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An Unofficial subreddit for the forward minded thinking producer Mr. Carmack. A Hawaii native, known for his airy synths and hard hitting bass.

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Discover a new world where hard-hitting beats and heavy bass reign. Basscon is Insomniac's new platform for all hard music genres dedicated to bringing the best in Hard Techno, Hard House, Hardstyle, Hard Trance, and Hardcore in an environment crafted to enhance its unique sounds. Prepare for a high-powered experience as we journey through the soundscapes of time.

2023.06.08 09:58 FlexibleTines 34 [M4F] Denmark - Looking for companionship, like so many do in these lonely times :)

It's a crazy time these days, isn't it? I'm normally not the best at meeting people, and can often feel a bit lonely, so I thought I'd return to see if I could meet someone on here. :)
I'm not the best at writing dating posts, but I'll do my best. :) If there's something I've left out that you'd like to know, just hit me up with a message, yeah?
A bit about me, I'm a 34-year-old software developer from Copenhagen. I'm an extrovert, so I love being with people, although I struggle a bit with making it happen sometimes due to being on the autism spectrum. It's my impression that people tend to like me, though, so I'm sure you would, too.
I enjoy being creative in my free time. I've done a lot of different types of creative projects over the years; programming, lots of things for our comedic revue at university (like writing songs, being on stage, making videos, ...), building electronics, cooking, mathematics. It's pretty fun to produce something you can show to people, you know? :)
I quite enjoy learning, and spend a lot of time reading (and listening to) books, often non-fiction ones. :) Recently I've started getting into more fiction, and have also gotten myself an e-reader, so my reading pace has really gone up. I just got started on "Tomorrow, and Tomorrow, and Tomorrow" by Gabrielle Zevin, and am quite enjoying it so far!
In addition to learning, I also really enjoy teaching and helping other people. I spent a lot of time at university being a TA, and do a lot of training of our new hires at work. Talking to people gives me energy, you know, and it helps me do that with a purpose. :)
Musicals and theatre in general tend to interest me, and I'm trying to slowly catch up to all the great shows I haven't seen yet.
I'm big of physical affection, love me a hug and a cuddle; the warmth of closeness. Sometimes just being in the same room with someone, doing our own things. Going on walks together. Cooking together. Talking during the day on chat, then cuddling up in the evening after we're done.
I suppose the big question is whether you find me interesting or not. :) If you do, I'd love to see a message from you popping up in my inbox.
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2023.06.08 09:56 Lyho8 Did anyone manage to make meteor enchantment work ?

During the end game beta I built my character around this enchantment and it was fantastic (it was fixed 3% on burn ticks at the time).
Since the enchantment has become tied to lucky hits I never managed to get a satisfactory amount of procs despite several (costly) attempts.
At the moment I find it very hard to determine which skill offer the best amount of lucky hits (the way the displayed % are actually applied are a bit mystical for some skills like hydra or firewall for instance).
I am currently playing an ice shards build which works well but really my heart wants to make it rain and self casting meteor is nowhere near close to the satisfaction of procing them.
So I would appreciate all the advice/theorycraft I can get on maximizing lucky hits and making a build revolving around this enchantment work !
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2023.06.08 09:56 tony787720 Worried about my appearance..

So apparently, Ive had T2N all my life but it just only recently finally blew up (“officially awakened”, according to the diagnosis) this past January when I got the results from my doc after I noticed something very wrong since three months before in October 2022, when I started falling asleep too much during my job as an uber eats driver (eventually had to quit).
Im 40. All my life since before that and even up until February of this year I was very physically active. I did cardio for about 1-2 hours a day 5 days a week. I then started going back to lifting weights.
But with weights, no matter how much I lifted, I would never see any progress.
My whole life I’ve been a massive mercilessy accursed HARD-GAINER. Wether I was at the gym half an hour 5 days a week, 1 hour M-F, 2hrs M-F, 2hrs every other day, 1hr every other day, sticking to a routine, changing up the routine so as to confuse the muscles and therefore build more mass quicker as a result, doing single excercises, doing compound excercises, doing resistance training, doing negatives, doing supersets, focusing on certain parts on different days, doing full-body every other day, wether I ate six times a day mostly meats and eggs and proteins galore with fruits and veggies and nuts and shakes, wether I added supplements to them, wether I took a gallon of creatine daily or just two scoops into my shake after every workout (before post-workout atrophy starts to happen), wether I took pre-workout shakes/drinks or not, wether I withheld from fapping before the gym, wether I slept 7,8,9,10 hours that night or the night before, wether I went during the morning, afternoon or night- on my BEST DAY I would just barely make a difference that barely nobody would ever notice anyway, and it would go away in a heartbeat if I ever stopped lifting for five minutes. Its BAZONKERS people- all that work, and NOTHING to show for it to this day.
Except now the opposite has happened. I have no energy at all to do anything (hell I can barely stay awake as I type this). Cant focus, cant think straight. Even seemingly mundane things like drivig to the grocery store ten minutes away is a daunting task now that worries everyone in my fam to death if I ever would try to do it.
I sleep most of the day. In a 24-hr span, Im awake for about six-seven. I only eat once a day bc of my shitty for life now Keto diet I have to strictly follow so I cant eat 90% of everything so I barely eat and its once/twice a day and its small meals so I dont pass out shortly after. Therefore, I dont eat 6 times a day- nowhere near that. I also had to completely stop working out.
Today, I see myself in the mirror and notice that now that the nightmares and sleep paralysis have progressed, Ive become rail thin. Like, my arms are scary-looking with how thin and bony they are now- they look like those of a 9-year-old boy. Im embarassed to be seen in public. Im paler now, and the Dark Circles under my eyes have grown inmensely darker. I feel like I can charge cars to park in those giant suckers but thats for another story.
So I look like a sickly malnourished skeleton now. Its scary-looking how bad Ive gotten, but gym is the LAST thing I can do nowadays- believe me! I havent gone since Feb when I just had to stop bc I couldnt take it anymore.
So, is rail-thin, bony, extraterrestrial-looking “body” normal for people with Severe T2N to get? I look like a sickly shivering starving animal from one of those Sarah McLaughlin commercials with the song playing and everything.
So is this (“fairly new”?) appearance normal for people with N to display? Remember that mine’s severe t2. Severe.
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2023.06.08 09:56 Slight-Rush-2988 Toxic professors lead me into anxiety

I am a 20M who usually resorts to daydreaming whenever overstressed. I am looking for coping strategies because daydreaming ends up eating up my time and life.
The problem is that I am overburdened in college. Don't get me wrong, I work hard and have gotten to my final year of college without an arrears. All the students of the department are overstressed because our professors make us stand in long queus to get "APPROVALS", which is basically a nitpicking session where they point out every single mistake to and extent where it's emotionally and physically draining for all of us. There's nothing humane here, even if a professor helps a student performing a kind gesture he has to go through a bashing from the HOD. The environment here is toxic and most of the times we are dangling between pass and fail or rather I would say life and death. I'm usually overstressed and want to handle it better.
Listened to a few Navy Seals speak on stress management but wanna hear it from you guys, how do you manage stress in college or at workplace, especially when the fear of being unemployed and staying at parents place hits you. Currently on semester break but the thought of going back to college scares me out of wits, especially the thought of failing a semester then ending up unemployed.
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2023.06.08 09:55 startiger345 Readhing out to an ex a year post-break up?

I‘m looking for some advice regarding relationships and I feel like other autistic people will understand my thinking better. Also my ex is likely on the spectrum too.
The tldr of the issue is that about a year ago I broke up with my ex (nb, they/them) around the time I was figuring out that I am 1) a trans man, not a lesbian and 2) gay and pretty much only into men. Before dating, my ex and I were close friends, and they were genuinely the best friend I ever had - it was the kind of friendship that every autistic person dreams of having as a lonely isolated kid. Which is probably also why I ended up being confused about my feelings for my ex and mistook very close friendship feelings for romantic attraction. I was the one doing the breaking up and I said that I wouldn’t contact my ex at all out of respect, which I haven’t. I occasionally check their tumblr blog just because idk I guess I miss them. I know that they’re now in a relationship again and seem happy, but I also know that the breakup hit them incredibly hard.
I’m wondering whether reaching out to them would be a stupid thing to do, since it’s been a year? I don’t want to hurt them but I also really miss being their friend. I don’t think I’ll ever click with anyone else the way I did with them and I’m mad at myself for being confused and agreeing to trying a relationship when friends is what we should have stayed.
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2023.06.08 09:53 Slight-Rush-2988 Toxic Professors

I am a 20M who usually resorts to daydreaming whenever overstressed. I am a part of Maladaptivedreaming but am looking for coping strategies because daydreaming ends up eating up my time and life.
The problem is that I am overburdened in college. Don't get me wrong, I work hard and have gotten to my final year of college without an arrears. All the students of the department are overstressed because our professors make us stand in long queus to get "APPROVALS", which is basically a nitpicking session where they point out every single mistake to and extent where it's emotionally and physically draining for all of us. There's nothing humane here, even if a professor helps a student performing a kind gesture he has to go through a bashing from the HOD. The environment here is toxic and most of the times we are dangling between pass and fail or rather I would say life and death. I'm usually overstressed and want to handle it better.
Listened to a few Navy Seals speak on stress management but wanna hear it from you guys, how do you manage stress in college or at workplace, especially when the fear of being unemployed and staying at parents place hits you. Currently on semester break but the thought of going back to college scares me out of wits, especially the thought of failing a semester then ending up unemployed.
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2023.06.08 09:52 RelevantNerve7775 Will Padmanabh Singh be able to form his new image in the eyes of the people of Rajasthan?

Will Padmanabh Singh be able to form his new image in the eyes of the people of Rajasthan?
Padmanabh Singh(Pacho) is the current titular Maharaj of Jaipur,a well known Polo player & once a model(for Vogue,Elle etc.). He is son of BJP MP & Princess of Jaipur Diya Kumari.Even after years of Diya Kumari's political career not everyone knows about her existence & she hasn't done anything significant to be remember till now. Now Padmanabh is set to make his political debut but the question is will he be able to make it big as now public don't even trust popular & experienced politicians how they'll accept a new face with 0 experience?
Pacho never tried to mingle with locals before as the likes of Prince of Gwalior Aryaman Scindia & Prince of Mewar Lakshyaraj Singh started very early. His counterparts Lakshyaraj Singh, Aryaman Scindia are very careful when it comes to their image & how they're viewed by public so they keep their private life under wraps. They escape from being clicked in parties & on vacations but if you notice Pacho's pics from any party he is always with a glass full of beer,he seems to care less.
He said he like traveling & exploring but he won't even be able to name 5 Indian States that he has explored on his fingers as his vacations are always in foreign countries & with British people.He always had inferiority complex around Europeans & a 60 yr old mentality of seeking validation from white people.He is also a heavy smoker,alcoholic,party animal & there are strong rumours of him being a bisexual/gay.In a month he throw atleast two lavish parties which is only for Britishers.I'm not saying these things are problematic or he committed a crime as it's normal & his way of living life King size BUT as of now it's not consider as an ideal image of a politician in India.
Rajasthan's 75.1% people are from rural area, I'm sure many of them don't know what Vogue, Ralph Lauren,GQ is.Many in Jaipur isn't aware of his existence.His relationship history is also quite famous on internet,he earlier dated Virginia Borrero(Colombian) & now he is in a living relationship in his palace with Claire Deroo,who call herself a "French designer" & it's been 7-8yrs.She is extremely involved in palace work, festivals, organising parties in the palace even started clothing line with his sister. If he will not marry her he'll gain the reputation of a Playboy/Casanova moron & Ranbir Kapoor of Royals & if he does then it will create chaos among Rajput community like his family faced when diya Kumari married his father who was a driver & belongs from lower community.
He indeed need to make efforts as elections are near & this could be a good opportunity to hit a bullseye.But the way he has portrayed himself it's Hard to Digest the image he wants to cast now & this appears as big hurdles in his political career.Will Diya Kumari be successful in white washing her son's image from a rich brat to a young popular politician even in Jaipur City?
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2023.06.08 09:50 ogreatgames Just Dance 2018: Entertaining Rhythm Game - Wii Game

Just Dance 2018: Entertaining Rhythm Game - Wii Game

![video](60bz3xvfe4491 " Mimic the cool dance choreography routine on the screen and aim to win. Visit https://ogreatgames.com/products/just-dance-2029 to buy these item(s) & more while supplies last! -- ")
#wii #rhythm #music --
Just Dance 2018 For Nintendo Wii. Play to your hearts content while hearing some of the best songs ever. Just Dance 2018 features a list of hit songs. Dance to Side to Side, 24K Magic, and Bubble Pop. Let the game rate your performance to either Good, Super, or Perfect. Turn up the music because the floor is all yours. --
Hey check out similar videos here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=05uKspxQ89s&list=PLVduyMnVQjzNYPljUBqwgAXdMPQ9CEKWY
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2023.06.08 09:46 Human-Horror-4804 I love hard sci-fi and I’ve found out about this book a month ago thanks to this sub. I loved it! Are the sequels as good? Should I give them a try or move on? (I have Robert A. Heinlein books waiting for me)

I love hard sci-fi and I’ve found out about this book a month ago thanks to this sub. I loved it! Are the sequels as good? Should I give them a try or move on? (I have Robert A. Heinlein books waiting for me) submitted by Human-Horror-4804 to u/Human-Horror-4804 [link] [comments]

2023.06.08 09:43 BlueDreamsBeats Melody in 'Bus Travel New York Tare Off My Face Pt. 1&2'

Finally listened to the STGSTV remaster today - wow! I hadn't heard a lot of these 'A Night at Mr. Raindrop's Holistic Supermarket' tracks, they're incredible. I've been really into ambient music recently so the 2 soundscape/ambient leaning tunes hit a sweet spot for me.
There is a melody in the first tune (:30-2:00ish) and last tune (1:30-end of song), that feels vaguely recognizable. My gut says a romantic era piece for solo piano, something like Debussy, similar to something PB would sample for his solo records. A little digging seems to indicate PB actually played this part, so it may not be a sample, but a highly inspired melody he wrote. (From an AC IG post - "The EP also includes some rarely heard panda bear piano playing!!"). Just curious if it feels familiar to anyone else!
Hope everyone is enjoying the new old bangers, AC rulez
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2023.06.08 09:43 CyanideLovesong Learning a new DAW (making appreciate Reaper even more)

I used Cakewalk SONAR many years ago. As most of you know, Cakewalk was bought by Bandlab and they have a new version (paid) coming out at end of year. I thought I'd re-learn it in anticipation of that.
But it's really, really hard coming from Reaper.
The more DAWs I become fluent in the more convinced I am that Reaper wins in every category except possibly appearance in some regards. (However, the streamlined appearance arguably contributes to one of its best qualities -- unmatched performance... And TBH I like the default theme and I'm OK with the programmer look of the plugin scripts, although I wish they all had input/output meters.)
Anyhow -- tonight I'll talk about few killer Reaper features, and two ways that Reaper could improve.
  1. I bound a hotkey to expose an automation lane for the last touched control in any VST/VSTi (action = "FX: Show/hide track envelope for last touched FX parameter)
  2. After that it's just a couple more clicks to enable an LFO or random oscillator on the automation. Most DAWs can't do this, and it's a FAST way to add life & movement to a track. Best of all, it works in-addition-to any recorded or drawn automation... So you can modulate your manual automation!!! This is incredibly powerful and fast.
  3. This one everyone here knows -- any track can act like a bus. So you can create complex nests of folder busses or routings, whatever you need. You don't realize how important and simple this is until you're in a DAW that doesn't have it.
  1. This one is a must. There's no reason not to have it. It's simple, good, and non-controversial... In Cakewalk, if you're zoomed in on a track such that clips are off to the right -- it leaves a trail of breadcrumb dots so you know the track isn't empty. So you know, subtly, that there are clips to your right. Reaper doesn't have this, and if you're zoomed in on a track you can end up deleting it by mistake.
  2. Navigator. I experienced it first in Mixbus, but Cakewalk has it too. It's a sort of miniature view of your tracks and whole song, so you can quickly navigate it. It's only controversial in that some people wouldn't use it, but it's a good feature that some other DAWs have.
In the end, every DAW has its own unique benefits. Reaper just has an unusual amount of benefits related to power, function, stability, customization, external scripts & community supported plugins, speed, reliability, and price.
This makes it really hard to learn other DAWs because you have to set that aside to appreciate another software... But it's a LOT to set aside!
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2023.06.08 09:41 Wthamidoingofmylife Feeling hopeless, I think I chose the wrong career

Hi folks, a bit of a rant, but I really enjoy the answers in this sub.
I think I am burned out. I am a mid level at a faang after almost 5 years. I got promoted from junior after 2 years, stayed in the team for sometime and changed because I was miserable there.The project was at a state where everything we where working on felt like made up work to justify our jobs.
I stayed on my second project for 1.5 years, which was then shut down before a promotion, so i was moved to a new team. Now I have to start all over again. The worst part is that I do not like this new team, and there is nothing else available.
I find myself on a perpetuous cycle. I do not like corporations. I do not envy the higher ups, I just find their job lame. However, this really hurts bc I studied hard in uni and really believed the high paying, free food faang job would be it. Looking back, I wonder how I could have been so naive.
Because of the above, I could never really give myself fully. I never went deeply into any project I worked on. After college, I was never able to work as hard or see a real sense in it. While in college, I was working for my future, at a faang I do not see a purpose to work hard. Which makes me feel bad, I want to work hard and be good at it, but when I try, I get burned because..why would I? I was promoted once I am not happy. Why would a second time do? The cycle then restarts.
I tried start-ups before, but it is the same thing. I remember people being so engaged in that startup culture. I wanted to be, but all I could do was ask myself why everyone was so excited about some shit they don't even own? Most startups are to me just bs. Honestly, most do not do anything that help human flourishing, people just work harder on the promise of an exit.
The only thing with software engineering that had made me happy was side projects. However, they don't pay the bills, and I am often tired to work on them or just want to chill with my girl.It sucks.
I also need to be honest that I am caught on golden habdcuffs, big time. However, honestly, I do not see any company out there that interests me.
Has anyone been on this situation? I am tired of software, and this whole thing often keeps me awake.
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2023.06.08 09:39 photorph Almost 40 years old, just ordered a pantheon pranayama as my first analog board. Good choice? How fast can you guys push that?

Hi all, I have ridden electric skateboards before. Those are much easier since you have a remote to control your braking and you don’t have to kick push. I can’t really brake etc on a normal board.
On electric boards I was hitting crazy speeds like 40 mph, realized that was crazy for someone who hasn’t skated before. Also my priorities changed and safety/some exercise took more importance. I decided to just get a normal board.
After some research on this sub I learned the pranayama is the best for kick pushing. Ordered that board. Good choice? My use case is cruising on the streets in the most efficient way as possible, I want each kick/push to make it coast as long as possible.
How fast are you guys able to push longboards? Can I keep up with my wife on a bicycle as a newbie?
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2023.06.08 09:38 Lion214 Unsure how to feel about these 2s changes

In season 10, my duo and I hit GC for the first time. We were ecstatic. Unfortunately, we were unable to get the GC rewards, only getting 8/10 wins before dropping back down, despite a long grind in the final few days. Rather disappointed, we just told ourselves we'd get them next season. But now here we are, barely in champ.
Look, I understand what needed to be done. 2's has been skewed massively for quite a while now. But as a another redditor said in a thread, why do we have so many high ranks if so few people can reach them? GC1 was about top 1% in 2's. Now I don't know about you, but seems pretty damn convenient. Top 1% = GC. Reasonable enough no?
Regardless, I think a softer reset would've made it better. Maybe change these distributions over multiple seasons, not in one go. Or even better, bring other ranks up (looking at you extra modes), as well as 1's. Bringing other ranks up would've been a better solution imo.

It's going to be hard playing in C1 lobbies after making GC for the first time a month ago...
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2023.06.08 09:38 Nyax50 Entity in my dream from 2016

It happened around March of 2016 since I had my AC on and it was pretty hot night in Texas. Me heading off to sleep on my own bed after my week stay from a behavioral hospital. I was prepping up my bed and off I doze up to sleep at 11:36am. Yes I slept late even though I go to highschool but this week was for me to rest up from school since I gotten a therapist note given to the principal.
Anyways I doze off and woken up in my dream. I was in my room and it was sunny outside. I peeked out the window and it was so warm and fuzzy day. I then lay on my bed with the window opened and then move around my room from drawing to fixing my room a bit and looking at the time. Then it quickly got dark and I shut the curtains fast and hopped back in bed to lay down. I proceed to cover myself in my blanket and hold my body pillow close. It felt like an hour passed and heard a creaking on the floor and got alarmed. I turn slowly to lay on my back and saw the entity.
It was looking at me with pure black eyes straight to my own. It's a monster. A demon. It had six or eight thin legs that ended them being sharp. A long body that made the thing look agilities of a flexible snake with high speeds. The head of human like?? But fleshy of darkness. The body was covered in sort of scales but also the skin was hard and sturdy that not bullet can harm it. The skin was also coming off like a slimy substance but also noticed six pores on its belly which I didn't know what it can do there.
Then it began to speak in a very terrifying voice you can ever hear in your dreams. So clear that you might think you're talking to it in real life.
"So... You're the one I've been looking for you for ages!" It hisses in an angry tone, "I've finally found you... Future guardian!"
I scurried to run away but it quickly pinned me down on my own bed. My body now facing the opposite way whole my feet were on my pillow, I shivered in fear and tried to summon my wings but somehow the entity made something to avoid me from doing so. I felt hopeless as if I was caged up.
"LET ME GO!!! HELP MEEEEE!" I cried for help and my scream felt too real to me. I wished this was not happening in reality. I begged to wake up but couldn't and now stuck in this nightmare.
I checked the time and it was 2:30 am. I'll repeat the clock and keep in mind, the clock is an important piece of my stories.
The entity hisses and the pores became tentacles sprouting under it and lifted my shirt to reveal my back. I was scared shitless and then hit me with the tentacles on my back as hard as it could. My body was now paralyzed and couldn't move. I tried to scream for help or something but couldn't. Even trying to shift my limbs a bit. I couldn't.
"I FINALLY GOT YOU. YOU SON OF A BITCH! YOU ARE NOW MINE!!! YOU CAN'T ESCAPE! Can't believe they chosen you to be the new guardian or something in their eyes."
My back felt wierd and it sucked out something out of me. It was hungry and starving for fear and I was looking at the door which was my only hope to escape.
Then my hope was close to diminished until I saw bright light on the gaps of the door. The beast looked at the light and continued to look at me. Then loud bangs on the door began to arise.
I was scared since the loud banging scares me and the beast snarled and continued to see me as it sucked my back.
The cops banged again and then another being appeared in my room with glowing white light.
The beast finally let's go of me and scramble to be facing the being. "SHE IS MINE!! I WILL KILL HER IF I MUST!!"
The entity hisses angrily, "YOU WILL PAY FOR THIS!!"
Then it lunges towards the being and I saw the clock. 3:45am
Then there was a bight light explode inside while the door was closed and I woke up.
I was in the same position as I was when the entity pinned me down on my bed. My shirt still exposing my back and the clock read 3:45am. I was still paralyzed and moved slowly as the most harsh tingling feeling grown in my body and back. I can still feel the tentacles on my back like six of them and to this day I can feel them still.
I then rested my head on my pillow and was scared to sleep back again. I couldn't sleep till 6 am and I couldn't dream. When I slept again, it was dark. Nothing. Floating in the void as if the entity and being were still around somewhere and it was protecting me for the time being.
After that incident, I fear sleeping because what if it happens again. Then as I dreamed, I felt pain anywhere I got hurt. It became too real that at one point my arm was in pain as well but that's a story for another day.
Idk if that being was the guardian angel since the glowing was too bright to even see them.
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2023.06.08 09:38 bruhmoment246789097 Physical Manifestations of a rough upbringing

what are some of your physical signs of abuse/neglect?
The one that I struggle with the most is my teeth. My mouth already has a lot of silver fillings and signs of damage from very early childhood (I went through neglect/poverty so I wasn’t taught correctly or monitored to see i was brushing correctly and was not taught to floss) and when I struggle with periods of very bad mental health nowadays from my CSA trauma and bad memories from growing up low income and emotionally neglected, it’s very hard to floss consistently and schedule cleanings so I cause even more permanent damage to my teeth. I get sad when I look at my teeth and think about how much more healthy looking they could have looked if my parents hadn’t overlooked such a simple thing when I so young and if I’d didn’t go though the trauma that contributed to my current mental health issues. It’s a very interconnected issue because my sexual abuse was allowed to happen for years because my parents didn’t pay enough attention to me or and didn’t teach me important life lessons and my brother my abuser was often left in charge of supervising me :(
Another example would be skin picking because of my anxiety that developed from trauma I’m not sure if this counts, but dancing is one of my huge struggles. Sexual abuse during my early developmental years contributed to a ton of body image issues that I struggle with. I always hated dancing and feel so self conscious moving my body to perform or present to others in any way. growing up, my childhood home environment was often deprived of joy, music, dancing,etc and was generally very high stress. i remember in second grade i wrote my favorite song was "fur elise" because it was one of the only songs I knew. Looking back it seems kinda funny picturing a small child saying that their favorite song is classical music but it was actually kind of dark because that time in my life was very deprived of joy, music, dancing and other enrichment, i recall instead lots of trying to quietly entertain myself and distract myself from my parents' yelling. This also affects my romantic and sexual relationships as adult. i have felt very disconnected from my body since childhood and it visibly shows.
I would love to hear what are some of your examples? It’s important to remember that you’re not alone, you’re not broken and we can all achieve our journeys of healing together <3
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2023.06.08 09:38 ShigimmyZ0 Sunshower Heathcliff is an Australian Shepherd

From the 3 MD run and 2 Canto IV stages I've done playing with Foxcliff, I've come to the conclusion that he is as high maintenance as an Australian Shepherd.
You either play around him or you don't play him whatsoever, sickass animations, metal art and a nice change of pace of an ID that is using an EGO... but utterly dogwater when it comes to actual gameplay.
You can't play him without Kraust because she has S1 Envy and then you'd need either Shishmael for S1 Envy and Counter Envy, TingLu S1 Envy or others that have at the very least x2 Envy.
Why? Because his passive requires 3x owned Envy and if you don't get it at the 1st turn you'll have to simmer in the most excruciatingly weak ass, shit roll, body bag of an ID.
Passive is simple, it makes him tough via protection and reduces sanity by sink amount and also some blunt damage up next turn, perfect for solo... if his Envy giving skill was actually worth shit or his counter wasn't Wrath.
His S1 is an envy that you can't even use because 1 sink count is not going to help at the start and dealing 18 damage at the very best of rolls is going to tickle even the weakest mob in the game, and that is assuming you don't roll head, which is of super low chance.
His S2 is not only shit in damage above -15, but also shit if you don't have 5+ sink. You can't use it first turn because it does nothing but lose clash and you can't use it 2nd turn and beyond if you don't have 5+ sink, why? Because it eats self sink and that makes you lose the sink you've worked hard to acquire for a just above average damage.
His S3 is great, you can use it first turn and turbo charge your sink by 6 with +3 count and it actually wins clashes! It deals para, frag next turn and 5 rupture too, but the downside aside from being only x1, is that you're going to suffer knowing your next skills are going to be the worst.
Finally, his Defense, the most useful thing in his kit. A counter that gives 3 sink on use, paralyzes and deals 5 rup and 5 sink... on the enemy. It's pretty much the only thing you'll use first turn if you don't get lucky with S3 and 2nd turn and beyond it's also the only thing you'll use until you gain 3 Envy and 5+ sink. The only thing that I hate about it is that it's Wrath. Jesus fucking christ. IF this was Envy or his passive was 3 Wrath, he'd be a monster of a solo unit but right now he's average even with dedicated comps.
You have 2 paths laid before you on turn 1 if you plan to use Sunshower Heath, both implores you to watch and think and then hope. Watch and micromange every encounter, think about which skills to use and not just on sunshower heath but everyone, and then hope you fucking roll okay. On Everyone.
1st path is called "I'm actually doing something" it's when you get 3 Envy first turn and win the clash with those envy givers, it activates sunshower heath's passive and allows him to lose 6 to 3 sanity at the start of the next turn depending on your luck! Then you have to micromanage his usage of S1 for the count and Counter until you are confident enough to use S2 and not gain more sanity than you'll lose next turn!
2nd path is called "Please hit me" if you don't get 3 Envy (Which is of low chance if you build around him) why? Because you'll be begging for enemies to hit you so your self inflicted sink actually does something until the 3rd turn in which your passive should be activated already.
Now after you walk either of those paths, you're ready to go and face the world with a tank that you want people to hit but not too much because you wouldn't want to -45 because 10 sink and some asshole with 4 coins decides it's going to tickle you. Didn't happen to me, whatchu on about?
You can't spam ego on him too much because you'll need those Envy for his passive and without those passive Sunshower Heath is actually really, really bad.
Now, if you don't plan to use Sunshower Heath? His support passive is absolutely great in certain situations!
This is a special path, dedicated and given only to him. I call it the "I'm Nclair's optional buff" Because it decreases Sanity and gives blunt up next turn for whoever has the least Sp if hit. Which synergizes well with Nclair's guard. Set up with guard if you see the big red 30 coming and assuming you have enough envy to proc it. But is it worth it compared to just using S1? No.
Sunshower Heath is absolutely useless but usable if you like high maintenance, high risk low reward ID's. Otherwise? Just use base Heathcliff or Small Hammer if you don't have Rcliff.
UT4 is going to save this ID. If it doesn't then Yi Sang's finale ID or ego is going to be massive synergy buff to this ID, and if not that then Ishmael would come and save her hate-boyfriend with an ID that sinks allies on demand, and if not that then some QOL change that allows you to target an ally.
I refuse to believe PM would make an ID that is actually this bad and useless forever.
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2023.06.08 09:38 Detor3595 Happines is hard ( if DA or any Abu. triger you dont read pls it will be whole point)

Hello, i just wana strart with sorry and thank you.
My name is Mark(alter) but i am not sure anymore. Me and Penny we are in our system some kind of job-alters we do our parts of our daily life. I am engenier by day , she (was) the artist by the night. Others were here and there but for our whole life we were the structure , with Matt as your protector.
We all played our part as best we could so we can be (insert ou legal name). This was years before i even knew DiD exist. When you sometimes have realy bad dyslexia and sometimes you dont it kinda start to click. For past year we have been exploring us in any way we could , some of us acepted our actrattion to both genders and by now we are all mostly pansexuals. Some of us had huuuuge problem with it bc they were bulied for bein gay witch we were not at all open about ( witch was confusing at young age). We went long way but happines and love still fuck us.
Almost decade ago we were on the crossroad and that separated us as system, some wanted family and happy life some wanted carier. Person that still resonate in our hearth as love of our lifes made us decide. Her with kids or she will be no more. Only memory we all seems to have is us holding her on the enge of the window. She cuted us , hit us , ABUSED us but love was love. Leting her go was the hardest. After months of sleeples night if i get a call about her unalive, only thing i got is weding invite... she moved on bc only think she really wanted is child. Now i dont blame her but i did in the past. Penny hate her guts. After this we had some small realtionships , but all ended one way or the another. 3 years ago another girl that after getin deep to us , started using same methots to manipulate us. you know the same old plate trowing, glass cuting, door smasing.
Last year i finnaly finished school and an engenier in pandemic and moved with 2 women friends to capital city. One , we can call Ž., we got close during summer but i made my bounderies clear and made sure our roommate knows about them too. One reason was that some of su had already crush to frend from diferent group , second i got so mayn red flags from her. It wasnt re flaf after all it was whole goddamn flagship of them. After numerous calls to ambulance and re living memories of bath full of redhumanwatter. Endure bruises and cuts. Last nighit i saw her i packed myself in 2 hours and left and she after 2 failed atempts ended finaly in psycare as i beged her to go.
SO we moved on again , only way to cope with it was drugs , nothing prescribed would work ( bc it didnt ) . We got ourselfs flat with 2 frends from school ( 2 female) and i finaly had time to reflect and try to heal. I did all that , we found our path for a moment but last 2 weeks was just domino efect. I personaly (mark) did stupid thing and got us in ramson for our nudes photos with face , penny is not talking to us, Matt steped down as protector and said "you wanted this life not us" , last straw was yesterday. Do you remember the crush i mentioned up, yea i live in sam apartment with her.. She is so great , smart , atractive but mental problems on her own. I undrrstand her pain but watching someone cut themself just trigers faaaar too many things. But i stood there garding the knife with my bare hand i long as i could. I am ok with bein cut , but cant watch others. and specialy those i a adore.
She dont know about us , one time i tried to bring it up drunk. But she fraked out abd we didnt talk wor 3 weeks. Worst thing is that i feel the spark and i could have become something beautiful. But i know what will hapen now , everytime someone see her they will see enemy and i just cant live like that .....
Hope you all have a great day if you got this far , now you are my only outlet and just by reading you help <3
I will end it with a lyrics of a song Amy is huming whole morning : "Baby dont hurt me , dont hurt me no More"
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2023.06.08 09:37 Luceus_W Thoughts on stacking speed perks and bloodlust? (Just read only the highlighted parts if you don't wanna get through all of it)

A lot of players have expressed concerns about the new perk "Made for This" being too strong, and I think this is more caused by an issue that has became more and more noticeable as new perks are introduced.
Speed effects stack with each other and It's an issue.
This mechanic not only makes those perks exploitable but also hinders the creation process of new perks due to combinations making the game unplayable for M1 killers.
Speed has always been one of the strongest effects in the game, this is why the higher the speed boost the harder it is to get/keep, but having them stack makes those limitation pretty irrelevant because of how strong is the result and how similar a lot of activation conditions are.
I think it's time to change that and finally remove the ability to stack speed.
My idea for this is simple, make only the highest speed boost apply at a time.
Meaning if you have both 3% and 5% speed boosts you'll only have 5% apply, same thing with exhaustion perks if you happen to use sprint burst with those 2 speed boosts you'll run at 150% and then go back at 105% once SB ends.
This should solve the issue of exploiting speed perks and allow for easier and more proper balance of perks related to speed while making the life of regular M1 killers easier
Of course perks like PWYF are an exception to this, they should stack with themselves since it is the intended purpose of the perk BUT they shouldn't stack with others either.

A similar topic I wanna talk about is bloodlust.
This mechanic was first introduced to counter infinites, but I think a lot of issues came with it along the way:
- A lot of the maps / tiles /chaining tiles aren't getting as much attention as the should and properly addressed because bloodlust is acting as a band aid fix.
-BL is also the reason the stackable speed hasn't been really looked on by devs since it counters it to some extent (again a band-aid).
-BL is a big reason as to why under powered M1 killers aren't looked at properly because guess what? It's also a band aid to not have to worry about them too much.
- BL is rewarding new/bad players for playing poorly.
Just like I said earlier speed is one of the strongest effects in the game, rewarding bad plays with it is just overly counter productive.
A consensus in this community is that the game tends to be more killer sided the lower the MMR and more survivor sided the higher the MMR. Meaning that new killer players are getting an overly strong effect for doing the wrong things essentially giving both and unfair advantage and also greatly hindering their learning curve.
We also have the issue of some killers not actually looping anymore instead of going for mind games or using their power in a smart way, they will just hold W until they get the hit, but on top of that it creates a boring gameplay was there basically is no real interaction between survivor and killer and is just a "holding w" competition.

Of course, not all BL is bad for the game BL1 is perfectly balanced IMO it gives a little help in the struggling moments without being overly powerful and winning you chases for free.
Devs have announced that they intend on properly balance maps, and once they finally decide to remove stackable speed it should be time for BL (at least 2 and 3) to go. And for D tier killers to finally get the balance changes they deserve.
Because for now it's hindering the balancing of the game by acting like a band aid for most major issues killers have to deal with.
I really wanna hear your thoughts about all of this.
I might have forgotten to mention some arguments because I'm writing this in a hurry.
Also english isn't my main language so there might be lots of typos and parts hard to understand.
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2023.06.08 09:37 maddog2592 Juice Wrld Empty CloneHero custom chart

Juice Wrld Empty CloneHero custom chart
Check out my latest project where I used Moonscaper to create a custom Clone Hero chart for the hit song "Empty" by Juice WRLD featuring 999. Share your thoughts and feedback below! #Creativity #CloneHero #EmptyChart #JuiceWRLD #999
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2023.06.08 09:35 Harbinger85 Album Review: X-Raided - A Prayer in Hell

A Prayer in Hell: X-Raided’s highly-anticipated Strange Music debut is an incredible, haunting masterpiece
Rating: ★★★★★ (5/5)
It was once said, no tree can grow tall enough to reach heaven, unless its roots are deep enough to reach Hell.”
X-Raided has been an underground king for over 30 years, releasing classics like Psycho Active, Xorcist, Unforgiven Vol 1, and Nefarious, the majority of which were recorded during his well-documented incarceration. After nearly a quarter of a century behind bars, X’s prayer was finally granted and he was released early on parole in 2018 and went straight to work, dropping There is a Storm (2018) and California Dreamin’ (2020). In May of 2022 it was announced X had signed to Strange Music, the home of legendary rapper Tech N9ne, setting fan anticipation and expectations at all-time highs.
From the moment the ominous lines of the intro begins, X grabs you and pulls you into the surreal, hellish landscape that serves as the setting for the album. “A Prayer in Hell” is a dark, fantastical refrain that showcases X’s incredible lyricism and unrelenting delivery as he describes his nefarious origin story. “He only behaves when ensnared in his cell, beware the evil he’s prepared to unveil, if he’s ever released from the place where he’s held, no escape, there’s not even a prayer in hell”.
On “Return of the Living Dead”, X likens himself to a “demonic angel” and tells how he lost himself and ultimately “became a dragonslayer in hell”. Next, X writes some “Life Sentences”, an introspective track that paints a despairing portrait of prison and street life over an atmospheric beat “Hard to change from demon to angel, when you spent the majority of your life learnin’ to scheme and finagle, when its glorified”. On “To Whom it May Concern”, X tells of the self-destructive and suicidal feelings that torment him as a result of his life of sin.
Here the album switches gears and begins a string of features with some legendary rappers. X stole the show with his feature on “Still Right Here” from Tech N9ne’s album, so Neena arrives to return the favor on the pulsating single “Stratus Fear”. Here the two rappers have some fun exchanging a string of tongue-twisting and mind-bending verses. Next, Ras Kass and X take on “Any Challenger”, a boastful, energetic banger. ”James Taylor, Carole King” is the mantra on the infectious “Legendary”, where X is joined by labelmate King Iso who delivers another signature highlight verse. Playboi Prada and Bleezy add some mayhem on “Knoccin’”, a street anthem with a beat that could have been produced by Michael Myers himself.
The second half of the album starts with “No1 is Safe”, another slammin’ single that X obliterates with his implaccable flow. The beat for “Celebration” is so laid back it could feel right at home on a Wiz Khalifa or Berner album. A-Wax adds a nice verse and hook to this smooth track. X-Raided takes it back to the 70’s with “Blaxploitation” a funky track where X puts himself in the starring role as a Shaft-like character.
“Villains in the Streets” is another standout anthem with a strong feature from Yowda. The album reaches its zenith with “Parasitic”, where X describes the dangers of gang mentality over an absolute banger of a beat. "I got you participating in genocide and you did it with pride.”
“That was then, this is now” the rapper declares as we transition to “The Bridge”, an old-school summer-time jam that has X reflecting over his childhood days. Joey Cool delivers an inspired guest verse. On “Ka-el” X dons the red cape and describes how he discovered his own powers: “It wasnt until I came down to earth that I realized, I was gifted, everything changed, my perspective shifted.”
“This is not a song, this is a poem” X states on “Many Apologies”, the final track of the album . “Seconds, minutes, hours, days” he repeats on the hook, reflective of the album cover that shows X sitting in a room with several clocks on the walls, an analogy for the despair he felt at never knowing when or if he would ever be released from prison.
A Prayer in Hell is an exceptional piece of art that is not only X-Raided’s best album yet, but one of the best albums of the year. The production is diverse and top notch, creating a chilling atmosphere that mirrors the intense storytelling and introspection found within each track. Moreover, the album's guest features are carefully curated and perfectly complement X-Raided's style. Each collaboration brings a unique dynamic, adding depth and variety to the overall sound. It's evident that X-Raided has surrounded himself with artists who share his passion and dedication to the craft, resulting in a cohesive and powerful musical experience. If you’re a fan of raw and authentic hip-hop, then this Prayer is a must listen.
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2023.06.08 09:23 tehbolle Insights from a 3-day legend run on a no-bonus-star account

Hi all,
I got a bit bored of playing on my main account, so I thought I’d see what it would be like to climb to legend without bonus stars. Well, it’s actually surprisingly hard - mainly in that even if you win A LOT, it still takes considerable time.
I thought it would be interesting to share some of my findings, maybe those of you who are still climbing or struggle with it can make use of it. Note that this is not a deck guide as I’ve used decks that are prevalent. Also note that this was not a completely fresh account (but simply one not played on for a long time) so I didn’t go through the apprentice ranks and such, and had dust to spend on good decks.
First some overal stats:
The meta:
Having climbed with a a 10 or 11-star bonus for a long time, I’m probably playing in quite a bubble. I was surprised by the diversity of the meta (see decktracker image). I’ve seen all classes, though druid and shaman only for 6 games both (3%). Deathknight was the outlier on the top end, though only with 17%, followed by Paladin (14%).The big difference between 11-star / high legend meta and this climb for me was the unrefined nature of a lot of decks. Cards included in decks probably because people think they’re fun (ETC rock duel), because they don’t know better (playing old, outdated lists) or dust issues maybe. I don’t know, but it made a lot of games fairly easy. From diamond 5 onwards I ran into the usual meta stuff, but saw considerably more hunter for some reason.
I thought Demon Hunter was a lot more popular, but I only ran into 7 of them (just 1 more than the 2 dead classes druid and shaman). So maybe relic DH is more popular in legend (even when it's not the best deck) than it is in general.
Decks and play style:
Outcast DH is a deck that I like and am comfortable with. I played the list from a recent reddit post. It might not be optimal but I’m not great at making meaningful tweaks to decks. I simply shredded through a lot of bronze, silver and gold with it. At some point had a 15 game win streak.Outcast DH is a deck with at least some game against a wide field, but you don’t like seeing control priest or blood DK. Since those weren’t prevalent at lower ranks (and those that were either had bad decks or didn’t know what my gameplan was), it was quite a good choice for fast wins. At this point the key thing was chaining win streaks for the bonus stars from 3 wins in a row, since that cuts down the time it takes considerably.
credit to / guide here: https://www.reddit.com/CompetitiveHS/comments/13xvah2/i_still_walk_alone_outcast_dh_update_and_indepth/
I ran into a bit more refined decks at plat and decided to switch to the current meta tyrant pure paladin. Reasoning was that at that point people played better against outcast, had a few losses too many and wanted to try if it was the deck or simply the meta. Used this list (LINK).The popular pure pala build is really strong overall, has decently fast games which is good. The only thing I really dislike (but that’s been a paladin / midrange deck issue for so long) is the difference between going first and second. I had a 83% win rate without coin, and 63% win rate with coin. That’s a pretty major difference. Maybe I’m not adapting my mulligan well enough with coin? I don’t know.
Enrage warrior was something I thought would work well because I love playing it and have had success with it in the heroic tavern brawl as well as using it to climb to top 100. But I ran into a lot of hunters and that felt like a rough matchup, while being an almost free matchup for paladin (went 9-0 vs hunters), so I just switched back.
Random observations:
Mulligan: One of the bigger things that you hear a lot is ‘good streamer always has the card / curve!’. And that’s probably because of the same reason that people struggle to climb: mulligan. It’s SO important to mulligan for your best cards instead of simply keeping your decent cards. Look at HSreplay for stats on cards and use that to your advantage. Example: The Curator in pure paladin has the highest mulligan win rate of all cards. But is only kept 50% of the time. That’s bonkers. Meanwhile Grimestreet outfitter and seafloor saviour (though they’re not in the current best list they’re still played a lot) are kept 76 and 75% of the time, even though they are cards with a terrible mulligan win rate. So how come streamer has curator a lot on 5 and you don’t? Because they keep it when they see it, and mulligan sub-par cards away in the mulligan so they have a higher chance of getting the card that wins them matches. So don’t think ‘1 mana, 2 mana and 3 mana cards, great!’. Think about the best cards for the matchup you’re facing, and find them.
Tilt / stress: Because this was not my main account and I just wanted to try something else, I noticed I played really relaxed. Nothing was riding on a game, so even though I played A LOT in a short time, I didn’t really experience stress, anxiety or tilt at all. Losses were just that, I checked myself and moved on. For some reason that changed when I get to diamond 2, because I was ‘so close’ and really wanted to get there with the same win rate that I had maintained over the climb (was up to >80% at that point still). That led to me being frustrated of matchups and losses where I wasn’t before. I had quite some back and forward still, and 11 out of the 44 losses occurred around ranks 3-1 diamond.
Deck selection: Play whatever you think is fun. But if you want to win more, at least see if you can use the available resources to find the good versions of your lists.
Good luck on the climb!
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