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2008.01.25 04:14 Python

News about the programming language Python. If you have something to teach others post here. If you have questions or are a newbie use learnpython

2016.06.02 23:17 CrayonConstantinople Quick python tips to add to your collection

A place to get a quick fix of python tips and tricks to make you a better Pythonista.

2010.08.20 01:59 alaskamiller Flask

Flask is a Python micro-framework for web development. Flask is easy to get started with and a great way to build websites and web applications.

2023.05.31 06:07 tjzqad249gwdnwmpf Building a Wall of Privacy: A Guide to PacketStream Firefox and ClonBrowser

Building a Wall of Privacy: A Guide to PacketStream Firefox and ClonBrowser
In today's digital age, privacy has become a major concern for many internet users. With the ever-increasing amount of personal data being collected by websites and governments, it's important to take steps to protect your online activity. One way to do this is by using packet sniffing tools like PacketStream Firefox to monitor and analyze your network traffic. This can help you identify any potential security threats or vulnerabilities in your online activity.
PacketStream Firefox is a powerful tool that can help you understand the way your internet connection works. It allows you to observe all the traffic that flows through your computer, enabling you to see how different websites and applications are interacting with your system. With this information, you can identify any potential risks or threats to your online security and take steps to protect yourself.
Another important tool for protecting your online privacy is ClonBrowser. This browser is designed specifically to prevent websites from tracking your movements online. It accomplishes this by creating multiple virtual profiles that are impossible to track or identify. This makes it an excellent tool for anyone who wants to maintain multiple online identities or who is concerned about web tracking and data collection.
When using ClonBrowser, it's important to follow certain guidelines to ensure that your browsing remains safe and private. For example, using a proxy server or VPN service can help you maintain your anonymity online. Additionally, it's important to avoid using personal information when creating virtual profiles, and to clear your browsing history regularly.
By using tools like PacketStream Firefox and ClonBrowser, you can build a strong wall of privacy around your online activity. Whether you're concerned about government surveillance or simply want to keep your personal data safe from hackers and other cybercriminals, these tools can help you achieve greater privacy and security online. So why wait? Start using these powerful tools today and take control of your online privacy!
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2023.05.31 06:07 Logansfury Looking to expand the Vizio project to EventGhost just to see if its possible. Can anyone convert the Volume UP +2 & Volume UP ANY Tasks to Python?

Good Evening all,
I have been working with launching EventGhost routines via other PC keyboards rather than the android's AutoVoice and Im on music projects which got me to thinking "what if I wanted to type in a quick remote volume adjust command instead of releasing keyboard and grabbing cell phone" The vol adjusts of the Vizio TV were a matter of sending HTTP signals to the TV with specific variables set to make the volume adj happen. Could this be replicated in Python? Here are the two Tasker scripts that make vol increase happen: a +2 vol Task and a Loop to use to desired volume increase.
+2 volume script
Task: Volume Up +2 A1: Variable Set [ Name: %host To: Structure Output (JSON, etc): On ] A2: Variable Set [ Name: %port To: 7345 Structure Output (JSON, etc): On ] A3: Variable Set [ Name: %auth To: xxxxxxxxxx Structure Output (JSON, etc): On ] A4: Variable Set [ Name: %json To: {"KEYLIST":[{"ACTION":"KEYPRESS","CODE":1,"CODESET":5}]} Structure Output (JSON, etc): On ] A5: HTTP Request [ Method: PUT URL: %host:%port/key_command/ Headers: Content-Type:application/json AUTH:%auth Body: %json Timeout (Seconds): 30 Trust Any Certificate: On Automatically Follow Redirects: On Structure Output (JSON, etc): On Continue Task After Error:On ] 
Loop Script
Task: Volume Up ANY A1: Variable Set [ Name: %vol To: %vol + 1 Do Maths: On Max Rounding Digits: 3 Structure Output (JSON, etc): On ] If [ %vol Odd ] A2: Flash [ Text: %vol Long: On Continue Task Immediately: On Dismiss On Click: On ] A3: Variable Set [ Name: %vol To: %vol / 2 Do Maths: On Max Rounding Digits: 3 Structure Output (JSON, etc): On ]  A4: Wait Until [ MS: 500 Seconds: 0 Minutes: 0 Hours: 0 Days: 0 ] If [ %TRUN !~ Volume Up +2 ] A5: Perform Task [ Name: Volume Up +2 Priority: %priority+1 Structure Output (JSON, etc): On ] A6: Wait [ MS: 750 Seconds: 0 Minutes: 0 Hours: 0 Days: 0 ] A7: Variable Set [ Name: %vol To: %vol - 1 Do Maths: On Max Rounding Digits: 3 Structure Output (JSON, etc): On ] A8: Goto [ Type: Action Label Label: loop ] If [ %vol > 0 ] 
Does it look convertable?
Thanks for reading,
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2023.05.31 06:07 SillyWilly_ Introduction Post

Creating this community to help out new to newish dads in Sacramento, mostly as a place to ask question’s and share LPTs regarding raising kids in Sacramento area.
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2023.05.31 06:07 cyclonesenthil Are these Giveaways real?

I found a site where individuals can win giveaways. Individuals are discussing the way in which they have won a few profoundly significant items such as iphone, PS5, Gift vouchers, and so forth.
I don't know if the giveaways are real or not. It's only requested to submit an email to enter the giveaway. You can also try that out.
Kindly visit this link:
And let me know, Thanks.
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2023.05.31 06:06 WatonBrokers May 31 - WBroker Daily Note

European Central Bank executive Simkus stated that he expects the European Central Bank will raise interest rates by 25 basis points each in June and July of this year, but it is still too early to discuss whether there will be a continued rate hike in September.

The official Apple Store flagship has posted a notice that it will launch the first live broadcast on Tmall at 19:00 on May 31. This is also Apple's first live broadcast on a global e-commerce platform.

Volkswagen's largest domestic innovation center has settled in Hefei. The total investment of the project is about 1 billion euros. The company expects to officially start operations in the first quarter of 2024, with an employee scale of about 3,000 people.

Daimler Trucks and Toyota will merge their Japanese truck businesses. The new company's stock is expected to be listed on the main board of the Tokyo Stock Exchange.

Tiger Securities: Total revenue in the first quarter was $66.3 million, an increase of 26% year-on-year; net profit was $8 million, a net loss of $5.9 million in the same period last year.

Sources: Wind, Reuters, Jinshi, Sina Finance, Wallstreetcn, Eastmoney
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2023.05.31 06:06 LuciaNevermore I have my IPSY items shipped to work because that's where I need the boost in my mood. Today... it sent me off on a 45 minute rant.

(Don't worry... I stayed late to make up for my very long break.)
REQUEST: if you don't like what I said or how I had to say it, just... say that. I'm remarkably open to feedback. PLEASE don't use that name that people like to use that started out referring to racist white women, but now encompasses almost any assertive woman.
Hello [NAME OF IPSY CUSTOMER SERVICE AGENT I was escalated to when the people responding on Twitter demonstrated they couldn't read],
😇 I apologize in advance for the tone. My frustrations are in no way intended to target or belittle any individual. My heart is so full for you poor people that are on the front lines having to respond to the disaster this merger has created. If my language or comments are inappropriate in anyway, I invite you to reply and provide specific examples so that I can do better. Because I try to learn from my mistakes.
I understand that the length of my messages increases the level of reading comprehension required to understand my issue. For this reason, I would like to request a phone call from a senior IPSY customer service person, preferably by appointment. I am not tangiential, rude, or threatening, and if you tell me how much time is available, I will respect that.
My May 2023 GB just arrived, or at least somebody’s 2023 GB arrived. While I understand that the TOU for your subscription service indicate that no particular products are guaranteed, in this case absolutely every single product in the bag is a substitute. Three of these items are absolute garbage because they’re made in China. The only one from a brand that I have ever indicated any interest in is the wrong color. It’s obviously for a much darker skin tone. [Warning... this is where I demonstrate that I think I'm special. 🙄🤣😁] This is not my bag, and for somebody that’s been a customer for multiple years now, mine shouldn’t be the last one to get shipped out. I subscribed to GB in September 2019. I shouldn’t be getting the leftovers at this point. There is no way IPSY matched this bag with me on purpose.
It is unacceptable they so many people have received unwanted substitutions like the garbage ones that I did. This bag is not remotely matched me and I want a new one.
I also did not receive all of my add-ons. Instead of a second bottle of Hey Honey Bee Clear Skin Purifying drops, I appear to have been given a garbage perfume that I cannot use. And that contradicts the preferred scents in my profile. (I try hard not to get my hopes up about anything that I ordered from IPSY because I know that I am not guaranteed to get it at this point like I used to be, but this is a product that I cannot purchase in Canada. That’s why I bought two of them. 😭) It is unacceptable for you to make substitutions for add-on purchases.
Furthermore, it is unacceptable that customers have to contact you to report that their entire order hasn’t been shipped. IPSY should be proactively issuing refunds as soon as you know that you’re not able to ship the entire order. What procedures are in place for the distribution centre to report back to accounting or billing at IPSY that they have been unable to fulfil a customers order? Does your business model rely on customers informing you of the problem? 🤨
[I really should have cut this out because I am getting a little tangential at this point. Oh well. 🤦🏻‍♀️🤷🏻‍♀️] This may explain why I have been completely unable to find a hairbrush set that I ordered from IPSY ages ago. I don’t remember ever receiving it, but by the time I noticed that I didn’t receive it, it felt like it was too late to report it, and I wondered if it just might be in my house somewhere unopened, so I didn’t bother. At the time I thought… If you see never shipped the product surely they would have issued me a refund. But if it’s his business model or your distributors business model is to undership and hope the customer doesn’t notice perhaps I should not have been so naïve.
[Warning... more "I'm special" ] I want to know if you want my business or not because if you don’t, I will find somewhere else to shop.
I have been patient. I’ve extended all kinds of grace because I know that this merger has not been easy, but someone screwed up somewhere in a very big way, and we customers have yet to hear anything from the company about the problem. We deserve an apology and an acknowledgement from your leadership that they messed this up. Big time. We deserve an apology from the people that made the decisions that have resulted in this disaster: that shouldn’t be left to front line staff.
I just looked at these products made in China, and one of them is from one of the pseudonyms for Dirty Little Secrets. That alone should be reason enough not to do business with you anymore. I cannot believe that you continue to purchase garbage from this company and put them in your bags. I would rather receive a bag entirely containing Refreshments products because at least they are made by workers in countries where unionize if they wish. Again, your customers deserve a response as to why you maintain your relationship with them. And by response, I mean a blog post or an apology email sent to all your customers.
Are you folks unionized over there in customer support? Because if not, you might want to consider it.
Bullet point summary of what I’m asking for:
* A telephone conversation from anyone in IPSY management that can explain WTF is going on over there (in terms of steps IPSY is taking to address this 💩-show merger, what happened to my May bag, to AND why you continued to do business with a company that is super sketchy and not representative of your apparent company image) and is open to hearing quality feedback from an articulate customer.
* My May 2023 Glam bag. Or any May 2023 bag that has put been put together using my profile.
* My missing add-on item.
* Confirmation that you actually have a system in place for your distributors to report to you that they have been unable to ship out the correct product, that a substitution has been made, or that a product is no longer available.
* A frank answer to the question as to whether or not IPSY wants my business. I may think I’m pretty hot stuff because I am intelligent, articulate, and problem solve in my sleep, and I may feel entitled because I’ve been a customer for almost five years, but I’m not so narcissistic as to think that one customer ACTUALLY means much to IPSY. It would be nice to know exactly where I stand, though.
I made a video of me opening the package because a number of Redditor’s have a recently reported that their interactions with customer service I’ve left him feeling like they were accused of lying about not receiving items. Unfortunately, I accidentally clicked “stop” in the middle, so it is in two files, but if you would like to see the videos, I can send them.
Respectfully and in solidarity (because I know you do not have an easy job),
What I should have had: Aceology Brightening Treatment Mask (my pick), Glow Recipie Strawberry Smooth serum, Love+Craft+Beauty eyeshadow trio in Outta Limits, Pear Nova lip liner in Asteroid, Uvé Beauty blender.
What I got: Elemis Pro-Caollogent Night Cream (UK), Anne T. Dotes tinted moisturizer in shade #8 (??? the package says #8, but I don't believe this is the fairest shade they have... it's not very fair, but it actually might work for me, so I will try it tomorrow and then apologise for that section!)... now the garbage: Give Them Lala Lip Scrub - DLS brand; The Beauty Crop "Brow Friends Forever" - I don't even know what this is but the ingredients start off with "Wateaqua, PVP, Polyurethane..." OMG; and SORICH highlighter - 100% a garbage company. They have three items on their website. 🙄.
And the perfume I think may be a sub for my missing propolis drops is called "Vanilla Sky" by Skylar. It's selling for $18 in the shop right now. I wouldn't buy this if it had been available as a $3.50 add-on. Or a $2.00 add-on. Or... at all. When I grew a tiny human inside me, it resulted in being allergic to large amounts of frangrance... like perfume.
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2023.05.31 06:06 Particular_Ad_4060 How to achieve this washed burgundy/red

How to achieve this washed burgundy/red
Hey everyone!
I'm new to natural dying so looking for some advice. I love the shade of the quilt cover in this photo and it looks like it may be naturally dyed by the faded spots etc!
How would I create this colour? I have a sheet set in an oatmeal/ivory colour I'm looking to repurpose.
From what I understand, I'd use an alum mordant, then go in with madder + iron? I'd love to add a yellowish plant print to the design but I think that's above my paygrade.
Any tips or resources welcome.
Thanks :)
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2023.05.31 06:05 OCagent Taking money out of the 401k to buy and do cost segregation - California

I’m a real estate agent and took a listing my husband and I want to buy. Before I make a offer I’m hoping to get some advice. If we take out about $200K from my husbands 401k and pay taxes we will have enough for the down and repairs to rent out. We are estimating to do a cost segregation of $100k. My CPA said the cost segregation can’t be used on my Husbands W2 income and 401k only my real estate income but my cost segregation guys said it could. Can anyone confirm? Do you think the cost segregation will be worth the fees in taking out the 401k? My husband’s 401k is large and we feel that real estate is a better investment. We will lose about $1,500 a month on the mortgage - rent but we are ok with it knowing it’s a long term investment.
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2023.05.31 06:05 mattkay3 Add new flair option: Showcase (prompt)

It would be really amazing if we could post images and share the prompt we used in the first comment. Would then be filterable by this new flair option “Showcase (prompt)” and that can create great discussion around prompting techniques.
Ofc the flair can have a different name, but I think the feature is a no brainer for this sub.
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2023.05.31 06:05 PurpleSolitudes Best Controller For PC in USA Available on Amazon

Best Controller For PC in USA Available on Amazon
Welcome to our conversation about the best controllers for gaming PC ! As more and more games become available on PC, many gamers are looking for a comfortable, responsive controller that can help them enjoy their favorite titles without sacrificing precision or accuracy. In this discussion, we'll explore some of the most popular options on the market, discuss their pros and cons, and help you find the perfect controller for your gaming needs. Whether you prefer console-style controllers, specialized gamepads, or something in between, we're here to guide you through the world of PC gaming peripherals.

Best Controller For PC

Xbox Elite Wireless Controller Series 2 Core
Xbox Elite Wireless Controller Series 2 Core is a highly advanced gaming controller that has been designed for professional gamers and enthusiasts who demand the best performance from their equipment. This controller offers a wide range of features and customization options that provide an unprecedented level of control and precision.
Read our full Series 2 Core Review View on Amazon

Xbox Core Wireless Controller
As the world of gaming continues to evolve, so too do the needs and preferences of gamers everywhere. One key aspect of this evolution is the increasing popularity of PC gaming, which has led to a need for high-quality controllers that can provide the precision and performance required by serious gamers. In this review, we'll take a closer look at one of the most popular options on the market: the Xbox Core Wireless Controller.
Read our full Xbox Core Review View on Amazon

PowerA Spectra Infinity Enhanced

PowerA is a well-known brand in the gaming industry, specializing in creating controllers and accessories for gamers of all levels. One of their latest offerings is the PowerA Spectra Infinity Enhanced, a controller that promises to deliver top-notch performance, customization options, and an impressive battery life.
In this review, we'll take a closer look at the design and build quality, customization options, performance, battery life, and compatibility of the PowerA Spectra Infinity Enhanced.
Read our full PowerA Spectra Infinity Enhanced Review View on Amazon

SCUF Instinct Pro
SCUF Instinct Pro is a gaming controller that has been designed with the needs of serious gamers in mind. This controller offers a number of features that make it stand out from other controllers on the market, including its customizable design and build quality, its performance, battery life, and compatibility with a wide range of gaming platforms.
Read our full Scuf Instinct Pro review View on Amazon

Razer Wolverine Ultimate
Razer Wolverine Ultimate is a premium gamepad that aims to offer gamers the kind of high-level customization and control typically only found in competitive PC gaming peripherals. With advanced features like interchangeable thumbsticks and D-pad, as well as additional programmable buttons and trigger stops, this gamepad is designed with the needs of serious gamers in mind. In this review, we'll take an in-depth look at the Razer Wolverine Ultimate, evaluating its design and build quality, customization options, performance, battery life, and compatibility to determine whether it's worth the investment for gamers looking to up their game.
Read our full Razer Wolverine Ultimate Review View on Amazon

Victrix Pro BFG Wireless Gaming Controller
The Victrix Pro BFG Wireless Gaming Controller is a high-end gaming accessory that is built to impress. With a range of customization options, top-notch build quality, and exceptional performance, this controller is sure to appeal to gamers of all skill levels.
Read our full Victrix Pro Review View on Amazon
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2023.05.31 06:05 AutoModerator Weekly Discussion: Wednesday Recipes!

Happy Wednesday Everyone!
Today is the day to share recipes using our favorite Blue Bell ice cream! Drop your recipe in the comments below and be sure to include a link if available.
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2023.05.31 06:05 AutoModerator Where How To Watch >>Shin Kamen Rider << Online For Free Streaming On reddiT

Kamen Rider is a tokusatsu television series created by Shotaro Ishinomori. The series follows the experiences of a shapeshifting creature known as a Kamen Rider as he fights various villains. The original Kamen Rider series aired from 1971 to 1973, and was hugely popular, spawning numerous sequels and spin-offs. The franchise is particularly well-known for its use of outrageous suits and gadgets, and its campy, over-the-top sensibility. Kamen Rider is one of the most iconic tokusatsu franchises, and its latest iteration, Shin Kamen Rider, is now available to stream online for free. The series is a modern update of the classic formula, with new Rider suits and villains. If you’re a fan of tokusatsu, or just looking for something different to watch, be sure to check out Shin Kamen Rider. You can stream it for free online, and you’ll be sure to have a good time.

Watch Now: Shin Kamen Rider Movie Online Free

Watch Now: Shin Kamen Rider Movie Online Free

Shin Kamen Rider is a Japanese tokusatsu television series that aired from April 3, 1971 to February 10, 1973. It was the first installment in the Kamen Rider franchise, and was created by Shotaro Ishinomori. The series tells the story of Takeshi Hongo, an biochemical scientist who is transformed into a cyborg Kamen Rider to fight the evil organization Shocker. Shocker is a terrorist organization that aims to take over the world by creating an army of cyborgs and other mutants. They kidnap Takeshi Hongo and several other people, including his girlfriend, to use as test subjects for their experiments. Takeshi is transformed into Kamen Rider 1, and is able to escape Shocker’s clutches. He then dedicates his life to fighting Shocker and protecting the innocent. Throughout the series, Kamen Rider 1 faces off against a variety of Shocker’s mutants, as well as the organization’s top operatives, the Kendo brothers. He is also joined by Hayato Ichimonji, who becomes Kamen Rider 2. Together, they face the challenges posed by Shocker and work to stop the organization’s plans. The series was popular in Japan, and spawned a large franchise that includes multiple sequels and spin-offs. It remains one of the most iconic tokusatsu series, and is credited with helping to popularize the genre.
WHERE TO WATCH “Shin Kamen Rider” (2023) Fullmovie Online Free ReddiT
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2023.05.31 06:05 tradtrad100 Just hit Masters for the first time since starting in March 2013, AMA and free coaching

I was introduced to this game in March 2013 as a 14 year old, just after season 3 had started. Designated jungle items had just become a thing (sorry Philo stone), runes pages cost IP, and mastery trees were still a thing.
I've been in, and experienced hundred of games at every rank over the years and put in countless hours. Even back in season 4 when I hit gold for the first time I wanted to coach but never felt confident enough due to not having the rank to back it up. After my initial account got banned in season 6 I took a two year break playing numerous other games such as Smite and Paladins hitting Diamond in both but neither could scratch the itch as League did.
I came back to hit plat in season 8, and after 6 years, in season 9 I hit Diamond for the first time. Even then, as top 3-4% of the playerbase I didn't feel like my opinion would be valued on the game or that I was knowledgeable enough to coach anyone else.
Over the years I've released some successful guides on mobafire, streamed a bit and engaged with the league of legends community on reddit.
Finally, 2 months after my 10th anniversary of starting my journey on this game I hit a rank I personally can be proud of. I've consumed so much informative content over the years from TheOddOne's streams in season 4, Neace's " How to Escape your Elo! (Bronze through Diamond)" video, Pantsaredragon guides in season 5, Trick2G, Tarzaned, Gryffinn, Virkayu and many more. Much of this content was afford to me for free and thanks I have learned a great deal, and now I feel it is my turn to give back to the community.
As a result I will be offering free first sessions initially for a week between the hours 5pm-10pm BST for any player wishing to improve at jungle. I am also offering coaching for support players, up to Plat. But priority will be for jungle players.
Leave a comment with your questions or private message me for more details.
Here is a link to my
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2023.05.31 06:05 Fujoushi-san Kakashi's Mental Illness(es)

I'm doing a psych project to diagnose, in my case, Kakashi. I'm trying to find evidence of his PTSD along with any other mental illnesses he has. Google isn't much help, but apparently Shippuden manga has some useful stuff. The project is due on two weeks so I won't have time to read through the entirety of Shippuden. Does anyone have a list of chapters that he plays an important role in?
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2023.05.31 06:04 maccrawinthejaw Best material/method for a prop sci-fi shotgun with moving parts and electronics

For my next cosplay, my companion prop is my favorite sci-fi weapon of all time, a very unique shotgun from the Alien franchise, and I have a lot of ideas for stuff I want it to be capable of - namely a working pump (that not only goes back and forth, but also plays a pump-action sound when it's at the rear-most position), a folding stock (that folds on top of the gun), a muzzle flash made with this really bright LED that matches the color of the gun's blue muzzle flash, and a fire sound effect that's triggered with a pull of the trigger (same goes for the muzzle flash/LED).
The part I'm stuck on, however, is what the best material for this endeavor would be - EVA foam, or a 3D model designed with this (and all of the functionality I cited before) in mind. My main considerations with this are 1) cost; and 2) durability (as in I don't know if the foam would bend/get crushed and destroy the electronics, or if 3D printed plastic would crack and/or break apart if dropped).
Of those two methods - EVA foam and 3D printing - which of those two methods would be the best choice as the framework for a prop incorporating all of the features I listed above?
(Also, for anyone who gets the immediate impulse to do so, please, for the love of God, don't comment just to chide me on wanting to design something too realistic - I get that quite often and it's really annoying. This is a prop that has a US law-required orange muzzle, a bright orange stock, a BLUE muzzle flash, and sci-fi sound effects - in other words, quite separate from an actual firearm. I also know to check convention rules.)
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2023.05.31 06:04 A1_Fares Literally unplayable.

Literally unplayable. submitted by A1_Fares to guitarpedalsjerk [link] [comments]

2023.05.31 06:04 Aggressive-Hawk-4872 Love in Pizza

Attention pizza lovers of Reddit, let's talk about the heavenly delight that is pizza. Originating from Italy but loved worldwide, pizza has captured our hearts and taste buds with its perfect combination of flavors and textures. From the classic Margherita to the bold and spicy Diavola, there's a pizza for everyone. The crispy crust, gooey cheese, and delectable toppings create a symphony of flavors that never fails to satisfy. Whether you enjoy it as a quick takeaway or a sit-down meal, pizza brings people together and sparks joy. So let's celebrate the joy of pizza and continue to indulge in this timeless culinary masterpiece! 🍕🍕🍕
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2023.05.31 06:04 TrajedyAnn Why is everyone under the impression Raiden is a new Raiden?

At the end of MK11/Beginning of Aftermath, After giving up his powers to Liu Kang, Raiden still existed outside of time and retained all his memories/knowledge of the events that transpired in MK11, and was still around to act as a guide for Liu in re-shaping reality (and Liu straight up embraced his help).
Then Shang Tsung, Nightwolf & Fujin showed up, Liu zapped those 3 into the past, and away they went for Aftermath. THAT Raiden (the orginal MK11 Raiden who gave up his godhood) stayed behind with Liu at the Hourglass. That Raiden was still back at the "present day" hourglass with Liu Kang.
The Raiden Shang Tsung later sucked dry during the events of Aftermath was an alternate "past" Raiden who presumably no longer exists - Not the same Raiden who gave up his powers to Liu Kang during the main MK11 story.
Technically all five of these characters exist outside the timestream and were aware of everything that took place before Aftermath pulled a mulligan, but Nightwolf & Fujin likely died in the past during the events of Aftermath (though even that's a little iffy) and the jury is still out on Shang Tsung (though if Liu's ending IS canon, he died too)
The original Raiden is still presumably alive and well back at the present-day hourglass, everyone just forgot about him because we never saw him again.
So like - Assuming the Raiden in the trailer is still the same Raiden (which is a pretty safe assumption considering he's still not a god) - He should remember the events of the previous game just as plainly as Liu Kang does.
I've seen a lot of people speaking of him like he's a "new" Raiden created by Liu in his "new era" - And like Liu Kang is the only character w/ carryover from MK11 - But like... We still had a Raiden alive, well and chilling at the "present day" hourglass with Liu at the end of the last game. Why would we jump to the conclusion this isn't still him? (Or that he shouldn't still remember everything too, and still be helping/advising Liu Kang, just as he was at the end of the prior game.)
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2023.05.31 06:04 AutoModerator [GET] Robby Blanchard – Project Platinum

[GET] Robby Blanchard – Project Platinum
Get the course here:
Robby Blanchard – Project Platinum
Project Platinum is a package of business development tools, software, and guides designed to help you create a thriving, online business in 2023.
The makers of Project Platinum market the system to anyone who wants to make money online. Whether you’re completely new to online businesses or you have some background, you start making money quickly with Project Platinum’s tools and guides, according to the official website.
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2023.05.31 06:04 lanemik Title: Welcome to r/PlantForwardDiet: Our Vision, Goals, and Guidelines

Hello, and welcome to PlantForwardDiet!
We are a community united by our interest in exploring the fascinating intersection of health, nutrition, and environmental stewardship through the lens of a plant-forward diet. As we embark on this journey together, we thought it important to lay down the foundation upon which our community stands: our vision, goals, and guiding tenets, along with the expectations we have for each other's conduct.
Our Basic Premise
Our primary focus is to engage in scientifically rigorous discussions about a plant-forward approach to nutrition. This isn't about promoting a singular dietary approach but about recognizing the multiple pathways towards a healthy, sustainable diet. While we acknowledge that a diet inclusive of animal products like eggs and low-mercury fish can be extremely healthy, we also understand that the production of these products carries with it potential moral, societal, and environmental impacts.
Our Goals
The goals of this community are three-fold:
  1. To serve as a resource for scientifically supported information on plant-forward diets and nutrition.
  2. To foster respectful, thoughtful, and evidence-based discussion on all facets of nutrition and health.
  3. To build a community that encourages learning, growth, and mutual support on our collective journey towards better health and sustainable living.
Our Tenets
These are the principles we hold dear:
  1. Scientific Rigor: We encourage critical thinking and require evidence when making claims about nutrition. Every member has a responsibility to ensure our discussions are grounded in the latest scientific research.
  2. Respect for Personal Choices: Each of us arrives here with different dietary choices and lifestyle decisions. As long as these choices are presented with respect and scientific validity, they will be respected.
  3. Holistic Health: Health is more than diet—it includes exercise, mental health, sleep, stress management, and more. We take a comprehensive view of health and wellness.
  4. Sustainability and Ethics: We believe in making food choices with awareness of their environmental and ethical implications. This means considering aspects such as local sourcing, fair trade, and food waste.
  5. Learning and Growth: We promote an environment of continuous learning and understanding. We value the ongoing evolution of scientific consensus as research progresses.
  6. Diversity: Everyone's dietary needs are unique, shaped by a range of factors including age, activity level, health conditions, cultural background, and personal preferences. We celebrate this diversity.
  7. Nutrition Literacy: We are committed to fostering a clear understanding of nutrition, nutrition labels, and the ability to make informed food decisions.
Behavioral Expectations
With these tenets in mind, we expect every member of PlantForwardDiet to abide by a few basic behavioral guidelines:
  1. Kindness and Respect: Be kind to each other. Disagree respectfully, avoid personal attacks, and strive for understanding.
  2. No Pseudoscience: Pseudoscientific beliefs and unsupported claims are unwelcome. All assertions should be supported by credible, scientific evidence.
  3. Open-Mindedness: Let's abandon our tribes and preconceived notions. This is a space to learn and grow, even when that growth challenges our beliefs.
  4. Active Participation: Engage, discuss, share, and learn! Let's make this a vibrant and dynamic community.
Our hope is that PlantForwardDiet can be a space where people from all walks of life come together to learn, share, and grow. We want our members to feel both challenged and supported in their journey towards better understanding and applying the principles of plant-forward nutrition.
Welcome aboard! We look forward to fostering a kind, respectful, and engaging community with you. Let's create a space where we can all come away better for participating.
Thank you for being a part of our community.
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2023.05.31 06:04 apesVSmonkeys We Now Have a Medium Page for Key Updates and Press Inquiries!

We Now Have a Medium Page for Key Updates and Press Inquiries!
Hello everyone,
We are excited to announce that we have recently launched our new Medium page! This page will serve both as a space to communicate key information and as a detailed press kit for journalists.
We believe Medium is the ideal platform for sharing our ideas, updates, and providing a deeper insight into what's happening in our organization. Medium is user-friendly, accessible to all, and encourages clear and transparent communication - qualities that perfectly align with our values.
On our Medium page, you will find a range of content, including official announcements, in-depth analysis, project updates, interviews, and much more. For journalists, you will also find a comprehensive press kit, including press releases, team biographies, high-quality images, and other information that might be useful to you.
We hope this Medium page will serve as a valuable link between us and you, our community, as well as with the media and the general public. We look forward to sharing more information and engaging with you all in this new space.
Here's the link to our Medium page:
Thank you all for your continued support and we look forward to seeing you on Medium!
Best regards,
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2023.05.31 06:04 AutoModerator Subreddit Contest - Storytelling

Welcome to the first challenge of the One Hour One Life subreddit!
Our challenge for this month is a Storytelling contest. Check out the rules below to see what all this entails!

To Submit an Entry
  1. Create a new post that follows the theme. This month's theme is Storytelling. All contest posts should be a story from a recent in game life. The story can be about anything from a great migration, a hunting trip, an Eve civilization, or a super advanced town. Let your creativity flow!
  2. Flag the post with the brand new "Contest" flair to let us know that you are entering the contest.
  3. Feel free to reply to this thread to link your post too, although this is optional!
  4. Enter as many times as you like - we love stories! The winner will be selected based on which post has the most upvotes on June 30.

To Vote for a Winner
  1. Upvote any stories that you enjoyed reading! You can vote an infinite number of times. Be sure to rally for your favorites!
  2. Consider entering yourself! The more entries, the more fun!

That's it! Super easy and lots of fun! We can wait to read everyone's stories!
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