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2023.03.25 17:22 cs-boi-1 How fast do y'all type???

for consistent results, take a one minute test on this site: https://10fastfingers.com/typing-test/english
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2023.03.17 23:47 JoelJohnstone 10fastfingers website seems really slow

I'm not talking about typing speed, I'm talking about the performance of the website itself. It's pretty common for me to get 3 or 4 words ahead of the site itself when taking a test, and I don't type that fast (80-ish). I perviously thought my computer was just too slow, but I've since upgraded to a very fast computer and the website is still slow. My current theory is that the many many many ads on the page are just bogging things down, especially when they refresh.
Has anyone else experienced this?
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2023.02.22 12:20 Worgle123 Finally! 100WPM Goal reached!

I finally breached the 100WPM barrier, and got a new PB! All credit to monkeytype.com keybr.com and 10fastfingers.com as well as typingtournament.com for helping me get started!
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2023.02.22 12:04 bigman4206942069 break the 200 wpm barrier

I started practicing typing around 4 years ago. Started at about 65 wpm on 10fastfingers. Right now I'm maining monkeytype (60s tests) and hit 181 wpm with 99.67% accuracy as my best. I had a lot of breaks from typing and that made it a bit harder to stay constant at that speed, in fact for a while I fell back to 150-160 wpm. I recently got a nicer keyboard and yesterday I just hit 175 wpm. I feel like I'm gaining speed but I also feel like there's something missing. For people who are close to 200 wpm or even surpassed that, did you focus on something specific? Or is it just constant practice, practice and practice?
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2023.02.21 09:27 Worgle123 NEW PB!!!!!

NEW PB!!!! 95WPM 97% Accuracy! All credit to keybr.com and 10fastfingers.com for helping me fine tune my speed and accuracy, as well as https://www.typingtournament.com/ for helping me get started ! Went from 87-89 WPM to 90-95 in 16 mins!!! Next goal? 100WPM. Update coming then.
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2023.02.10 12:49 DaPenisSussy oh my god Lois im cumming

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2023.01.08 09:48 Top-Kale2790 Kirjoitusnopeus

Iida, kerroit stoorissa että oot tosi nopee kirjottamaan tietokoneella, niin kiinnostais tietää miten nopee oot. Voisitko tehdä vaikka 10fastfingers-sivulla olevan testin, joka löytyy kun laitat Googleen "kirjoitusnopeustesti"? Samalla haulla löytyy muitakin testejä, niin voit laittaa myös niiden tuloksia jos teet niitä.
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2022.12.27 16:13 epsbk Keyboardio Model 100 - Not for Me?

Long time lurker, first time poster. Thanks to everyone in this community who's posted the copious and helpful content I've already read.
TL;DR - I've been using the Model 100 for about the past two months. Since then, I've learned a lot and made a bunch of changes, both to the board itself and to how I use it. Although it has a fair number of strengths, I'm still wondering if there might be something better for me.
btw, I tried to post this in the What Keyboard Should I Use thread, but it was too long to post as a comment.


I work as a professor in a computer science department, so I do write code sometimes, but more of my time is spent writing research papers, grant proposals, and lesson plans (i.e., mostly prose). My home set up and my work set up are very similar.
I touch type using Dvorak (on standard boards with Qwerty keycaps). I switched to Dvorak in 2004 during the time between finishing college and starting grad school. It was a super painful transition, but I'm glad I did it. Since then, other layouts have been developed that might be objectively better, but after almost two decades of typing on Dvorak, I can't justify the effort that would be involved to unlearn the muscle memory and learn something else.
I use MacOS on a MacBookPro as my "daily driver," with ssh into various linux machines as needed. At work, I type on an MS Sculpt, which I mostly really like.
There are two main issues that prompted me to look into (or perhaps fall into the black hole of) ergo(mech) keyboards. The first is discomfort in the upper back, shoulder, and/or neck area. The second is the wrist pain associated with using my pinkies for keys like tab and backspace. I lack both the time and inclination to learn how to build my own keyboard (it's an awesome hobby for some people, just not for me), so I'm only considering prebuilt options. After spending several months reading and doing research (including printouts from https://jhelvy.shinyapps.io/splitkbcompare/), I pre-ordered the Model 100.
I tried the suggested approach -- type for 15 minutes a day on the new keyboard, first thing in the morning, progressively more each day -- and I've gotten to the point where I can use the Model 100 for most of the day, sometimes all day. I've also put in time with 10fastfingers, which is great for practicing typing words but kind of useless for practicing function keys, arrow keys, etc. As it turns out, those arrow keys are quite important, at least for me.
When actually typing, I constantly use the arrow keys (often with various combinations of option, shift, and command) to navigate text. It takes a surprising amount of cognitive effort to remember exactly which keys to hold (and which to release) to achieve what I'm intending at any given moment. Contrast this with the standard Dvorak row stagger layout, where the muscle memory makes everything essentially fully automatic. Put differently, I find myself thinking too much about how to move my fingers on the keyboard and not enough about the text I'm trying to write.
In response, I've made some changes to the base Dvorak keymap for the Model 100 (EDIT: added keymap image). I've mapped the arrows as an inverted T on Layer #2 -- left is H (Qwerty J), right is N (Qwerty L), up is C (Qwerty I), and down is T (Qwerty K) -- to leverage my existing muscle memory. Even more significant was placing the option, control, and shift keys as secondary functions on the bottom row for the left hand: option on J (Qwerty C), control on Q (Querty X), and shift on PgDn. This allows me to use an adjustment of my existing muscle memory for text navigation and editing, rather than trying to learn entirely new muscle memory. It helps, but it still feels awkward at times.
Now, on to the main question(s) at hand.

Model 100 Impressions

Here are what I see as the strengths and weaknesses of the Model 100 for me.
Here are some issues I've had:

Main Options

Given this, I'm considering the following alternatives, each of which I expect will have their own benefits and weaknesses.

Redox / Ergodash

(from falba.tech) / (from ergomech.store)
Expected Benefits:
Expected Weaknesses:


(via Amazon)
Expected Benefits:
Expected Weaknesses:

Other Options

Those are the main two options. However, there are a few other things I'm considering.


(from this shop)
Expected Benefits:
Expected Weaknesses:
Honestly, ErgoArrows seems like a perfect board for my use case, but I'm really hesitant to launch into building my own from a kit just for this. Plus the build guide is also in Japanese, though there is a link to a video with English subtitles.

Manuform 5x7

(from Oh Key Caps)
Expected Benefits:
Expected Weaknesses:

Dedicated Arrow Macropad

(like this one or like this one)
Expected Benefits:
Expected Weaknesses:


I would love to hear feedback and suggestions from other people who have used one or more of the above configurations. What benefits or weaknesses am I not anticipating? What other options should I be considering?
EDIT 2023-01-02: Added current keymap image.
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2022.12.17 11:18 macdubzz Korean Typing Test Speeds

Hey guys! I thought it would be fun if everyone dropped their typing speed and learning start date. I know it doesn't really translate to how fluent you are in Korean because I definitely type faster than my brain forms sentences.
A year into learning Korean I was typing at around 10-15 WPM. I'm now typing at 40 WPM after 2 years (without a Korean keyboard so I just feel where the characters are lol)
Link to test: https://10fastfingers.com/typing-test/korean
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2022.12.04 14:08 sdcardroot How are completions on texts counted?

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2022.11.26 02:03 ombresaco 10FastFingers – Esperanto – 132 WPM

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2022.11.10 02:41 AdWilling6773 Que tan rapido tipean???

Mi record son 112 wpm 105 correctas 1 incorrecta
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2022.11.07 02:58 PhotojournalistFar25 how can we reverse-engineer this?

hi can anyone tell me how to reverse-engineer this when the user completes one line it will hide and put the second line as the first line and the third line(which is hidden when first line was present) as the second and repeat it again
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2022.11.04 01:20 Zermist Finally joined the 200 WPM club!

Finally joined the 200 WPM club!

Technically I got it on 10fastfingers first but it wasn't easy to get on monkeytype
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2022.10.29 16:32 memehunter1992 How to increase overall speed apart from monkeytype??

I average around 85-90 wpm on Monkeytype English language 60 seconds and sometimes touching 100 wpm which was my goal. But the problem is when I type on 10fastfingers, change language to English 1k, or play tyoeracer, I average around 70 wpm. What to do to increase speed in these areas as well??
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2022.10.17 08:12 shonshonkhor The Best Typers

Today I edited a video which contains THE BEST typers. chakk, amaranshin, rocket, etc, are on the video. I promise you it's worth to watch, because the video is extremely synchronized and incredibly hyped. The BEST way to show THE BEST typers. It is phenomenal! Check it out:
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2022.10.11 05:48 kpoviv7 I have set the Z, X, C, V to default and in less than a month I was able to reach my usual typing speed (105wpm 10fastfingers). This is just information for those who always have problems with the usual Windows shortcuts. Know that those keys can be used by default and typing speed will not decrease

I have set the Z, X, C, V to default and in less than a month I was able to reach my usual typing speed (105wpm 10fastfingers). This is just information for those who always have problems with the usual Windows shortcuts. Know that those keys can be used by default and typing speed will not decrease submitted by kpoviv7 to dvorak [link] [comments]

2022.10.02 18:57 duvckboy A Typing Test . I used HTML,CSS and JS. Copy of the 10FastFingers :D

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2022.10.02 18:57 duvckboy A Typing Test . I used HTML,CSS and JS. Copy of the 10FastFingers :D

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2022.10.02 18:56 duvckboy A Typing Test by me, using HTML,CSS and JS. Copy of the 10FastFingers :D

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2022.10.02 11:51 Daquisu 2022/10/02 - O problema da satisfação

E aí querido diário,
Tenho lutado internamente sobre o problema da satisfação. A ideia é muito simples: é contraditório querer mais se estamos satisfeitos
Eu vejo isso ao meu redor. Às vezes me dedico demais, e quando compartilho recebo reprovações de amigos, perguntando pra que fazer isso, ou que já teriam enlouquecido se fossem eles. Eu acho estranho, porque foi exatamente por causa dessa dedicação absurda que consegui estar aqui. Só assim eu consegui atingir a minha independência financeira dos meus pais, ir estudar fora, trabalhar nas empresas dos meus sonhos e estar tão feliz com tanta luta e tanta conquista
Mas eu também vejo esse problema em mim mesmo. Por exemplo, eu digito bem rápido, nível de ±120 palavras por minuto em português (uso esse site pra testar). E apesar de saber que há editores de texto que são muito rápidos, principalmente pra quem digita rápido, eu tenho postergado muito o meu aprendizado desses editores
A razão é muito simples: a minha escrita não impede a minha produtividade. É raro eu estar editando um texto pessoal ou escrevendo código e sentir que eu poderia estar fazendo a mesma coisa mais rápido, porque eu já escrevo rápido. Em outras palavras, eu estou satisfeito com a minha atual velocidade de escrita, e isso me impede de dar o primeiro passo pra atingir conquistas: sonhar alto. É exatamente o mesmo pensamento quando recebo as reprovações dos meus amigos. Por que me esforçar tanto? Já não tá bom o suficiente? Pra que tanta energia nisso?
É triste, porque é possível que esse caso seja um dos maiores ganhos de produtividade a longo termo. É o tipo de tarefa que permite multiplicar a sua produtividade, mesmo que seja por um fator pequeno. Ao mesmo tempo, todos nós entendemos como é difícil pensar em aumentar a produtividade a longo prazo, porque todos nós estamos lotados de coisas pra fazer
Penso que a melhor solução é continuar sempre aprendendo e melhorando. Obviamente porque ajuda a pensar e melhorar no longo prazo, e também porque aprender e melhorar é legal por si só
Mas ainda sinto que falta algo. Falta algo porque parece ser um problema muito maior, definido de outra forma: satisfação e progresso estão em extremos opostos. Em outras palavras, o progresso tem um preço, que é o contato com sentimento de insatisfação, o contato constante com o fato que ainda não está bom, e talvez nunca estará. Saber que por mais que esteja muito bom, sempre dá pra fazer melhor
Estar satisfeito com o que eu faço seria ao mesmo tempo parar de melhorar nessas áreas. Seria parar de ter tanta energia, pique e foco pra estar presente no processo e aprender continuamente. Seria estagnar e dispensar qualquer pensamento de aperfeiçoamento por acreditar que já está bom o suficiente
E esse é o meu maior medo de estar feliz comigo mesmo
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2022.09.24 12:00 Calendarm Why does firefox screen flicker alot?? Also anyway to solve it? It happens alot with me while using youtube or 10fastfingers.

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