Accident on 75 dallas tx today


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Discussion of everything bicycle related. bikeit! bike bikes bicycle bicycles bicycling cycling

2017.10.14 16:45 IHAVESEEN Black Cube UFO

This subreddit is dedicated to Black Cube UFO's. In late 2011 I witnessed a Black Cube UFO and my life has never been the same. This is a place to gather information and discuss the symbology of black cubes and how they are recorded in ancient history. I know what I saw, and now I need answers.

2023.05.31 04:22 mayko227 (WTS) Budget Bundle! (Kizer, Kershaw, CRKT)

I will be using PayPal F&F! Also NO NOTES! Timestamp and Video
(WTS) Budget Bundle! -SV-$75
So I got all these on the swap. Time to move them.
1) Kizer sheepdog (thumbhole) This is pretty cool. Original owner said it was like new. I just got it in today and opened an envelope. Only thing wrong from what I can tell is the original owner filed down some of the scale to get it ready for LH carry other than that one tiny scratch on the blade. Action is great and it's sharp. (Owner gave me the wrong box, so it comes with a minie beglieter box with all docs and rag)
2) Kershaw Launch 4- So this one the original owner said it was a user. I got it and the blade was worn and there were a few dings on the scales. I took it apart cleaned and bead blasted the blade, clip, and push button. I think it came out nice. There are a few dings on the handle but it works fine. It does need a sharpening and the edge could use some more work against the handle but nothing too crazy. (Comes with box, although it's slightly beat up)
Lastly a CRKT Piet- This is probably the nicest Piet ive seen personally. I guess he filed down the lockbar and he did file work on the blade. I personally think it's really nice and the action is 10x better than the Piet I owned a few years back. (Comes with box)
Don't be afraid to make me an offer on any sale I have, worst case I say "No". After a "YOLO" or we agree on sale I give approximately an hour to pay. Before I move on to the next buyer (if there is one).
I mainly use PayPal F&F but can accept other means if necessary. I will ship same day or next CONUS and insured. I usually use USPS First Class unless it above $300 then I mainly use UPS!
Feel free to hit me up with any questions!
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2023.05.31 04:16 bethabetha locator 79 timeline

got good news today for 1/2 passports we are waiting for and wanted to share our timeline. it’s long but i wanted to give as much detail as i could in case it helps anyone:
4/17 - applied in person at local post office with expedited service and shipping for 2 first-time passport books and cards (myself and nephew) with travel date of 6/5 listed on both
4/20 - applications received and “in process” at locator 79 (houston, tx)
5/23 - filled out and submitted the form on Senator Chuck Schumer’s website for assistance with passport applications and emailed the signed privacy waiver forms for both of us (done right before close of business that day)
5/24 - at 11am i got an email from an intern in Schumer’s office requesting a copy of our flight info (including our names, date of flight, and airline confirmation number). emailed that to them about 15 minutes later.
5/24 - 3pm got an email that said they forwarded our inquiry to the passport agency and requested a response. told they would keep us updated.
5/28 - (sunday before memorial day office closure) spent 2 hours 40 minutes on hold with the passport 877 phone number for my application and they “sent an urgent alert to locator 79 to process your application based on your date of travel” because there were no appts available anywhere in the country before our fly date. gave me the standard disclaimer of “this is not a guarantee” etc.
5/28 - spent another 4 hours 56 minutes on hold on call #2 for my nephew’s passport because they could not do both of ours in the same call since he is not a minor. same responses. oddly enough we got the same representative (Bernadette) for both calls.
5/30 - sister calls local office for senator Schumer because i am now panicking. very nice man has me send him all of our info again and says he’ll try again for us since i have thousands of non-refundable dollars tied up in this trip. emailed him at 3:16pm.
5/30 - at 5:30pm the nephew’s passport is approved. at 6:30 we have a tracking number and it says it will be here tomorrow by 7pm via UPS. it is now 10pm and my passport status is still listed as “in process.” i feel a bit sick to my stomach, but i’m hopeful at least.
if i hear anything about my passport i will post an update. i hope this helps, because i have seen very little info here about locator 79.
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2023.05.31 04:11 ArisDoesTech Young Teenager Struck by Woman in Red Chevy Silverado 3500

Today around 8:00pm on 14th Street West (infront of the Legion and low-rise apartment) a woman driving an early 2000s RED Chevy Silverado 3500 struck a teenager crossing the road who is suspected to be 15 years old.
When I heard the crash I thought it was a 2 vehicle collision as the sound from my apartment was LOUD
Turns out the lady driving was speeding through the red light at the intersection and struck a 15 year old male. He was thrown roughly 10-15 feet from the crosswalk onto the road infront of the apartments. From what I saw the kid is alive and was conscious, but was taken out on a stretcher with what looked like broken legs and maybe spinal damage.
The woman however refused to leave her vehicle or take any accountability.
Shameful time we live in. I understand accidents happen, but to care more about your own well being rather then a child you just struck with your car due to speeding and not following traffic laws is absolutely not ok in any way.
I hope she is charged to the fullest extent. Seeing not only the kid in that condition, but seeing that kids friend/girlfriend in hysterics while witnessing it was heartbreaking.
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2023.05.31 04:08 julz_yo 'Man dies after car collides with people waiting at north London bus stop'
This happened today: A car ploughed into a bus stop. Several people were hit and one died.
Now perhaps this was a totally unforeseeable mechanical failure. But I doubt it, and the police want witnesses so they doubt it too.
I'm posting the edited story below to highlight the equivocal language that accepts these 'accidents' as inexplicable freaks of nature and not avoidable tragedies: all part of the 'Nothing could have been done to avoid this' narrative & 'the price we pay to have cars'.
Tbh I'm slightly surprised it made the news at all. Needless to say this all makes me sad, depressed and irate that it's discussed in this 'a car was found to be in collision with three people' way.
Edited new story below (highlighting the passive-voice equivocal language). Omitted: the photo of the bus stop smashed to bits.
A man in his 60s has died after a car collided with several people waiting at a bus stop in north London. Police and paramedics rushed .... to reports of a car crash. A Scotland Yard spokesperson said: “At the scene, a car was found to be in collision with three people who were standing at a bus stop." The driver stopped at the scene and is helping police with their enquiries. There have been no arrests. The crash happened near to the Tottenham Hotspur Stadium, where Beyonce was due to perform her second London concert on Tuesday. The stadium warned the thousands of fans travelling to the concert to allow extra time to reach the venue.
Detectives from the Met’s Serious Collision Investigation Unit are appealing for witnesses or anyone who captured the incident on dashcam to come forward.
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2023.05.31 04:06 Natural-Site7319 Car troubles

I recently purchased an older model Volvo from a car dealership in New Jersey, I live in Delaware. I’m currently making payments on about half of the purchase price. I put the other half down. After around two weeks of owning it, I started experiencing weird electrical problems. When these problems started, I called the dealership. The salesman who sold me the car stated that he had driven the car for about two weeks before it was put on the lot and he had no problems with it. I had to have it towed to a local Midas. They put in a new battery and charged me for their diagnostic fee but the car was still dead. They determined that the problem started with a leak from the windshield that had damaged an engine control module under the passenger’s seat. The aftermarket warranty that I had purchased in addition to the car says that they won’t cover the repairs since it was water damage. After having it towed to a shop that the salesman referred me to, that shop told me the same thing. I don’t have the money to pay for those kind of repairs. The whole time, I’ve called the dealership at least once a week, sometimes I spoke to someone, sometimes I left a message which no one responded to. The current auto repair shop called me today to tell me that someone driving a stolen car had crashed into my car and it would probably be totaled. My insurance was cancelled due to non-payment (I gave all my available cash to Midas). I finally got the owner of the dealership on the phone and he agreed to pay for the tow back to the dealership and have it repaired. Of course that was before I found out about the accident. Is there any chance that I could not have to continue to pay for a car that was damaged in the first place?
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2023.05.31 04:00 Suitable-Affect4442 In Review: [Six Flags Great Adventure]

Hey guys! A few months back I posted on one of the advice threads about how to tackle Six Flags Great Adventure for my school physics class. Well, today was the day. I walked in Absolutley terrified of roller coasters, and have walked out with a new found appreciation for them. My friends and I were able to hit every main coaster in the park except for El Toro (which was closed) and Joker (we thought it was too nauseating). Here is my thoughts on each of the coasters, coming from someone who’s coaster resume extent was Disney world. This list is in order of the path we took today, and yes, we went on kingda Ka first 😅
Kingda Ka: sitting at the launch track has to be one of the scariest moments in recent history. The launch was sudden and very forceful, almost to the point of being uncomfortable. I think I blacked out at certain points because I do not remember going up. Very nice view for a split second at the top, and was overall the greatest adrenaline rush in the park. Still not sure I’ll go on it again though. 8.5/10
Nitro: This coaster was fun. Didn’t feel too safe with the lap bar, and the first drop was nuts. The rest of the foster was very enjoyable, with lots of airtime towards the end. I thought I would be more scared of this one but going after kingda Ka made it much more tame. 9/10
Batman: coaster was fun, but it as a little too many inversions and slightly disorienting. Not the worst , not the best. 7.5/10
Superman : at this point my confidence level was pretty high, which is what made front row all the more enjoyable.ride was not intense, but definitely super fun. It is either my number 1 or number 2 favorite ride in the park. 9.5/10
Green Lantern: I heard bad things about this ride, but we still went on. Ride did not hurt me as much as it did my friends, but it wasn’t as enjoyable as the others. Standing was kind of cool, but my legs started to fall asleep. 7/10
Jersey Devil Coaster: this ride would be the hands down #1 for me if it weren’t for the fact that my restraints were not tight enough at all. At the top of the first hill, I realized there was way too much slack on my harness and there rest of the ride was me just focusing on keeping myself seated. Besides that it was a blast. Super fast with nice drops, probably my number 1. 9.75/10
Medusa:we ended the day with this one, and boy was it fun. It wasn’t super intense, but some of those corkscrews were amazing and the whole ride felt very smooth. A great way to wrap up my first time at Six Flags Great Adventure. 9/10
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2023.05.31 03:59 pinklinkwinkdrink Incorrect vaginal swab??

This post may be huge, but please don’t skip. I’ve (F18) been having reoccurring UTIS and my latest one which is like now, I did a test to see what it was and it came back saying I have no UTI so I’m very confused about that but this isn’t what the story is about. I went to the doctor today to see what’s wrong and was told to do some vaginal swabs. I had the nurse do it for me, and she recommended she use the speculum but I was afraid as I’ve never used one and have done my own vaginal swabs just fine without one so I said no. She made me put my ankles together and knees spread which was already an uncomfortable position for me to be inserting something in my hooha, but I trusted she knew what she was doing and when she inserted them god did they hurt, I assumed it was because I was nervous and that it was because someone else did them. She then asked me to do a urine sample, and when I was urinating I felt this extreme sharp pain in my urethra area. I was wondering if she maybe inserted it in there on accident? So I asked her and she was certain she got it in my vagina but did the swabs again to make sure we get the right sample. I let her use the speculum this time and there wasn’t any pain like the previous swab (only some pain I was expecting as I was nervous). Anyways I’m back home now and still finding it extremely painful to urinate and now I’m scared to try and can’t release it all when I do because of the pain. Does anyone have any advice or relation to my story??? I’m feeling very lost and tired of being told I’m fine because I am not. Please help me.
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2023.05.31 03:51 anothermanoutoftime DDPY Live 05.30.2023 - 3 Time 3 Time 3 Time with DDP

Happy Tuesday everyone! We have another live workout on the app today, although it seems like it was filmed a while ago- DDP mentions that WWE are in the house filming for his A&E Biography episode, and I remember them being there on a live workout a couple of months ago. Either way, we have an energetic crowd and the DDPY all stars up on the stage for a fast and fun blue diamond workout, right about 30 minutes not counting the Dally chatter, which is always in full effect when there's extra cameras around. Very simple format, warmup, warriomatwork, cooldown.
We start with a pretty basic warmup, although it's sequenced a little differently than usual. Lots of gimme gimmes, barbacks into fold forward, diamond cutters and catcher squats, along with a 3 count pushup, a 5 count lower, hold and explode and a lower and hold only 10 count pushup. We also get some good push/pull DR in, and wrap the warmup around the 10 minute mark.
We slide back into warrior next for a little warrior sequence and the main event- Dallas says quick twitch punches. It's a bunch this time, Dallas finally has to do his "one, two, three, STOP" to get us through it. Josh messed up and got away with it, but Payge got busted blowing it at 7! We end up doing a total of 23 before folding into triangle and rotating into 3 legged dog for some crunches. Down into table and broken table next for even more crunches, 5 on each side, up into down dog and POUNCE (people are finally starting to tell that along with Dallas) for one more reach and rise and a little more push/pull DR before hitting the whole thing on the other side, with chicken wing thrown into the table section. Super quick and basic cooldown, just pinfall, bridge, dead bug, the twists and the figure 4. Read our some more absurdly high calorie counts and we're outta here!
I know I'm usually pretty positive in these reviews, but this was a really outstanding workout, one of the best half hours I've done in ages. The positions are all basic enough that I didn't have to modify at all, but I was still able to kick my ass with this one and spend some serious time in the green and red. Absolutely anyone from a newbie on up to a seasoned pro can get something out of this workout, and the energy of the crew comes through strong. Super extra highly recommended, can't wait to do this one again!
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2023.05.31 03:45 WinesburgOhio Most iconic playoff moments and games in NBA history (about 100 of them)

I'm trying to list the most iconic or memorable playoff moments in NBA history. I didn't include series/championship-deciding injuries (too many) or great games by legends if their performance hasn't lived on as an iconic game (again, too many). There are a few recent ones, so we'll see if they stand the test of time. Although many of the older ones are unknown to most fans today, they were either big stories back then and/or known to most hoops historians now. Please let me know of any I may be missing.
4/8/50 - Bob Harrison's halfcourt buzzer-beater to win Finals Game 1 (which is actually the very first NBA Finals game ever)
4/21/51 - NY was down 0-3 in Finals but forced Game 7, and in it they went down big to come back and take a lead in final minutes before making mistakes to lose
4/10/55 - controversial Finals Game 7 ending (Syr vs FtW), Yardley accused Phillip of throwing the game
4/6/57 - Red Auerbach punched Hawks' owner Ben Kerner before Game 3 of the Finals
4/13/57 - crazy Game 7 for Boston's first title (Russell's "Coleman Play", Hawks nearly tied it on full-court inbounds play in final second of 2OT)
4/12/58 - Bob Pettit 50 pts to close out Finals
3/24/60 - Tommy Heinsohn's buzzer-beater to win EDF in Philly
4/5/62 - Sam Jones ECF Game 7 game-winning pull-up jumper over Wilt in last couple seconds
4/10/62 - Jerry West steal and buzzer-beating layup in Finals Game 3
4/14/62 - Baylor's 61 most pts in Finals game
4/18/62 - Russell's 30-40 in close-out game, Frank Selvy shot
4/15/65 - Havlicek stole the ball
4/29/69 - Sam Jones twisting, off-balance buzzer-beater in Game 4 of Finals (the "picket fence" play)
5/4/69 - Game 7 drama for Russell's last title (Wilt vs. BVBK), huge upset win in LA
4/29/70 - Jerry West 63-ft buzzer-beater to send Finals Gm 1 to OT
5/8/70 - Reed limps out, NY wins behind Frazier's monster game
4/12/74 - Jo Jo White's FT's with no time left win Gm 6 and first round series
5/10/74 - Kareem skyhook in final seconds to win in 2OT (plus multiple clutch Havlicek buckets, including near end of regulation and OT)
4/29/76 - Cleveland's Miracle of Richfield complete, multiple last-second wins by Cavs in series
5/16/76 - Barry maybe/allegedly sabotaged his team
6/4/76 - "Greatest Game Ever Played", Celtics top Suns in 3OT
6/5/77 - Bill Walton 20-23-7-8 closeout game for Blazers
5/18/79 - Bobby Dandridge hits jumper over triple-team and then gets steal at other end to win Game 7 of ECF for Washington
5/11/80 - Dr. J iconic baseline scoop shot
5/16/80 - rookie Magic's 42-15-7 to win title
5/5/81 - Bird's putback shot, Boston wins Finals Gm 1 (Bird 18-21-9)
5/23/82 - Andrew Toney ("Boston Strangler") scored 34 in Game 7, Celtic fans chant "Beat LA" for Sixers
4/27/84 - Isiah/King shootout
5/31/84 - Gerald Henderson steal
6/6/84 - best Bos/LA game ever, arguably most intense playoff game ever ("Tragic Johnson", McHale clotheslined Rambis, Maxwell choke symbol to Worthy, etc.)
4/18/86 - Dudley Bradley hit first ever 3-pt playoff buzzer-beater that was shot while team was behind
4/20/86 - MJ's 63 pts, playoff record (Bird: "That was God disguised as Michael Jordan")
5/21/86 - Sampson's crazy buzzer-beater to defeat Lakers
5/10/87 - Sleepy Floyd game (29 pts in 4Q, 39 in 2nd half)
5/26/87 - Bird steals Isiah's inbound pass
6/9/87 - Magic junior skyhook followed by Bird barely missing a 3, Gm 4 W for LA
5/22/88 - Bird/Dominique shootout
6/19/88 - Isiah's ankle destroyed, still goes ballistic in 3rd quarter, controversial ending
6/21/88 - Worthy's 36-16-10 closeout game
5/5/89 - Derrick McKey makes wild catch-and-lay-in buzzer-beater to win Game 4 and 1st round series for Seattle
5/7/89 - MJ "The Shot" vs. Cavs
6/14/90 - Vinnie Johnson great ending to win title
6/5/91 - MJ's change-hands lay-up vs LA ("Oh, a spectacular move!")
4/30/92 - Kemp's "Lister Blister", plus dunk on Gatling
5/11/92 - 153-151 Port/Phx, highest scoring playoff game
6/3/92 - MJ shrugged
5/5/93 - Mourning hit long-2 with 0.4 seconds left to win Game 4 and series for Charlotte
5/17/93 - Jordan's "The Shot, part 2" to beat the Cavs
5/20/93 - Barkley's pull-up jumper over Robinson to win WCSF
5/25/93 - Starks dunk on Bulls
6/2/93 - Down by 1 in the final seconds of Game 5 of the ECF, Charles Smith got blocked four times in a row by Bulls defenders, Chicago goes up 3-2
6/20/93 - John Paxson late 3-pointer wins Finals
5/7/94 - 8 Denver knocks off 1 Seattle (first 8>1) in Game 5, Dikembe laid on floor holding the ball
5/13/94 - Pippen won't take the floor as Kukoc hits game winner
5/20/94 - Pippen's dunk on Ewing
6/1/94 - Reggie's 25-pt 4Q comeback for Pacers, choke symbol to Spike Lee
6/17/94 - NBC cut to OJ Simpson chase during Finals Game 5
6/19/94 - Hakeem blocked Starks' 3 at buzzer to win, forced Game 7
5/7/95 - Reggie 8 pts in 9 seconds
5/20/95 - Mario Ellie's Kiss of Death
5/24/95 - Hakeem's most famous Dream Shake against MVP Robinson
5/29/95 - 4 lead changes in last 14 seconds, Smits game-winner
5/1/97 - Rex Chapman's miracle 3 to force OT (Suns/Sonics)
5/13/97 - huge Knicks/Heat brawl (Brown flipped Ward, led to 5 NY players suspended)
5/29/97 - Stockton buzzer-beater wins WCF
6/11/97 - MJ's Flu Game
6/13/97 - Steve Kerr's shot wins Finals
4/30/98 - huge Knicks/Heat brawl (Zo vs. LJ, Van Gundy on Zo's leg)
5/25/98 - Reggie 3 to win Gm 4 in ECF, jumps/spins in circles
6/14/98 - Jordan game-winner over Byron Russell in final game as a Bull
5/16/99 - 8 NY over 1 Miami, Allan Houston shot
5/31/99 - Sean Elliott Memorial Day Miracle
6/4/00 - Blazer 4Q meltdown in Gm 7 vs LA w/controversial reffing, Kobe to Shaq oop
6/14/00 - Kobe scored 8 in OT with Shaq fouled out to lift LA in Gm 4
6/6/01 - Iverson stepped over Lue in OT win
5/2/02 - Reggie with two buzzer-beaters (3 to go to OT, dunk to go to 2OT) before Nets top Pacers and advance to 2nd round
5/26/02 - Horry 3 to win Gm 4 of WCF after misses by Kobe and Shaq
5/31/02 - controversial Sac/LA 4th quarter in Game 6
6/15/03 - Duncan's 21-20-10-8 closeout game
5/13/04 - Derek Fisher shot with 0.4 seconds
6/19/05 - Horry carried Spurs to Gm 5 win with 21 pts in 4th/OT including game-winning 3
4/30/06 - Kobe two buzzer-beaters to beat Suns
5/14/07 - Horry hipchecked Nash, Suns suspensions turned WCSF
5/31/07 - LeBron scored final 25 pts for Cleveland in 2OT win to take 3-2 lead over Detroit
5/22/09 - LeBron 3 to beat Orlando
4/23/11 - Portland trailed by 23 in 3rd and by 18 at start of 4th, Brandon Roy came off the bench to score 18 of his 24 points in the 4th to beat Dallas
6/18/13 - Ray Allen shot gets Heat to OT and the improbable win
6/20/13 - nail-biter Game 7 with two great teams (Mia/SA), much closer than 95-88 final score
5/2/14 - Lillard's buzzer-beating 3 sends Portland to 2nd round over Houston
6/19/16 - LeBron's block and Irving's 3 led to epic Game 7 Finals win
5/31/18 - JR Smith thought Cleveland won in regulation and didn't pass to LeBron, Cavs lose in OT
4/23/19 - Lillard's long 3 over Paul George to end OKC's season
5/12/19 - Kawhi's game-winner over Embiid
8/23/20 - Doncic hit long step-back 3-pointer at buzzer in OT
8/26/20 - Bucks refuse to play because of a police shooting in Wisconsin, entire NBA postpones playoffs (in the Bubble)
6/19/21 - Bucks survive wild OT Game 7 over Nets (without Kyrie) in ECSF, Durant sent it to OT with 1 second left on a long-2 that was half an inch away from being a 3 that would have won it
7/20/21 - Giannis 50-14 in closeout game to win title
4/26/23 - Butler's off-balance, catch-and-shoot buzzer beater to send Game 5 to OT where 8 Heat knocked off 1 Bucks
5/14/23 - Tatum's 51 pts sets Game 7 record, breaking Curry's 50 from two weeks prior
5/27/23 - Derrick White buzzer-beater forced Game 7 after Boston was down 0-3 in ECF
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2023.05.31 03:33 Tree-Wanderer1066 A recent essay of mine

Technology, nature, civilization, and human freedom are interconnected concepts that play a crucial role in the development of society. Technology has become an essential part of our lives, enabling us to accomplish tasks more efficiently. However, the overreliance on technology comes with a downside that threatens our mental, physical, and external environment. Nature plays a fundamental role in maintaining life on Earth by providing us with oxygen, water, and fertile soil. Civilization has changed the way we live, work, and interact with each other, leading to numerous changes affecting human rights and freedoms. Thus, this essay explores how technology, nature, civilization, and human freedom interrelate.
Technology has revolutionized (for better or worse) numerous aspects of our lives, from how we communicate, explore, conduct business, and learn. However, the overreliance on technology comes with several risks and dangers. One of the significant reasons is the impact of technology on our physical health. Excessive use of technology has been linked to an increase in obesity, carpal tunnel syndrome, poor eyesight, and headaches. Additionally, technology has drastically altered our environment, leading to air, soil, and water pollution that endangers human health. For instance, the use of fossil fuels for energy and transportation leads to air pollution that can cause respiratory diseases such as asthma. Technology also undermines human social interactions, leading to addiction, isolation, and dependence. Social media, for example, has significantly changed the way people interact and communicate. People no longer see the need for face-to-face interactions, making them increasingly isolated and less connected. The excessive use of technology leads to addiction, where individuals find it difficult to control their usage. Furthermore, technology-related accidents and disasters occur frequently, leading to loss of life and property damage. For instance, nuclear power plant disasters, such as the Chernobyl explosion, lead to the destruction of the environment, consequently affecting human health.
Nature is the source of life on earth, providing clean air, water, and food. It is essential to preserve nature to ensure that future generations have a healthier world to live in. Biodiversity is a crucial aspect of nature since it provides us with ecosystem services such as food production, pollination, and water purification. Furthermore, nature has a therapeutic effect and can improve our mental and physical well-being. Spending time in nature is associated with reduced stress levels, improved mood, and increased immune system function. However, human activities such as deforestation, pollution, and urbanization threaten the delicate balance of nature. The loss of biodiversity threatens our existence by reducing ecosystem resilience, leading to the degradation of ecosystem services. Humans have a moral obligation to preserve nature to ensure we leave behind a sustainable world. Future generations depend on the decisions we make today concerning the environment and nature. Nature is the source of life on earth and provides clean air, water, and food. It is essential to preserve nature to ensure that future generations have a healthier world to live in. Biodiversity is a crucial aspect of nature since it provides us with ecosystem services such as food production, pollination, and water purification. Furthermore, nature has a therapeutic effect and can improve our mental and physical well-being. Spending time in nature is associated with reduced stress levels, improved mood, and increased immune system function. Spending time in nature is associated with reduced stress levels, improved mood, and increased immune system function. However, human activities such as deforestation, pollution, and urbanization threaten the delicate balance of nature. The loss of biodiversity threatens our existence by reducing ecosystem resilience, leading to the degradation of ecosystem services. Humans have a moral responsibility to protect the environment, and this includes conserving biodiversity. We can do this by reducing our impact on the environment, supporting conservation efforts, and educating others about the importance of biodiversity.
Civilization has altered the way we interact, communicate, and work. Numerous advancements in technology, agriculture, and medicine have drastically improved human living conditions. However, this development has come at a cost to human freedom and rights. Overpopulation, urbanization, and globalization lead to the eroding of individuals' privacy and freedoms. For instance, a densely populated city increases the possibility of conflicts, leading to the infringement of human rights. Moreover, the concentration of wealth and power threatens individual freedoms since the minority makes the decisions for the majority. The use of technology in governance and surveillance poses a danger to citizens' privacy rights. Governments can employ technology that invades people's privacy, such as facial recognition, to keep track of citizens.
Technology, nature, civilization, and human freedom are interconnected, and striking a balance between them is crucial to ensure a sustainable future. The dangers of technology, including addiction, isolation, and dependence, pose a threat to human health and social interactions. Nature is essential to maintaining life on earth and provides services crucial for human well-being. Human civilization has resulted in numerous advancements that have improved human life but at the cost of individual freedoms and environmental degradation. The need for a balance between technology and nature is essential to ensure the preservation of human freedoms and a healthier world for future generations.
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2023.05.31 03:32 Tommyboytrader123 $CEI Bashers beware! Just when you thought this was going to be pushed under $1 by the shorts..the company comes out with solid news and has started to make its climb higher..

Camber Energys Subsidiary Announces Notice of Allowance for Patent Covering Transmission Line Ground Fault Prevention System8:30 AM ET 5/30/23 Dow Jones Camber Energy's Subsidiary Announces Notice of Allowance for Patent Covering Transmission Line Ground Fault Prevention System
HOUSTON, TX / ACCESSWIRE / May 30, 2023 / Camber Energy, Inc.'s (NYSE American:CEI) ("Camber" or the "Company") majority-owned subsidiary, Viking Energy Group, Inc. ("Viking"), announced today that Viking's majority-owned subsidiary, Viking Protection Systems, LLC ("Viking Protection"), received a Notice of Allowance from the United States Patent & Trademark Office ("USPTO") for patent application No. 17/693,504 titled "Electric Transmission Line Ground Fault Prevention Systems Using Dual, High Sensitivity Monitoring Devices". A Notice of Allowance is issued after the USPTO makes the determination that a patent should be granted from an application. A patent from the recently allowed application is expected to be issued in the coming weeks.
The prospective patent relates to Viking Protection's proprietary transmission line ground fault prevention system, which is designed to detect a break in a transmission line, or coupling failure, and to immediately de-energize the line, thus preventing an energized high voltage transmission line from contacting ground or a grounded structure. The technology is designed to be an integral component within a much-needed, worldwide grid hardening and stability initiative by electric utilities to improve resiliency and reliability of existing infrastructure. Viking Protection's software-based solution can be deployed within a utility's existing protective relay infrastructure, allowing the utility to protect its grid with greater confidence and reliability.
According to the United States Department of Energy (DOE)' Office of Electricity: (i) the country's electric infrastructure is aging and being pushed to do more than it was originally designed to do; (ii) the country's economy, national security and even the health and safety of its citizens depend on the reliable delivery of electricity; and (iii) modernizing the grid to make it "smarter" and more resilient through the use of cutting-edge technologies, equipment, and controls that communicate and work together to deliver electricity more reliably and efficiently can greatly reduce the frequency and duration of power outages, reduce storm impacts, and restore service faster when outages occur.(1) Viking Protection's technology is at the forefront of this essential modernization initiative.
About Camber:
Camber Energy, Inc. is a growth-oriented diversified energy company. Through its majority-owned subsidiary, Camber provides custom energy & power solutions to commercial and industrial clients in North America and owns interests in oil and natural gas assets in the United States. The company's majority-owned subsidiary also holds an exclusive license in Canada to a patented carbon-capture system, and has a majority interest in: (i) an entity with intellectual property rights to a fully developed, patented, ready-for-market proprietary Medical & Bio-Hazard Waste Treatment system using Ozone Technology; and (ii) entities with the intellectual property rights to fully developed, patent pending, proprietary Electric Transmission and Distribution Open Conductor Detection Systems. For more information, please visit the company's website at
Forward-Looking Statements
This press release may contain forward-looking information within the meaning of Section 21E of the Securities Exchange Act of 1934, as amended, and Section 27A of the Securities Act of 1933, as amended. Any statements that are not historical facts contained in this press release are "forward-looking statements", which statements may be identified by words such as "expects," "plans," "projects," "will," "may," "anticipates," "believes," "should," "intends," "estimates," and other words of similar meaning. Such forward-looking statements are based on current expectations, involve known and unknown risks, a reliance on third parties for information, transactions that may be cancelled, and other factors that may cause our actual results, performance or achievements, or developments in our industry, to differ materially from the anticipated results, performance or achievements expressed or implied by such forward-looking statements. Factors that could cause actual results to differ materially from anticipated results include risks and uncertainties related to the fluctuation of global economic conditions or economic conditions with respect to the oil and gas industry, the COVID-19 pandemic, the performance of management, actions of government regulators, vendors, and suppliers, our cash flows and ability to obtain financing, competition, general economic conditions and other factors that are detailed in Camber's filings with the Securities and Exchange Commission. We intend that all forward-looking statements be subject to the safe-harbor provisions.
Contact Information
Investors and Media:
Tel. 281.404.4387
SOURCE: Camber Energy, Inc.
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> Dow Jones Newswires
May 30, 2023 08:30 ET (12:30 GMT)
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2023.05.31 03:24 DosonChenny BlockChain

Computers were first personalized in 1980 when IBM-PC was released. Alvin Toppler realized the third wave of the arrival of an information society when personalized computers came to the market. In particular, the use of computers in business has created a new industry. It is the information and communication industry. The transition from the existing manufacturing industry to the information and communication industry was carried out, and the typical chimney industry was operated based on information and communication technology. The two-axis digital industry, hardware and software, has entered daily life, opening a new world for people around the world. The information and communication industry has become the mainstream of business and has become a stepping stone for new growth. Economics has been around for less than 300 years, but the digital economy has been around 40 years. In that short period of time, many changes have been made, and as the digital economy accelerates, the speed of innovation has become so complex that existing economics cannot handle it and the range of areas covered has widened. In particular, there was a demand in an era in which the digital economy had a need for blockchain and was encrypted to enable the emergence of a secure currency. Digital territory is not restricted to companies in the information and communication industry. The world is connected at the speed of light and real-time economies are taking place around the world 24 hours a day. Countries around the world have greatly increased their dependence on each other, including the reorganization of supply chains, and a world has arrived in which even a simple event has a wide impact on each country around the world. The connection to each other goes far beyond the concept of a nation where the Internet at light speed hedges physical territory. There are no borders on the Internet. In an era when business is cross-border, money is simply protected within borders around the world. It is the value of money that is holding back e-commerce. Offline currency does not show its advantages online. Because different countries have different currencies, e-commerce has become restricted in exchange rates, time and cost. In an era of innovation beyond traditional commerce, countries around the world are still hampered by the legal tender of central banks. The easier digital economy is trapped in the 20th century of money. SNS cannot be kept in the country due to linguistic restrictions. As the cost of paying with smartphones is overflowing, the parties that make up the digital economy are considering the globalization of the means of payment. And I want a great crypto payment method that goes beyond hacking technology. It goes beyond the idea that the state can dominate the Internet world. The Internet world does not have a state. Everyone is a citizen of the world. However, the reality is that there is no digital currency that transcends the national concept. Therefore, a complete digital economy is not being achieved. Before you mention the blockchain, you should see what the dollar looks like. Today, the dollar is the world's key currency. And the currency of the United States. There is a contradiction here. It's a dilemma. Specifically, history is an old dilemma. It's called the Delima of Trepin. The currency of the world's hegemonic countries essentially causes them to see a trade deficit. This dilemma shows the U.S. currency, the world's key currency. How did the dollar become the world's key currency? In 1944, Bretton Woods discussed the world order before and after World War II, setting the dollar as its key currency. Here's the point. It is to fix the dollar to gold and to match the exchange rate of currencies in each country of the world to the dollar. The victorious countries tolerated the dollar's dominance because of the overwhelming amount of U.S. gold reserves. Gold was attractive as a collateral asset of the dollar. So for about 25 years the dollar's hegemony was maintained under the gold standard. However, the United States, which was hampered by the Vietnam War in 1970, continued to reduce its gold reserves. It was also a problem to prepare for the massive Vietnam War, so President Nixon at the time refused to convert gold. That's why the Bretton Woods system collapsed. So the dollar has lost its hegemony? You know, it didn't work out that way. There were oil and dollar swap deals between the United States and Saudi Arabia. Saudi Arabia has declared that it will receive oil payments in dollars. To start with the conclusion, the dollar was fixed to gold, and the dollar was fixed to begin with, the dollar was fixed to oil. There was an oil shock in the 1970s. The oil shock had a bad effect on the whole world. The problem of inflation and a shortage of foreign currency has arisen. But the oil shock made the dollar even more a key currency. Countries around the world that need dollars to buy oil are more and more dependent on dollars. For these 50 years, the alliance between Saudi Arabia and the United States was an important decision to maintain an era of dollar hegemony. Finally, there is a war in Ukraine. The West condemned Russia and imposed sanctions on it. It said it would change the supply chain of oil and natural gas. So the global supply of energy resources has decreased. So oil was in short supply and oil prices went up. Natural gas prices have also doubled. Inflation has arisen. So the U.S. President Biden went directly to Saudi Arabia and asked for oil production, but it was rejected. There is a rift in the alliance between the U.S. and Saudi Arabia. Saudi Arabia has put a dagger in the back of the United States, which is trying to isolate Iran by restoring diplomatic relations with Iran through Chinese mediation to pressure the United States. Even more spectacular is Saudi Arabia's cutbacks to support oil prices. What made the U.S. even more concerned was that China's yuan would also receive what it received only in dollars for oil payments, which had been the axis of its solid alliance for the past 50 years. However, the West is aiming for a zero-carbon society and increasing energy efficiency, and is trying to reduce oil consumption through environmental regulations. From the perspective of oil-producing countries, the carbon-based orientation may be unsatisfactory. The world is preparing for change again. The U.S. should also find another way rather than strengthening its alliance with Saudi Arabia. There is no reason to hold Saudi Arabia to escape the U.S. We'll have to find another way to maintain the dollar's hegemony. The answer is blockchain.
Cryptocurrency is an issue that cannot be missed when talking about the digital economy. The current situation of cryptocurrency is blockchain currency. Blockchain is a virtual currency and a major economic element that supports the digital economy. What should be clear is that the blockchain is also a currency. Currency includes all the essential elements of the economy, such as exchange value, storage value, and distribution value. If this element is not included, it is only a securities. Therefore, important considerations for blockchain are also affected by inflation or deflation. If the amount of money issued by the blockchain increases when a sufficient digital economy is achieved, there is a risk of inflation, and if the blockchain required for the activities of the digital economy is insufficient, there is a risk of deflation. Therefore, an appropriate amount of blockchain issuance is needed. However, an appropriate amount of meaning is conveyed differently to each economic entity. The fundamental reason is that it is not issued by a credible institution. The value of the blockchain is credit currency, but there is no blockchain with collateral value now. Therefore, if the issuer changes its mind and the amount of issuance is not adjusted recklessly, it will have a bad adverse effect on the global economy. Blockchain with collateral value is not motivated to cause inflation or deflation due to the controlled amount of issuance.
However, there is something worth referring to. That is the subprime mortgage that occurred in 2007. Subprime mortgages are securities issued with bad real estate bonds as collateral. Until 2007, subprime mortgages were safe because subprime mortgages were pegged to real estate. Until 2007, the value of real estate continued to rise due to the economic boom. It has a subprime mortgage value because the value of real estate, which is a collateral asset, has continued to increase. However, the value of real estate has fallen. It is natural to see it now, but if the value of real estate falls, subprime mortgages become a piece of paper. Mortgage assets become insolvent. That's why it exploded and caused a global financial crisis. Here's a hint from the blockchain. What is disturbing about the current blockchain is that it has no collateral assets. It is nothing more than credit creation. Blockchain types that fail to secure collateral assets are bound to go bankrupt. Is there any other way? Among U.S. assets, the second-largest asset value after real estate is U.S. bonds generated by the U.S. federal government. As of 2023, there are about $30 trillion worth of U.S. bonds in the balance. It's a reverse idea. It is to fix the blockchain on U.S. bonds, which are U.S. debts. You may say what nonsense it is, but as we have already seen in subprime mortgages, asset-based securities do not go bankrupt as long as their value persists. Unless the U.S. federal government declares a default, the asset value of U.S. bonds exists. U.S. bonds are pegged to U.S. dollars. The U.S. federal government is the subject of issuance, and it is a safe asset because it can keep interest rates. Therefore, the blockchain fixed to the U.S. bond is fixed to the dollar because the U.S. bond is fixed to the dollar. From the blockchain's point of view, safe assets can be placed as collateral assets, and the US dollar has a blockchain fixed to itself, so the dollar value persists. U.S. bonds have fixed and variable interest rates, but there is a reason to survive as collateral asset values. The value of the dollar persists because any type of blockchain is fixed to the value of the dollar when it is fixed to the US bond. So the U.S. federal government's concern, the fiscal deficit, is solved in an instant. The more debt you have, the more blockchain increases, and the fixed value of the dollar becomes immutable. If any type of blockchain is fixed to U.S. bonds, it becomes subordinate to the dollar. The way blockchain fixes to U.S. bonds is for financial companies to buy U.S. bonds and issue blockchain. Mining or other methods cannot be a collateral asset for the blockchain. This method is a pavilion of thought. Blockchain that is not fixed on collateral assets is like a mirage. So, in the end, large capital acquires or develops blockchain and buys and issues U.S. bonds. If the U.S. bond expires and the U.S. government repays it, the blockchain will be recovered. After all, inflation is also controllable. Of course, it cannot be fixed on U.S. bonds indefinitely. Large capital eventually leads to Wall Street's capital becoming one with the blockchain. The U.S. financial industry has another chance to take off. Should the U.S. government issue a blockchain directly? That would make two U.S. legal currencies. Blockchain is not activated or the dollar shrinks. It is by no means a good way. And if the blockchain is fixed in issuing U.S. bonds, the U.S. Treasury Department may control the blockchain. In the end, it will be set by law, but if there are conditions for blockchain fairness in U.S. bonds, it can also prevent them from being scattered throughout the blockchain. Blockchain that is not combined with large capital will naturally fall out of the market. As mentioned earlier, there is a high demand for blockchain. That's why a new era of dollar hegemony comes under the digital economy. Can other countries do it? It's impossible. There is no currency at this time to replace the existence of a dollar that sees a trade deficit. In Trefin's dilemma, the trade deficit is the condition of the key currency. Even if you make some concessions and look at the current account deficit, the EU, China, and Japan falter when they see the trade deficit. There is currently no country on the planet that can see a trade deficit like the United States. This changes the collateral assets of the third key currency. So America's twin deficits, trade deficits and fiscal deficits are nothing. If the current U.S. president or the next U.S. president does not cause accidents, the dollar's hegemony will be extended. Nothing lasts forever. The dollar hegemony cannot last forever. But there will be no problem for the time being.
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2023.05.31 03:23 BoyDilly I found a sugar ball in my protein powder. Should I be concerned?

I bought whey protein (strawberry & vanilla flavor) powder from the same shop which I use to purchase my whey protein every month (it's my third month using it). Today I noticed a little & hard ball of sugar inside my whey protein. It was pure sugar! I got very concerned if it's even healthy for me or if it's full of sugar. Protein has helped me to gain some weight & muscle building. It's working but should I be concerned about that sugar ball inside? The powder is incredibly sweet. I bought protein from Dion sports shop in Lithuania ( is the website). According to valor nutricional, in 100 grams of protein powder there's 75 grams of protein, 10 grams of carbs, of which sugar is 4 grams. I drink the powder mixed with water twice a day, every day. Today it tastes incredibly sweet. Please provide me as much information on this as possible, even tho you are not a doctor but should I be concerned?
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2023.05.31 03:20 BroDoc22 Backseat Lovers 2023 Summer Tour Print

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2023.05.31 03:19 7861279527412aN Accident Today on 13

Does anyone know what happened? Did the motorcyclist survive?
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2023.05.31 03:00 Spookys-sarah Anyone know what kind of spider this is???

Anyone know what kind of spider this is???
Pictures aren’t the best. But I just moved to Buda, TX (South of Austin) and we’ve been seeing a ton of spiders. Today when cleaning out the garage we found this guy on one of our lawn chairs. I have never seen something like this before. Just want to know if we should do anything about it. He had 2 white stripes down his back. Antennas, 4-5 legs, curved back.
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2023.05.31 02:22 anonymous_mouse13 Career potentially lost, I need support today

Drinking has taken my life and choked the air out of it.
Long story condensed shorter- June ‘21 I went from being a not too frequent drinker to really going off the deep end acutely. With no idea how to regulate myself. I had extreme marital issues, that turned even more extreme than I ever would have guessed, and drank myself into oblivion somehow enough to get involved and cause a DUI car accident. THANK everything that no fatalities occurred. I was injured far worse than the other individual I hit, but that’s still saying something because they broke 2 bones. Which haunts me and forever will. The only sense of minute release I got was at my sentencing when I was able to give me 8 minute long statement expressing my remorse and all I could put into words to them. I did time incarcerated, 60 days. I did 100 hours of community service. I’m on probation for 3 years. Interlock for 2. Did Uber for a year as my lawyer told me I couldn’t drive the entire year of pre trial which I found out was inaccurate, which was great… but, anyway. I have not drank for 213 days. I am confidently done with alcohol, and I have done so many proactive steps to show how serious I take this mistake. The criminal chapter will end entirely 8/25 when my felony drops to a misdemeanor permanently as I had no priors or anything of that matter and showed the court how serious I am.
Part 2- started today officially. I am an RN, a nurse. It is my core sense of identity; how I make a living, I graduated Summa Cume Laude and worked at the Mayo Clinic as my first job until I opted to move closer to home and gain employment for the last 7 years at my well esteemed place I work now, in good standing. Never a day was I intoxicated at work, never a moment I have provided unsafe care.
This charge, this accident, ALCOHOL and my horrid control I let it have over me may ultimately suspend my license for a period of time, and I am scared shitless and so depressed due to this. I have hired a new lawyer for this, the financial burden alone has been immense, but I so badly am struggling to feel any sense of good about myself or how any of my efforts have been worth much aside from knowing I am sober and deep down not some monstrous person. I renew in August and will have to face the board in an conference when they reach out to me and I am terrified.
I’m trying to calm down tonight. I need to get my thoughts out there and figured this community would be the best bet. I promise you I will not drink tonight or any night moving forward, I just wanted to get my sad thoughts out :-(
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2023.05.31 02:18 InterestingAd6152 Selling cash secured puts to later sell stock (if assigned) and this way get most of the premium previously received.

Does this makes sense? Using stocks with low volatility, like F for example. 30-45 dte.
Example: Today F quotes at usd 12.56 per share. June 30th put at usd 12 strike has a cost of usd 0.25.
That´s to say, if I sell a cash secured put there I would get usd 25. My cost basis would be usd 11.75.
If stock reaches at usd 12 and get assigned, then I sell stock at a value under usd 12 but possibly over usd 11.75, and this way I could get most of premium probably.
That way, 'freezing' usd 1200 when selling csp for 30 days could give some % 2 of profit if I still am wrong on the direction of the stock.
I could do this with stocks like F, T or some etf for example, never on high volatility assets.

What do you think?
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2023.05.31 02:03 abrahamthegrey night shift and garmin watches

night shift and garmin watches
I work night shift and sleep during the day. My watch has a lot of trouble tracking my sleep and often fakes my body battery so it looks like I drain instantly right after I've woken up. Is there a way to get it to track sleep regardless of whether it's night or day? Measure body battery chronologically and not assuming I have a normal circadian rhythm?
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2023.05.31 02:02 New-BallHead-4825 Every 100 Greatest Moment in Nicktoons History!

On November 22 to 25 of 2007, there was a Thanksgiving event called "Superstuffed Nicktoons Weekend" and throughout this event plays the "Top 100 Greatest Moments in Nicktoons History" which is also when fans vote for your favorite NickToon moments to be included as part of the said moments by going to Then, during Thanksgiving weekend on Nickelodeon, 25 of the voters’ picks on-air each day during the long weekend from 6 AM to 7 PM. Fans can pick from a variety of moments from the very first NickToons (Ren & Stimpy, Doug, and Rugrats) up to the current ones (Back at the Barnyard, Tak, etc.). So far, moments 100-95 and a montage of moments 79-55 are released.
Here are the all the (updated) 100 moments in the following episodes from the shows with their descriptions below:
November 22, 2007 (100-80):
  1. The Wild Thornberrys - "Forget Me Not" (a montage of Eliza and Rebecca bonding)
  2. The Wild Thornberrys - "Flight of the Donnie" (Eliza and Darwin find Donnie abducted by a condor)
  3. The Wild Thornberrys - "Cheetahs Never Prosper" (Eliza, Darwin, and Tano hang on a tree while the rain arrives)
  4. As Told By Ginger - "Gym Class Confidential" (Ginger and her friends see the puberty movie, as well as the others' reactions)
  5. Ren & Stimpy - "Son of Stimpy" (Stimpy reuniting with his lost fart Stinky)
  6. As Told By Ginger - "Stealing First" (Ginger attempting to kiss Jean-Pierre, only to fall off the chairlift and ski down the hill)
  7. The X's - "A Truman Scorned" (Truman meeting Kimla?)
  8. Rugrats - "Chuckie vs. the Potty" (Chuckie's dream where he gets flushed down the chair by Angelica)
  9. ChalkZone - "Pumpkin Love" (Rudy and Snap escaping Jacko)
  10. El Tigre - "Night of the Living Guacamole" (Guacamole monsters arrive?)
  11. El Tigre - "Zebra Donkey" (Manny, Frida, and Zebra Donkey doing various activities)
  12. Hey Arnold! - "Helga Blabs It All" (Helga using the dentist's phone to leave a love message for Arnold)
  13. The Adventures of Jimmy Neutron, Boy Genius - "Normal Boy" (Jimmy being "loopy"?)
  14. The X's - "Three Days of the Coin Op" (The battle in the laundromat)
  15. My Life as a Teenage Robot - "Killgore)" (Jenny fighting Killgore?)
  16. Rocko's Modern Life - "Clean Lovin'" (A montage of Spunky and the mop)
  17. Ren & Stimpy - "Space Madness" (Ren and Stimpy having a bath in the ship)
  18. The X's - "Mock Tutors" (The cooking/tennis battle?)
  19. The Adventures of Jimmy Neutron, Boy Genius - "Monster Hunt" (Jimmy, Carl, and Sheen fighting off the monstrous turtle)
  20. All Grown Up - "Lucky 13" (Angelica confessing to Susie when her Birthday party guests arrive)
  21. The Fairly OddParents - "Chin Up!" (Timmy becoming Cleft the Boy Chin Wonder)
November 23, 2007 (79-55):
  1. Back at the Barnyard - "Cow's Best Friend" (Duke becoming loyal to Otis)
  2. Ren & Stimpy - "Stimpy's Invention" (Happy Happy Joy Joy song)
  3. Ren & Stimpy - "The Log Song"
  4. The Angry Beavers - "Beach Beavers A Go-Go" (Daggett fighting off crabs in the beach)
  5. Hey Arnold! - "Full Moon" (Sid, Stinky, and Harold mooning Principal Wartz)
  6. Doug - "Doug Can't Dance" (The "flub hop" is created and everyone dances to it)
  7. The Angry Beavers - "Muscular Beaver)" (Norbert becoming "Baron Bad Beaver")
  8. The Adventures of Jimmy Neutron, Boy Genius - "Sheen's Brain" (Sheen becoming Retroville's conqueror)
  9. The Adventures of Jimmy Neutron, Boy Genius - "The N-Men" (Jimmy's friends testing their newfound powers)
  10. Rugrats - "Susie vs. Angelica" (Susie and Angelica race)
  11. Tak and the Power of Juju - "Woodiefest" (Lok being chased by Woodies)
  12. Rocket Power - "Cinco de Twisto" (Twister's fantasy sequence of him singing a Spanish song)
  13. Rocko's Modern Life - "Wallaby on Wheels" (Rocko struggling to skate in the roller rink)
  14. El Tigre - "The Mustache Kid" (Manny finally getting his mustache)
  15. El Tigre - "Miracle City Undercover" (Manny being cornered by the Moustache Mafia and they have him fit in)
  16. The Adventures of Jimmy Neutron, Boy Genius - "Beach Party Mummy" (Libby having three mummies "obey" her)
  17. Invader ZIM - "Attack of the Saucer Morons" (Zim and GIR riding the pig vehicle)
  18. Rocket Power - "Enter the Hawk Trix" (Otto and Tony Hawk skate in his halfpipe)
  19. KaBlam! - "Comics for Tomorrow Today!" (Prometheus teaching Bob music)
  20. The Fairly OddParents - "A Wish Too Far" (Timmy becoming popular)
  21. Rugrats - "Passover" (Angelica freeing Tommy and Chuckie from the playpen)
  22. Rugrats - "Naked Tommy" (Tommy deciding to be "nakie"!)
  23. Catscratch - "A Wooly Adventure" (Mr. Blik hiding the mammoth from angry people)
  24. Danny Phantom - "Fright Night" (The Fright Knight is released after Danny touched his sword)
  25. The Fairly OddParents - "Most Wanted Wish" (Timmy's first day as being the "most wanted kid")
November 24, 2007 (54-26):
  1. Hey Arnold! - "Married!" (The first part of Arnold's nightmare where Helga tricks Arnold into marrying her!)
  2. Aaahh!!! Real Monsters - "The Switching Hour" (Ickis, Oblina, and Krumm going out trick or treating)
  3. Rugrats - "Angelica Orders Out" (Angelica being discovered by the adults)
  4. The Fairly OddParents - "Vicky Loses Her Icky" (Vicky becoming a nicer person)
  5. My Life as a Teenage Robot - "Party Machine" (Jenny spending time with a party boy)
  6. Tak and the Power of Juju - "The Beast" (The Repulsive Juju being given a makeover!)
  7. SpongeBob SquarePants - "UGH" (SpongeGar, Patar, and Squog fighting with fire)
  8. The Fairly OddParents - "Presto Change-O" (Everyone switching bodies!)
  9. SpongeBob SquarePants - "Tea at the Treedome" (SpongeBob attempting to survive in Sandy's dome)
  10. SpongeBob SquarePants - "Pressure" (Spongebob and the gang exploring above the surface)
  11. The Adventures of Jimmy Neutron, Boy Genius - "Operation: Rescue Jet Fusion" (Jimmy and Jet Fusion escaping the snowball)
  12. Catscratch - "Zombie Party a Go-Go!" (Gordon, Waffle, and Mr. Blik finding that their zombie guests are about to get them)
  13. SpongeBob SquarePants - "Plankton!" (The beginning with Plankton being found by Mr. Krabs)
  14. The Fairly OddParents - "Chip Off the Old Chip" (Timmy switching voices with Chip Skylark)
  15. My Life as a Teenage Robot - "Victim of Fashion" (Jenny becoming a model?)
  16. CatDog - "CatDog's End" (CatDog escaping the ripping pendulum with Randolph still stuck in the table)
  17. The Fairly OddParents - "Timvisible" (Timmy becoming an invisible person)
  18. ChalkZone - "The Skrawl" (Skrawl's song)
  19. Invader ZIM - "The Nightmare Begins" (Zim meeting GIR)
  20. Rocko's Modern Life - "Ed Good, Rocko Bad" (Ed being elected for dogcatcher)
  21. Danny Phantom - "Fanning the Flames" (Ember taking power in her concert)
  22. The Fairly OddParents - "The Boy Who Would Be Queen" (Timmy as a girl bonding with Trixie?)
  23. The Adventures of Jimmy Neutron, Boy Genius- "Stranded" (Jimmy and Cindy bonding in their island)
  24. Rugrats/All Grown Up - "All Growed Up" (Tommy and Angelica sing with Emica)
  25. KaBlam! - "Your Real Best Friend!" (The Action League going after the Mayor)
  26. SpongeBob SquarePants - "Help Wanted" (Spongebob serving krabby patties to the anchovies)
  27. Avatar - "The Siege of the North (Part 2)" (Aang encountering Koh)
  28. Ren & Stimpy - "Powdered Toast Man commercial"
  29. Invader ZIM - "The Nightmare Begins" (The Doom Song)
November 25, 2007 (25-1):
  1. Catscratch - "Scaredy Cat" (Gordon encountering two aliens)
  2. Avatar - "The Boy in the Iceberg" (Katara and Sokka meeting Aang)
  3. The Adventures of Jimmy Neutron, Boy Genius - "My Big Fat Spy Wedding" ("I have the ring!")
  4. The Fairly OddParents - "Action Packed" (Timmy battling Jorgen)
  5. The Fairly OddParents - "The Same Game" (Timmy and everyone else as grey blobs)
  6. The Adventures of Jimmy Neutron, Boy Genius - "Love Potion #976/J" (Cindy, Libby, and Britney's song?)
  7. Back at the Barnyard - "Cowman and Ratboy" (Otis and Pip becoming superheroes!)
  8. The Adventures of Jimmy Neutron, Boy Genius - "Crouching Jimmy, Hidden Sheen" (Sheen fighting Yoo Yee)
  9. SpongeBob SquarePants - "Help Wanted" (SpongeBob "working out" by lifting two stuffed bears)
  10. The Fairly OddParents - "Timmy the Barbarian!" (Timmy fighting Crocker)
  11. Avatar - "The Blue Spirit" (Aang encountering the masked figure (Zuko))
  12. The Fairly OddParents - "The Good Ol' Days!" (Timmy and his Pappy dancing to Chippington's song)
  13. SpongeBob SquarePants - "Suds" (SpongeBob getting the "sponge treatment")
  14. Avatar - "The Blind Bandit" (Toph's introduction and her fight)
  15. El Tigre - "La Tigresa" (Frida using Manny's belt to become a superheroine)
  16. Danny Phantom - "The Ultimate Enemy" (Danny confronting Dark Danny)
  17. SpongeBob SquarePants - "Hooky!" (SpongeBob and Patrick riding a hook that goes up and jumping off of it)
  18. SpongeBob SquarePants - "Big Pink Loser" (Patrick attempting to reach the jar's lid and finally succeeding)
  19. Avatar - "The Siege of the North (Part 2)" (Rematch of Katara vs. Zuko)
  20. SpongeBob SquarePants - "Ripped Pants" (SpongeBob ripping his pants during the weight lifting competition)
  21. SpongeBob SquarePants - "Your Shoe's Untied" (The beginning where SpongeBob watches the sea anemone dancing on TV)
  22. SpongeBob SquarePants - "F.U.N." (SpongeBob and Plankton singing the "FUN Song")
  23. SpongeBob SquarePants - "Bubblestand" (SpongeBob demonstrating his skills on blowing a bubble)
  24. SpongeBob SquarePants - "Dying for Pie" (Squidward and SpongeBob watch the sunset)
  25. SpongeBob SquarePants - "Band Geeks" (Sweet Victory song)

And that's that!
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2023.05.31 01:42 jjd1226 SPY Technical Analysis for Wednesday, May 31, 2023: Playing the Game of Buy-side Imbalances in SPY

SPY Technical Analysis for Wednesday, May 31, 2023: Playing the Game of Buy-side Imbalances in SPY


SPY closed a candle below the change of character at 419.21 so now I’m looking for selling opportunities until we get below the 50% discount zone at 416.44. As noted in the recap, we swept a few sell-side liquidities and have a few more to check off, IMO. Could we bounce at the current level? Absolutely. Is it probable? No, in my opinion, because we are balanced at this level and have a few buy-side imbalances and sell-side inefficiency below the current level that the market may be looking to balance. I’ve established that we are in a bull market and looking for a pullback.

Market Momentum Pauses as AI-Fueled Rally Steadies; Investors Eye Congressional Debt Deal

May 30th Recap
The stock market's momentum stalled after a dramatic rally, driven by the enthusiasm around artificial intelligence technologies, catapulted the market to its loftiest heights since August. Treasury yields dipped in anticipation of the U.S. Congress passing a resolution to avert a debt default.
The S&P 500 barely budged in trading, holding its ground just north of the 4,200 mark. With oil prices sliding below the $70 per barrel threshold, energy firms emerged as the drag on the index. Meanwhile, the Nasdaq 100 continued its upward trajectory for the year, posting a robust 31% gain. Nvidia, a leader in the AI sector, hovered near the $1 trillion valuation mark following the unveiling of several AI-centric products. Blue-chip stocks such as Apple and Tesla also made notable strides, advancing over 1.5%.
On the bond front, U.S. yields retreated from their March peak as investors sized up the likely economic fallout from the recent agreement to temporarily lift the federal debt ceiling over the holiday weekend, along with an anticipated surge of month-end buying.
Treasury notes with maturities spanning 3 to 10 years were at the forefront of this downward trend. The two-year yield, typically more responsive to Federal Reserve policy changes projections than its longer-term counterparts, hovered around the 4.5% mark.
SPY Emerges from Accumulation Phase, Enters Redistribution's First Stage: Bears Eye Tomorrow's Market for 2nd Redistribution Stage
SPY drew buy-side interest at 420.89 and saw accumulation at the day's top. Following this, it shifted lower, erasing sell-side liquidity at 419.78 and 419.05, effectively completing the first redistribution phase. This could signal a new trend in SPY's market behavior.
Currently underwater on my SPY and QQQ puts. Let’s see how tomorrow plays out.

Understanding The Economic Vital Signs of Texas

Business indicators serve as the economy's vital signs. They provide a real-time glimpse into the health of a region's economy. A recent analysis of Texas' economy paints a mixed picture. While certain indicators such as production, capacity utilization, new orders, and the growth rate of orders are trending down, others are showing surprising resilience​.
The Current State of Affairs
A noticeable trend is the rise in finished goods inventories. This could suggest that Texas businesses are anticipating a surge in demand. Alternatively, it might be a signal that goods are not selling as quickly as expected, an indicator of a potential slowdown in consumer activity​.
At the same time, data shows a decrease in prices paid for raw materials, prices received for finished goods, and wages and benefits. This could imply tighter margins for businesses in the near future, which might put pressure on profitability​.
Looking Forward
Future projections provide mixed signals. Predictions point to increases in production, capacity utilization, shipments, and employment in the next six months. This could suggest a potential rebound in the economic activities of the region​.
However, the future might not be all rosy. Anticipated decreases in new orders, the growth rate of orders, unfilled orders, delivery time, finished goods inventories, prices paid for raw materials, hours worked, and capital expenditures could suggest challenging times ahead​.
A key point of concern is the projected decrease in capital expenditures (CapEx). If Texas businesses are less willing or able to invest in their future growth, it could have a significant impact on the state's long-term economic vitality​.
Concluding Thoughts
In conclusion, the business climate in Texas appears to be a mixed bag. While there are reasons for optimism, such as projected increases in production and employment, there are also reasons for concern. As always, a balanced and nuanced understanding of these indicators is necessary when making business decisions or forecasting economic trends​.
For those interested in a more detailed analysis of the state's manufacturing sector, the Texas Manufacturing Outlook Survey provides further insights. This survey offers a comprehensive overview of the state's factory activity, which is a crucial component of Texas' economy.

Job Openings, Fed Speeches, and More: A Busy Economic Day Looms

Economic eyes will be wide open tomorrow, May 31, as significant data releases are scheduled to roll out. Kicking off at 9:45 am ET, the Chicago Business Barometer for May will be unveiled, with market experts predicting a reading of 47.3, a slight dip from the previous 48.6.
Following this, at 10:00 am, the spotlight will shift to the April job openings report. Forecasters estimate 9.5 million, a marginal decrease from the 9.6 million recorded the prior month.
The day's agenda also includes two noteworthy speeches from Federal Reserve officials. Philadelphia Fed President Patrick Harker is set to take the podium at 12:30 pm, followed by Fed Governor Jefferson's address at 1:30 pm.
Finally, the economic day wraps up at 2:00 pm with the release of the Federal Reserve's Beige Book, providing insights into current economic conditions across the 12 Federal Reserve districts.
Note that no red envelope (market moving) news exists until Thursday. But anything can happen with the debt ceiling trying to move through Congress. Watch the headlines.

COT Data - E-MINI S&P 500

Overall, trading activity seems to increase across all groups, with a mix of bullish and bearish sentiment changes. The increase in short positions among Dealer Intermediaries and Leveraged Funds suggests a growing bearish sentiment among these groups. Meanwhile, Asset ManageInstitutional and Other Reportables showed a shift towards a more bullish sentiment, increasing their long positions and decreasing their short positions.
The new COT report for E-MINI S&P 500 as of May 23, 2023, shows the following positions:
  • Dealer Intermediary: Long 491,690 (+48,280), Short 437,143 (+75,927), Spread 59,895 (-6,019)
  • Asset ManageInstitutional: Long 1,050,328 (+6,169), Short 422,716 (-8,405), Spread 220,961 (-10,174)
  • Leveraged Funds: Long 164,886 (+37,252), Short 682,787 (+53,877), Spread 53,056 (-4,147)
  • Other Reportables: Long 89,199 (+2,873), Short 235,642 (-17,703), Spread 7,195 (+285)
  • Nonreportable Positions: Long 248,726 (+5,119), Short 266,541 (-4,003)
The plus/minus numbers indicate the position change compared to the previous report. The numbers after the plus/minus represent each category's open interest percentage.

Catch the Market Pulse: Unraveling the Oscillations Between External and Internal Liquidity

The market moves from the external liquidity range to the internal liquidity range and back to the external liquidity range.
  1. External to Internal: At the start of a trading period, the market may be at an extreme range where external liquidity is high. This could be a point where many stop orders (buy-side for downtrends, sell-side for uptrends) are placed. As these stop orders are hit, they generate trades that move the market away from the extreme towards the internal range.
  2. Internal Liquidity Phase: Once the market moves into the internal range, trades occur within this range. During this phase, new buy & sell orders populate the range, and market maker buy & sell models form inside the range. This phase is characterized by liquidity voids and fair value gaps filling in.
  3. Internal to External: After some time, the market might move towards the other extreme of the range, where the opposite type of stop orders (sell-side for downtrends, buy-side for uptrends) are placed, representing high external liquidity. The hitting of these stop orders then pushes the market back towards the internal range, and the cycle repeats.
Here is an example of the ES based on today’s price action. Study the chart. Add the levels. Note how the market has moved into the internal liquidity phase after completing the external liquidity phase.

SPY Technical Outlook

H1 Chart

SPY closed a candle below the change of character at 419.21 so now I’m looking for selling opportunities until we get below the 50% discount zone at 416.44. As noted in the recap, we swept a few sell-side liquidities and have a few more to check off, IMO. Could we bounce at the current level? Absolutely. Is it probable? No, in my opinion, because we are balanced at this level and have a few buy-side imbalances and sell-side inefficiency below the current level that the market may be looking to balance. I’ve established that we are in a bull market and looking for a pullback.
Bias: Bearish
Critical Levels to Monitor
Confirmed Dealing Range:
0%: 422.99
50%: 416.44
100%: 409.88
Change of Character: 421.34 (Candle close above this level and look for recent high and new high to form)
Break of Structure: 418.74 (Break this level and the downtrend continues)
Fair Value Gaps: (Fair Value Gaps refer to situations where market inefficiencies or imbalances exist. These 'imbalances' indicate that the buying and selling volume is not in equilibrium.)
  • 417.40 - 418.27 (Bullish) (internal range liquidity target)
  • 415.90 - 416.88 (Bullish) (internal range liquidity target)
Bullish Order Block:
  • 414.99 - 413.68 (internal range liquidity target)
  • 411.54 - 409.88 (support)
Bearish Order Block:
  • 422.99 - 422.04 (resistance)
  • 431.73 - 428.15 (upside target)
Upside Targets:
  • 420.99 (0%) (T.P. 1)
  • 426.54 (-27%) (T.P. 2)
  • 431.15 (-62%) (T.P. 3)
  • 436.11 (-100%) (T.P. 4)
Here are a few profiles that I’m watching for the rest of the week. Note that I lifted these models off of silkyfx on Twitter (no affiliation). They have great educational content and are worth the follow.
On the H1 timeframe, we printed a bearish divergence this morning. I will now look for it to play out to at least the 30-line (oversold).
We are also near the top range of the bullish uptrend on the RSI. It does have room to run, but, to me, the H1 chart looks bearish to me, and it’s unlikely that we will form a new high tomorrow
Thanks for reading. Godspeed and make that money!
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2023.05.31 01:37 Trussmagic How should I finance my dental surgery

I am 64 and retired. I live on a fixed income which covers my expenses plus a little. I some serious dental work (Bone graft, implants and dentures due to a child hood accident). My bill which must be paid in 15 days will be 10k. I have about3k but need to finance the balance.
I have a credit rating of 740
I owe a House and car payment nothing else.
If I get a personal loan from my credit union the rate is 10.75% for 36 months
I could go for a credit card and get one with 0% for 15 months.
I'll most likely be able to pay the loan off in a year using a settlement I have coming.

Thank you for your time and advice.
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