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For the Raleigh, NC and surrounding areas.

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Raleigh is the capital of the state of North Carolina as well as the seat of Wake County. Raleigh is known as the "City of Oaks" for its many oak trees.

2008.04.14 16:03 Triangle - Raleigh/Durham/Chapel Hill, North Carolina

The Research Triangle, or simply The Triangle, is the combined NC area of Raleigh, Durham, and Chapel Hill. It is anchored by three major research universities.

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2023.06.08 10:27 cuttyranking Looking to build a tool to help teachers

Hi guys. First of all just wanted to say I’m really happy to be part of this wonderful community. I’ve learnt so much about how to get the most out of this amazing tool just from scrolling through posts from all of you.
Wondering if anyone might have any insight Into potentially building a platform that cuts down the amount of time it takes teachers to write individual reports for pupils. Trying to find new use cases for this technology in the education sector and I’m hoping that someone here might have some ideas on where to start with this.
The idea is that there would be a document format for teachers to fill-in, and that suggests wording for comments in regard to how the child has been doing in a particular subject.
Many thanks in advance !
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2023.06.08 10:27 bermuda__ one of the many things I just never noticed until I moved out

Is how smelly shoes get. When I was a kid we lived in many houses but each time we always put our shoes in the mud room or the antechamber or the garage. Never in the living spaces, so we never had the chance to smell them. Plus my mom would wash them whenever they got visibly too dirty, but she never really told me the timeframe for that.
When I got to college and got in my own dorm room I never noticed just how fuckin stinky they get. I had a little closet where I put my shoes in so I wasn't tracking mud into my dorm, and one day I opened it to the most rank smell ever. I kept spraying with febreeze thinking it was a BO thing from my clothes, and washed my clothes a bunch until I realized it was my shoes! One whiff of them almost made me vomit.
I've since found a bunch of ways of combating the smell, but back then it really shocked me. There are a lot of problems I expected to run into as an independent adult what with financing and job hunting and all that, but I just never thought about stinky shoes.
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2023.06.08 10:26 Cwayiza7l How to Write a Good Introduction for an Essay

The introduction is a crucial part of any essay as it sets the tone for the entire piece and captures the reader's attention. Writing a good introduction requires careful thought and planning. Here are some tips to help you craft an engaging and effective introduction for your essay.
  1. Start with a Hook: Begin your introduction with an attention-grabbing hook that captivates the reader's interest. This could be a compelling statistic, an intriguing question, a relevant anecdote, or a thought-provoking statement. The hook should be relevant to your topic and create a sense of curiosity or intrigue.
  2. Provide Background Information: After the hook, provide some context and background information about the topic. This helps the reader understand the subject matter and its significance. It is important to strike a balance between providing enough information to set the stage and avoiding overwhelming the reader with excessive details.
  3. State Your Thesis: The thesis statement is a concise summary of the main argument or point of your essay. It should be clear, specific, and assertive. The thesis statement sets the direction for your essay and gives the reader an idea of what to expect. Place your thesis statement at the end of the introduction to ensure a smooth transition into the body paragraphs.
  4. Outline the Essay's Structure: Briefly outline the main points or sections that your essay will cover. This helps the reader understand the organization and flow of your essay. The outline can be presented as a roadmap, indicating the key ideas or arguments you will explore in the body paragraphs.
  5. Keep it Concise: While it is important to provide enough information, it is equally crucial to keep your introduction concise. Aim for a few paragraphs that effectively convey the necessary information without getting too lengthy. Remember, the introduction is just the starting point, and you will have ample space in the body paragraphs to elaborate on your ideas.
  6. Revise and Polish: Once you have written your introduction, take the time to revise and polish it. Ensure that your language is clear, engaging, and free of grammatical errors. Consider seeking feedback from peers or instructors to gain different perspectives and improve the overall quality of your introduction.
In conclusion, a good introduction sets the stage for a strong essay. By starting with a hook, providing background information, stating your thesis, outlining the essay's structure, and ensuring conciseness, you can write an introduction that captures the reader's attention and prepares them for the content that follows.
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2023.06.08 10:23 24hrjunkteam1 Can Junk Removal Services Haul Items Down Steps?

Junk removal services have become increasingly popular in recent years, offering a convenient solution for disposing of unwanted items. Whether you're decluttering your home, renovating a space, or simply need to get rid of large, bulky objects, these services are designed to make the process efficient and hassle-free. However, if you have items located on upper floors or in basements, you may wonder if junk removal services are equipped to handle the challenge of hauling them down steps. In this article, we will explore whether junk removal services are capable of navigating stairs to meet your specific needs.
Expertise and Equipment:
Junk removal companies are experienced in handling a wide range of items, including furniture, appliances, construction debris, and more. To ensure a smooth and efficient process, these services typically come prepared with the necessary tools and equipment. This includes dollies, straps, ramps, and other specialized devices that enable them to maneuver heavy or bulky items through tight spaces, doorways, and yes, even down stairs.
Navigating Stairs:
Professional junk removal teams are trained to navigate stairs safely and efficiently. They understand the importance of proper lifting techniques to prevent injuries and damage to the property. With their expertise, they can assess the situation, determine the best approach, and execute the removal process without causing any harm to your belongings or the surrounding environment.
Safety Considerations:
Safety is of utmost importance during the junk removal process, especially when dealing with stairs. Junk removal professionals prioritize the well-being of their team members and the clients they serve. They are well-versed in handling potentially hazardous situations and are equipped to mitigate risks associated with moving heavy items on stairs. By using proper lifting techniques, securing items with straps, and employing caution throughout the process, they minimize the chances of accidents or damage.
Communication and Planning:
To ensure a successful junk removal experience, it's important to communicate your specific requirements to the service provider. If you have items located on upper floors or in basement areas, mention this during your initial inquiry. By informing the company about the presence of stairs or any other potential obstacles, they can prepare accordingly and allocate the necessary resources to complete the job efficiently.
It's worth noting that some junk removal services may charge an additional fee for navigating stairs due to the extra effort and time required. However, this varies among providers, so it's advisable to inquire about any potential surcharges before booking the service. Understanding the pricing structure and communicating your needs clearly will help you make an informed decision and avoid any surprises.
Junk removal services are well-equipped and experienced in hauling items down steps. Their professional teams are trained to navigate stairs safely, ensuring a smooth and efficient removal process. By communicating your requirements and discussing any potential obstacles during the initial consultation, you can ensure that the junk removal service is fully prepared to handle the task. So, whether you have old furniture in an upstairs bedroom or construction debris in a basement, you can rely on a reputable junk removal service to handle the job with expertise and care.
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2023.06.08 10:23 StrictAd995 Different Ways An Advertising Agency Can Help You Save Money

Different Ways An Advertising Agency Can Help You Save Money
If you want to run advertisements both online and offline, Orange county (OC) ad agencies can help. This does not mean that you will not face expenses. You will have to pay for design, creative development and other tasks. But a lot of business executives get surprised when they learn that an advertising agency can reduce some costs associated with advertising.
It saves your time
Time is more valuable than money. If you think about the hats you will have to wear to keep your business functioning, you will understand this statement. If you are wearing the marketing hat then it is a red flag. Serious business managers and business owners do not have time to do marketing.
A marketing company not only will take all the burden of planning campaigns and executing them off your shoulders, but they will also play defense for you. Are you always receiving calls from the media, all begging to talk to you for a few minutes and tell you about how they can help your business? Sales representatives will spend most of your time if you allow them. This is not a good investment of time. When a marketing agency handles your marketing for you, they will handle the media reps too. They will field all proposals and give them to you at the right time.
Reduces advertising rates
There is a huge difference between the way sales reps and agencies plan your campaigns. Sales representatives can put together strong advertising schedules to ensure you get returns. Top ad firms will ensure you get value for your money.
When an advertising company manages your advertising for you, its main goal is to maximize the results with a budget that you have already set. They will not try to get more of your cash. Instead, they will do more with your money.
When you have the right media buyers on your side, and most advertising agencies have them, they will review the rates and contracts your business has with the media and look for ways to boost the efficiency of your business spending.
The reduction in rates doesn’t necessarily put money back into your pocket. Advertising agencies generate revenue by getting a commission on your advertising spend. This is usually around 15% so in the end your costs may be a push. The savings on advertising will help you settle the cost of working with your ad agency and if they do their jobs correctly, the results will be worth it.
Keep your digital marketing strong
Digital marketing can be a struggle for small businesses. Email marketing, social media marketing, search engine optimization and pay-per-click advertisement are just a few of the numerous platforms you can use to reach new customers. Each has its nuances when it comes to the measurement and management of campaigns. OC ad agencies will examine your marketing and compare the spending with the analytics that proves results. There are high chances that they will find areas where your money is being wasted.
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2023.06.08 10:23 RCalvin4 Best Charger Options - Renter Small Multifamily

So I fiiiinally got my 23’ GTPE not long ago, and I love just about everything about it, except my charging options… which right now are none at home. This may seem a bit off topic, but the lifestyle impact part of having an EV, especially one that is so tempting to burn through battery, is a huge part of the ownership experience.
I recently moved to an apartment in a 3 unit split townhome, and I share a large basement garage with another unit. All electric bills are averaged, so I can’t just plug in to a normal outlet whenever I park and have it be fair for the other two units, which is the owner’s major reluctance to installing a charger. The owner is up for it, but doesn’t want the bill splitting to be too onerous.
He is a contractor (which will cut costs) and there is easy access to the box, so a lvl 2 is on the table. However I need a system that can track usage, time, and if possible pricing at the time of charging. From some research it looks like the ChargePoint Home Flex 240v can create easy reports via an app, including utility price syncing, but I don’t know if the marketing is accurate or if there is a better system out there.
Any renters or landlords out there that have one and have any comments, or better systems to suggest? The main needs are: easy to read tracking / monthly usage reports / as accurate as can be cost accrual statements if possible.
Hopefully not violating any sub rules asking for specific recs, just trying to get the most out of my MachE owner experience, which will hopefully involve a lot less Safeway parking lot charging than there has been. DM answers welcome as well.
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2023.06.08 10:23 yabspro Golden Visa rules 2023

As of 2023, the UAE has expanded the Golden Visa categories, simplified eligibility criteria, and increased the validity to 10 years for all types of Golden Visas.
Here are the updated rules and benefits for each category:
2. Skilled professionals:
3. Exceptional talents:
3. Real estate investors:
4. Entrepreneurs:
5. Students:
6. Humanitarian pioneers:
7. Doctors and nurses:
8. Cultural:
9. Executive directors:
New benefits for family members:
Please note that these rules are maybe change time to time as of the information available with updates of government new rules
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2023.06.08 10:22 topCSjobs Customer Success Executive- Events Logistics Job Full-time Opportunity

Customer Success Executive- Events Logistics 20k Signing Bonus* Day Shift
- Eastwood Ave, Bagumbayan, Quezon City, 1800 Metro Manila, Philippines Full-time 
Company Description
Be part of a growing team to join a company that specializes in providing training and event space solutions.
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2023.06.08 10:22 Jayceonacex 4 Year relationship, it DOES get better, but you have to accept it.

My (F20) ex girlfriend, and (M21) myself broke up 5 months ago after a 4 year relationship.
I scrolled this sub, and similar subs endlessly, looking, hoping for answers to the heartbreak.
I was left completely blindsided with no warning, right after an amazing 4 year anniversary. I was shattered, I loved this woman like no other. I destroyed my dignity, calling, begging, showing up at her house, checking her social media endlessly, I was devastated.
I tried everything, got a new job, got more friends, picked up hobbies, nothing seemed to help me.
Recently, I found out she slept with another person, this really hurt me as I couldn’t, and still can’t phantom the idea of being able to sleep with another woman. This was one of my biggest fears for a long time, and I thought I wouldn’t be able to live if it happened. Then I was slapped by the reality of it.
I was losing my mind, I felt as if I couldn’t control myself. I was left with the harsh reality that it is time to accept it for what it is.
I sat with my thoughts and took in all the feelings, not hiding any. When I finally came to the acceptance, I felt freedom, something I hadn’t felt in 5 months.
I realized your true love, your soul mate, will never abandon you, true love will not fail. I understand everyone’s situation is different, and people think differently, but I encourage you all to accept it for what it is, no matter how hard it may be.
Live your life to the fullest as you only get one, maybe one day that person will come back, maybe they won’t. That is life, and you shouldn’t spend your time questioning or worrying.
So friends, here is to all of us moving on to a better life, I wish you all luck. Please feel free to message me if you ever need to talk to someone.
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2023.06.08 10:22 ccphm i talk to a guy online and wants to book me a flight to his country

there's this app where we could only talk to a stranger all over the country. I match this guy last month. we talk some things. asking questions and getting to know stuff. there's the time he bought me food 3x online and a small grocery eventhough we're not from the same country. its cute right? anyways. so he gave me this offer to book me a flight to his country for vacation. I was thinking this is so excited right? I never been to his country or gone to an adventure where its free. I don't have to worry everything. BUT the down side is I haven't seen his face. I ask for a picture of him, to facetime or his socials for us to connect but he wont give me. In his defence, He said if I'm in danger.. his country is the safest. I can call the police or the government whatever. Then what if I don't got back up in me? (I dont want to go to another country cashless.) He also wanted to help me if ever I needed a job and work there. He just wanted me to have fun taking me to places just like any girl would dream.
Should I say fk it and go? yolo right? worst it could happen I could die in another country lol but tbh what do ya'll think?
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2023.06.08 10:22 dreamerinthesky Why does personal growth not get the recognition it deserves?

I'm talking about taking care of yourself spiritually, emotionally and mentally. Of course taking care of your physical body is also important, but since people already toot the benefits of it, I'm excluding it here.
It is incredibly important to have self-love, be strong willed, do what you love and take time out to meditate or do a breathing exercise, yet all society seems to care about is whipping people in shape like horses and off to work you go. What matters most is money, capitalism and outer appearances, no matter how crushed you might feel on the inside. I'm not saying those things aren't important necessarily, but personal growth should be equally important.
I personally vouch for celebrating inner work and shadow work. I've made great progress rebuilding my self-esteem after a toxic relationship and I'm proud of myself even if other people don’t see the benefit in how I got myself out of my past situation. I am strong and I will persevere despite challenges. So many people walk around unhealed. They have the job, the pretty car, the "arm-candy", but they completely lack mental character.
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2023.06.08 10:21 MayK919 UPS M2

Hello everyone. I have applied to a few M2 masters in the UPS platform, and thankfully got accepted in three. All of the three of them are subjects I would like to study so I don't have a favourite in that aspect. Now the problem is I don't have a TCF, DELF or DALF diploma and I just found out I have to have one for the Visa if I'm gonna study in french, and two of those masters are in french. I can study in french with no problems btw. Now the problem is I have to choose quick and see if it's worth taking a TCF test last minute and risk getting a late visa interview date. One of the masters is taught in english at université d'Évry (mechatronics - at Évry-Courcouronne), the second in french at université de Versailles (robotics - at Versailles Vélizy-Villacoublay), the third in french also at Centrale (control - at Gif-sur-Yvette) where I have friends. Does anyone have any idea or opinion about which one is better, the location, rent prices, living prices, the universities, the availability of part-time jobs, etc? Anything I can go by?
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2023.06.08 10:20 DrBiggsTv Cloud System Engineer (Microsoft)

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2023.06.08 10:19 youarethejourney Is there a non-gruesome, non-agonizing way to do this? / Can assisted death be accessed if you are chronically depressed?

I'm going through a difficult breakup.
But not just a difficult breakup, I am going through a difficult life. Even my birth was wrong. My family dynamic was completely dysfunctional, and to this day, it still is. I couldn't connect well with anyone in my community growing up. I moved countries and have spent a lot of my time in this relationship, which has now sadly come to an end. It was the first time I was truly able to appreciate myself and have a vision for my life. He supported me and stood by it. But then everything started to fall apart again. He has an avoidant attachment style and I have an anxious attachment style. At one point, the relationship was very secure for both of us.
I thought I had cured my depression through healthy lifestyle choices, yoga, and spirituality, but I was wrong. He's leaving me and I have no one in my life I can share these thoughts with. Not a single person other than him. In 2 weeks, I'll be homeless. I have no money. I have no purpose. I can't see the future. I am fucked. He is going far away for an undetermined amount of time, yet wants to keep "in touch" with me periodically. The whole thing is gut-wrenching, and I'm becoming more bold with my actions.
Part of me never wants to be un-fucked. I think I'm really tired. Last night, I drove around in my car and contemplated driving off a cliff. I drove erratically and lost control of my vehicle once. It made me realize that I'm actually afraid of a painful death. So, in the end I resorted to screaming at my ex over the phone, blaming him for my lack of faith in people, and threatening to do it. Then later, I spent a lot of time screaming at the moon, asking the universe to show me a fucking sign. Just one fucking, clear-as-day sign for why I am here, would suffice to end my pain and confusion. But the moon is a coward. And the universe, no matter how magical it is, is also a fucking coward. If god exists, he too is a coward for creating this experiment and leaving us here without any real answers as to what our purpose is, where we came from, or why we should live.
After I screamed at the moon, I came home and my ex-partner spooned me, which made life feel okay for a minute. But then today, I told him crazily, that I'm going to kill myself as soon as the lease ends 2 weeks from now. I did this while screaming like a terrible person. It seems that there's a lot of hurt and anger built up inside of me, and I'm angry at him for giving up on me and leaving me to die.
I don't know how to describe how I feel, other than, I am sad that I didn't do more while I was here on Earth. But at the same time, I'm content with the experiences that I did have. I experienced a great love. I experienced the thrill of new places.
So please tell me, what are the most painless ways to die? Dehydration has been suggested a few times online as being relatively painless for hospice patients due to going unconscious and having pain meds on hand, but I am not a hospice patient. So far, dehydration seems like the least gruesome option and one that I would have the most control over. It is fast enough, but not so immediate like pulling the trigger. I could go into the woods without water, get lost without any gear, enjoy the beauty of the stars, and possibly add some natural hypothermia into the mix.
If not this, I would choose long-term starvation and even find a cause to go on hunger-strike for until I die. But starvation takes a very long time to accomplish and if it's too much time to think, I may change my mind and sustain long-lasting organ damage, which I am not keen on living with for the rest of my life.
Firearms are the most fatal option, but I find it to be extremely gruesome and disturbing. Drowning is disturbing because you are aware that it's happening and will struggle and fight it. Hanging usually doesn't break the neck, therefore you could suffocate for minutes or hours in a gruesome struggle to breath. Helium and plastic bag seem to be painless, but the health consequences of inhaling noxious gas, should it be unsuccessful, freaks me out. Jumping off a cliff would be excruciating as all my bones break, and I may be alive at the very bottom of the fall... Driving my car off the side of the rail also freaks me out, because of the chance that I would survive.
In countries where euthanasia is permitted, can the euthanasia be granted cases of chronic depression or chronic suicidal thought? In my case, I've struggled with feeling this way since I was 6, and it has done nothing but cause my social relationships and self to suffer. If euthanasia can be granted for this reason, then do I have to be a permanent resident or citizen of that country to receive it, or can I pay for the procedure as a traveler? Are there any countries where I can do this? Any information appreciated.
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2023.06.08 10:19 topCSjobs Associate Customer Success Manager - HubSpot English & German Fluency Full-Time

Associate Customer Success Manager - HubSpot
If your idea of Customer Success is rooted in intrinsic motivation to help others find solutions to their challenges, we should talk. Our mission is to drive an exceptional experience and sustained value for HubSpot customers through building trust and
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2023.06.08 10:19 Spectral42 There is something wrong with the newspaper in my town. I think I’m going crazy.

Before I dive into everything that has happened over the last couple of weeks I want to get a couple of things out of the way. I moved to this town four months ago because of a job offer: I was supposed to start working with a construction company. Second, I am not going to give you my last name. But I will tell you my first name, it's Tom. I am telling you all this, just in case. Ya know?
Anyway, I moved here four months ago. At first, the job offer seemed too good to be true. I was promised an apartment, full benefits, and grocery delivery twice a month. I was told the town was small, and honestly, it is! I am not used to living in a place like this. I mean, I saw the stars for the first time in my life the day I got to my new apartment.
The apartment itself is nice, I have two bedrooms and a good-sized bathroom. I have no complaints about any of the accommodations. Two weeks into moving here I was told that I would be starting at the end of the month. My boss told me that rent would be covered and gave me a list of things I needed for my first day.
As the end of the month came around I decided to go out and buy a new pair of work boots. I figured this would give me a good chance to get a look around town and maybe meet some people. I was mostly right.
The store was only a couple of blocks from my apartment building so instead of taking my truck I decided to walk. The town is cozy, ya know? Like everyone seems normal. Everything felt like it came out of a classic American novel though. So anyway, I went and got my boots and on the way home I decided to stop at a store and pick up the local newspaper.
When I got home and sat on my couch to crack open the newspaper, I could tell something was off right away. The story on the front page read “New Mayor Elected” and right below that, “Strange Lights in the Sky.” By itself, those two things would not raise red flags, but the pictures looked off. It’s hard for me to put into words but the photo of the new mayor looked both old and new. I scanned the page for a date and couldn’t find one. I figured that maybe something went wrong with the printing or something. After I gave the front page a good read I put the paper down and went to bed.
For two days I stayed home to make sure I was well rested. At this point, I had not purchased a tv yet and decided to jump on the opportunity and read more. On my way to pick up new boots, I noticed the town library and thought why not? I could get a couple of books and a new paper. The library itself is beautiful. The wood looks well maintained and the giant stone lions on either side of the staircase were extremely cool to look at the first time I saw them.
Heading into this library was just like walking into any other library. I don’t know what I was expecting. The outside was cool so I thought the inside would be more done up. As I walked through the aisle and scanned the books I could feel the hairs on my arms stand up. It was a weird feeling, something I had not experienced before this: It was almost like I was scared for no reason. As I pulled a book off of the shelf and read the cover I was extremely puzzled, for reference I was standing in the history section. The book read, “To Mars and Back. How America pioneered space travel.” It sounded more like a science fiction book to me, and there were a lot of other books like this. “They live among us, humanity's first contact with God.” or “The secret history of the Roman empire.” As I went through and examined more books I started to notice little scratches on the bookcase. They looked like tally marks. I followed them down the shelf until I found some writing. “Turn back” and “Go home” were scribbled on the shelf. I quickly stood up and clenched the book I was holding.
As I turned around I took one last look at the book in my hands before heading off to speak with a librarian. As I approached the counter I swear to god the woman behind the counter took my breath away. She was so beautiful, but it didn’t seem natural. I could feel the hairs on the back of my head stand up as I got closer to the desk. I decided to put the book down and leave. There was something inside of me, screaming at me to not speak to the woman. As I headed out of the building and walked down the staircase I noticed my hands were shaking. I was confused because technically, nothing happened.
I never bought a paper that day. Instead, I went home and went to sleep. Technically it was midafternoon, I had no idea why I was tired in the first place.
When I woke up the next day and went to check the mail, I found a rolled-up newspaper at my front door. I shit you not I have been getting a newspaper every day since that day. At first, I was interested in reading them, but the more I read the more I didn’t want to read. At the end of the month, I was waiting for a call from my boss, but the call never came. I tried to call him but his phone was disconnected.
As the next month rolled around I kept getting the newspapers. I stopped receiving normal mail, and I stopped wanting to live in this damn apartment. Two weeks into the new month I decided to call it quits and move back. I was not getting this job and my time here had been nothing but uncomfortable. So I packed my bags and stormed outside to climb into my truck. I was planning on leaving that day however, my tiers had been slashed.
I did what anyone would do, right? I called the damn police. They came promptly and once again I was met with the same feelings as when I saw the librarian. These men did not look real. Every inch of their faces looked…fake. I mean yes they were people but there was not a hair out of place. They were perfectly symmetrical in every way. The whole time I was filling out the police report my hands were shaking. My body was so tense I thought I was going to fall over on the spot. Once the situation was handled I ran back to my apartment. I was skipping steps as I went back upstairs. I felt like I could not get upstairs fast enough.
A couple of hours later I heard pounding at my door. I can’t stress this enough, the pounding scared the shit out of me. “WHO IS IT?!” I screamed. “Please! I need help!” A woman called back to me. I went to my front door, I wish I could tell you I did not hesitate but I did. I eventually opened the door for the women. She was an absolute mess, her makeup was running down her face and she was wearing pajamas. It will sound fucked up but I was so happy to see this woman, her crying gave me comfort. She did not look like the others, she looked real and natural. I asked her what happened and she told me her daughter had gone missing. I asked her if she called the police and she told me no. She said she wouldn’t, she told me her daughter wouldn't go to them either. I asked her what her daughter's name is, she told me her name is Zoey. We talked for what felt like hours before I told her I would keep my eyes open. She thanked me and went back to her apartment in tears. As I closed and locked my door I went to the pile of newspapers and opened the most recent one. I wanted to see if there was any mention of Zoey in the paper. The front page read, “Local man found dead outside of his home. No suspects.” below that there was another heading, “Local girl missing.” I checked for a name but it wasn’t Zoey. They are the same age though. As I scanned the paper I heard a scream come from down the hallway. I stood up quickly and rushed to my door, this time without hesitation I ripped it open and looked down the hallway. And that’s where I saw…it. One of the cops except it wasn’t a man. He had tight skin, he almost looked like a walking skeleton. His eyes were bulging out of his head, and his arms were larger. “Sir…” The thing said to me. I quickly turned and slammed the door shut. I locked all four locks and put the kitchen table up against the door. I haven’t left this apartment since. I did call my ex, she said she would come and get me but I don’t know how long I will be waiting. If this is fear, I have had enough. I can’t sleep and I am too scared to eat. It feels like my heart might explode like my whole perception of reality has changed.
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2023.06.08 10:19 CorgisRGucci [US][TRADING] Gintama Vol 1-23 Complete English Set

This set is in brand-new, G5+ condition with zero yellowing and spine tears.
I’m looking to trade it for different series of equivalent value. My wishlist is below:
Please comment down below if you’re interested in trading or have something else to offer.
Thank you!
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2023.06.08 10:18 emmaisabitch i just want to be loved

somebody came back into my life a few days ago. he promised to never leave me again, that i’m all he wants. talked about the future with me. today we had plans for 2pm. he wasn’t answering his phone, i figured he overslept. before i know it it’s 10pm and he hasn’t answered me. i realize he’s about to ghost me so i send him a message asking why he would do this to me. why he would promise that this time would be different. less than 24 hours he was whispering in my ear that i’m his everything and he’ll never leave me again. after i sent the message he blocked me. i’m in so much pain. all i want in this shitty fucking life is to be loved. i relapsed in SH a few hours ago. i wish i wasn’t too much of a pussy to kill myself. i have nothing going for me. i’m twenty years old and can’t have a job because of how bad my panic attacks are. i dropped out of college because it was making me suicidal again. anything i want to do with my future i need schooling for. i can’t do school. i can’t do anything. nobody listens to me when i say how much pain i’m in. i wish i didn’t have a cat or a mom who cared about me because then i would just end it. i don’t want to live this life anymore. my antidepressants have made me fat. i used to be anorexic and horribly skinny. i loved the look of it. now i’m in a body that’s almost 200 pounds at 5’4. i don’t recognize myself in the mirror. i just want to be loved. that boy made me feel loved. and then he took it from me. i don’t understand why someone would want to hurt me like that. why would you make a promise you knew you weren’t going to keep? what’s so wrong with me for him to leave me? why does everyone leave me?
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2023.06.08 10:18 482jobs Head Veterinarian - Australia Relocation/Sponsorship support, with Competitive salary

Job description
Head Veterinarian Full Time Negotiable Hours
- Build and develop the clinic YOUR way! - Relocation/Sponsorship support, with Competitive salary. - Partnership opportunity available with the company. 
PETstock VET Craigieburn is an inspired member of the Petspiration Group who has established itself as an industry leader with a focus on delivering world class, innovative patient care & providing a work environment where our team are valued for the experience & skill set, they bring.
PETstock Vet Craigieburn is a purpose-built clinic located in a PETstock retail store. The clinic has a great range of facilities and equipment such as Ultrasound, full iM3 Dental suite, complete in-house laboratory equipment and digital radiography including digital dental radiography.
See what it is like to work at PETstock Vet:
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2023.06.08 10:18 ricedreamer Feeling defeated at new job (that I realize I don’t even like)

Hey friends, I’m just here to vent a little if that’s okay. I’m having a really hard night. Been at my new job 3 days, which is at an egg farm. They said they’d use me for more veg crop stuff because I have a certificate in horticulture but it looks like they just have me sorting eggs and working the store.
After 3 days, not even 3 full days, it has caused me to burn out and melt down. I thought this was a smaller farm, it’s like one step down from a factory farm. Egg sorting is kind of nice because I love repetitive work, but the machinery is so fucking loud, and it’s a cramped area, and everyone is running around with eggs. I’m surprised I haven’t dropped any yet!!!!
The overstimulation and exhaustion has led to a big meltdown tonight. I let myself stim and thankfully it cut it shorter than I thought it’ll last, but I still feel so unstable.
I actually told them I’m sick just so I don’t have to come in tomorrow. I cannot handle it. It makes me feel absolutely pathetic and sub-adult for not being able to handle a fucking job. I know I can work and am able but I realize I need a good environment to thrive. Surprise surprise.
Thankfully, my friend who works on a farm says they need a new horticulture person so I am hopefully getting that job and quitting this one. The people are lovely, but the job is just not for me. I just can’t do it. I feel a sense of guilt and shame about it. I’m ashamed I called in sick.
But in this state I cannot work. All I did was stay in my bed from 3pm until 9pm. I wanted to go to the gym because it’s a big part of my schedule and mood regulator but I was so burnt out I couldn’t even do it. I haven’t gone to the gym at all this week and that’s making me feel so wrong because it’s deviating from my schedule which further fuels my emotional discomfort.
Ugh anyway, I know it’ll be okay. I just wish I was NT sometimes so I can just handle things. I feel like such a baby sometimes.
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2023.06.08 10:17 PocketFMofficial Cathy betrayed Alex, but will she come back after knowing the truth that Alex is Millionaire? How will Alex heal his heart?

Cathy betrayed Alex, but will she come back after knowing the truth that Alex is Millionaire? How will Alex heal his heart?
Chapter 1
"Hello. Heavenly Lion Convenience," Alex Ambrose answered the store phone.
"I need a box of condoms and two packs of tissues delivered to room 1302 of the Sheraton South River Hotel. Hurry!" The caller hung up.
Alex shook his head. People never seemed to be prepared.
He packed the required items, put on a raincoat, and rode his electric bike toward the Sheraton Hotel on the southern side of the river.
It was nine o’clock in the evening and raining heavily, and his pants and shoes were soon wet and filthy. Luckily, the merchandise was still dry, but he didn't dare delay any longer, so he hurried toward the hotel.
When he arrived at room 1302, he knocked on the door, and it was opened quickly.
"Hello, here’s your—" Alex was stunned into silence.
The woman in front of him was none other than his girlfriend, Cathy!
She was dressed in a white robe, with her long, dark, wet hair draped over her shoulders. The scents of shower gel and shampoo assaulted his nose.
"Cathy? What are you doing here?" He stared at her in disbelief, still feeling dazed.
"What are you doing here?" Cathy asked. Her heart skipped a beat, and she took a small step back into the room. Her mind went blank and then started to spin.
"What's wrong?" Another guy walked up to the door, wearing a robe and slippers, and Alex immediately recognized him.
"You! You dare to touch my girl?" Alex couldn't suppress the anger welling up inside him, and he started moving toward Billy, determined to teach him a lesson.
"Stop!" Cathy stepped in front of Alex. After a brief burst of panic, she had managed to get back a bit of control. Since her boyfriend had already discovered her betrayal, there was no point in trying to hide it now.
She looked directly at him. "Alex, we need to break up."
"Break up?" Alex was stunned. He stared at Cathy with wide eyes. "Cathy, we've been together for more than a year. Are you going to break up with me now?"
"Yes. We need to go our separate ways." She kept steady eye contact with him and spoke with a strong sense of resentment. "Are you surprised? You have no money, Alex. You can only barely afford the cheapest essentials. We never have anything nice. As long as I’m with you, people will always be laughing at me, and that just isn't the life I want. I’m too good to be living in poverty like this. I was too naive when I was in my freshman year, and I let myself get tricked into being with a loser like you!"
She hugged Billy's arm and said to Alex, "Billy is my boyfriend now. From now on, I want nothing to do with you. Don't bother me again!"
"Well, seems like you’re just her good-for-nothing ex now!" Billy looked at Alex with a provocative smirk.
Alex, standing there in a raincoat and with mud stains on his pants and shoes, felt like Cathy was right. He was a complete loser. Billy took the plastic bag from his hand and took out the box of condoms. He waved it at Alex and laughed as he said, "I’m staying in a nice hotel, having my girlfriend’s ex bring me condoms. And you’re single. Sure was good of you to help me out."
"Why are you still here?" Cathy scolded Alex.
"Nah, it's good that he didn't piss off. Maybe you want to see me beat him down, huh, Cathy? Gotta give a lady what she wants," Billy sneered.
Alex felt utterly defeated. He slowly turned around and walked out of the room.
"Bro, you're not even taking the money? Heh, nice. I get a girlfriend and a gift." Billy felt great watching Alex's slumped, dejected posture as he closed the door behind him.
When Alex left the hotel, it was raining even harder than before. He took off his raincoat, allowing the cold rain to drench his entire body and help clear his head.
Cathy had discarded him because she believed he had no money. Losing such a materialistic woman should be something to rejoice over, so why should he be sad?
[Buzz buzz!]
His phone vibrated in his pocket. Alex took it out and glanced at it, but when he saw the number, he stopped walking. His entire body was shaking as he read the text.
[After a review, the Ambrose family has decided that their son, Alexander, has met the conditions required for entitlement to his inheritance. From today onward, control of his property will be returned to him.]
The bean-sized raindrops plopped onto the screen, causing the text message to gradually become blurry.
Alex's mind began to spin. If not for this message, Alex would have almost forgotten his identity as a super-rich kid. Over the last seven years, his family had been assessing him, withholding his fortune until they were satisfied he met their draconian conditions. And now, finally, it was over.
Everything that rightfully belonged to him was finally his to claim.
Alex woke up early the next morning and drove to the city. In a great mood, he got out of his car and went straight to Metro Sky Bank, right in the heart of the wealthiest part of the central business district of New York.
Various luxury cars were parked around the bank. The people walking in and out of the surrounding plaza were all rich; it was obvious from their clothing and demeanour.
Alex strode to the door of the bank and pushed it open.
The main door could be opened both inward and outward, and Alex had been a bit careless when he pushed it open from outside. As a result, the door had bumped into a long-haired young woman who had been heading out of the building.
He quickly apologized, "Sorry. I didn't see you."
"What do you mean, you didn’t see me? What am I, invisible?" She held a hand to her forehead and glared at him.
The bank’s assistant manager, Karen Young, had noticed the incident and hurried over. She checked on the woman first, and then looked at Alex in disapproval. When her gaze swept over him, a trace of suspicion appeared on her face.
Metro Sky Bank was different from most banks, as the clientele were almost exclusively high-end businesspeople. Karen knew the young woman was there with her father, but she didn't know why Alex was there. Judging from his appearance and age, he wasn't their usual type of customer.
"Sir, can I be of assistance?" she asked with a polite but forced smile.
Alex simply said, "I’m here to withdraw money."
"Withdraw money?" the sullen woman asked, sneering at him.
"Do you have a card?" Karen asked, continuing to smile politely.
Getting a Metro Sky Bankcard was not easy. A million dollars of savings was the minimum requirement to qualify. Karen felt certain that the man in front of her couldn't have much experience with the bank and wouldn't know their rules. Perhaps he had thought that other banks' cards could also be used here.
"No," Alex replied, shaking his head.
The woman he had accidentally hit with the door couldn't help but giggle when she heard his honest reply. He wasn't worth any more of her attention.
"Let’s go." Her father had walked up, still arranging the documents he was carrying.
"My dad and I are leaving." The woman shook Karen's hand, and then looked over at Alex. "Ms Young, having someone like this around could damage your bank's image and upset your customers. I hope this will not happen again."
With that, she took her father’s arm and opened the door.
"Take care, Mr Scott." Karen followed them out a few steps, watching as they got into a car and left. Turning around, she headed back inside, having made up her mind to encourage Alex to leave as soon as possible.
There was no one standing where Alex had been. Oh! Where’s he gone? she wondered.
Was it possible that the kid had been embarrassed and had quietly slipped away?
She felt relieved at the thought. Then, just as she was about to go back to work, she caught a glimpse of someone out of the corner of her eye.
There’s the brat! No wonder I didn’t see him at first, she thought. He had already reached the entrance to the VIP lounge, and a pillar had blocked her view of him.
The VIP room was only for high-status customers who were worth at least thirty million dollars, and this young man had admitted that he didn’t even have a card. If she let him get through, she would be in trouble with her boss.
"Stop! Don't move!" Karen yelled, feeling desperate. The other customers all looked around at her, obviously annoyed by her shouting. She could only smile apologetically as she walked quickly toward Alex.
But he had already walked through the lounge, opened the door to the VIP room, and stepped inside.
Chapter 2
Does he have no shame? Karen hurried after Alex with a look of chagrin on her face. She tried to open the door to the VIP room, but it had been locked from the inside.
"Hello?" Inside the VIP room, Robert Miller, the bank manager, was leaning against the sofa, looking at his phone. When the door suddenly opened, he quickly sat down and hid his phone away. Normally, when a VIP was coming in, Karen would notify him in advance.
As the customer manager, he was responsible for thirty-one VIPs, and he knew them like the back of his hand. He immediately began to launch into his normal professional greeting, hoping to undo the poor impression he’d made by slouching against the sofa, but when he saw Alex, his expression froze.
He was certain that Alex was not one of his VIPs, nor was he a relative of one.
"May I ask who you are?" Robert asked, looking at the young man, who appeared to be around twenty years old. Robert had no idea who he was.
Alex got straight to the point. "I'm here to get my money."
"You have one of our cards?" Robert asked, suspicious of Alex's calm expression.
"No," Alex admitted frankly.
Robert was relieved to seemingly be proven right, but even more confused. Access to the VIP room required a minimum worth of three million dollars, but this man didn't have any money. Why was he so composed?
"I'm sorry, sir. We can't give out money without a card. Do you require anything else?"
He's crazy, Robert thought. Why on earth did Karen let him in? I’ll have to speak to her about this at Monday’s meeting.
"You have fingerprint recognition here, right?" Alex suddenly asked.
The fingerprint ID system at the bank was for the wealthiest families and businesses to use. Only a few people had their fingerprints recorded in the system, at least in the New York branch, and no one had used it to access their holdings yet.
"You want to use it?" Robert could no longer bring himself to call Alex "sir."
"Yes." Alex nodded.
Robert was feeling more confused by the second. Why would someone who wasn't even a customer request to use a fingerprint ID?
To be honest, even though he was curious, Robert felt that it was barely worth humouring the request. But after considering for a few seconds, he finally decided to let Alex make the attempt rather than risk making him angry.
He opened the safe and brought out the fingerprint identification device, which he had never used before.
"Place your thumb here." Robert indicated the verification area to Alex, who placed his thumb on the sensor.
The device lit up with a glaring red light, and the LCD screen displayed the words [Fingerprint not recorded].
Immediately, Robert’s expression turned hostile, and he glared at Alex. He picked up his phone, ready to call the police.
"Wait, wait!" Alex said quickly. "Maybe that was the wrong print. I'll try using my index finger this time."
Robert smiled coldly. "What’s your plan here? Your thumb doesn’t work, so you’ll try your index finger. Then, if your index finger doesn’t work, you’ll try your middle finger. When you run out of fingers, will you try using your toes?"
But Alex had already pressed his index finger on the verification area.
Robert resolved that if the man’s fingerprints weren’t accepted this time, he would immediately call the police and have him arrested.
[Beep!] A green light appeared on the device and new details flashed up on the LCD screen: [Verification successful. Family account: 01. Verifier: Alexander Ambrose. Account: 01104.]
Robert gaped at Alex in disbelief for a moment, and then hurriedly squeezed out a smile. "Mr Ambrose, I'm sorry. I didn't realize. I'm Robert Miller, the customer manager for the New York branch. Please allow me to assist you."
"It's fine," Alex said lightly and stood up. "Can I see how much money I have left in my account?"
"Please wait a moment." Robert sat in front of the computer and typed away for a while. On his instructions, Alex provided a few more fingerprint scans as authorization.
"It's done, Mr Ambrose." Robert clicked the "OK" button on the screen, and Alex's account appeared.
Robert pointed to the computer screen and said, "Mr Ambrose, the balance of your account is currently eighty-six million dollars."
Robert couldn't help but suck in a breath of cold air.
This young man had an enormous fortune. It placed him in the topflight of the one per cent. Most people would never be able to even dream of that much money.
Alex felt strange as he stared at the numbers on the screen. He reminded himself that he needed to get used to his status as a rich kid as soon as possible.
"Oh, and you have other assets as well. Let me show you now." Robert clicked through to check several pages in a row. Finally, he clicked the "OK" button again.
The computer brought up a 4 x 4 grid of display screens.
"This surveillance screen displays all the physical assets that you hold elsewhere," Robert explained. He clicked on the upper left corner of the screen and brought up the feed from the bank's branch at The Hague, which revealed a sports car. In the lower right corner, it said, [Ferrari Pagani Huayra].
Robert opened up other screens for Alex, one after another.
The Hawaii branch displayed a Dominica blue pearl bracelet and four stacks of gold bars.
The feed from the French branch in Nice revealed three original Picasso paintings and two Rodin statues.
And the Cape Town branch had fifteen 10-carat diamonds, ten pieces of ivory, and another couple of stacks of gold bars. Robert's eyes almost popped out as he looked at Alex's assets. He had never seen anyone so rich. Maybe not even one-tenth as rich.
"All right, I’d like a card," Alex said before Robert could collect his thoughts.
"Yes, I will see to it right away. Please wait a moment." Robert immediately started to make the necessary arrangements. Within ten minutes, a Supreme Card was produced.
Robert looked at the Supreme Card and thought about Alex's assets. This card wasn’t good enough for Alex’s status, but it was the highest grade of card they were authorized to issue at the New York branch.
Robert presented handed the card over. "Mr Ambrose, your card."
"Thank you." Alex took the card, stood up, and went to walk out of the room.
"Mr Ambrose, please wait." Robert didn't dare to appear to be neglecting such an important customer. He should see him out personally, but the asset checking system on his computer had not been turned off yet, and the fingerprint verification machine, iris recognition apparatus, and other sensitive equipment had not been returned to the safe. The monitoring system in the VIP room was connected to the district manager’s office.
Karen was anxiously waiting in the hall. What's been going on in there for so long? she wondered. Could that brat have murdered Mr Miller in the VIP room?
The more she considered it, the more scared she became. She was on the verge of banging on the door and demanding a response when Alex walked confidently out of the room.
"Stop!" Karen shouted. She walked quickly over toward him and grabbed at his coat. "You can't leave. You broke into the VIP room. Once we confirm that nothing is missing, I will call the police and have them hold you for questioning."
"What are you talking about?" Alex asked. "Let go!"
Karen grappled with him for a while, but she couldn't manage to search his pockets.
What’s wrong with this woman? Alex thought. He wasn’t even arguing with her, but she was manhandling him.
"What is this?" Karen spotted the Supreme Card that was peeking out of Alex's pocket. She quickly pulled it out and looked at him triumphantly, as if she had found evidence of his guilt. "Oh, you stole a card. This is a crime, and I have to call the police."
It didn't even cross her mind that the card could belong to Alex. She imagined he had entered the VIP room, pretending to be there by mistake, and had then distracted Mr Miller with questions and stolen the card when the manager wasn't paying attention.
"Let go!" Alex was sick of this woman.
"Don’t you feel guilty about being a thief?" She was even more determined.
With the two of them creating such a scene, other customers started to walk over toward them, intending to help Karen keep Alex from getting away.
Just then, Robert, who had finished tidying up, strode out of the VIP room.
Having seen Alex's assets, Robert now knew he was the most important customer the New York branch of the bank had ever had. He had also noticed that the system listed Alex's was listed as just one of multiple accounts attached to a family group, labelled 01. If that single account was so lucrative, then what about the rest of the family?
It was rare to meet such important people, so Robert knew he had to be careful to curry favour with Alex. If they got along well, it would be a tremendous success for Robert, and the potential benefits were huge.
So, when saw Karen struggling with Alex, he was enraged. Karen's expression was hostile, and Alex was becoming very angry. Karen was an idiot who was playing with fire, and she might drag Robert himself down with her.
Of all the bank’s many, many customers, why did she need to pick this one to try and remove? A simple flick of Alex’s finger could be enough to end both their careers.
Chapter 3
"Stop!" Robert dashed between Alex and Karen.
Before Alex could speak, Karen waved the Supreme Card in the air. Her eyes flashed with triumph as she said to Robert, "Mr Miller, look! He stole a card from the VIP room!" She smiled at him, her expression a little smug.
Surely, Mr Miller would be happy with her for preventing theft. He had a lot of authority in the eastern district of Metro Sky Bank, and when he had arrived at headquarters, he had seemed impressed with her, so she was hoping for a promotion. Her imagination began to run away with her as she dreamed about her possible future.
Mr Miller's face had always been a little glum, but as she watched, his expression grew darker and darker. Before she could figure out why, she was startled by his explosive roar, leaving her entire body trembling.
"Let go of Mr Ambrose!" As he yelled, Mr Miller knocked the Supreme Card out of her hand, and she was so scared that she let go of Alex. Mr Miller pushed her aside and bent down to pick up the card. "Mr Ambrose, your card. I'm very sorry. I haven't trained Ms Young properly. I do apologize."
Mr Miller's expression showed a mixture of respect, embarrassment, and unease, as the bank's customers looked on in amazement. Karen was stunned.
Could the Supreme Card be his? she wondered.
Her eyes widened. No matter how hard she tried, she couldn't make sense of it.
If this man had a Supreme Card, then he had at least three million dollars, yet he appeared to only be around twenty years old. A poor, lower-class loser with that much money? No, it was just too unlikely.
"It's not your fault, Mr Miller," Alex assured him, slipping the card back into his pocket.
"Thank you, Mr Ambrose." Robert dipped his head and paused briefly before straightening up and shouting at Karen, "Why are you just standing there? Apologize to Mr Ambrose immediately!"
How could Karen still not understand? Robert thought. The young man standing in front of them was seriously rich and needed to be treated with respect.
Karen immediately bowed her head at Alex. "Mr Ambrose, I'm very sorry for my rude behaviour. I made a mistake, created a fuss over nothing, and put my hands on you. It was my fault, and I will reflect on my behaviour—"
Alex ignored her and walked away.
"Mr Ambrose," Robert called after him. "If you ever need anything, just give me a call, and I'll do my best to help."
Robert was excited by this opportunity. It was rare to meet someone as important as Alex, so he shamelessly tried to charm him.
"Okay, Robert." Alex smiled faintly. Robert had come to his defence, after all.
The use of his first name made Robert feel quite emotional. The wealthiest customers called him by his first name, and now so did this poorly dressed young man, who displayed not even a hint of arrogance.
Alex strode out of the bank and hailed a taxi to take him back to Preston University.
As Alex entered the university building, he accidentally stepped into a puddle, splashing a lot of mud on his legs.
He checked his watch then rushed toward the classroom, where Mr Morgan was already standing at the podium, lecturing. He spotted Alex out of the corner of his eye and a hint of disappointment flashed across his face.
Feeling guilty, Alex lowered his head.
Of all his teachers, Mr Morgan was his favourite. The other teachers tended to ignore Alex because he had no money, and some even openly mocked him. Only Mr Morgan treated him like any other student.
Alex slipped quietly into the classroom, aware that all the students were staring at him, and he could hear them whispering.
"He isn't usually late. Hell must have frozen over."
"Look at his pants! They’re filthy. Doesn’t he have any clean clothes?"
"Are you joking? It’s not like he’d have the money for new ones. It looks like he's just thrown on whatever he could find."
Some of the boys continued to talk, and the girls in the front row covered their mouths with their hands as they joined in. Their eyes flashed with contempt when they looked at Alex.
"Stop talking!" Mr Morgan said loudly. "And pay attention."
Throughout the lecture, Alex noticed that Mr Morgan kept glancing at him, his eyes full of disapproval, as if Alex had failed to live up to his expectations.
Eventually, the lecture was over.
"Class dismissed."
Mr Morgan packed up his textbooks and left.
"Cathy." The voice came from the doorway.
Everyone turned in the direction of the voice and saw Billy walking through the door and going straight to Cathy, who was sitting by the window. She stood and hugged him, both of them were in love
Many of the students turned to stare at Alex. Everyone thought that he was Cathy's boyfriend, and they weren’t aware that she had broken up with him.
Alex watched in disgust. He’d heard that Billy had taken at least five different girls to stay at that hotel. Cathy was just the latest in a long line, and Alex had no intention of fighting for her.
Billy strutted past Alex with his arm around Cathy's shoulder.
"Darling, wait a minute," Cathy said to Billy as she stopped in front of Alex and held out her phone. "Since we've broken up, I don’t want to owe you anything. Here's the phone you bought for me a few weeks ago. You can have it back."
Alex glanced at the Samsung Galaxy phone and then took it.
"Hah, you would have to work part-time for six months to afford one of these!" Cathy took a brand-new phone out of her pocket and showed it to Alex. "This is the latest iPhone, and it’s much better than your phone."
"Of course, it's far too expensive for a loser like him." Billy raised his chin and looked at Alex. "Cathy told me that she kept asking for that phone for six months before you finally bought it for her. Do you think you can pick up a girl so far out of your league? You're just embarrassing yourself, so give up. And I'm warning you now: don't even think about her. If I find out you’ve gone anywhere near her, you'll regret it!"
"Don't waste your breath talking to a loser like him. Can we go to De Luca’s for lunch?" Cathy had already dismissed Alex.
"Call me baby," Billy said, smiling at her.
"Baby, let's go." She flirted with him right in front of Alex.
"Cathy!" A petite girl stood up, glaring at her. "You're taking it all too far. I never thought you'd break up with Alex, and I'm ashamed of you."
"Emma, why do you care?" She scowled. When things had been going well with Alex, she’d been on good terms with Emma, who was a decent person. Sometimes, when Cathy had been fighting with Alex, she had asked Emma’s opinion about who was in the right.
"You gave up Alex for someone like Billy?" Emma asked. "How could you treat Alex like this? When you were sick and couldn't even get out of bed, Alex sent you lunch and dinner every day for a month. And when you were walking in the mountains and twisted your ankle, he carried you on his back for miles down the mountain. Don’t you remember that? You know he doesn't make much money from his part-time jobs, but when you wanted a phone, he worked hard for months to save enough money to buy it for you. And this is how you repay him? By breaking up with him and ridiculing him?"
Cathy scowled. "I never forced him to do anything. If he was stupid enough to go along with it, that's his problem! And so what if he bought me a cell phone? It was only a Samsung. And why would I want a Samsung when I can have an iPhone?"
Emma shook her head. "Cathy, I don’t understand you. Do you only care about money? Will money get you everything you want?"
"Yes!" Cathy barked out a laugh. She stared at Emma and said, "I admit that I like money. Is that so wrong?" She took Billy's arm and said, "Come on, baby, let's go. These two poor people disgust me."
She glared at Alex and Emma and then swept out of the classroom with her head held high.
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2023.06.08 10:17 DalaiLamaRood Best Practice for dynamic summarize of a transaction log

So I have been at this problem for a few hours now and while I have sort of figured out a solution, this solution throws an error when I want to implement it into the other parts of my model.
So essentially I have a transaction_log table. That table contains about 9 million or so rows, tracking the state of each transaction once it changes. So if a transactionID had a balance of 10 at one point, and later down the line was updated to a balance of 0, the table would have two entries for that transactionID.
What I am trying to do essentially is to dynamically get the sum of balances for each transaction at a particular dynamic point in time. For example if I slice by February 2023 , I want to see the sum of balances for all transactions up until February 2023, the changes to these transactions after February 2023 should not be calculated in.
The way I „solved“ this, was by using a summarize with a calculatetable inside a SUMX function.
The summarize creates a virtual table grouping by transaction ID, and filtering out the MAX Update date for each transactionID
Then I wrapped a calculatetable around the summarize command, to change the filter context to only include transactions of the transaction log table which were before the latest date in the current filter context of the visual.
This… works. But it does not allow me to link my orders fact table to the transaction logs table. Doing so will throw an error.
Since I want only transactions to be considered, which pertain to certain orders. Also all my dimensions are only linked to my orders table and ideally I want to be able to slice by them.
Is the way I approached it, entirely wrong? Or is there a better approach for what I wanted to achieve?
My solution kind of ‚feels‘ awful - it also requires a lot of compute since the summarize needs to be calculated for every row of a date.
submitted by DalaiLamaRood to PowerBI [link] [comments]