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2023.06.01 15:08 Lollylucifer [18/M] Looking For A Friend

Hello there, My interests are playing Xbox, drawing, cooking, and working.
About me:
My humour consists of childish and dark humour (I find it all very much amusing) My favourite colour is blue and my favourite number is 3 I have blonde hair and blue eyes My star sign is Scorpio and 😂
My goal is to make a friend around my age that i can just connect with and have a good time, even if it is only for a short while🤣🤣
Anyway, if you think we could get along, just send me a message or leave a comment😆
Bye x
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2023.06.01 15:07 Lollylucifer 18M [Friendship] Looking For A Friend

Hello there, My interests are playing Xbox, drawing, cooking, and working.
About me:
My humour consists of childish and dark humour (I find it all very much amusing) My favourite colour is blue and my favourite number is 3 I have blonde hair and blue eyes My star sign is Scorpio and 😂
My goal is to make a friend around my age that i can just connect with and have a good time, even if it is only for a short while🤣🤣
Anyway, if you think we could get along, just send me a message or leave a comment😆
Bye x
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2023.06.01 15:07 Key-Evening4522 Advice for first camera

So I already own a digital camera (Canon eos 1300d) that I brought second hand to get started a couple of years ago but I would still say I'm a beginner. I have always been interested in film photography and I also think it would be a good way for me to go back into photography (I used to enjoy it a lot but I'm having a hard time enjoying it as much since my brother passing last year). Also I realised that my camera is quite heavy and big and I would like something smaller, lighter and just easier to pick up and shoot (espcially when travelling/hiking). I would like something that is going to last me years and I would be interested into joining a film photography class (with access to a dark chamber) on my uni campus.
I'm curently looking at these 3 options but I would like some opinions (and I'm open to new sugestions that would fit what I'm looking for) :
As I'm a beginner I would still prefer to stay on a lower budget if possible but I'm ready to put a bit more to have something that fits!
Thanks in advance!
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2023.06.01 15:07 PoisonPanc4ke The Founding Of The Empire

Early Life & Founding Of The Empire
Two thousand years ago on the planet Alexandria Primus, atop the hill that would come to be known as Isha's Rest, the one who become the first Emperor of the Aurelian Empire was born to humanoid parents named Isha (mother) and Tarrick (father). Named Aurelian after the hero of an ancient folk tale of Alexandria Primus, he lived a peaceful life in his village as a farmer alongside his parents and friends for twenty-six years, and occasionaly travelled to the nearby space station in a barely functioning starship to sell their goods. It was on these increasingly less rare journeys off-planet that Aurelian would practice his piloting skills, including evasive manoeuvres through asteroid fields at high speed, formation flying with fellow travellers he'd befriended, and bounty hunting. Through his efforts bounty hunting, he was able to afford a new starship for himself, a top of the line fighter he chose to name Bucephalas. The day he purchased the new starship was the day he also received a vision. Before he could even buckle himself into his new pilot seat, he was struck by immense pain, radiating from his head down into his neck and back, his face was contorted in a rictus of pain, his mouth open in a silent, agonised scream, and his knuckles pressed white as he dug his fingers into the arms of the seat, the vision bore deep into mind, into his very soul. An unknown darkness descended upon his world, bringing with it, fire, and ruination, and death. All were powerless to stop its onslaught, all but one. In the darkness, a single iota of light remained, stood perfectly upright in a rock atop the hill of his home, a long blade gleamed in the darkness, reflecting some unknown source of light, or emanating its own. He reached for the blade as he began to drown in the darkness, and as he sank it came to him, expelling the darkness from around him. There the vision ended, as did his pain. He knew from then that his world needed a protector, and every other world for that matter. Before he began to rally the many he would to his cause, he set out to forge a sword like the one in his vision. Aurelian travelled to the nearest blue stellar system, doing so to harvest the very rare indium from the stellar body in order to refine it into high-purity chromatic metal to forge his blade. After enduring many trials and tribulations, the blade was forged, perfectly balanced and having a sharpness like no other before it, sharpness on a molecular level. He sheathed it in its scabbard, fastened it to his waist, and set out on his cause. The next several months he spent travelling his world of Alexandria Primus, rallying many thousands to his cause, then tens of thousands, then they began to come to him to join.
Over the following few years they trained, they drilled, they recruited and they expanded. The first to join him he named the Hetaeroi (or Hetaera in the singular) and announced the appointment of the Concilium Ferrum (the Council Of Iron), an inner circle of fourteen of his most trusted and loyal brothers and sisters in arms. First they united their own world of Alexandria Primus, then their entire home system of Regnum Solis (previously named Solis, but adding the prefix Regnum to this and every other "realm" that would come under their direct protection and eventually, rule). Then, in a few short months, they compensated for their losses, built new infrastructure throughout the system, set up monitored and protected trade routes across the system and built various fortifications on the different worlds of Regnum Solis. After a short meeting of the Concilium Ferrum, it was unanimously agreed to take their cause out into the stars, to unite all under a single banner, and to protect all from the darkness that lay beyond the stars. It was during this meeting that his Hetaeroi suggested that he take the title of Imperator, or Emperor. While initially reluctant to bare this title, not wishing to appear as a tyrant, he agreed after their collective insistence, seeing the logic behind their argument that an Empire needed a single ruler to look up to and follow. The Council ended, and so the Aurelian Empire was born. And with a new determination, Aurelian set out into the galaxy aboard his newly constructed flagship, the Invictus Imperator.
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2023.06.01 15:06 AK45526 [COTD] Forbidden Tome (6/1/2023)

Forbidden Tome: Untranslated
Uses (5 secrets).
[Action] Exhaust Forbidden Tome and spend 1 secret: Draw 1 card. Then, if you have 10 or more cards in your hand and there are no secrets on Forbidden Tome, you may discard it to record in your Campaign Log that "you have translated the tome."
Chris Miscik
Harvey Walters #10.
[COTD] Forbidden Tome: Untranslated (12/17/2020)

Forbidden Tome: Dark Knowledge
  • Class: Seeker
  • Type: Asset. Hand
  • Item. Relic. Tome.
  • Cost: 1. Level: 3
  • Test Icons: Willpower, Combat, Wild
[Action][Action][Action][Action] Exhaust Forbidden Tome: Move 1 damage from a player card at your location to an enemy at your location. Reduce this ability's cost by 1 action for every 4 cards in your hand (to a minimum of [Action]).
Chris Miscik
Harvey Walters #29.
[COTD] Forbidden Tome: Dark Knowledge (3/3/2021)

Forbidden Tome: Secrets Revealed
  • Class: Seeker
  • Type: Asset. Hand
  • Item. Relic. Tome.
  • Cost: 1. Level: 3
  • Test Icons: Intellect, Agility, Wild
[Action][Action][Action][Action] Exhaust Forbidden Tome: You may move to a connecting location. Discover 1 clue at your location. Reduce this ability's cost by 1 action for every 4 cards in your hand (to a minimum of [Action]).
Chris Miscik
Harvey Walters #30.
[COTD] Forbidden Tome: Secrets Revealed (3/8/2021)
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2023.06.01 15:05 Future_Farm3302 One-shot creation non-combat ideas

First time posting here and very new to DMing I will be DMing for the first time at a local club's weekly DND nights. To make things easier, I've requested low-level players. The adventure I'm creating revolves around a mimic soul that was shattered by a wizard's experiments. The soul shards have scattered throughout the town, causing random objects to animate. The party will need to engage in at least two out of six possible encounters to gather enough soul shards to reconstitute the mimic soul. Once reconstituted, the soul will escape and transform into the final boss mimic. For the animated objects, I've assigned basic stat blocks and added some flavour depending on the object. For example, a fishing net can't cause damage but can restrain, or a barrel of spice can blind players by throwing ground spice, all with relevant ability checks. However, I'd like to introduce more variety to the session. I want to give players opportunities beyond simply going to a location and fighting. The main challenge is the strict 3-hour time limit for games, which limits the freedom I can offer. Nonetheless, I still want to incorporate non-combat opportunities into the session. I looking for ideas of fun things to include outside of combat.
Appreciate any suggestions I could incorporate!
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2023.06.01 15:05 twofacetoo Comics and graphic novels

Looking to get rid of a large amount of comics and graphic novels I collected up years ago, but no longer need (and frankly they're taking up too much space). Please note this post is divided into several sections based on what's available. Prices for individual comics are negotiable but please note I'm not blindly throwing these things away.
Pictures of each item are available on request, comics are mostly in good condition but some have slight wear and tear from over the years, any negotiated prices will reflect this. Graphic novels were stored on a window sill and have a slight sun bleaching on the edges of the hardback covers, but this hasn't affected the artwork inside at all.
I live outside of Glasgow and can meet in Central Station for a handover.
Post will be edited to remove items as they are sold, this is a first come first served basis.
Over 256 individual issues available, list included below. Complete sets (Avengers Vs X-Men, Gotham After Midnight, etc) are being sold as a full collection, other loose issues (Teen Titans, Astonishing Spider-Man) are available individually or in bulk, and Free Comic Book Day issues are completely free to take.
Graphic Novels
All come from the Marvel Graphic Novel Collections, black hardback books for the greatest stories and red hardbacks for the greatest characters. All books are £10 each, may be willing to negotiate but consider £10 a ballpark estimate per book.
Greatest Stories
Greatest Heroes
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2023.06.01 15:04 richolas_m [For Sale] Various records for sale. Mondo/UGK/Beach House/Gotye/Future Islands/Arcade Fire

Shipping from Houston, TX. US Buyers only please.
Add $6 for USPS Media Mail, up to 3 records.
I don't grade any records as Mint, so even Sealed records will be graded as NM.
Feel free to make an offer if you don't like the price!
I also have a bunch of vintage Soul/Funk/Rock records for sale here. Please note I haven't play tested any of these records, please consider them VG condition or lower.
Grading is Sleeve/Record
A Tribe Called Quest - Low End Theory Reissue- NM/NM $25
Animal Collective - Centipede HZ VG+/VG+ $12
Animal Collective - Prospect Hummer - RSD 2021 Exclusive - NM/NM Opened, unplayed $10
Anthrax/Chuck D - Bring The Noise UK Import 7" Single VG+/VG+ $15
The Apples In Stereo - New Magnetic Wonder VG+/VG+ $40
Arcade Fire - S/T - RSD 2018 Exclusive Blue Numbered - NM/NM Opened, unplayed $25
Arcade Fire - Everything Now - Blue Translucent - NM/NM $15
Arcade Fire - Reflektor VG+/VG+ $15
Art Ensemble of Chicago with Fontella Bass - VG/VG $15
The Avalanches - Wildflower - Newbury Exclusive Cover VG+/NM $50
Beach Fossils - S/T - 2018 Green Reissue with OBI NM/NM $20
Beach Fossils - Clash The Truth - 1st Pressing Red Screen printed Cover - Limited to 400 VG+/NM $40
Beach Fossils - Somersault - Clear - NM/NM $30
Beach House - Depression Cherry - Loser Edition Clear with Velvet Sleeve VG+/NM $45
Beach House - Thank Your Lucky Stars - Loser Edition Green - NM/NM $55
Beirut - No No No - NM/NM $15
Beirut - Gallipolli - Turquoise - NM/NM $15
Best Coast - Always Tomorrow $5
Bill Evans - More From The Vanguard UK Import VG/VG $12
Black Pumas - S/T - Cream - SEALED $15
Black Sabbath - Paranoid - VMP Purple - VG+/VG+ $45
Bright Eyes - I'm Wide Awake It's Morning - 2016 Remaster w/OBI & Shrink - NM/NM $20
The Clash - London Calling - 1981 Pressing - VG+/VG+ $40
The Clash - London Calling - 2015 Reissue NM/NM+ $30
Daft Punk - Tron Legacy OST - Target Blue - SEALED $20
Dinosaur Jr - Give A Glimpse Of What Yer Not - VG+/VG+ $10
The Distillers/ The Regrettes - Dismantle Me 7" - RSD 2018 Exclusive - SEALED $10
Dr. Dre - Deep Cover feat. Snoop Dogg - Unofficial 12" Single VG+/VG+ $50
Dub Pistols - Point Blank + Keep Movin 12" Single $20
EPMD - Unfinished Business VG/VG $10
Eyedea & Abilities - By The Throat NM/NM $20
Eyedea & Abilities - First Born - VMP NM/NM $25
Father John Misty - I Love You, Honeybear NM/NM $20
Father John Misty - Pure Comedy - Aluminum/Copper - SIGNED NM/NM $100
Future Islands - As Long As You Are - Blue Marble - NM/NM $15
Future Islands - In Evening Air - Clear - NM/NM $25
Future Islands - The Far Field - White - NM/NM $15
Future Islands - Wave Like Home - NM/NM $50
Gotye - Making Mirrors NM/NM $175
Handsome Boy Modeling School - So..How's Your Girl? - VMP Green - NM/NM Opened, Unplayed $40
The High & Mighty - Home Field Advantage VG+/VG+ $25
Hot Water Music - Light It Up - Coke Clear w/Black Smoke - SEALED $10
Isaac Hayes - Tough Guys OST - VMP Classics - SEALED NM/NM $20
Joanna Newsom - The Milk-Eyed Mender - G+/VG+ (Sleeve's bottom seam separated, easy fix. still looks great) $12
Joanna Newsom - Ys VG+/VG+ $20
Kishi Bashi - Emigrant EP - Joyful Noise VIP Exclusive /503 - NM/NM $40
Louis XIV - The Best Little Secrets Are Kept - MOV White Numbered - NM/NM $15
Mac Demarco - Another One - Newbury Aqua Blue - NM/NM $40
Mac Demarco - Here Comes The Cowboy - Olive Green - NM/NM $15
McCoy Tyner - Looking Out - In Shrink VG+/VG+ $10
Modest Mouse - Good News For People Who Love Bad News - VG+/VG+ $25
The National - Sleep Well Beast - Blue - NM/NM $30
The National - I Am Easy To Find - Cherry Tree Exclusive - SEALED NM/NM $30
The Nextmen - Amongst The Madness - VG+/VG+ $12
Noah & The Whale - Heart Of Nowhere NM/NM $15
Okkervil River - In The Rainbow Rain - Purple/Blue - NM/NM $12
Parquet Courts - Content Nausea VG+/VG+ $15
Pink Floyd - Saucerful of Secrets - RSD 2019 Mono - NM/NM $30
Pixies - Monkey Gone To Heaven UK 12" - VG/VG $15
The Presidents Of The United States Of America - Green/Bronze Marble NM/NM $100
Queens Of The Stone Age - Villians Deluxe NM/NM $35
The Raconteurs - Broken Boy Soldier - VG/VG+ $20
The Raconteurs - Help Us Stranger - NM/NM Opened, unplayed $10
Radiohead - A Moon Shaped Pool NM/NM $30
Raekwon - Only Built 4 Cuban Linx - 2016 MOV Press NM/NM $40
Rocket From The Crypt - Hot Charity VG+/VG+ $20
The Silvertones - Silver Bullets - MOV Orange Numbered - SEALED NM/NM $12
Spiritualized - And Nothing Hurt - SEALED NM/NM $15
Spiritualized - Let It Come Down - SEALED NM/NM $20
Spiritualized - Sweet Heart, Sweet Light - SEALED NM/NM $20
Steady Hands - Truth In Comedy VG+/VG+ $5
Sublime - 40 oz. To Freedom - Pink Picture Disc VG/VG $50
Talking Heads - Warning Sign: Live At The Parkwest Chicago 1978 VG+/VG+ $25
UGK - Underground Kingz - VMP Woodgrain - VG+/NM $175
UGK - International Players Anthem - RSD 2016 Picture Disc SIGNED BY BUN B NM $250
The Wailers - The Wailing Wailers - VMP Red/Black - SEALED NM/NM $35
Washed Out - Life Of Leisure - 2010 Unnumbered Press - NM/NM $50
Willie Nelson Lot - Stardust, Always On My Mind, Somewhere Over The Rainbow (All VG+ In Shrink) $15
Willie Nelson - Shotgun Willie - VMP Gunsmoke - NM/NM $40
The First Six Dicords Records Box Set - Opened, unplayed. Comes in original mailer. $150
Vince Guaraldi Trio - A Charlie Brown Christmas - UO Red/Green/Clear Splatter - NM/NM $40
Mondo - Portal OST White/Gray Split - NM/NM $100
Mondo - Jurassic Park OST Yellow & Red Swirl w/ Black Splatter NM/NM $225
V/A - Dune OST - " Spice" RSD 2020 Exclusive - NM/NM $45
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2023.06.01 15:04 Elitegamez11 Ghosts of the Deep Analysis

In the latest Dungeon, Ghosts of the Deep, the Lucent Hive crash one of their ships into Titan's Ocean to search for the remains of Oryx, The Taken King. Their plan was to use a combination of Hive Necromancy and a Hive Ghost to resurrect him. Basically, they were trying to force Oryx's resurrection as a Lightbearer. Since we killed Savathûn and stole her body, the Lucent Brood have been in desperate need for strong leadership.
The 3 major enemies of this Dungeon are Ecthar, Shield of Savathûn. Šimmumah ur-Nokru, Lucent Necromancer. And Vorlog, Risen in Heresy. These 3 have actually appeared before in our battles against the Hive. Ecthar was a powerful lieutenant of Oryx, titled the Sword of Oryx. He was seen talking to Oryx in TTK and was killed during the quest for the Exotic Swords. Vorlog was also from TTK, he was a boss from the Court of Oryx. Unlike the other two, he was not actually a Lightbearer. His presence and name implies that he was resurrected through Necromancy and not the Light. Šimmumah ur-Nokru is a lesser known Hive. As her name implies, she was a servant under Nokris, and appeared in his strike from Warmind.
Throughout the raid, memory fragments can be found of Xivu Arath talking to Oryx. These go from back when she was called Xi Ro to his death at our hands, Savathûn's betrayal and the events of Lightfall. It does a good job emphasizing her love and respect for her big brother, her rage at Savathûn rejecting their way of life for billions of years, her own inner conflict, and her devotion to the Final Shape. But these memories are not from her, they are from Oryx. Xivu Arath came to visit his remains very often, and the body heard and remembered. Turns out that there's plenty of residual Taken/Darkness energy within his body to create such things. What's concerning is that Oryx isn't dead. Or at least, the body isn't. After the ritual was disrupted, Ikora sent a team comprised of Fenchurch, Chalco, and Lisbon-13, to investigate the body and quarantine the site with plans to have it transferred to a more secure location for research. Initial studies discovered that the body is going through cellular Mitosis, explaining why his body looks bigger than how it's actually supposed to be. Oryx's mind may be long gone, but his body continues to live long after his passing. Comparing it to Savathûn's body shows that her remains aren't going through Mitosis, but whether this is because of her being a Lightbearer, or the Mitosis is caused by the Taken energy inside him, isn't clear. This is likely why the Ritual failed. They couldn't resurrect Oryx because he's technically not dead. His body continues to function, just the mind and soul are completely gone. That's not the only thing that's missing. Oryx's Worm is nowhere to be found. Typically when a Hive dies, it's Worm dies to. If it survives the death of its host, it will only live for a few seconds. The fact that it's gone could mean trouble for us in the future.
Fenchurch and Chalco are divided on what needs to happen with Oryx's body. Fenchurch believes that the threat it poses to humanity is far too great, and the body must be destroyed. Least we risk Oryx's return someday. Chalco, on the other hand, thinks the opposite. She believes there's so much we could glean from studying the body, too much information to simply toss it all into the fire.
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2023.06.01 15:04 Puzzleheaded_Age_756 Persistent Armpit Rash

Persistent Armpit Rash
Hello, I’ve had this rash since late April. I’m not sure if this started it up, but I went hiking and then sat in a hot tub for about 3 hours. After that, I started to feel an itching, burning sensation in my armpits.
After about a week to 2, I decided to treat it as a fungal infection because I saw a lot of videos about it. I saw improvements from using apple cider vinegar, anti-fungal cream and then corn starch (my mom told me to do that.) When using all of this, the itch was almost gone throughout the day. It’s much better, but still not entirely gone. I stopped doing this a little over a week ago.
I’m worried I may have irritated the area with the apple cider vinegar, or that it’s something more severe. I’ve always had dark underarms from shaving, so that’s not as concerning, but there are a few darker, tiny bumps (again, improved with treatment). It’s not nearly as itchy as it was, but still not great.
I don’t have a doctor I go to regularly, and I know this question should go to one soon, but I want to see if there are any suggestions. What should I do next? (aside from doctor visit, of course. It’s already something I’m looking into.)
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2023.06.01 15:03 howbizsolutions 20 Common SEO FAQs Answered — Learn About SEO Strategies

20 Common SEO FAQs Answered — Learn About SEO Strategies
While you are working hard to get your business going, your web presence should be working to engage and convert customers 24/7. If you want customers to find you, then it’s time you considered implementing an SEO strategy, so you can gain that all-important visibility.
In this post I’ll help you answer 20 of the most common SEO FAQ’s.


1.What does SEO stand for?

Search Engine Optimization.

2. What is SEO?

It is the process of improving a websites visibility in organic (non-paid) section of search engines, such as Google, Bing, Yahoo etc. The process involves onsite and offsite work to increase traffic to your website.

3. Can SEO be spam?

It can be! Like every job, there’s a right way and a wrong way to do things. Following Google’s guidelines is the correct way. Other methods are just shortcuts and could possibly damage your reputation with Google.

4. Is SEO dead?

SEO has got some bad press because of ‘black hat’ techniques, which are used to manipulate the search results. These techniques no longer work and will result in a penalty that will affect your ranking and visibility in search engines.
SEO isn’t dead, it’s just that the practices have changed. To read more about this topic click here.

5. How do search engines work?

Search engines crawl through an estimated 60 trillion pages on the World Wide Web. They sort these pages in their index by content and other factors.

6. How exactly does Google rank pages?

Google uses a set of algorithms, which are formulated programs, to understand the search query and deliver the most relevant and reputable pages. These algorithms are regularly changing to combat spam and to provide the best experience for the user.

7. What are SERPs?

SERP is an acronym for Search Engine Results Pages. Usually they showed 10 organic results per page, with a paid section above and to the right of these results. However, the SERP’s page will display in various formats. It can include video, images, news, local results, plus much more. Results also vary for each device and location.

8. Why are we not ranked number 1 on Google yet?

SEO generally is a medium to long term strategy. Not only is there several businesses fighting for the same position as you, but these search engine algorithms are complex and regularly changing, so what works yesterday may not work tomorrow. There are over 500 algorithm changes a year. While traffic is a priority, you main KPI’s should be conversions (sales and enquiries). Results take time and effort, be patient.

9. What’s the difference between paid and organic search listings?

Paid search listings are sponsored search results that appear in the SERP’s usually at the top and on the sides. Organic search results are listings that are not paid for and can only be earned by improving your relevance and reputation.

10. What does it mean to have your site indexed by search engines?

Having your site indexed means getting your website listed in the SERP’s so people can find it. To check if your website is indexed, search the following “site:[your-website.com.au].

11. How do I have my site indexed?

Go to Google Search Console and submit your website with a sitemap. To set up a Google Webmaster Tools account, they will ask you to implement tracking code. However, there are other methods to verify your website, using a meta tag or Google Analytics.

12. What are keywords and why are they important?

Keywords are search queries that you want search engines to identify with your web page. These keywords will drive relevant and valuable traffic to your website.

13. How do I get multiple backlinks to point to my site?

Hold on a moment! You don’t need lots of backlinks to your website. You want to attract high quality backlinks from authoritative and relevant websites in your industry. Provide valuable content to your visitors and they will share it, either on their blog, website or social media profiles.

14. How do I find out how many backlinks my site has?

There are few online tools that can help you determine your backlinks however the best place to start is Google Webmaster tool. It’ll give you a list a websites linking to your website.

15. Does website design effect search engine rankings?

Yes it can. There is almost too much to discuss here but feel free to contact us for more details.

16. If I’m redesigning a website, when should I start thinking about search engines?

Right away! So many things can go wrong.

17. Can social networking help rankings?

It will in the future. Google has stated they don’t use social signals in their algorithm yet, however studies have shown a strong correlation between social signals and rankings.

18. Is local search important for my business?

If you’re a local business, then yes. Google has made recent changes to the SERP’s design. This is to support mobile phone search results. Results are becoming more location-based, so I suggest you verify your business and its location today at www.google.com/business.

19. What are onsite and offsite SEO?

Onsite SEO focuses on website elements, such as the title & meta tags, headlines, content, etc. Offsite SEO generates votes through social media, links, mentions, reviews, etc.

20. How do I track the results?

Google Analytics can help you track conversions and traffic. This is very simple to set up. Contact your web developer or Howbiz Solutions if you need assistance.
If you have any other questions, feel free to contact us.
Want to boost your SEO performance? Contact our team of SEO Toronto experts for a free consult.
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2023.06.01 15:02 IrreliventPerogi A First Time Reader's Experience, Thoughts, and Predictions - GotM Book 6: The City of Blue Fire FINALE

Chapter 19

A short one to finish off the Book, putting everyone into/approaching their final places before the climax. Some good characterization occurs, and we get a title drop of sorts!


A poem titled Old Temple, written by Sivyn Stor (B. 1022) While I am well aware of the timeline shenanigans going on, that the author was born over 140 years ago is significant for reasons I'm about to get into. The text of the poem seems to pretty clearly refer to the K'Rul temple and K'Rul himself (although I believe the Maker of Paths title is new to me) yet the events, someone dying within the Old Temple and their blood being drunk by the stones, occur well after the expected lifespan of whomever wrote this. In a world where mage lifespans seem elongated and other races live who-knows-how-long, this is less of a big deal, but if we assume this text was written prior to Ch. 5, then K'Rul was being dishonest regarding how long it had been since he'd received blood. Just something to think about.
Now, regarding the "Maker of Paths" title, that seems more significant. If K'Rul is the "Maker of Paths" then that could mean one of two things in my mind. Either he's some god of fate, which could work considering his actions in the story, or he's something far scarier. The first time we're introduced to Warrens in this story is when Paran's internal narration refers to them as the "secret paths of sorcery." If K'Rul is the Maker of those Paths... This again gels with his previous actions, as I'd noted that odd joke he cracked, where the creation of Silverfox's body was "unknown to any man ... Including myself." He then immediately clarifies that "this sorcery belongs to the Moon." If he's some Mystra analog then that whole interaction makes sense. While that particular interaction stuck out to me because I considered it evidence for my "K'Rul is Hood's predecessor" theory, given that neither of my interpretations for the "Maker of Paths" title fit that, and this fits better I might jump ship on that prediction. That Darujhistan, a city founded on a rumor hunted after by power-hungry mages, would erect a temple to the guy would make sense in this paradigm as well.
Additionally, if I'm correct regarding K'Rul's impending fight with the Jaghut Tyrant, then him being either a deity of Fate or Magic makes this a really bad thing.
One last note: the author mentions that K'Rul was "never so thirsty//in youth..." but I'm not sure what to make of that aside from noting it.

The Chapter Itself -

Begins with Crokus chafing against his protections. Meese refuses to tell him who or what is protecting him for reasons that are not explained and leaves to find Irilta. Once alone, Apsalar asks Crokus why he killed a guard. He decides to spare her the knowledge that "she" was in fact the one who killed them. Crokus, knowing that none of this adds up, decides immediately to leave, and Apsalar agrees to go with him. He wants to speak with Challice once they've successfully hidden, despite believing her a traitor. Ah Crokus, a boner head to the last.
Serrat, meanwhile, has finally tracked Younghand to the Phoenix Inn and prepares to strike once the lad climbs to the rooftop. She's beaten back by an invisible assailant. Either Oppon's breaking cover to hedge everything on their last tool, (and to not die by Dragnipur), or something else odd is going on. This is her last attempt we know of this chapter. Crokus gets a brief sense that something just went down but discards the sensation. Apsalar climbs up as well, and they leave for the old K'Rul Temple.
Murillio, meanwhile, waits for news on whether or not his friends are dead. If Coll lives and Rallick dies, then he'll avenge both friends by taking on Councilman Orr himself. So I guess the plan was to challenge the Councilman to a duel? Kill him in the open, publicly destroy the Lady's allies, and begin the process of restoring Coll? Not a terrible plan, it's quite good, in fact, just a bit underwhelming if that's it. He wonders how the Eel knew of the scheme and why they elected to meddle within it, and begins speculating along similar lines as myself. Rallick Nom scrapes against the door and barely drags himself in. Rallick disapproves of Murillio taking his roll over, and while being inspected, reveals nothing other than an old scar. Some sort of healing factor produced by the powder? The powder itself has evidently been absorbed, and Murillio's scrutiny satisfies the audience that K'Rul didn't pull a Sorry. Murillio goes to confront Kruppe, the supposed Eel. Now that I think about it, the anti-magic powder likely shielded Rallick from any divine intervention (if it was even attempted). Whatever the effect on Nom was, it saved his life, let's just hope he didn't get any magic cancer.
... The powder is Otataral! I literally just put that together now. I was about to make a passing comment about how the side effects might explain why alchemists don't mass-produce the stuff, then it hit me. It's not made, it's a rare substance with an intrinsic effect, a rust-colored metallic substance with an intrinsic AoE anti-magic effect. We've seen this elsewhere and it's name is Otataral. Lorn even mentions the effects long-term Otataral exposure has had on her in this same chapter. It's not mass-produced because it's rare. I'm fairly certain this is where Erikson wanted the other shoe to drop for the reader, and if so, well done sir! I've been played expertly. This raises several questions, how does a Darujhistan High Alchemist have a substance which is apparently strongly associated with Malazan? and why would Baruk give out his supply in a consumable form to an employee? How big was the job RN did for him where that was adequate compensation? Who knows! Perhaps he's "anathema to sorcery" himself now? Back to the narrative...
Kruppe is in Baruk's study, waiting on his master to say anything after nearly an hour. The debriefing has long since ended, and the alchemist is in deep thought. He pleads with the man to let him go and enjoy the simple, humble pleasures of life and is interrupted for his troubles. Baruk reveals his correspondence with Circle Breaker, and his growing inclination to break the man's anonymity to find the Eel. Kruppe informs him that it will not be necessary, that he himself can contact the Eel and deliver a message, getting a response by tonight. Has Baruk figured it out? The roadwork clue was a pretty big tell, and someone who knows as much about Kruppe as the High Alchemist does should be able to put it together. Regardless of whether Baruk knows or not, the charade ends tonight. (I think..)
After being further caught up by Whiskeyjack, Paran comes to a realization, the Bridgeburners are here to claim Darujistan not for Malazan, but for Onearm. They'll act as terrorists, and Dujek will waltz in and establish a new peace, with the resources for resisting Laseen and Caladan Brood's descending armies. Whiskeyjack offers one correction, they don't care about Laseen. She's about to lose both major fronts to her conquest in a matter of days. It's the Pannion Seer who's the real threat. Evidently, there are rumors about this guy and his impending genocide will make the Imass' Jagut wars seem quaint. So nice to find out about him 400 pages in, lol. The BBs leave the Captain with Coll to make one final sweep for any sign of the Assassins Guild and carry out their roadwork scheme.
Lorn and Tool emerge from the barrow, Lorn has mostly healed, because Otataral provides a healing factor, and prepares to leave with the Finnest. Tool renounces his old name, and once again invites Lorn to accompany him once his own journey is done. The Adjunct leaves, her old reservations suppressed by her sense of impending duty. She regrets losing Paran, because apparently everyone is thirsty for the guy, and anticipates killing the Rope. With all this at stake, the Adjunct gallops off towards Darujhistan, a dazed Jaghut Tyrant behind her, rousing in response to the theft.
The chapter ends with Crokus and Apsalar, they've reached the temple, and begin ascending its steps. Crokus mentions offhandedly that the Elder god has been dead for thousands of years (please ignore my timeline grumbling) and encourages Aps into the structure. Her eyes adjust supernaturally well, her time under the Rope evidently providing her some residual benefits, such as darkvision. She mentions that there's a story painted along the wall, but we don't get to see what it is. They notice the blood, then once on the roof, the body. Crokus' dismissal of her concerns is an interesting touch, because of course, to him she's "only a girl" or some such nonsense. While I was worrying my credit to Oppon for K'Rul's awakening was misattributed, or perhaps overstated, the fact that both deaths upon the stones roughly coincided with the Coin Bearrer's arrival, I'm increasingly certain that Oppon is the one arranging this.
They worry about the body and the assassin's war, but Apsalar asks him to look at the moon. He petulantly looks at Moon's Spawn, noticing a reddish glow, and five winged shapes leaving for the Gadrobi Hills. Anomander Rake has moved, calling the dragons of Moon's Spawn (of which he may or may not be one) to respond to the Jaghut threat. Aps asks if he's seen the oceans, Garllin's Sea, along the moon. According to her, there's a series of underwater Gardens of the Moon, where after some eschatological event, mankind will live in peace. Its a haunting story, and one which Crokus is enamored. Or perhaps, enamored by the silhouette in front of him. Despite his pointed ignoring of her, his constant momentary lapses and noticing her long, dark hair and her deep, brown eyes have finally overwhelmed his reticence. "Why not?" he asks himself.
Crokus, as much as I begrudgingly love you, she deserves better.

Book 6: The City of Blue Fire

And there goes another one. Pretty much all buildup and consolidation of the key players. Ready for the catastrophic night of the Fête.
The Bridgeburners are readying their plans with the Moranth munitions, a large set of which are stationed outside the room where Baruk and Kruppe are about to meet. While Paran has promised to stand aside, I doubt that'll hold. Chance remains with him, and the Adjunct has much to answer for.
It seems Anomander Rake is indeed going to meet the Jaghut Tyrant head-on, or perhaps attempt to kill it off before he's fully awake. Either way, fireworks are about to go off. Lorn, meanwhile, is doing what she can to lead the Tyrant towards Rake, so we'll see what happens once the Adjunct crosses paths with the dragons. It'll also be interesting what effect the separation between the Finnest and its owner will have.
The Eel is preparing to out himself, I think, and what interactions he and the High Alchemist will have with the BBs remains to be seen. It might be good to clue them into the whole apocalyptic genocide brewing down south.
The Fête is tonight. Turban Orr, if things go well, will die. I suspect things will go poorly if Oppon has anything to do with it. That Book 7 is named after the event implies as much. Crokus intends to speak with Challice, who will be attending the event herself, that the Coin Bearer will be present, after hanging out in the Temple of a revived Elder god, in a space under an Oppon-influenced plan, bodes ill.
Caladan Brood marches south, Pale is coming apart at the seams. Dujek prepares one last gambit to gather resources to stop the monster far to the south who threatens the world.
Much of this was rooted in events well before Book 6, but I could have never guessed the shape of it all 3 chapters ago. I'm excited to watch as things twist even further, as this all slowly, inexorably, unfolds...
submitted by IrreliventPerogi to Malazan [link] [comments]

2023.06.01 15:01 JayBoyy2 25 [M4F] - Ireland/anywhere dating is hard lol

Hi there ✌🏻
About me: I’m a big tall boy 😤😤 at 6’3, I have blue eyes and dark blonde hair and wear glasses cause my eyes don’t work so good🤓, I have lots of different hobbies like rowing, playing video games, watching one piece and rizzing you up. I’m big into documentaries and kind of a big film buff, I don’t really listen to music expect when I’m having a lil Friday evening drink so podcasts are my main thing. I’m full time employed as a Manager in a NGO. I have my own car and looking to buy a house at the moment. I have been told I have a baby face don’t hold it against me.
About you: looks wise I don’t really have a preference, someone cute and trendy, I for some reason like it when girls paint their nails idk why. and someone who’s driven, ambitious and got their own life going on. Also if you had a couple similar hobbies that would be neat so we can talk about stuff and get excited about the same lame shit 😫😫😫😫😫.
Not to be too serious but I am looking for something real and long term, if that’s not what you’re into that’s totally cool we just won’t match I don’t think! Anyway yeah dm me and we can have a nice lil convo and find out all sorts about each other, idk what else to write here
K love you bye
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2023.06.01 15:00 CallMeStarr I’m the Host of a Terrifying Game Show: Let’s Make a Deal with the Devil

Season 2 Finale
“You look worried Bruce,” my producer jokes, moments before going live. “Even for you.”
This gets a chuckle from the crew.
“Quiet on the set!”
I’m already shaking in my shoes. Not a good sign. Working for the Devil is extremely stressful. And dangerous. And certainly not for the faint of heart. Why I took this gig is beyond me.
(Cue creepy music)
“Going live in five…four…three…”
I get the nod.
(Cut to camera one)
“Greetings Hell Beings and hell raisers. Welcome to the Season 2 finale of….”
(Cue the audience)
I wave my arms in the air.
The audience jumps to their feet.
Someone heckles.
“Alright. Knock it off.”
I serve up my best game show-host grin. It looks as fake as this cheap Hollywood studio.
“As you probably know, my name is Bruce Davie, and I’m the host of…”
(Cue audience)
There’s a disturbance in the audience. A crew member forcefully removes someone. The commotion settles, and I get the go-ahead.
“Phew! A feisty crowd tonight!”
My painted-on smile takes up the entire screen. So does my gleaming bald head.
“Now I know what you’re thinking. What’s the Devil got in store for us this evening?”
The audience rumbles.
I shrug.
“Honestly, I wish I knew!”
This is true. But I’m sure it has something to do with me spending an eternity in Hell. It’s right there in my contract, which runs out after this episode.
(Cut to camera two)
“So, without further ado, let’s bring out tonight’s contestants, shall we?”
The audience roars.
“And yes, you heard me correctly. Tonight, for the first time ever in this show’s defamatory history, we’ve got two contestants!”
Audience is on their feet, whooping and hollering.
(Cut to camera three)
(Cue music)
A middle-aged couple promenade towards the podium. They’re dressed like cowboys, and walk with a sense of purpose.
(Split screen)
“Welcome, both of you.”
More like: Welcome to your funeral.
“Tell us a wee bit about yourselves, why don’t you?”
(Cut to camera four)
The woman speaks first. Her hair is amber, her completion as pale as light beer.
“Well, Bruce. My name is Tammy. I’m a stay-at-home mom. This here’s my partner, Tex. He owns his own gun shop. We live in Austin Texas, with three beautiful children, who are with us here tonight.”
She points.
(Cut to overhead camera)
Two tall boys and a young girl, each dressed head-to-toe in denim, stand and bow.
The audience applauds.
(Split screen)
The other contestant approaches the microphone. He’s as tall as an ivory tower, with a voice like a banjo.
“Howdy Bruce. Good to be here.”
He tilts his cowboy hat. His square jaw and rugged good looks give Chuck Norris a run for his money.
I salute them.
(Cut to camera two)
“Well then, now that we’re finished with the formalities, I do believe it’s time to…”
(Cue audience)
(Cue creepy music)
(Cue pyrotechnics)
The stage fills with fire and brimstone. Pentagrams slice through the air. The Devil appears suddenly, dressed in a shiny new devil suit, tailored specifically for tonight’s show. It’s jet-black, and leaves little to the imagination. His pitchforked tail follows closely behind him as he approaches the podium.
(Cut to Camera five)
The Devil wraps his arms around the two contestants, kisses them both on the cheek.
Tex, clearly perturbed, winces, then grudgingly wipes his cheek.
The Devil snarls, then looks him up and down.
“Looks like everything isn’t bigger in Texas,” the Devil teases. Suddenly, he’s grown over eight-feet tall, and is looming over the tall Texan.
(Cut to camera three)
The bright lights and furious makeup make me look like a cartoon.
“What an exciting night this promises to be!”
Tammy steps forward.
“You bet it is, Bruce. We’ve watched every episode. We just love…”
(Cue the audience)
(Cut to camera three)
“Of course!” Damion boasts. “This is Hell’s most popular show. And for good reason.”
He slaps the woman’s backside with his tail, then raises his eyebrows mockingly. The cowboy puffs out his chest, fists clenched, daring him to touch his wife again.
“Woah, easy their pardner.”
Damion nudges Tex.
Tammy is flushed. “Don’t mind Tex. He’s the jealous kind.”
“Oh really?”
Damion’s tail is now shaped like a lasso. With it, he snags Tammy and pulls her close. Her face turns tomato-red.
The cowboy grunts, pulling it off with one strong swoop.
The audience boos.
The Devil snickers.
I feel sick. If this is to be my last episode (or final day on Earth), I don’t want it spoiled by this denim-clad dude whose hat is bigger than his brains, or by Damion, who seems extra feisty tonight. Even for him.
(Cut to camera one)
I clear my throat.
“Tell us, Tammy and Tex…no, tell all of Hell…what it is your beating hearts desire?”
The audience is on the edge of their seats.
(Split screen)
The Texans exchange doubtful looks.
The wife takes charge.
“Well Bruce,” Tammy says. “We don’t want anything that might get us killed. Being from Dallas, we were raised with some common sense.”
The audience hisses.
(Cut to camera five)
The husband steps up.
“That’s right, Bruce. Simply put, we want to be famous for a day. That’s it. Then we can write a book and live off the royalties.”
The audience erupts into a frenzy of catcalls.
(Cut to camera three)
The Devil’s eyebrows touch the top of his head. His voice slithers like a snake.
“Is that so?”
My heart plummets. These Texans are flirting with disaster. If they’d stuck to the script, they might be safe. They were supposed to ask for a lifetime’s supply of Super Bowl tickets. Easy-peasy. Who do these cowpokes think they are? Do they really think they can outsmart the Devil?
“Well then,” I say, shakily. “I’m sure Damion can arrange that.”
I raise my arms.
“What does the audience think?”
The audience goes ballistic.
(Cut to camera three)
The Devil, still towering over the Texans, leans into the camera.
“Famous, eh?”
His lips smack against his face. When he touches the dude’s shoulder, the cowboy swipes his arm away.
The audience boos. Someone tosses an egg onto the podium, narrowly missing the contestants.
“Woah! Easy does it!” I spurt out.
All hell breaks loose.
(Cut to overhead camera)
The crew gets busy, disposing of both the egg and the agitator.
(Cut to camera one)
I wipe my sweaty forehead.
“Tough crowd.”
The audience hoots.
The Devil sneers.
Flames flash across the room.
People shriek, including me.
(Close up of Damion)
The Devil, boasting his gambler’s grin, turns to the contestants.
“Yes, yes. You WILL be famous. But just for one day.”
The audience roars their approval.
I shudder. Never in all my years, have I felt so much animosity from an audience. I’ll be lucky to make it out alive.
(Split screen)
“Sounds like the Devil has a plan.”
I try to sound cheerful. But cheerfulness is the opposite of how I feel.
(Cut to camera one)
“Tell us Damion…and all of Hell…what you’ve got cooked up?”
The audience leans in.
(Cut to camera three)
The Devil winks at Tammy.
“Well, I do believe it’s time for those two cowpokes to become famous. Am I correct?”
The audience jumps to their feet, chanting: “FAMOUS.… FAMOUS…. FAMOUS.…”
(Split screen)
Tammy looks pleased. Her partner, on the other hand, is showing concern. His shoulders are tense, he’s swallowed his bottom lip.
Damion dazzles the audience.
“Famous, y’all shall be.”
He snaps his fingers.
The studio goes dark.
Someone in the audience screams.
Tammy gasps.
Tex grunts.
(Cut to camera one)
I shrug.
Is this Damion’s latest trick? Or did they finally cut the power? We give the impression that this show is hugely popular; but in truth, outside of Hell, this show is a dud. Cable and internet companies avoid us like the plague.
(Cut to overhead camera)
The contestants vanish under a cloud of fog.
A flaming pentagram floats across the stage.
“Well, isn’t that just dandy!”
The Devil points to the large screen behind the audience.
“Mister and Missus Cowpoke are about to jump the falls!”
He snaps his fingers, then he disappears.
My legs go weak. My heart is beating irregularly again. I still don’t know he does it. How any of this works. Suddenly, I’m alone on stage, shaking in my fine Italian boots, while the audience grows rowdier by the second.
Cameras mounted on drones are pointed at Tammy and Tex, who are trapped inside a large, steel barrel, with Niagara Falls looming below them.
Damion flies across the falls, lands next to Tammy and Tex.
He taps the barrel.
“Ain’t she a beauty?”
The audience hurrahs.
The barrel is unlike anything I’ve ever seen. Although it’s huge, and probably weighs a ton, it barely contains the two Texans, who are kicking and screaming, cursing up a storm.
“Get me the hell out of here!” Tammy’s voice rips through the noise of the falls. “NOW!”
Damion frowns.
“You wanted to be famous. Am I right?”
The audience chants, “FAMOUS…. FAMOUS.… FAMOUS….”
Tex pokes his head out of the barrel, cowboy hat and all.
“Now wait one minute, Damion. That’s unfair. We wanted fame. Not death.”
The Devil chuckles.
“The two are synonymous, am I right?”
The audience agrees.
Damion checks his watch.
“Well then...”
He slams the lid shut.
That’s the end of the Texans, as far as I’m concerned.
(Close up of Damion)
“Whatcha think? Should they jump the falls?”
The audience shouts, “JUMP…. JUMP…. JUMP….”
(Cut to camera two)
My insides are melting. I’m petrified. You’d think working with the Devil would get easier over time. You’d be dead wrong.
“Looks like the people have spoken!” I hear myself say.
The audience continues their chant.
(Cut to overhead camera)
“Excellent,” Damion says, fiddling his fingers.
He looks over the cliff, and makes a sour face.
“Wowsers. That’s a long way down!”
“JUMP…. JUMP…. JUMP....”
“And so much water!”
(Cut to camera one)
My worried-sick face appears on the screen.
I straighten up.
“Once they jump, Tam and Tex will surely be famous!”
Except of course, they won’t be famous. Not in this world anyways. They’ve been duped. Why these people sign up to die is beyond me. Perhaps we’ve reached a spectacular level of stupidity in human evolution.
(Cut to overhead camera)
Damion’s lips stretch across his reddened face, his arms flex like a weightlifter.
“I’ll give them a helping hand.”
He rolls the giant barrel to the very edge of the cliff, ignoring the banging and hollering coming from within the steel coffin.
“Tammy, Tex…” His lips stretch into a snarl. “Prepare for fame!”
The audience is on their feet.
Damion shoves the barrel over the edge.
(Split screen)
The barrel tumbles down the falls, disappearing into the fast-moving water.
The audience holds its breath.
(Cut to spy camera)
Inside the barrel, the Texans are shrieking. Their heads and arms and legs collide. Chunks of puke pour across Tammy’s sickening face, who’s calling Tex every name in the book, and it’s a big book. Meanwhile, Tex is like a frog in a blender. His face is green, his nose is broken; blood is leaking from every orifice.
There’s a loud crash as the barrel plunders underwater.
(Cut to overhead camera)
The barrel resurfaces, traveling dangerously downstream.
The audience is back on their feet, fist-pumping.
(Split screen)
What troubles me is how the pedestrians and tourists, crowding the streets, remain oblivious. To them, this is nothing out of the ordinary. Nobody watches, or even takes a pic. I’m starting to suspect foul play. Somehow, Damion is controlling this. He’s using dark magic. A spell. Maybe none of this is real. Except of course, it is real.
(Cut to camera one)
I’m trembling.
“What a jump!” my voice ricochets off the studio walls. “They’ll be famous in no time!”
The audience chants:
(Closeup of the Devil)
“Yes, yes. An excellent jump, I must say.”
He peaks over the edge.
“Looks like they could use some help.”
(Cut to overhead camera)
Damion flies towards the barrel, which is bouncing off rocks and debris.
(Cut to spy camera)
Blood. So much blood in such a tight space. Tammy’s hair is in disarray. Her face is beyond repair. Tex swallowed his hat. One of his eyeballs is bouncing like a Superball. His left arm is flapping nonsensically. It isn’t attached.
(Cut to camera four)
The Devil scoops up the barrel, then flies to shore. When his feet touch the ground, he shakes off the water, cat-like, then glares at the camera.
“What a jump!”
He cranks open the lip.
(Split screen)
Tammy spills out. So does Tex’s left arm.
The audience gasps.
Damion applauds.
“Such valor and swagger!”
(Cut to camera five)
Tammy is flopping fish-like, barely clinging to life. Her mouth is full of blood and brains.
The Devil puts his foot on her head.
From out of nowhere, a photographer appears.
Damion, looking pleased with himself, is suddenly holding a newspaper.
(Closeup of newspaper)
The headline splashes across the screen: IDIOTS JUMP THE FALLS.
(Cut to camera four)
Damion shoves the newspaper in front of her face.
“Looks like Tammy and Tex are famous.”
Tammy's eyes twitch. Clearly, she needs medical assistance. I’m surprised she’s still alive. Her husbands brains are splattered across the inside of the barrel. The very sight of this makes me gag.
Tammy tries to speak, but fails. Her eyes are filled with rage.
Damion tosses the leftover arm into the water, then shrugs.
“Sorry about your hubby.”
(Cut to camera two)
With wobbly knees, I face the audience.
“Looks like the barrel got the best of Tex!”
The audience bellows.
I continue to talk involuntarily.
“Gosh dolly. Look at all that blood!”
I find myself chanting along.
Suddenly, my vision blurs. I clutch my chest. Maybe I’ll suffer a heart attack on live TV. Hell waits for no one, I suppose.
(Cut to camera four)
Tammy spits blood on Damion’s boot.
“Devil be damned.” I blurt.
Damion’s face twists into a ball of fury.
“Now, now, Tammy. That wasn’t very nice.”
He crushes her fingers with his boots.
Tammy yelps.
“I was gonna save your long-limbed partner over there,” he points. “Not anymore!”
The audience is bloodthirsty. Paper airplanes and rotten eggs whizz past me. I duck just in time.
(Closeup of contestant)
Tammy’s tongue is leaking from her bloodied face. She’s missing her front teeth. Damion digs his spiky heel deep into her blood-soaked abdomen.
“I reckon you’ll need medical assistance.”
He snaps his fingers.
Suddenly, they're back in the studio.
Damion is as happy as a filthy pig. Next to him is Tammy, who’s caked in blood and gore. Her corpse-of-a-husband spills from the gigantic steel barrel, taking center stage.
(Cut to overhead camera)
The contestant’s children rush the stage. They’re delirious.
The crew hurry out and drag them aside, along with Tammy, who's rushed to the hospital, where she will certainly die.
“Now that’s what I call speedy service!”
My voice appalls me. So does this job. If only I’d listened to my mother, and got into politics.
Damion snaps his finger, then disappears under a plume of dusty smoke.
(Cut to camera one)
“Well, there you have it folks. That’s the last you’ll see of Tammy and Tex. But fret not, they had their moment of fame…in Hell!”
The audience is tossing trash onto the stage.
I narrowly dodge a projectile.
“Hope you’ve enjoyed Season Two as much as I did.”
I hated it.
“And, unless the Devil strikes me down,” and he very-well might, “I hope to see you this Fall, for Season Three of…”
(Cue the audience)
Season Two
Season One
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2023.06.01 15:00 Hydra968 What's a run type/challenge you would be interested in seeing someone try?

Hello there all, I have a small youtube channel and I'm wanting to create a dark souls 2 let's play. Obviously I don't want to be redundant so what are the craziest thoughts for a playthrough that you would want to watch. Is there a certain weapon or style of play that would be enjoyable to watch? Basically some form of challenge run or meme based run. I do love souls games but I'm not an expert so I wanted to defer to the community to think up some hellish/crazy run to try. Thank you so much in advance if you answer!!!
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2023.06.01 15:00 MetalHoosier Champion of Maiden Songs by Album, Gp FOTD, Mp 644

Here’s the next matchup to find the champion of Iron Maiden songs by album.
"Weekend Warrior" (0-0-8) against "Wasting Love" (5-0-3) in the group, "Fear of the Dark".
Whichever song you voted for, let us know why by leaving a comment. But please keep it civil, as we all have different opinions.
Link to standings megathread here.
View Poll
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2023.06.01 14:59 BoysenberryNo2784 Feeling hopeless

My daughter is 3 years old and is testing limits and boundaries. I’m 10 months postpartum with twins, and I’m hurting outside of having a toddler, but adding tantrums to the mix makes me feel like giving up.
She and I had a great morning yesterday. I took her for her first eye appointment, then we went to a huge local park and then to lunch with her daddy at his work. She slept between the park and lunch in the car.
I know she was overtired, but her behavior last night was unbearable. She was fine to everyone else, but to me she hit, kicked, punched, screamed, etc. I tried gently redirecting. I tried being firm. I resorted to telling her she’d hurt my feelings. I resorted to my worst parenting and yelling. My husband took over, and I went to bed crying.
This morning is more of the same. She got good rest overnight. Today she and the twins are staying with my parents, who are also watching my niece, who is a nightmare of a 6-year-old. My parents don’t believe in mental health issues, so I will hear about them watching all 3 kids and how my mom watched her 2 kids (5 years apart) without any help.
I’m afraid when my daughter comes home she’ll be more of a terror. I’m dreading my twins growing into the toddler stage. If I can’t handle one, how will I handle two? I went inpatient earlier this year for postpartum depression and anxiety, and honestly the only way I fell asleep last night was thinking about being back inpatient. At least it was more peaceful.
I don’t know what to do with myself today while I’m child free. It already doesn’t feel like enough.
My soul is hurting. I don’t want to miss these years when my babies are young, but I also sometimes regret having kids.
How do people enjoy having and raising kids? How do I make the most of today? We have no money, and my depression keeps me inside. I just want to give up.
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2023.06.01 14:58 caged__rat Philosophical/psychological games or otherwise games that feel like art.

Hello, the title probably sounds pretentious but I'm interested in games that offer a unique experience, games that provoked thought for you or even games that you consider have changed your life. (I believe art in any form can cause such an effect on a person, when they truly connect with it.)
Personally I'm particularly fond of games that have a very dark and depressing atmosphere/ world but have moments or glimpses of hope and beauty. The otherwise bleak nature of these games makes those rare moments feel so much more meaningful and significant.
Basically games that have left a significant impact on you personally :)
This isn't really relevant and nobody probably cares but I just felt like adding a list of 10 games I love. Not a comprehensive top 10, just off the top of my head.
  1. Silent Hill 2 (Incredible character study, great environment and atmosphere. Masterpiece.)
  2. Dark Souls 3 (Absolutely love dark souls and this is the best one in my opinion, as well as a perfect ending to the series.)
  3. Disco Elysium (Some of the best and most consistently good writing I've seen in a game.)
  4. The Cat Lady (Beautiful story, connected strongly with the main characters.)
  5. Resident Evil 1 remake (Story and characters are pretty weak but man this game is just a masterpiece of fun, tense gameplay and level design. As well as the progenitor of a genre that I love.)
  6. Hades (Just the best of the rogue-lite genre, really fun and addictive gameplay with art, characters and story that incentivized me to complete the loop multiple times to see the ending. Also, the logical in-game explanation for your character respawning and doing another run makes it actually feel like one long journey.)
  7. Halo 2 (It was my childhood.)
  8. Metal Gear Solid (Might be recency bias as I just played it, and it may be replaced by a later game in the series once I've played them all.)
  9. Return of the Obra Dinn (Very unique with a really cool unraveling story, hard to make a game that makes you genuinely feel like a detective working out a mystery.)
  10. Yakuza 0/Yakuza 2 (RGG games are just so fucking cool.)
Any suggestions are welcome and I would be very interested in hearing any stories of the impact and effect that your favourite games have had on you :)
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2023.06.01 14:58 Hydra968 What is the wildest idea for a dark souls 1 Let's play

Hello there all, I have a small youtube channel and I'm wanting to create a dark souls 1 let's play. Obviously I don't want to be redundant so what are the craziest thoughts for a playthrough that you would want to watch. Is there a certain weapon or style of play that would be enjoyable to watch? Basically some form of challenge run or meme based run. I do love souls games but I'm not an expert so I wanted to defer to the community to think up some hellish/crazy run to try. Thank you so much in advance if you answer!!!
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2023.06.01 14:56 SnooTomatoes1260 [Rework Series] Twisted Fate

Hi all, this is a fun series where I brainstorm hypothetical reworks for LoL champions, purely for creativity’s sake, not based on balance needs. These ideas are imaginative, not suggesting buffs or nerfs. Have a champ you’d like reimagined? Share it! Let’s embark on this creative series together.
Passive - Gambler’s Fortune
Innate: TF still gains extra gold upon killing an enemy, but now also gains Gambler’s Dice which he can expend for various effects on his abilities. He gains 1 Gambler’s Dice on killing minions and 3 on killing champions. Max stacks: 10.
Q - Wild Card
Active: Twisted Fate throws a fan of three cards that deal magic damage to enemies. If TF expends a Gambler’s Dice, the cards will also slow enemies by 30% for 2 seconds.
W - Pick a Card
Active: TF cycles through three cards. Recasting selects the current card hovered. Each card has a unique effect and expending a Gambler’s Dice will enhance the effects.
Blue Card: Restores mana. If Gambler’s Dice is expended, TF gains a speed boost for 3 seconds.
Red Card: Deals AoE damage and slows. If Gambler’s Dice is expended, the slow is increased.
Gold Card: Stuns the target. If Gambler’s Dice is expended, the stun duration is increased.
E - Stacked Deck
Passive: TF gains bonus attack speed. Basic attacks generate stacks. At 3 stacks, his next basic attack is empowered to deal bonus magic damage and grant him a short dash. This dash can be cast in any direction, providing him with a mobility option.
R - Destiny
Active: TF reveals all enemy champions. Recasting teleports him to the target location. If Gambler’s Dice is expended, TF gains brief invulnerability upon arrival.
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2023.06.01 14:54 ItsDumi [SOUL STEALER] Chapter 10 - Canyon City (Pt. 8)

As Kita and Raya reach the second door to the second floor amongst the rattles of gunfire, they burst through the door into a waiting room.
At the other end of the small room is a large, booming, door that eclipses the entryway they'd just used. Villainous door- Kita called it. Definitely one of the best uses of coin. If she had an organization like this, the office door would be her first order of business.
She steps a little closer to the door and raises her arm in the air. Admiring the inscriptions on the door one last time before casting a push spell.
The doors completely shatter, and erupt from their hinges as they fly out towards the centre of the room. Raya raises her rifle and scouts ahead of Kita- It's empty. Not a single person was in the room.
Kita's eyes flare. The kid isn't here. "Where else would they take him?" She asks Raya.
"I'm not sure," She answers.
The footsteps of raiders from the floors below clang louder as they approach. It's decision time. And she needs to make it quick.
"Why do you even care about this kid?" Raya asks.
"I think he knows something about the dark one,"
It's likely. Not many people have had their souls taken by the dark one. She needs to learn everything she can. If pure strength and an army still resulted in her death in past lives, then she may have to approach this all very differently. She just needs a clue and this kid could give her one.
"We need to find out where they're taking him," Kita orders.
"So we fight?" Raya asks.
"Leave one for questioning,"
They both pass up at the far end of the room, facing the wide entryway in preparation for the ensuing raiders.
"How many souls?" Raya asks.
"Keep the shield up," Raya orders, reloading her gun. "I'll handle them,"
Raya crouches beside Kita, aiming down her sights as Kita casts the spherical shield around the both of them. Kita's not so sure this will work, but Raya seems so certain, it would be well worth it if it does.
The clatter of boots keeps getting louder as the snaking sound draws nearer. It sounds like over a dozen people are on their way up here. This is overkill, is she really that much of a threat? From the raiders' point of view, it does make sense that they would want to kill her after finding all of their prisoners and many of their friends dead. Not to mention she stole their princess, who is seemingly a more high-value prisoner.
These bastards aren't ready for the havoc Kita's ready to ensue upon them. It's felt good, killing these bastards. Her body has no tension, it's totally calm and content with the situation, despite how sticky it is. They should've just let her go, and shut up about whoever the hell that Chevo guy is. Now when that bald prick comes back here he'll find everyone's dead. Burning the place down might be the icing on the cake. She'll see how she's feeling when the time comes.
Two raiders appear around the corner, raising their guns as they notice Kita and Raya. Without much delay, Raya fires two shots into the first raider's chest, and one more into the second's forehead. The raiders behind them start swarming into the room, but with each one that enters, Raya fires one or two bullets in quick succession. She'll run out of ammo soon, and these raiders keep on coming.
Kita puts a hand on Raya's shoulder, preparing to cast a spell. Awaiting the click of Raya's gun.
Six left. She'll be running out of souls soon. Kita needs to make a move that'll get both of them out of here. Staying here to question one of the assholes could put them in more danger than Kita is willing to expose herself to.
Kita drops her shield the moment the last bullet collides with the raider inside the room. That same instant she casts a spell using five of the remaining six souls.
Invisible. Her mind echoes.
A momentary ripple of the light in the room leaves her questioning whether it worked. The next set of guards step into the room with squinting eyebrows. Looking straight through Kita and Raya as they glance around the room.
Raya stands up, slowly strapping the gun over her shoulder with a similar look of confusion gleaming in her blue eyes. Kita keeps a firm grasp on Raya's shoulder as the two of them shuffle toward the door- in sync, and trying not to make a sound as more raiders step into the room.
Judging by the look on Raya's face, this is the first time she's seen this spell. It's high value, but also high cost. Not to mention the spell is easily wasted by making a noise or colliding with someone. As they reach the staircase, they glance downstairs to where a handful of raiders await instructions from the raiders already in the room.
Each of their footsteps has a focused effort of silence being applied as they slowly make their way up the stairs. They aren't being followed- not yet anyway. And the raiders below are still trying to figure out what's just happened. It's clear people of this world aren't familiar with magic. Did they even know it exists? Raya and the old lady are the only people who knew of Kita's magic, but that's because she's met them all before. Are there other people with magic? Why would Kita be the only one? Assuming she is would only put her at risk- Establishing complacency or narcissism. It's smarter to assume she isn't the only one.
As they reach the first floor, they open the stairwell door to step into a massive tent. One Kita doesn't remember seeing from the top of the canyon. It's on the ground since the dirt room with the occasional rug spits dust with each of their steps. Everything in the room looks like the old technology. Glass panels sit on every desk, each with a board of symbols before it. Weapons and small devices sit on all the tables scattered throughout the room… Could they have built this place? No- The raiders must have found this bunker, or whatever it is. No one has the resources or knowledge to pull this off. Especially not some gang of thieves.
"Follow me," Raya says to Kita, sprinting out of Kita's grasp. A shimmer of colour and light in the tent and they're no longer invisible. She runs after Raya, who is pacing towards the entrance of the tent. The warm glow of the setting sun on the horizon is the first thing she sees before Raya put her arm out, stopping Kita in her tracks. Her eyes adjust to the light when she realizes she's stood at a cliff's edge. A massive protrusion on the canyon wall creates an isolated bed where their tent sits above the bunker that expands down into the wall of the canyon.
"What is this?" Kita asks, confused by the sheer scale of architecture that must have been required to build in this manner.
"I'd guess it was built by the old humans," Raya responds.
"What for?"
Raya shrugs, "This may be where the raiders found their weapons. If I had to guess, I'd imagine it held strategic importance to its creators,"
Kita basks at the scale of the canyon as well. Looking to her right at the neverending corridor, then to her left- where the subtle glow of lights radiates from around the bend of the canyon. She walks towards the pathway on her left, a small walkway carved into the side of the canyon that leads toward a makeshift bridge.
Read ahead on RoyalRoad [https://www.royalroad.com/fiction/68702/soul-stealer-anti-hero-reincarnation-fantasy](https://www.royalroad.com/fiction/68702/soul-stealer-anti-hero-reincarnation-fantasy)
Kita's thoughts - Post Chapter 10
"I'll just pee right here"
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2023.06.01 14:52 Cold_Option1764 Decided to quit an hour ago. I need your help with motivation. More context below.

Writing to myself and anybody reading this:
I’ve been smoking since I was 14 and am now 22. Most of those years have included daily use, with an average of 5-10 sessions a day. Throughout that time I have taken a few T breaks, some as long as a couple months. Unfortunately, I have always came back to the nasty habit after casually smoking with friends.
Over 10 months ago, at a time where I was using heavily, I decided to quit bowls (bongs) in the best interest of my lungs, and switch to dab pens. 3-4 months later, my usage had increased to every quarter hour or so due to the convenience of the pen. I knew I needed another change, and I made the lateral move to only smoke joints. The idea was to limit convenience, thus limiting use, but I quickly just began smoking joints inside. I have run out of lateral moves/harm reduction style approaches, and now need to take quitting seriously.
All of this time, I’ve thought “I should really stop”, but have never had the courage, motivation, or “good enough reason”. With that said, here is a short list of the negative effects. It seems like a battle between adrift brain and conscious mind, add it brain has always won.
I recognize that I have pretty terrible executive function. I often find myself being slower than before, remembering less, and having more trouble telling stories. I also recognize that weed keeps me comfortable, but not happy. I do believe that I would get more joy and fulfillment out of a life without weed. On top of that, seed makes me more lazy, distracted, and as a freelancer, those traits have a profoundly negative effect on my job. I haven’t take learning in my industry as seriously as I should have. I haven’t been living up to my potential.
My friends who have quit describe it as a gruelling, difficult process. Deep down I know that I can do it, but there are a lot of hard thoughts to deal with along the way. I recognize that it is a mental game. With that said, I fear that I have grown too dependent on the substance, and that the process of quitting will take too big of a toll on my well-being in the meantime.
I’m sure there is never a better time then now, but it never feels like the right time.
I definitely have some growing up to do, and some emotional shit to work through.
I don’t know exactly what I’m looking for, but I know that a dialogue with you kind souls will help.
A few questions on my mind are, how do you learn to sit with yourself and experience life without weed?
How do you deal with the same triggers that used to encourage smoking?
What do you do when you’re alone, in your quiet comforts so, place where you used to smoke?
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