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The Pacific Coast Region of the Silph Road

2016.03.14 21:01 dronpes The Pacific Coast Region of the Silph Road

Welcome to the Pacific Coast region of the Silph Road! We cover Alaska, Washington, Oregon, California, and Hawai'i.

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A ROAD TRIP TO THE END OF THE WORLD: The Dumb and the Restless take our listeners on a road trip through Washington State, exploring ghost towns and ruins on our way as we discuss all things strange and apocalyptic. From alternate timelines and alien invasions to dream spies and Bigfoot, there's something here for everyone on those long night drives through the woods, wondering "What's out there?" and "How much longer do we have to find out?"

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A marketplace for converted buses and vans of all kinds.

2023.06.10 10:46 agedvermouth [Diplomacy] Iran Presidential Visit to Beijing; 2026

Iran Presidential Visit to Beijing; 2026

President Ebrahim Raisi to Zhongnanhai, Beijing - June, 2026 [Public]

Iranian Integration to CIPS

In 2022, Iran joined the Russian SPFS payment integration system after Russia became more amenable to involvement with Iran. It has been known for some time that both Russia and Iran would both be interested in connecting to the Chinese CIPS. The Central Bank of Iran, and the Iranian Government both are very interested in connecting its financial system to China and its robust economy. President Raisi has formally requested President Xi that China explore this request and expand CIPS to Iran, as part of China’s general push to increase its financial influence across the world.

Iran Collects Renminbi as a Reserve Currency; and Makes RMB Trade Currency Agreement

Whether as a reserve currency or within some transnational transactions, the Chinese Yuan (or Renminbi) has been gaining traction. While the U.S. has grown more willing to use sanctions as a weapon, and choke nations of USD supply, it has become more important than ever for countries that are not so US-friendly to work together. As Russia, Saudi Arabia, Argentina, Pakistan, Iraq, Thailand and others have begun storing RMB as a reserve currency and entering into international transactions using both the RMB and their local currency as an alternative means of doing business than the US Dollar, Iran is ready to begin this process as well in-exchange for favorable financing and investment with Chinese banks and State-Owned Enterprises.

Belt and Road Projects and Implementation of the 25-Year Cooperation Agreement

Armenia - Iran Friendship Railway
President Raisi has requested the presence of the Armenian Ambassador to China during Iran’s Belt and Road discussions with China, to present a railway connection project between Armenia and Iran to be funded and constructed by China. The railway would be built in standard gauge, to connect passengers and freight between the two countries. The railway, to be called the Armenia - Iran Friendship Railway will begin in Yerevan, and navigate through Artashat, Yeghegnadzor, Vayk, Sisian, Kapan and terminating at the Tabriz Railway Station, where it will connect to Iran’s larger railway network. With Chinese Railway assistance, and investments from the Silk Road Fund, this project could cost $1.2Bn and could be completed by early 2029.
Iraq - Iran Railways
As Iran and Iraq are not connected by rail, President Raisi has also summoned the Iraqi Ambassador to China to discuss linking Kermanshah to Baghdad, and Ahvaz to Basrah. These two railways will be built in standard gauge, and will primarily serve to connect the Iraqi and Iranian economies. The railways could be built for $1.5Bn in total, and both completed by 2030.
Expanding Iran’s High-Speed Railway Network
Iran is most interested in continuing to build out its high-speed railway network. With the Arak - Qom HSR now completed, alongside the Tehran - Qom - Isfahan HSR, Iran now has a sturdy foundation to build the network larger. The Ministry of Transportation has plans to build several new lines to create a backbone for the new network, in hopes of connecting Iranians from greater distances.
  • Isfahan - Bandar Abbas HSR (2030, Cost $6.1 Bn)
  • Tabriz - Tehran HSR (2031, Cost $5 Bn)
  • Tehran - Mashhad HSR (2032, Cost $6 Bn)
  • Tehran - Bandar Anzali HSR (2034, Cost 2.1 Bn)
Through cooperating with China Railway High-Speed as a contractor, and China State Construction Engineering Corporation as the labor; Iran hopes to secure Silk Road Fund investment from China to construct these new lines.
[S - Closed Room Discussions]

Proposed Sino-Iranian Strategic FORPOL Alliance

While Iran and China have both been victims of an aggressive foreign policy led by the United States and its puppets, it has become more important than ever for countries to stand together in the face of unwarranted American aggression. Iran’s and China’s strategic interests are both closely intertwined, and to that end, Iran has proposed a series of ways in which their foreign policies may be aligned on certain policies to support each other.
Economic and Munitions Sanctions Subversion for the D.P.R.K and Myanmar
While China has a diplomatic reputation to maintain, Iran can operate where Chinese diplomats prefer not to. As America increases its rhetoric and actions against China, Iran hopes that China will be emboldened to allow Iran to coordinate more closely with some of America’s most detested enemies. While Myanmar, and the D.P.R.K are both sanctioned economically, and militarily, Iran would like to use Chinese ports to transit goods and munitions to the D.P.R.K and Myanmar. Iran asks China to proxy the location of Iranian ships by spoofing their location in different areas in the South China Sea, while in reality they may be unloading at Chinese ports to ship by rail to the D.P.R.K, or refueling for transit to either nation. Further, Iran is willing to allow China to conduct trade with these nations by setting up shell companies in Iran to conduct business with them under an Iranian entity that will not clearly be connected with China. This will allow Iran to assist the D.P.R.K and Myanmar from overcoming key sanctions, such as oil sanctions, and munitions sanctions.
Increase Chinese Influence in the Middle East
Iran would like to ask China, in light of recent American actions, to begin to increase its influence in the Middle East to combat decades of American influence. Iran has come with a few proposals for China to consider should it wish to begin countering U.S. influence in the Middle East, and supporting Iran in-tandem. Some of the items for China to consider are, providing financial and munitions support to Hamas and the Palestine Liberation Organization. While Iran and Russia have worked together to support Bashar al-Assad for years, introducing China to his side would be a key victory for Assad, and he could certainly use the weapons and assistance in training his troops and planning to retake his country. Of course, if China is interested in doing any favors to Iran, it would ask China to provide military munitions support to Iranian-proxies in Iraq - the Popular Mobilization Force that seeks to undermine U.S. influence in the country.
PLAAF to Train the Iranian Air Force
As Iran has begun building its air force for the modern times by aquiring new Russian aircraft, it has still struggled to overcome decades of training on ancient hardware. Its pilots need professional training on new equipment from a professional air force. The PLAAF is one of the best trained in the world, and logs hundreds of flight hours per pilot per year in practice alone, while their confrontational experience in the South China Sea is very extensive and would be quite similar to Iran’s own interception requirements. Iran has asked that China send a PLAAF Training Squadron to Tehran to rotate Iran’s air wings so that they may receive professional and modern training.
Administrative Matters
Iran’s Islamic Consultative has recently approved, in deference to China, it’s implementation of China’s National Security Law. This will allow the Intelligence Organization of Iran to cooperate with the China’s Ministry of State Security to identify nationals that are warranted for arrest in China, and have them extradited to Chinese law enforcement authorities. In addition, such adoption will allow Iran to work with Chinese authorities to identify dissidents and people of interest against the Chinese state and have them also deported to China in accordance with the National Intelligence Law, Cybersecurity Law, and Anti-Secession Law - among others. While this has begun to slowly be implemented across Belt and Road countries, Iran is ready to take this step with China.
With the introduction of these new measures, Iran hopes that China will feel secure with Iran as its partner. While Chinese citizens can currently travel visa-free to Iran, Iranians still must apply for a visa to enter China. Iran, in light of its cooperation in capturing dissidents and criminals, has requested China consider allowing Iranian nationals up to 30 days of visa-free access to China on a valid passport.
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2023.06.10 10:24 ihatehisdog My husband has finally changed into who I wanted him to be, and then developed feelings for another woman

I (22f) and my husband (24m) have been together for 5 years (soon 6) and married for two. I’ve also moved to his country 2 years ago. I’m American and he is Swedish.
We have had a fair share of problems in the past, with trust (not cheating) and lying, as well as working towards future goals. I just wanted him to be honest with me. Well, he made that change. I genuinely saw a positive change in him. He was honest, he was working more towards our future goals.
Then, he developed a crush on his coworker. They’ve been working together for a long time and he doesn’t even know a lot about her, they are not friends or anything and they interact very little. When I asked him why he all of a sudden has a crush on her, he couldn’t tell me. He just said she’s been on his mind and it’s like a 15 year old school boy type of crush. He said he has no intention of leaving me and that it will go away. That was a week ago. I know they barely interact with one another for a fact because my friends work in their workplace, in the same department. So it’s not like he’s lying. I also know where he is so it’s not like he snuck behind my back to meet her. It’s really nothing like that, that’s why I didn’t think much of it.
Today, he said that for the first time, he thought about leaving our relationship. He doesn’t want to, but it is an option he is considering. He is “at a cross road and has to choose”. He told me plain and simple that he doesn’t know if he can deal with facing me everyday for the rest of his life, knowing how he has (mis)treated me in the past. He said it’s like being reminded of what a terrible human being he was, and that’s the reason he thinks he got a crush on this woman he barely even knows. He can’t deal with the fact that I know “who he used to be”. She’s just a manifestation of something new.
He has mistreated me in the past and I stayed thinking he’ll change, and he has. But now, he wants to go build something new with someone else. He hasn’t broken up with me (yet), but I feel like he will. I don’t know what to do. I practically gave up my life in the States to be with him here, and have established a life of my own here. I don’t know what to do, and right now it feels like the world is falling apart around me. I also have no one to talk to about this, so that makes it even worse. Any advice is appreciated.
Tl;dr: husband had a change of mindset, and grew more as a person. He developed a crush on a coworker. He says he doesn’t know if he can stay with me knowing how he mistreated me and that I know who he used to be. I feel like he’s just going to break up with me and I don’t know what to do.
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2023.06.10 10:17 iziyan Map of The United States of America and her 2 states (c.2020) [The Handmaid's Tale Show]

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2023.06.10 10:16 iziyan Map of The United States of America and her 2 states (c.2020) [The Handmaid's Tale Show]

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2023.06.10 10:11 AstroPhysProf Toller rescue in western Washington state?

Title says it all. Anyone know of a legit rescue that has Tollers?
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2023.06.10 10:11 autotldr China-US news: Cuba gives Beijing permission to build spying facility on island

This is the best tl;dr I could make, original reduced by 66%. (I'm a bot)
The US learned about the plan in the last several weeks, the first source said, and it is unclear whether China has already begun building the surveillance facility.
It is unclear what the US can do to stop the construction of a Chinese spying facility in Cuba.
"We are deeply disturbed by reports that Havana and Beijing are working together to target the United States and our people. The United States must respond to China's ongoing and brazen attacks on our nation's security. We must be clear that it would be unacceptable for China to establish an intelligence facility within 100 miles of Florida and the United States, in an area also populated with key military installations and extensive maritime traffic. We urge the Biden administration to take steps to prevent this serious threat to our national security and sovereignty," Rubio and Warner said.
CNN has reached out to the Chinese and Cuban embassies in Washington, DC. The first source familiar with the intelligence noted that while an eavesdropping base on Cuba would be concerning, China has already established footholds inside the US - namely, secret police stations that the Biden administration has begun to crack down on.
The revelation about the potential Chinese outpost in Cuba comes as US-China relations have reached a low point, following the spy balloon incident and several aggressive manoeuvres by aircraft and ships against US assets in the South China Sea.
China's defence chief refused a meeting request by US Secretary of Defence Lloyd Austin and warned the US to stop operating near Chinese waters and airspace.
Summary Source FAQ Feedback Top keywords: China#1 Chinese#2 Cuba#3 intelligence#4 report#5
Post found in /worldnews.
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2023.06.10 10:08 zapdos3333 Night running question

Hello all, I've just moved temporarily to Oklahoma, and I have a night trail 27 mile race coming up in mid July. I've been doing all of my long training runs on trails, but now that I'm about a month out I was thinking I should switch to night runs (starting at 1930) to simulate race day. My long runs are about 3 hours, so they'll finish well after dark at 2230. I've purchased a light to use on the runs, and the trails that I've been to around the area seem to have pretty good cell service. My trail runs have been between Roman Nose State Park, Lake Thunderbird, and Wichita Mountains Wildlife Refuge. I was mostly wondering, with the occasional mountain lion sighting in OK, is it just safest to just continue running on mornings for the trail runs and have my road miles be in the evening/night? Or would you still go out for night trail runs? For reference, I'm 6 foot, 170 lbs, so not the smallest person running on trails. I haven't seen a documented sighting for 2023, but being from Florida where although there are cougars, you're far more likely to come across a boar, bobcat or gator than a large kitty, so I don't know how risk-averse to be in this circumstance. There's also the possibility of not seeing a rattlesnake and stepping on it mid trail, not a huge risk in Florida either. Unfortunately I have no circle of running friends who could accompany me for safety in numbers. What would you all do?
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2023.06.10 10:00 nimmoisa000 Disney+ concept: The Suite Life of T.J.

Rough Outline
T.J Detweiler, Jose Caroilica, Panchito Pistoles, Vince LaSalle, Gretel Grant-Gomez, Molly McGee, Oliver "Ollie" Chen, Scratch, Andria Davenport and Libby Stine-Torrez are all same floor neighbors at the Boonchuy-Plantar Hotel's 25th floor, Andria’s parents handles the hotel’s finances of the Boonchuy-Plantar Hotel Libby’s mother reads poetry at the lobby while T.J’s mother is assistant curator of the natural history and Vince’s father handles reception while his mother is a bellhop the show would also follow Boonchuy-Plantar Hotel heiresses Anne, Sprig, Polly and Frobo, candy counter girl Willow Park and her assistant Candace Flynn, hotel manager Peter Prickly. Hotel assistant manager Major Francis Monogram, and the staff includes Murial Finster, Martin Chatterley, Dr. Jan, Dr. Frakes, Terri, Camellia Noceda, and Carl Karl the founders of the Boonchuy-Plantar Hotel Hop Pop, Mr. Boonchuy, and Mrs. Boonchuy. Mr. X and Agent Jenner would also be major shareholders in the Boonchuy-Plantar Hotel.
Main cast
  1. T.J Detweiler
  2. Jose Caroilica
  3. Panchito Pistoles
  4. Vince LaSalle
  5. Gretel Grant-Gomez
  6. Molly McGee
  7. Oliver "Ollie" Chen
  8. Scratch
  9. Andria Davenport
  10. Libby Stine-Torrez
  11. Anne Boonchuy
  12. Sprig Plantar
  13. Polly Plantar
  14. Frobo
  15. Willow Park
  16. Candace Flynn
  17. Peter Prickly
  18. Major Francis Monogram
Recurring cast
  1. Martin Chatterley
  2. Murial Finster
  3. Dr. Jan
  4. Dr. Frakes
  5. Terri
  6. Camellia Noceda
  7. Carl Karl
  8. Hop Pop
  9. Mr. Boonchuy
  10. Mrs. Boonchuy
  11. Mr. X
  12. Agent Jenner
  13. Darius Deamonne
  14. Raine Whispers
  15. Terra Snapdragon
  16. Adrian Graye Vernworth
  17. Mason
  18. Vitimir
  19. Hettie Cutburn
  20. Osran
  21. Luz Noceda
  22. Eda Clawthorne
  23. King
  24. Hooty
  25. Edric Blight
  26. Emira Blight
  27. Boscha
  28. Willow Park
  29. Gus Porter
  30. Amity Blight
  31. Owlbert
  32. Lilith Clawthorne
  33. Hunter
  34. Flapjack
  35. Candle Fox
  36. Kif Chatterley
Episode count
Episode 1 Hotel Friends: T.J and Vince struggles to find some friends at the Boonchuy-Plantar Hotel, however when they cross paths with the likes of Gretel Grant-Gomez Molly McGee, Andria Davenport and Libby Stine-Torrez the six realize they have more in common than they think and T.J shares some of his best moments at school including pulling practical jokes. Meanwhile Anne and Sprig introduce the Coven Heads at the hotel. Hearing the news, T.J and his pals devise a plan to pull a practical joke on them.
Episode 2 Secret’s Out: T.J Detweiler and his friends tries to keep the fact that he and his friends lives at the most luxurious hotel in Los Angeles a secret but that’s out the window when the school bus picks them up at the front of the hotel now that everyone knows where they live, T.J Detweiler is torn between wherever to invite fellow peers or not invite them at all.
Episode 3 Photo Perfect: When T.J Detweiler and Jose Caroilica read up on a news article about a famous gay couple (Gladstone Gander and Roy Fox) getting married at the hotel, the picture of the couple’s first kiss is estimated to be worth $600,000. With a 4K UHD camera T.J and his parrot pal Jose gets the winning picture shot with some assistance from Anne Boonchuy.
Episode 4 Sick on the 25th Floor: T.J Detweiler is stricken with a severe case of chickenpox and has to stay home for three weeks. With Darryel and Scratch of all people watching over his recovery. Meanwhile Anne and her friends partake in the girl’s soccer team and wins the national championship
Episode 5 Baseball Drop: Peter Prickly takes T.J, Jose, Wander and Sylvia to a Dodgers game and when Wander catches the baseball that wins the Dodges the game, Wander becomes the most beloved person in L.A. Meanwhile Candance Flynn and Anne Boonchuy are selected to co-host this year’s Oscars awards but Candance is nervous about this having stage fright so Anne assists Candance get over her stage fright.
Episode 6 Rumor Mill: When Anne starts a rumor about Candance and Jeremy getting back together and they go on break, in response, Candance spreads rumors that Anne and her parents support hardline Republicans who support machine gun legalization (repealing the NFA), enacting a federal 6-week abortion ban, hiring 870,000 ICE agents to deport entire families and massively expanding the fossil fuel industry. Then Anne spreads rumors that Candace and her parents support hardline progressive Democrats who want to make public utilities publicly owned and it’s employees government workers (making them eligible for union benefits), make the rich pay 94% in income taxes, a 65% wealth tax and make campaigning and elections publicly funded. Meanwhile T.J and Libby are selected to represent Third Street School at the Week in Washington program.
Episode 7 Heck’s Kitchen: When Fox News’ Greg Gutfield and Tyrus arrive for a stay at the Boonchuy Plantar Hotel, it’s all hands on deck, things take a turn for the worse when Emeril Lagasse (voiced by himself) is out sick. Vince LaSalle with his cooking and his parent's party affiliation impresses the host so much he offers guest spots to him and his family on his show. However this concerns Anne as Greg Gutfield and Tyrus are both Republicans and that Anne and her parents align themselves with Democrats.
Episode 8 Bowling Team: It’s revealed that Vice LaSalle possesses a gift for bowling and enrolls in the school's bowling team.
Episode 9 Detweler x Davenport: After T.J spends some time with Andra Davenport, he introduces some of his favorite hobbies and she introduces him to her hobbies.
Episode 10 Frightmares at Room 208: Lawson dares T.J to spend a week at Room 208 inhabited by Frghtmears and in order to make it through the week he convinces Ollie to join in.
Episode 11 Christmas at the Boonchuy-Plantar Hotel: When a major snowstorm snows in everyone at the Boonchuy-Plantar and with that comes delays in presents, T.J reminds everyone that Chrsistmas is about spending time with your loved ones and is the greatest Christmas gift of all.
Episode 12 Thanksgiving at the Boonchuy-Plantar Hotel: It's Thanksgiving and everyone is looking foward at the
Crossover with the following shows
  1. Recess (
  2. Amphibia (
  3. The Owl House (
  4. Hamster and Gretel (
  5. Phineas and Ferb (
  6. Milo Murphy’s Law (
  7. The Ghost and Molly McGee (
  8. Kiff (
  9. Star Vs The Forces of Evil (
  10. Big City Greens (
  11. The 7D (
  12. Gravity Falls (
  13. DuckTales (2017) (
  14. The 7D (
  15. Wander Over Yonder (
  16. Kick Buttowski: Suburban Daredevil (
[After T.J Detweiler had pranked Darius Deamonne with electromagnets Anne Boonchuy slams T.J Detweiler against the wall and pins him and several jelly bean jars are dropped to the floor Willow Park just watches from the counter]
Anne Boonchuy: Are you froging kidding me?! Pulling a prank like that in my lobby? On a Coven Head of all the guests you had to choose?!
T.J Detweiler: Come on Anne? It was a good prank.
Anne Boonchuy: Really especially when it makes me and my parents’ hotel look bad! Man if your parents heard about this they would be just as mad as I am.
Ellie Detweiler (walks in): Not by a long shot, all T.J was doing is being a boy, I mean, ever heard the phrase, “boys will be boys”.
Anne Boonchuy: Really what about “what’s good for businesses”.
Ellie Detweiler: Come on Anne, so T.J made a mistake, I mean a talking to would have suffice but going Tony Soprano on him is a little excessive. just let it slide.
T.J Detweiler: Please. I mean I just made some friends here.
Anne Boonchuy: Alright fine I’ll let it slide.
[T.J Detweiler eyes at the candy]
Anne Boonchuy: Forget the froging jelly beans, go!
[T.J Detweiler walks off and Anne Boonchuy picks up all the jelly bean jars that fell on the floor and hands WIllow Park a cash stack
Anne Boonchuy: Keep the change and you saw and heard nothing.
Willow Park: Lips are sealed.
Pros: Would evoke the nostalgia of The Suite Life of Zack and Cody fans
Cons: Everything in “The Suite Life of T.J.” would be non-canon for the following shows; Amphibia, The Owl House, Hamster and Gretel, Phineas and Ferb, Milo Murphy’s Law The Ghost and Molly McGee, The 7D, Wander Over Yonder, Kick Buttowski: Suburban Daredevil, Kiff, Star Vs The Forces of Evil, Big City Greens, The 7D, Gravity Falls, DuckTales (2017), The 7D, Wander Over Yonder and Kick Buttowski: Suburban Daredevil pretty much like Chibiverse, also there would have to be one art style for all characters.
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2023.06.10 09:58 westbest I think he deserves a ribbon

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2023.06.10 09:51 The1stCitizenOfTheIn Twitter Files Extra: How the World's "No-Kidding Decision Makers" Got Organized

In honor of this week’s RightsCon and 360/OS Summit, we dug into the #TwitterFiles to revisit the integration of the Atlantic Council’s anti-disinformation arm, the Digital Forensic Research Labs (DFRLabs), while also highlighting its relationship with weapons manufacturers, Big Oil, Big Tech, and others who fund the NATO-aligned think tank.
The Atlantic Council is unique among “non-governmental” organizations thanks to its lavish support from governments and the energy, finance, and weapons sectors. It’s been a key player in the development of the “anti-disinformation” sector from the beginning.
It wasn’t an accident when its DFRLabs was chosen in 2018 to help Facebook “monitor for misinformation and foreign interference,” after the platform came under intense congressional scrutiny as a supposed unwitting participant in a Russian influence campaign.
Press uniformly described DFRLabs as an independent actor that would merely “improve security,” and it was left to media watchdog FAIR to point out that the Council was and is “dead center in what former President Obama’s deputy national security advisor Ben Rhodes called ‘the blob.’”
What’s “the blob”? FAIR described it as “Washington’s bipartisan foreign-policy consensus,” but thanks to the Twitter Files, we can give a more comprehensive portrait.
In the runup to the 360/OS event in that same year, 2018, Graham Brookie of the Atlantic Council boasted to Twitter executives that the attendees would include the crème de la crème of international influence, people he explained resided at the “no-kidding decision-maker level”
Similar correspondence to and from DFRLabs and Twitter outlined early efforts to bring together as partners groups that traditionally served as watchdogs of one another.
Perhaps more even than the World Economic Forum meetings at Davos or gatherings of the Aspen Institute in the US, the Atlantic Council 360/OS confabs are as expansive a portrait of the Censorship-Industrial Complex as we’ve found collected in one place.
In October 2018, DFRLab was instrumental in helping Facebook identify accounts for what became known as “the purge,” a first set of deletions of sites accused of “coordinated inauthentic behavior.”
Facebook in its announcement of these removals said it was taking steps against accounts created to “stir up political debate,” and the October 2018 “purge” indeed included the likes of Punk Rock Libertarians, Cop Block, and Right Wing News, among others. Even the progressive Reverb Press, founded by a relatively mainstream progressive named James Reader, found his site zapped after years of pouring thousands of dollars a month into Facebook marketing tools.
In the years since, DFRLab has become the central coordination node in the Censorship Industrial Complex as well as a key protagonist in the Election Integrity Partnership and the Virality Project.
Its high-profile role at RightsCon, the biggest civil society digital rights event on the calendar, should concern human rights and free expression activists.
According to their London 2019 event “360/OS brings together journalists, activists, innovators, and leaders from around the world as part of our grassroots digital solidarity movement fighting for objective truth as a foundation of democracy.”
Their Digital Sherlocks program aims to “identify, expose, and explain disinformation.”
The Twitter Files reveal DFRLabs labeled as “disinformation” content that often turned out to be correct, that they participated in disinformation campaigns and the suppression of “true” information, and that they lead the coordination of a host of actors who do the same.
Twitter Files #17 showed how DFRLabs sent Twitter more than 40,000 names of alleged BJP (India’s ruling nationalist party) accounts that they suggested be taken down.
DFRLab said it suspected these were “paid employees or possibly volunteers.” However as Racket’s Matt Taibbi noted, “the list was full of ordinary Americans, many with no connection to India and no clue about Indian politics.”
Twitter recognized there was little illegitimate about them, resulting in DFRLabs pulling the project and cutting ties with the researcher.
Twitter Files #19 further revealed DFRLab was a core partner in the Election Integrity Partnership (EIP), which “came together in June of 2020 at the encouragement of the U.S. Department of Homeland Security’s Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency, or CISA” in order to “fill the gaps legally” that government couldn’t.
As a result, there are serious questions as to whether the EIP violated the US First Amendment.
DFRLabs was also a core partner on the Virality Project, which pushed its seven Big Tech partners to censor “stories of true vaccine side-effects.”
The Stanford Internet Observatory, which led the project, is now being sued by the New Civil Liberties Alliance for its censorship of “online support groups catering to those injured by Covid vaccines.”
Debate as to the frequency of serious adverse events is ongoing, however. The German health minister put it at 1 in 10,000, while others claim it is higher.
The Virality Project sought to suppress any public safety signals at all. The Stanford Internet Observatory is also at the moment reportedly resisting a House Judiciary Committee subpoena into its activities.
TwitterFiles #20 revealed some of the Digital Forensic Lab’s 2018 360/0S events, which brought together military leaders, human rights organizations, the Huffington Post, Facebook and Twitter, Edelman (the world’s biggest PR firm), the head of the Munich Security Conference, the head of the World Economic Forum (Borge Brende) a former President, Prime Minister and CIA head, intel front BellingCat and future Nobel Peace Prize winner Maria Ressa, all to combat “disinformation.” We can now reveal more.
The Atlantic Council is a NATO-aligned think tank established in 1961. Its board of directors and advisory board are a Who’s Who of corporate, intelligence and military power, including:
  • James Clapper – former Director of National Intelligence whose tenure included overseeing the NSA during the time of the Snowden leaks. Asked whether intelligence officials collect data on Americans Clapper responded “No, sir,” and, “Not wittingly.” Clapper also coordinated intelligence community activity through the early stages of Russiagate, and his office authored a key January 2017 report concluding that Russians interfered in 2016 to help Donald Trump. Clapper has been a 360/OS attendee.
  • Stephen Hadley, United States National Security Advisor from 2005 to 2009 (also a 360/OS attendee)
  • Henry Kissinger, former US Secretary of State who oversaw the carpet bombing of Vietnam, among other crimes against humanity
  • Pfizer CEO Anthony Bourla
  • Stephen A. Schwarzman, Chairman, CEO, and Co-Founder, The Blackstone Group
  • Meta’s President for Global Affairs, Nick Clegg
  • Richard Edelman, CEO of the world’s largest PR firm (and 360/OS attendee)
  • The Rt. Hon. Lord Robertson of Port Ellen, Former Secretary General of NATO
  • Ambassador Robert B. Zoellick, Former President of the World Bank
  • Leon Panetta, former US Secretary of Defense & CIA Director. Panetta oversaw the US’s massive growth in drone strikes.
  • John F. W. Rogers. Goldman Sachs Secretary of the Board
Chuck Hagel, chairman of the Council, sits on the board of Chevron and is also a former US Secretary of Defence.
The Atlantic Council raised $70 million in 2022, $25 million of which came from corporate interests.
Among the biggest donors were: the US Departments of Defense State, Goldman Sachs, the Rockefeller Foundation, Craigslist founder Craig Newmark, Google, Crescent Petroleum, Chevron, Lockheed Martin, General Atomics, Meta, Blackstone, Apple, BP, eBay founder Pierre Omidyar, Raytheon, ExxonMobil, Shell, Twitter, and many more.
Ukraine’s scandal-ridden energy company, Burisma, whose links to Hunter Biden were suppressed by the August 2020 table-top exercise coordinated by the Aspen Institute, also made a contribution.
You can view the full 2022 “honor roll” by clicking here.
The Atlantic Council and DFRLabs don’t hide their militarist affiliations.
This week’s OS/360 event at RightsCon Costa Rica runs together with a 360/OS at NATO’s Riga StratCom Dialogue, which DFRLab note they have “worked closely with” “since 2016.”
DFRLabs was founded in 2016, and has been a major catalyst in expanding the “anti-disinformation” industry.
Among non-governmental entities, perhaps only the Aspen Institute comes close to matching the scope, scale and funding power of DFRLabs.
DFRLabs claims to chart “the evolution of disinformation and other online and technological harms, especially as they relate to the DFRLab’s leadership role in establishing shared definitions, frameworks, and mitigation practices.”
Almost $7 million of the Atlantic Council’s $61 million spent last year went to the DRFLabs, according to their 2022 annual financial report.
Through its fellowship program, it has incubated leading figures in the “disinformation” field.
Richard Stengel, the first director of the Global Engagement Center (GEC), was a fellow.
GEC is an interagency group “within” the State Department (also a funder of the Atlantic Council), whose initial partners included the FBI, DHS, NSA, CIA, DARPA, Special Operations Command (SOCOM), and others.
GEC is now a major funder of DFRLabs and a frequent partner
In this video, Stengel says, “I’m not against propaganda. Every country does it, they have to do it to their own population, and I don’t think it’s that awful.”
Stengel was true to his word, and apart from DFRLab, the GEC funded the Global Disinformation Index, which set out to demonetize conservative media outlets it claimed were “disinformation.” (See 37. in the censorship list)
He thought the now-disgraced Hamilton68 was “fantastic.” In total, GEC funded 39 organizations in 2017.
Despite Freedom of Information requests, only 3 have been made public to date.
Roughly $78 million of GEC’s initial $100 million budget outlay for fiscal year 2017 came from the Pentagon, though the budgetary burden has shifted more toward the State Department in the years since.
The Global Engagement Center was established in the last year of Barack Obama’s presidency, via a combination of an executive order and a bipartisan congressional appropriation, led by Ohio Republican Rob Portman and Connecticut Democrat Chris Murphy.
The GEC was and remains virtually unknown, but reporting in the Twitter Files and by outlets like the Washington Examiner have revealed it to be a significant financial and logistical supporter of “anti-disinformation” causes.
Though tasked by Obama with countering “foreign state and non-state propaganda and disinformation efforts aimed at undermining United States national security interests,” its money has repeatedly worked its way back in the direction of policing domestic content, with Gabe Kaminsky’s Examiner reports on the GDI providing the most graphic example.
GEC frequently sent lists of “disinformation agents to Twitter.” Yoel Roth, former head of Trust and Safety referred to one list as a “total crock.” Roth is now a member of DFRLab’s Task Force for a Trustworthy Future Web. Let’s hope he brings more trust than Stengel. You can read more on GEC’s funding here.
Other DFRLab luminaries include Simon Clark, Chairman of the Center for Countering Digital Hate (a UK “anti-disinformation” outfit that aggressively deplatforms dissidents), Ben Nimmo (previously a NATO press officer, then of Graphika (EIP and the Virality Project partners) and now Facebook’s Global Threat Intelligence Lead), and Eliot Higgins of Bellingcat.
Bellingcat has an ominous reputation, which it’s earned in numerous ways, including its funding by the National Endowment for Democracy...
Most recently, Bellingcat assisted in the arrest of the 21-year-old Pentagon leaker, further speeding up the abandonment of the Pentagon Papers Principal where the media protected, rather than persecuted, leakers.
Bellingcat was part of 360/OS backroom meetings with former intel chiefs, the head of Davos and the Munich security conference among many others, as we will see soon.
The Virality Project built on the EIP and had partnerships with Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Youtube, Google, TikTok and more to combat vaccine “misinformation.”
Stanford and DFRLab partnered with the University of Washington’s Center for an Informed Public, Graphika, NYU Tandon School of Engineering and Center for Social Media and Politics, and the National Congress on Citizenship.
Through a shared Jira ticketing system they connected these Big Tech platforms together, with Graphika using sophisticated AI to surveil the online conversation at scale in order to catch “misinformation” troublemakers.
VP went far beyond any kind of misinformation remit, most infamously recommending to their Big Tech partners that they consider “true stories of vaccine side effects” as “standard misinformation on your platform.”
A Virality Project partner called the Algorithmic Transparency Initiative (a project of the National Congress on Citizenship) went further.
Their Junkipedia initiative sought to address “problematic content” via the “automated collection of data” from “closed messaging apps,” and by building a Stasi-like “civic listening corps,” which in recent years has taken on a truly sinister-sounding mission.
The current incarnation might as well be called “SnitchCorps,” as “volunteers have an opportunity to join a guided monitoring shift to actively participate in monitoring topics that disrupt communities”
Garret Graff, who oversaw the Aspen Hunter Biden table-top exercise, was chairman of that same National Congress on Citizenship when they collaborated on the Virality Project.
Both EIP and VP were led by Renee DiResta of the Stanford Internet Observatory, a former CIA fellow who engineered the now disgraced New Knowledge initiative, which developed fake Russian bots to discredit a 2017 Alabama senate race candidate, as acknowledged by the Washington Post.
DFRLab are the elite of the “anti-disinformation” elite.
They work closely with a wide range of actors who have participated in actual disinformation initiatives.
Here they’re invited to an elite Twitter group set up by Nick Pickles of “anti-disinformation” luminaries First Draft, also participants in the Hunter Biden laptop tabletop, and the Alliance for Security Democracy, part of the RussiaGate Hamilton68 disinformation operation.
The 360/OS event marries this tarnished record with the financial, political, military, NGO, academic and intelligence elite. Some of this is visible through publicly available materials.
Twitter Files however reveal the behind the scenes, including closed door, off-the-record meetings.
“I’ve just arrived in Kyiv” Brookie notes in 2017, as he seeks to line up a meeting with Public Policy Director Nick Pickles as they discuss Twitter providing a USD $150K contribution to OS/360 (seemingly secured), and to garner high level Twitter participation.
Pickles is visiting DC and Brookie suggests he also meet with the GEC and former FBI agent Clint Watts of Hamilton 68 renown. “Happy to make those connections,” he chimes.
360/OS events are elite and expensive — $1 million according to Brookie — so closer collaboration with Twitter, especially in the form of funding, is a high priority.
Twitter offers $150,000
When Brookie mentions the attendees at the “no-kidding decision maker level” he isn’t kidding.
Parallel to the 360/OS public program is the much more important off-the-record meeting of “decision makers ranging from the C-Suite to the Situation Room.”
Here, he is explicit about a convening of military and financial power.
Vanguard 25 is presented as a way to “create a discreet and honest way to close the information gap on challenges like disinformation between key decision makers from government, tech, and media.”
The document boasts of its high-level participants
More are revealed in email exchanges, including Madeleine Albright and the head of the WEF
They go on to list a bizarre mishmash of media leaders, intelligence officials, and current or former heads of state
...Germany’s Angela Merkel was out of reach in the end, but many of the others attended this behind the scenes meeting on “disinformation.” Who are they?
  • Matthias Dopfner – CEO and 22% owner of German media empire Axel Springer SE, the biggest media publishing firm in Europe
  • Borge Brende – head of the World Economic Forum and former Norwegian foreign minister
  • Toomas Hendrick Ilves – former President of Estonia who co-chairs the World Economic Forum’s Global Futures Council on Blockchain Technology. Hendrick is also a fellow at the Freeman Spogli Institute for International Studies (where the Stanford Internet Observatory is housed) and is on the advisory council of the Alliance for Securing Democracy, of Hamilton 68 renown.
  • Chris Sacca – billionaire venture capitalist
  • Mounir Mahjoubi – previously Digital Manager for President Macron’s presidential campaign, and former Chairman of the French Digital Council
  • Reid Hoffman – billionaire and Linkedin co-founder
  • Ev Williams – Former CEO of Twitter and on the Twitter board at the time
  • Kara Swisher – New York Times opinion writer, who founded Vox Media Recode
  • Wolfgang Ischinger - Head of the Munich Security Conference
  • Aleksander Kwasniewski – Former President of Poland. Led Poland into NATO and the EU.
  • Richard Edelman – CEO of the largest PR company in the world
  • Elliot Shrage – previously Vice-President of Public Policy at Facebook (DFRLab had election integrity projects with Facebook)
  • Lydia Polgreen – Huffington Post Editor in Chief
  • Jim Clapper –former US Director of National Intelligence
  • Maria Ressa – co-founder of Rappler and soon to be winner of the Nobel Peace Prize
Why would such a group all gather specifically around the question of “disinformation”?
Is disinformation truly at such a level that it requires bringing together the world’s most popular author with military and intelligence leaders, the world’s biggest PR company, journalists, billionaires, Big Tech and more?
Or is this work to build the case that there is a disinformation crisis, to then justify the creation of a massive infrastructure for censorship? A glimpse of the agenda offers clues
Here the head of the most important military and intelligence conference in the world (Munich) sits down in a closed door meeting with a former Secretary of State and the Executive Vice-Chair of the Atlantic Council.
Which is followed by a closed door session with the Editor-in Chief of the ...Huffington Post and peace-maker Maria Ressa who presented to the same group of military, intelligence, corporate and other elites.
Is the role of a journalist and Nobel laureate to work behind closed doors with militarists and billionaires, or to hold them to account?
At 2022’s OS/360 at RightsCon Ressa conducted a softball interview on disinformation with current US Secretary of State Anthony Blinken.
In testimony last April 2023, former CIA deputy director Michael Morrell stated that Blinken “set in motion the events that led to the issuance of the public statement” by more than 50 former intelligence officials that the Hunter Biden laptop had “all the classic earmarks of a Russia information operation.”
The Twitter Files also revealed that in August 2020 the Aspen Institute organized a table-top exercise to practice how best to respond to a “hack and leak” of a Hunter Biden laptop.
The laptop only came to light however two months later.
In attendance was First Draft (now the Information Futures Lab), the New York Times, Washington Post, Rolling Stone, CNN, Yahoo! News, Facebook, Twitter and more.
Here, DFRLab head Graham Brookie speaks with the Aspen Institute’s Garret Graff, who coordinated the Hunter Biden tabletop exercise.
After it turned out the Hunter Biden laptop was real, and the disinformation operation was more appropriately described as having been led by the likes of Blinken and the Aspen Institute.
The appropriate response is apparently for RightsCon, DFRLab, Blinken and Ressa to put on a nice forum to promote these figures as “anti-disinformation” leaders.
Former DFRLab fellow and intel front Bellingcat founder Eliot Higgins is also invited to the closed door sessions with a former head of the CIA, a former Prime Minister and a President.
How do you keep power accountable when you are in the same cozy club? This theme runs throughout.
Bellingcat is featured heavily at the public sessions also
On the public side, we see Amnesty International participating to further collapse the distinction between those who are meant to hold power to account, and the powerful themselves.
The Iraq war gave us embedded journalists, and the “anti-disinformation” field gives us embedded digital rights activists.
The Department of Homeland Security’s Chris Krebs also joined the closed door session.
Krebs was Co-Chair of the Aspen Institute’s Commission on Information Disorder.
Other members included Prince Harry, the Virality Project’s Alex Stamos (Stanford Internet Observatory) and Kate Starbird (University of Washington and previous 360/OS participant), Katie Couric, and more. Craig Newmark attended as an observer.
Meanwhile Renee DiResta, former CIA fellow and Stanford Internet Observatory Research Director, presented with the former Prime Minister of Sweden.
This was years before she would launch the Virality Project, and take on the bugbear of “true stories of vaccine side effects.”
The President of the Atlantic Council participated in an “off-the-record, “ behind closed doors conversation on “trust” with the CEO of the world’s biggest PR firm, Edelman.
“Public relations” and “trust” may well be opposites, and trust is being destroyed not by the disinformation street crime that these groups claim to target, but by the disinformation corporate crime protected by, or in some cases created by these same people.
Disinformation is real, but its biggest purveyors are governments and powerful corporate interests.
DFRLab and RightsCon show just how far the capture of civil society by elite interests has come. Again, I made a mistake helping to co-organize RightsCon in 2015.
The jumping in bed with the government and Big Tech was arguably there in 2015, though to a much lesser degree.
It now partners with militarists in the form of the Atlantic Council and is an enabler of the “disinformation” grift that is so deeply impacting freedom of speech and expression.
The air-gaps that should separate civil society, media, military, billionaires, intelligence and government have collapsed, and many of these actors have formed a new alliance to advance their shared interests.
If weapons manufacturers funding human rights is considered legitimate then where is the red line? Effectively, there is none.
This collapse however has also been pushed by funders, who have been proactive in asking NGOs to collaborate more with Big Tech and government - something I successfully resisted for my almost 18 years at EngageMedia, critically RightsCon was the only time I let my guard down.
The RightsCon sponsor matrix wouldn’t be out of place at NASCAR
This is the equivalent of hosting a Climate Change conference sponsored by Shell, BP, Chevron, and ExxonMobil.
How do you keep power accountable when Big Tech pays your wage? The “let’s all work together” approach has failed.
The weakest partner, civil society, got captured and we lost.
Many more lost their way and have acquiesced to and often enabled much of the new censorship regime.
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2023.06.10 09:40 LooseleafHydrocarbon ID Request - Western Washington State

ID Request - Western Washington State
I usually see small brown house spiders, but this one is large, fat, black, and has a white reflexive spot on its abdomen.
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2023.06.10 09:30 glo75001 Auli Tour Package I Auli Travel Package 2022


Airplane – Jolly Grant Airport in Dehradun, roughly 300 kilometres from Auli, is the closest airport. Dehradun’s Jolly Grant Airport is a domestic airport located around 20 kilometres from the city centre.
By train, there are railway stations in Rishikesh, Haridwar, and Dehradun. Rishikesh is the closest railhead to Auli (250 km approx). Auli may be reached via bus or taxi from Rishikesh.
By Road – Joshimath is 16 kilometres apart by road from Auli. Between Joshimath and Rishikesh, state transport buses run often (253 km). Between Joshimath and Rishikesh (253 km), Haridwar (277 km), Dehradun (298 km), and Delhi (298 km), Local Transport Union buses and State Transport buses run (500 km). Auli may be reached via ropeway, bus, or cab from Joshimath.
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2023.06.10 09:18 Pearlfishpariah can I use my old nest cameras

I have 5 nest cameras from before Google discontinued them 4 nest indoor cameras and one outside. I've been away from nest and my cameras and nest subscription were inactive. since then Google nest released their own cameras? what has happened to the nest app? just before I left Google cancelled support for Apple TV and the nest app was broken as they tried to move people to the Google home app but only one camera could be viewed at a time.
what's the current state of everything? I'm thinking about coming back since I already own all those cameras and a nest smoke detector.
can more than one camera be viewed at a time now? can I reactivate my old cameras? I don't want a buy some special tablet thing to view my cameras.
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2023.06.10 09:15 LowAd6665 DUI in Washington State -- took field sobriety tests/0.047 BAC.

My spouse was arrested tonight in a medium-sized city in Washington State. The officer told me he would go back to the station, wait for a blood test, and then they would bring him home. He has no other DUI offenses and a speeding ticket I believe from 2020. We were pulled over after he made an illegal left turn across a double yellow.
The officer claimed that there were "multiple reasons" they were arresting him. My husband smokes pot consistently but was not high. He had ~3 hard seltzers over the course of four and a half hours and told this to the police, in addition to dinner. He has a medical condition that he's getting treated for (arthritis in his knees/ankles/neck) and it really impacts his balance and coordination and I honestly believe that is a contributing factor. Like, he struggles to do the "tree" pose in yoga and can't do it without wobbling. He was also absolutely terrified during this whole situation.
We plan on hiring a lawyer, but I am just wondering what other's experience has been like in a situation where this happened and he's under the legal limit (and not even that close?). Is there any hope for a lower charge or maybe even getting it thrown out? We come from families who have been involved in the criminal justice system and have really prided ourselves on not having the same issues and this is just devastating.
Thanks for any insight.

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2023.06.10 09:11 FluffWrites [WP] Lady Liberty is on the loose! I repeat! Lady Liberty is on the loose!

[WP] It turns out that the Statue of Liberty is actually a Weeping Angel, it’s just so big that it’s always been visible to someone. Now, with the smoke filling New York, it’s gone unobserved for the first time.

Washington Post – June 10th 2023 // Page 1 Article 1 // Paragraph 1-3:

The Statue of Liberty has gone missing!
Yesterday night, at 3:00 AM, an employee at the symbol of New York was working his nightshift when he discovered a giant crater where the Statue of Liberty once had stood. The police have refused to disclose the name of the employee or any further detail.
Our Journalist, Joshua Lionheart, has taken testimonies from a few shipmen who heard a loud screeching sound the night Liberty disappeared. And two Cargo ships had disappeared coming from close to New York.
The Whitehouse declared a national emergency upon the event and stated that “The theft of lady liberty was an attack against the identity of the United States; the perpetrators of such heinous actions with be dealt with using swift force. We shall return ease to the mind of the people in any way necessary.”

USGS // Seismometer // June 13th 2023:

Magnitude 6.9 earthquake
400 km from Paramaribo, Suriname· 10:21 AM
7.056522676118899, -53.63721225638664
Report (J
Mortality: 150
Injured: 6000
Missing: 1300

US Military satellite USA-315 // June 17th 2023 // 19:00:

USA-315 navigation satellite picked up a foreign large body traveling 15 kilometers off the coast of Salvador. The object of unknown origin is traveling at an estimated speed of 90 kilometers per hour with no signs of slowing down. It is partially submerged in the ocean, revealing only a black crown-like smut. Squadron Alpha-092 has been designated to confront it at the predicted area of its meeting land.

Report // Operation: FrenchKiss // Alpha-092 // Salvador, State of Bahia, Brazil // June 18th 2023 // 03:00:

The object has ascended from the shore. It appears to be a statue-like entity covered in black oceanic mud. Our commander suspects that it is the Statue of Liberty The moment it was out of the water, it started sprinting at the speed of 200 kilometers per hour. The shockwaves from its trampling shattered the windows of the nearby building. Our logistics have estimated that it is heading directly towards the statue of Christ the Redeemer located in Rio, Parque Nacional da Tijuca - Alto da Boa Vista, Rio de Janeiro - State of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil (-22.9517579077614, -43.210476475399545). A bomb squad has been authorized to intercept it at Jampruca. Lady Liberty has to be stopped from reaching her destination by all means necessary!
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2023.06.10 09:08 valdrak3 [H] Games [W] Games

My region is EU. Games are leftovers from fanatical and humble bundles. I will send only keys.
Games that I have for trade:
Some games that I want:
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2023.06.10 09:05 TequilaGila Bumped another car, exchanged numbers but didn’t trade insurance.

Located in Texas.
Earlier today I was waiting to turn right on a road with a protected lane that did not require drivers to immediately merge left. While watching the oncoming traffic and with my head turned, I eased off my brakes and bumped the back of the car in front of me, which was completely stopped despite the road being clear. It was clearly my fault for hitting him, I had assumed he’d drive in our protected lane and failed to double check.
We pulled over and inspected our cars, and there was very little damage. The front bumper’s plastic of my car had already been scuffed from another day, and his back bumper had a few markings, in addition to some that had clearly been there before me (different color paint and not located where I collided with him). Though his car has a few dings, my car is visibly no different.
He was clearly in a rush to get to work and asked to trade numbers. I called him from my phone, so we could confirm that we both had the other’s #. I offered to swap insurances, and though he assured me he had it and pulled a insurance-looking folder from his car, I did not get a picture of it and he did not ask to see mine. I got a picture of the back of his car and license plate, he did not take any pictures and left.
I later received a call where he stated he didn’t think it was a big deal, and that he’d prefer to not go through insurance and cause either of us any stress/complication that comes with that. He said he would have his brothesomebody look at his car and the damages and he’d get back to me, with the implication that I would make the situation “right,” although we have not discussed what that would entail.
I’m wondering if so far I have been doing everything right. I obviously would have liked to get his insurance information, but I do like the idea of not going through insurance as I am already paying high rates. I have his name (caller ID), license plate, phone number and have found him on facebook. We have not spoken outside of the initial encounter and later call, and he has no information on me. Do I need to give him my information for any reason? I am worried that his “brother” and him may come up with a large figure for me to pay, and am stressed at the thought of him asking me to pay for a large amount when the damage truthfully cannot be much. Any advice would be appreciated, I know this question seems pretty elementary and I may be overthinking.
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2023.06.10 09:04 praveenbhat0110 Praveen Bhat: The Artistry of Product Photography in Delhi

Product photography plays a pivotal role in today's digital age, where e-commerce and online marketing have become the norm. Capturing the essence and allure of products requires skill, creativity, and technical expertise. In Delhi, one name that stands out in the realm of product photography is Praveen Bhat. With his keen eye for detail and exceptional artistic vision, Praveen Bhat has established himself as a renowned product photographer in the bustling city.
Experience and Expertise:
Praveen Bhat brings years of experience and a diverse portfolio to the table. Having worked with various national and international brands, he possesses the ability to showcase products in their best light. His understanding of composition, lighting, and aesthetics allows him to create visually appealing and impactful images that enhance the appeal of the products. Praveen Bhat's expertise lies not only in capturing still product shots but also in bringing products to life through creative concepts and storytelling.
Technical Excellence:
Product photography demands precision and technical prowess. Praveen Bhat excels in utilizing advanced equipment and cutting-edge techniques to deliver high-quality images. He employs state-of-the-art cameras, lenses, and lighting setups to capture even the minutest details of the products. Praveen Bhat's technical finesse combined with his artistic sensibilities results in photographs that are visually striking, well-composed, and reflective of the brand's identity.
Understanding Client Needs:
Praveen Bhat understands that each client has unique requirements and goals. He takes the time to comprehend the essence of the brand, its target audience, and the message that needs to be conveyed through the product photography. This understanding allows him to tailor his approach to meet the specific needs of each client, ensuring that the final images effectively represent the brand and its products. Praveen Bhat's ability to establish a collaborative relationship with clients makes the process smooth and efficient.
Creative Concepts and Styling:
In the world of product photography, creativity and innovation are key differentiators. Praveen Bhat goes beyond conventional product shots by incorporating creative concepts and styling techniques. He understands that capturing the attention of consumers requires images that evoke emotion and tell a story. Praveen Bhat's expertise in conceptualizing unique ideas and executing them flawlessly sets him apart as a product photographer. His ability to infuse creativity into his work results in captivating visuals that leave a lasting impression.
Attention to Detail:
Praveen Bhat's dedication to his craft is evident in his meticulous attention to detail. He understands that every element in a product photograph contributes to its overall impact. From the positioning of the product to the choice of props and backgrounds, every aspect is carefully considered to create a cohesive and visually pleasing composition. Praveen Bhat's commitment to perfection ensures that each product image showcases the finest details, textures, and colors, leaving no room for compromise.
Delhi as the Backdrop:
Being based in Delhi provides Praveen Bhat with a unique advantage. The city offers a rich tapestry of locations, both urban and traditional, that can be utilized to enhance product photography. From vibrant marketplaces to historical landmarks, Delhi's diverse backdrop provides a range of possibilities to create captivating visuals. Praveen Bhat leverages the city's charm and diversity to add depth and context to his product photographs, resulting in images that truly stand out.
Praveen Bhat's prowess as a product photographer in Delhi is a testament to his passion, talent, and dedication. His ability to combine technical excellence, artistic vision, and attention to detail sets him apart in a highly competitive industry. Through his creative concepts, precise execution, and understanding of client needs, Praveen Bhat consistently delivers exceptional product photography that elevates brands and captivates audiences. For businesses seeking top-notch product photography services in Delhi, Praveen Bhat is undoubtedly a name to trust.
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2023.06.10 09:03 Accomplished_Race489 My (F) boss (M) reduced my hours from full-time (40 hours) down to part-time (7.5 hours).

I am in Orange County, California. I took this baking job back in late December 2022. I was hired to be a full-time baker for a brand new store. It started out okay, until the store actually opened. We were immediately overworked and not given state mandated 10 minute breaks, as well as pressured to work through our 30 minute unpaid lunches. Unlike my fellow bakers, I take my breaks as I can, but often don't meet the threshold of on-time, as that would often lead to food safety issues. (As much as I want my breaks, I don't want to make anyone sick.) After a month or so, my hours gradually decreased without my consent. I asked my boss about why that was happening, he cited that I was too distracted and wanted too many (1) busy days off. How he assumed my work ethic, I don't know. At that point he only saw me work for 3 hours on our overlapping days at most and there were no cameras installed in the building. (This also happened shortly after I told him that touching my back and waist made me uncomfortable, but I'm trying not to assume the absolute worst in the guy.) I reassured him that I am working as hard as anybody else and my hours bumped up the next week before dropping my hours to 15 hours a week. I again asked him why this was happening and he cites that he needs people with initiative working for him. I tell him again I am working hard on my tasks and the conversation ends. The only difference between me and my coworkers "initiative" is me taking my breaks. We all work at similar rates, I just don't work through my breaks. I got bumped down to 7.5 hours and was avoided on my shifts. During this time, I was also not being told when my shifts were, so for the first day of the work week I came in at the start of a hypothetical shift ready to work. (Schedule made for the week the day before the week started 90% of the time). I finally caught him at the end of one shift to talk to him and he said he was suspending me do to my behavior. I was shocked, as he didn't tell me this before doing so, and asked for the documentation that comes with a suspension, with a follow up text reminder on May 10th. Still no documentation. I got bumped up again, but quickly dropped again and I've given up hope of getting any actual hours. Besides finding a new job, what are my options? Thanks.
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2023.06.10 09:00 AutoModerator Home Base and Daily Discussion Thread (START HERE!) - June 10, 2023

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The mod team would like to thank each and every one of you for your support during Pete’s candidacy! This sub continues to function as a home for all things Pete Buttigieg, as well as a place to support any policies and candidates endorsed by him.

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2023.06.10 08:58 valdrak3 [H] Games [W] Games

My region is EU. Games are leftovers from fanatical and humble bundles. I will send only keys.
Games that I have for trade:
Some games that I want:
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2023.06.10 08:49 McCainiac 2023 Prime and toyota permaplate

Picking up my 2023 se in July. There's no mark up, thankfully. The only option added are all weather floormats. +299. Wish that wasn't the case, but I suppose it's better than other crap added.
They brought up "Permaplate". They just kind of compared it to Ziebart, which I have no interest in because I've been told by many including my mechanic that it will cause moisture to be trapped and cause Rust. I read the pamphlet for Permaplate and it states nothing about undercoating. It states it protects fenders, doors and quarter panels. Also says it "deflects road debris, sand and salt. (creates an unfavorable environment for rust), but to me that doesn't mean it protects the undercarriage from rust. They want to charge $650, it's one treatment that takes 4 hours and it's warranted for 10 years. If there's any issue, I believe they replace the part (might need to make sure of this) and then recoat for free. At year 7, you bring in the car for respray and then have 3 years left on the warranty.
I'm quite sure Toyota has a 5 year, unlimited mile rust proof warranty. I'm not sure how comprehensive it is. If it protects against everything rust related, but I'd wonder if it would be wise to just :
A) Get permaplate for $650
B) Wait 5 years, pick up Krown (I know it's about $140/yr for a new vehicle. Although, based on their site, I might have to start applying Krown within 2 or 3 years of purchase?.
C) Get Krown within 6months of purchasing the vehicle.
D) Other options? Fluid Film? (don't know much about it) I'm in upstate NY
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