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2023.06.03 07:48 ExaminationBright521 Anyone still haven’t heard anything from Columbia?

I have been waiting for a couple months now (applied on the second deadline on Feb 15th) and saw on Gradcafe that some people have been rejected. My portal status page still says my application is under review for Fall 2023.
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2023.05.22 11:37 mortandsmallgods Doing a PhD about Russia... without visiting

Hello everyone - hope this week is good.
Next year, I will undergo a Master of Research at an Australian university, writing a thesis on a medieval Eurasian / Byzantium topic. This will take two years. Then, I'll (hopefully) undergo a doctorate about Russian intellectual / religious history*.
I've had a topic in mind for my thesis for over a year now. I don't want to break any sanction rules or visit a country where I risk arbitary arrest (I am willing to visit Russia if the situation changes but I'm trying to be realistic; I'm also open to visiting Georgia or other post-Soviet or Balkans countries)
I emailed the Higher Degree Research coordinator at a university (and a former professor of mine) with this question three months ago and I never got a response. It doesn't help to see many posts on Reddit and Gradcafe saying 'I would expect a PhD holder to have familarity in those countries archives and have lived there for a few years.' But is this true?
Any assistance is appreciated. I just want to make sure it's okay to write a doctoral thesis about Russia over 3-6 years without stepping foot into the country.
*My topic isn't solely on Russia, it also draws on Byzantine / Latin histories about war and religion. There's also a focus on other Orthodox countries like Serbia, Bulgaria and Greece. Many of my primary sources are in the United States, Turkey and Vatican City.
Thanks for any help.
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2023.05.16 22:44 Crazy_Host_5051 Things I wish I knew before applying to grad school

Hello! I applied for physics and masters programs for Fall 23. It was a wild ride, applied to 12 programs and fortunately got into 2 and waitlisted in one of them. In the process of visiting open houses and talking to professors from the admissions board I learned some useful things that might help others too
(OBS: some things like research may vary from field to field)
  1. Get this in your head: research fit >>>>> University reputation. Or advisor reputation in desired field>>> university reputation. A grad school is a long term commitment, so make sure you will be doing something you really wanna do
  2. GET IN TOUCH WITH THE PROFESSORS YOU ARE INTERESTED BEFORE applying. I cannot stress this enough. The program I was waitlisted had a professor that got really interested in my profile. She was not part of the admissions board. After the open house, she said she talked to the admissions board bc she had interest in my research. Unfortunately they had too much acceptances in my field so I could not get off the waitlist. I can only imagine if I had contacted her beforehand. Maybe they would accept me instead of putting me in a waitlist.
  3. In your SOP start with more recent info about yourself. Do not mention accomplishments like in a list. Now the one thing that helped me the most: every first sentence in each paragraph should be a resume of the entire paragraph. Someone from an admissions board told me that sometimes she wouldn't even read the paragraph if it had a boring or too vague first sentence. Think about a tired person reading your text. They are tired and overwhelmed. They do not have time. Write something engaging.
  4. They expect research experience. And it must be a fit for them too. Read their website - does your work or what you wanna do in the future match their current research inquiries?
  5. Do not use gradcafe.
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2023.05.11 09:57 GustaMusto Review of for shortlisting

Hi, I'm planning to shortlist unis for my Masters in CS for spring '24. Since the US has a ton of unis and I have no other paid counselor to guide me, I decided to pay to get the shortlisted unis based on previous records. Some results from their recommendations look downright fishy, and I'd like to know if anyone has used their basic/pro service to get their colleges, and if they did, how was their experience? Or if any other better alternatives are available out there? I have been using gradcafe and other sites like yocket, etc. but my cgpa is on the lower end so looking at seemed like the best thing to do.

Thank you
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2023.04.27 13:41 heisenberg_21 Has any International applicant received an admit from either UoT or UBC Msc CS programs?

I received rejections from both last week. But checking gradcafe and this forum, I didn't see any single admit from an International applicant.
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2023.04.26 19:27 Extra_Cheesecake_826 Has ANYONE gotten an admit from UBC MS CS!?!?!?!?

It has been a super long wait to get any news from UBC. However, they have sent 2 waves of rejects so far from what I have seen on yocket and gradcafe.
BUT why have I not seen a single admit for ms cs? Does this mean all admits are still yet to be sent? Am I just waiting to be rejected or waitlisted at this point?
People of reddit, PLEASE tell me if you did get an admit.
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2023.04.24 08:07 llamalion0 Update from CSUEB for MFT ?

has anyone heard back from the grad program and applied for the March deadline? i saw one person on here got interviewed and someone else posted on gradcafe that they got in, but i think they were from the earlier deadlines aka November or January
*** Update: It seems like a few people have been interviewed/accepted but many haven't and there were 300+ applicants. Hoping we all hear back soon!
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2023.04.23 13:00 Ok_Leading_1361 UBC MSCS

Anyone accepted for fall 2023? I checked several subreddits and on gradcafe, I only see students posting rejections.
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2023.04.18 14:26 ananyapandaysuprmacy Columbia MSBA

Does anyone here have an update on when Columbia will be releasing decisions? Has anyone been admitted recently on gradcafe, yocket, chinese social media or other platforms?
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2023.04.14 18:51 Artistic-Shoe-9124 Old Dominion PhD English

Hello! Two questions:
  1. Has anyone heard back from Old Dominion’s PhD in English program? I saw one acceptance in GradCafe in late March. When I applied last year I was rejected by late March, and now it’s mid-April with no news and I’m kind of a wreck about the waiting.
  2. Anyone have advice about crafting a polite email to a department inquiring about a decision? I have been accepted to a EdD program, but I need to tell them a decision by April 21. I’d like to hear from Old Dominion before completely committing to the EdD, partly because I’d rather pursue a PhD.
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2023.04.13 00:45 youngano CS PhD - UMich and TAMU

Has anyone received word from either of these universities about CS PhD? I applied to both and have gotten no updates from either.
I looked at GradCafe for UMich (which should always be taken with a grain of salt), but I did see a wave of CS PhD rejections and CS MS rejections recently. I opted to be considered for the MS CS at UMich if I did not get into the PhD program so I'm wondering what it may mean if I haven't gotten any updates yet for either . Or maybe this cycle really is terrible and I just have to keep waiting.
Was curious to see if anyone else is in a similar boat.
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2023.04.11 11:04 Pro-Procastinator7 Has Columbia sent out any decisions regarding their MSCS ?

I applied for the MSCS program in Columbia in December and haven't heard anything from them regarding the decisions. I checked gradcafe out and the decisions are usually out by now. The deadline for one other program that I have been accepted to is nearby and I don't know if I should wait or consider Columbia as a rejection.
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2023.04.11 01:01 radarlaser610 Trying my best to be patient

As the title suggests, I’ve been obsessively browsing through this subreddit and Gradcafe while waiting to hear back from 3 more places I applied to. I’ve already received rejects from the other places and no acceptances so far, it’s frustrating to be finishing college in a month and not knowing where I’ll end up. Firmly believing in the idea of “all you need is one acceptance and what’s meant for you will not pass you by” to somehow keep me relatively sane and enjoy my last few weeks in college but it gets hard. Vicariously living through all of y’all who receive admits here, congrats and I hope to join you in your joys soon enough :) Oh and also, any kind words or advice is extra appreciated
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2023.04.10 10:23 aussie_tacocat Anyone still waiting for USC? 🤡

USC is the only thing preventing me from getting closure on this application cycle. At this point, if they don't reply by 15 April, I'll just go ahead with another program.
I've heard stories of people getting admits at the end of April. And USC does say on their website they'll release results from Jan to May, who knows whether that's 1 May or 31 May lol
On gradcafe, it seems like they send out Spring admits in May, but there were also people getting rejects in June, or worse, still waiting in June 😩
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2023.04.09 13:50 Solublex Any UCI MS SE Activity?

Hi everyone, any idea if UCI MS SE decisions have been going out? I’ve heard of maybe 1-2 applicants here getting admits, let alone decisions from them. Even gradcafe turns up roughly the same number of admits. Is their admission process usually this late?
Just anxious is all! 😅
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2023.04.07 21:48 rookie_11999 Did anyone hear back from the University of Rochester for CS Ph.D.?

I haven't seen any updates in Gradcafe. I am wondering if anyone in the subreddit got a decision regarding their application.
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2023.04.07 08:31 Redditemu_emu Masters Acceptance after PhD rejection

I read on gradcafe that everyone that applies to a school's PhD program and gets rejected automatically gets accepted to the Masters program so the schools make money. Is that true? I got denied from my dream PhD program last week, and now I'm debating if it's worth taking 30k in loans for a masters degree from a school that accepts everyone and has a small chance of accepting their own masters students into their doctoral program later on
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2023.04.06 17:18 tanchaeun gatech mscs ml decisions

checked on gradcafe, for 2022, it was the last specialization for which admits/rejects came out. will have to wait 😭😭😭😭😭 anyone else in the same boat?
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2023.04.05 23:41 skmmilk University of FLorida MSCS

Has anyone heard anything from them for MSCS? gradcafe and reddit seem to have almost no one talking about UFL as far as I could see
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2023.04.04 19:02 Visual-Impact-5308 Georgia State University MS CS

Has anyone applied to Georgia State University for MS in CS or any other program? If yes, did you receive any decision yet? Can't find anything on Gradcafe. :/
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2023.04.04 18:56 Negative-Depth-7047 App State

Hi! I was waitlisted at Appalachian and I saw where someone on Gradcafe got off the waitlist today! I was just wondering if anyone else had or if I should expect to possibly not even hear back until April 15th!
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2023.04.04 09:28 Embarrassed_Gate5495 Hsg Bachelors to epfl msc

Is it possible to go from an economics degree at hsg to mfe at epfl? Is the admission any easier since it’s a Swiss uni? I’ve looked on gradcafe but can’t find much profiles of epfl mfe
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