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2023.06.08 11:10 kothvos Is it normal to still have a deep indentation almost a year post extraction?

My top two sides are pretty flat, but on the bottom there’s still a pretty deep hole behind both of my back molars. some food still gets stuck there. No pain, it’s fully healed just indented. On one side it feels deeper, which is also the tooth he told me was rlly risky. Is this weird at all? I was trying to look it up and ir seems flat for most people by now.. Was it just bc it was a harder extraction?
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2023.06.08 11:10 AutoModerator Stirling Cooper - Premature Ejaculation (here)

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2023.06.08 11:10 InterestingJennifer The Happiest Day of My Life

One fine California evening last fall, I was working in the study on my PC when it suddenly dawned on me how quiet the house had become. I pushed back in my chair and listened to the silence. From the hall I could hear the ticking of the old grandfather clock and faintly the refrigerator humming in the kitchen. But aside from that, it was silent. Since the kids had grown up and moved out, I had become used to the quiet, but this was unusual. I got up and wandered throughout the house and eventually came to the back porch. As I stepped out onto the porch, I saw my wife sitting contentedly in the porch swing, a comforter wrapped around her as she gazed into the sunset. It was a beautiful California sunset with rays streaming though gold colored clouds, and purple shadows from the mountains beneath. A warm wind blew with the faint smell of burning mesquite. My wife was calling to the dog to stop digging in the garden and he looked up, tail wagging, then went right back to work. It was useless to try and stop him. I walked over to the swing, the porch door creaking to a close behind me. She looked up at me with a gentle smile and said,
“What was the happiest day of your life?”
For a moment I almost responded with a flip answer like, “Why, every day I’ve spent with you dear,” but from the quiet expression on her face, I could see that she wanted a real answer, one that I thought through. So I gazed out at the boiling, red, and orange clouds, ran one hand through what’s left of my hair and thought about it. What was the happiest day of my life.
Well, I remembered the day I graduated from high school and how my dad came up and shook my hand and said, “I’m proud of you son,” and I remembered the day I got married and lifting my wife’s veil for that kiss, and the expression on her face, those dazzling eyes. That was a happy time. I remembered that time in high school when I decked a guy with just one punch. I know now it’s not something to be proud of, but he had said something about my girlfriend and it seemed the thing to do. And I remembered those hot rods we put together and how they beat the rich kid’s cards in illegal street races at 4 AM and how much fun that was. That was a real happy time for me. And then I remembered about the time, years after he came home from Vietnam, my brother smiled again for the first time. And I remembered how I went to see my newborn son that first time and counted ten fingers and ten toes. It would be hard to be that elation.
And as I thought about those happy times, I climbed down off the porch and into the yard to the rope swing I had put up for the grandchildren last year. I sat on the swing, my old bones creaking, and swayed in the breeze, still thinking about the happy times of my life. Of the awards, my first job, my first book sold, the promotions, and grandchildren. And the more I thought about it the more memories came upon me until I realized in surprise that the sun was no longer setting in the west. It was rising in the east. I had spent the entire night pondering the happy times of my life. I dragged myself out of the swing, with some cramps and not a little pain, after all, I’m too old to be spending the night in a porch swing…
And I walked back up to the porch. My wife was sleeping on the swing, still wrapped in the comforter, the dog at her feet, his head on his paws. The creaking of the floorboards woke her up and she smiled softly as I approached.
“Well, did you do it?,” she asked, “Did you think of the happiest moment of your life?"
“Yes,” I said calmly, “I have.”
“And what is it?” she asked.
“The next one,” I replied.
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2023.06.08 11:09 Zioben2013 what does it mean, in the interpretation of dreams, to kill a person?

tonight I had a different dream, I have never dreamed of killing a person, it was always me who was killed
The dream:
I run out of the house and take a gun and kill a man. First I go to grandma's house and I meet grandpa who is putting on his pajamas in the living room, I get ready in the bedroom, I go out and commit the crime, I'm a bit panicky and I don't handle the situation well, almost getting caught, then I go back to grandma and I don't they tell me nothing, they were about to go to sleep. The next morning when I wake up, I find my mother at my grandmother's carrying an object that I had hidden during the crime, and she says there was a shooting here last night and they found this. I pretend nothing happened and let them take me home. I completely ignore it even if the anxiety assails me, my parents strongly suspect that it was me. While mom is vacuuming I'm sitting on the couch, when she walks past me, she stops and stares at me with angry brows and I'm like, do you really think it was me, that I could have done such a thing. At this point I think I could have gotten away with using the panic attack excuse, but still I say nothing. My father says come with me I have to question you.
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2023.06.08 11:09 Lonely_Oak [SG] Lenovo Legion Desktop (5800, 6800XT) [W] £700

For sale I have a Lenovo Legion tower. Comes with:
AMD 5800, 6800XT, 16GB, 512GB SSD, 650w Gold PSU
The PC itself is great. Think I got a good one on the silicone lottery as it has zero coil whine, and while out of the box the system uses 400w, with an underclock that only loses a few frames its down to 280w at full load. Uses between 70-100w just browsing/ anything that doesnt require heavy lifting. Can play most things released during the PS4 era at 4K 60fps but benchmarks are your friend for anything new.
Still has the plastic coatings on it for anyone who takes satisfaction in that! :D
Collection from Newbury (RG14) area as I dont have the box and im not confident in shipping it securely. Payment via bank on collection. Happy to boot it up and show a few games while here.
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2023.06.08 11:09 DesperateTea7950 This game wants you to quit with this matchmaking. And I guess I will…

Had a 4 month hiatus and my first 10 matches were dog shite. The matches were so bad I don’t even desire to comeback... And I don’t even play competitive, I’m a casual player! Be it quick match, arcade modes or mystery heroes. Lost 9 of 10 matches, can’t win all of them, right? You win some and lose some. Not a big deal! But the way I lost this matches were incredibly bad experience. No matter what I did, no matter what character I played. My team couldn’t win. We kept dropping spaghetti. I got spawn camped, focus fired and solo ulted so many times it’s stops being fun. After the game session felt myself so miserable even tho initially I was so excited when I came back home and hopped on playing. I looked forward for the PvE and got some mythic skins and for what. At the end of the day it didn’t make me happier on the long run. When you play semi-daily for 6 years it becomes a blur but now I see clearly - the game won’t get better and I shouldn’t endure myself to this “toxic relationship” haha. I love the world of Overwatch but there is no content that expands on it outside of the game. Sure we have some comics but there was nothing meaningful past years. I saw, and still see, a great potential and it hurts how it’s getting mishandled. But for now I’m just gonna rest and find other stuff to do. Was a good run till it lasted.
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2023.06.08 11:09 LoudBluejay4978 Resetting sleep cycle for hobby

Hi, I’m an infrequent listener but I figured someone here would know. My natural sleep cycle is 9 to 5 about, sometimes earlier. This developed later in life. I’m mid 50s female. I know how important sleep is and feel it. Now, my favorite leisure activity is dancing and the events are all late at night. I haven’t been to a late event in a long time because of sleep. Is there any way I could safely still engage in that hobby? Or do I have to kiss that goodbye? Could I train myself to sleep later?
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2023.06.08 11:08 zyradyl TIFU by trying to do a currency exchange during the rainy season.

So I'm currently attending school in a non-US country, and while you can do wire transfers to the local banks here, the wire transfer fee from my bank is not reimbursed, but the ATM fees are reimbursed, as are the international exchange fees. I checked with both of my banks and they said it was fine to do this, so the only cost for me to pull money out of the ATM and deposit it into my local bank is my time.
This is my first time experiencing a rainy season. I'm originally from Kansas City, so while we have storms and tornado season, the idea of "yeah it's just going to pour rain for the next two weeks" is still really weird to me, and because of that I'm really bad at planning around it. The entire first half of today was dry, but when it started raining I realized I needed to pull money out now or I wouldn't be able to do it for a couple weeks unless I got lucky.
Thankfully, the radar showed light rain for about an hour, so I left my dorm and took my bike. We're not allowed to ride our bikes one handed with an umbrella, so I left that at the dorm too. All I had was my backpack (with all my various books/normal carry stuff) and my bike. No coat, because even though its raining it's still miserably hot and humid.
I'll spare the details of most of my trip, but on the way back I saw a McDonalds and ducked inside to get some food. While eating I started working through some flashcard decks on my phone, and quickly lost track of time. An hour later, when I left, it was REALLY raining. I thought I would be okay to just bike back in the rain, but it is SO MUCH RAIN and I wear glasses, I simply couldn't see.
Out of desperation at a stop light, I pull my sun parasol out of my backpack and decide to use it. It's basically just a thicker, smaller umbrella so it should be fine, right? I then make the decision that I'm going to ride back to my dorm on my bike, one handed, the other holding the parasol. Because, hey, what's the worst that could happen?
This went really well for a while! However, when you're doing something brand new on a bike and you already have balance issues, your body will involuntarily tense when something unexpected happens. Like hitting a bump harder than you planned. This is normally completely fine! Unless your parasol isn't just an auto-opening one, but it auto closes too!
Yes that's right friends, I hit a bump too hard, tensed, shut myself in my parasol, this scared me even more so my other hand gripped the back brake HARD and then I just...loudly squealed to a stop (yay bike disc brakes!) and then just.. tipped over. I understand I could have put my legs out to stop the last part but I'm an idiot and was also just very confused by everything that happened as quickly as it happened.
Thankfully there was a very nice lady across the road who saw this happen, and quickly came over to help me between politely restrained fits of laughter. Once she was sure I was okay, and realized I could speak a reasonable of the local language, she explained that she had done this exact thing once before. She also told me its incredibly funny to watch from outside, but apologized for laughing.
I honestly somewhat wish there was a video, because I'm sure it is very funny to watch it happen.
TL;DR I tried to go out to run errands through the rainy season and shut myself in an umbrella and fell off a bike in front of a complete stranger.
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2023.06.08 11:08 Accurate_Suspect398 Help! Time sensitive!

Help! Time sensitive!
I wasn’t sure where to go with this, and I tend to be a hypochondriac, so bear with me because I need some peace at mind to finally go to sleep.
Is this a bug bite of some kind? I was laying down, literally about to fall asleep when I felt this stinging pain and then I looked down and saw this. The area surrounding it is swollen and kind of red, and it still kinda hurts but not super bad.
Basically, if it IS a bug bite, is it poisonous? Should I go to the doctors?? Or am I okay to just go to bed?
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2023.06.08 11:08 DifferentClassroom53 I really can't make up my mind, overthinking has gone too far

I (18F) havent really tried reaching out for advice before but this has just been going on for too long to continue. I have had a long distance friend (18M) for almost a year now, and the past few months have been the most emotional for me. For a bit of background information, I've never had any romantic experiences in my life, never been in a relationship and have always had few (1-3) friends. Even though I've tried improving my looks over the past year I don't think I'm very attractive. The main thing I believe is the cause for never having been in a relationship (other than being shy my whole life without much social interaction) is that i look and sound 3-4 years younger than my age, and I just think no one wants that. Anyways, I've developed strong feelings for this friend of mine. And it. Fucking. Hurts. I can't go a single hour out of every day without thinking about him. Never in my life has one person been able to completely change my mood with just a few words. I overthink about every message for hours and I know it isn't healthy. It's strange for me.. I thought of myself as a positive person, I take care of myself and and can feel happy with my own company, and even more so around my friends, I couldn't ask for better friends than the few I have. But this one person has caused a sickening emotional roller coaster for me. We follow each other on instagram, as well as communicate through about 4 different social media apps. And the one thing I can't help but notice is his following list. I know it's none of my business, as I'm only his friend, but his following consists of hundreds of other girls, whether they're models or ones he knows. A majority of it is Asian women (guess I've found his type) or some others that are just stunning, if I say so myself. Is it natural I feel jealous and a bit hurt? I know it's a common thing for men, I understand it's mostly for their pleasure and i shouldnt think much of it. But i still can't ignore it.
I'd go as far as to say that I love him. I've had a lot of crushes here and there in the past but he's formed an image of something I want that no one else could achieve. I've even tried looking at others and wondering if it's possible for me to find someone else but now that he's in my life I can't feel even the smallest attraction towards others. I love every bit about him, his childish humor (I enjoy it) his music taste, his way of saying things, his style, cute things he says occasionally. I really can't help but be in love with it all. I find him the most attractive and take pride in even being able to call him my friend. I daydream about a life with him. The thing is, I just can't confess to him. I decided I would rather stay his friend than to potentially ruin or change things. I just don't know if he feels the same. He gives me attention, initiates conversations, has stayed up till the next morning talking to me on several occasions. On other platforms I've seen that I'm one of the few people he talks to regularly, but I just don't know. I wonder if he's looking for someone who looks like the girls he follows. I can't imagine that he would want me as much as I want him, even if it were a little, I don't think I'd ever be a first choice to him. Loyalty means a lot to me and if by some chance he felt the same way, I don't think it could work out.
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2023.06.08 11:08 professor_tinkerputt My ex bf and I had an amicable breakup. Now he’s talking badly about me on social media.

My ex bf got evicted earlier this year (when we were still together) and I let him stay with me and only charged him 1/4th of rent so he can save up money and get his own place.
We eventually broke up 5 months later because he was not only making absolutely no progress in getting his own place, but he stopped paying rent altogether or really putting effort into anything. He was failing community colleges classes while I was getting full ride scholarship offers for my masters, he started taking less and less hours at work while I secured a job that was double his salary, he was spending more and more time playing video games while i was scheduling more volunteering time, etc. I checked in constantly while he was living with me to see if he was depressed, if he needed anything, and how I could support but he always told me he was fine.
When we had the conversation and he told me he wanted to end the relationship to focus on getting back on his feet I was extremely supportive. I told him not to worry about owing me the last two months of rent and utilities because I would take care of it so he can one less thing to worry about. I also gave him as much time as he needed to move his things out and let him know over and over again that I loved and supported him and that I would miss him so much.
Overall, it was a pretty decent breakup but I still made the decision to go no contact for at least a month so I could truly process this and accept that things were over.
We never unfollowed each other on social media and he still watches all my stories so one day last week I decided to check his Twitter and, to my surprise, there’s a slew of negative posts subtweeting me. Multiple posts claiming I “fumbled” him, that I wasn’t kind or supportive, that I wasn’t worth his time, etc.
To say I’m furious is an understatement. I haven’t told anyone but my closest friends about the reasons for the breakup because I didn’t want to embarrass him so seeing him trashing me publicly when I not only accepted the breakup and gave him his space but also showed empathy, understanding, and love AS I WAS GETTING DUMPED is messing with my head. I feel like I’m being framed as a bad person and an unworthy or unvaluable partner for no real reason by someone I have genuine care for.
I am SO, so tempted to break no contact just to set him straight, but that feels like such a dumb reason to break no contact—especially when I’m so deep into the healing process.
I’m just so, so upset about this and I cannot bring myself to stop thinking about this. I keep bouncing between feeling like I want to scream and crying into my pillow. The whole thing makes my heartbreak so much worse because I would never do something so immature and mean-spirited to him. This makes me feel like we were never even friends which makes all of this feel so much worse.
I hate to admit it but this is bothering me so much I’ve been thinking of responding to his tweets with the real reason we broke up or making my own petty tweets calling him broke, unsuccessful, etc but I’d hate to kick him in a time where he needs to be uplifted.
Any advice for how I can move past this?
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2023.06.08 11:08 aplacelikehome The LPL Quasi-Strike, a Brief Story

With all the recent chatters about the goingons in the LCS, it brings me to attention that something similar happened with the LPL several years back. Did you know that the LPL was once on the verge of a shutdown?
A former WE executive friend wrote a blurb on Weibo, a leading Chinese platform. ( Be mindful that some opinions expressed in the blurb are strong, but I don’t necessarily share them. (I’m just the messenger!) I’ve done a rough translation here:
In 2017, the LPL faced a critical moment known as the “quasi-strike,” where clubs strategically chose Chinese New Year to challenge the status quo. This pivotal event would eventually propel the LPL to greater heights.
During those crucial times, TJSports (Tencent’s esports division) didn’t exist, and I had just entered the industry. As an investor in a team, I had the privilege of attending the “boss conference.”
The conference took place in Shanghai’s Lujiazui’s Super Brand Mall, with players competing on the stage while club owners convened in the adjacent conference room. Being a new person in the scene, I was unaware what the meeting was about at first. However, I soon realized it was a “collective bargaining” agreement of sorts. If negotiations failed, all clubs would face suspension after the Spring Festival.
At that time, the Chinese esports industry was in a primitive and chaotic state, with an influx of speculative investments. Wealthy club owners acquired star players, successful clubs secured sponsorships and revenue, and player salaries skyrocketed. Meanwhile, struggling clubs faced the challenge of survival.
A few visionary club owners championed two crucial demands: a fair share of sponsorship and copyright revenue for all clubs and the elimination of promotion and relegation.
These demands paved the path for professionalizing the LPL as a true sports league. Revenue sharing ensured clubs could navigate economic fluctuations, while the removal of promotion and relegation instilled investor confidence, preventing seats from being jeopardized by short-term performance fluctuations.
This landmark negotiation stands as a defining moment in the history of Chinese gaming. Surprisingly, a representative from the official side showed support, and after a brief deliberation, an agreement was reached. China’s League of Legends professional league became the world’s first regional tournament to implement such alliances. This representative’s sacrifice of economic benefits fostered a collaborative environment, no longer allowing unilateral decision-making.
The cancellation of LPL’s promotion sparked debates. Some believed it would hinder competitiveness, but reflecting on traditional sports systems, the English Premier League has promotion and relegation while the NBA does not. After extensive discussions, most esports professionals agree that the NBA model maximizes benefits for leagues, clubs, and players.
Examining the LCS strike, reports revealed financial crises and seat sales among numerous teams, partly caused by excessive capital market financing and neglecting a sustainable business model. Despite comparable salaries to their Chinese and Korean counterparts, LCS players train less intensely. This distorted model, where player interests take precedence over league and club health, is unsustainable and may lead to dire consequences.
The LCS player’s guild fails to recognize that diminishing others’ success does not enhance their own, and hindering others’ progress does not advance their own. As someone involved in players’ advocacy, I envy the LCS for having a players’ union. The lack of such support in the LPL leaves players with limited assistance in resolving unpaid wages and unfair treatment. Balancing both player and club perspectives has posed challenges, but lessons learned from industry leaders who prioritize the industry’s progress guide my stance.
The LCS’s journey away from unilateralism serves as a valuable lesson. With the presence of selfless individuals devoted to China’s gaming industry, I firmly believe that the future holds abundant opportunities for growth and collaboration. Spring brings the promise of blossoming success.
Thus ends the translation. All I can say is I wish for the best for the LCS. But there’s some perspective, enjoy!
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2023.06.08 11:08 PennyFromPA Perforated and deviated septum.

I (F, 35, USA) have a perforated septum at the bottom of my nostrils that is about half an inch (17 mm to be exact) and I also have a severe deviated septum.
At this time the septum is so bad that it has broken thru the skin in my nostril. It causes extreme pain in my nostril, face, mouth, and gums. The night time is when it’s the absolute worse and I cannot sleep because of it.
What do I do? How can I relieve this pain and sleep?
A new development is even if I have to lightly blow my nose I can feel the cartilage push out of my skin more and flail. It’s extremely uncomfortable. (I try not to blow my nose).
I constantly bleed out of the bottom of this nostril where the problem is.
A few things to note:
I’ve been seeing an ENT since last May. (I’m not satisfied with my care at this point so leaving them but the soonest appt I can get for anyone in my area is July). I am also trying to see how I can speed this up to get to a plastic surgeon for a rhinoplasty to fix the septum and hole.
I had a nasal button inserted during surgery but the perforation is so big and low that it has come out twice now. It also causes other discomfort in my nose and I still have to mouth breathe because the deviated side of my nose is so tight that the button blocks any type of airflow (which is minimal already with how small the nostril is already on that side).
I had sinus surgery in March but the dr: didn’t fix the septum.
I do saline nasal rinses multiple times a day. I also use saline nose spray.
I have a prescription antibiotic ointment I use a lot.
I do not put drugs in my nose.
I have tried to use numbing creams on my nose on top of all these things and over the counter pain relievers but nothing touches this pain especially at night when it’s the worse and in bed.
I try to use ice packs and heat to try and help.
I’m writing this in bed and my face hurts so bad I think think it’s affecting my vision a little and is blurry: but I’m also super exhausted.
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2023.06.08 11:08 PreviousRepair6563 Neomuna Vex Investigation

Since Osiris was too occupied to study Vex during Lightfall Campaign, I decided to investigate their behaviour on Neomuna. Here is something I assume to be important regarding Vex.
Mission: Under siege
Nimbus - "Looks like all the commotion made the Vex crawl out of their pesky little hidey holes around the city." Osiris - "That's the least of our concerns right now. Push forward, Guardian." Here, we are notified of the Vex presence by Nimbus. We can deduce that Vex was present on Neomuna before the invasion and also had a reaction against the invasion. In the very next area after this exchange, we see Vex fighting against the Shadow Legion in the ZEPHYR CONCOURSE, why? Is there any "object of interest" for Vex at that location? Perhaps, the environmental storytelling. On the other hand, we have Osiris "The Vex Guy" telling us to ignore Vex. Interesting... 
Mission: Breakneck
Ghost - "Rohan, I think we're still fuzzy here. What exactly is the CloudArk?" Rohan - "It's our city's network. our infrastructure, our people, our defences... everything depends on it." Nimbus - "And what we're doing now is stopping the Vex from siphoning energy from the CloudArk's reactor." Ghost - "Just so we're clear-if the CloudArk is lost, what does that mean for Neomuni?" Nimbus - "All our citizens have uploaded their consciousness into the CloudArk. No CloudArk means lights out for everyone in Neomuna" Ghost - "Hold on... these Vex are short-circuiting voluntarily." Rohan - "We haven't observed this kind of behaviour before. Hope you're taking note, Nimbus." (most likely a 4th wall break) Nimbus - "Of the headless robot dance? Yeah, I've seen it before. It's gotta be a way for them to create a gateway to the CloudArk. Or... express themselves... emotionally? I dunno; who can say, honestly?"  Ghost - "It's escaping! Wait... why did it leave?" Nimbus - "Weird. Something's off. Keep going, but... keep an eye out."  Ghost - "And that does it. How's it looking, Rohan?" Rohan - "Hmm. Something's still siphoning Power. Look around for any remaining Vex influence."  Ghost - "Something feels off here. That was a little too easy." This mission is a major entry for our investigation. We are given a rough idea of what CloudArk is, which is the focus of Vex. According to Nimbus, Vex is siphoning power from CloudArk. But we have known Vex for a long time to know that they don't need to rely on power from non-Vex objects to run operations. Which begs the question, if not power, then what? Information? We can also conclude that Vex has no intention of destroying CloudArk. Which is also interesting... Nimbus also says that All the citizens have uploaded their consciousness into CloudArk. Does that mean during this mission Vex was also connected to the consciousness of the citizens of Neomuna? That may explain their Voluntarily Short-circuiting. Is Vex trying to study or understand Neomuni? They are called 'Consumed Goblin'. Consumed by CloudArk? After Rohan's 4th wall break, Nimbus assumes Vex are trying to create a gateway to the CloudArk, or expressing themselves emotionally. Again this suggests they are trying to connect by either CloudArk or emotionally. Boss's Name is CALIXTE(Most Beautiful), SYSTEM WARD FINALITY(Final protector of the system?) Again suggesting that Vex are not here to destroy. But are protecting the System. Which system? CloudArk? This may be big if it is true. The boss also runs away which was given importance by Ghost. After defeating the said boss, Ghost describes it to be a little too easy. Running and being east to defeat suggests that the boss is not a combat frame, but still a warden. Then warden of what? another non-combat place where the word Warden is used is for Childcare. Did we just defeat a Beautiful Vex Childcare Warden? Shit!! 
I would have continued this but a lot of theories are being generated in my mind which may influence my upcoming investigations. so I must take a break and let it sink in.
Theories like Vex are defending CloudArk and the people of Neomuna along with it. It may open a path to a possible alliance with Vex in future.

Edit: I messed up the structure. feel free to correct me.
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2023.06.08 11:08 VineViridian I can't go back to my old trauma self protection defenses, but feel hopeless & like I want to die without them.

I just figured out why my mental health has gotten so much worse instead of better.
I've written extensively in reddit trauma subs about having a lifelong freeze/fawn trauma response, utilizing maladaptive daydreaming, being disassociated since childhood, and having disordered eating that I've mostly put into remission.
I even used to think for a time that there was another "entity" following me, as I'd perceive a disassociated part of myself hovering in space or across a room. When I realized that I'd spontaneously disassociate like that whenever I felt anxious, I focused on integrating myself.
That's only an extreme example of disassociation. I legit was in my 40s before I stopped oozing out of my body like that, but the learning disabilities and memory lapses have been life long. I'm only now tackling those in my late 50s!
My brain works better than it ever has, but holy fuck, I'm tired. I've had so much trauma, abandonment, cruelty, failure to launch, etc. built up over a lifetime, I've woke from a waking coma at nearly 60, and have to figure out how to "life" like a functioning adult.
....and I really understand why addicted people do not stop their drug and alcohol use. I work with an addict population, and I don't think its possible to understand why better than I do.
Alcohol killing your liver, but you keep drinking? Yup.
Lost a finger to skin popping, still doing coke and meth? Yup, yup, I fucking get it, damn.
The thing is, I can't go back to my addictions of behavior, other than my final ones that are still in my way: procrastination & executive function challenges. ADHD, or lifelong maladaptive defenses? I don't fucking know.
I do know that I have to change what I do, and how I think of myself.
Get out of low pay manual laboretail: Check.
Get competant & keep learning at current low pay professional position: Done.
Research career move job training for better pay: Procrastinating.
Think of self as competent in learning new skills: Yeah, got that.
Meet new people, don't show trauma history: sigh Learned the hard way, finally.
.....anyway, I am ripped clean of all of my lifetime of defenses. I am alone, I've tried support groups, I don't find them safe or supportive, I don't want to talk about this deeply vulnerable shit in them.
I've been treated pretty horribly by a past therapist, and I've realized that happens with therapists when they become annoyed with our trauma symptoms or lack of obvious improvement.
I feel reasonably safe showing my traumatized self exclusively on select reddit trauma subs.
I've learned the hard way that I can't talk to "friends." It's the fastest way to lose them. I'm not going to fuck up again with new acquaintances.
I'm learning that I don't want to talk about this to therapists. They cannot relate, and become judgmental eventually.
I've used mushrooms for medicine, but have not been able to integrate the experiences.
I'm thinking that if I continue to improve my life externally, while feeling this anguished and barren internally, I'm eventually going to do something epic level self destructive.
I wish I had a safe addiction to find comfort in other than dumping time into reddit. You're my lifeline, guys.
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2023.06.08 11:07 ceroij Best Tailgating / portable pellet grill?

I am looking at a tailgating / portable pellet grill that I can take between my parents cottage, house, and my own personal apartment. They already have a green egg and weber gas grill in their cottage and house and i want to add a pellet smoker for ease, and a tailgating one specifically for portability.
Is there one recommended tailgating one? I am located in Canada and right now am considering the Traeger Tailgater, the Grilla Grills Chimp, and the GMG Trek.
Right now I am heavily leaning towards the Chimp (wifi, folding legs, good quality), but Canadian shipping is expensive and I am looking at $750 USD for the grill plus $200 for shipping. The traeger comes in much cheaper ($600 USD), but seems like much lower quality. I am still researching the GMG Trek, but would probably need to get the legs with it.
Is there an ideal portable pellet grill?
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2023.06.08 11:07 Existence4253 5600x undervolt question

Ok guys so i followed this video, my temps were kinda okayish on 5600x even before undervolt, around 66c avg in apex, i used that game as benchmark at 240fps. Now after doing all core -20 only, i did not increased clocks like guy in video tho.
So results are maybe weird, maybe not, hopefully you will tell me.
I got kinda same AVG temp 1,2c less maybe, but what bothers me is that my 'MAX temp' is 79c in hwinfo, i think before undervolt it was around 75-76c, but my clocks got stable from 4550 avg to 4646mhz avg in game. I think 5600x reach those high peak temps while loading game and it is nothing to be afraid of, i know it can go up to 95c but i still prefer to be at least in low 70s.

I use capframeX for this info, hwinfo for max temp and voltage, my old voltage was 1.4v now is 1.369v.
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2023.06.08 11:06 SourcerBot The Messi effect: Inter Miami ticket prices jump 1,000% as star turns down $450m Saudi offer

Here is the most important information, and related articles, from this article.
Published on 2023-06-07 at 17:42, this article is written by brian bushard and forbes staff and published by forbes australia. (3 minutes)
Save 3 minutes of reading with this summary:
Ticket prices for Inter Miami matches skyrocketed in the span of just a few hours Wednesday following reports that soccer legend Lionel Messi will leave Paris Saint-Germain for MLS—which he later confirmed—with the cheapest available tickets on the secondary market jumping more than 1,000% for Messi’s first matches with the club. The cheapest ticket for Inter Miami’s Leagues Cup match against Mexico City’s Cruz Azul on July 21—reported to be Messi’s first match with the club—jumped from $29 to $459, according to TickPick, following reports Wednesday morning that the seven-time Ballon d’Or winner will join David Beckham’s Inter Miami (Messi confirmed the reports in an interview with Spanish newspaper Mundo Deportivo). Miami’s match against reigning MLS champion Los Angeles FC on September 3 also soared from $81 for the cheapest ticket to $599 in the immediate hours after multiple outlets reported the world’s second-highest-paid athlete is headed to Miami, following speculation he could rejoin his former club Barcelona or take a blockbuster deal to join the Saudi club Al-Hilal. Last month, Paris Saint-Germain issued Messi a two-week suspension after he took a promotional trip to Saudi Arabia without notifying the club—Messi later apologized for the suspension, saying he thought he had an off-day and couldn’t cancel his planned trip to Saudi Arabia, where he serves as an official “Tourism Ambassador.” Messi had also been rumored to rejoin Barcelona, where he played his first 17 seasons before joining PSG in 2021, and his father Jorge Messi—acting as his manager—met with team officials this week.
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2023.06.08 11:06 HaremProtagonistTsk Does tracing things multiple times help you?

I still haven’t drawn anything yet I’m a starter so I don’t know how to draw at all, closest thing is a stick man
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2023.06.08 11:06 gamesofduty The Secret Life of Pets 2 opened 4 years ago alongside with X-Men Dark Phoenix, despite making less than its predecessor the film was still successful at the box office grossing $158M DOM and $446M WW, it received mixed reviews from critics, a third is in development.

The Secret Life of Pets 2 opened 4 years ago alongside with X-Men Dark Phoenix, despite making less than its predecessor the film was still successful at the box office grossing $158M DOM and $446M WW, it received mixed reviews from critics, a third is in development. submitted by gamesofduty to boxoffice [link] [comments]

2023.06.08 11:05 Buzy_Nuzy I f***ed up! Please help

So I’ve been running this campaign for a year now 🫠 I know l, who ever said it’s a quick campaign does not know my players! Hihihi So we’re still in Loomlurch, so to further the plot I kinda went on a rant about Zylbina qnd who she is…. So now my players already know the big twist at the end… I now have no idea what to do! Please HELP!! Ps: I love my players and adore how they are playing, but I do think they lose track of what they are doing very easily.
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2023.06.08 11:05 RakibReddits1 [ADVICE] How to spot fake buyers on Fiverr/Upwork:

This is a list of red flags if you don't want to get scammed:
A few simple ways to assess scam potential:
1) The client refuses to talk to you on Upwork. You may need to explain the terms of service, but if they still refuse, end the discussion.
2) The client doesn't answer direct questions about the specifics of the job. If you feel like you're talking to a wall, that's a good sign to end the communication (and even if the person is a real client, feeling like you're talking to a wall is a good sign that you should end the communication).
3) The client suggests something other than an hourly or fixed-rate contract (for instance paying you through bonuses rather than milestones).
4) The client asks for money from you (for either a registration fee or some other purpose) or the client offers to send you money outside of Upwork (usually a check. something you're supposed to purchase for them).
5) Client says their Paypal account broke and they will send a check to deliver money into your relative's bank account in UK/US.
What should you look for?
  1. Posts with large budgets for low-entry jobs like data entry, "copy typing," or PDF to Word document conversion (although lately, they can be for just about anything and some favorite targets are translation, web design and copy/content writing).
  2. Multiple posts from different countries containing the same contact information. You can compare the descriptions on these. They often look like they were created using a template.
  3. Posts with minimal information.
  4. Job descriptions that don't match job titles.
  5. Anything else that makes it look like these posts were quickly or carelessly put together (spelling errors, etc). [I just want to mention that legitimate clients are sometimes in a hurry and do post things that are not that well prepared, but they don't normally post 10 descriptions of the same job from 5 different countries]
By looking at the posts, you can get a general idea of the current trends in scam posts and see what type of freelancers they're currently targeting. That should help you to understand what not to apply for.
Saying they’ll send a check to buy equipment (or anything else)
This is one of the oldest scams in freelancing: the client says you need a special computer, printer, scanner, whatever. They say they’re going to email you a check for you to print out and deposit, then you are to use that money to buy the equipment from a store they trust (which they really own). The check is fake, and the bank will take the money back out of your account. If you’ve spent it on the equipment, the money is gone and you won’t get any equipment.
Basically, if it can be used as money and the client asks you to send it to them or to add it to some account, you are being scammed.
Some of the ways they will try to get you to do this are:
Once they have gotten some money from you this way, they may try to get more by adding on more fake fees that you must pay (such as a “payment verification fee”).
Again, never agree to send money of any kind to a client. Money always flows to the freelancer, not from the freelancer.
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