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PA Salaried Teacher Workday Starting Time Question

2023.03.31 23:31 Worldly-Network2587 PA Salaried Teacher Workday Starting Time Question

I am a salaried teacher at a public school district in Pennsylvania. Prior to this school year, the expectation for starting the day was that we needed to be physically in the building by our contracted start time. Meaning, that if our start time was 8:00am, we could walk in the door at 8:00am. This was the expectation for the 10 years that I have been employed at this district. This year, the expectation from administrators changed so that we now have to be in the building prior to our contracted start time, and in our assigned meeting areas when the 8:00am bell rings. Professional staff who clock in right at 8:00, even if only once or twice over the entire school year, are immediately given a disciplinary meeting with the building administrator, HR person, and our union rep. The superintendent is also cc’d on the initial email. We are given a verbal warning and then if we clock in on time again within 90 days, the punishment will escalate. Staff meetings regularly begin a few minutes before our contracted start time, and if we are not there, prior to our contracted start time when the meeting begins, we are written up. It is my understanding that this is not the expectation or the current practice in any of the other buildings across the district. The contract and employee handbook both just state that our workday begins at 8:00.
My question is, being that I am a salaried employee, can our building level admin force us to be at work and engaged in morning meetings PRIOR to our contracted start time? The same expectation is in place for our hourly support staff as well. They also must be at work before their contracted start times and are not compensated for being there early.
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2023.03.31 23:23 Sylvia_Whatever Went from teacher to school SLP

Anyone else go this route?
I taught for three years, got my second bachelor's online while teaching, and then went to grad school for two years to get my master's. Now I work as a school SLP and while there are some of the same problems (last week a student trashed my room and I got yelled at by a parent lol, also spend a fortune on my own materials) OVERALL it's a much better job. I enjoy working with small groups of kids, making my own schedule (school hours obviously but I can group kids howevewhenever I want), and just feel like I have a lot more freedom. I'm between multiple school sites so if I finish seeing kids at 1, I'll just leave and do paperwork at home and no one knows or cares, I'm not expected to be at staff meetings or anything like that. When there are behavior issues it's easier to deal and honestly I'm less frustrated because I'm not trying to teach 30 other kids at the same time. I'm also on SIGNIFICANTLY higher salary scale in my district, making about 30k more than I was as a teacher, so the two years off for grad school should be worth it pretty quickly.
Just wanted to share in case anyone is thinking of it. I know I got into teaching because I enjoy working with children but for sure not as a teacher!
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2023.03.31 23:00 AutoModerator Teacher Water Cooler - Month of April 2023

Discuss the state of the teaching industry in Japan with your fellow teachers! Use this thread to discuss salary trends, companies, minor questions that don't warrant a whole post, and build a rapport with other members of the community.
Please keep discussions civilized. Mods will remove any offending posts.
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2023.03.31 22:00 No-Panda8902 Recently laid off from my first Software Engineering Job after only 6 months. Having a hard time getting interviews after ~130 applications.

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2023.03.31 21:43 BunnyCat212 Should I train as a teacher?

I'm considering training as a primary school teacher. I've been a SAHM for the past 4 years and I'm looking for a career change that compliments my love of children and learning. The teacher salary is higher than what I could earn in my current career as a copywriter (approx 25 - 30k), there is obviously a lot more holiday time, better pension and a defined career path.
But... teachers all seem to hate their jobs. It's all over the news that teachers are leaving the profession in record numbers.
So should I just avoid it? Is primary just as stressful as secondary?
Thanks in advance!
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2023.03.31 20:58 Dismal-Refrigerator3 Work for ex computer progammer

I'm an ex-database engineer who hasn't been able to find work in that field and really don't want to return to it but it pays well. I am sick of constantly being on-call 24 hrs a day and the horrible work environments I've endured in the last few years. I've worked in other IT such as support since the late 90's and the work environments in IT are night and day different now. It reached the point where I'm overqualified to return to other areas of IT and mentally incapable of returning to the high anxiety, demeaning and poor treatment of database work.
I've been told I'm a poor employee for not being willing to work 80 hours a week salaried. I told them I'm salaried for 40 hours a week if you want more we need to discuss my pay package. I started that about 10 years ago after a particularly nasty experience of being worked to death. Don't get me wrong for those 40 hours I work my tail off but no more than 40 hours. So I guess I started quiet quitting long before it was in the media and cool.
Any suggestions on a job that I can live on. That I can have regular hours and leave the job at the job when I'm done for the day. I cannot afford retraining in another programming language and my state's unemployment office has only offered to pay for me to retrain as a truck driver or bricklayer. I'm 45 no way I can start now as a bricklayer physically and family elder care I provide prevents truck driving.
Best I can find right now sadly is holding down a job delivering pizzas and at a movie theater selling popcorn to make ends meet as nobody else will touch me with a ten foot pole stating time and again that I'm overqualified and will not stay at the position. I have a bachelors in Political Science and a Masters in Information Systems from Gonzaga University and the University of Nevada, Reno respectively.
I've tried to apply to data analyst positions but am told overqualified or no experience if I hear anything.
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2023.03.31 20:40 pixie_serpent_sky WIBTA if I Asked My Sister About an Old Mac Laptop She Said She'd Give Me?

Both of my sisters are far more well off than I am, and I have been out of work since November when a total jackass of a boss, who used me to run his seasonal business and made a handshake agreement that he'd keep me on full-time salaried, doing database cleanup and marketing, for 10-15 hours a week, during the off season, to make up for the 10-13 hour days I worked March through November. Come November 3rd, he just told me my services were not needed.
All I can find is minimum wage work, that wants weekends, nights, on call - and significant skills, which I have, as I am 48, college educated, and like many in our generation, have a pretty diverse set of skills. (And multiple resumes to apply to different jobs.) So I decided I was sick of it and I would start something myself... which was basically a personal assistant/organizing/generally helping you out kind of "job" where I'd advertise and take on clients based on whether I could fit their needs. It's been good and bad, but one thing is, most of my people use Macs... and that's where my sisters come in.
They insisted they were going to give me one of their older, but very functional Macs, with basic software on it, so I would not have comparability issues. I even said I did not want to be a charity case, but because I have moved a lot, my sister started throwing addresses at me, and even found one from maybe 2013, where I live for a month, so I finally gave in and gave her my current address. This was a month ago. There has been no mention of the Mac since. WIBTA if I asked what happened? Even if I framed it as "Just in case you sent it (we don't live close) and it got lost in the mail?" I kind feel like would be, but they did offer, and kind of demand I take it... and now I feel a little let down that I don't have it, when I could really use it.
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2023.03.31 20:25 hahahwowthisisan Systems Engineer Position Question(s)

Received an offer for a systems engineer II position with a salary of 115k based in Boston, MA region.
How does this compare to other salaries for this role? Is this a good offer for Raytheon or should I push for more??
Also there is no mention of a bonus in my offer letter, is that standard? Will I still receive some sort of yearly bonus?
Also also, how does sick time work? My HR rep says “if you’re sick you’re sick, don’t need to work and it won’t affect your PTO” but from this sub and other research it sounds like that’s not truly the case, does sick time eat into PTO or does it vary on what your role/management looks like?
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2023.03.31 19:15 Kindly-Small-4845 Safe to join an independent union?

There’s a union representative at my school right now hounding every staff that walks into the lounge. They kept trying to get me to stay and talk to them about joining their union and filing a whole bunch of sketchy insurance paperwork. They are not affiliated with my school district, but they claim to be able to represent me. They also expect to take part of my salary, as it’s going to be deducted for fees and stuff. I thought they were a little weird, but administration let them set up camp in the lounge so I’m not sure what to do.
I took their information just to get them off my back but I don’t think I’ll be returning to speak to them. I’m only an interventionist and still in college so I’m not too interested in worrying about these sorts of things until I’m an actual teacher. Right call?
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2023.03.31 18:26 ImaMasterDebator Good morning Boston, I am back with a big list of things going on this weekend, March 31st through April 2nd

I think everyone has enjoyed these so far. Feel free to add or comment anything I've missed down below.

Celtics vs Kazz @ TD Garden @ 7:30PM
Art Intensives @ MFA Every Friday, the MFA puts on intensive classes on oil painting, color theory, and other art topics. Check their weekly schedule for more details.
'Big Boy' Screening @ ICA @ 7PM ICA presents the U.S. premiere of this LGBTQ+ coming-of-age comedy as part of the Wicked Queer Film Festival.
Late Nites @ MFA @ 8PM This after-hours party celebrates the new exhibition “Hokusai: Inspiration and Influence,” complete with dancing and DJs, pop-up performances, exploring the galleries, and more.
Career Jam Concert @ Berklee Performance Center @ 7:30PM This concert will highlight some of the most talented and promising students across a broad spectrum of Berklee majors, from writers to producers to business teams.
Masego @ House of Blues @ 7:00PM
Reggae Festival @ Big Night Live @ 9PM
Upstate - @ Brighton Music Hall @ 8PM
Yasmin Williams @ Crystal Ballroom @ 8PM
Red Sox vs Orioles @ Fenway Park
New England Revolution vs New York City FC @ Gillette Stadium @ 7:30PM
Program: Beyond the Spectrum Kids @ MFA @ 10:30AM] This program will cover Ancient Greek sculpture and art.
Kathleen Madigan @ The Wilbur @ 7PM / 9:45PM With a career in comedy spanning 32 years, Kathleen Madigan is one of the few to perfect the craft and put on sold-out shows worldwide.
Boston Children's Chorus @ ISG Museum @ 3PM
Boston University Ensemble Concert @ Symphony Hall @ 7PM A concert showcasing Boston University Wind Ensemble, Symphony Orchestra, and Symphonic Chorus, in celebration of the university’s School of Music.
Twiddle @ House of Blues @ 7PM
Wax Tailor @ Brighton Music Hall @ 8PM
90s/00s Disney Night @ Paradise Rock Club @ 9PM
Craig Taborn @ Crystal Ballroom @ 8PM
Red Sox vs Orioles @ Fenway Park
Sphinx Virtuosi Concert @ ISG Museum @ 1:30PM Celebrating 25 years of glorious music-making, Sphinx offers this remarkable program of works inspired by the events of the present day.
'Close' Screening @ Harvard Art Museums @ 2PM Don't miss a chance to see this new A24 film that won the Grand Jury Prize at the Cannes Film Festival.
David Sedaris @ Symphony Hall @ 7PM Best-selling and award-winning author David Sedaris at Symphony Hall!
Avey Tare @ Brighton Music Hall @ 8PM

All weekend or ongoing events
FRIDAY & SATURDAY - Arlo Guthrie @ Boch Center @ 12PM / 8PM
FRIDAY & SUNDAY - Bach’s ‘Easter Oratorio’ @ Symphony Hall @ 7:30PM / 3PM Performed together with the Handel and Haydn Society chorus and orchestra.
All weekend - Jurassic World Live Tour @ Agganis Arena Get ready for this action-packed, live event featuring life-sized Jurassic World dinosaurs, pulse pounding stunts and captivating scenery.
All weekend - ‘A Musical Look at Curiosity, Creativity and Courage’ Family Concert @ Symphony Hall From Beethoven to Carlos Simon, this family-friendly program explores the journeys of major composers who wrote groundbreaking works while they were young.
All weekend - Into the Woods @ Emerson Colonial Theatre Direct from Broadway, the critically acclaimed and much beloved production is playing in Boston!
Ongoing - 'Touching Roots' Exhibition @ MFA This exhibition traces narratives of Blackness across the Atlantic world by bringing together work from artists who absorbed and reinterpreted African artistic practices, sacred customs, and cultural expressions.
Ongoing - 'Hokusai: Inspiration and Influence' Exhibition @ MFA NEW - The exhibition explores Katsushika Hokusai's impact during his lifetime and beyond. More than 100 woodblock prints, paintings, and illustrated books by Hokusai are on view alongside about 200 works by his teachers, students, rivals, and admirers.
Ongoing - 'Body Awareness: Maria Lassing's Experimental Films' Exhibition @ MFA This exhibition celebrates Lassnig’s pioneering work on film, featuring 16 pieces that explore physical sensation, autobiography, friendship, and New York City.
Ongoing - 'Making Past Present: Cy Twombly' Exhibition @ MFA Unique and groundbreaking, Cy Twombly's work has shaped much of America's post-modern art movement. His work appears alongside ancient Greek, Roman, Egyptian, and Near Eastern art, exploring the inspiration Twombly drew from the Classical world.
Ongoing - 'Frank Bowling’s Americas' Exhibition @ MFA “Frank Bowling’s Americas” is the first major survey of the legendary artist's work by an American institution in more than four decades.
Ongoing - 'Who Holds Up the Sky' Exhibition @ MFA Organized in partnership with a Ukrainian NGO, this exhibition presents the work of artists who have been documenting the war—providing testimony of Russia’s crimes and a glimpse into many Ukrainian citizens’ lives.
[(Ongoing - 'María Berrío: The Children’s Crusade' Exhibition @ ICA) Innovative, unique, and touching, María Berrío's work is a blend of watercolor painting and collaging inspired by poetry, folklore, and realms of magic and how these elements are woven into our reality.
Ongoing - Zachari Logan 'Remembrance' Exhibition @ Peabody Essex Museum 'Remembrance' invites visitors to reflect on the power of loss and the healing potential of grief.
Ongoing - 'Early Photography in China' Exhibition @ Peabody Essex Museum LAST CHANCE - 'Power and Perspective: Early Photography in China' explores how the camera transformed the way we imagine China.
Ongoing - 'Artisanal Modernism' Exhibition @ Harvard Art Museums This exhibition highlights the relationship between modernist painting and modern textiles, to question their traditional hierarchy of value, as well as recognize the labor of women as artists and artisans.
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2023.03.31 18:15 RunUpAMountain I Want to DO Something: Getting Involved as an Activist Following the Latest Crisis

Feeling angry or hopeless over the latest school shooting, chip taken away at reproductive rights, environmental disaster, or general lack of support Americans are provided by their government institutions? As someone who started where you are, I’d like to share some thoughts on how to get more deeply involved in activist work, because l believe that if we all work together, we can build the communities we all deserve.
First: Join a Community
  • You don't need to run your own protest march or build your own group from the ground up to have an impact. Trying to do this without experience will likely lead to frustration and burnout. There are many groups out there already doing this work. Joining an already existing community makes wide scale action more achievable and gives your message greater impact than if you act alone.
  • In order to put up a powerful fight, understanding the problem is necessary. Pre-existing communities hold a wealth of knowledge. In particular - BIPOC & LGBTQ groups have been fighting marginalization, injustice, and theft of autonomy for so long, their experience is invaluable in this fight. If you are just joining the revolution, especially if you haven't faced bigotry yourself - look to these groups for leadership, & follow/support them in their endeavors. Do prepare to confront your own internal biases and leave your fragility at the door.
  • Even if you can't leave the house - try to find a group that meets online - I cannot overemphasize the importance of community in this fight.
  • If you feel you have something new to offer the Activism Community and want to start your own movement, I admire your courage! Continue reading and consider the next point (getting training) which will still be very helpful to you in your work.
Second: Get yourself Training
  • Almost any idea for action is valid, but there are time-tested and proven techniques of organization that will build a movement that lasts. What type of actions get the most attention? Do you know how to structure a conversation to motivate someone else to get involved? What are the "ingredients" needed to create systemic change? How can you respond to police or counter protesters, and what do you do if you get arrested? These are some of the things you can learn with organizer training.
  • It’s not difficult to find basic training. Many orgs provide free intro training, such as these videos from Abortion Access. Local political and labor (union) groups can be a place to receive in person training. There are also stand alone organizations that provide online training, such as Training for Change.
  • DO persist in getting additional training/mentoring and integrating yourself into a community - this is a busy time in the organizing world and we can't always hold a new hand - my best advice is to show up and keep showing up until you're a familiar face.
  • Individually, you can do some reading and research for self-education, check out The Activist Handbook, Community Organizing 101, follow/read Jane Mcaalevy's work, or do some research on your own.
Third: Mentally Prep For the Longhaul
  • Real organizing is a daily grind of volunteer work that goes mostly unseen & unthanked. A coalition may need someone to staff the office, order supplies, phone bank through hundreds of disconnected phone numbers to find 1-2 with a person attached, man a water station, text bank, etc. Not every day will feel like a victory, but it doesn't make the work less needed.
  • You don't need to make this a full time job - if each of us volunteers just a few hours each week or month, together we can sustain our fight for the long haul.

So DO the Thing and Get Involved:

  1. Social justice fights tend to be intersectional issue. For getting involved in making changes, that means you can choose to fight in a variety of areas and still have an impact on a wide spectrum of issues. Start by choosing your focus, something you're really passionate about - abortion access, gun laws, environmental issues, voting rights, racial justice, labor organizing, LGBTQ rights, police/prison reform, etc.
  2. Find a group organizing around this issue in your area. To find a group, try:
    A. Attend school board / city council meetings. Who's standing up for what you believe in? Connect with those people.
    B. Attend a march or rally and seek out organizers (sometimes those with bullhorns) or volunteers (like those manning water stations) and ask about their affiliations.
    C. Call or walk into your local library or a progressive business (such as those specifying that they are women operated, black-owned, a radical bookstore, etc) and ask them to share their knowledge of local groups doing organizing work.
    D. Do you belong to a union or are you in a field that is sometimes unionized (like service workers, hospitality and other industries, teachers, nurses, and many others? If you have a union, become more active. Even better - find out if they have a progressive caucus, which may push the union to fight even harder. If you don't have a union, contact the NLRB in your area and see if there's any groups working on organizing.
    E. Internet search phrases like "my city social justice organizations", "my city progressive organizing coalition", or "my city activist organizing leadership training".
    F. Check out a progressive group's social media accounts (like Perfect Union or Push Black, or Unicorn Riot) to see which orgs in your area follow them... Then contact those accounts.
    G. Search for a local chapter of a national organization (links below).
  3. Join that community by volunteering, in person if possible (building connections and trust is important!) Attend trainings whenever possible. Get your friends involved. Branch out to other groups if you want. If you persist, eventually you'll find your "organizing home", and get on a path to leadership.
National Organizations
  • If you can't find a grassroots local organization, try some of these national organizations that have local chapters, opportunities for volunteering, or ideas for getting started in your activism.
Abortion Access Front
Black Women's Health Imperative
Center for Reproductive Rights (international)
Democratic Socialist Alliance
Labor Notes
Organize your workplace
Mom's Demand Action/Everytown
National Labor Relations Board
National Latina Institute for Reproductive Justice
The Nature Conservancy
Planned Parenthood
Rock the Vote
Science Moms
Socialist Alternative
Swing Left
Vote Save America
Working Families Party
  • If you can’t donate time, consider a recurring financial contribution - even $10/month provides predictable income for organizations which allows them to pay workers to do these tasks and continue to function.
If you've read this far, please comment and let me know which strategy your going to try to find a local group!
My credentials: I became impassioned about activism during the CA Prop8 fights in the mid 2000s. I next launched independent letter writing campaigns around various federal legislation, which then got me in contact with established organizations. I've since volunteered with a variety of national and local movements, and am now in volunteer leadership of a local social justice organization, in addition to a full time job, a part time job, and single parenthood. <3
This post continuously edited to keep links updated and for clarity.
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2023.03.31 17:55 Eternal_Shade Worklife Balance and Pay

How many hours do you work? Do you work outside of school hours? If so, for how long approximately?
Also how much salary do you receive each year, (I am curious for teacher who have gotten 5 years of experience or less or are even temps. How much is cut from your pay? What would be approximate net pay? Do teachers have side jobs aswell to make enough income?
I am considering teaching, I have an ENV degree and don't like the jobs in the field, I was thinking of becoming a science teacher to make some use of it. Any thoughts?
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I need a hacker to change my university grade but now the question may come where can I find a hacker? Finding a professional hacker is a little difficult. Many hacker services or agencies can be found by searching online. But the amount of trusted hackers is very low. I have an explication for this problem.

Can I hire a hacker to change a grade?

This will be the question presented to you when you need to change the school grade. Being a university, college or high school student is a matter of stress and many students understand the pain of bad grades. A poor final grade can be devastating for undergraduate and career dynamics.
Having the mentality of not graduating and having to repeat difficult exams forces students to look for hackers to change school grades and worldwide statistics are on the high-grade change. It is very easy to find a hacker on the internet and accept his services. Anyone can do this at home through their mobile and net.

Hire a hacker to change my university grade

Hackers are breaking borders and connecting the world within short distances. School grade exploitation is a common thing. Achieving your goals requires skills and techniques to change your grades and unique software. What is common in school grade changes? The goal is to get good grades. Did you finalize the score? The truth is that despite the efforts of universities to secure their grading systems, grades are now more accessible to hackers than ever before!

Why hire a hacker to change grades

Grade change is considered to be the best thing for students around the world. To become a hacker you need prerequisite skills. Grade change is invalid and when changing your grade, just consider changing your grade and not everyone’s grade in the class. When you need a hacker to change your university grade, think of professional ethical hackers for hire.
Changing university grades for hacker recruitment would not be the final step. To increase GPA you need to consider your grades with simple strategies. How to hire a hacker to change a university grade is a step in the right direction if you consider identification. You can take any hacker to help you monitor the steps.
Finally, students find it difficult to get their grades. The study will not depend on you changing grades from hackers. When you are a student, you can change your score from F to A or you increase your grades. This effect when you are a student.

How to hack university database system to change grades

Hacking school systems means you need to know about cybersecurity, database protocols, and much more. Hackers can easily do this for you. Adjust your college grades, transcripts. If they are some hackers who can easily access the database and I would advise you to ask which method. First of all, don’t choose the cruel power, it can tear down the school’s server and slow down its website.
Is it possible to hack the school system and change your grade? Someone asked this question on a popular online Q&A website. The answer is – yes! And you are really lucky to have found this article. This content gives you a simple, safe, and effective solution on how to hire a hacker to change your university grades. This is the best and most informative article you will find online on this topic. Hire a hacker today [email protected]

How to hire a hacker to change the transcript

I need a hacker to change my university grades, what comes to your mind when you want to hack the school system? There are different methods applicable to school grades. What do you claim, the total overhauling of your grades, the increase in GPA? So, when changing your grades, you should also keep this advice in mind from the advice in this article: When hacking grades, hacking your own score will have a huge impact on other students which will cause problems for you.
It may sound ridiculous but it is true. Hacking is not like the movie in the real world and it is a bit difficult and working. You should consider a professional to look after your work. Some students make some mistakes when it comes to grade change and at first, they choose the key-logger, although it seems cool if you try to hack your teacher I would recommend not using this method. Hire a hacker if possible or use online hacking training for this purpose.

Hire a hacker to change university grade

The result I have chosen for professional change is that you can use highly skilled individuals or groups and these groups know their categories. If you hire a hacker to change your university grades, all you need to know is:
Hiring professional hackers to change university grades would not be the final step. Your grades should be considered along with simple strategies to increase your GPA. How to hire a hacker to change university grades is a step in the right direction you need to consider on your own.
Students find it difficult to get their grades. The study will not depend on you changing grades from hackers. When you are a student, you can change your score from F&A to this effect when you are a student.


At this age where everyone races to get good grades and then get good jobs. Your results play an essential role to get a good job. No worries if you have a low-quality grade. You can easily change the grade by hiring [email protected] .
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2023.03.31 17:28 Own-Cartoonist-1474 Where can you hire a hacker to change your university grades?

[email protected] ---------------- Are you worried about getting low grades? Do you know that how to upgrade exam grades?? Well, the easiest way is hiring a hacker. An expert hacker can change your grades without anyone knowing! Where can you find hackers? How to hire a hacker online to change your grades?

Well, it’s not a challenging task. You have to search for a real and reliable hacking website. If you transfer this work to a professional service, you are sure that your identity will remain completely confidential. You can find out more about all the information in this content.
In this article, you will learn how to hire a hacker to change your grades. But first, you need to clear a few things.

Why would you want to hire a hacker to change your grades

You want better grades, this is your main center. Do you want to change the grade of a subject or your overall grade? These are just a few questions that you need to be clear about before hiring a hacker to change your grades.
If you only want to improve one grade, you can get a hacker to access that teacher’s system. This will not require hacking the entire university grade system. On the other hand, if you want to change the overall grade, you need high-level hacking to hack through the school computer and access the database.
Are you thinking about yourself? You can do this with the help of [email protected] . Hacking school and university systems can be very difficult if you do not have professional hacker services. That’s why it’s a wise decision to take professional services and hack grades.

How a professional hacker can change your grades

Hack your teacher’s mail: this is an easy task for professionals if you just want to hire a hacker to change a grade. For this kind of work, all a hacker has to do is enter your professor’s mail, system or computer to change grades online.
Professional hackers use top-notch systems to hack devices and systems. You cannot do these things without knowing it.
Hack school/university system: if you want to change your overall grade, you need a hacker to crawl the school or university system. You must know that this is a very risky job. Thus, you need to make sure that you have hired the most professional and authentic hackers for this job.
To change the overall grade or gpa, hackers need to improve scores on multiple subjects. You must decide on these issues before contacting a hacker to hack your grades.

How to upgrade grades by hacking websites

We’ve discussed the length of changing your grades and possible ways to hire hackers to change your grades. Each step plays an important role in changing grades.
Having an academic entry can be very destructive when you are new and the dream of college is blurred. Remove academic exams by improving your grades and techniques from professionals to handle your request.

How to change your grade online hack?

To permanently hack university or college grades you need to make certain decisions and you need the right guide. It is unanimous that you take a decisive step on how to permanently change your grades online. It is important to note that permanent grade changes are required by most university students. Students usually need to use inspection materials for alternative changes.

how to change your university grades online

We take college students more seriously in this aspect of changing college grades. Because in the case of bad grades everything is lost. Each university has a server. The grading system can be changed on a college server and it requires access to the university server.
How to hack a school computer to change grades: hackers should be hired to change colleges to change grades. There are many techniques you can use to hack a website and this article explains better the method used to access secure websites.

How to hack a university website portal to change your grades

How to hack in grades: we discussed how we can change school grades by the hacker or by ourselves. The ability to modify grade records on transcripts, servers, databases or any grading system is to study how to hack grades. I can write scripts to follow up but it doesn’t work with all schools. Each school website has its security expert and how dependent ict staff are on technology and security breaches.
How to change my grades from my computer: there are no rules or guide books to change your grades but technically known to hack any school server and change grades in any school database. For the grade change to take effect, your hacker must change the record between the database and the backup file to match your grade on the school server.
How to edit grades online: for example, blackboard is a simple backup lms for some problematic servers and you need to know how to hack blackboard.


Hacking is a complex process. Aspiration is essential for success here. If you are a hacker to hack your grades then get the job done with a professional hacker. I have already discussed why you should hire a professional hacker.
Here hacking services are provided by the best hackers in the world. You can feel free to trust. You can contact us by mail: [email protected]
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2023.03.31 17:23 Ok-Cartographer-5544 Why aren't teachers, police and other difficult, lowly-paid jobs paid more?

Add to list any other job that is difficult/ demanding and has low pay.
I don't understand it, as teachers get paid a salary that is quite low to do a job that is more demanding than most jobs. As a teacher you need to be an educator and role model for a class of 20+ unruly kids, and usually need an advanced degree. You also need to deal with the kids' parents.
I get that teachers get summer off, which is a nice perk. But even then their pay is quite low. Is there simply a ton of people who want to teach despite the low pay? Why isn't the relative demand (and pay) for these types of jobs higher given that they are as demanding as they are?
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2023.03.31 17:07 Suitable-Ad7941 Super mid (for T20) half-Asian gets super lucky

Intended Major(s): Biology
Standardized Testing
List all extracurricular involvements, including leadership roles, time commitments, major achievements, etc.
  1. Boy Scouts Eagle Scout: led project to build nesting boxes for threatened birds of prey (kestrels) in my local park system. Organized my troop into building these boxes and then placing them around the area. Rank took about 6-7 years to earn, project went on over a course of half a year from planning to completion.
  2. Multiple NAUI SCUBA certifications, including Open Water, Advanced, Rescue, Cave, Night, Wreck, and Underwater Ecologist. First certification when I was 12, and I dive over the summer every year.
  3. School Band, played since freshman year but never got into top band.
  4. Part time job at AMC theaters, about 10 hours a week.
  5. Second part time job at family business, about 8 hours a week.
  6. NHS
  7. Self taught Blender 3D modeling experience, started as a project for AP Lit but turned into a hobby.
  8. Built PCs for myself and friends over sophmore year lockdown.
  9. Fishkeeping, I keep a breeding colony of freshwater shrimp in a heavily planted aquarium, and I like to see how genetics are passed down into offspring.
  10. Science Olympiad, I joined as a filler for senior year and only went to a single competition lmao.
List all awards and honors submitted on your application.
  1. Eagle Scout Award
  2. Order of the Arrow (Boy Scouts Honor Society)
  3. Award plaque from park system I did project for
  4. Illinois State Scholar Award
  5. High School Honor Roll
Letters of Recommendation
(Briefly describe relationships with your recommenders and estimated rating.)
APUSH Teacher: 8/10, only had her for one year but had a really awesome experience. Basically made me interested in US History. I ended up doing really well in her class, but not too great on the AP exam. She liked me a lot and I'm sure she made a great rec.
AP Bio Teacher: 10/10, by far my favorite teacher ever. Had her for honors and AP Bio, and had a blast in her class. We always had conversations about cool animals, my SCUBA diving, random stuff, etc.
Northwestern: 7/10. Pretty good overall, interviewer graduated recently and she was really nice. A bit difficult to connect since she was a psychology major and I'm applying for Biology. Had a bit of an awkward moment where she talked about her research on death row inmates and how it kinda messed her up mentally, and I replied without thinking "wow, that's really cool!" 😳.
Cornell: 8/10. Not really an interview, more of a one on one information session. I asked more questions than she did. She was really friendly and brutally honest with the best and worst parts of Cornell. Overall pretty good.
UPenn: 7.5/10. Interviewer was a really old dude and missed the first meeting so I was a bit worried, but he ended up being pretty hilarious and easy to talk to. Interview lasted over an hour.
(Briefly reflect on the quality of your writing, time spent, and topic of main personal statement.)
Commonapp Essay: 8/10. Imma be honest with you I got an essay tutor for this one. Talked about my love of the ocean, marine biology, and conservation. Thought it was really well written, but reading it now makes it seem a little bit...braggy ("as an Eagle Scout, I led a multifaceted project that provided support to yadayada)
UC PIQs: 8/10. Some of them were copypasted bits from commonapp, others were unique. Overall pretty good, maybe a little rushed. Talked about my aquarium and experience with Blender, too.
Northwestern: 9/10. Also got this one doctored. Talked about aspects of Northwestern that called to me, from the research to specific professors to obscure biology activities they offered.
Emory, BU, UW Madison, UIUC, Vanderbilt, Rice, etc.: 6/10 mostly copypasted, not bad not great.
Cornell: 9/10: I wrote this entire thing in one day but I ended up being extremely proud of it. Talked about research opportunities, cool classes offered, the Lab of Ornithology, specific professors, and ended it by saying the CALS ice cream looked good lol.
Decisions (indicate ED/EA/REA/SCEA/RD)
Michigan Tech (Rolling): accepted
University of the Pacific (Niche direct admit): accepted
IU Bloomington (Rolling): accepted
UIUC In State (EA): accepted w/ scholarship offer I forgot to apply to oops
UW Madison OOS (RD): accepted
Boston University (RD): accepted General Studies
UCSD OOS: accepted capped Bio major!
UCI OOS: accepted
Emory University (RD): accepted!
Grinnell College (RD): waitlisted, did not accept place
Case Western (RD): deferred then waitlisted, did not accept place
UCLA OOS: waitlisted, accepted place
Northwestern (ED)
WashU (EDII)
Bowdoin College (RD)
Rice University (RD)
Vanderbilt University (RD)
Northeastern (EA): deferred then rejected
Brown University (RD)
UPenn (RD)
Tufts University (RD)
UC Berkeley
UMich (RD)
Additional Information:
Part of me feels really bad since some friends I know who achieved way more than I did and tried way harder in school than I did got rejected from all their reaches. I'm actually shocked about the transfer option I got from Cornell, and UCSD and Emory also surprised me. I think my Cornell essay must have helped a ton. I need to find out where to go for a year where I can get a 3.5+ GPA in order to keep my transfer, which means a little bit more stress.
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2023.03.31 16:46 eadgbe1994 30% rule. Base salary only?

My base salary is $76k. In 2022 I made about $90k gross after bonuses and profit sharing.
I’ve rented apartments in Boston with multiple roommates for the past 5 years but I’m currently doing a 6 month stint at home with my parents to throw some gasoline on my savings. I really want to live alone starting late summeearly fall.
Should the 30% rule only apply to base salary? At $76k that would be $1,900 a month for rent based on the rule. Boston is obviously an extremely expensive rental market, so I’d be much more realistically looking at around $2,200 a month for a modest 1 bedroom (which is doable by factoring in my total gross pay).
My company is doing very well and I’m on track to likely earn around the same as last year if not more. Moreover, I’ll have at least $40k in savings at the end of this period at home.
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2023.03.31 16:26 Rose_arias Hey guys, I'm not gonna lie, my undergrad experience was pretty underwhelming. So, I'm wondering what kind of jobs I should realistically be looking at right after graduation. It's a long post, but any advice would be appreciated!

Hey guys, I'm a uni student at a state school and supposed to graduate in Dec with a BS in Computational Biology. But to be real with y'all, I think I majorly messed up. I've got some experience with bioinformatic tools like RNAseq, CHIPseq, Autodock, BEDtools etc., and some basic data science knowledge (thanks to training seminars) with a bit of Python and R coding. But that's about it. My GPA is pretty low at 2.86, and I've been pretty inconsistent with grades since freshman year. I did alright in bioinformatic classes, but that's about it. The pandemic and some health issues haven't helped either, but I'm not making excuses.
I'm disappointed because my degree is all I have to show for all the great instructors and research opportunities I had. I didn't network well, and have no research/academic/work/extracurricular experience to speak of. I've applied to lab technician and data analyst positions for fresh grads, but they've all ignored me. I can't afford an MS program right away, and most of them want a minimum 3.0 GPA anyway.
Realistically, what kind of jobs should I be looking for with this profile? Should I relocate to biotech hubs like Boston or CA, or look for something near me (I'm in the mid-Atlantic)? What salary range should I expect? How do I know if my skills are good enough for a position? Anyone else been in a similar situation and come out successful?
Sorry for the long post, but I'm really stressed and could use some advice. I've seen some cool stuff on this sub, and you all seem like a great community. Thanks for reading!
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2023.03.31 16:10 Valkyrie_Chai No Federal Tax Being Withheld at New Jobs?

New to the sub but very confused atm after owing taxes for the first time in my life. My husband (32M), daughter (2F), and I (33F) just moved to VA from AL. He transferred his job and I found a new teaching position here. Neither of us realized until I went to have our taxes done that our jobs weren’t withholding enough federal taxes on our pay. Seems an easy fix BUT I called the finance department for my school system to verify my w4 was correct and mention the issue and now I’m confused even more.
The finance lady said they gave me filing married, joint, with one dependent. Okay- that’s correct. But why did I owe them? She said they’re pulling the amount based on that and to fill out a new w4 to have more pulled if needed.
I checked my paystubs though and the school system has only withheld federal taxes ONE paycheck the whole time I’ve worked here (since September). ONCE!
Is this something the new w4 is going to fix or do I need to call her back and have it looked into more? She pulled my info this morning and said it was all correct.
Furthermore, my tax guy said federal withholding should be 10%-15% of my salary. I know how to figure that amount, and divide it by my pay periods but does anyone know how I ensure that amount is withheld on the w4? Like, maybe I’m a complete moron but the form says “extra withholding,” but if I don’t know how much is suppose to be taken in the first place then how do I know how much extra to withhold?
And yeah, I’m a teacher- social studies- this is a main critique of the our education system that we don’t teach kids about taxes. We should- but I can’t because I don’t understand it either!
Thank you times a zillion in advance for any help and insight given!
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