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2023.06.09 23:50 WineCheeseNStimpacks New Rap Just Dropped! (not an advertisement)

Holy hell, At risk of being turbo-cringe I wrote an AnarchyChess rap where I tried to squeeze as much anarchychess memes into every line as possible. if for some godforsaken reason this gets a lot of upvotes I might perform it, but I make zero promises.
Yo, New response just dropped!Holy hell you're stupid, you should Google en passantWhat do I do in this position? Every pawn has taunt.Shove bishops up your ass as penance to chess god.
I'm the kinda fool that you'd probably pray forMy piece is fucking solid, I'm your bricked pants saviourYou was doing pipi In your pampers when I was beating playersSave it for the Reddit post, downvoted, nineteen-eighty-four
Take this knightmare fuel with a billion grains of rice more The type for why my stable is my pantry, is my sock drawer plus I got crabs at the table from my opponent's 1. A4 What shit possesses these idiots? call the exorcist.
How isn't this mate? Reddit please inform!I terraformed the board to counter the pawnstormYou guys don't have enough material for me to fill 64Leave you squares with 16, come beat me on the board.
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2023.06.09 23:37 That_Mind_6783 map of the yankee military occupation after the war

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2023.06.09 22:30 Flying_Snails_today Steven Universe vs Invincible analysis Cosmic Clash

Genesis: Back thousands of years ago a gem named Rose Quartz was made on Earth! You see these space aliens called gems were killing the planet to make more of them and Rose wasn’t with that so she lead a rebellion called the Crystal Gems to take on the diamonds who were the leader of the gems. She ended up shattering Pink Diamond but yellow, blue and white diamond retaliated by leavening a blast that covered all of the planet affecting every gem turning them into monsters! Only Rose and some of her closest allies remained but she soon settled down with a human named Greg and gave up her body to make a son. Steven Universe.
Snail: Steven may look like the small chubby kid who gets bullied in school but he’s anything but! This kid saves the day with the Crystal Gems!
Genesis: Garnet, Amethyst and Pearl! And Steven started off weak and powerless be became stronger from his adventures with the gems even unlocking some of his mom’s abilities!
Snail: Such as his mothers shield able to block an attack from three diamonds that covered the entire planet!
Genesis: He can make bubbles to teleport small objects away or shield himself. He can also use them as makeshift boxing gloves to fight with!
Genesis then made some magical boxing gloves she used to knockout Snail
Genesis: Like that!
One Angry Snail getting up later
Snail: So mad at you I just can’t… Whatever Steven has control over his personal gravity being able to slow his falling and jump insane heights! He also scales to Garnet who was able to punch a damn mountain in half! That’s badass! But with all of this in mind Steven was treated like a child by his fellow gems. And while he was he wasn’t treated like a member of the team.
Genesis: Yeah like when your mom needs to take you to the movies with her friends on girls night since your dads not around and she doesn’t want you home alone
Snail: That’s not oddly specific or anything.
Genesis: What?!
Snail: Steven would gain the respect he so desperately wanted through many of his missions with the Gems! He is stronger then Lapis who lifted all the ocean on Earth at once! That’s roughly 352,670,000,000,000,000,000 gallons of water! That’s like an entire planet man!
Genesis: Almost as much as your mo-
Snail then slapped her in the face
Genesis: Yeah I deserve that…
Snail: Steven has dodged laser from near point blank, he can survive the g force of light speed travel, he even lifted a giant injector!
Genesis: This injector had enough poison in it to wipe out all life on Earth! And it was already a giant metal space ship thing! And Steven was able to lift it for a short time when his powers were fading!
Snail: So Steven after trail and trail fight after fight manage to save the universe by redeeming the diamonds!
Genesis: Bad writing aside Steven always had shows looming over his head the biggest one his mother
Genesis: Turns out Rose was actually Pink Diamond and she was a lier who manipulated all her friends and even had them trapped for thousands of years!
Snail: Fuckin parents… yeah Rose was a shitty person and even years after her death Steven was stuck with people thinking he was his mom.
Genesis: Combine that with years of mental trauma from getting almost killed repeatedly and you have Steven go into a breakdown. Or his pink state
Snail: While pink Steven can move faster than his light dodging friends the crystal gems. He moved so fast that time moves at a near standstill for him! His powers also go into overdrive with him getting stronger, the power to straight up fly, screams loud enough to crack buildings, and new hexagon versions of his bubbles that are way stronger and more destructive! But he’s way more unhinged he’s losing control in this form to the point where he killed a gem.
Genesis: After bringing her back to life Steven felt like a monster and he spiraled into self hate creating monster Steven.
Snail: He lost all control but with the love of his friends and family Steven was able to calm down.
Genesis: While Steven struggled over learned to be a gem his greatest feat was being human.

Mayo_Enjoyer:every world needs a invincible hero except this one isn't invincible,meet Mark grayson the son of Nolan grayson who's more commonly known as omni man. Mark is a viltrumite like his father, viltrumites are a human like alien race who decided to kill off most of their population just to leave the strongest ones and they then started to conquer planets from the inside, Nolan was send to conquer earth he decided to play along as a hero, and after some hand holding with his pet I mean wife a baby was born because holding hands makes babies, and that baby was Mark grayson.
Mayo_Enjoyer:when Mark first discovered his powers he was lost but luckily for him his father was there to help him learn his powers and then mark started doing hero stuff, he fought against criminals, fought against a alien invasion, got his ass kicked by battle beast which I don't blame him for because battle beast is like the second if not the strongest character in the entire series, saved people got the girl and did some hero stuff until that day, one day mark found out that his dad is actually a alien conquer breed to kill and enslave other planets so he got his ass kicked so hard it became a meme maybe mark should think more often, anyways I'm not going to spoil the comics so to the abilities and feats we go.
Mayo_Enjoyer:Mark's viltrumite origin grants him several abilities such as super strength, super speed, flight, enchanted lung capacity, a ability which makes him stronger every time he gets beaten into a pulp, longevity, a enchanted healing factor, mark got all the basic powers now time for his feats, hurth thragg the strongest viltrumite who upscales from every viltrumite in the series, tanked hits from thragg while sun dipping in a fight with him on the sun, threw a trash can to London, played baseball over the globe, traveled from planet to planet, temporary outspeed teleportation, was unfazed by a nuke, killed thragg's kids, was able to fight while sun dipping, took a beating from battle beast and survived, was able to force dinosaurus to transform back, defeated conquest, defeated thragg who was able to defeat battle beast. That's all impressive feats of mark Grayson and now it's time for him to show that he's invincible
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2023.06.09 22:11 FateOfFeiluar hotdoging along the beat chiptune loop meme

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2023.06.09 22:06 cm-1414 How Carbondale became an abortion oasis in a part of the country known for being an abortion desert.

Have you heard of Carbondale, Illinois?
Carbondale is a small college town located in rural Illinois. Even though it is located in a more conservative area of the state, the town has a history of political activism dating back to the Vietnam war. The town is also the closest abortion destination for more than 1.2 million women living in the South.
Why Carbondale? How did this small rural college town become an abortion destination?
Even before Roe vs. Wade was overturned, Jennifer Peppers, the CEO of Choices Center for Reproductive Healthcare in Memphis, Tennessee, started looking for a location where she could set up an abortion clinic. She anticipated that if Roe vs. Wade was overturned, Tennessee’s abortion trigger law would be enacted.
Carbondale was the perfect fit! Not only is the town located in the state of Illinois, where abortion remains legal (with some restrictions), it is also in the ideal location. The town is closer to Mississippi and Alabama than the city of Chicago, which makes it a perfect abortion destination location for those living in southern states.
The town is also home to Southern Illinois University, which has made Carbondale a historically democratically leaning city. In addition, there was already support from community leaders and volunteers there even before beginning construction on the new health clinics**.**
You can learn more about what else the city of Carbondale is doing to support reproductive rights and healthcare by checking out the full article here:
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2023.06.09 22:05 cm-1414 How Carbondale became an abortion oasis in a part of the country known for being an abortion desert.

Have you heard of Carbondale, Illinois?
Carbondale is a small college town located in rural Illinois. Even though it is located in a more conservative area of the state, the town has a history of political activism dating back to the Vietnam war. The town is also the closest abortion destination for more than 1.2 million women living in the South.
Why Carbondale? How did this small rural college town become an abortion destination?
Even before Roe vs. Wade was overturned, Jennifer Peppers, the CEO of Choices Center for Reproductive Healthcare in Memphis, Tennessee, started looking for a location where she could set up an abortion clinic. She anticipated that if Roe vs. Wade was overturned, Tennessee’s abortion trigger law would be enacted.
Carbondale was the perfect fit! Not only is the town located in the state of Illinois, where abortion remains legal (with some restrictions), it is also in the ideal location. The town is closer to Mississippi and Alabama than the city of Chicago, which makes it a perfect abortion destination location for those living in southern states.
The town is also home to Southern Illinois University, which has made Carbondale a historically democratically leaning city. In addition, there was already support from community leaders and volunteers there even before beginning construction on the new health clinics.
You can learn more about what else the city of Carbondale is doing to support reproductive rights and healthcare by checking out the full article here:
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2023.06.09 21:58 Your_residentdndnerd Total chaos turns to glory in one night

This is sort of a horror story and a game tale at the same time but i just put game tale for my flare so here's my story.
Back when me and my friends where really young one of them was having a sleepover, some of us were into D&D by a lot like me, while others played it with us and it wasn't their favorite thing but they enjoyed it, and some who had never even played.
At the sleepover the one who was hosting asked his dad to DM for us at the sleepover earlier in the month and i guess he agreed because my friend called me up asking what character i wanted and i said a half-orc paladin or something.
The adventure was harry potter themed because the guy who was hosting was a big harry potter fan and he wanted a harry potter story from his dad, so his dad made an adventure where us playing ourselves were thrust into a dystopian harry potter centric England as magical creatures and warriors because we were trying to find our principle from school.
It quickly descended into chaos from there. We all found ourselves in a field and there was a large castle in the distance and a smaller hut nearby with a owl circling over it. It took 30 minutes to decide if we were going to the hut or not because some players couldn't stop blasting dub step and yelling memes, and we eventually decided to go to the hut.
We find nothing their except the owl turns out be our friend from school who was transported here too. We also now see in the distance an old looking woman and we take another 30 to decide to go to her before our fairy druid decides to fly over and stab here. Then PVP started between players while me and the host tried to calm thing's down meanwhile the DM didn't know how to deal with this and eventually we stop fighting and talk to the lady.
She's professor mcgonagell (sorry if spelled that wrong harry potter fans) and the fairy druid tries to stab her again. The DM gets so fed up with our party's infighting that the NPC owl dives into the river and commits suicide which surprised us all. Me and host were trying to salvage this situation to get everybody to calm down but then our groups fighter (lets call them stupid.) starts throwing dice at people and blasting dub step again.
Eventually the DM just caves and says we see a troll going in the direction of the forest carrying a woman on his back that looks like our principal. We all shut up and get back to the adventure and follow it into the woods, then we decide to make camp, which we couldn't even do that right.
Immediately infighting breaks out on where we should put our camp and we split up with Stupid and Druid Fairy on one side and me and Host on the other. At our camp we were roasting a pig from the forest we found and getting to go to bed for the night we were walking a group of Acromantula's found us and attacked us. The party started working together and with the help of a magical monkey (Our DM was very lenient and allowed it.) And the rest of the party we took them down.
Then in the distance we saw the troll we were trying to catch that had our Principal. Stupid takes the initiative and builds a set of rope traps and when the troll came plowing through we grabbed the principal and were transported back to our school.
We come back to the school and the principal is still passed out and their is a junior Mindflayer nearby who actually had us in shared mental dream and he didn't expect us to get out.
We didn't have any magic or skills anymore because we were just kids again and we just decided to take our waterbottles out and start beating him with that and punching him, which did some damage. But then Druid Fairy comes up with the idea to take this guy to the school cafeteria and burn him alive in the oven.
We all agree by a mile and after a couple attempts at grappling him we eventually are able to take him to the school oven and we have our final roll to shove him in the oven, its DC 20 and were all scared as fuck.
We start doing our little stupid chant we do at school that we do for good luck and then we roll the dice. 1 second goes by, 2 seconds go by, and then it stops.....NAT 20. We all start screaming with joy and to this day it was my best Nat 20 i ever got.
Guess that's my story, bye.
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2023.06.09 21:53 podajnik [Most likely FLASH][2010-2015] Some sort of parody game

It involved (bottle stacking? bottles of beer iirc), a lot of oldschool memes, this song as the title screen: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JbspWYbuxgE and a chat-box where you could chat with Chuck Norris (he was saying if you share the game he'll beat up Justin Bieber but if you messaged him twice he would hide your cursor and make the game turn into a blue screen with Chuck Norris's pixelated face in the middle)
Good luck for whoever finds this
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2023.06.09 21:51 turbancowboi Tennessee commit Grayson Pope seriously injured by fallen tree on Alabama Golf Course

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2023.06.09 20:44 No-Faithlessness7561 Oh man I forgot these three states

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2023.06.09 20:39 Drwillpowers Memes and the meme contest

It still is ongoing, I just don't make as big of an announcement about it any more because people were getting cranky about it during the pandemic. But I appreciate when people can make me laugh, especially at my own expense.
Regardless, the top monthly meme that hasn't won still wins the same prize. This is June's meme:
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2023.06.09 20:30 rachac01 Maximum Football’s Dynasty Mode will have recruiting and prospect scouting

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2023.06.09 20:20 jimbobbypaul Ranking the Top 131 FBS Programs of the Last 40 Years: 77. Central Michigan

Main hub thread with the full 131 rankings
I’ve got a LeFevour, and the only prescription is…you finish the sentence.
Central Michigan’s done pretty well for themselves. As an all-time program, they’ve got the 26th highest winning percentage of current Division 1 teams at .589. They’ve produced some NFL greats like probable future Hall of Famer WR Antonio Brown, Hall of Very Good OL Joe Staley, and former #1 pick OL Eric Fisher. CMU finishes 2nd out of the 3 directional Michigan schools, with Western taking the first spot and Eastern finishing last.

Best Seasons and Highlights

1. 2009: 16. Central Michigan: 12-2 (21.788) 2. 1991: 28. Central Michigan: 6-1-4 (13.709) 3. 1983: 28. Central Michigan: 8-3 (11.522) 4. 1984: 28. Central Michigan: 8-2-1 (11.291) 5. 2006: 36. Central Michigan: 10-4 (9.306) 6. 1990: 31. Central Michigan: 8-3-1 (9.158) 7. 1994: 30. Central Michigan: 9-3 (7.715) 8. 2021: 44. Central Michigan: 9-4 (3.384) 9. 1985: 37. Central Michigan: 7-3 (1.278) 10. 1988: 44. Central Michigan: 7-4 (-1.302) 11. 2020: 59. Central Michigan: 3-3 (-4.809) 12. 2008: 57. Central Michigan: 8-5 (-6.542) 13. 2005: 56. Central Michigan: 6-5 (-7.420) 14. 2017: 61. Central Michigan: 8-5 (-7.561) 15. 2015: 64. Central Michigan: 7-6 (-7.854) 16. 1987: 54. Central Michigan: 5-5-1 (-11.490) 17. 1992: 59. Central Michigan: 5-6 (-12.266) 18. 1989: 63. Central Michigan: 5-5-1 (-12.904) 19. 2014: 74. Central Michigan: 7-6 (-12.963) 20. 2007: 70. Central Michigan: 8-6 (-14.080) 21. 2019: 75. Central Michigan: 8-6 (-14.612) 22. 1998: 65. Central Michigan: 6-5 (-16.416) 23. 1993: 63. Central Michigan: 5-6 (-16.771) 24. 2012: 77. Central Michigan: 7-6 (-19.031) 25. 1986: 71. Central Michigan: 5-5 (-19.488) 26. 2016: 87. Central Michigan: 6-7 (-21.822) 27. 1996: 76. Central Michigan: 5-6 (-23.792) 28. 2013: 88. Central Michigan: 6-6 (-24.375) 29. 1995: 73. Central Michigan: 4-7 (-27.662) 30. 2022: 112. Central Michigan: 4-8 (-32.236) 31. 2004: 97. Central Michigan: 4-7 (-36.154) 32. 2010: 99. Central Michigan: 3-9 (-36.932) 33. 1999: 97. Central Michigan: 4-7 (-36.956) 34. 2002: 96. Central Michigan: 4-8 (-39.844) 35. 2011: 101. Central Michigan: 3-9 (-40.096) 36. 2001: 96. Central Michigan: 3-8 (-40.204) 37. 2003: 105. Central Michigan: 3-9 (-48.508) 38. 2000: 106. Central Michigan: 2-9 (-50.395) 39. 1997: 103. Central Michigan: 2-9 (-52.476) 40. 2018: 128. Central Michigan: 1-11 (-63.714) Overall Score: 11853 (77th) 
Central Michigan is the first 40-season team with a winning record! They’ve got 19 winning seasons and 5 more .500 seasons, so football in Mount Pleasant has been pretty satisfactory. Throw in 4 more years with just one more loss than win, and you’ve got 27 out of 40 seasons that have a win percentage of .454 or better. Hard to complain. Of CMU’s 5 title-winning seasons, 1990 and 1994 barely miss the list at #6 and #7, respectively, while 2007’s 8-6 team led by Butch Jones falls all the way to #20. Gives you an indication about the level of success the Chippewas have had.

Top 5 Seasons

Worst Season: 2018 (1-11 overall, 0-8 MAC)
This season came out of nowhere. Sure, Central Michigan was picked 5th out of 6 teams in the MAC West and were starting a new QB. But they had made 4 straight bowl games. They had one media member pick them to win the MAC West. They had some pretty talented players on defense, but this season was a disaster. Their 1 win was 17-5 over Maine. They did have 7 losses by 11 points or less. The offense was 3rd worst in the country, averaging just 15.0 PPG. QBs Tony Poljan and Tommy Lazzaro combined for just 7 TD and 15 INT, with the offense averaging a whopping 4.5 yards per attempt. Poljan was a massive human at 6’7 250 lbs, and would eventually transition to TE, earning 2nd Team All-MAC in 2019 before transferring to Virginia and putting up a 400+ yard season for them in 2020. The defense was very good for such a bad offense, giving up 27.3 PPG with a conference-high 4 defensive players making 1st Team All-MAC. Of the 4, DL Mike Danna, DB Sean Murphy-Bunting, and DB Xavier Crawford were drafted, with Murphy-Bunting starting for the 2020 Super Bowl Champion Tampa Bay Buccaneers.
5. 2006 (10-4 overall, 7-1 MAC)
There were some big names on this team. Brian Kelly was the coach, and he definitely earned his way to the top. After winning 2 Division II national titles at Grand Valley State from 1991-2003, he moved to Central Michigan, where he won the MAC title in 2006. After 2 opening losses to Boston College and Michigan, CMU got 2 very close wins over conference opponents Akron (24-21) and Eastern Michigan (24-17 in OT). After another 36-45 loss to Kentucky, it was time to get to work on winning a MAC chip. CMU was great the rest of the year, beating every MAC team aside from Northern Illinois by 2 or more possessions. Heading into the MAC title game, Ohio’s defense was allowing just 16.2 PPG and less than 300 yards per game, but Central Michigan went for 457 in a 31-10 win. RB Ontario Snead had a 96 yard TD run for the dagger and WR Damien Linson set a MAC title game record with 191 receiving yards. Central Michigan drubbed Middle Tennessee in the bowl as well, 31-14.
QB Dan LeFevour won MAC Freshman of the Year, throwing for 3000+ yards with 26 TD 10 INT, and running for 500+ with 7 TD. OT Joe Staley was 1st Team All-MAC, and ended up having a great career with the San Francisco 49ers. DE Dan Bazuin, the returning MAC Defensive POTY, had another 1st Team All-MAC season with 10.5 sacks, and was drafted in the 2nd round of the 2007 NFL Draft along with Staley in the 1st. Staley formerly played TE, and caught 11 passes for 130 yards and 1 TD as a freshman in 2003.
4. 1984 (8-2-1 overall, 6-2-1 MAC)
Central Michigan had one of the best defenses in the country, and a solid offense to boot. A 6-0-1 start helped CMU jump out to a 4-0-1 conference record, competing with Bowling Green and Toledo for the MAC title. That set up a match with Bowling Green (5-2 overall, 4-1 MAC) for 1st place. Central Michigan dominated the day 42-21, but still had Toledo to get through. A 7-8 loss to Northern Illinois shortly after sucked, but had no impact on Central’s title hunt, and they rebounded to beat Ball State 51-7. That set up a de-facto conference title game between Central Michigan (8-1-1, 6-1-1 MAC) vs Toledo (7-1-1, 6-1-1 MAC). Despite a great CMU defensive effort, the Chippewas fell 7-14, and Toledo took the title. CMU’s season ended there, but it wasn’t without accolades. The defense was top 5 in the nation, giving up just 12.8 PPG. RB Curtis Adams earned 2nd Team All-American with 1204 rushing yards and 13 TD, while 5 other CMU players earned 1st Team All-MAC.
3. 1983 (8-3 overall, 7-2 MAC)
Just like 1984, this year’s team was in the hunt for a MAC title all year long with a top 5 defense and solid offense. 1983 was a 4-horse race between Bowling Green, Central Michigan, Northern Illinois, and Toledo. After a 5-1 start, Central Michigan was right there in the hunt with a 4-0 conference record, but close losses put them out of it, losing 7-12 to Miami (OH) and 14-15 to Bowling Green. Left for dead, CMU rose up and put on their best 3 stretch of games maybe ever, beating 7-1 Northern Illinois 30-14, 6-4 Ball State 38-10, and 9-1 Toledo 34-6. NIU and Toledo were the top 2 teams in the MAC, yet Central Michigan beat them by a combined score of 64-20. If not for the 1 point loss to Bowling Green, Central Michigan would’ve been conference champions. Still, a fine year, and they finished in a 3-way tie for 2nd place with BG and Toledo. RB Curtis Adams arguably had a better year than his ‘84 season, rushing for 1431 yards and 15 TD. OG Chris McKay won team MVP. DB Jim Bowman earned 1st Team All-MAC in addition to those two, ranking 3rd in the nation with 8 picks. 3 other players for a total of 6 finished 1st Team All-MAC. Bowman was drafted in the 2nd round of the 1985 NFL Draft, and Adams went in the 8th round.
2. 1991 (6-1-4 overall, 3-1-4 MAC)
I don’t even know where to begin with this one. Yes, their 4 ties tied the NCAA record for the most ties in a season. Going into week 3, CMU was 1-0-1, heading to #18 Michigan State for the Spartans’ season opener. Michigan State was coming off an 8-3-1 season in which they were Big Ten co-champions. Because of this, they were 21 point favorites over a CMU team that was coming off a conference title themselves. The game was a slow burn for MSU fans. Central Michigan took a 14-3 lead into halftime and never let up, winning 20-3. The Spartans never recovered, going 3-7 the rest of the way. For the conference slate, Central Michigan apparently loved to play it safe, going 3-1-4 for the strangest 2nd place finish you’ll ever see. Central Michigan wasn’t invited to a bowl, and can you really blame the bowl reps? Sure they only lost 1 game, but they also only won 6. Still, it was a great year. Wins included Michigan State, 6-5 Ball State, and rival 6-5 Western Michigan, with the only loss to 11-1 MAC champion Bowling Green. RB Billy Smith led the NCAA in carries, rushing 374 times for 1440 yards and just 6 TD on 3.9 YPC. This was a typical Central Michigan team for the time, ranking top 15 in PPG allowed (14.3, 12th) with a stale offense (18.6 PPG, 75th).
1. 2009 (12-2 overall, 8-0 MAC)
This was a really good team. After an opening 6-19 loss at Arizona, Central Michigan travelled to East Lansing, and just like 1991, beat Michigan State 29-27. CMU, down 20-27 with 30 seconds remaining, scored a TD and opted for 2, but QB Dan LeFevour’s pass sailed long. An onside kick and 25 second drive later, and CMU’s Andrew Aguila was kicking a 42 yard FG for the win. With 4th year starting QB Dan LeFevour and one of the best WR tandems in the country in Antonio Brown-Bryan Anderson, Central Michigan was the big bad team in the MAC, and they lived up to the hype, winning their 3rd conference title in 4 years. They ran through the MAC with a perfect 8-0 record, the only loss coming out of conference to Boston College. Wins included 56-8 over Eastern Michigan, 56-28 over Toledo, and 35-3 at Ball State. CMU beat Ohio in the title game for the 2nd time in 4 years, winning 20-10. They ended in a barn burner of a GMAC Bowl against Sun Belt champion Troy, winning 44-41 in 2OT, thanks to 200 yards and 1 kick return TD from Antonio Brown. Central Michigan finished #23, their only ever finish in the top 25.
LeFevour won MAC Offensive POTY for the 2nd time, completing 69.7% of passes for 3438 yards 28 TD 7 INT. He added another 713 yards and 15 TD on the ground, ranking 2nd in the NCAA in total TDs with 43. LeFevour completed an illustrious career, having won 3 MAC titles. LeFevour finished 1st in NCAA history for total TDs (150), and to this day is 3rd behind Case Keenum (178) and Baker Mayfield (153). In 2007, LeFevour became the 2nd player in NCAA history (1st being Vince Young) to pass for 3000 yards and rush for 1000 yards in a season. LeFevour also finished 2nd all time in total yards with 15,853, and is now 4th behind Keenum, Timmy Chang, and Landry Jones. At 6’3 230 lbs with great athleticism, LeFevour was a 6th round pick by the Chicago Bears in the 2010 NFL Draft.
Antonio Brown put together another fantastic season, finishing 4th in the nation in catches with 110 for 1198 yards and 9 TD. He also ran for another 341 yards, and was the MAC Special Teams POTY with 3 returns (1 kick 2 punt) for TDs. The 6’5 WR Bryan Anderson finished as Central Michigan’s all time leading receiver with 3648 yards, going for 784 in 2009, the lowest total of his career but still earned 2nd Team All-MAC. Brown went on to have a Hall of Fame level career with the Pittsburgh Steelers. LB Nick Bellore led the team in tackles with 132, and has gone on to have a 12 year career in the NFL as a FB/LB. Coach Butch Jones left for Cincinnati after the season, and went on to coach at Tennessee.

5th Quarter

Do you remember that 2009 team with LeFevour and AB? Who was the better Central Michigan player all-time, Brown or LeFevour? Do you think Central Michigan’s place on this list is fair? What players/plays/games do you think of when you think of Central Michigan? Why does Michigan State lose so often to CMU? They also did it in 1992.
If you appreciate the effort, please consider subscribing on substack!
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2023.06.09 20:15 Timmerz120 An idea on some units that need some Buffing

while I was thinking to myself, I thought of some units that could be good, and make their divisions more interesting with a few changes but weren't, so I want Ya'll's opinions on it
To start with I'll go through the Axis units that I think could do well with some buffs:
Although SS-Schupo are going to have a buff in the form of the new Security Trait, I have a feeling that it won't be nearly enough to make them really worth using, before they were outclassed in either long range(Landesshutzen ost doing that for Cheap!) or at short range(Grenadier(MG-26) is just better since disheartened is a big downside on a CC-oriented unit). But now its easy since the recent update where RONA Schutzen became 15 points where they are an overall upgrade at all Ranges FOR CHEAPER, and its not that much better for the other division they are in-panzerdivision Tatra since for a whole 5 points more you can get either PzGren(MG-26) or Pioneers(MG-26) who are not only not disheartened but far more punchier in combat, not to mention the Volkssturm whose 3 additional rifles and the upgrade to Straight-Pull likely puts them fairly similar in capability at close range and 500 meters and less range for 5 points less. Overall I'm fairly sure this is a unit that needs to be at 15 points and probably should've been made 15 points instead of the RONA Schutzen

Schuma and Fucilieri: Both are expendable low-strength 10 point CQC Squads, they shouldn't have worse card value than Erstatztruppen, both cards should be at least have the same availability as Erstatztruppen else there's not going to be a reason to use them when both decks that use them(Korruck and the Italian Corps of Liberation) both have good CQC options to begin with, also give an extra card of Schuma and allow B Phase, we get two battalions with them in Barazina and I want to make Korruck the horde its meant to be. In addition give Korruck the same infantry card slot price ramp up that the 52nd Sicherungs get

And finally the Vanatorul de Care R-35 on 4. Munte. Surprisingly not just a meme unit since it can take 2 hits from AT Guns unlike the regular R-35(this actually surprised the heck out of me when I was playing some singleplayer with the Estonians since these beat the crap out of the T-34 1940s I sent out) but make it have the same availability as the regular R-35, or at least the same availability as the T-34-76('43) so it can be used as a effective and cost-effective way to beat early T-34 Spam

To begin with, the SU-76i. Its worse compared to the T-34/76(43) in EVERY way, so why in god's name does it have WORSE availability than the 3 cards of T-34(43s) and 3 cards T-34(42s) that 7th Mechanized Corps get, Its a unique unit, and from the description is supposed to be one of the unique selling points on the division, but if so why make it not worth using due to its terrible availability, the answer IMO is simple and give it the same availability as the T-26 with a 9/18/27 availability curve with 1 star Veterancy so that the 7th Mechanized Corps can become more unique with the cheap 76mm Boxes becoming a viable option
Make Mustadd Mantlid(the 15 man Estonian Chernos) 15 points, because the Estis already suffer in CQC compared to standard soviets due to nearly all of their PPSHs being replaced with the worse PPS, so give them a CQC option that's meaningfully strong to attempt to make them more unique apart from the very good SU-2(M-82) Recce plane with 10 82mm AT Rockets
The Cherno problem. Every Soviet Division gets NKVD, Every Soviet Division gets Chernos, and some divisions 2 with some Divisions claiming its another trait that makes them "Unique", but why would anyone ever use them? In the Strelki Divisions there's an argument, but being honest apart from the fact that Strelki(SVT) would clean the floor with them, a matchup between 4 Strelki and a 15-20 point Leader would beat 5 Chernos and a NKVD any day. Erstatz are used because they are in divisions that only have expensive infantry, but the Chernos are in divisions where the infantry is not only good in CQC, but also cheap. So here's my two solutions: 1. we go boring and reduce them and Erstatz to 10 points 2. We go the interesting route and rework Chernos so that the Soviets, and by extension the allies, can get the glory of Disheartened Horde Spam, Remove Chernos, and replace them with Cherno. Strelki at 15 points armed with 2 PPSHs and 11 Mosins, add in Cherno. Strelki(DP), this time armed with 11 Mosins and a DP, and to select divisions add Cherno. Saperi with Mosins instead of the normal Saperi's SVTs, at the same price but with increased availability, and Cherno. Avtos with higher availability, Same Price(its still overkill for most targets anyway), and PPSHs swapped out for PPSs. And every single one of these 4 squads all would be Disheartened, giving a tool to make the Strelki Divisions more unique than "What form of Superheavy does this division use?" and a reason to actually bring along the NKVD(I'd still say reduce Erstatz to either 10 points or have them have 2 MP-40s, but I don't feel too strongly on it since PzDivisions don't really need buffs)
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2023.06.09 20:02 dcfb2360 How much of an improvement is Agholor and Treadwell to Proche/Duv/Wallace/Robinson? Here's the stats:

I know we’re all talking about DHop and OBJ, but I wanted to do some research into how Agholor actually compares to Proche, Duv, Wallace, and Robinson. Since y'all are prob wondering who Treadwell is and how he compares, I added him too.
Treadwell TLDR:
Does Agholor really have bad hands like the meme says? Here’s the stats:

Per game career stats

YDS/G Agholor 36 Duv 19.1 Robinson 18.7 Treadwell 16.1 Proche 6.5 Wallace 2.15
Y/R Agholor 12.5 Robinson 11.1 Proche 11.1 Treadwell 11.1 Duv 9.8 Wallace 9.3
TD Agholor 0.26 Duv 0.11 Robinson 0.10 Treadwell 0.07 Proche 0 Wallace 0
1D Agholor 1.51 Robinson 0.92 Duv 0.89 Treadwell 0.87 Proche 0.33 Wallace 0.08
LNG Robinson 89 Agholor 85 Treadwell 58 Duv 39 Proche 32 Wallace 18
REC/G Agholor 2.9 Duv 2 Robinson 1.7 Treadwell 1.4 Proche 0.6 Wallace 0.2
CATCH % Duv 73.8 Robinson 63.9 Treadwell 62.9 Proche 62.5 Agholor 59.3 Wallace 46.2
YDS/TGT Agholor 7.4 Duv 7.2 Robinson 7.1 Proche 7 Treadwell 7 Wallace 4.3

2022 total stats

YDS Robinson 458 Duv 407 Agholor 362 Proche 62 Treadwell 42 Wallace 33
Y/R Agholor 11.7 Duv 11 Robinson 9.5 Wallace 8.3 Proche 7.8 Treadwell 7
TD Duv 3 Agholor 2 Robinson 2 Proche 0 Wallace 0 Treadwell 0
1D Robinson 23 Duv 19 Agholor 12 Proche 3 Treadwell 3 Wallace 1
LNG Agholor 44 Robinson 31 Duv 31 Treadwell 17 Proche 12 Wallace 12
DROP % Wallace 14.3 Treadwell 10 Proche 5.9 Agholor 5.7 Robinson 3 Duv 2
REC/G Robinson 2.8 Duv 2.6 Agholor 1.9 Treadwell 1 Proche 0.5 Wallace 0.4
YDS/G Duv 29.1 Robinson 26.9 Agholor 22.6 Treadwell 7 Proche 4.1 Wallace 3.7
CATCH % Duv 75.5 Robinson 64 Treadwell 60 Agholor 58.5 Wallace 57.1 Proche 47.1
YDS/TGT Duv 8.3 Agholor 6.8 Robinson 6.1 Wallace 4.7 Treadwell 4.2 Proche 3.6

2022 per game stats

YDS/G Duv 29.1 Robinson 26.9 Agholor 22.6 Treadwell 7 Proche 4.13 Wallace 3.67
Y/G Agholor 11.7 Duv 11 Robinson 9.5 Wallace 8.3 Proche 7.8 Treadwell 7
TD/G Duv 0.21 Agholor 0.13 Robinson 0.12 Proche 0 Wallace 0 Treadwell 0
1D/G Duv 1.36 Robinson 1.35 Agholor 0.75 Treadwell 0.5 Proche 0.20 Wallace 0.11
LNG/G Agholor 44 Robinson 31 Duv 31 Treadwell 17 Proche 12 Wallace 12
REC/G Robinson 2.8 Duv 2.6 Agholor 1.9 Treadwell 1 Proche 0.5 Wallace 0.4
CATCH %/G Duv 75.5 Robinson 64 Treadwell 60 Agholor 58.5 Wallace 57.1 Proche 47.1
YDS/TGT Duv 8.3 Agholor 6.8 Robinson 6.1 Wallace 4.7 Treadwell 4.2 Proche 3.6

How much of an impact did scheme and Roman play in these stats?

Here's a breakdown of snap % from 2022:


- Duv is clearly a level above the others, and stats-wise was equal to if not better than Robinson. He's coming off injury, but I'm excited to see what he could do under Monken:
On a per game basis, Duv ranked 1st in 5 of these 8 metrics. And in the 3 Duv wasn't 1st in (yds/rec, lng, rec/g), he was very close. More importantly, Duv consistently ranked 1st on a per game basis in 2022 over WRs that didn't have Roman as an OC; even with Ricard and the TEs taking all the targets, Duv beat the others. Most intriguing: Duv's catch rate was much higher than the others at 75.5%, a full 11% higher than 2d place Robinson. His drop rate is also very low at just 2%. Part of this is probably Duv being used almost exclusively for jet sweeps rather than tougher catches in coverage over the middle, but Duv still averaged more TD/game last year than the others.
- Agholor and Robinson are pretty similar: Of these 8 per game metrics from 2022, Robinson was better in 4 of them: yds/g, 1D/g, rec/g, catch %/g. Agholor was better in yd/rec, TD/g (barely, they're basically tied at 0.13 and 0.12), LNG/g, and yds/tgt. The only stats where there's a noticeable difference were 1D/g, Robinson was double Agholor's last year. Agholor's longest rec was 44 vs Robinson's 31. Robinson's catch %/g was better at 64 vs 58.5. There also wasn't much of a difference between depth of target either, Robinson was 6.1 vs Agholor's 6.8.
- Production from last year doesn't really justify a higher contract for Agholor: A bit subjective, but Robinson and Agholor were pretty similar stats-wise last year. We gave Agholor a 1y/3.25m deal with 3.25m guaranteed, we got Robinson for 1y/1.035m with 895k guaranteed. Personally I wanted to keep Robinson but seems like he wanted more money. Details for his recent Rams contract aren't available yet. I'd guess we wanted to keep Robinson but since he wanted more money we weren't willing to keep him, leaving us to try finding other WRs in FA. Treadwell cost 1y/1.035, tbh I would've kept Robinson after he proved he helped the pass game a lot. I don't think they saved a ton of money but it all depends on what Robinson was asking for- considering he just went to the Rams who have the 4th lowest cap, I'd guess Robinson might've wanted to go to a team where he wouldn't be behind Andrews/OBJ/Bateman. I felt Robinson did more for the WR situation than everyone except Bateman and Duv, sad to see him go.
- Treadwell is a slight upgrade from Proche but not by much: Their career catch rates are nearly identical- Treadwell 62.9, Proche 62.5. Proche seemed to have a down year vs 2021, his '21 catch rate was 80% but in '22 it dropped to 47.1%. Treadwell's '22 catch rate was noticeably better at 60%, but Proche still finished with 20 more yds. In 2022, they tied in 1Ds, but Treadwell's drop rate was also a lot higher (10 vs 5.9). Treadwell had more yds/g (7 vs 4.1). Treadwell adds size though, which is something this team needed: Treadwell's 6'2 215 vs Proche 5'11 195. Surprisingly, while Treadwell's been in the NFL since 2016, he's only a year older than Proche, who was drafted in 2020. Proche was 24 when he got drafted. Proche didn't run the 40 so idk his time, but I'd guess it's similar to Treadwell's 4.63.
- Duv played a lot more than I expected in 2022: A lot of us felt Duv was barely on the field last year, but surprisingly he played 69% of the snaps last year. His usage actually went up in 2022- he had 51% in '21 and 34% in '20. Seeing him play more snaps than Agholor last year was very surprising.
- Proche per game in '22 wasn't that different from Wallace: Proche is def a better player, but wasn't as impactful as I expected. He averaged just 4.13 yds/g vs Wallace's 3.67, neither scored a TD last year, their longest rec was identical, their rec/g was basically identical (Proche 0.5 vs Wallace 0.4). The differences are still there though, Proche's career catch rate is 16% higher. Neither were targeted much at all in 2022: Proche 17 tgts vs Wallace's just 7. Wallace's drop rate last year was very high at 14.3% vs Proche's 5.9%. Considering all these WRs are generally in the slot WR role, Wallace is gonna have to be Boykin's ST replacement to avoid getting cut. Wallace does play a lot more ST (like 30% more) than the others, so they seem to like him there but he better get damn good at blocking.
-Agholor's career catch rate isn't great and is the 2nd lowest next to Wallace, but isn't that different from Robinson/Treadwell/Proche: Proche's per game career catch rate is 59.3%, which as expected isn't great. It was 59.9% with the Eagles so there's some truth to the meme. However, it's only 3% worse than Proche and Treadwell and only 4% worse than Robinson, so it's not like it's double digits worse.
- Agholor has never really played special teams: Interesting that despite being a ST coach, Harbaugh got Agholor who has basically never played special teams: Agholor was on ST for 5% of the snaps in 2016, 1% in 2019, and then 6 of his 8 seasons with 0% of the snaps on ST. Every other WR on the list played some ST last year except for Agholor, and Robinson played only 1% of the ST snaps in 2022. Thought that was kinda interesting and unexpected.
- Proche was on the field a lot less than I expected last year: After Bateman got hurt it seemed like it was just Proche and Robinson at WR with Duv being used for occasional sweeps, but no, Duv played a whopping 49% more of the offense snaps than Proche. With Wallace playing just 13% of the snaps, Proche actually wasn't on the field much more than Wallace was last year- Proche only played 7% more snaps than Wallace last year. Proche is def at a disadvantage vs Agholor though considering he had Roman, so I don't hold his weak production against him that much, although it's nice to have competition in the WR room. That being said, Agholor also got stuck with Patricia. For a 6th rounder, Proche's been pretty successful and should be proud of that. Seems like a really nice dude, on a personality basis he's always been 1 of my favs and I'll always root for him.
I was wondering how Agholor and Robinson compared to some of the other WRs, so I did the research and wanted to share it with the Flock so hopefully y'all found it interesting :)
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2023.06.09 19:58 rachac01 Dynasty Mode will have recruiting and prospect scouting

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2023.06.09 19:52 SneakySpark Fantasy music featured in memes

There was a minimally popular meme/tiktok format that featured a song which sounded like it was out of a fantasy video game. There are no lyrics or vocalizations. The meme format is akin to "walking in" on a category of things and "looking around." So, the ton of the song evokes wonder, exploration, and toward the end some kind of danger.
(For example, I remember one meme that was about interior design trends of the past and the video panned over "valences" then "rich greens and reds" then "carpet in bathrooms." But i've also seen it applied to dating in your 30s and the camera pans over different kinds of dates.)
Anyway, the point is not the meme, but the song that's played int he meme. I'm super curious what it is. It sounds like it's from a fantasy video game, no beat or lyrics. I'm nor sure how else to describe it, but it's driving me crazy. Any thoughts?
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2023.06.09 19:32 Acozz85 Title

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2023.06.09 19:15 nils_olav_III What was in that gummy? Re-written by ChatGPT in the style of a Terrence McKenna trip report

Prompt used: Rewrite the following text in Terrence McKenna trip report style Source trip report: https://www.reddit.com/tripreports/comments/10ul2eg/what_was_in_that_gummy_a_cannabis_oil_trip_report/
Trip Report: A Journey through the Veil of Perception
Preface: Let it be known that I embark upon this report with full acknowledgment of my underlying issue of anxiety. My chest pain, experienced during this profound journey and lingering beyond the peak, was undeniably real. The panic that ensued was a response to the physical discomfort rather than the cause. Please bear this in mind as I recount the extraordinary events that transpired.
+14:00: As the clock struck 2:00 PM Eastern Time, a peculiar day unfolded before me. My wife, in an act of legality and love, procured a set of gummies from a reputable establishment in the United States. The label bore the words "Infused Gummies" with a promising 50mg per serving, while the primary ingredient remained shrouded in mystery, merely labeled as "Cannabis oil." My online investigation into this product revealed skeptical Reddit posts dismissing its legitimacy. Nonetheless, I brushed it off, assuming it was a CBD-infused treat, a substance I regularly consume without adverse effects. To provide some context, I am a 30-year-old weighing 135 lbs. I once dabbled in smoking marijuana but ceased due to its tendency to induce panic attacks, often accompanied by chest discomfort and pain. I now rely on Prozac 20mg to quell my anxiety, supplemented by a nightly off-label dosage of 25mg Hydroxyzine for sleep.
+14:10: Ingesting the gummy, I initially believed it to be a calming CBD variant. Engrossed in the world of Valorant, I playfully proclaimed my altered state to fellow players over the microphone, exclaiming, "Marijuanaaaaa.... dudes." Surprisingly, my performance seemed enhanced, surpassing my usual abilities. Delving deeper into the experience, I sipped a cup of black coffee, unaware of the potential for heightened anxiety in the near future.
+14:15: In an abrupt twist, the familiar chest pain associated with marijuana engulfed me. It became apparent that this was no mere CBD-induced relaxation; something more potent coursed through my veins. Instinctively, I called for my wife, desperately seeking solace amidst mounting discomfort. With great difficulty, I implored her to administer 2mg of Diazepam, a prescribed remedy for my airplane anxiety, rumored to hasten the conclusion of psychedelic episodes. As the chest pain intensified, my mind succumbed to panic. I reached out to my mother and eventually dialed 911, my tears cascading as I pleaded for a picture of Jesus from my desk. Convinced of my impending demise, I yearned to seek forgiveness for any unconfessed transgressions, lamenting the challenges faced by my wife, who resides on the autistic spectrum. Already burdened by the loss of her beloved father to ALS, the thought of leaving her bereft filled me with anguish and compelled me to question the cosmic purpose behind such suffering. Through my tears and cries, I beseeched, "Who stands to gain from my demise? What purpose does this serve?"
Times noted beyond this point are approximations, for my perception had begun to warp under the influence.
+14:25: The arrival of the Emergency Medical Technicians (ENTs) brought a temporary respite from my inner turmoil. As they attended to my wife's inquiries, my impatience surged, compelling me to interject, convinced of my ability to provide the answers they sought. In hindsight, I later learned that ENTs typically direct their questions to the sober party, a fact that eluded me in that moment. Despite my belief that I could not walk without succumbing to death, their reassurances and gentle support emboldened me to prove otherwise..
+14:30: Time became an elusive concept as the ambulance stood still, a stationary vessel in the fabric of existence. Vitals were attended to, though my memory blurred the distinction between moments. A vibrant-haired Emergency Medical Technician (ENT) uttered words of intrigue, speaking of the same gummies that had unraveled my consciousness. Was this a genuine expression or a kind attempt to allay my fears? The examination of my vitals revealed a disquieting remark: "That's a little high," one of the ENTs whispered. A brief return to rationality prompted an apology and a desperate plea for mercy. Tears streamed down my face as I poured out my soul, recounting the challenges endured by my wife on the autistic spectrum and the loss of her father to the merciless grip of ALS. In my anguish, I implored the heavens, questioning the purpose behind such torment. Who would gain from inflicting further suffering upon a kind, gentle soul already burdened by life's struggles?
It was in this moment that the conviction of my imminent demise overwhelmed me. The chest pain intensified, and a peculiar sensation tingled in my lower abdomen, convincing me of organ failure. "I am on the precipice of crossing over," I declared to the ENTs. "No one dies within the confines of an ambulance." But suddenly, the torment subsided, swept away by a surge of relief. With closed eyes, I beheld an orange light followed by the brightest, most encompassing white light. "I have traversed to the other side... I have arrived!" I exclaimed to the bewildered paramedics. I found myself in the presence of God, enveloped by the comforting embrace of divine radiance. The ethereal light formed a half-circle, with our world represented by a slender orange line and the fiery depths of hell occupying the other half. Within this heavenly realm, I basked in warmth, bathed in love, and received the answer I sought from the divine.
+14:45: During this stage, the veil of coherence began to fray. I recall directing some harsh words towards the ENTs, probing their beliefs and urging them to seek redemption. When I questioned their faith, the red-haired paramedic revealed himself to be an atheist. Unfazed, I declared that I had encountered his long-lost dog from his Tennessee days, now by my side in the celestial realms. Overwhelmed by emotion, I wept uncontrollably, for the silence that followed spoke volumes. In my mind, it confirmed the authenticity of my otherworldly connection. "Your dog waits for you in this sacred realm, do you not comprehend?" After a prolonged pause, the paramedic finally responded, "I never had a dog." Did he speak the truth, or did his atheistic worldview deny the profound truth I had unveiled, refusing to acknowledge that I had accurately revealed the dog's name and place of residence? I also sensed the presence of Mother Teresa, emanating warmth, love, and deep understanding. A desire to explore her life and teachings stirred within me, eager to delve into her wisdom once this extraordinary experience concluded.
Yet, paranoia began to take hold, exacerbated by the remnants of past marijuana-induced anxiety. Doubts crept in, whispering malevolence in the shadows. A nagging suspicion emerged that this ambulance and its occupants were not what they seemed. Every word uttered by the ENTs appeared tinged with sarcasm, as if they mocked and derided me. Reluctant to share personal details, I refused to provide my phone number, questioning the necessity in the face of impending demise. When asked for my social security number, I hesitated, demanding an explanation. "Why do you require such information if I am destined for death
+14:50: The realms of transcendence once again beckoned, and I ascended to the heavenly abode to administer my judgment upon those who had shown me cruelty and malice. "The fire approaches! Your world shall meet its end in seven days," I warned them with conviction. Their response, though, reminded me of our shared fate. "But you too reside in this realm, therefore you shall be part of that impending doom," they retorted. Undeterred, I refuted their claim, directing their attention to the earthly vessel below, pointing out, "This man, encased in flesh down there, is but a fragment of the earth, forever bound to your world. Look at that visage! Handsome, isn't he? Yet he is not the essence that resides where I am, bathed in the luminous radiance."
In a whimsical turn, I offered to descend from the heavens, mocking their requests for communication. "Oh, so you desire my presence amongst you? Let me descend the celestial ladder," I playfully gestured with my hands, mimicking the act. "Here I am, back in your midst. What is it that you seek once more? My social security number, perchance?" Their confirmation elicited a pause, during which I began to recite the digits once again. But my delivery took a sharp turn, revealing the depths of my mistrust and suspicion. "It is XX-XXX-F.U.C.K.Y.O.U! Perhaps you crave my bank account details to pilfer my worldly possessions upon my departure? Or my address, so you may torment my wife as retribution for my perceived transgressions?" Regrettably, much of the subsequent dialogue remains obscured in the mists of memory. Nonetheless, they denied harboring such nefarious intentions, vehemently asserting their innocence.
A profound paranoia took hold, feeding upon the fertile soil of insults hurled and perceived grievances. I became convinced that their fury had escalated to the point where they planned to plunge the ambulance, with me ensnared within, into the depths of a watery abyss. The sensations of jolts and a disconcertingly linear trajectory only cemented this dreadful conclusion. The insertion of an intravenous line into my arm became tainted with the belief that it served as a sinister instrument, a tool intended to puncture and end my fragile existence. It was a distorted delusion, crafted by my distressed psyche, yet it enveloped me with a chilling realism and unshakable terror.
+14:50: Then, as I arrived at the hospital, the fabric of reality unraveled into a tapestry of hallucinations. The edifice before me appeared unfamiliar, triggering a sudden revelation. "Ah, it all becomes clear now! This (privately funded ambulance company) incessantly bombards us with entreaties for funding because they clandestinely transport unsuspecting souls to serve as unwilling organ donors or some grotesque enterprise!" The realization struck me with a thunderous force. In the depths of my mind, I conjured an intricate web of conspiracy, intertwining the origins of COVID with the nefarious actions of the United States government. A chilling notion gripped me—those of us vaccinated, myself included, were susceptible to an insidious trigger, ingeniously concealed within a government-manufactured "gummy." I wove a nightmarish narrative where this counterfeit hospital, a den of deception, conspired to exploit individuals like me, destined for organ harvesting or worse. The truth crystallized within me—the United States, a realm of deceit and propaganda, while China, in their assertions, held the keys to veracity.
As I rolled along the hospital corridor, a mantra escaped my lips, reverberating through the sterile air. "China's gonna get y'all! China's gonna get y'all!" I chanted relentlessly, a fervent proclamation of impending reckoning. In my altered state, I believed myself to be the sole patient who had unveiled the facade of this fabricated facility, and my mission was to awaken others to this truth. But their vacant gazes and apathetic demeanor revealed an unsettling indifference to my urgent warnings.
One of the ENTs interjected, uttering enigmatic words that pierced the fabric of my perception. "We got their balloon. Shot it down. It was a spike/spice balloon," they revealed. At the time, unaware of the news and its dissemination, I perceived the ENT as an agent of the clandestine "organ harvesters" or the enigmatic CIA, intricately entwined within the web of the COVID, vaccine, and gummy conspiracy. The details he disclosed about the balloon being downed assumed the guise of top-secret information, irrelevant to my fate as I teetered on the brink of imminent demise.
As I lingered in the hallway, awaiting the solace of a room, my presence caught the attention of a bespectacled individual donning a mask, seated beside a bedridden soul. His gaze fixated upon me, undoubtedly captivated by my perceived insanity, transforming me into a spectacle of amusement. Yet, my distorted psyche translated his scrutiny as a covert examination, reminiscent of a CIA operative. "Ah, another one they've brought in, one who has unraveled the intricate tapestry of deception. Well, his days are numbered, and escape eludes him," I interpreted from the contours of his countenance.
This marked the pinnacle of my transcendent journey, where the boundaries of time blurred into a tapestry of shifting realities. I fervently swore that I had journeyed six decades into the future, emerging from a deep coma. The resonant voice of an aged woman echoed in my ears, tenderly caring for an individual robbed of speech. It dawned upon me that the voice belonged to my beloved wife, weathered by the passage of time. Her speech bore the familiar cadence and nuances, albeit slowed and burdened with fragility. She must have been in her eighties. How I longed to communicate, to convey that I could hear her, but the words eluded me. My aged wife gently spoke, "My middle daughter and I are closest to him, and we shall advocate for his well-being." In that moment, fear metamorphosed into unbridled elation! Daughters, I have daughters? Three radiant souls bearing my legacy. How wondrous! Yet, the revelation carried a shadow of estrangement, for only the middle daughter extended her care. In the boundless realm of technological advancements and the complexities of a changing world, the fractures in a father-daughter bond could manifest in unforeseen ways, a mystery shrouded in the mists of uncertainty.
+15:00: The room embraced me as I was gently rolled into its confines, gradually reconnecting with reality, or at least a semblance of it. A glimmer of awareness flickered within me, nudging my conscience to acknowledge the tumultuous barrage of mean-spirited and belligerent words that had escaped my lips. Apologies flowed incessantly towards the red-headed ENT, a genuine attempt to atone for my transgressions. Yet, his reassurance echoed through the air, soothing my troubled mind, urging me to release the weight of remorse. The older, gray-haired ENT graced my presence as well, and my repentant refrain persisted, "Sorry, sorry," reverberating like a mantra.
Left alone in the room, a recurrent visitor caught my attention. Suspicion coursed through my veins as I wove intricate narratives of espionage, unsure whether these clandestine figures were undercover agents for the United States or some inscrutable force aligned with China. However, a sudden realization pierced the veil of confusion—those fools had unwittingly left me with my cell phone! Elation surged within me as I seized the opportunity to capture firsthand footage, an unadulterated glimpse into the clandestine machinations lurking within these hidden corridors. With a short selfie video and a fervent declaration, "This is what's really going on...you won't find this place on any map here in the US! Please find me!" I harnessed the encrypted power of the Signal app, ensuring the transmission remained concealed from prying eyes.
Shortly thereafter, a visitor graced my presence, their identity fading into the recesses of my memory. Yet, their words resonated, "Two people would like to visit you. Your wife, and I believe the other is your mother." As they both entered the room, the illusion crumbled, the veil of delusion torn asunder. No longer ensnared within the clutches of a covert facility, their words flowed with lucidity, tethered to the realm of normalcy and comprehension. Realization dawned upon me—I had consumed a gummy, and the imminent blood work would unveil any potential lacing of additional substances. Paranoia lingered, and I questioned, "Who's that guy who keeps walking by? He's a Chinese spy, isn't he?" Their assurances tempered my fears, dismissing the mysterious figure as a mere visitor or custodian.
+15:15: As the tendrils of reality tightened their grip, I grappled to maintain coherence amidst the sporadic fluctuations of my thoughts. My speech teetered on the edge of autopilot, an involuntary stream of consciousness dictated by the enthralling influence of the drug. Yet, when I summoned my inner strength, channeling the essence of my true self, I declared to my wife and mother, "Look, he's coming back!" Gratitude enveloped my being, for I discovered that I resided a mere three doors away from the sanctuary of the psych ward, a potential refuge should I remain trapped within that altered state indefinitely.
+15:30: A gradual reintegration into the realm of lucidity and reality commenced, as I found myself immersed in profound conversations with my wife and mother. Eagerly, I recounted the awe-inspiring encounter with the resplendent white light, a transcendent phenomenon that reignited the dwindling embers of my belief in a divine presence. In truth, my faith had faltered in the face of relentless violence and the weight of atrocities that plagued our world. However, the veil was lifted, and a newfound certainty enveloped my being—I knew, without a shred of doubt, that the path to basking in the iridescent glow of the white light lies in the simplicity of kindness and goodness bestowed upon one another. Yet, it must be acknowledged that my journey had also acquainted me with the vast expanse of hell, an abyss of comparable magnitude to heaven, reserved for those truly consumed by malevolence.
+16:00: The tethers of reality grew stronger as I treaded the path of sobering clarity. Though almost fully reclaimed by mundane existence, I expressed to the doctors a lingering discomfort in my chest, despite the dwindling influence of intoxication. Eager to investigate further, they conducted several tests, including a blood test that hinted at a potential clot in my chest. However, the subsequent CT scan yielded negative results, offering solace in the assurance of a healthy heart. Nevertheless, one of the doctors advised me to consider reducing my caffeine intake due to a specific heart condition that might have been triggered by the gummy. Yet, resolute in my conviction, I declined to curtail my coffee consumption, guided by my own research that affirms its cardiovascular benefits and the absence of any previous chest discomfort. At this juncture, a dose of Xanax, its potency eluding my memory, was administered, a gentle salve to assuage lingering restlessness, as my heart continued to beat with a mild elevation, hovering in the low 100s.
+18:00: Satiated by a delightful repast at Wendy's (oh, the unparalleled bliss of their chocolate milkshake, surpassing all other fast-food establishments!), and armed with the comprehensive test results, the time for departure arrived. Discharged from the hospital's embrace, my wife assumed the role of the gentle chauffeur, guiding me homeward, a sanctuary awaiting our return.
CONCLUSION As the gentle assurance of the ENT resonated within my wife's heart, the veil of intoxication gradually receded, bringing me back to the comforting embrace of reality. Approximately six hours had elapsed, most of which were spent serenely reclined upon the bed, relaying the chronicles of my journey to my beloved wife and mother, now lucid and aware. Today, an overwhelming love and gratitude for the gift of life courses through my veins. This morning, I uttered the words "I love you" to my wife with an unprecedented frequency, to which she responded joyously, exclaiming, "This is wonderful! I adore it when you express your love so abundantly!" I strive to hold onto this profound sentiment, hoping it transcends the realms of mere afterglow, enabling me to shower affection upon my wife and all sentient beings. It feels as though I have been granted a second chance, a brush with the periphery of a potential near-death experience. What was that? Was it the influence of THC, exacerbating my existing anxiety and eliciting a common reaction when individuals consume gummies within the confines of hospitals, as the staff shared? Or does it bear the characteristics of an entirely distinct encounter? It is worth mentioning that a genetic test revealed the presence of a gene associated with an augmented susceptibility to psychosis through heightened utilization of cannabis products.
Did I venture into the realm of a psychotic break, or was it solely the product of the psychedelic substance? Did the ENT refer to the Chinese balloon as a "spike/spice balloon" due to suspicions of it being laced with a synthetic substance? The debate persists, hinging on whether I traversed the domains of hallucination, a glimpse into the beyond, or a profound ego dissolution. Yet, at the core of my being, I remain steadfast in my belief that a comforting white light awaits us, a realm attainable through the embodiment of kindness and benevolence towards our fellow beings. My faith in a divine presence has been irrevocably reaffirmed.
REFLECTION MONTHS LATER For those who serendipitously stumble upon this account... An enduring afterglow manifested, suffusing my being with an overwhelming love for the world. Never before had I experienced such an intense surge of affection towards my wife, as every gaze upon her triggered an inexorable impulse to exclaim, "I LOVE YOU!" A profound sense of love emanated from the depths of my chest with each proclamation. Yet, as the days waned, the enchantment gradually faded. Curiously, I observed a peculiar reaction to encounters with malevolence, particularly in the realm of online video games. Instances of unkindness and aggression left me bewildered, incapable of comprehending the absurdity of such behavior. The very notion of harboring anger over trivial matters in a world teeming with opportunities for mirth and laughter struck me as preposterous. Indeed, I found myself convulsed with laughter, consumed by the sheer ludicrousness of anger directed towards a mere game. During this four-day afterglow, I sensed a profound connection to a genuine near-death experience, wherein the veil lifted, revealing the true nature of our earthly existence. This realm, I perceived, is meant to be a realm of joy and laughter, where anger and hostility are incongruous intrusions, blemishing our shared journey. Is there anyone else who has experienced a similar four-day afterglow subsequent to ingesting a gummy?
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2023.06.09 18:28 JustAlex86 2022 Maverick XLT hybrid 26k for sale

Located in Cullman Alabama - I'm selling my Maverick to get something larger. 2022 Maverick Hybrid XLT with 26.5K miles. It has the 400w inverter, and the copilot without the ACC. I got it new from Tallahassee Ford in April 2022.
Great condition, no issues, not beat up. Does have some scratches on the tailgate cap from loading a mower. Averaged lifetime 37.3mpg while driving normal.
Let me know. I dot figure anyone local on here wants it but I wanted to try before I take it to Carvana.
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2023.06.09 16:35 ReaperRidley About Fortnite Scaling and where it actually scales

So, with the release of the new Fortnite season. I figured it was a long time coming to properly go over fortnite scaling. I am aware that Fortnite scaling is a meme and that people know it's a meme. But there is still a large portion who isn't aware that it's a meme and believes it to be legitimate. This post is meant for those people, so they can know where Fortnite lies without memes.
I'll most likely keep updating this post as more information is released, but for now.
Not everyone is OuteBoundless, not even close
The loopers (which is like 90% of the verse) are town level with rela to ftl speeds via dodging laser. (This appies to most STW characters as well, but it's important to note STW is a separate canon.)
The loop drains powers and power level and places everyone at an equal level, so any character within the loop is town level as that is the strongest feat that exists on the loop.
Now, for the characters who scale higher than town, those do scale pretty high and some do reach OuteBoundless.
Characters who are important to the lore avoid this issue by having feats outside the loop, thus not under the power drain
People like Foundation physically prevented the Zero Point from collapsing multiple times. The Zero Point upscales a combined Marvel DC cosmology. He also called Superman insignificant and bodied Lex and BWL, but that pales to the cosmology thing.
Members of the Seven should be somewhat comparable to Foundation, Imagined defeated Captain Marvel without trying and scale to people like Storm and Thor. They should also scale to Marvel and DC Heralds in terms of speed, thus reaching MFTL to Imm, especially Foundation.
A casual blast from Geno one shot a stronger Hulk Buster and was directly stated to be comparable to Thanos by Tony. Geno should also without a doubt scale to Foundation
Cube Queen dubiously could scale to Foundation, but as destroyed universes before, making her at least Uni. In a scrapped Cutscene, the Zero Point bodied her whole army, further supporting she most likely doesn't scale to Foundation.
Ice King is wierd, his best feat is making a ice moon, but that moon is so cold it's potentially fatal to people like Thor and Dr. Doom.
The top tier IO people, such as Slone and Gunnar, Agent Jones as well are tricky to pin down. They are confirmed to be below Foundation, but can somewhat keep up with other members of the Seven with their tech. Gunnar even survived a hit from Doom. Although physically without their tech, they should be closer to the Loopers at around town. Jones was portrayed as pretty much even with Spider-Man which makes him surviving blows from Foundation most likely an outlier, although you can 100% argue it. Again they are the trickiest to pin down.
Herald is wierd, some people think she's Outer. But she actually isn't even close. She took out the Seven via Hax, not stats and didn't even damage the Zero Point with her most powerful move, which is a suicide move. Her best feat is beating all Loopers and destroying the Fortnite Island.
Stellan as a star level statement to his gear
The Devourer and Mecha Team Leader both upscale the regular members of the Seven, they potentially scale to the Zero Point as well.
The Nothing is 100% gearing up to be on the same level, if not even above Foundation and Geno. But we lack any information on him for the moment to definitely say.
Every characters not mentioned here is a Looper and thus Town FTL... yes this does mean crossover characters like Fortnite Goku are just Town.
So while yes, Fortnite does have some ridiculously strong characters, it is far from being the whole verse
Hope this helps!
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