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2023.05.31 04:30 Kindly_Condition_422 TOXIC HOUSEHOLD

pang anim ako saming magkakapatid pero i never felt that i had older siblings growing up due to the fact that we had a toxic family, i witnessed each and everyone of my older brother and sisters left our home because they got a life of their own, maaga lahat nagka pamilya, at first i really did not understand at all, i was disappointed and broken before but now that im 20 i realized that the things that they did was like a means to escape the toxic environment that we grew up in, my father is only a janitor my mother did not even finish elementary school and we are 7 children sa family so the quality of living was really not that good, when i started working i wanted to get away from home as soon as possible but the thing is i have a little sister that i need to take care of because i don't want her to feel what i felt, i love her and i want to be there for her.
to my little sister,
naa rako para nimo xiel ayg kabalaka, pinangga kykang kuya, labyu!
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2023.05.31 04:27 Extension_Sell_9991 How early can we get on the road?

We are staying in Apgar cabins. I know the road is closed at the entrance for cars, but we will be inside the park. How early can we get started on GTTSR from the west? Do we need to wait until 6am, is the road totally closed to those inside the park too? Or would we be able to get an early start? We are going next week before cars are on the road, BUT we are renting ebikes and would love to be able to ride to the loop before 6am and get an early start on the Granite Park trail. Thanks for any info!
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2023.05.31 04:26 dadjokes502 How to break Sammy away from JAS and keep him over.

If anything I think Sammy proved he's a bigger star then he gets credit for. I know he has a punchable face but he's just so damn likable personality-wise. It's a strange combo.
Could Sammy go it alone and be a cocky babyface or a loved heel like Eddie Guerro or Jericho used to be.
He needs to break away from JAS but his lack of charisma hurts him. Is there anyone you’d pair him with besides his wife?
I think his last singles run was booked wrong and it hurt him. Can Sammy rebound or is he stuck as Jerichos boy.
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2023.05.31 04:25 Phillip_E_Noe HVAC Technician bypassed the high pressure reset switch on my AC unit, but my wife told me he told her he replaced it instead.

All I have is my word, my wife's word, my in-laws' words, and a hand-written receipt for "Bad high pressure switch". Do I have anything concrete to proceed with reaching out to a local attorney for specific advice on exactly how to present my case with the court?
In-laws were coming for the Memorial Day weekend. Noticed 5/27 that AC was not working. FIL and I worked on the AC unit to diagnose, got to where we took the fan motor off, and noticed it didn't spin freely. Plugged the motor unmounted and without the fan to the compressor contactor (?), and it worked. In the meantime, wife and MIL decided to call local HVAC emergency line and got someone (Tech 1) to come look, because why would she trust her dad and me with that? Wife said Tech 1 sounded pissed, because we were trying to diagnose the unit and that Tech 1 was going to charge extra if we messed it up more.
When Tech 1 came, I showed her to the unit, played obliviously about trying something, before telling her what we tried. Tech 1 appreciated the honesty, and showed me how the dual-run capacitor was below the "5%" tolerance for normal operating amperage (?). Replaced that, worked overnight, then broke again the next day.
In-laws leave, call Tech 1, congratulate her on Celtics Game 6, and she sold me a new fan motor. Wife and I install new fan motor, runs perfectly, but no cold air. Remember her telling me about the high pressure reset switch from the night before, press it, and compressor kicks on. 59F air for an hour. Call Tech 1 again and conclude that it may be the compressor and tells us a story about being careful on where to get bids from.
Today, 5/30, I'm at work an hour away, so wife calls Tech 1 for a bid request for a new unit and installation and another company (Tech 2) to diagnose for a second opinion and their bid.
Wife's story: Tech 2 comes, says it's low freon, and wife acts surprised since Tech 1 never mentioned it. (Side note: wife may not be mechanically inclined, but she isn't incapable of logical thinking). Tech 2 goes back to continue to diagnose/fix AC when Tech 1's sales guy (SG1) comes. SG1 does his process in the basement, sometimes talks to Tech 2 outside, and gives wife his quote. In between, Tech 2 states that the freon was fine. After a total of a couple of hours, Tech 2 verbally confirms he fixed the high pressure reset switch and charges the wife with a hand-written receipt for "Service call. Bad high pressure switch. Paid in full" for $104.33, paid $110 cash.
AC runs cold for an hour, then stops working, so wife shuts air off and calls Tech 1/SG1 to confirm a schedule for a new unit install. I come home and check to see what Tech 2 did for learning purposes. See one exposed cleanly-snipped wire and a wire with a twist-on wire connector leading to the high pressure reset switch, the red plastic cap cracked like the night before. See two wires connected with a twist-on above. AC runs 60F, but Google definitely says that may not be smart. "Would you ignore your high temp light on your car?"
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2023.05.31 04:25 Spike_Rutland MRB Comms OPEN! 12 Slots/FCFS

MRB Comms OPEN! 12 Slots/FCFS
It’s that time again - a new month in a few days, & there’s rent & bills to be paid. But at some people’s urging, I’m going to be doing this differently, since I’ve proven to be fairly fast with my art lately.
Introducing MRB Comms! (Monthly Rent/Bill Comms). These will open a week before the new month (this is the exception - I just thought of this yesterday, so these are a crunch). GUARANTEED to be completed within the next month (before the next batch opens), & likely will be done much faster if I can keep up my current speed.
The Rules:
✅: 1. Up to 3 characters (must have refs/examples) 2. Tygerwolfe can be one of the characters if desired 3. ©️chars ok - you are paying for the time & work, not the use of ©️chars. (IE, Pikachu, Toothless, Stitch, etc) 4. Anthro/Feral OK 5. Detailed BG included! 6. Pose & BG are artistic freedom - BUT; suggestions (pose references, BG ideas) will always be considered first. 7. Character comms & BtRB Pet Memorial Comms are BOTH available via this promotion! 1. For BtRB comms, I will need a LOT of photo refs of the pet to be memorialized. I cannot work off of text descriptions. Animal markings are complex. 2. Also needed are pics/descriptions of the pet’s favorite toys, bed, place to be, etc. 3. Pet’s name/birth-death years or dates, & any text epitaph you request are included. If no colors are chosen for the text, default will be my normal blue/gold color scheme for text. 4. Wings/Halo can be added if desired. 5. Final layout is artistic freedom - but I will approach everything regarding your pet with love and sympathy. 8. Tips/Donos on top of the fee are accepted & encouraged. My wife & I are both disabled, not yet on Disability, & have no family able to help us. My wife’s meds alone cost us 💲7️⃣0️⃣0️⃣/month, & our rent is 💲1️⃣4️⃣0️⃣0️⃣ due by the 1st. This doesn’t include my meds, food, sundries, or pet care for our two cats. 9. All normal TWD ToS still applies 10. Progress can be followed on my Trello. https://trello.com/b/ayQ8lJMc/twd-commissions 11. Streams are in beta, but available if requested. 12. These Comms have their own queue, & are guaranteed to be completed before the next month’s slots are open. 13. Slots are First Come/First Serve - Contact via DM/Note/Telegram/Discord to claim. 14. Customers can claim more than 1 slot, with a limit of 5.
❌: 1. No human characters (I may make exceptions, though.) 2. No NSFW, Gore, or Cub. 3. No complex armomechs 4. No payment plans - must be paid in full, up front. Venmo is preferred to avoid fees. 5. No discounts - these comms are not eligible for my Patron 10% discount.
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2023.05.31 04:23 rxrabee My boyfriend is a homophobe. F20 M20

we are both teenagers so take that into account with this story (Not disclosing ages. those are fake ones so they don’t take the post down)
I’ve never been a girl who has crushes often, or one to have someone like me, so when I got a boyfriend that i had liked for about 2 months before, I was obviously pretty excited We’ve been together a little over a month now, and I’ve learnt a lot about him. Most of it is sweet or fun stuff, but there’s one big thing
He’s a very big republican He thinks our generation needs to stop with gender and that shit, and that being gay is a horrible thing. Most of my friends are gay (I’m bi, but it’s not something I really talk about), and it’s kinda eating me alive to think about. He’s an almost perfect guy otherwise, and I love him as much as a high school girl can love a guy. However, with how much I’ve been thinking, I’m wondering if breaking up is the right option, as most of my friends think so. I really don’t want to at all, but I can’t think of a way to work around these views without managing to out myself (we live in a very republican area, so a “straight” person not wanting to date someone for that reason makes people think I’m gay(they don’t get to know that))
TLDR; boyfriend hates gay people, I love him a lot but I’m also gay
What do I do ? Do I break up, out myself, or continue trying to find a way to subconsciously convince him gay people are okay ?
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2023.05.31 04:23 Blackcatkro Senior kitty vomiting

Hi all!
Early this morning my 10yr old kitty vomited about 5 different places in my apartment. She seemed fine for a few hours but then threw up again another 2 times. She is now throwing up every 2-3 hours but her belly is empty, so only bile and water. Her demeanor and behavior haven't changed, she is still begging for food and treats even as I type this. Lol.
Each time she vomits it almost seems like she starts to cough up a hairball at the end but then catches it and chews it back down a bit. I'm unsure whether to feed her dinner tonight because she is pretty food obsessed and I've never seen her say no to a morsel-- even if she isn't feeling well. It's an hr past her dinner time now because she threw up last about 30 minutes ago and I wanted to wait.
She is also strictly indoors so no chance of her accessing something outside.
Any advice would be greatly appreciated!
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2023.05.31 04:23 truenorth520 34F New to the Lifestyle

I am new to the D/S lifestyle. I met someone on Hinge recently that gave a hidden part of me a name and introduced me to this lifestyle.
I didn’t get to meet him. We’d been talking about a week. Things moved pretty quickly but he kept assuring me that it would be best to let our connection progress naturally in order to this sort of dynamic to work.
I truly thought that I could trust him and I let my guard down. Dropped my walls and let him in. I showed him a side of me I’d always hidden because I thought there was so much shame there. Here was a man that was willing to be everything I could possibly dream of and not judge me for wanting someone to submit to and to belong to. I was eager and more than just willing to give into him.
Fast forward to today. Our conversation became erotic and we started sending pictures to one another. I may be 34 but I have only ever been with a couple men and have hidden my submissive traits all my life.
So, when he asked for nudes of me, full frontal. I sent him a photo baring what he wanted from the back. He said to send more from the front but I simply couldn’t yet comply. I know for certain that if we were in a relationship and we had been together, showing him every part of me would have come so much easier. However, not ever meeting him yet and never taken photos like that left me anxious. It’s my first time opening up this way.
With so much conversing and connecting and the trust between us, I thought that I could have faith in my dom to be patient with me and allow me to ease into this new role.
Or am I expected to just jump headlong into the role? I reject what he said about my not fitting into the role. He gave me no real chance. Is he right? Wrong? Were we just not a good fit? Is it possible to find a dom that would have the patience to guide me into my role?
Did I ask for too much?
I’m left hurting. I’d bared myself to him physically, mentally, and emotionally and he left me picking up fragments of my heart that I had gifted to him. I know I’m foolish for falling so quickly but I truly believed that letting go and freely allowing my emotions to develop was that right for a D/S relationship. I trusted him.
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2023.05.31 04:21 georgiefruits Advice on proposing enm to insecure partner

I’m a college student (21f) who’s been dating my gf for almost 2 years. She and I have a pretty healthy relationship but she struggles with communicating her emotions and has a few insecurities about our relationship that we’ve been slowly working through as she gets more comfortable opening up about her emotions and insecurities.
I’m concerned about our sexual compatibility since I have a pretty high sex drive and am quite curious about incorporating different elements into our sex life, however, I don’t think she feels the same way — what’s challenging is that this is one of the topics that she struggles to open up about because she feels a lot of shame around her own feelings of sexual desire.
The title to this post is a bit misleading because i know we’re not at a point in our relationship for me to propose opening things up, which is ultimately what I’m interested in. What I need advice about is how and when to proceed with discussing my desires to her. I love her a lot and am scared of damaging our relationship when I feel that she and are highly compatible in many ways and don’t want to risk ending things if she and I could end up just working through her sexual repression together.
I’ve hinted to her before that I’m interested in incorporating an element of non-monogamy into our relationship, but her response was mixed.
Tl;dr: need advice about how to communicate with insecure partner about sexual wants and enm curiosity and whether we will be compatible in the long run
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2023.05.31 04:20 lilly288 favorite mysteries/thrillers?

I've already finished what's available of Somebody Knows and Paper Trails by Piccalilly and have loved it so far!! I also adored Quicksand by repujaytion. Basically well-written mysteries or thrillers with interesting characters and LI's! I also love that Piccalilly's stories have queer and bisexual options! Community only please.
Tysm ❤️
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2023.05.31 04:20 zippydoo321 Claude is disabled, Its not just you

In a now removed Post, if you tried downloading Claude a couple of days ago it would tell you that due to too many people using it, it was disabled. Somehow Anthropic didn't anticipate that working with one of the biggest workspace companies would have many users. They have sneakily removed the message and rudely not even explained that they shut it down. If you some how still have Claude you know it wont respond.
Anthropic already has a strict policy and rarely gives access to Claude. So when they realized people made a slack just to use their program they got angry. Don't bother joining the waitlist, I've been on it for 4 months and never got a single message. Not even to say I wasn't accepted
Many people accused me of making this up but trust me I've used it far more than anyone else. They tried to remove the message but I saved a link. here https://www.anthropic.com/claude-in-slack/installation-disabled
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2023.05.31 04:20 These-Independence69 Crafter

Hello, I’m just a lil ol crafter and can’t seem to get answers online or FB groups. I make small items like pots, coasters, just basic crafting things. I poured two basses for a lamp yesterday and they both cracked while curing. Never had that happen to the smaller crafts. I use rapid set Cement All. I poured when it was 67 degrees inside, so I believe that’s a good temperature. I’d love to know what I can add to the concrete to strengthen and just not crack. Is there anything organic such as perlite or peat moss? Someone on FB suggested to use hay. Thank you!
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2023.05.31 04:19 verilyMD 127 CARS, 3rd quartile, 3.92 cGPA. How I went from 0 -> 4 Interviews and 2 As

hey! i’ve been lurking this subreddit since high school and always promised myself that i’d offer mentorship/share my journey should i ever get into med. and I did! i've learned a lot about this process throughout my journey and wanted to share some tips that (I believe) helped elevate my application this year. I had always thought that my stats/ECs were too ‘average’ to ever make the cut. after two cycles of receiving not a single interview, i decided to change a few things.
context: my stats did not change at all between the two cycles. I did complete a graduate degree that may have given me an additional boost at some ON schools this year, but from my understanding, only 1 school that I ended up interviewing at explicitly does that. also, there is a significant amount of luck involved in this process and all I can really do is speculate as to what changed the tide for me this year. i hope that these tips are helpful to those prepping for the 2023-2024 cycle.
1. thinking of the ABS as a resume: over the years, i'd heard time and time again that your ABS should hit all the CANMEDS roles but it took me a long time to realize that the way I was doing this was extremely inefficient. before, I'd adopt a much more narrative style when writing my entries, focusing on coherence and explicitly hitting CANMEDS, sometimes using the exact same wording as the site + full sentences. this year, I reflected deeply on my activities and tried to single out what made every single entry unique and how I can quantify my impact in my respective roles (like a resume). I adopted this angle where I aimed to impress my readers, rather than simply describing my role, while also focusing on 1-2 CANMEDS per activity max. this meant that my entries had a LOT more crammed into them. when possible, I'd use abbreviations, numbers, and semi-colons to separate ideas. I literally had the exact same entires as last year, but by doing this, my ABS became a lot more stronger and had more of a "wow" factor.
2. picking references wisely: previously, I had 2 professors and a physician down as my referees on OMSAS. i had a decent relationship with these people but had a feeling that they were more likely to be critical of my performance, just by virtue of the kind of attention to detail they had in the roles where I supported them + because I didn't really invest that heavily in my relationships with them. this year, I actively improved my relationships with different supervisors for my ECs with this in mind and ended up changing all three of my referees. these were people that were genuinely rooting for me and were excited to vouch for me for me during app season.
3. having as many eyes as possible on your application: I used to be extremely apprehensive about sharing any details about my med apps with anyone. it was a mixture of a crippling fear of embarrassment, laziness, and this pervasive belief that it wouldn't really make a huge difference. however, I really pushed myself to get my application read by as many people in my life as possible this year. I even took it further by networking with people in all sorts of healthcare roles and asking them if they'd be willing to have a quick read over my work. this was absolutely instrumental in helping me refine my essays and identify all my weaknesses. also, knowing that my work was going to be read by people that I respect/whose opinions I care about was another great motivator lmao.
  1. mindfully doing ECs: finally, last summer, I tried creating a mind map of my all my ECs to figure out what my 'story' is. I realized that I didn't really know what that was, and that my ABS read like a series of disjointed activities. by using this visual, I was able to identify a recurring theme in a lot of my activities that I could bank on for my essays. this activity also helped me realize that I had a disproportionate number of roles in research/leadership, and that I needed more activities in the community service space. I would really recommend taking the time to sit with a list of everything that's part of your application and look for themes/areas of improvement. this will also pay off when it's time for your interviews!
whew that was super long. please feel free to message me if you have any questions!!
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2023.05.31 04:19 DecentHippo39 Help find a perfume name

I don’t know if anyone could help with this but…a few years ago i used to use a perfume. It was in an all rose gold bottle (like chrome rose gold), the bottle was a circle, and i believe the top was a hexagon(or similar). I thought it was Estée Lauder but the closest I can find to the description of that bottle is “Sensuous”, but unfortunately that’s definitely not what i’m thinking of:(( If anyone has any even slight idea of what this perfume name is, or a brand, anything!! I will literally be thankful4ever!! I loved it so much haha and it’s such a nostalgic scent now that i feel like i need it back lol!! Thanks alll!!! xo
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2023.05.31 04:18 East_Reindeer4747 I don’t think I’m attracted to my ex anymore.

I wanted to get back together with him and I think him the same but he got a septum piercing today. We don’t have each other added anywhere but Reddit and he made a post with just his nose in the picture. I have never been attracted to septum piercings. I think it has something to do with my mother always saying they look like bull rings my entire life. I don’t know if I saw a picture of him with it if it would change anything but septum piercings are kind of a deal breaker for me. I told him that when we were together but he doesn’t have the best memory. I can’t ask him to take it out mostly because we aren’t together and also because we aren’t exactly on speaking terms. We decided on some time apart to work on our mental health struggles separately with no direct communication apart from occasional commenting on each others posts for one year and then get back together if that’s what we both still want.
Tldr: I still love him and want to get back together when we work through our issues but I don’t know if I’ll ever be able to get past his new septum ring.
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2023.05.31 04:17 thisismyjam84 Haven’t dressed in years

Haven’t dressed in years
Haven’t had the chance to dress in years and as we all know the itch always comes back. I know I’ll never be “pretty” and my posing sucks but it feels amazing.
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2023.05.31 04:17 Godisdeadbutimnot When should I apply to med school, and what should I do in the meantime?

Should I apply in the spring of 2024? If not, then what should I focus on during my gap year?
I graduate from my undergrad in may 2024 (so I will have a gap year regardless, since I would apply in spring 2024). I should finish with two degrees (a social science and Biology) and with a minor in stats. I also have completed the requirements for my honor’s college, which is Humanities focused. I go to UMD, in-state. I’m ORM.
I have a 4.0 GPA and I will most definitely do great on the MCAT once I take it. Not a brag, I’m just not that humble. I have TAed for multiple classes in the last 2 years (and I should be able to be a TA in the fall). Not sure how many hours, but if I apply to med school next spring, I'll have about 450-500 hours of TA stuff by then. I have about 240 hours of volunteering at the local fire dept, assisting EMTs and such during calls (over about three months), but I never took the step to become an EMT because of class/research/TA load, which forced me to stop volunteering at the fire dept (and disallowed me from entering EMT training). I have roughly 200 hours of research (150 since November, about 50 hours from late 2021), nothing to show for it (mostly data entry and literature review, some translations as well). I will probably continue doing research for the remainder of my undergrad, adding roughly 200 more hours by the time I graduate (by then, I will probably still have no publications/presentations, but I enjoy the research I'm doing and I don’t care to find something else). I have an essay published by my university, and it is a part of the standard ENGL101 syllabus at my university, to give students a great example of an assignment they have to complete.
I am the founder and president of a club that has nothing to do with medicine. I have about 40 hours of shadowing with a DO and I will try to get about 25 hours with an MD between now and the time I apply. I'm in the red cross and AMSA clubs, and have pretty low amounts of volunteering with them (like less than 10 hours over three years, so I probs won’t even bother listing them). I play an instrument, but not well lol (no accolades, just a hobby).
I have about 50 hours of volunteering over 3 months to help people get COVID vaccines, about two years ago when only the elderly were allowed to get it.
In the future, during my gap year, I would probably work as a scribe or something. I did the scribeamerica preliminary training last summer, but the only positions available were 9-5 with a year-long commitment, which of course I couldn't do as a full time student.
What do you think? I would only apply MD.
ORM, state school, 4.0 GPA (two degrees, a minor, and an honor's college citation), haven't taken the MCAT yet but I'll do well. No doctors in my immediate/extended family.
By the time I apply in 2024 (at which point I will also have graduated undergrad): 500 hrs TAing over 2 years, 240 hrs helping EMTs over 3 months, 50 hrs helping in the COVID vaccine effort, 400 hrs research over 2 years (no pubs), an essay published by my university, founder and president of a club. 40 hrs shadowing a DO ortho surgeon, and hopefully 25ish hours shadowing an MD. Note - I do not want to be an ortho surgeon. A family member works with the DO I shadowed, so I was able to shadow them through familial connections. I would be happy doing rural health, IM, and other similar stuff.
I understand that I have not so much clinical stuff. Would working as a scribe for a gap year help this? Would it be best to apply in 2025 instead (causing me to take two gap years), once I have more scribe stuff/clinical volunteering to put in my application? Also, if it makes a difference, I have no aspirations for a high tier med school - I would prefer to go to my state med school. I would only apply to med schools on the east coast.
I'm worried that if I apply in 2024, I will only be able to start working as a scribe/doing additional clinical volunteering after I submit my app. What do you think of this? Would I be able to email schools and say "hey I'm a scribe now, and I will be one until I matriculate - please keep this in mind when considering my clinical exposure"?
Thank you!
Edit: forgot to mention, I’m doing a microbio internship at a pharma company this summer, roughly 440 hrs.
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2023.05.31 04:17 RelationshipNeat9922 I hate this

I hate the way I feel everyday. We’re married and he threatened me through text that he will hurt me really bad when he comes home and obviously I got really scared I started shaking and everything went through my mind so I went to my aunts house to calm down and I guess she called the cops and they talked to me and took a statement that’s when I knew I fucked up really bad I always told him I’ll never call cops on him and look at what I did . Well technically I didn’t call them my aunt did . I sometimes get mad wishing this never happened. But I think what will happen if he came home that night . And since then we have no contact and but obviously we still talk and see each other . Cops only told me if he does and go near me call them which I don’t . But ever since then he blames me for having no where to stay that it’s my fault that this no contact thing is on him . How is it my fault when he was the one who said those text to me scaring me like that . And he constantly accuses me of cheating or that I have a boyfriend that visits me. I told him many times I never want to deal with another man again. I don’t even know if after all this court stuff that I want him to come back . He told me once it’s off then he will beat me up. I told him how will I avoid that he said only if I leave him alone . So I’m considering just leaving him alone and living with my 3 kids. And to top things off I maybe pregnant again with his baby 🙃 yeah I’m so stupid but it was only cause I missed him so much and he was finally being nice to me. I feel like the next girl he ever gets with after our marriage is over that he will be the same and treat her good until one day she pushes one of his buttons and he hits her.
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2023.05.31 04:17 DJisDopeAF My first purchase!

My first purchase!
I’m now a proud owner of a G43X! I’ve got to admit, I’m a bit afraid of it. But I know that I’ll get more comfortable with it with time. The shop owner recommended a good way to get comfortable would practicing cocking and then clearing it (without ammo of course). I opted for this pistol after doing a decent amount of research. And I found this one to be one of the most reliable subcompacts out there for its price. My next step is going and doing a CCW class so I can get my license. Again, although I’m a bit afraid of it I definitely feel empowered. And I feel a sense of duty to my fellow Americans to learn how to properly and safely handle it. I think I might already be hooked on firearms. Drop down below what your EDC is and your defense ammo of choice. After doing some research, I think I may go with Critical Defense 115gr +P JHP!
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2023.05.31 04:17 vivbearxyz walking the stage

graduation is obviously a time of celebration, but has anyone ever walked the stage alone and regretted it? I'm graduating next year and although its a long way to go, is it worth going even if I'll feel lonely without friends by my side? I never really made friends within my major who are the same year and I'm afraid I'll regret this especially since I didn't get to walk the stage for hs.
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2023.05.31 04:17 This-Increase-5727 Always in pain

Ok so I know all of you that are on this site are always in pain that never leaves. In 2019 I was in a farm accident and a tractor rolled over me crushing multiple bones. I was told by many doctors that the pain would be gone in one year. Which it isn’t. I have had physiotherapy, and going to a chiropractor, I have had surgery and am on some pain meds every day. What actually has helped is finding this post and knowing that I’m not the only one who deals with pain on a day to day basis. But also wanting to know how some of you do it without losing your minds?
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2023.05.31 04:16 ingloriouspasta_ Any reasonable piano teachers in Manhattan?

Hi there,
I live in downtown Manhattan, otherwise known as the city where tipping for breathing air is not required but strongly encouraged.
I’m planning to start playing again after a long hiatus and want to find a teacher. Problem is, I don’t know how much it should cost.
Any feedback from other local pianists much appreciated. Cheers!
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