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2023.05.31 05:28 Impossible-Change-39 Use this cleaning product on everything

The pink stuff The Pink Stuff is a versatile cleaning product that can be used to clean a variety of surfaces. Here are some things that The Pink Stuff can clean: 1. Kitchen appliances: The Pink Stuff can be used to clean ovens, stovetops, and microwaves. 2. Bathroom surfaces: The Pink Stuff can be used to clean sinks, showers, and toilets. 3. Outdoor furniture: The Pink Stuff can be used to clean patio furniture, including plastic, metal, and glass surfaces. 4. Shoes: The Pink Stuff can be used to clean shoes, including leather, suede, and canvas. 5. Car interiors: The Pink Stuff can be used to clean car interiors, including seats, dashboard, and console. 6. Jewelry: The Pink Stuff can be used to clean jewelry, including gold, silver, and costume jewelry. By using The Pink Stuff, you can clean a variety of surfaces and items in your home. It's a versatile and effective cleaning product that can help you keep your home clean and tidy. https://honesthoneyreviews.blogspot.com/2023/05/ discover-magic-of-pink-stuff-ultimate.html
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2023.05.31 05:27 Impossible-Change-39 Use this cleaning product on everything

The pink stuff The Pink Stuff is a versatile cleaning product that can be used to clean a variety of surfaces. Here are some things that The Pink Stuff can clean: 1. Kitchen appliances: The Pink Stuff can be used to clean ovens, stovetops, and microwaves. 2. Bathroom surfaces: The Pink Stuff can be used to clean sinks, showers, and toilets. 3. Outdoor furniture: The Pink Stuff can be used to clean patio furniture, including plastic, metal, and glass surfaces. 4. Shoes: The Pink Stuff can be used to clean shoes, including leather, suede, and canvas. 5. Car interiors: The Pink Stuff can be used to clean car interiors, including seats, dashboard, and console. 6. Jewelry: The Pink Stuff can be used to clean jewelry, including gold, silver, and costume jewelry. By using The Pink Stuff, you can clean a variety of surfaces and items in your home. It's a versatile and effective cleaning product that can help you keep your home clean and tidy. https://honesthoneyreviews.blogspot.com/2023/05/ discover-magic-of-pink-stuff-ultimate.html
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2023.05.31 05:26 Vast_Professor7399 Looking for magic item rewards suggestions

I am running AV. For 3 seperate groups. Yes, I am insane for doing this. So, that said, I could really use ideas for proper magic items to reward players with, stuff tailored towards helping them along. Can be in place of found treasure or just stuff for sale in shops. There will be one or two trips to Absalom, so most anything can be on the table as an option.
Game #1 has a half elf scoundrel rogue, a half elf storm druid, a kitsune clostiered cleric, a human weapon inventor and a human sword and board fighter.
Game #2 has a halfing animal instinct barbarian, a kobald bard, a gnome warpriest and a human witch with beastmaster archtype, with a bear.
Game #3 has.... A air elemental blood human sorcerer, a human monk, a human sword and board fighter, a kitsune bard, a lizardfolk barbarian (dragon instinct i think), a shoony thief rogue, a catfolk thaum, and a monkey person that I can't remember his class because he pissed me off and he has ghoul fever and will die. When i say no evil characters and then you play a CG character as evil and do everything you can to fuck over the party....
Anyways, does anyone have any suggestions for me?
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2023.05.31 05:26 catnatomy [Thank You] Birthday Thank Yous Round 2

It's not even my birthday yet, but I am blown away by the number of cards I have already received. My mailbox was filled multiple days in a row! I'm especially touched by people who just had my address on hand still and thought to send me a birthday card. It's gonna take a while to get to all the thank yous. Thank you so much!
u/MaeveTheBrave Thank you for the very colorful "Happy Birthday" card! I love how you decorated the inside with stickers! I love the little unicorn. Thanks for the stickers for me, too. The star with little stars in it is my fave
u/alluu3 Thank you for the black balloon "Happy Birthday" card! I love the contrast of the white and colored letters on the black background. Your little ghost joke was so cute. I might be stealing that :)
u/heymorganm Thank you for the "kitten city" card and for wishing me a "purr-fest birthday!" I love all the cats! The little string of flags you made from the washi tape that matched the washi on the envelope is so cute and I love the washi pattern, too.
u/tigerlady13 Thank you for the black birthday card with the candles on it! I love the little gifts washi you used to decorate the inside. Thank you also for the flower sticker, bonus postcard, and ephemera, and your sweet message
u/melhen16 Thank you for the handmade washi birthday card! The color combos with all the pinks is lovely. Thank you also for the absolute explosion of kawaii stickers! I think my favorite is the little dog wearing a beret and holding a plate of pancakes
u/hexagonalrainbow Thank you for the "Crap Chronicles" postcard! It's so creepy; I love it! I am always happy to take weird cards off your hands lol. Thanks also for the bonus nacho postcard and one of your snail guy stickers :)
u/wetsocksinyourbutt Thank you for the super cute raccoon birthday card! I saw a raccoon the other night when I was leaving work and I had a moment of thinking "omg I forgot these are real animals that just live among us!" It was a little magical. I love their little people hands. Thank you for the sweet note, ephemera, pop rocks, and tea (which sounds so delicious after I translated it and realized it was "strawberry cheesecake tea" and not just "cheese tea" lol).
u/travel4me22 Thank you for the birthday card with the adorable birthday hat! Love the screaming cat on the envelope. I always enjoy the 3D elements on your cards! When I first started in RAOC, you sent me a card with blue hydrangeas on it and it was so intricate and gorgeous and texturally amazing! One of my favorite cards of all time
u/birdiebennett You have outdone yourself, my friend! This envelope was so thick, it felt like receiving a full legal brief. The card is amazing; I love the cats and I love the 3D fuzzy balls on their party hats and all the different cats on the envelope. All the thoughtful bonus items are so wonderful. These skeleton and flower stickers?? GORGEOUS. This bonus skeleton card and fortune teller postcard? AMAZING. These shiny Halloween stickers and spooky cutouts? SO COOL. Is it Halloween yet? I can't thank you enough, you did an amazing job :)
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2023.05.31 05:26 doroski_grayscale Fun overpowered Items

Hello all!
Relatively new DM here. I have a d2000 item generator I use for my dnd 5e game. The bulk is made of official magic items, a few homebrew items, and then some nonitem stuffs (Blessings, vehicles, recipes, etc.).
I want to fill the top ten (1991-2000) with Game Breaking but fun magic items. However, I have run out of ideas and am asking if anyone has a good/funny idea for a consumable item. A few examples of what I have already:
Any suggestions are welcome.
Thanks in Advance!
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2023.05.31 05:25 -deCRYPTID- { Freedom. }

{ Freedom. }
{ u/oursilentstars u/Syene- u/mycatboo12 u/xXSkullCrusher420Xx u/Oxnodeia_Cresilia After meeting up with Rook at the entrance mirror of Heartslabyul, Riddle quickly rushes out, his head is craned down to stare at a pocket watch in his hand. He doesn’t respond when Rook calls out to him, but Rook instructs for the team to follow the housewarden. }
{ Tonight was the night. The night where chaos will rain down on this dimension. Where reality becomes nothing more than a sandbox for him to play with. This will be nice, a fresh new start… If it wasn’t for the pack of wild toddlers trying to chase him down. Humans were fragile, and this one he was piloting keeps panicking over everything. He told this boy about their deal, and he agreed to the conditions. What could possibly make him afraid all of a sudden? He should’ve known what he was getting himself into…
He had this body walk out into the woods many times for over a week now. Despite the… undesirably large amount of witnesses, everything had been going according to plan. They were all onto him, though. This vessel had locked himself in his room out of fear after discovering a secret encoded message in one of the drawers… What a silly, silly boy. Not knowing that one was left by one of his own peers... Ha!
This boy was most definitely not leaving out of his own will , so he had to… push him some. Like always. Onto a broomstick and out the window. Flying to the location of the circle was much different than walking, it was actually quite enjoyable. He began walking once he reached the dark woods once more.
It hadn’t been tampered with. Good.
He knows there’s an audience coming. That doesn’t matter. They can’t do anything to stop him now. In this case, an audience might actually be fun to have around~… }
{ Following Riddle leads everyone into the dark, foggy woods. Syene uses her unique magic to light the way as everybody else readies their magic and weapons for any dangerous encounter. They all eventually see a familiar silhouette in the distance. With a bit of struggle, Rook ushers everyone to hide behind some bushes.
Everybody watches as the fog begins to clear and that very diagram was illustrated on the ground with chalk, each square having an item in it. The figure, now more clearly recognizable as the Heartslabyul Vicewarden, stands in front of the remaining empty square. He turns his head to the group, and takes off his glasses…
His grin is unnatural, fake. His eyes glowed a warm yellow and looked inhumane. His gaze does not leave the group as he drops the glasses. They land perfectly on the empty square.
He fixates his stare back to the circle as the triangle in the center glows a bright cyan, creating a beam of light. The lit candles all blow out, and the surrounding winds become stronger. Trey(?) backs away slowly and laughs hysterically. As the light glows brighter, a blurred shadow of a figure can seen emerging from inside the pillar.
Trey’s laughter gets weaker and weaker, before he ultimately collapses backwards, fainted. The laugh can now be heard from the being inside the light. It’s form fully materializes as the light begins to fade…
{ Wklv vkdoo eh txlwh hqwhuwdlqlqj~... }

[ OOC - if this was confusing at all i'm so sorry haha i'm running on very low energy rn and i wasn't able to get much art done but i will try to answer any questions i can ]
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2023.05.31 05:20 ogreatgames Gran Turismo 4: Car Racing Game - PS2 Game

![video](fv0zan1k6y391 " Drive authentic cars, experience surreal car physics, and race through realistic-looking courses. Visit https://ogreatgames.com/products/gran-turismo-4 to buy these item(s) & more while supplies last! -- ")
#playstation2 #racing #simulation --
Gran Turismo 4 For Sony PlayStation 2. Have a marvelous racing experience with one of the most iconic racing games of all time. Gran Turismo 4 features real-like cars and race tracks that make the gameplay exceptional. Drive through the streets of New York City, The Grand Canyon, and Tsukuba Circuit while riding high-powered cars. Players can earn a maximum of 200 Points in A-Spec Game Mode. There are 4 sets of missions that are worth playing including The Pass, 3 Lap Battle, Slipstream Battle, and 1 Lap Magic. --
Hey check out similar videos here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=05uKspxQ89s&list=PLVduyMnVQjzNYPljUBqwgAXdMPQ9CEKWY
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2023.05.31 05:01 RadioactiveShack The NECROMANTIC EMPIRE ™: ARRAIOLOS VACATION season 2 starts tonight at midnight.

The NECROMANTIC EMPIRE ™: ARRAIOLOS VACATION season 2 starts tonight at midnight.
It's vacation time....or is it? Find out what an npc does when they get to pretend that they are adventures.
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2023.05.31 04:41 SXiang Global Maintenance: 5/31/2023: Starting and Ending Content and Monthly Shop Rollover

Maintenance will start at 9 PM PDT, 4 hours before daily rollover. It will last until 6AM PDT, 9 hours long.
Links to the news articles for all new things can be found at https://deathsnacks.com/ffbe/global.html
New Summons/Units
New Events
Monthly Rollovers: 6/1
Upcoming Payouts
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2023.05.31 04:32 ElboMan Why does a statblock for Treerazer exist?

Simple question really.
I can kinda see why the other two level 25s exist: basically as plot points in their respective adventure paths. Don't piss off the big tree guardian, don't let the daddy dino show up. But Treerazer is just in the bestiary... just hanging out there between "Tree That Weeps" and "Triceratops," like he's actually an option.
Like it's an interesting novelty I suppose, but I can't really think of a reason they would publish a monster that is essentially unusable. You're not supposed to put your players up against something that's more than 4 levels higher than they are- so even with a party of level 20s with the best magic items possible, they'd likely be totally boned.
Have you ever fought Treerazer, or GM'd an encounter featuring him? What went down? Am I overestimating how impossible he is to win against?
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2023.05.31 04:29 LuckyMouse9 I've Completely Changed How I Play Olaf Top

Starting Q and spamming it is a thing of the past. The little amount of damage it does is not worth the mana cost early lane phase. I choose W level 1. Not only will it help farm and win early lane fights, mana cost is significantly less than Q.
Level 2, I go E and now ur lane can't win trades. Q is still valuable though, because enemies hit by it lose 20% armor for 4 seconds, which leads me to this core build:
Divine Saunderer: gives each legendary additional armor penetration
Serylda's Grudge: more armor penetration and slows enemies
Black Cleaver: fuck it, more armor penetration and generous amount of ability haste
After that, I'll go depending on the team comp:
-Warmongs or frozen heart if applicable
-Sterak's gage
-Maw of Malmortius: perfect magic resist item for Olaf
-Chempunk chainsword
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2023.05.31 04:26 wildfire393 My May Metroidvania Roundup

This year, I've decided to do a monthly post reviewing the MV games I've completed that month. Some of these may be replays of older games, but largely I'm going to focus on stuff with a fairly recent release.
Any review will obviously be subjective, so for some personal context, I tend to prefer games that are close to the Metroid side of things than the Castlevania side of things. I'm also a fan of MVs that shake up the formula, either by adding in a new element (i.e. Yoku's Island Express mixing in pinball) or by focusing on a specific element of the MV formula and taking it to 11 (i.e. Aeterna Noctis being super deep on the challenging platforming, the La-Mulana games taking the puzzle-solving/adventure elements to the stratosphere, etc). But I'm also fond of games that just get the fundamentals right and provide a smooth and enjoyable experience. I'll also try to add objective measures/quantifications on games where I can.
May itself was a slower month as far as releases go, which is good because I spent most of the month catching up on April's releases.

The Last Case of Benedict Fox - This was a really interesting one. It's effectively a point-and-click-style Adventure game/Metroidvania hybrid. It features stylized CGI art that reminded me of classic adventure games like Grim Fandango, and a cool eldritch horror setting and decent mystery story. The adventure/puzzle elements were pretty cool as well, nothing quite as arcane as the La-Mulana games throw at you, but some interesting puzzles to solve.
Unfortunately, the Metroidvania aspects of the game were largely lacking. Platforming was pretty awkward - your double and triple jump abilities are dependent on "grappling" something above you with your eldritch companion, but it's not clear the rules by which this is targeted, so there's stretches where inexplicably you just can't use the ability since nothing overhead quite qualifies. Combat, likewise, had some major hiccups. It's very easy to get hit and comboed to death, enemies can often attack you from offscreen like right when you open a door, and many enemies feel spongey. There's only two real boss fights - the first and the last, all of the other "boss" sequences are escape or stealth sequences. There was, however, an interesting twist on the "corpse run" type mechanic. Enemies, when defeated for the first time, drop "ink", which is a currency you can use in the game to unlock and enhance abilities. If you die, you drop all of the ink you've accumulated since your last save point, but it doesn't return to the enemies that dropped it initially - they respawn, but without the ink they're in a weakened state that's easier to beat - so you can get back to where you died and recover it. But if you die on the way there, the ink returns to the enemies and you have to find and kill them all again. It felt like there's some stakes to dying, but never anything as feelbad as when you lose out on several hundred geo in Hollow Knight, for instance.
But the ink system ties in to another Metroidvania failing - most of the traversal abilities are unlocked via ink rather than via completing a specific goal in the game, so a lot of the ability-exploration loop is just sort of sold short. There's also several places where there are story gates rather than ability gates, which makes *some* amount of sense for a story-heavy game to make sure you encounter the story in the appropriate order, but weirdly, these aren't universal enough to actually enforce that. I missed a fairly major story point until much later in the game than I was supposed to have encountered it, which, eventually, stopped me from progressing further, but not until after doing a bunch of stuff that had assumed I'd encountered the point I missed, leading to some confusion. There also seemed to be some inconsistency around completion percentages, some areas weren't showing the amount of ink left to be found there, for instance.
Overall, it took me 15.6 hours to complete, making it slightly longer than an "average" game. But my overall verdict is that it's a game that had a great theory but was lacking in execution.

Afterimage - Here's one that's been generating a lot of buzz on this sub. It's definitely pretty deep into the Castlevania side of things - you have level-ups, stats, different equipable weapons and armor, enemies can drop items randomly, there's food crafting for permanent stat bonuses, and there are consumable potions that can be used during combat. Overall, it felt a lot like Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night, only without the Soul Shards system and with a talent tree that increases base stats slightly and unlocks weapon skill.
The game is also huge. Larger than Bloodstained (which may have taken me a little longer to complete because it's much grindier), likely comparable to games like Hollow Knight and Aeterna Noctis in size. And it took me a behemoth 36.7 hours to complete. And the art on it is quite good. There's a small segment early in the game where you're running down a hill and the sun is in the background and your character shows up in silhouette and it just struck me as the kind of artistic moment that's not super common in the genre. Unfortunately, the other aesthetic and lore choices for the game aren't as great as the art. The music is bland, the voice acting and dialogue is cringey, and the story is straight-up incoherent. It throws a bunch of weird terminology at you right out the gate and never explains it, basically expecting that you have existing familiarity with it, but best that I can tell it doesn't map to any kind of existing folklore or media. And it's not even one of these like, slow burn deep lore reveal moments either, there's never any meaningful payoff for this incoherence. And as nice as the art is, the areas are largely generic and those that are more interesting lack coherent theming and end up mashing up several unrelated themes into a single zone. There's also a fair bit of visual clutter which can lead to taking damage from small flying enemies that blend into the foreground or background.
Combat is plagued by the Castlevania problem: in a game with leveling and stats, the difference between an enemy at or below your level and one above your level is extremely stark. 90% of the bosses were total pushovers, able to be bulldozed down while face-tanking them because your stats are just better than theirs, maybe with a potion or two if you're close. And then there's a couple of high-level bosses that feel overtuned in the other direction and are frustrating, with poorly/misleadingly-telegraphed attacks that lead to a lot of damage feeling unfair. Likewise, if you find yourself in an area where the regular monsters are considerably above your level, you're going to have a miserable time of it, as they soak attacks like a sponge and kill you in 2 hits. And if you slog through them, you frequently run into an ability gate before getting anywhere meaningful in the zone. Which begs the question, why isn't that ability gate at the START of the zone, stopping you from going in somewhere where the enemies are way above your level and you can't progress, rather than relying on a soft level-barrier? This is particularly annoying at one point in the mid-game, where there's two nearby entrances to an single area from the same previous area, but one leads you to the above outleveled situation and the other is at-level and is needed to progress. If you take the first path, you'll quickly conclude you shouldn't be in this area at all, which then leaves you blocked if you never check the other path.
Tying in to the story issues, there's also some truly bizarre choices made around the endgame. Like, there are a number of "endings" available, but most of them don't really resolve anything or feel like an ending or even elaborate on what the consequences of your actions really are, which doesn't matter because you reload as if nothing has happened immediately after. And after completing a couple of the endings, you unlock a "New Game+" mode, except it's nothing at all like any NG+ I've ever seen, it's a series of ten linear levels played with a different character to "fill in the gaps" (leaving me barely any more coherent than when I started) and unlocking a final zone and ending in the main game when completed.
Overall, it's not an awful game, and fans of Igavanias and Bloodstained will likely find a lot to enjoy about it. The weapon system is cool and the weapons feel distinct (though, final gripe, a lot of the Magic Subweapons don't have any explanation for what they're supposed to do. Seemingly they're supposed to increase some stats or something but there's nowhere that indicates which stats, for how much, and for how long). Platforming is snappy and responsive. There's a lot of world to explore. But ultimately, it's not the kind of thing that's rocketing to the top of my personal tier lists.

Convergence: A League of Legends Story - After catching up on both of those games, I had time for a shorter one, and Convergence had just hit, so I decided to check it out after hearing it's a Metroidvania. And it is! Maybe not the world's best, but it was a good palette cleanser.
The game feels a fair bit like Guacamelee, actually. It has areas you explore in a mostly-linear fashion, and most of the collectibles in these areas can be picked up your first time through, with thorough exploration and some platforming challenges. Combat often feels like a beat-em-up. You can unlock combat abilities in town to expand your range of moves. There's a fairly deep range of mobility upgrades you unlock, and the movement is incredibly responsive and largely feels great.
The big draw is the time manipulation abilities, which the game does with a unique flair. At any time, you can hold the left trigger to rewind time by up to five seconds, which rolls back any damage you take during that window too. Which is good, because your health starts at 3 (2 on hard mode) and there are no health upgrades available. However, there are a number of upgrades available to the number of rewinds you can hold, which effectively works as a buffer for your healthbar, as you can rewind judiciously to avoid damage as long as you have enough charges left. This mechanic also lets them make bosses that feel challenging but can frequently be beaten without dying - you just might have to rewind out of their attacks a dozen or more times in one fight, learning their attack patterns on the go and applying your knowledge immediately after rolling back a hit.
On the downside of things is the linearity. You can backtrack to miss things you missed the first time through an area, but once you unlock the gadget to highlight chests on your map, it's pretty easy to get everything on the first try, meaning you might only have to go back in to the first couple of areas. There's more backtracking in the central hub area as you revisit it between chapters with new abilities, but it's not as much as a "true" Metroidvania where you frequently have to revisit a zone with a new context. There's also a small mismatch between the rate of currency gain to the price of gadgets and combat abilities; I finished the game with half the combat ability tree still locked and one gadget incomplete, and there's really no incentive whatsoever to go grind ~1500 cogs 3-5 at a time to unlock everything at that point.
At ten hours, it's fairly average length for a Metroidvania, which may make the $30 pricetag seem a little steep for some. It's basically 2-3x what I normally expect to pay for a midsize Metroidvania that's not on sale. The linearity also means there's not a lot in terms of replayability. But for fans of League of Legends or any of its offshoots, there's some cool moments where you get to throw down with popular champions, and the story is pretty solid to boot.

So that's a wrap on May. Unless anything really catches my eye, I'm probably going to spend most of June replaying Aeterna Noctis on its harder difficulty and tackling the DLC, so my June wrapup may be a bit shorter.
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2023.05.31 04:23 Wakaflocka223 Is my friend legit or lying ?

Basically I’m just curious to know if my friend was turning on the dev commands to spawn in things. He’s claims before even he beat the 4th boss, that alll the gear is got before the mistlands is legit. Granted, we’ve only played for about two week.
Before bone mass, he was already building black forges in my world and I forget the other crafting station where you can start making magic staffs I believe, he made as well. He was bringing in level four black metal swords, The best bow in the game and as well as the best armor in the game.
At the end of the day it’s a video game but I think it’s a little weird that he’s might be lying about using the commands to spawn in shit. Another kind of giveaway was before he beat the fourth boss, he already had about 40 fermenters set up and a black marble castle he made. I just don’t see if it being legit with the little time we’ve been playing. Also, He was bringing in powerful food like cooked chicken and salads. Things I’ve never seen.
Really it took the fun out of the game because I kept telling them to quit dropping overpowered items in my world and we were arguing about how I didn’t think it was legit he was doing all that.
Thoughts ? Do you think someone could head to the miss lands before the fourth boss and gather up all that shit I’m talking about legit? Like I said we were only playing a game for a couple weeks not even at that point.
Been looking for people to run a legit world with. Just wanted to hear peoples opinion if you think he was doing everything legit.
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2023.05.31 04:14 BikesCoffeeAndMusic Create places/characters/items off of real life things you see

While traveling across state recently, I started realizing that some towns in the area we were visiting had odd names that could definitely be places in my campaign. I then found two businesses side by side that, when their names were combined, sounded like a really cool magical item. Then I created the inventor of that magical item based on the name, and she is becoming a pivotal NPC that is being added to the campaign.
‘Creativity’ doesn’t have to mean coming up with with every name and cool idea on the spot. Use the resources available to you! Your players will never know, either!
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2023.05.31 04:14 Razial22 Future Gear Progression T9x ++??

Hello all,
So what is the future of gearing? T97? T99? Etc..? What if we did something a little more exciting. What if as well as exciting we would be able to mitigate or outright DELETE switchscape? What if items could be “made”? What I mean by this is what if every item drop could be boiled down into its components (not invention components lol);
Piece 1: The Shell The item base (aka what “it” is). It determines the item level and type - bow, halberd, shield, helmet, etc.. - item level also determines the amount of “socketable” aspects that can be placed into the item. More on what that means -
Piece 2: The Passive This is one of the two socketable aspect types. Passive effects from items can be boiled down and placed into a shell piece. The item would then assume the passive effect placed into it.
Piece 3: The Special Attack This is the other of the two socketable aspect types. It would be the special attack from whatever item is boiled down (ex; snapshot from magic short bow).
How this would help and why it would cut down on switchscape.
Ex; T90 item: has 1 special attack slot and 2 passive slots.
I use a Nox Scythe as my base, I then place in the TZK special attack, TMW spear passive, and the scourge passive effect.
All passives and specials would be scaled down to match the item level.
This is OP though right? Kind of, but it can be balanced.
Passive slot 1 is 100% 1:1 of the passive effect gained from the original item. Passive slot 2, and so forth had a reduced effect (ex it would be operate as item level t85).
Once a “crafted” item is equipped another different “crafted” item cannot be equipped within the next minute (cd is reset at the war’s retreat crystal).
Overall I see the direction of the game continuing down this equip to better tier item and swap to spec piano style play and I don’t like it. I want to be able to focus on combat and not juggling items and inventory.
Just my thoughts lmk!
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2023.05.31 04:05 TheTurtle64 Heeheehaha 2800 Days + 200 Best Friends Before Maint

Heeheehaha 2800 Days + 200 Best Friends Before Maint
We ball
Here’s to hoping I get 3K Day Tama before NA shuts down 🤡
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2023.05.31 03:51 foxstarfivelol remove curse removes the curse from the players, not the items. if you want them to keep it just make it at least still worth the attunement slot.

remove curse removes the curse from the players, not the items. if you want them to keep it just make it at least still worth the attunement slot. submitted by foxstarfivelol to dndmemes [link] [comments]

2023.05.31 03:26 Arnowrld [F4M] You should move here [Personal Attention] [Stepford Wives]

I've decided to remake the existing script I made into a full series: The Stepford Chronicles. This will act as the first episode or part of it.
The script itself is open to be used. I ask for credit to be given & a link to your recording, if possible. Making changes to the script is alright in my book.
— — — — — — — — — — — — — — —
supermarket SFX
Cashier: Mhm, that'll be $53.48.
moving bags to the side
Cashier: Thank you, Margaret.
cash register SFX
Cashier: Alright then, here you are hon. Thank you for shopping with us, & I'll be seeing you at the catillion. lightly giggles
Cashier: notices you Hello, sir. Welcome to Magic Market. Are you new here? Well, it's always wonderful to meet a new face.
scanning items SFX
Cashier: So, are you new to Stepford? gasp Golly, you're an out of towner. You did you know about this place? pauses I-I'm sorry, I've never heard of it.
Cashier: Well, what do you think of the town so far? Because it is a wonderful town to be a part of...
Cashier: Mhm, you should move here. You would fit in, right as rain.
scanning items SFX stops
Cashier: Alright then sir, that'll be $39.86. puzzled What is this?
credit/debit card SFX
Cashier: One moment please...
walking SFX
Cashier: distance Excuse me, what is this? pauses Credit or debit? Alright then.
walks back
Cashier: I apologize, sir. We don't seem to accept- voice sounds more artificial Credit or Debit as payment methods, this establishment only takes cash. Override- voice goes back to normal My goodness, I apologize. Ummm... Oh, thank you.
cash register SFX starts
Cashier: I don't know what came over me, I should probably check in with my maintenance ce- Er, I meant my doctor.
cash register SFX ends
Cashier: Thank you for shopping with us, sir. Let me carry your bags to your vehicle.
paper or plastic bag SFX
Cashier: Oh no, sir, I insist. You already did so much work in order to get here.
walking SFX
Cashier: Oh, do I have any kids? No, not at the moment. I'm not built to have them as of yet. Oh, once again... I should really see a doctor.
supermarket SFX transitions to Outside SFX
Cashier: All I have is the love of my life. What about you?
Cashier: Oh, that's so good to hear. I hope you have a great relationship with each other.
notices your car
Cashier: Oh wow, is this your car? It looks so foreign. It's a Chrysler? I never knew they made cars like these.
puts bags in trunk SFX
Cashier: That should be it, thank you for coming to Magic Market. If you want to look into possibly coming to Stepford more often...
business card SFX
Cashier: My husband can help you find a good property in the area. If you want...
walking SFX
Cashier: distance I hope we see each other again soon, take care now.
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2023.05.31 03:22 bidderboo7 Xp costs in a milestone game

Hey all. So we're currently playing a campaign where we're using milestones to level up instead of xp and we have a player that's going to be playing an artificer (3.5 rules) and he plans on making magic items, which costs xp. I'm thinking I'm going to have to just start counting xp. Anyone have any other ideas that won't mess up the game?
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2023.05.31 03:08 zathong How To Play Martis Mobile Legends ?

How To Play Martis Mobile Legends ?
Hey, I’m Zathong and this guide is about Martis Build in Mobile Legends. I will assist you in playing this Martis champion more effectively in Rank and Classic.
If you like Martis sustained DPS you can use combo items: Blade of Despair, Warrior Boots, War Axe, Demon Hunter Sword, Brute Force Breastplate, Immortality.
If you like Martis burst you can use combo items: Blade of Despair, Warrior Boots, War Axe, Endless Battle, Hunter Strike, Queen’s Wings.
If you like Martis attack & defend you can use combo items: War Axe, Warrior Boots, Brute Force Breastplate, Blade of Despair, Queen’s Wings, Immortality.
If you like Martis pro build you can use combo items: Warrior Boots, Blade of Despair, Brute Force Breastplate, Bloodlust Axe, Corrosion Scythe, Oracle.
Fighter emblems set:
  • Physical Attack: +16.
  • Physical Defense: +8.
  • Magical Defense: +8.
  • Physical PEN: +5.
  • HP: +273.
Assassin emblems set:
  • Physical PEN: +13.5.
  • Physical Attack: +15.
  • Crit Chance: +3.5%.
  • Cooldown Reduction: +5%.
  • Movement SPD: +2%.
Read more: https://zathong.com/martis-build-mobile-legends/
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2023.05.31 03:08 Empty_Advice7902 The Dark Rise of One Piece: Anime's Loneliest Creator - The Eiichiro Oda Story!

The Dark Rise of One Piece: Anime's Loneliest Creator - The Eiichiro Oda Story!
Is One Piece the greatest Story ever told? A full Essay / Video Documentary on Eiichiro Oda and One Piece. To me One Piece is a masterpiece but it took a lot of sacrifices for Oda to become the best selling mangaka of all time. I just hope I did him justice. This is the Rise and Controversies of Anime and Manga's most dedicated Creator.
YouTube Documentary: https://youtu.be/obwz7ewVwnY
At the time this is bring made is being made Eiichiro Oda has amassed an astonishing 230,000,000 Net Worth and is the creator of the highest selling manga of all time. One Piece has sold so many copies, that not only is Oda in the Guinness book of world records for the most copies ever sold of any manga or comic but it also puts his name in the top 10 highest selling fiction authors in human history. Engraving the name Eiichiro Oda next to William Shakespeare and JK Rowling. Oda is without a doubt one of the greatest and most creative story tellers of all time.

But this level us success and talent doesn’t come without sacrifices. Odas road to success is paved with A plethora of health issues both physical and mental, arrest and loneliness. One Piece has brought joy to millions of people and its success is something that Oda has dreamed of since he was 4 years old watching anime and Disney cartoons. Will act as a celebration of oda’s well earned achievements but also the over looked acknowledgment of the sacrfises, a-lot of Artist have to suffer through for our enjoyment, and dark untold truth of the manga industry. A Mangaka who escaped the industry even referred to it as “voluntary enslavement”. with an more infamous example being when kishmoto Creator Naruto and a rival of oda, finally finished his popular long running series, he reached out to oda to brag that he can now finally take a walk with his kid on a sunny day which would send the one piece author into a spiral but also motivated him to keep working so he could take walks with his family too one day.
Oda was born January 1st, 1975 in Kumamoto City Japan. From an early age he was obsessed with all things animated and cinema. Everything from Anime, Disney cartoons and Hollywood movies. By the age of 4 Oda had already began reading manga and immediately after he found out creating manga was a career! He couldn’t believe such a cool job existed and declared he would become a Mangaka to quote “avoid getting a real job” The manga that contributed the most to this epiphany was a series called “The Monster Kid” by fukiko a fujio. A story about a kid and his companions traveling through realms battling various Monsters. Oda claims that one of the panels from this specific manga was the first that made him want to draw and he would go on to draw endless copies of his favorite panel trying to get his drawings to look as good as Fujio’s. He simultaneously had fallen in love with an anime called “Vicky The Viking”
Monster Kid
A show that told the adventures of Vicky, a young Viking who would use his Witty and imaginative mind to help his friends out of tight situations.

Vicky the Viking
Vicky would spark odas life long fascinations with pirates and plant the seed for a idea that would eventually grow into one piece. you can see Vickies influenced sprinkled through out oda’s work. When odas dad found out about his sons newfound ambitions he decided to teach him to paint as he himself was a talented oil painter. oda credited his dad for his creative side and still shows off his dads paintings as the proud son he is. Oda became quite the proficient painter as well. One of his original paintings he did for a school project still hangs in his elementary school to this day
When oda got a little older and his manga taste matured He gravitated toward the Weekly shonen Jump. A anthogly of mostly action-based manga that targets an older demographic.
Oda also had started junior high around this time but admitted that it was rough for him and that he often didn’t enjoy it. The only time he would really feel happy was when he knew their was a new jump issue coming out the next day.
He loved Everything from legendary Gag series Kochikame, to the action comedy Kinnikuman.
A popular series in the Anthology called “Capatin Tsubasa” would even inspire oda to join his school soccer team just like the characters in the show. As you can tell he was a very impressionable and remains so to this day many of odas characters and themes are based of various pop culture icons like Jim Carrey, Eminem, the terminator and reservoir dogs to name a few you might know but also various Japanese acting and historical legends.
oda never dropped his love for soccer with his favorite team being Brazil. Oda revealed in a q and a that in the real world luffy would be from Brazil so I can’t help but to think this is influenced by “Capatin Tsubasa” oda would find his biggest influences though when he stubbled apon the series Dragon Ball. He was obsessed Toriyma’s art style and reread it more than any other manga. He loved his character designs and practicing them is why he said he got so good at drawing legendary buff dudes. But the most impactful thing Dragon Ball ever did for oda was show him how impactful manga could be.
When dragon ball was first gaining popularity oda remembers going to school and just seeing how his peers would react to the weekly releases. One day he would see his school get thrown into chaos by a single chapter.
“When Krillin died in Dragon Ball, the whole school was thrown into turmoil. I remember someone kept running and shouting in the school, "Krillin died!!" with Jump in his hand."
Seeing the influence a great story could have would completely reshaped the way oda looked at manga and reenforce his desires to master the craft himself.
This feeling would last with oda and the 2nd year of jr high he would start developing his talent and began drawing sketches for a pirate based manga. Over the next several years oda would continue draw everyday in his free time even at the cost of his sleep and friends. this would be foreshadowing for how obsessive he can be when he puts his mind to something. At the age of 17 he would quit soccer in an attempt to take his mangaka ambitions more seriously. He had learned about a very prestigious manga completion from a company called shueisha. It was called the tezuka award and it was given to the best manga submitted by aspiring creators.
During the same time Oda had taken a liking to an Western American Film called Young Guns, this would go on to inspire him to work 4 months on his first full-length Manga titled Wanted! it was an action gag comedy set in a western themed world.
Oda was very proud of this creation and was excited to submit it, but he was also concerned of his parents and teachers disapproving of his decisions to focus all his efforts onto something not school related. to fix this problem would submit his work under the pseudonym Tsuki Himizu Kikondo.
Being the unknown prodigy he was he would win 2nd Place and take home a 500,000 Yen cash prize. Winning this award at such a young age would send shock waves through the manga industry. many professionals within the business started keeping their eyes on him. In early 1993, Oda would go on to get several interviews and his Manga would get published in Shueisha's Mezase Mangaka! Around this time he would drop his pseudonym and start going by his real name. Showing that he was growing a lot more confident in his work. His first professional interview would even be published in Oda’s Hometown’s most prominent newspaper. Odas life was changing fast. It was getting harder and harder for even his haters to doubt his talent. Later that year he graduated high school and entered Kyushu Tokai University under the architecture program. although he never used his architectural talents in the actual field,
I can’t help but to think in played a massive part in his unique city and island designs in one piece. During university oda would continue submitting more of his work to Shueisha. Not knowing his previous win already qualified him for a spot for a monthly off shoot of the weekly Shonen Jump.This spot is is where oda would release his next manga. “God's Gift for the Future”
Gods Gift
This manga followed a pickpocket named bran that wanted to change his way of life but couldn’t stop his bad habits. through a series of events he winds up with a magic death note book gifted from god that can not alive anyone by writing the exact date and event in the notebook. look im just gonna say it. Gods gift for the future came out in October 1993 and Death note came out a decade later in 2003. Im not saying Ohba copied teenage odas work but there are alot of similarities and I found some threads that already been disscussing the topic.
If you read all of odas work in release order, you can see how each one gets progressively better and more complex. And he defiantly has two things he was good at from the begginning. Character development and world building. Part this is due to oda admitted just loving the characters he creates and he even said cries while drawing emotional or sad scenes they have to go through.
But being the near physcoeopathically ambitious machine he was. even at a young age He wasn’t satisfied with only being in a Monthly release magazine so the following year in 1994 he decided to enter a contest named Hop-Step Awards with a Manga named Ikki Yako, Oda won first place with Ikki Yako giving him his first undisputed success as a Mangaka.
Ikki Yako
With the back back awards and victories, oda was finally believing he had an actual chance at his dream coming to fruition, so the same year in 1994 he would drop out of university to pursue he career as a professional Mangaka. Dropping out of college is a huge deal in Japan. Even if you become a success some people will look down on you as school is seen as a right of passage to many Japanese citizens. Not as a option as it is in some other countries. Japans unique out look on hard work educationally and professionally will contribute to the dark concepts we will explore in the latter part of the video. And if you remember oda specifically didnt like school and often struggled to find enjoyment while being there. With some impressive accolades under his belt and a new found freedom oda would move to Tokyo under the charge of his editor Karou Kushima this was his officially start as as a true Mangaka. Oda had gotten a job at shonen Jump as an assistant as many inspiring mangakas do. He made practically no money but it was a necessary stepping stone all mangaka have to take if they want shot of publishing there own work one day. Some work as assistants for years or even decades with never getting that chance and often break under the extreme exceptions pushed onto them by the industry.
Odas first assistant Job was for shinobu kaitani’s midoriyama police gang. It was only for the last few chapters of the series and would last just a month. But Oda claims it was extremely busy month for him and he gained an immense amount of experience about the production of a professional manga.
After his manga finished Kaitani would leave Shonen Jump, Oda was sent to another Mangaka assisting creator Masaya Tokuhiro through the final years of their Manga Jungle King Tar-Chan. Tokuhiro was also the creator of the more famous Kappaman.
Oda would work for Tokuhiro for a very long time. Tokuhiro was infamous for being very resistant with allowing others to help with the important parts of his work. This was hard for oda because the free time he got after his 12-14 hour shifts he would spend drawing cool ideas for his own stories and ideas he thought might work for tokukiros but his boss would never even entertain one idea, but oda would still learn alot during this time period. specifically improving his skills of background and crowd art. During this time oda would create and submit serval of his own stories to his editor kushima. and pretty much all of them would be immediately dismissed. This would hurt but he would try to not take the harsh criticism to heart. But this would all change when Oda would create and release his next manga Monsters!
After throughly rereading it and then going back to all of his old works he began to see many of his inadequacies. This motivated oda to work even harder to fix his mistakes. He started thinking maybe his editor was right telling him he wasn’t ready yet. Oda was now sleeping only 5 hours night and began skipping meals because they took up to much time that he could be using to improve his craft.
When Kappaman ended in Mid-1996 his new boss would also move on from shusisha and oda entered his final assistant tenure under the esteemed Nobuhiro Watsuki. Working on the best selling Manga Rurouni Kenshin or Samauri X.
This would be huge for oda! Watsuki was one of the most popular mangaka not just in shonen jump but in all of Japan! He also was known to have a way more laid back style then odas previous editors. Watsuki allowed assistants to be involved in his work, speak their mind and would even review their ideas seriously. that doesn’t mean he would improve them but he felt being involved and getting hands experience was the best way to learn not just busy work for hours on in.
Oda would thrive in this environment! and one of his ideas would actually pass all the hurtles and he even was credited in the Rurouni Kenshin Manga for coming up with the Character Honjō Kamatari. The great scythe. The was huge for oda and added alot of creditably to his suggestions moving forward. Oda would never forget the faith watuski sensei had in him and unfortunately this would come with some grave consciences later on.
Oda was enjoying his time in watsuki studio but he remained troubled by the fact his ideas for Manga drafts continuously got rejected.
Oda decided since all his new ideas wasn’t cutting he would revamp his original idea for an anime. In a last resort style effort oda began work on a pirate themed manga. He decided to call it Romance Dawn. Not feeling hopeful oda would submit it to his editor. But to odas surprise Mishima was very impressed by it and would approve for it to go into further development immediately. It would debut in a shonen jump summer special and received much praise from the readers. During the production of romance dawn oda would fall under the supervision of a new editor takanori Asada who would also believe in romance dawn. He would arrange for oda to fill the gap in the weekly shonen jump that was coming up. This was an incredibly rare and unique opportunity. Oda accepted and immediately created a 2nd version of romance dawn! Within 2 weeks it was approved by Asada as well. But a weird thing was happening. The readers Loved the unique Pirate themed story and odas handlers believed in it and saw the potential greatness in oda’s work but the higher ups where very skeptical and doubtful of Oda’s concepts and refused it entirely!
Romance Dawn
They didn’t wanna try anything new. They wanted more of what worked. Basically dragon ball 2.0s but oda specially set out to make the exact opposite, this was because of 2 of odas earlier influences. Dragon ball, He loved the fights and designs but wished it was more story driven and a much more random influence was the wizard of oz. Oda loved the adventure aspect of it and implemented it into many of his works but he hated the ending of the classic movie. He thought the “The real treasure was the friends we made along the way” troup was stupid. That fans deserve build up and pay off. Oda basically was inventing the slow burn of mangas. That pull you in through world building not just flashy fights. Lucky for Oda asada wasn’t having any of his supervisors nonsense and would wage war on them proclaiming that oda has something great on his hands and he would continue this campaign for months.
and in May 1997, One Piece had finally been approved for publishing in Weekly Shonen Jump. If you love one piece make Sure you show resect for asada because it wasn’t for him we might have never been blessed which such a great story. Remember this was odas last ditch effort and who knows what would happen if it had failed.
Soon after, Oda resigned from being Watsuki Assistant on good terms, and became a full-fledged professional Mangaka himself at the age of 22. His adventure was about to reach hights and pitfalls that he could have never imagined.
And if you wanna follow me own my own adventure to be the pirate king of YouTube. This video was suppose to be saved for my 5000 subscribers special but I was so excited to drop it I couldn’t wait!
it would be cool if you could get this reddit thread to 200 upvotes
One Piece:
This is it Oda’s obsessive nature and hard work has payed off and he wasn’t about to let it go to waste. He would double down his effort once more and from this point forward things would start moving incredible quickly.
Oda would take everything’s he learned and created over the years and start immediately drafting the first 8 chapters of One Piece. Asada would lend him a hand and help him refine his ideas and offer some advice he thought could give One Piece a higher chance of success. He gave oda the advice of spicing up the first couple chapters. He thought oda had a great concept but that it wasn’t interesting enough and needed more stakes. Something too hook people and leave them wanting more. This lead to the idea of the Shanks incident in the first chapter. I think this was a great decision and set the tone for the rest of the story.
On July 1997 Weekly Shonen Jump #34 had premiered the first chapter of One Piece titled Romance Dawn giving homage to his Romance Dawn Manga that started it all. When they finished they was pretty sure they had something great on their hands but they was so nervous in wouldn’t do well. They couldn’t shake their butterflies and when the 1st Volume released Oda and his editor would hide in a bookstore and watch the customers and when they seen a little boy buying the one piece volume they would shout with pure joy! This is the cutest one piece fact and know and definitely one of my favorites because it shows how much one piece really means to him. His passion would blend onto the pages and pay off. By the end of the 1st year one piece would sell 300,000 copies. Making it a hit.
But this is again nothing compared to what would come. only one year later this number would grow to 6 million copies sold with no sign of slowing down. By 1999 one piece had reached over 17,000,000 prints and would receive a full length anime adaption that would be an instant smash across Japan. By 2001 oda was only 26 years old and the world was at his finger tips. He was a best selling mangaka and was getting all the interviews and festival bookings he could handle. But the most life altering appearance would happen at Jump festa 2002.
Why watching the performances he would see 22 year old Chiaki Inaba a model, idol, actress, Campaign girl and Race Queen. A artistic genius in her own right. During her show she would perform in a Nami swan cosplay. Showing her love for her favorite anime character that happen to be created by Oda who was in the audience. Her beauty and talent left oda smitten. It was like a romance anime scene. He had no choice but to introduce him self later the same day. They would hit it off and her personality had him hooked. Over the next 2 years they would begin seeing each other, squeezing in dates between her performance and oda busy work schedule. In 2004 they would get married opting to have a private wedding with only their closes friends attending.
Around 2004 one piece and shonen jump was more popular then ever. Manga and anime was spreading world wide. but there was an unprecedented surge in anime’s popularity in the west. The catalyst for this weeb take over would be thanks to 3 shonen Anime. One Piece, Naruto and Bleach. That would be deemed the Big 3. A titled bestowed on the 3 most popular anime of the 2000s. 3 series that completely carried shonen jump in this time period. Every anime fan in the world had one of these 3 in their top spot. later this era would be called the “Golden Age” of shonen Jump. The gap in sales of these 3 vs other series was mind blowing. And to this day the consistency of their popularity would never be repeated.
All 3 of these mangaka where living their dreams but anyone with their level of ambition wants to be the best not just top 3. The 2 creators with most smoke for each other would be One piece’s Oda and Bleach’s Kubo.
They 2 manga titans have had a 20 year beef that have left their fans constantly comparing the 2. The origins of this entanglement actually started because of our previously mention manga award that oda won for romance dawn. Kubo had entered the same competion and felt his win was a sure in and that it would be the launch to his own professional Mangaka adventure! But after bleach was out voted by romance dawn pushing his dreams back years. Bleach wouldn’t be released in jump til 2001! Kubo would holds oda personally responsible. in a 2017 interview when asked how he felt about his rival and he would respond saying “ I hate Oda” and revealed the 2 had a hairy run in in the 1990s.
A few years later oda would have a chance to respond in his own interview during a bleach exibxit for its 20th anniversary. He was asked about Kubo and said “ years ago kubo publicly announced he hates me? Do you want to know if I hold a grudge?” “Yes I do” he went on to say he didn’t knew in kubo meant it in a perticaly rude way or in a competitive way. He said kubo has always had a competitive spirt and was a hard worker but that he does have some audacity, to to say that in public. Oda was letting everyone know he is still always down for the smoke. He would draw Kubo’s character ichigo in the one piece art style and submit it to the exhibition.
Oda Draws Ichigo
I love both anime but their lives sounding like real life anime rivals makes their series even better. It shows how much they both love and belive in their series.
Check here down
Oda and Naruto creator kishimoto also consider their self rivals but in a very different way. in 2015 oda admitted that Naruto is more popular than one piece world wide. He apricates it but it makes him jealous.
In 2016 kishimoto said he wanted to surpass one piece in manga sales but sadly was never able to before Naruto ended.
Since then one piece popularity in the rest of the world has exploded so the final results aren’t in yet. But either way
The 2 have been the dominate 2 in the world for 2 decades constantly exchanging spots.
They’re respect for each other is evident as shown Through out both series easters are hidden shouting out the others manga.

But the most wholesome but scary example happened in 2013. Oda had become notorious for his machine like work ethic. He was only sleeping 3 hours a night and often would sleep at his work desk so he could wake up and be able to get back to work faster. This would cause his health to disintegrate and he would be hospaitalized. Knowing oda doesn’t like to take days off kishimoto would show up to his hospital room to check on his friend and would be shocked to see oda working on a up and coming one piece chapter. Kishimoto understood this level of work ethic better than anyone else could as arguably the other most successful mangaka of all time. Instead of asking him to stop he pulled up a chair and helped oda with his work on which woukld relived to be the legendary Dressrossa arc. A personal favorite arc of mine as you can see my avatar is designs after the arcs antagonist. They wanted this arc to be special as to not let his fans down because of his sickness.

As of 2023 One Piece has sold more than 500 million copies. selling more copies than batman and harry potter. Oda is the best selling mangaka of all time and 10th highest selling fiction author in human history. The Anime adaptation of his manga is a smash hit and is growing more popular ever day. Olympians have stuck one piece posses before wining metals. Hollywood celebs have declared their love for one piece like averal lagive who eventual would send oda 2 songs for one of his movies, Jamie lee Curtis who mention robin as her favorite characters on several q and as, marvel director taika waititi rocked a luffy sweater on several occasions. One Piece film’s latest film release Earned over 15 billion yen making in the 6th highest grossing movie in Japanese history. The 4 year old that wanted to be a great manga would be so proud of oda but what has oda sacrificed for this level of success. We touched it own it a little in the kishimoto segment but to really understand or believe the truth that im about to tell you have to understand a terrifying concept in Japan called karoshi.
Karoshi as phenom in Japan that translate to “over work death” in Japan the work culture is alot more extreme then most people outside of Asia can even comprehend. Japan has a 0 excuse policy in many companies not all but many. In these environment you are expected to finish all the work you are giving no matter how long it takes you. Even if you do finish your work you are not permeated to leave until anyone who is your senior is finished and you are expected to go help then instead of going home to see your family.
In 2012 a documentary film maker by the name of allegra Pacheco visited Japan when she heard about the concept and was shocked to see how common this was. She would follow salavery men from their jobs and would discover dozens of them would pass out on the streets or on bus rides from complete exhaustion unable to even make it home or even move. these extreme hours leads to Japan having a high percent of work related deaths from stress heart attacks and sadly self inflicted.
As of 2022, 23 percent of Japanese workers logged more than 80 hours of over time each month. Because this 1 and 5 Japanese workers are at risk of passing away from Karoshi.
The Japanese government never even acknowledged this problem. That was until a 24 year old who had logged 105 hours of over time, wrote on social media that she was physically and emotionally shattered and leaped off a tall building to her end. Unfortunately this isn’t uncommon. Bcc said that it is the single highest C.O.D of men aged 20-44 in the country. there is even an infamous unalive your self forest in Japan that is the go to spot to do so. This forest gained world wide acknowledge when controversial youtuber Logan Paul went there for a day of vlogging and filmed a victim of karaoshi while his friends laughed.
Understand that this a different culture don’t judge them to harshly. Im not saying this work culture is okay but its a very complicated subject. There is a theory that this was Japan’s way of restoring its economy after world war 2. with a your company is your family and you should give it all to them mindset.
I dont think these traits of these phenom are a exactly comparable to oda for one reason. Oda does thing willingly. no one is forcing him to do this with his level of wealth and influence he could easy retire or reallocate the more time consuming work but instead he opts to take on the brunt of the load. This doesn’t make his fans any less concerned.
Based on odas own words and interviews with his editors Oda works 21 hours of a day. The few hours he sleeps is often not even concurrent but instead broken up into 30 minute intervals through his workday whenever he gets a chance. That way he doesn’t have to relocate and can get back to work faster. When he does sleep the 3 straight hours he aims for 2am-to 5am. That way he is still the first back at the office. Other mangaka in the industry refere to oda a machine. As even though he is producing a weekly manga his art is on pare with months release manga. as where manga like Vinland saga have entire months to work on releases oda has to come out with a chapter and episode every single week and it still competes with the season series in quality. He does all this with working with the smallest team possible so he can fill more attached to his work. This goes so far that when he has to re tell passed events. He re draws them instead of reusing old art work to save time like most artist.
His editors reportedly thinks and talks about one piece 24/7 even when he isn’t working. When his editor Naoki Kawashima joined odas team he said oda told him to “die for One Piece” he went on to insure him. If you destroy your health do to your work ethic. I will forever take care of your family financially.
Dont think of this as oda being a bad boss. Just a acknowledge of series they take what they are creating. I watched and read dozen of interviews in peroration for this video and I couldn’t find 1 of his employee that had anything negative to say about him. Everyone who has worked for oda said it it so fun and welcoming environment. That when you see how hard he works it makes you want to work hard to and do your part to contribute to the greatness that is one piece. Oda doesn’t even want fame he just wants to create a great series. In all his interviews he hinds his face or request to have it covered in post edits.
Japan loves oda. He can’t walk down the street without be swarmed by fans. In his interview grown man giggle with glee everytime he speaks. Which makes me happy they respect him as much as I do. That being said his unhealthy life leaves them very worried and oda knows his fans are concerned. even after 20 years he work schedule has eased up.
In a 2021 tv interview oda opened up about he doesn’t have time to bathe, shave or even eat. He has got so lost in work that his asstaince have to come and ask him to please eat something. He does just forget sometime but other times he doesn’t eat on purpose.
in 2012 oda said “The only way I can think of new ideas is to think about it alot without sleeping and eating. Because humans can only come up with truly new ideas when they reach they’re limit. So every time I am done with my manuscript I am completey exhausted.”
This statement is beautiful but sad to me.
Especially when you factor that oda has got moderate diabetes and goutes as a result of his work schedule and being in his work chair for so many hours at a time.
In the same interview he said he always bathes before seeing his family to wash off his work mode. but that he rarely gets a chance to see them. As we mentioned, after Naruto ended kishimoto bragged to oda he can now talk a walk with his son when ever he wanted as a flex to oda about finally finishing his series as a fellow obsessive he knew the kinda pressure oda lives under and the sacfrices he is making. Them have a personal relationship may have been a way of kishmoto pleading for oda to take a break, as they have even been to each others houses. Oda only gets to visit his home once a week as he sleeps in his studio the other 6 days. So his only sees his daughters and wife 4 times a month. One reason is he finds this necessary to keep his weekly deadlines. The 2nd but sadder reason is oda fears if he spends more time with them than that he will want to stop making one piece because he will miss his family to much… one of the only times oda wandered if he should quit one piece was on one of his weekly visits his daughter said “dad you are to busy to spend time with me”
Oda is currently Bringing in 30 million dollars a year from one piece royalties alone. He is currently the richest mangaka to ever live. So he is dedication to his craft is completly by choice as he has long since passed the threadsold of retirement wealth. Oda keeps going to make all of his fans and people who believe in him proud. In a marizine interview in 2017 oda said “My fans are worried about my short sleep but sleep is just a waste of time I prefer collecting information for manga. I want to become a robot that doesn’t need sleep. Even when I go on trips with my family I dont sleep much”
This level of obligation for his fans is endearing but it was his loyalty to his formal sensei that would cause the most damaging controversy in oda’s entire career.
In November of 2017 Tokyo Metropolitan Police lead a a raid on a residents house they had been investigating on suspicion of the sell of CP. During the analysis of the purps computer they found the evidence they needed but also a link that lead them Shockingly to the one and only Nobuhiro Watsuki. Yes the creator of rurouni kenshin and Sensei to our own Eichhiro Oda. Shortly after watsuki house and studio was raided. The investigators suspicions where unfortunately confirmed and over a 100 dvd was confiscated as evidence. With some of the victims of the tapes being as young as 10 years old. He was arrested and during the interrogation he immediately confessed and went into a unnecessary amount of detail to the investigators
“I like girls in the higher grades of elementary school to the second grade of junior High” After he was charged shuisha put his series on indefinite hiatus. This sent shock ways through Japan as up to this point he was one of best selling and most respected mangakas ever and lots of new rising talent came from his tutor-edge. His reputation was tarnished but he controversially received the lightest sentence legally possible. A fine of only 1800 $ and never served a single day in jail. People where understandably out raged when it became public.
Which is how oda stumbled into the cross hairs of this PR disaster.
It all started with a tweet from shonen jump stating oda and watauski will be doing a joint interview on April 24th 2020.
During the q and a Oda was asked what it was like working for watsuki and oda said “ I worked for him just under 4 months. Which Maybe the happiest moment in my entire life."
The fanbase was instantly split down the middle. With one side declaring that even remebering fondly about someone who did what watsuki was charged was blasphemy and that it was in away supporting him. This side even share a short lived “Cancel Oda” hash tag. The other side felt like since oda has never done anything of the sort him self and didn’t know anything about it, he shouldn’t be forced to rewrite his history that lead him to where he is now. Even Watuski wife didn’t know what he was up to. Oda has only have good things said about him from his employees and from what i can tell is a great kind person who has donated lots of money to charities and his hometown. even though i am bias as a one piece super fan. I think the truth as always lies somewhere in the middle. Oda is without a doubt though one of the greatest and most successful writers in human history but let me know what you think of Oda Sensei in the comments.
Video: https://youtu.be/obwz7ewVwnY
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2023.05.31 03:07 junger12 Dragons Dogma II trailer compared to Leak

Dragons Dogma II trailer compared to Leak
Thought it would be fun to look at unverifiable "leak" dragons dogma 2 got awhile ago now that we have a trailer. Didn't see any masks, but "Beast" vocation looks interesting given the new race. Anything jump out to anyone else?
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