civ6
- Skyrim
- Cities Skylines
- Paradox 4X games
- Planet Coaster (just noticed a lot of mods in Steam Workshop, but haven't played the game yet)
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2023.06.03 23:13 RareSteel369 Is there a mod that lets you remove geothermal vents?

I've been playing rimworld for a while now and i've gotten pretty into colony building and want to exsperament with dev mode to on a map segment I found thats perfect for what i need, the only problen is that theres variouse geothermal vents scattered all over the map in most if the places I want to build. Ive tried looking through the workshop but cant find any mods to help
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2023.06.03 21:43 1tzluc1d RIMWORLD has to be the best moddable game.

Seriously, the fact that every time I jump into my colony and feel like some mods are missing I end up looking at the steam workshop for minutes completely ignoring my colony's downfall while they are slaughtered by dozens of turtles in the background. The amount of mods for this game is insane and the fact that each mod actually does something and isn't just a shader or just one simple thing is insane. I think Rimworld is a cocaine addiction but with mods, it's a lifetime drug enhancer. Sucks that you can't add tons of mods into the game.
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2023.06.03 08:05 IrishMike666 Forgotten Realms by Neronix

Does anyone have an update on Neronix''s Forgotten Realms mods? The workshop page says "When it's doneTM" and I'm not in his Patreon. Was just hoping to see if progress was being made b/c Warforged have been my favorite addition to RimWorld in ages.
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2023.05.30 14:17 KOT4N11 How to start Rocketman on Rimworld 1.4?

I have GOG ver of rimworld 1.4.3704 Rocketman on startup sends extremal lot errors. I saw in steam workshop comment "it should be off by default in 1.4. enable beta functions to reveal" But how? Ignore errors? Wait for update? I think Alu no hurry up make support 1.4.
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2023.05.24 16:12 TaviraTavi I can’t stop playing, send help.

I just can’t stop, what foul magic or drug is forcing me to keep playing this wonderful game?
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2023.05.22 11:27 hopeseekr New Mod: Savegame Shrinker

So I play a lot of long-term games, 10-20 years. This one colony is 43 years old and is -really- lagging. I looked at its file size and it was 125 MB.
I remembered RuntimeGC, but it's been discontinued due to bad bugs with regards to World Pawns. I tried the continuation, but iti didn't delete world pawns at all.
So I created my own!
Here are the download links:
Here's the full description:

Rimworld Savegame Shrinker

This mod cleans up unnecessary data from Savegames, leading to much faster play on games after 10+ years.
It typically reduces file sizes to 10-20 MB, largely dependent on how many pawns and items you have in your bases.
Backups are made before each shrinking operation, so you can rest secure.

What's Removed?

With the default settings, this mod removes the following data:

Dead Pawns

The full biological and biographical data of every killed pawn remains in the game indefinitely.
That means, if you've had 10 chicken explosions in the last 10 years, you could have 20,000 chickens in your savegame, making it super slow. Case in point, in the savegame I used to develop this mod, there were 21,527 chicken corpses in the savegame.
This is the main cause of data savings. It removed over 1 million lines from 20 year savegame.

Historical Archives


You know those boxes on the right side of the screen that you click to open and then close?
Well, Rimworld doesn't actually remove them. It saves them forever. Thousands of these messages can clog up your savegame after 5 or 10 years, and each time a new event occurs, it causes lag.
This mod removes every closed Letter. There are no known downsides.


The white messages that flash for a few seconds on the top left? Yep, Rimworld saves all of those, too, in the savegame. Over 10-20 years, you can end up with tens of thousands of these mostly-worthless messages using up more than a megabyte or two of space, especially if you have a farm with lots of animals getting frostbite, heatstroke, or attacked.
This mod removes every single message that is over 24 hours old. A downside is that these useless messages won't appear as descriptions of Legendary Art.

Archived Dialogs

Every time a colonist talks to someone, apparently those are saved in the savegame as well. Who knew?!
If you have lots of colonists, this can add up fast. In fact, it's one of the main causes of lag for colonies with more than 50 colonists.
This mod removes every dialog recording older than 24 hours.

Play Log

Removes the logs of "chitchatting", "playing games", that sort of stuff.

Battle Log

Removes the play-by-play of the latest battles.

All Filth

This removes all filth from all maps. It can dramatically increase runtime after something like a huge forest fire. It usually cuts down 100-200 kb with no cost or risk.

Automatically-accepted Quests

You know those quests that get automatically accepted, like Treasure spots, refugee, etc.? This removes every one of those that you didn't actually go to. If you visit the spot and either succeed or fail, it keeps the quest in your history.

Unaccepted Quests

Not removed by default: This will remove every unaccepted + expired quest from youur history log.
If you accepted a quest and either succeeded or failed, it keeps that quest in your history.


Not removed by default: Tales contain logs of things colonists do, like completing a crafting project, played a game, killed an animal (not via slaughter), when a pawn is Downed, and lots more.
It's not removed by default, because I couldn't ascertain why RimWorld keeps them around. In my experiments, I didn't experience any ill effects with this change.

Mothballed Pawns

Not removed by default: These pawns aren't actively "alive" but are usually nequired for side-quests and other game purposes.
Running this will quite likely not save much space (since Rimworld v1.4 adequitely keeps them under control). This option is kept for backwards-compatibility with RuntimeGC, and because it provides marginal space savings and speed increases for Rimworld v1.2 and v1.3.

Change Log

v1.0.0: 2023-05-21
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2023.05.22 00:01 MEAH1 I like Rimworld

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2023.05.21 22:46 Adamsmob Looking for a multiplayer colony!

Hi there, I'm a chilled and calm english dude looking to start a rimworld multiplayer save with the multiplayer mod on the steam workshop.
In terms of my game experience?Well I have played the game enough to know how it works for the most part, I remember getting to a point where I needed to send a caravan to find more steel as my starting sector ran out. So I won't be asking you about how to create a farm or a refridgerator house but I'm sure you may have more efficient/better designs than I can come up with haha.
Thought I'd give it a try with lfg on here, I feel like Rimworld would be much better if I play with a friend :)
p.s - Ive got over 1000 hours on games like Factorio, Terraria, Planet base etc so I'm no newbie to this genre
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2023.05.18 00:58 HorrorQueen26 Angel Number! (1111 hours of playtime)

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2023.05.16 19:00 temmiesayshoi Is there a way to aply steam workshop mods to cracked games?

I have a game which I own, but has released several quite game altering DLC packs for frankly ludicrous prices. As a result, I have complete access to it's steam workshop, but I still want to use a cracked copy of the game in order to play the DLC. Is there a way to mirror my steam workshop mods to be visible to the game as if it were installed natively on steam? The game is Rimworld if it matters and I'm specifically using the dodi repack since fitgirl repacks don't install well under wine and I'm playing on linux. (yes LinuxCrackSupport exists but this is a very general question that wouldn't be linux specific in any way so I figured here is better)
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2023.05.14 15:35 drewbloo Let’s Go!!

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2023.05.13 19:30 Mediocre-Display-234 My parental instincts have backfired on me

I got a quest to house fourteen refugees for seventeen days, pretty standard fare, but I'm in a desert so food production can be a little dicey. I could take them on, but it would be a burden. So I go to refuse the quest, and I notice:
It's one adult with thirteen children in tow.
I'm unashamedly protective of children in Rimworld. Once I notice the quest specifics, I cannot bring myself to do anything but accept (after the manhunting wargs clear the area, of course). I stick them in sleeping spots on the floor in my workshop while I whip up a little house for them to stay in. And stay they do, and it goes really well--no betrayals, they all survived the bout of plague that killed one of my colony's own children, and over the course of the quadrum seven of the kids join me. It's my policy (this playthrough) to accept anyone who wants to join. My tribal-start colonists were refugees too, they wouldn't deny anyone a home. I expand my children's dorm to accommodate the new recruits, move the babies to their own building because one of my colonists unexpectedly had triplets, etc.
With four hours left to go, the lone adult also joins me. Leaving the remaining children without any protection in this slave-happy, raid-prone, predator-infested Rimworld. Crap.
As of now, I have six colonists drafted and poised to arrest the six remaining children. We will be their new home. They will not survive without adult protection; I cannot let them leave. I never thought I would be justifying the kidnapping of children to myself, but here I am.
After the Morally Dubious Rescuing of the Children is complete, my colony will have twenty children in it, including five newborns, versus thirty adults. And I have child-aging set to 1:1 (aging one year per game-year instead of the usual accelerated growth) because I hate myself. Clearly, that hatred is justified
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2023.05.13 07:10 Yuka_Taketsu Any new interesting HAR races that ARE anime inspired?

Been away from Rimworld for a while, around half a year. I know most of the old HAR races and have looked through the workshop again for a bit, but does anyone have recommendations? Thanks in advance.
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2023.05.12 18:09 Cardinal581c Game recommendations the deep state doesn't want Destiny to see!!

Game recommendations the deep state doesn't want Destiny to see!!
I made this post 2 days ago and got shadowbanned for it. Thats how you know it's good.
1 - Project Hospital - steam - (He can be a sturgeon. If you get the mod-departments from the workshop (takes 5 seconds) it has a lot of content and a nice level of difficulty for a backround game. Better than Two Point Hospital by a mile.)
2 - Ixion - steam - (Frostpunk like futuristic city builder.)
3 - Warno - steam - (Best way to settle the Nato vs. Russia debates once and for all, 1v1 Fuentes in this game. I legitimately think he'd enjoy this game multiplayer, and it'd be good content because we can understand whats happening on the screen, and he doesn't need to provide a high level of attention to the game.)
4 - Captain of Industry - steam - (Factorio in real life.)
5 - Kingdoms and Castles - steam - (City-builder with periodic invasions.)
6 - One Hour One Life - steam - (Good community game that doesn't take up the whole stream, lot of content and difficulty. Moonmoon played it.)
7 - Dwarf Frotress - steam - (Can mine and smelt iron. Not as complex as advertised.)
8 - Surviving Mars - steam - (Lot of DLC's because Paradox.)
9 - Oxygen - steam
10 - Settlement Survival - steam - (Newer Banished with more features, chill backround game.)
11 - Going Medieval - steam - (Medieval Rimworld.)
12 - Space Engineers - steam - (Mine, build spaceships, have spaceship-battles, etc. Good community game if he can get a few Dggers to play with.)
13 - Highfleet - steam - (Good campaign, unique and athmospheric.)
14 - Satisfactory - steam
15 - Nomifactory - not steam - (~600 hours long Minecraft mod.)
16 - Songs of Syx - steam - (Fantasy city-builder with full-scale battles and diplomacy. Probably not for him but who knows.)
17 - Timberborn - steam
18 - Transport Fever 2 - steam - (Cities Skylines without the traffic and building, and more focused on factorio- esque transport lines. Good for backround if you like solving problems and watching lines go up.)
19 - Reshaping Mars - steam
20 - Hearts of Iron 4 multiplayer - steam - (He'd get bored with singleplayer, but otherwise the perfect fit for stream imo. Not a large learning curve, but a lot of intricacies and tactics to perfect. It's like chess, but you get to learn geography, and watch as some dipshit builds all inf on Germany. Good for backround.)
Other games:
Shapez - steam
Shadow Tactics: Aiko's Choice - steam
Swarm the City: Zombie Evolved - steam
Age of Empires IV - steam
Against The Storm - steam
Diplomacy is Not an Option - steam
Democracy 4 - steam
Big Pharma - steam
CK3 A Game of Thrones multiplayer - steam
Project Zomboid - steam
Civ 6 multiplayer - steam
Space Station 13 - not steam
Minecraft Project Ozone 3 - not steam
Minecraft Gregtech - not steam
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2023.05.11 16:52 lamentationist This game doesn't allow mods?

Looking at buying 6 now that it has been out and has plenty dlc and updates but from what I can tell the only thing you can download off the workshop is 3800 different maps...?
Have they literally banned anything that isn't just a new map or is the game just not moddable at all?
Mods make these kinds of games to me just like rimworld, stellaris etc
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2023.05.10 11:49 Sp00kyGamer Any Games out there with Kenshi Mods?

Saw a post a few days ago on here where there was a Bannerlord mod that was being made (But seems to have sadly been abandoned) That was planning to fully overhaul the game into just straight up being Bannerlord but Kenshi. Since it was abandoned I don't think you can even download it anymore- which is sad because I was about to straight up buy the game for that mod alone...
With that said; are there ANY other games on Steam that have Kenshi mods? Just random things that add like Beep as a playable character or anything like that? If not? I think we need to band together and start doing so! I'll start by making a small list of games that have the potential to have some really good Kenshi Mods:(NOTE: I am making this list PURELY off of games with Steam Workshop support- as I feel that is more accessible for a lot of people. If there is any games that use Nexus instead feel free to let us know in the comments! As well as games that could have potential to be modded!) -Darkest Dungeon -Darkest Dungeon 2 (No Mod Support yet, but will have it soon!) -Rivals of Aether -Project Zomboid -Stellaris -Divinity: Original Sin 2
Again this is just a small list of games that have potential. Games like Gmod and Left 4 Dead 2 actually already HAVE a couple Kenshi mods! Just playermodel swaps - but that is the kind of thing I was looking for! and believe we should have more of! Lemme know what you all think- any other games that have a lot of potential for Kenshi mods?
List of Games Collected from Comments: (List of both games that could Potentially Have them? As well as games that do) -Rimworld (Has a lot already! Very nice!) -Crusader Kings 3 (Has potential for some small mods, nothing yet though).
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2023.05.07 15:33 Scophos Mod Recommendations and Suggestions for Ben & Harry's Pokemon RimWorld Playthrough

I've been greatly enjoying the PokeWorld series on Twitch, so I want to say a big thanks for the content. I'm currently 31h into my own playthrough and have some suggestions and recommendations to share:  

Mod Recommendations

All the mods I recommend here are mods that I've been playing with myself and none of them have caused me any issues so far.  

Animals are fun

Steam Workshop Link
No Requirements
Why I recommend this mod
Gives Pawns the option to go on walks and play fetch with animals (Pokemon) to fulfil their recreation. Very cute!  

Greenworld Lite

Steam Workshop Link
No requirements
Why I recommend this mod
Replaces the brown dirt with a nice muted grass colour. It solves Harry's displeasure with the ugliness of the ground, but still feels aesthetically very RimWorld. Purely visual. I like it a lot.  

Kit Graze up:

Steam Workshop Link
Requires: Harmony
Why I recommend this mod
Increases the amount of grazing animals that natural plant growth can support in a way that feels realistic. With the sheer (and amazing) amount of Pokemon that are roaming Ben and Harry's Poketown they have been struggling to provide enough pasture to support them. This will help.
How it works
In Vanilla every act of grazing destroys the targeted plant. Yes, even a chicken nibbling a few leaves off a full grown bush consumes the entire plant. This mod instead causes an amount of growth to be removed from the plant proportional to the amount of nutrition that was actually consumed by the animal (Pokemon). So one bush can feed many chickens.  

Animal Controls

Steam Workshop Link
Requires: Harmony
Why I recommend this mod
Adds a ton of useful features for a colony focused on keeping animals (Pokemon), some of which are accessible via mod options:
  • Food restrictions for animals (No more snacking on those fine meals... and paws off the crack!)
  • Enables hay to be used to feed and train animals (Pokemon) and makes them prefer hay and wild plants over other allowed foods.
  • Food restrictions for animal training (You can tell your trainers to only use hay or kibble to train, for example.)
  • Animals (Pokemon) stand still when being trained instead of leading their trainer on a wild goose chase around the colony.  

Animals Logic

Steam Workshop Link
Requires: Harmony
Why I recommend this mod
This lets you adjust the speed at which animals (Pokemon) slowly loose their already trained skills (accessible in mod options), thereby reducing workload for upkeep training.
Regarding Balance
Vanilla skill decay rates seem well balanced for a colony keeping a hand full of dogs, but with dozens of Pokemon the overhead quickly gets out of hand. (I started by reducing decay rates to half and have since reduced them to 0.1 times vanilla speed. It's just more fun to have more Pokemon.)
Other features
This mod also adds the option to prevent animals from eating non-food items (like drugs), if you don't want to use Animal Controls (see above). Animal hauling efficiency is also adjustable, should you wish. Both features can be found in mod options as well.  

Defensive positions

Steam Workshop Link
Requires: HugsLib
Why I recommend this mod
Adds RTS-style control groups as a feature (accessible via CTRL + NUMPAD 1-9). I find it very helpful for directing my Pokemon in battle. And I remember Harry wishing for something similar.
Other features
This mod's main feature allows you to assign set positions for your pawns to take during raids and quickly send them there with a single click. This sounds handy, but I haven't tried it myself so far.  


Win conditions

Since Harry and Ben have been thinking about win conditions for their playthrough, here are some ideas and inspirations:
  • Fill out the PokeDex (entirely, or a certain percentage).
  • Catch at least one (or all) legendary Pokemon from each of the four generations.
  • Complete the quest line to recover all relics of your Poke-Ideology.
  • Get strong enough to eventually attack and take out the empire.
Maybe a combination of a few of these could serve as a win condition or just some fun goals to achieve.  


Since Harry and Ben have lately been finding many of the raids to be too easy, here are two ideas to up the difficulty:
Increasing Threat Scale
"Threat scale" determines the size of threats like raids, and the difficulty of quests. The hardest three preset difficulties come with the following values for threat scale:
  • Strive to survive: 100%
  • Blood and dust: 155%
  • Losing is fun: 220% (highest)
Threat scale can also be manually adjusted as follows:
At the bottom of the Storyteller Settings window (Menu -> Options -> Gameplay (left) -> "Modify" button next to "Storyteller settings") you can access custom playstyle settings. The very first box on the left features a slider that lets you increase threat scale up to 500% (Use with caution!). This should increase the challenge of raids without the other penalties of higher difficulty presets (like lower harvest yields, permanent mood debuffs etc.).
Wealth independent progress mode
One of the factors that RimWorld uses to determine the progression of difficulty is the wealth of your colony.
The custom playstyle settings (see above) also feature an option to replace this wealth factor with time based progress: "Wealth independant progress mode", located at the bottom right under "Adaptation". Enabling this mode and gradually reducing the "Years until maximum threat" slider beneath might increase difficulty. This might also not work, since I dont't know how your current wealth factor compares. Might be worth a try though.
Caution! This mode lacks the automatic chance for recovery provided by wealth based progress, since the time based threat factor will not be reduced after a big loss.  
  I hope this has been helpful and wish lots of fun to Ben and Harry, as well as all Yognauts watching or playing their own PokeWorld games!  
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2023.05.01 23:58 JxAxS Steam Overlay not working

Game seems to be pretty werid about it. Some times when I launch it, it loads up the Steam overlay just fine, other times, nope, doesn't work. And it's ONLY Rimworld that does this. I've tested it with other games and they pull it up just fine, only Rimworld is the one that seems to just shrug and go "Nah, I don't feel like giving you access to the wiki or workshop through the browser today, get bent".
Ideas on how to do this cause I mean, I've verified the game a couple times by now, running steam as Admin, and I don't even have other overlays going on to my knowledge(I'm too tech dumb to realize there are OTHER overlays you could be using).
Th heck is going on here.
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2023.04.28 16:23 AplhaChannel Open items directly from pawns inventory?

Hello I'm new to rimworld, I'm playing with the pokeworld mod https://steamcommunity.com/workshop/filedetails/?id=2652029657
I want to ask if there is a way or a mod to open items directrly from the pawns inventory,
at the moment to release a pokemon from it's ball I need to drop the ball on the ground, move the pawn that is standing on it, select the ball, clilck the open button, wait for the pawn to open it then draft the pawn so I can take controll of the pokemon
it's very tedious expecially if you have multiple pokeballs in the inventory that needs to be open like this every time
there are any mod that put something like an "open it" button in the inventory so I can open directly from there?
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2023.04.27 02:16 SnowBloodWolf29 Rimworld workshop

Hey there, i've recently acquired geforce now (priority offer) and there's a game i'd like to play on it, rimworld. it has a lot of mods on it but sadly i don't know how to have them enabled, i've searched and found thread that say it's possible and other that says it doesn't
So, can i use workshop for rimworld mods yes or no ? and if yes how ?
Ps : For people passing by after this post in search like me of the answer, i don't know if it works on every games but yes you can use the workshop, it just requires a bit of manipulation
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