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2023.06.09 22:23 threepedalsorbust Advice on subwoofer/amp combo for my 2023 VW GTI

I'm looking to install a 12 inch ported subwoofer in my 2023 VW GTI. However I need some advice on part information regarding the quality of brand product lines (Alpine Type S/R,JL W's, Kicker Comp C/VR) since it's been about a full 10 years since I last put together a system in my car and also I just am not very knowledgeable about all this.
I sorta gather how brands that used to reign supreme back then went through a steep degradation of quality control so their products now are nowhere near as solid as they used to be, ie Alpine Type R Subs, JL W Series Subs, etc.
I ran 2 12" JLw0s in a sealed ebay box for a bit for my first setup ever with some random amp then w2's which were absolutely amazing, I loved that. Those sounded so damn good, I enjoyed that setup a lot just to give some frame of reference for what I'm looking for except now I want a single ported 12" ideally cause I want to keep some room in my hatch of my GTI.
Another important reference point comes from when I heard my buddie's single 12" Alpine Type S (Sealed I think) in his old 2004 VW GTI which sounded SO good that I always wished my 2 12" JL setup was even half as good. It was most likely just a better tuned setup with actual thought and knowledge put into things better quality parts etc, what a shocker that it was so much better right?
Anyways, I listen to primarily rap, some uk garage, and metal/hardcore. I have always loved powerful, clean, loud bass with my music. I'm a total audiophile but I don't have the budget nowadays to afford
What I really would want is something like a Sundown 12" setup with a custom box tuned perfectly, like stupid low @ 24hz and I realize that my low budget won't be able to allow buying a setup that can accommodate anything close to that low of a frequency.
I have a ~$500 budget for sub, box, and amp. I have an LC2i and Knuconceptz Kolossus 4 gauge OFC amp install kit already.
Really want a powerful, reliable, clean sounding setup that would compliment the music genres I enjoy listening to the most that sounds the best at primarily the lower range of frequencies but still performs decent in higher frequencies. Most important is clean, impressive sounding low end.
I really wish I knew someone that could build me a custom enclosure for a good price but unfortunately I don't think a custom enclosure is in the cards which is why I'm considering only prefab stuff...
I've been thinking of:
$360 Kicker Solo Baric L7S passive 2ohm 750w RMS + box
$260 Kicker Comp R passive 2ohm 500w RMS + box
$280 Kicker Solo Baric L7T passive 2ohm 600w RMS + box
~$200 Alpine Type R 2ohm just the driver and find some prefab somewhere online that would do it justice.
And finally the best one, my top pick I think:
$280 Sundown SA-12 D4 Classic dual 4ohm 750w RMS - Only possibly issue is that 4ohm might not suit my needs but this thing might slap so hard it might not even matter lol. I don't think I'd be able to get an enclosure that would do this thing justice at all, at least not for a year or so when I can work on paying for a custom box for it. It's just hard to justify paying the equal cost of the sub itself on an enclosure at the moment but for a Sundown it would be worth it down the line.
For all of those subs though I'm totally clueless as to what amps I should run...
If you made it through this flood of text I salute you and would GREATLY appreciate any help in pointing me in the right direction. I want to get everything installed this month so I want easily accessible parts. Thanks!!!
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2023.06.09 22:23 heddyneddy Portable extractor recommendations

Like the title said I’d like y’all’s thoughts on portables. My business mainly does high end upholstery and rugs so I don’t think I need the power of a truckmount.
I’ve used the Clean Dynamix 1000 psi heated model which works great but is such a beast getting up and down stairs by myself that it’s genuinely unsafe. I also have the Esteam e600 with heater which is a good bit smaller and I find works just as well for what I need. I’m wondering if there’s any other portables on the smaller side that anyone could recommend?
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2023.06.09 22:22 Jack18232 Thoughts on 2014 Mazda 6 I Touring for $13,950 from a private seller?

I have been looking for a while but my 2006 Mazda 6 hatchback just died and I need something relatively quick, found a 2014 Mazda 6i touring for $13,950 asking price on craigslist, 68,000 miles.
Does this seem like a fair price if I get it checked out by a mechanic pre purchase? I want something kind of sporty but good for road trips. Terrain is New Mexico but I don't do off-roading or anything. I prefer hatchbacks but it seems that the private used car market is mainly joke prices, beaters, and salvage titles right now. I absolutely prefer to buy used, but seems like all the cars less than 10 years old are in dealers hand right now and they are almost asking MSRP for 5 year old cars with like 80k miles. I have considered buying a new 2023 Mazda 3 Select hatchback but idk if it is financially worth it in my eyes.
I am not committed to Mazda, its just what I know and I like their styling and interior quality. So if you have any alternative suggestions let me know.
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2023.06.09 22:22 _new_name_ Simulating sales data

I was wondering if there was a good way to simulate sales data (like for a retail store or a restaurant) that could be analyzed for how time of day/season/etc affects what is sold
(Alternatively, are there any companies that happen to share this info online? I assume not but worth a shot haha)
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2023.06.09 22:22 Gravitas-and-Urbane Starting Friendships

I want to go over a situation that I'm not sure how to process because I'm a socially oblivious shut-in:
I moved to a new city and have found a social group for the town that regularly meets up for activities. A lot of the people in this group already seem to be established friends. Everyone is also friendly and I haven't really detected any drama (nothing that can't just be ignored as too stupid to acknowledge)
The issue I'm having is that I'm starting to notice that multiple people in the group are meeting up and communicating with each other outside of the group itself. They will hang out or text each other in small groups or 1-on-1 and I only see rare references to this in the group itself. It's been feeling like I'm a stranger hanging out with an established group of friends.
I think this may be an issue of me not escalating any of the potential relationships when I have had the chance to? Although, I'm also not sure if this is an issue of the people I'm talking to just not being a good match for me? I know I have problems with appearing open and available to people, so I can't really discern if the issue is that I'm not being forward enough about creating friendships with them or if they're not meeting me halfway because they aren't interested.
My goal, socially, is to have friends that I can go over to their house to just hang out and watch tv or invite them over to my place. I don't know the steps between having a conversation about common interests and having an actual friendship where you ask people to come over on a friday night.
I'm starting to make friends in other places, but I'm not sure what to do with this larger group of people.
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2023.06.09 22:21 witchlett If I move abroad, can I keep my American health insurance to travel back to the states for an upcoming surgery?

I am an American living in Michigan currently. I was unexpectedly offered a job in the Netherlands that wants me to start in September. My hesitation about taking this job revolves around an upcoming surgery that I have scheduled here in Michigan at the end of this year. I unfortunately have to have corrective jaw surgery. The preparation for the surgery is a long process that involves about a year of orthodontics prior to actually being able to get the surgery, which is why I can't get it before I move. My current health insurance will cover the surgery. I have health insurance through my husband's employer. We are on very good terms, but my husband and I are separated and he will not be coming with me to the Netherlands. He will continue to work at his existing job and live in Michigan. I don't know anything about health insurance and even though I am from the US it confuses the hell out of me. Will the health insurance I have through my husband's employer still apply if I move abroad and travel back for the surgery? Or would any American health insurance I have no longer apply and the surgery would be an out of pocket cost? I would simply just look into getting the surgery in the Netherlands except my orthodontist who is aligning my bite and teeth is working very closely with my oral surgeon to make sure I have the best surgical outcome. I am very hesitant to just try and find a new surgeon at this point with how far I am in the orthodontics process.
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2023.06.09 22:21 Few_Bag_3745 [PDT] [Online] [Fridays 5:00pm] [5e] campaign: Truck-Kun always wins

So I’ve been cooking on an idea for a campaign for a while now and I just need players to inject into my world.
The concept is relatively simple, basically the first Episode of Overlord if you’re an anime fan. The party will have been transported to a new world and must each return to their own universe. Fighting monsters along the way and perhaps deciding to stay in this world instead of returning to what they once knew.
The fantasy world that our party finds themselves in will be loosely based on Warhammer, (mostly naming cuz i suck at coming up with my own fantasy names) so if you dont know any warhammer lore then even better lol)
The campaign will be largely homebrewed, and previously created characters are allowed as well (since theyve been plucked from their universe and brought to mine) i believe that at the end of the day, DnD is a game and the goal is for everyone to enjoy themselves. So I never let the rules get in the way of a good story, however being restricted by the rules can also add to the suspense, and the gotcha moments from catching the dm in a rule shouldn’t ever be sacrificed. Basically, I prefer to world build and allow my players to have the freedom to go and do whatever they want in this world…. Which usually results in murder hobos but hey if the whole party is having fun who cares.
Session 0 starts in a little under 4 hours if you’re interested. Discord: darkf0x181#1821
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2023.06.09 22:21 hvingsomefun 48 [M4F] #Minnesota, #Online, geeky introvert seeking friends first, now with 200% more pictures!

Hi! First, the basics: I am 6'1, 220 lbs. Dad-bod. Working on it. Workout 5-6 days per week. Bald (shaved) but dark hair and blue eyes. Attractive.
Hey look it's me!
Shlubby me!
Separated but not divorced yet. Live alone.Things I enjoy: Movie buff. Love all kinds. Let's watch our favorite movies together and have fun conversations about what we loved and hated about them after.
Love musicals, be they stage or screen. Love going out to see live shows.
I do game quite a bit (PC). Having someone to game with would be great.
I read, mostly fantasy, sci-fi and post-apoc. I write some (fiction).
Enjoy going for walks (outside, don't like treadmills). Love weekend driving trips. Have started getting into cooking.
I skew pretty introverted. But once you get me past that initial nervousness I tend to be almost over communicative. I do love me a fun conversation. Being compassionate and empathetic are important to me. I do my best to be both of those things. Sometimes I'm better at it than others, but I always try.
Love to hear about your day. Love to hear what you're passionate about and what interests you. So please have interests that you are passionate about. Better yet if you can articulate the what and why of said passion :)
What am I looking for? An emotional connection with someone. Friendship first, and then maybe more. Or maybe not. Friends are great too. And I am definitely not in any sort of hurry. The opposite in fact.
I'm attracted to confidence, but also compassion (too many people seem to think that in order to convey confidence, they have to be a jerk. That doesn't convey confidence, to me it makes you appear insecure to be honest). Strong women are insanely sexy. I am looking for an equal in all things if it ever reaches that next level. Maybe more than an equal?
Physical attraction is a thing, but I don't necessarily have a "type". I will find your wit and intellect far more attractive than anything else.
Wow. That was a lot wasn't it? If any of the above clicked with you even a reach out and let's see what happens. Happy to move to Discord or Telegram.
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2023.06.09 22:21 ChrissyMushtisanti Lingering smell in house

So I just had a 3 month period where I went through about 12 shoe boxes. All of them went fine with only 1 contamination. All was well and good but as my last round finished up I started to notice a permeating mushroom smell around my grow room that had never been there before with any of the other grows. I harvested and dumped the tubs early because of the smell (despite the tubs not smelling as strongly as the rest of the room did), but it is still lingering. It’s not a bad smell, I just personally do not want to be smelling mushrooms all the time in an entire room in my house.
I am airing it out and I checked and cleaned my grow area with hydrogen peroxide, Lysol my entire room, left out baking soda, but the smell is still permeating. Could it just be a lingering smell from all the growing or the fabrics holding onto smells? Or could I have accidentally gotten mycelium to colonize a part of the house and now that’s what’s causing the smell? I’m very concerned as it’s been 2 days without the tubs and the smell is still lingering.
My next course of action is to deep clean my entire grow room (take every single thing out and check and sanitize to find the source) but I’d rather not if it’s not necessary. This is just very frustrating. Has anyone else had experience with this?
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2023.06.09 22:21 Confident_Bend1906 M4F/A looking for someone to play female character long term

hello first off i would like to introduce myself im gil but i would prefer bill if that is okay. i love fantasy and all stuff including that but if you have any other ideas that i dont list below please tell me for i may find them good
a vampire (could be me or you) is on the hunt for a human when he discovers a human that is weak and not putting up any struggle. the vampire finds this creature pitiful so it takes the human under its wing and tries to help it. it goes through all of the things to try and help this human. it tries to teach it some fighting moves and treats the human like one of them. but after a while the vampire starts to get attached for the human in ways that it never thought it could possibly think. ow the vampire has to go on knowing that its love for this human is big and does not know if the human would even feel the same.
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2023.06.09 22:21 No-Bicycle-132 Opinions on course plan for CS Master

Hi! I am applying for an exchange (spring semester) to EPFL and I wish to hear a few opinions on my course plan so far. I am expected to take roughly 30 ects, but in EPFL that seems to be a big course load due to courses usually being ~4 ects. I have come up with this so far:
French course: 3 ects Deep learning (EE-559): 4 ects Computer vision (CS-442): 4 ects Introduction to database systems (CS-322): 4 ects Large-scale data science for real-world data (COM-490): 4 ects Advanced machine learning (MICRO-570): 4 ects Applied statistics (MATH-516): 5 ects
This sums up to 28 ects which hopefully is fine. I have intentionally chosen these courses so that only 3 of them have summer exams (could I manage more?). Do you think this is feasible and do you have any suggestions? Maybe a course that you really enjoyed that is not in my list? I would really appreciate any feedback. Thanks!
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2023.06.09 22:20 Rickyszn034 Toki Time Travel

Toki Time Travel
So we see Toki randomly on the beach of some random island when we meet her character, and this is how she came into Odens life and story and eventually joined the WB pirates alongside Oden. As Oden and Toki were getting to know the members in particular Toki.
She would have noticed the lack of female members on the crew, and realised aside from her Whitey Bay was the only female on the crew, meaning of all the Wb pirates aside from Oden she formed the strongest bond with Whitey bay, this is highlighted twice where she is seen beside her in the montage of their adventures
I actually believe her and Whitey Bays relationship was initiated by a mutual connection both of the 2 had. As we know Toki came from the past to odens timeline, but we don't actually know how many years she jumped into the future each time she did, but one thing we do know, from what she said as she was about to jump from odens timeline highly suggests that jumping to the future is an extremely routine thing for her, meaning she did not jump 800 years in one go. To put in other words she is basically saying "Here we go again" what people say when something is a Normal and regular occurence but inconvenience
Since Toki was very likely given a mission to help ensure the dawn comes to the future by likely Joyboy or another important figure, it makes no sense that they would force Toki to do this mission alone, she was young at the time and they were forcing her to leave her family and friends, it makes extremely logical sense that she had a companion accompany her on said Time travel.
She sent the scabbards with momo to accompany him, The first and last time toki travelled to the future alone was when Joyboys daughter decided to remain in the timeline with Rocks D. Xebec
There are several people in the void century far more significant than Toki, but one thing i want to address is as the Kozuki realised that Kaidou was going to win and take over, Toki believed they should send the heir of the Kozuki to the future to ensure that the bloodline survives. We know Joyboy is a far more important figure in the world than the Kozuki and as King of the Ancient Kingdom, his own bloodline is of the most significant in the country.
I do not believe Joyboy is of any of the current D families, he isn't Portgas Monkey Gol and so on. More than likely he gave the name to his crewmates and he himself didn't take the name but was the creator of the name.
The wg went ham trying to end rogers bloodline, let alone Joyboys bloodline, they definetely wanted to erase that even more, but as we know more than likely they failed, but the reason they failed is because i believe his bloodline was no longer in their timeline, and his daughter went to the future with Toki.
Toki was close friends with the daughter of Joyboy and the 2 of them travelled to the future jumping timelines together, everytime they got bored of a timeline they leaped into the future, more than likely Joyboys daughter was deeply traumatized by the destruction of the ancient Kingdom and the death of her Father, the PTSD did not allow her to make friends as they jumped through the timelines and she bore large levels of hatred towards Imu, all she wanted was revenge. Everytime they saw a potential for the Wg to find them they went to the future
So biggest question is why was Toki not with Joyboys daughter when she came to Odens timeline, this is because she stopped in a previous timeline, more than likely for the same reason that Toki stopped in Odens timeline, she said that shit, that she felt like she reached her destination.
So she fell in love with someone in a previous timeline and no longer wanted to travel to the future anymore. So Toki and her parted ways
And that person she fell in love with was Rocks D. Xebec. Toki and Joyboys daughter met Rocks when he was young before he became a legend maybe like 18/19. So how does this link to Whitey Bay and WB.
These 2 were on Rocks crew prior to the Wb pirates, they are the 2 back to back in that panel, whitey bay is the 2nd apprentice of Rocks crew, and this is the reason why she told marco apprentices can't do certain things because she also had those restrictions.
Rocks made Whitey Bay his apprentice and was drawn to her because she reminded rocks of his wife Joyboys daughter, who died in rocks timeline. Toki also saw the similarities between Joyboys daughter and Whitey Bay and told her that's probably the reason why rocks favoured her so much and made him her apprentice.
Toki likely said she wanted to meet Rocks and Stella but Wb and Bay told her that Rocks died a couple years ago and his wife died
I believe the name of Joyboys daughter is Stella, and she had a tragic death involving the celestial dragons, and the stella from film gold is odas own draft for the narrative. As Joyboys daughter she was insanely powerful, we see how powerful Yamato is as Kaidous daughter, Joyboys daughter and Rocks wife was likely comparable to Wb roger and rocks, and definetely stronger than big mom. More than Likely rocks had to beat her in a fight before she opened up to him.
So the idea of measly celestial dragons killing her is impossible, the only celestial who had the power to kill her was IMU, this on top of IMU being the ultimate scum is what fueled rocks hatred
We see that Toki's name means Time in Japanese, and she has the Time Paramecia, the ability to control time
I believe Stella has powers that are in relation to her name aswell, we know Stella means Star in latin, I believe she is the former user of the Yami Yami no mi, the ability to create control and become Darkness, and this fruit chose her because of her desire to bring the Dusk to the future, in a similar fashion to Blackbeard.
This is an extremely difficult fruit to use and requires the user to be highly versed in astronomy and to be extremely intelligent. Yes i believe she was an a Astronomer with the yami yami no mi, its essentially the equivalent of a Scientist/Chemist with the Gas Logia the way ceaser is.
The type of attacks one would come up with from this is shit like Quasar, Dark matter, Black hole, Vortex. Dark nebula, things like that and would require seriously advanced understanding of space.
Notice how all these aspects of her character heavily connect. Name is Stella meaning STAR in latin, an astronomer, scientists who study STARS and SPACE, desire to bring dusk to the world and erase the SUN, the SUN = STAR. Has the literal power to destroy celestial objects and STARS.
Darkness is essentially Space. So controlling darkness is essentially controlling SPACE
She controls SPACE. Toki controls TIME. Space Time, Toki and Stella's goals were opposite
Toki - Bring Dawn to the Future
Stella - Bring Dusk to the Future
Tokis powers made her goal possible, and Stellas powers made her goal possible
Don't wanna be a nerd here but curvature of Space time is gravity, the only thing that match the gravity of darkness would be Time. Toki was the only one who could counter Stellas gravity in both a figurative and literal sense
Only one Stella could open up to and wasn't crushed by her intense personality and saw the good in her, and with the capacity of the time fruit could match her fruits gravity but as we know Toki was nowhere near smart or strong enough to use that fruit in combat
So i believe that Rocks was the counter to the Darkness of Stella, while she created literal darkness he created Light, I do not believe rocks is user of the light logia, i believe he is the user of the Hoshi Hoshi no mi, The Star logia, the ability to create stars and other celestial objects
This is the opposite ability of the Yami Yami no mi, which is the ability to destroy stars and other celestial objects. Both abilities which require the user to essentially be an Astronomer and Astrophysicist. She taught Rocks astronomy and he became an astronomer and taught whitey bay astronomy. Toki saw that Bay and Stella were both astronomers and they had a similar love for astronomy, she inherited the dream and will of Rocks wife.
Just as rayleigh sees roger in luffy, Rocks and Toki saw Stella in Bay and were drawn to her because of that. Rocks taught her astronomy while she was his apprentice on the rocks pirates and she eventually went on to teach Monet astronomy.
Rocks saw the fruits potential through his wife and inherited her will, the desire to bring the DUSK to the world that his wife had before him. BB his successor inherited the astronomy notes and studies of rocks and used them to hunt down the yami yami no mi and used the notes to use the power at a basic level
So as Rocks wife more than likely the 2 had children and that child is Dragon, Dragon is the son of Rocks and his wife Stella.
Dragon is the name Rocks gave to his son, and is a testament to rocks endeavour to take down the celestial dragons and take their place and reshape what it means to be a celestial dragon, and he named his son Dragon in the hopes he would become that.
Imma keep it real, guys who can't see the obvious evidence for this and how garp and dragon are nothing alike in any regard, don't look alike, don't act similar in anyway, garp is extremely stupid while dragon is cunning and intelligent.
One parent is always gonna look like the child, and if dragon doesn't look like luffy, then luffys mother looks like him and if she looks like him she looks like garp, pretty simple man. People thinking it makes sense for Garp to name his son dragon are also ridiculous, Garp isn't some elevated thinker, he is just a wise old man who loves a good time, he is alot like luffy, empty headed.

So in this era i believe the 2 people rocks has the closest Father child connection to is with Dragon and Whitey Bay. These 2 are connected by their tie to rocks. I believe Rocks taught each of them one thing.
He taught Bay astronomy and gave Bay his Hat, parallel to Roger and Shanks. And
He taught Dragon Martial arts, specifically the Ryusoken
And what is significant about this hat and technique. They were passed to the brothers of luffy
Bay gave Ace the Hat
Dragon gave Sabo the technique
Ace got the hat after sabo went missing from goa, in that time frame i believe Bay went to Goa kingdom, because she believed Rocks grandson was potentially on the island and wanted to give him rocks hat,
Shanks had a hunch Rogers son was on the island but instead found luffy, hat he was gonna give to rogers son he gives to luffy
Bay had a hunch Rocks grandson was on the island but instead found ace, hat he was gonna give to rocks grandson she gives to Ace
Rocks saw the similarities between Stella and Bay and saw Bays potential to become like Stella his wife, Bay saw the similarities between Ace and Rocks and saw potential for Ace to become like Rocks
Roger and Rocks relationship started out like the relationship between ace and luffy became like the relationship between luffy and blackbeard. They weren't brother but likely close friends.
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2023.06.09 22:20 w3irdflexbr0 If you’re young, hate your family, read this.

I’m 24, and I always wished that when I was 17 that I knew this. Maybe you’re young, about to leave high school or you’re in high school and need to plot your exit. Here’s some things I’ll tell you. If you’re on the subreddit that early, congratulations. It might not be too late for you. Let’s start with the most effective tool against immigrant Asians. It’s called lying. Let’s not kid ourselves, they’re uneducated and you should use that to your advantage. Don’t let the guilt eat you, you’ll be fine. You don’t want to be a doctor and go to college? Fine. Fake it, make it seem you’re accepted. Bite your tongue for as long as you can. Second? Get a job. Jobs without college degrees don’t pay that well, but you’re not paying any bills are you? Go be a security guard. No college required, get the license and let your family know you’re “studying”. If you can, I also recommend opening a bank account behind their backs. You’ll live with your family, earn some money behind their back and when you make enough, be ready to drop them like a bad habit. If you have enough money, you can finally find a place to live and maybe you’re also lucky to where your friend could let you live with them. Plan this shit out. Another choice would be the military but this presents it’s own challenges. You have to go take the ASVAB, you have to go to MEPS and you have to ship. You’ll need to lie whenever this happens. Let them know it’s school related. I highly recommend the Air Force, Space Force or Coast Guard. I’m going to be honest, I’m assuming a lot of you didn’t have parents that endorses physical activity so you’re probably out of shape. The Air Force, space force and even navy require fitness but not athleticism. This is good because the tests are more than achievable. Once you ship out understand there’s no consequence for joining because had you told them sooner, they would’ve shot you down but since all your pre-reqs are complete, your parents lose power. Meet your new family, the AF. They don’t kick you out for dating outside your race, they don’t judge you on what to major in, you’re free. The little freedom you get in the military is still more than what you get in Asian families. You’re more than welcome to choose your own escape route but I provided you with something your parents protect you from. Information. Now you’ll know if they truly loved you and if they didn’t, I’m sure you’ll outdo them. If you guys have additional things to add, please do. Let’s help the kids out before it’s too late and they have to catch up.
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2023.06.09 22:20 Almightytubs90 Heavy & Explosive Build

Howdy all,
I just spent far too long and many, many trial and error edits to arrive at my (hopefully) final version of a hybrid build, so I thought I’d share!
The idea is to have full health, live in power armor, and destroy your foes with any and all heavy weapons, explosive or otherwise!
Now, the end point of this build requires a few specific end-game bits, but revolves around a full set of Union Power Armor (poison resist let’s you drop Funky Duds and carry weight rules) with AMMO weight reduction on 4~5 pieces. The other stars are actually quite flexible, but I’ve included some examples that would be useful. Overeater’s and Fire Resist would be ideal, but that ammo is priority one - it lets you drop three different perks for weight management and carry the whole armory with you easily.
For the perks, I like varied Legendary stuff so I only took one SPECIAL. Energy Absorption is pretty important, but the other legendaries are totally flexible. Early on, you’d want Inspirational (you could drop Gunsmith or Chem Fiend easily enough) and Funky Duds but once you make it to full Union PA and all 6 legendary slots, I think those can both go back on the shelf, except for horde public events where I’d swap out Tenderizer. I also like Lock & Load and Bloody Mess since they work on launchers and heavies both. Finally, Basher is one you can swap in for melee events where a Shredder Minigun with no bullets does wonders 😎
For weapon legendaries, I’m a fan of Junkie’s (general use) and Anti-Armor (better for bosses).. Both are great all around though. You can also play with Aristocrats, but I like shopping! I listed 5 perma-addictions that I find suit this build, and take Psychobuff to go HAM. Second star explosive is fun, damage aiming is good, faster fire solid, loads of good options. Last star depends on the gun - breaks slower is always good, move speed while aiming is fun, reload speed for smaller mag weapons, you get the idea. Don’t need weight reduction with bear arms, though if you got it on every gun you could drop bear arms and finish heavy gunner perks.
Overall, I just use VATS to find targets, except when using a Gatling Gun or a Plasma Caster. The rest are gonna drain AP too fast to bother with, and it’s honestly more fun letting rip with 500 rounds of mayhem freehand!
So this may not compete with a Bloodied build for maximum deeps, but you basically can’t die (I’ve held the hill in mutated Eviction Notice on my own using my shredder) and you can carry EVERY SINGLE heavy weapon, copious ammo for each, and use them all effectively without respecs or load outs. This build is FUN, so give it a go if you’re fed up of that red HP bar, can’t afford unyielding everything, or even if you’re just new and looking for a roadmap to becoming a walking wrecking ball!
Much love, and any input is welcome! Got any tips for me, I’d love to hear them. Any questions, and I’ll do my best to answer.
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2023.06.09 22:20 Ill_Ad9302 Best Agency to Join in Columbus, Ohio

Good Afternoon everyone,
I just wanted to know what is the best agency to join in the Columbus Ohio area. I’m getting off of active duty in October this year and I want to pursue a career in Law enforcement and I’m trying to find the best agency to apply for when I move to Columbus. I don’t know if I should do city police, deputy sheriff or state highway patrol. I’m open to any and all recommendations.
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2023.06.09 22:20 Which_Ad_5787 feeling overwhelmed with expectations after graduating college

I don’t mean to compare myself to others but I am, it’s hard not to.
everyone either has a job, is traveling the world, or doing both.
I chose to take the summer off after graduating before applying to jobs due to burn out. I also want to start therapy.
I just want to start my life on a good foundation before making any bigger decisions (getting a job, going into dating world, spending thousands traveling the world etc).
but i feel like the only person in the world with this plan. I know people who are depressed who are in similar positions. but I have been intending to do this because I want the best life for myself, not because im depressed. and I believe after I rest and go to therapy I will make more quality decisions for my long term life.
I think and hope it will be worth the wait, but it’s hard not to doubt myself when everyone seems to be living a fast life and im taking it easy.
I know I might sound whiny or unreasonable, I just wanted to get this off my chest
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2023.06.09 22:20 cororado25 I'm feeling stuck with my life.

I don't know what else to do so I decided to write here expecting some kind of advice. I'm a 22-year-old male and I've always struggled with relationships. I'm going to start from the beginning when I was a kid I was bullied pretty badly and that lead me to develop lots of problems when it comes to socialization. in the beginning, I couldn't make human connections but with time and self-improvement I was able to improve this skill and slowly I made acquaintances then friends, and later close friends.
but the only thing I haven't been able to achieve is a romantic relationship at the beginning I didn't care I thought that with time someone will come and that my focus should be improving my social skills and connections.
but with time people started to get into relationships or if not in some kind of sexual/romantic relationship but I didn't. and with time I also started to feel "lonely" I may have close friends and a good social life but I haven't ever been loved romantically or sexually by a woman and this has made me slowly feel empty.
when I started to feel this way and saw my friends getting relationships I started my journey too but sadly I haven't had success. I used to think that it was as simple as learning to make friends but with some flavor add it, and so I try to get a GF.
when I got rejected I would look ahead and try to learn from my relationships with them. I would analyze past conversations and situations in my head to see where I made a mistake and learn from it. sadly this hasn't worked my relationships with people have improved a lot because of this self-analysis but I can't get past a friendship.
then I read that you should make a relationship evolve naturally so I tried that but whenever I would ask a friend I liked for a date even just as friends they would reject me or invite other friends sending a clear message.
the last drop was this Wednesday when I texted a new friend to go for lunch, only the 2 of us (we have gone to several places with other friends) and she didn't text me back so I guess that was a no... the worst part is I really felt some kind of connection with her being this the reason is why I asked her out. I wanted to explore this slight connection I think we both have but I didn't even get a text back. and I actually thought she might like to know me better since we have had really good interactions.
And above all else is the fact that I can't really blame my poor social skills anymore good at making friends and having people trust me and open up to me but that doesn't bring me the happiness I seek for.
I'm hard stuck in life I don't know what to do my friends who are similar to me have gotten GFs but I haven't I know I'm not perfect nor never will be. I will always make mistakes but it feels that I need to be perfect in social situations to get a GF I know this is a lie because my friends aren't close to perfect but they have had no trouble getting a relationship.
I don't know what I'm doing wrong anymore I'm willing to keep learning and trying to be the best version of myself but I don't know what else to improve upon. if someone has any advice I would appreciate it.
Clarifications: (I take care of my hygiene and body I also go to the gym so I don't think this is a problem)
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2023.06.09 22:20 Secure_Village_5747 Every season ranked

Hey guys, so I just finished binge-watching the entire series last night (after six months) so I figured that i'd give you guys my opinions

11). Double Feature
pretty basic last pick but it was really the best one. The two plots themselves were pretty good and if they were there own seasons they would've been higher, red tide in particular was really clever and pretty good. That being said, it was all just too rushed. Red tide felt hollow, it felt like it had to be rushed to a conclusion with no time to make it satisfying. Death valley was that x10. The season wasn't bad but it wasn't good, it was just nothing
10). Hotel
I really really don't like hotel, it felt like they tried to do too much with it and it wasn't captivating enough to pull it off, I personally just didn't find it all that interesting. The whole season felt like I was finally getting into it and then it jumped to something else totally random. There were many positives (for example, I liked more characters than I hated, even though I hated a few HARD) but I lost interest like 2/3rds through.
9). Apocalypse
Apocalypse would've been such a great season if they'd stuck to the original plot. After they killed the bunker crew off they spent far too much time on Michael's backstory, in fact they spent so much time on it that when the season ended I literally said to myself "wait, that's it, the seasons over?" They didn't need the coven or the murder house cast back and I would've much rather seen what they did with Tim and Emily or Ms. Venable. What really turned me off for this season was Michael's death, that was the most anti-climactic death I've ever seen and he's the son of Satan. Would re watch but not right away.
8). NYC
This was a fairly good season, it took a while to get the ball rolling but once they did the show was pretty good. The season had a lot of dull moments but also a lot of really climactic moments, my personal favorite was the hospital chase between Patrick, Gino, and the Mai Thai killer. The season also avoided a regular theme of AHS which is a week ending, the requiem is one of AHS' strongest endings.
7). Asylum
I like this season but not nearly as much as the fan base does. It was a really good, efficient, and fun season but it didn't quite jump at me like that. I thought the characters were done very nicely, the plot was entertaining, and overall it was very enjoyable. This season is a safe pick but it didn't stand out to me like some others did (except for the Thredson plot-line, OMG!)
6). Freak show
The hate this season gets doesn't feel totally deserved to me. Yes, the season did decline as time went on but not significantly enough to warrant that much hate. I loved the atmosphere of this season and everything felt like it fit. Overall, solid 7.5. Get's the bump over asylum because it feels more unique.
5). Murder house
Spectacular way to start the series, this season had me constantly wondering what was up with the season and I loved it. Constant twists and turns kept you on your toes and the characters were likable enough to enjoy (I mean some were, really disliked the Harmon parents and Larry). Great series start, loved it and it had me wanting more
4). Cult
This wasn't the perfect season by any means, i'll agree that the season is far too heavy-handed with political ideology and yes the Valerie Solanas episode was hot trash. Other than that though, this season is crazy good. Personally, I love shock horror so this season was a really good one for me, I was constantly shocked by what I was seeing and on top of being incredibly captivating, just made this season so good. Also, Kai Anderson is Evan Peters crown jewel of AHS (just saying).
3). Coven
This season made me feel invested in the way the previous two hadn't, this season totally hit on most aspects. The characters in this season are some of the best in the show's run, the plot was not only entertaining but also interesting, and I was genuinely unnerved a decent amount this season (which I love). Top tier season, no doubt
2). 1984
1984 was an homage to classic horror fans everywhere. The season was just so good and captivating, I loved the characters, I loved the cultural recreation, I loved the theme, and I loved the twists. I'm usually one to predict twists before they happen but the Margaret Booth reveal totally got me. Such an entertaining watch, I was sad when it was over.
1). Roanoke
There is no season quite like Roanoke, the season didn't focus much on atmosphere which I do think is very important but the scares made up for it. The season is the most investing and was honestly what I expected when I started watching the show. I was on edge a lot this season and it truly was just such a great experience. My favorite shot in this entire season is when Rory stands up in the hot tub and faces the house, completely unaware of the army of torches through the woods. Nobody notices and this placement has no payoff but it still sent chills down my spine, it's just a reminder that they are there and watching, waiting. I loved this!!
Let me know what you think, I know I've got weird opinions but I think they're fun.
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2023.06.09 22:20 blindeagle141 Buying this small collection of books but not sure how much to pay

Hi, sorry if this is not the right place to post this but getting into comic collecting and wanted to buy some comics of a person but wanted to know what a good price would be for these books?
X-Factor 12,23,30-31,33.35.40-81, 88-94, 109-115, 117-119, 121 och Annual 5,6, New Mutants 1,8,18,21-26,29,31-34, 46,54,56-61,63,67-100 och Annual 1,5,6 X-Force 1x5st, 2-10, 11-14 x2st, 15-16,20-25,41-47,59,5 och 53 Uncanny X-men 266, 270-272, 275-288, 295-296,319-324,326-329,331 och Special event 95 och Oktober, Annual Kings of Pain part 3 X-Men 1x4 st, 2-10, 38-44, 46-47, 49, 51 och Annual 14/1990, Special Anniversary Event
MARVEL AGE OF APOCALYPSE Prime, Alpha, Omega, Generation Next 1-4, Amazing X-men 1-4, Astonishing X-men 1-4, Factor X 1-4, Weapon X 1-4, Gambit and the Externals 1-4. Cable 1-2 Alpha Flight 33-34 She-Hulk 29-30 Punisher War Journal 6-7 Wolverine 7-9, 50 Wat if Wolverine was an Agent of Shield 7 MCP Wolverine 100 Wolverine Saga Book 1 och 2 Wolverine Inner Fury Ghost Rider, Wolverine, Punisher Heart of Darkness Deaths Head II 1-4 MCP Ghost Rider + Cable 90-93 Spiderman 15,17 Fantastic Four 347-349 Secret Wars II 5 Angela 1,3 Lobo Infanticide 1-3 Wildcats 1 Youngblood 1 Brigade 1 Twillight Zone 1,3 Lobo 1 (2nd print)
Its a lot of books but its book i would enjoy and maybe a nice place to start. But any idea of what a good price would be?
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2023.06.09 22:19 Material_Feeling5282 Dulled Senses During Intimacy

Hi I've been lurking for a while. I'm just wondering if anyone has been through this and has any idea what's going on or how to move past it. I know plenty of people experience sexual dysfunction after finding out about infidelity in their relationships, but does this count? After DDay a few months ago, we didn't have sex because I didn't feel I could trust my partner. We started having sex relatively recently, but it hasn't been the same. It almost feels like my senses are dulled with him now. Like, things that used to be very sensitive are now taking more time to feel good, or they feel very neutral instead of very good like they used to. The dulled senses isn't extremely noticable when it's just me taking care of myself, at least the few times I've tried.
Even with him, I didn't really notice it the first time. It's been getting worse the last few times we've been intimate, though. I'm still orgasming, but it's taking longer, and it's not feeling quite as good. Foreplay is barely doing it for me. He's interacting with places that should be very very sensitive, and it's like I can barely feel it half the time. Like his hands aren't even there.
Has anyone else been through this? Is this a mental block? Is this what female sexual dysfunction looks like? How do I get past this? I don't want to not be excited anymore, and I miss sex. Any advice/reflections/thoughts are appreciated. It feels scary to not feel connected to what's going on during sex.
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2023.06.09 22:19 Hefty_Prize303 Diagnosis with current doc, someone else, or not at all?

Over the last few months, I've (early 20s, m) begun the process of seeking a diagnosis. I just graduated college with a STEM degree (extremely good grades), albeit with a dearth of social activities and extracurriculars. I will start grad school soon and don't anticipate needing academic accommodations, so a diagnosis would mostly be for myself. I recently had my first consultation with a neuropsychologist who I quickly realized is badly misinformed about autism.
She told me I could not be autistic and kept listing traits that may be more typical of those with higher support needs:
Anyway, my point is should I continue to seek a diagnosis for validation? It seems like nothing I can say will convince this doctor. But seeking a new doctor that specializes in autism and takes my insurance will take a lot of work, not to mention the paperwork and having to explain myself to another stranger. I appreciate any input y'all have to offer!
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2023.06.09 22:19 Resolution01-22-2023 Day 139 and life continue

Still grateful that i have been quitting sports gambling for this long.
As i have passed 100 days. I don’t even feel any urges to do any type of bets.
Working full time as an engineer and getting paid 90k/yr. In addition. I do uber eats for side hustle to pay the gambling bet. Yeah, i do get fking tired coming home late after my side hustle uber delivery; however, i am still the happiest men in the earth because I don’t have to get stressed with outcome w or l on my sports bet. When i comeback home after long fking uber delivery, I just try to do some kind of reflection on my own. Why I am doing this uber eats, it is all because of this sports gambling mess. Life is so good without gambling. It took me 3 yrs to realize that i can def live without gambling for rest of my life.
Have a great weekend y’all.
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