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Combat footage regional beer drinking team

2023.06.09 22:52 anxietypossum We lost Mom (70) today. We would like to use this picture for her obituary. Would love for the background to be cleared up so it’s just her and the pinkish wallpaper, and if possible sharpen the image for a larger print. Will pay for chosen. Please and thank you.

We lost Mom (70) today. We would like to use this picture for her obituary. Would love for the background to be cleared up so it’s just her and the pinkish wallpaper, and if possible sharpen the image for a larger print. Will pay for chosen. Please and thank you. submitted by anxietypossum to PhotoshopRequest [link] [comments]

2023.06.09 18:47 Ditch_the_DeepState Fifth day of no delivery notices on the June contract as 2.16 million oz remains undelivered.

Fifth day of no delivery notices on the June contract as 2.16 million oz remains undelivered.
FYI ... My weekend starts early, before the vault report, so any commentary on that will have to wait. But on with the show:
Today's issues and stops report shows no deliveries on the June silver contract. That is 5 days in a row except for the day where there were 17 new contracts written and then 17 delivery notices immediately issued. That was almost certainly CitiBank customer accounts who sold and delivered the same day. So there's an asterisk to the 5 day in a row number. However, the original 431 contracts have been sitting there undelivered since the beginning. Although someone bought 2 more yesterday, so now 433 await delivery.
The cumulative oz bought and sold on this contract is as follows:
So far, this itty bitty June contract (an inactive month) has delivered 7.8% of the registered silver. The remaining contracts are another 8%. If we count the silver before it is delivered, that projects to one of the highest inactive months over (at least) the last 3 years:
After reading the comments from yesterday, I want to emphasize that I believe these will be delivered. First off, it isn't an enormous amount of silver (in comparison to an active month contract). What this indicates is ... the folks that are short likely don't have silver to deliver.
Those shorts can either close by buying a long contract (which would probably push the price up) or they can buy silver and issue delivery notices on that metal. They could also cut a side deal with the longs and bribe them to settle. Even if all that failed, the short's broker is ultimately on the hook. The broker could then go through all those possibilities.
My point is ... the positions will close and all will seem happy on the June contract. There won't be a headline in the newspaper saying that comex defaulted, partly because there are no newspapers anymore. What is revealed is what is happening behind the scenes. Shorts without metal is not a sign of a healthy supply.
Weekend in 3,2,1 ...
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2023.06.09 18:03 thinkingstranger June 8, 2023
This morning the Supreme Court handed down a decision in Allen v. Milligan, a case that challenged the Alabama legislature’s redistricting of the state after the 2020 census on the grounds that the new districts had been configured to pack the state’s growing numbers of Black voters into a single district and thus dilute their vote. Such discrimination based on race, plaintiffs charged, violated the 1965 Voting Rights Act (VRA).
District courts agreed with the plaintiffs and told the state it couldn’t use the new map, but in February 2022 the Supreme Court issued a stay of the injunction prohibiting that map. The Supreme Court ruling left the Alabama map intact for the 2022 election. Legal scholar Stephen Vladeck noted that the decision was part of the court’s recent use of the “shadow docket,” unsigned, unexplained orders issued without a hearing.
Today’s 5–4 decision upheld the verdicts of the lower courts, agreeing that the new Alabama map was, after all, illegal, because it violates Section 2 of the VRA, which prohibits the denial of the right to vote on account of race. This leaves intact the ability of plaintiffs to sue when states appear to discriminate against minority voters. Similar lawsuits are pending in ten different states.
But, as Vladeck notes, the Supreme Court’s February 2022 decision leaving the discriminatory map in Alabama, as well as similar maps in other states, in place for the November election, is likely responsible for the Republicans’ current majority in the House of Representatives. The Cook Political Report, which follows elections, immediately changed their ratings for the leanings of five House districts after news of the Supreme Court decision.
That House majority is currently at an impasse that makes it impossible to conduct business. The extremist House Freedom Caucus (HFC) has revolted against House speaker Kevin McCarthy (R-CA) because of the budget deal he cut with President Biden before he would agree to raise the debt ceiling. Members of the HFC are demanding deeper cuts than McCarthy agreed to. The revolt of the far right puts into danger crucial spending bills, raising fears of a government shutdown in the fall.
To placate the extremists, McCarthy has apparently agreed to take up two bills: one to kill a Biden-backed gun regulation and another to push even more strongly against abortion rights. This move, which flies in the face of popular opinion, has angered Republicans in battleground districts, who are revolting against measures that will hurt them at home. It also runs the risk of alienating Democrats McCarthy will need to pass spending measures if the far right refuses to vote for them.
The extremism of today’s Republican Party grew in large part from the work of televangelist Pat Robertson, who died today at age 93. The son of a segregationist southern Democratic senator, Baptist minister Robertson urged evangelical Christians to vote and made them a core constituency of the Republican Party. Paving the way for those today calling for an end to liberal democracy, Robertson blamed LGBTQ Americans and women for secularizing the United States, which he saw as a tragedy and frequently blamed for natural disasters.
That political ideology depended on creating a false picture of what was really going on in the country. The Republican Party has become so wedded to lying about reality that today we saw Florida governor and Republican candidate for president Ron DeSantis circulating fake images of rival candidate Donald Trump embracing right-wing nemesis Dr. Anthony Fauci as a way to discredit Trump.
Trump’s team cried foul at the fake images, but the former president himself relies on manipulating reality to garner political support. CNN national correspondent Kristen Holmes reported today that Trump’s people reached out this week to congressional allies to encourage them to flood the airwaves with a defense of Trump and attacks on special counsel Jack Smith before a possible indictment of the former president.
To that end, Trump’s supporters spent the week trying to gin up outrage over a document they claimed shows that President Biden had taken a bribe as vice president. The document in question appears to be an unverified report that came to the Department of Justice through Trump lawyer Rudy Giuliani, one that the Trump Department of Justice dropped after it determined that the allegation was not supported by facts. But the practice of influencing politics through sham investigations is one of the Republicans’ key tools, and Trump allies have flooded social media this week insisting that this document is a smoking gun.
They were, of course, trying to set up a defense for the former president’s possible indictment on charges related to his refusal to hand over national security documents he had taken when he left the White House.
This evening, news broke that Trump has, indeed, been indicted by a grand jury in South Florida in connection with the documents discovered at Mar-a-Lago. The indictment is sealed, but there are reports that it includes seven counts of lawbreaking, including at least one related to the Espionage Act. These charges are serious indeed.
Trump is now the first former U.S. president in history to face federal criminal charges (his first indictment, on March 30, was at the state level). As The Guardian’s David Smith puts it, “he really might be going to jail.” Smith—who is a keen observer of American politics—notes that it is hard to figure out what is important and what is not in the general drama around the former president, but this indictment is “genuinely monumental.”
According to Trump’s outraged posts on social media, he has been summoned to appear at the Federal Courthouse in Miami next Tuesday.
Trump’s team asked his allies to jump to his defense, and they did. Trump loyalists implied that the “sham indictment” was destined to distract from the blockbuster story they had invented about Biden. House speaker McCarthy implied that Biden, who has had nothing to do with the Department of Justice investigation, special counsel in charge of the investigation Jack Smith, or the grand jury deliberations, was responsible for launching a political attack on a rival. The third Republican in House leadership, New York representative Elise Stefanik, also defended Trump…in a fundraising email that assured donors their money would go to the “OFFICIAL TRUMP DEFENSE FUND” though, in fact, most of it would be diverted to Stefanik’s operations. Trump, too, lost no time in fundraising off the indictment.
Significantly, though, all Republicans who do not identify with the far right have remained steadfastly silent in the face of the day’s news. The exception has been long-shot presidential candidate Asa Hutchinson, who has called for Trump to end his campaign.
New York Times reporter Maggie Haberman, who communicates with the Trump camp, says he holed up tonight not with his legal team but with political advisors. CBS News correspondent Robert Costa reports tonight that the camps of Republican rivals think that this news will actually help Trump in the short term, as his base rallies to him, but that the news of what is at stake in the theft of national security documents might well lose him support over time. If another indictment comes from Georgia concerning his attempts to overturn the results of the 2020 election there, rival camps say he might “bleed out.”

Twitter links:
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2023.06.09 12:29 gmcgath Christian nationalists: The mystics of spirit

Rand wrote "Conservatism: An Obituary" in the sixties, but the conservative movement then was positively rational compared to today's Christian nationalists. What has happened since then is a classic case of bad premises defeating good ones when they aren't separated.
Choosing between today's "left" and "right" is a fool's choice, but Christian nationalists pose a special danger because they hijack the language of liberty while aiming for a state run on religious doctrines. People on the left at least admit they want lots and lots of government. The Christian nationalist right wants "I am the Lord, no other gods allowed" posted in every classroom. They want to throw out elections and take power by decree.
The advocates of reason and liberty face a two-front battle. It's important to stick to basic principles to show that today's "left" and "right" aren't opposite choices but two variants of irrational authoritarianism: as Rand put it, the mystics of muscle and the mystics of spirit.
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2023.06.09 12:02 jeenbieheenbies was i overreacting when I quit my job?

TLDR: I worked a job selling newspaper ads with an incompetent and mean boss that paid pennies and I'm glad to be gone but I need a job
I quit my job over two months ago and am still looking for work (if some needs a "diversity token" bsba in marketing and management with 3 years experience and fantastic writing and people skills) but trying to look for a job is making me wonder if what comes next could be worse.
This was my first "real" job out of college, selling ads for a local newspaper. The newspaper is part of a big and obviously very old company, that had recently bought a bunch of local town/city newspapers in my state. And according to quite literally everyone in our maybe 50 person company, this made the job unbearable. Like, people who had been there for 15 - 30+ years quit because of the change, one lady cussed out our ceo to be fired and still wasn't, absolutely unbearable.
I was at the job for about 4 months and initially really liked it. Very lax for the most part, I could basically come in whenever as long as I got my work done. We also had to travel a lot, so some days I would leave straight from home and make my rounds and be done for the day, as long as I was able to be contacted.
Here's the primary issue: it didn't matter when you started work, it would take almost the entire day to do anything. There were days I would get to work at 7 am and not leave until 11 pm. We got no overtime, you could only get overtime if you were asked to come in on weekends, but that never happened and usually the entire team had to work weekends anyway. Or you could have it "authorized" a week in advance... there's no way to professionally and successfully say, "All of this work takes over 12 hours most days."
We had meetings every Monday to catch up each other's activities. During one of these meetings, our boss said "we're not working hard enough" if we're leaving at 5pm (day is 8 - 5). The ads we sold were insanely expensive, it could cost as much as $2600 for a full page ad in a newspaper with ~5k subscribers. And boy did we lose subscribers every day. We also had a month and a half where the print was so horrible it was basically unreadable and looked 3D, it cost sales reps $100s each to accommodate angry advertisers but our ceo and boss didn't think it was a big deal.
We'd have "special sections" every month with discounted ads. And between 5 reps for all of the newspapers (I want to say there were 7 or 8) they asked us to bring in about 200k a month. We'd all have different quotas based on our progress, but we had to sell 70% of whatever number we got for the month to make commission, which also had a standard amount of $1350 regardless of what your goal was. They could pick any number, there was no real math to back it 😭 You get the minimum commission your first 3 months, but after, you could be at 69.99999999999% and not see any extra. It was a trend to make commission every other month because they increase the goal just enough that you can't reach it again. With the special sections, ads were discounted like crazy, so of course no one is going to buy an ad to run during the 2 weeks of the month they're not on sale. My boss never seemed to understand this. He thought we just weren't pushing hard enough. Sometimes we'd have 2-3 special sections a month, and my boss would make these horribly designed fliers for "business builders" that still no one wanted because it's NEWSPAPER ADS IN 2023.
Every newspaper had a website you could sell ads for too but the websites were hardly ever updated. Even when I quit in April our most recent obituaries were from November. The two editors were openly careless and disregarded people that came to see them with stories or events they wanted to run, and yet, every week the newspapers were filled with stories from towns sometimes an hour or two away from the town the paper's for because they "just didn't have enough stories." The editor wouldn't meet anyone, even chamber of commerce reps, and we had one reporter getting paid less than me going to 9 different cities and writing. Our editor only ever wrote opinion pieces lol
This was mostly fine with me at the time because I just really needed a job. Like most, but like, jesus I needed to work and at a little over $11 an hour it was paying good, but I also worked at Ulta in 2021 and they paid me more.
I realized I had to quit fairly early on. My boss was only ever encouraging to a coworker that had jurisdiction over an entire county and another that had inherited clients after the woman before him quit after 33 years. According to my coworker she told the bosses that she "prays for the next person who has to shovel shit for you two assholes." Pretty much everyone who quit cussed them out after lmao
My boss would come to me the first week of every month and be like "you're not selling enough :/ why" as if I was supposed to be miss supersale. This started because in my second month, HE gave me the wrong list of clients. I made a $3,000 sale. But when we recognized it wasn't in my "territory" the sale went to the coworker with jurisdiction over an entire county. I drove an hour and back for meetings, met with them several times, sat down and did complex math with my boss that if I closed my eyes I would assume is the smoking section of an old restaurant; became friends with the people. We were always told to sell into other papers, but because this coworker had already worked with the people MONTHS before (they never mentioned her) she got the sale. She did none of the work and the sale I made was over double what she initially had them at.
If you didn't start out way over your goal, he'd usually meet with everyone, but it was more often with me. I wasn't the only new person either. We had about 11 people quit before I came on, all from different departments. That number is now 17 if you count me, one of those being a woman who was hired a week after me and quit a week after me too (we worked in different cities, I barely knew her.)
My boss started meeting with me almost every week on the worst day possible: the day we make the most visits because the paper is out. He wants to meet at 9 am for 2 hours to "talk about my progress." This news is given to me by him slamming his hand on a table and yelling at me. Mind you, I didn't do anything but not sale over 70%. Every month I was there I was selling right at my 70% by some miracle. He started off this same meeting by immediately coming into my office and saying that I'm "mean and condescending" because I sent an email with wording he "didn't like" (it was grammatically correct English about how we were promised a business directory that was already a month late getting to us, even though, like I said, he came every damn week.) He told me I need to take my therapy appointments less often (they are once a month or two over telehealth for 30 minutes, during lunch [but because the job is so easy you should be working then too!!]), and after all this, gives me a huge packet of health insurance forms that I had already done my first week there, tells me to fill them out again, and says, "I should've given this to you weeks ago. It'll take about a month to process." I had already waited 90 days to get it.
Another kicker: I was in an car accident about a year ago now. I'm fine, but my car is fucked up, already old, and it's truly a blessing that I can still drive it just fine despite pouring money into it and not being able to afford a car atm. I don't know why but I told my boss this, and ever since, he had been asking me if I got a car, asking if I had family or friends' cars to borrow for work, and saying I needed to "get to it!" in terms of buying one. I thought about it today and I definitely put about 2500 miles on my car just from that job. We did get paid ~$1 per mile and $30/m for a phone bill.
This is so long I'll be surprised if anyone reads it. Like I said it's been months and honestly there's probably stuff I'm forgetting. I would truly rather have my mental health than be there even though I still really need a job and it's been hell finding one for whatever reason. And after reading all this back, maybe I didn't overreact, but are all jobs like this, especially right now when I'm only a year out of college? Was I supposed to be good at math to not absolutely hate my career?
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2023.06.09 11:31 Adot580 Insurance question, tried progressive

So my license was suspended on 5/2. I was worried about this all along bc my insurance policy renews on 8/1 and knew they run your record 60 days or so in advance. I got a letter today from Erie stating that due to my license being suspended during the insured period I am being cancelled effective 6/27 (20 days from the date of the letter). There was also no mention of my accident or dui which leads me to believe had they not run my record while suspended, maybe I would have squeezed thru but it is what it is.
I won’t get my license back until 7/2. I saw a lot of good responses regarding progressive but I was currently paying $194/ a month for 3 cars and when I did the quote online thru progressive it was $418/month + $750 up front (Roughly $3k for 6 months total)
My question is, is it better to let my wife get her own policy until 7/2 when my license gets reinstate and then try to get added on? I tried travelers but they won’t even give u a quote with a currently suspended license. I guess at the end of the day, good to know progressive will do it if I can’t find anyone else.
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2023.06.09 10:40 9sqhju676 Wade Goodwyn Obituary, Death Cause & Funeral The Talks Today

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2023.06.09 10:39 cvdx6uhcdfd Wade Goodwyn Obituary, Death Cause & Funeral The Talks Today

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2023.06.09 06:58 lilghost76 I finally got my hands on a Pilot Custom 74 Benifuji with an EF nib. For a while it seemed like the ebay gods were punishing me for some unknown offense, but yay it’s finally here, and worth the wait!

I finally got my hands on a Pilot Custom 74 Benifuji with an EF nib. For a while it seemed like the ebay gods were punishing me for some unknown offense, but yay it’s finally here, and worth the wait! submitted by lilghost76 to fountainpens [link] [comments]

2023.06.09 06:20 Kk_Interaction_9504 AITAH - do I have a father?

I’ve always known that my “father” was a sperm donor, as my mother had undergone IVF. She always told me how wanted I was growing up and how much she loved me.
My family moved to Canada from Italy after WWII for a better life, so my mother grew up and was raised in a small town by two loving, but lived-through-the-war, and all it’s atrocities, parents. Life was only about survival - there was no time for emotions or well being. I don’t blame them. I’m grateful they survived. Fast forward to Canada, my mother grew up fairly sheltered, not many friends, and afraid of her own shadow you may say. She is a loving and giving person who will always put the needs of others, above her own. Looking back now, her childhood needs for love and affection were likely not met, and so now, she doesn’t handle criticism or conflict well, as it feels like a personal attack and brings out deep rooted insecurities. You’ll need to know this for later.
In her early 30s, she decided to go through with IVF and finally have a child of her own. She lost some friends throughout this, as it was still somewhat of a taboo topic in the 90s. Her parents supported her and she was successful with the process - as I write this here today.
She raised me all on her own. I don’t know how she did it, but her determination to provide for me was incredible. She bought her house in full, so she’s never had a mortgage, doesn’t have any car payments, always put food on the table, and gave me a quiet and secure life in that same small town. I might not have had the coolest toys or newest clothes growing up, but I had a roof over my head and food on the table. And for my mother to do all this, by herself, and still make it, is incredible.
Fast forward 20 years. I decide that I’d like to know some information about my bio dad. I ask my mom if she knows and she says no, she opted not to receive that information. Now I should mention, that I am one hard-headed and stubborn girl… not one of my best qualities. So when she said no, I said well, whether you wanted to or not, the facility/organization ethically, has to keep those documents. She quickly responded no, it was a different time back then, etc etc, and because she requested to not know any information, that information would be destroyed. Being as stubborn as I am, I took matters into my own hands and told her I’d call the hospital myself and ask for the records. She laughed in a defensive tone, and said “fine”.
The hospital had nothing. There was never any name given as my father on my birth certificate. I knew this, as it was IVF, but they had no documentation. When I called my mother again to tell her the news and that I felt a bit off and disjointed, as I didn’t understand how there could be nothing, she was quickly defensive and irritated by my will to know. Things like “well why does it matter anyway? “ or “I’m your mother, haven’t I done a good enough job?” Or “oh so I’m a bad mom, that’s why you want to know”. We had a huge fight, an absolutely massive blow up.
I went home a few days later and asked her why she was defensive. I didn’t understand why I couldn’t ask any questions and why it was causing such a response from her. We ended up in a yelling match. Eventually, she came out with a letter without saying anything. It was written by a man, one I did not know, professing his love to my mother. This man was my father. It turns out that my mother had an affair with a married man and got pregnant. He wanted to marry her after he found out she was pregnant, but feeling ashamed for falling into such a predicament in a small town from a VERY traditional family, she declined and decided it was better to tell everyone she got preganent through IVF. She didn’t want him apart of my life and refused his presence. She wanted to raise me all on her own.
My entire world had been shattered. For my entire life I’ve thought that I was a sperm baby and it was just “my mom and I”. Only to find out 20 years later that she did in fact, know my father. They kept in touch and he knew about me. She would send him photos of me and I even recall a conversation she was having with a “coworker” when I was younger, where she made me talk to them and say hello. I talked to them about my day and told them what shoes I liked. It wasn’t a coworker.
Immediately after revealing the truth to me, she made me swear to never contact him or tell anyone. She didn’t want to make a big deal of the matter, and I don’t blame her. She carries a lot of hurt and pain within her and she only did what she thought was best for me, as a child. … I don’t think I can adequately describe the shock and emotions I felt that went through me. I felt numb for approx 8 months and it didn’t feel real. It felt like a movie. I finally worked up the courage one night (8 months ish) to google his name and try to find some information about him, and about me. It was late at night after a long day. The first google hit that came up with my search, was his obituary, from 3 weeks prior.
  1. Weeks. Prior.
I felt like I finally ‘started’ to maybe believe that this information was true, only to find that I was 3 weeks too late, cause he had just past away. Can you grieve someone you never met? Someone you never knew you even had? Maybe it was the fact that the opportunity I didn’t even know I had earlier in the year, was now gone. I called my mom the next day and asked if she knew. I was delicate with it, cause this was still the man she had a child with and loved at some point.
She knew. She found out the next day. Thought it was best not to tell me as it would upset me. Turns out it was his daughter that sent out a notice. A daughter from the first marriage.
I have a half sister?
If you’ve read this far, I thank you for listening to my story. Not many people know this and apart of me felt like it would be empowering to finally say it out loud. Even if it’s to a bunch of strangers on the internet. I don’t want to draw a bad light on my mother - with the resources she had and the life she was given, she did the very best she could. I whole heartedly believe and know that she loves me. But I think part of me, and I don’t know how big, will ever fully trust her again with this matter. Our relationship hasn’t been the same since. I don’t think it helps that after I found out that my bio dad had passed, I couldn’t cope with it and needed space from my mother. I took probably 4 months of no contact with family. When I did re-engage in family events, all I heard was how much I was hurting my mother and causing her pain for not talking to her. Cutting off family, especially in a strong knit family culture dynamic, is not easy. It is and was not received well. I faced a lot of backlash for it from them.
AITA for hurting my mother from distancing myself from her and my family after everything happened?
I thank you again for making it this far. I don’t know how I’ll feel after I post this, but im hoping a bit lighter by finally saying it out loud. Thank you for listening. I wish nothing but kindness and happiness for those who read all this!!!
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2023.06.09 04:36 Beneficial_Thing_602 Help looking for info on ancestor

Minnie (possibly Millie) Golby was born in New Jersey in 1888. She was married to Frank Rance in New York City from like 1909-his death in 1912 and they had one daughter (my g grandma). Then she moved to Toronto and was married to George Dehaney from 1914-his death in 1927. I have marriage and death records for him. They had 2 daughters. Then today I managed to find them in the 1931 census based on an address I had found for my grandma in the Toronto city directory. Minnie was married again to some guy named Ross Schermerhorn. I found that he was married to Rosina Gadsby until she died, and they had 2 sons, Kenneth and William, who were also in the census. I actually found an obituary for ken from like 2 years ago lol, he lived to be 98.
I looked for them through the years in the directory, until 1944 when Ross stopped showing up. I checked in the next year for Minnie listed as a widow of him or the family at the same house but they were not there. So what happened to them after that?
I can’t find any graves or death records for either of them. It’s possible that Minnie may have had enough time left to get married another time. Can anyone help me to find any info that I don’t already know?
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2023.06.09 00:11 9sqhju676 Clayson Anderson Obituary, Death Cause, Funeral The Talks Today

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2023.06.09 00:10 cvdx6uhcdfd Clayson Anderson Obituary, Death Cause, Funeral The Talks Today

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2023.06.08 23:55 7bnp_4tzsr William Daly Obituary & Death Cause The Talks Today

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2023.06.08 20:15 7bnp_4tzsr Miranda Dropiewski Obituary, Death Cause & Funeral The Talks Today

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2023.06.08 19:57 theMezz Why a local man was court-martialed for saving Lafayette's life

1825, 198 years ago
A tearful reunion
You can't miss Amos Parker. He is well over six feet tall. Some say closer to seven. Many say he was the tallest soldier in the American army during the Revolutionary War.

This week, the now 63-year-old Parker enters Shepard's Hotel on Bagg's Square in Utica (really the Bagg's Hotel, but the name was changed while Abraham Shepard owned it from 1825 to 1828). Parker is determined to meet the hotel's distinguished guest, the Marquis de Lafayette.

In 1777, while the Revolutionary War was raging, the then 19-year-old, tall, red-haired Lafayette left his home in France and joined the American army in its fight to win for the American colonies their independence from Great Britain. He fought in many battles and, in 1781, commanded troops in Yorktown, Virginia, when British Gen. Charles Cornwallis surrendered his army to Gen. George Washington, just about ensuring an end to the war and an American victory.

On the night of January 30, 1948, Utica firefighters fought one of the most spectacular fires in the city’s history. Flames roared through “The Long Block” on the west side of Lower Genesee Street, between Oriskany and Whitesboro streets. The 3-alarm blaze was fought in temperatures 30 below zero. Seventeen firefighters were injured and 11 businesses damaged. Losses were estimated at $400,000.
Now, 44 years later, the 68-year-old Lafayette is back in America, touring the country as a guest of its grateful citizens. This week, after visits in Rome, Oriskany and Whitesboro, he enters Utica triumphantly via the Rome Road (today Lafayette Street). After a big celebration, he is in his hotel room, resting before continuing his journey east.

Suddenly, there is a knock on the door and in walks the very tall Amos Parker. At first, Lafayette is puzzled, but then Parker begins to relate an incident that occurred at the Battle of Yorktown.

As the fighting there raged, Lafayette ordered 25 of his men — including Parker — to remove a fence so that Lafayette could lead his soldiers through the breach. "Once you remove the fence," Lafayette shouted, "allow me and my men to ride through the opening. Do not fire your weapons!"

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The fence was removed and Lafayette and his men began to ride through. Suddenly, Parker spotted a British sniper aiming his rifle at Lafayette. Before the sniper could fire, though, Parker raised his musket and shot him.

Unbelievingly, an aide to Lafayette had Parker court-martialed for disobeying Lafayette's "don't fire your weapon" order. He, of course, was acquitted when it was learned that by disobeying the order, he had saved Lafayette's life.

Now, in a hotel room 44 years later, Parker and Lafayette relive the incident. They embrace and (a historian later wrote) enjoy "a heart-tugging event and weep" in each other's arms. (After the war, Parker settled in the town of Augusta in southwestern Oneida County and died there in 1842 at age 80. He was buried at the Parker (Augusta) Cemetery at the intersection of Augusta-Solsville Road and Anderson Road. A blue and yellow state marker there reads: AMOS PARKER, TALLEST MAN IN AMERICAN ARMY. SAVED GEN. LAFAYETTE'S LIFE. PRESENT AT THE SURRENDER OF CORNWALLIS. BURIED HERE.

1923, 100 years ago
Record at UFA
A class of 210 students receive diplomas at Utica Free Academy (UFA), the largest class ever graduated in the school's more than 100-year history. The Right Reverend Charles Fiske, bishop coadjutor of the Central New York Episcopal Diocese, addresses the students: "Why has the city of Utica paid for your education? … It expects to receive from you a return for its investment. You owe the community repayment for this debt. Not in money, but in service. You are expected to exercise a high standard of living, put forth an honest effort to make your neighborhood a better place to live and accept public calls of duty to serve your community with its charities and efforts to improve the public well-being."

1948, 75 years ago
Utica in novel
Carl Sandburg, noted poet and historian, completes a novel that contains a chapter on Utica and the Erie Canal. He was in Utica a year ago to collect material for the novel: "Remembrance Rock."

1973, 50 years ago
GE contract
The General Electric Aircraft Equipment Division in Utica is awarded a $1.3 million contract for a computer system for the Viking Orbiter, which will explore Mars in 1975.

1998, 25 years ago
Morrisville celebrates
The village of Morrisville celebrates its 150th anniversary. It was incorporated in 1848 and named for its founder, Thomas Morris. He settled in the area in 1797 and built a house on the corner of today's Main and Cedar streets. His father, Robert, was a Founding Father from Pennsylvania, who signed the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution.

Civita M. Allard, a registered nurse and an associate professor in the Health Services Department at Mohawk Valley Community College, receives the college's "alumna of merit" award.

In American Legion baseball, Utica Post defeats Parkhurst Post, 13 to 3, behind the pitching of Chris Donalty (a four hitter) and the hitting of Eric Miller (3 hits, 2 RBIs). Meanwhile, Whitestown beats Lee, 6 to 4, behind the hitting of Jason Englehart, Mike Antanavige, Bernie Martin, Brent Wengert and Matt Maine. Steve Rice has two hits for Lee.

The Genetaska Club of New Hartford elects Ellen Boerger as its president. Other officers include: Peg Mullin, vice president; Barbara Reinshagen, recording secretary; Sue Maher, corresponding secretary; Joyce Ebensperger, treasurer; and directors Joyce Goggin, Ada Ruhm, Ellie Lampert and Barbara Weaver.

2013, 10 years ago
Pro hockey returns
Utica, after many years without a professional hockey team, has one again. The Utica Comets are in the American Hockey League, a minor league affiliate of the Vancouver Canucks in the National Hockey League. They will play in the Utica Memorial Auditorium. Robert Esche, a former goalie in the National Hockey League and president of the Mohawk Valley Garden, will operate the team. Mayor Robert Palmieri says the move fits in with his vision for a revitalized Bagg's Square and Harbor Point development. "What a great day for the city!" he says. "The emotion is overwhelming."

The Greater Utica Sports Hall of Fame inducts Stan "Buddy" Evans, longtime baseball coach at Rome Free Academy and college football official; Bill Holowaty, originally from Mohawk, longtime baseball coach at Eastern Connecticut State University; Ed Wadas, a "super" supporter of local athletics and called the "candy man" for giving out candy at local games, especially in Whitesboro, Oriskany and New York Mills; and Tom Wells, multi-sport coach at New Hartford schools, especially known for his highly successful swim teams.

Bobbi Jo Kahl is approved by the town board in Remsen as as the town justice.

In American Legion baseball, Roberts Post defeats Whitestown, 3 to 1. Nate Palmer, a senior at Holland Patent High, strikes out 18 and gets the win. He is supported by the hitting of Kinsey Williams, Nico Ramos and Austin Mann. Whitestown's Jared Muraca pitches well, allowing only five hits.

Trivia quiz
Next Sunday is Father's Day. Let's celebrate with a tough question. Name the man who was the son of a U.S. president and also the father of a U.S. president. If you can't name him, at least name the two presidents. (Answer will appear here next week.)

Answer to last week's question: Richard Nixon was president when, on July 20, 1969, Neil Armstrong and Edwin Aldrin first walked on the surface of the moon after landing in the Apollo 11 lunar module.

This Week in History is researched and written by Frank Tomaino. E-mail him at [[email protected]](mailto:[email protected]).
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2023.06.07 20:16 princessmoneybagsxx i’m any help thanks

so a little back story for a couple years now I’ve had an experience of my animals looking around as if watching something flying hearing laughter and bells, and everything starts to look saturated and fuzzy… my cats would freak out as of watching something by around the room, and I felt static all over my body. I will go into much detail about each specific time, but my old roommate recently reached out to me regarding her daughter, who used to live with us who is almost 3. The one night that started to happen again… I had always just chalked it up to meeting crazy because to be honest at the time I was doing a lot of ketamine. But I had been nine months sober at this time and I had just started getting back into working with magic and craft and such now it was her night in my room. He had to be kind of quiet because he was sleeping but everything started to look saturated and fuzzy. I heard the bells I heard laughter in music and I thought oh no fucking way, anyways, we thought somebody had broken into the house without their presence a very strong presence we went into the kitchen and I had this pink office chair that looked like somebody had just vanished out of it. It spun around quickly at first and then slow down next thing, we know the babies bedroom door started swinging back-and-forth a little bit. Now her daughter has kind of been through a lot and is staying with her grandmother as of now and her grandmother has taken her to a behavioral counselor. So back when I first recognized all of this starting to happen I, I started building a fairy garden and making tea and I had some plants and was in and out of the hospital a lot so my plants were left unattended but still have sometimes life anyways anyways, they started happening and her daughter’s behavior kind of went haywire. She called me today because her daughter was talking about a fairy named Eris, which upon researching had something to do with the Greek god of war and their day being December 19 now they went to the dentist today and her six month cleaning is on December 19. I vaguely remember while doing research on how to work with Fais reading things about them being particularly fond of children, and even sometimes kidnapping them or like kidnapping their spirit, and replacing them with like I don’t remember exactly, so I’m looking for any direction because my friend called me freaking out, asking what I did and I don’t know how to help or fix this or any information to really tell her other than right now thanks in advance
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2023.06.07 18:07 OuterspaceKitsune My opinion about Aussie not being outed to their parents (Or rather other ppl's opinion about it)

After the reunion I' Ⓥ e noticed many people talking about Aussie not being outed to their parents, and here is what I truly wish queer spaces could understand:
Coming out is a pri Ⓥ ilage
The idea of coming out is coming from a Ⓥ ery pri Ⓥ ilaged place, especially among US based people. It is taken for granted and belie Ⓥ ed as a mandatory step. I truly hope that people can realise that coming out is a choice and not something that needs to be done to li Ⓥ e true to themsel Ⓥ es.
Some cultures are not about making e Ⓥ erything of your identity your a Ⓥ atar, and such important aspects of your life are reser Ⓥ ed only for those who need to know, and in the right time. But that does not mean li Ⓥ ing in the closet at all. (Also not to mentioned places where it actually can be dangerous to be outed)
I think the Ⓥ iew that coming out to e Ⓥ eryone is the only right way is also being enforced by all the queer mo Ⓥ ies centered around coming out scenes. E Ⓥ en in Lo Ⓥ e Simon, main character "betrayed" his friend's because he wasn't ready to come out to them (which is nuts)
So please, let's stop such Ⓥ iews especially among queer circles, as it only harms people from other cultures, abusi Ⓥ e homes, or simply those who are intro Ⓥ ert or e Ⓥ en neurodi Ⓥ ergent spectrum.
This is my today's food for thought
TLDR Aussie has e Ⓥ ery right not to want to share with their parents things about Aussie's life, or share it once ready, especially if their relationship is not the best. This doesn't mean being in the closet (how one who is in a reality show on the International platform can really be in the closet?) and I think such Ⓥ iews can be harmful for the community.
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