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2023.05.31 05:06 re-grets Are Bigg K and Ill Will top ten battle rappers of all time?

After watching the RBE footage and both battlers picking up clear W’s against Mount Rushmore level guys, albeit not nearly at the same peak that they once were, it made me think of how consistent both K and Will have been since I started watching battle rap six or seven years ago. Will is already in my top ten and his recent victory just adds to his legacy, but is Bigg K deserving of a spot there now? Can we name ten people better than either of them?
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2023.05.31 05:05 re-grets Are Bigg K and Ill Will top ten battle rappers of all time?

After watching the RBE footage and both battlers picking up clear W’s against Mount Rushmore level guys, albeit not nearly at the same peak that they once were, it made me think of how consistent both K and Will have been since I started watching battle rap six or seven years ago. Will is already in my top ten and his recent victory just adds to his legacy, but is Bigg K deserving of a spot there now? Can we name ten people better than either of them?
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2023.05.31 05:05 NoobFreeSince93 Buy an L7 now of after halving?

please don't DM me asking to buy your miner. I'm not interested and do not want to buy anything right now.
I have a couple L7s and am looking at adding some more in the near future. With that, I had a few questions: 1) I'm based in Canada (Alberta) and wondering what the current rate is for an L7 all in. Are there any resellers on here that can share their price point 2) Also, with the halving approaching is it best to wait before buying a few more L7s? If so, what do you expect the price to be.
Thanks for your input!
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2023.05.31 05:05 hairanon22 I (25f) don't know is it's time to move on with my life from my (30m) boyfriend

I've been with my boyfriend for almost three years now, living together for two.
Our relationship and my feelings in it have changed so drastically over time, and sometimes fluctuates quickly. We fell for eachother quickly, and my first feelings were that we had a connection like I'd had with no one else. In many ways that is still true.
Then we moved in together, and things got really challenging. We had alot of big fights and had to confront some serious issues. But I stuck it out, because moving in with someone is never easy and there is bound to be issues. We both grew and changed alot over the next year. Things weren't instant and there were more fights over what he had promised, and didn't follow through on, but they were much less frequent. This last year of our relationship was feeling so secure! We both improved in the areas we needed, and we hardly had any issues. That was up until two weeks ago.
We had another fight, it wasn't the worst, but his actions really shook me. It was like I was looking at someone I didn't know. I don't know if he was acting differently than he had in other arguments, or if I was finally seeing more clearly.
First off, as soon as I brought up having an issue (calmly) he told me I should pack my bags and leave then. This was just insane to me. Yes in big fights before we've had the "well should we just end things?" talk. But that was years ago, and only when we had seriously had it out. We've been together almost three years, I have an issue and you're telling me to pack my shit?
And I know he doesn't mean it. He doesn't actually want me to leave when he says that (and he tells me that later as if I didn't know) But that's just so immature and I thought we were past that kind of shit. I mean he's 30 not 20.
That and the manipulation and gaslighting he tries to pull anytime I have an issue. And no I'm not a dumbass who just uses those words to mean anything. He truly thinks he can manipulate me into thinking I'm the crazy one, no matter how clear cut and dry it is to see that he fucked up. I mean he nearly crashed my car with a my friends in it, and I'm crazy for being angry! (Old story)
Anyway, he does his usual circular talking, gaslighting, turning it back on me shit for 30 minutes, I get tired of it cause at this point I can see right through him, and I go inside and get ready for bed. I'm reading, he's sulking (aka waiting for me to initiate a conversation and make it all better) but I'm not falling for it this time. We sit in silence for an hour before he finally asks to talk. I agree to talk. We continue to sit in silence. At some point he realizes he'll have to start the talking, as I'm not going to. We do proceed to talk things out as usual. All the good things happen. He admits he was wrong in the first place, the way he talked to me was uncalled for, etc. And that's when I usually feel vindication and relief and kiss him and go to bed happy. And so I pretended to.
But in reality I still felt cold. Cold that this happened again. That I could write a manual on our fights at this point. It's the same thing every. Single. Time. Less fighting now, wayyyy less, but when it happens they are still the same.
I hate to say it, but I think I have the ick. It's an immature way to describe this, but it's accurate to how I feel. I think I just lost respect for him. He's 30, dating someone 6 years younger, still can't own up to mistakes, still can't make a real apology, still thinks his lies and manipulative little song and dance isn't anything but utterly transparent.
So why don't I leave him? I don't know. Sunk cost, sure. It's not for lack of self esteem; I'm young, hot, and intelligent, I know I can find someone else.
But I still love him I think? I've never heard a great definition of love. You hear so much of "it takes patience, you have to learn together", it's hard to know if you're potentially throwing away real love for some ideal fantasy that doesn't exist. Or are you staying with someone that objectively is no good for you, and will never change?
Our day to day is pretty great. We make eachother laugh, and take care of eachother, we do everything together really. 95% of the time things are wonderful. But is that enough?
Tldr; our relationship is wonderful outside of our occasional fights. When we do fight my boyfriend has no problem disrespecting, demeaning, negging, and manipulating, to get out of taking any accountability. He will apologize later, but I feel like his comments are starting to do lasting damage that can't be taken back with I'm sorry. Can this be fixed with counseling, Is it worth it to Stay?
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2023.05.31 05:04 Coquetti My (20f) girlfriend (19f) is hanging out with her friend more and it’s making me feel jealous, any advice?

My (20f) girlfriend (19f) is hanging out with her friends more and it’s making me feel jealous, any advice?
My girlfriend has always had trouble making friends. Usually when she does, they stick around for a couple weeks and she moves on. I have my own friends who do enjoy her but she doesn’t want to befriend them because “they are mine”. She gets jealous when I’m around my friends or in a call, so I try to avoid it all together.
Recently she found a new friend (23f) and they’ve been spending a lot of time together. My gf is unemployed so she goes to her friends work for ~5hrs every couple of days. I feel insecure and jealous in our relationship because she is poly and a bit flirty with people, so when she hangs out with people I try to distract myself by going on adventures. Now that the new friend is in the picture, she wants me to stay at the apartment or with my parents.
I work a lot, so the days I do have I try to spend with her. Not too long ago I took her to see a musical and have a nice dinner, and in the middle of our date she pulls out her phone and starts texting her friend, and then explains to me that she wants to go hang out. It’s all she talked about the entire dinner, and even offered to take her friend to see the musical now that she’s seen it. Okay cool, that’s ok. I’m probably going to buy her tickets for her, but if it makes her happy it makes her happy.
Today I took her out to dinner again , and once we were done, she ordered an Uber and is going to see her friend. I’m alone at the apartment cleaning and trying not to cry, considering how excited I was to spend some time with her. I try to plan fun things for us to do because she likes doing them, but usually the day of she either 1. Sleeps in and cancels or 2. Hangs out with her friend. She drives the next town over and just sits at the workplace. She didn’t say thank you for dinner, just kinda ditched me. Her hanging out was very last minute and I guess I felt confused and sad considering she’s going to her house tomorrow.
My job is near where her friend works, and she’s made it very clear to me (I mean like she literally straight up told me) that she’s only going to visit me if she is going to see her friend.
Maybe I’m overthinking it, Im cool with all her friends but for some reason this person makes me jealous. It feels like I’m not allowed to have friends but she is. I don’t want to hold her from hanging out or say anything because keeping her from her friend is abusive and she’s expressed how much she adores this person. I just wish I could spend some time with my friends or family. I feel like a little bird in a cage. I work, come home, try to spend time with her and sleep. I’m the only one in the household between us who works and does those things.
I usually just come home, chug some Benadryl and call it a night. I just need advice and some coping skills. She’s just acting strange and it’s making me feel confused and sad.
TLDR; my girlfriend is spending a lot of time with a friend of hers and I feel jealous and don’t know what to do.
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2023.05.31 05:03 Mysterious_Manner726 Unsure on what to do

I (22F) has been in a serious relationship with (42M) for over a year now. He has two daughters from a previous marriage and the eldest daughter has mild autism and behavioural issues but can function as normal. He tends to her behaviour, gives in to her and babies her so she is dependent on him (she’s nearly 16 years old). She can’t even turn on the shower by herself as he’ll run and do it for her. Any future plans we make he has to include her opinion and then it over rides mine, she takes full control of everything and he lets her, when she’s 18 he wants her to live with us full time and he wants to build her a granny flat out the backyard so she doesn’t ever have to find somewhere to live. It feels like it’s a 3 way relationship with him, me and his oldest daughter. What do I do?
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2023.05.31 05:01 Bill-O-Reilly- Best and worst years for the Triton V10?

I'm in the market for a newer truck but my budget is not very high which is causing me to look at higher mileage V10 super duties. I owned an 03 V10 for a couple years in HS and put 30,000 miles on it with very little issue. Now that im in the market again, I'm wondering if there's a sweet spot for which year v10 to look out for. There's a 99 near me for dirt cheap that's misfiring but reading online says the 97-00 V10s are terrible. Any advice or personal anecdotes?
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2023.05.31 05:01 Ashamed_Concern2702 Nepal police and legality is the biggest joke of this country.

So, the thing is that guy also [email protected] another 14-15 year old girl, picking her straight from school. (he is 25) (2-3 month ago) her parents were in police station for 3-4 days, (principal of that school) too.
she has done medical test, visit घटनास्तल twice. (hotel staffs although reluctant identify her) (Now it has been nearly 1 month since her visit to police station) (Nothing has happened) (Police did nothing, That guy hasn't been arrested yet, so i highly doubt legal system is legal atall. you guys have probably heard big name in these types of cases. Trust me,.it is not easy to file a case against normal person.
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2023.05.31 05:00 No-Neighborhood2152 2022 Ram 3500 - Wiring harness severely melted, anyone seen this before?

Truck has about 50k on it and is back at the dealer after losing power again. It's been a DPF filter alarm and power loss every time. This time it was a CEL and power loss. I took it in and after a week of sitting on it they pulled it into the shop and sent me a few pictures of the wiring harness. Drivers side near the engine is completely disintegrated on the outer wrap and atleast 4 of the wires are completely burned to metal for 8-12 inches it appears. He also told me there was possible melting elsewhere but was very vague. I am heading over to look at it first thing in the morning, but the first phone call has me a bit panicked. At first he claimed it looked like mice chewed on it, then he asked me if I drove over any campfires lately. Needless to say I am a little spooked. Anyone heard of anything similar? Even if it's just anecdotal please chime in.
My theory without even seeing it is that with all the DPF problems the truck may have been trying to regen and overheated itself to a crazy degree in the process. Is this a better theory than I parked a 105k truck on a campfire?
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2023.05.31 05:00 fancydang Why are you not a responsible adult!

So worked a shift today. Mother comes in with her 8 years old kid. Immediately she orders a glass of wine and one for her girlfriend who will be joining her. I explain to the lady I cannot bring the other glass until I see the lady she ordered it for is over the age of 21. She didn't like that gave me some attitude but said whatever. I bring her the glass and she immediately orders another. Ok, no problem, maybe they are in a rush.
Her friends show up and each order one drink. She proceeded to order her 3rd. I start to get a little weary because she's with her kids who around 8 and she's on her 3 glass in 40 minutes. I bring it to my managers attention but he says 4 glasses in two hours is ok and they didn't get food yet.
They order salads and she orders her 4th glass. The table has been sitting for an hour and 10 minutes at this point. I bring the 4th glass and she orders her 5th. Now I'm annoyed because she puts me in an uncomfortable position and she has her kid with her. I tell my manager and force him to go cut her off because she's been here for 1.5 hours nearly and is pounding these wines.
She fights with him about it gets pissy and they cash out. She left me $4 on $60 which whatever, but I watched her get in the car with her kid and my manager said there's nothing they can do.
Other servers have said she does this frequently and always gets nasty about it when we inevitably have to cut her off. Why aren't adults reasonable especially with their kids.
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2023.05.31 04:59 Doormatty Can I replace the LT700 audio transformer in this schematic with something else?

So, I'm trying to build this:
The problem is, it uses an LT700 audio transformer that performs dual duty as both the inductor for the Hartley oscillator, and is used for its "normal" purpose.
I see lots of audio transformers on Aliexpress/Ebay, but they don't have even remotely the same specs (most are 1300 ohms from tap to center), and I don't know nearly enough to be able to determine if I can modify the existing schematic to work with one of them or not.
I'm also more than happy to replace (if this is even possible) the transformer with an inductor to allow the Hartley oscillator to function, and then use a transistoamplifier module to drive the output. But I have no clue what inductor to use, or how else I would need to modify the circuit.
Help me /askelectronics, you're my only hope!
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2023.05.31 04:58 iamthewanderess I’m pregnant and my in-laws are insistent on getting a livestock guardian dog for a pet.

My husband and I recently moved cross country — and my in-laws want to move near us to be closer to their future grandchildren. The emphasis is really on being around us as our family grows and spending a lot of time with their grandchild. My FIL is 74 and my MIL is 64, so moving cross country for them is not an easy decision.
They are insistent on getting a Kangal dog after moving - a little background about this breed; they have the strongest PSI bite force of any breed (743 PSI) and they are literally bred to guard livestock. They NEED a job and require very experienced dog owners. Not to mention, they can be very stranger aggressive if not properly trained. My mother-in-law LOVES to remind me “that they’re amazing with kids” but that really only extends to kids in the household that the dog views as its unit. She also only wants an acre of land and “maybe a couple of goats”. She really just wants this dog as a pet (not to be an actual livestock guardian dog).
For more context, my in laws currently have a 10 year old German shepherd that’s both dog and kid aggressive. If they were unable to remedy this dogs reactive behavior after years, I can only imagine what them owning a Kangal (the dog with the strongest bite force ever) would be like.
I’m not demonizing the breed - my concern lies largely with them not be equipped to properly train this dog to be safe around my child. Even good dogs can have bad days! I’m just at a loss because we moved to a place where we literally know no one (for my husband’s job) and having my in laws closer would be wonderful. But I already know this would be a huge obstacle and I would never want my child to be around this dog (or their current GS dog).
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2023.05.31 04:57 Tvelion IT field trip, how to prepare?

Sorry for formatting, on mobile
I'm the solo IT guy at my company and while I have a year of experience in this environment, have my A+ and am currently studying for my Network+, and I do the work of network admin, help desk, IT manager etc, I know that I am not nearly experienced enough to know what a healthy IT environment looks like or how to correctly implement it. I inherited this system with no documentation, no backups, all the classics on here.
I was fortunate to talk to some members of another institution similar to mine just up the road, and they offered for me to visit their site for a bird's eye view of how they run things (thank God they took pity on me). I'm trying to make a list of things to ask and not ask - I don't want to burn bridges by being invasive and I don't want to walk over and say 'teach me everything', but at the same time I want to make sure I can benefit from this experience.
If you had the chance to tour another IT environment and learn from it, what would you do?
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2023.05.31 04:57 mangomaroon Master BR for rent in 2 BR Condo North Etobicoke

Hello! I'm a young professional woman looking for a roommate to share my two bedroom condo in North Etobicoke near Humber College North and YYZ (Pearson Airport). I've listed on the usual rental sites, and as I was lurking through reddit, I thought.. there must be a subreddit for rentals and here we are. :) lol. Looking for young professional woman as well or students. DM me for listing if you're looking. Thanks :)
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2023.05.31 04:54 IAmMySelf04 Response from Schlatt Co for the Schlanket

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2023.05.31 04:54 ChosesEtranges01 Renter facing cockroaches, found ammunition, feral cats, and an unclean guest home

Hi friends! This is my first time using AirBnb and my expectations were far from met. To give some background, I am interning at a major company this summer post-graduating from college. I found this AirBnb for a fair price and was very affordable, so I booked it 3-4 weeks in advance. I have already paid half of the amount on the AirBnb. Upon arriving, the lock where I put in a code was not there and was only showing a keyhole. It was about 5-6 minutes after the check-in time and I did not hear from my host, so I asked how I should get into the unit. The host responded right away, apologized, and told me to grab the key from the electrical box. When I came into the guest house, I noticed right away a strong, chemical cleaning scent, like a bunch of febreze. The cupboards in the kitchen was filled with food, some even open. I picked up a box of instant mashed potatoes to throw away, and the bottom opened, making it spill all over the floor. I noticed a dead cockroach near the door, but I assumed it might have gotten in when I brought my belongings in.
After moving my things in, I noticed my feet were black from dirt. Thats when I realized the floors were dirty and I had to mop them. I asked where the mop was to the host since the floors were dirty, and he told me they were in the closet and thanked me for letting him know. I have mopped them twice (and bought a new mop rag) and my feet are still coming up black the next day. In the bathroom, there were 2-3 long strands of brown hair on the wall and 3-4 tiny bugs in the shower. I also noticed all of the water comes up slightly cloudy. This makes me extremely worried about the cleanliness of the unit as a whole. I didn't get the best sleep since the bed was rock hard and made my back hurt throughout the night. This morning, I heard cats crying outside. I ignored it for a while, but upon looking outside, I have noticed 4-5 feral cats and 1 kitten, all of which hang out by my door and under my car. At one point while I was leaving, I saw two of the cats "doing the deed" by my car. I also checked the door this morning and have found it to be a really weak door that could easily be kicked down.
Today, I came across 6-7 shotgun bullets in a glass jar. I also found a living cockroach in the kitchen. I told the owner about the cockroach and he offered to come out the next day to spray and set traps. I told him that was ok and asked him about the ammunition. He said he had no idea about the ammunition and told me the cleaning lady found a 9mm under the mattress 3 months ago. I found a receipt in the jar from 1-8-22, which means it has been there for a long time. This makes me concerned for my safety.
This is my first time with AirBnb and it makes me wish I just got a hotel for my internship. I booked my reservation through July 30th, but I already want to leave. I have been extremely polite with the host up to this point, and made it clear to them I want to treat their guest home like my home and keep it clean, but I am very uncomfortable with the situation at hand. Any advice, comments, or feedback would be greatly appreciated and welcomed. Thank you for listening to my rant. :)
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2023.05.31 04:53 sasukeathooters_ Am I delusional for holding out hope?

I've been unable to land a job in my field for 18 months and counting out of graduate school. Before you all ask, the field is psychological research. I thought it was a decent major. Hard to pick something you like and also something that has potential. I tried, but letting a 17 year old make a decision on a major and then letting a 21 year old decide to pursue it further is just 🤷‍♀️ a roll of the dice?
So, I finally find THE job. Remote, but fun travel opportunities, good pay, great prestigious organization, nice team members, impressive growth, benefits, interesting and powerful research - the works! I go through 3 rounds of interviewing. The HR woman implied that though they'd need a couple weeks to finish up, but was implying she didn't want me to go anywhere during that time so I thought oh wow, have I bagged it? So, the time comes (May 1st) and she says unfortunately while we intended to hire two candidates we decided to only hire one at the time with the possibility of hiring another in the future and that she'd contact me if they do. I sent a nice thank you and she kept replying to me saying "we're VERY reluctant not to extend an offer", "the team likes you", "you were our second pick and we fully intended to hire you", "we're hoping to hire another member in a month", etc. I'm hopeful, but then a little bit later she says a director "unexpectedly resigned" so many roles are up in the air but "internal restructuring is nearly complete" - whatever that means. She ended it by saying she hopes to be in touch soon. I replied saying the same. That was May 17th. I've, of course, been applying elsewhere, but with way less motivation than usual because none of these jobs are even half-way as good as this one was plus I'm devastated. I'm just so tired. Before this, I had a lot of times where I'd gone to multiple interviews and getting rejected still hurt, but this time it feels so painful because they were GOING TO HIRE ME. And to boot - I haven't gotten one interview offer since May 1st - before all this I was getting at least 1 - 3 a week. Should I just forget about it and try to move on completely...or do you think a miracle could still happen?
TLDR: a company said they wanted to hire me but couldn't and now I'm in limbo with them
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2023.05.31 04:53 the1131 RTK take this lesson as a blessing and stop while y’all ahead your Cuz almost got his head taken off and he got manhandled and thrown in a pool. He Blessed.

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2023.05.31 04:53 RenaissanceGiant Next step in paining a wall formerly knockdown -> skim coat (no prime) -> wallpaper

Trying to figure out the next step in remediating our walls.
As near as I can tell, the current walls had a knockdown texture, then someone came along and skim-coated and applied glue and wall paper straight over the skim coat.
As we take up the wall paper, there's of course left over glue. As we try to clean up the glue, the skim coat starts coming up and we eventually get back to the knock down... It feels like it'd be a huge mess to try to remove the glue/skim coat from everything.
I think I'd prefer a light orange peel texture at the end of the day...
One painter said to skim coat again right over the glue, texture, and paint. Another gave a very expensive quote to clean everything back to the knockdown, skim, texture, and paint. Yet another said to leave the existing wall paper as a base layer and texture/paint over that. One threw out a very mildly compelling suggestion to tear out all the dry-wall, update the insulation, and start over... No idea what *that* would cost, though.
I'm hoping to find a consensus opinion for what to do and something concrete for why not to go with the other options.
Help me, Obi-Paint, you're my only hope!
(and thank you in advance.)
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2023.05.31 04:52 mineralssmarie I’m terrified of you guys

I’m a suboxone patient. You would never guess by looking at me. I’m a preschool teacher. I don’t look like a “typical addict.” Not that appearance should matter.
I’m a nervous wreck every time my prescription gets sent in. I’ve had my prescription forgotten about. I’ve been told I can’t pick up until I’m completely out of my medicine all because I picked up my prescription a day late due to my car not starting.
I’m always very polite and kind. I can’t imagine what you all must deal with. But a lot of times, I feel like I’m being judged or like filling my prescription doesn’t matter. It nearly gives me a panic attack every time I get a prescription sent in because I feel like something will go wrong.
I’m a single mother to a small child. I’m terrified to go into withdrawal. And soon, I will have to travel and I’m so worried about whether or not I will get my prescription.
So please go easy on us. Be kind to us if we are kind to you. Understand how terrified most of us are of you guys because we depend on you for our life saving medication. Try to be empathetic.
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2023.05.31 04:52 S0re_Loser A question about boot priority and Windows

Hey guys. I recently had a PC assembled for me and I sadly installed Windows onto a SATA drive instead of a M.2 drive. I intend on doing a fresh install soon since Fortnite takes 5 minutes to boot up.
Here’s the issue: when I’m asked where I’d like Windows to go, I don’t get the drive names but they’re listed as Disk 0, 01, 02 et cetera.
My question: if I set my M.2 drive as #1 boot priority in BIOS, and I reinstall Windows — will the first disk option be my M.2 drive?
PS: I hope this works. I have no clue how building a PC works. I’m visually disabled and physically handicapped — I seriously can’t be trusted near a motherboard. ):
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2023.05.31 04:52 azanator- Half layed over bike and had first near miss in the same day (advice?)

On the “lay over”… the bike was in neutral and I was technically parked and scooted forward accidentally popping the kickstand up and we gently laid down together as I realized kickstand was no longer down. No damage or scuffs thankfully. 🥺
Near miss, I saw it coming as the car next to me was turning and the car that would’ve hit me didn’t see me on the other side of him. But despite seeing it, while I didn’t react wrong or almost wreck or anything, I did hit the brakes a bit too hard instead of a light brake and swerve which would’ve been the ideal reaction.
My emergency braking ability isn’t bad, I’ve made myself use the front brake majority as I’ve started riding to make sure I had the ability to properly use full braking force safely. But I don’t like how I reacted a bit too panicky even when I saw it coming.
What are tips to practice that mental reaction? I have the braking but in the moment I didn’t have that smooth reaction I’ve practiced.
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