Mitsubishi ceiling mount mini split

What are these black blobs I see in dark rooms?

2023.06.10 08:36 brown_nomadic What are these black blobs I see in dark rooms?

When I'm laying in a dark room, and stare at the ceiling or a certain fixed area, these black, lava like blobs move around the room (my field of vision) fading out any sources of light and objects in the area. Its kinda trippy. Like mini black holes sulking in light.
Its as if my eyes are playing around with the contrast/brightness settings on an app. It goes from barely visible to complete darkness, then back to normal, then it'll happen somewhere else in peripherals.
It only happens when I don't blink , as soon as I blink, everything resets back to normal.
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2023.06.10 08:25 Rhondahateslupus New to handicapped crafting

What is the very best material to use for making templates (to glue on the wallpaper, mini paneling, etc)? I am bedridden and need to work on flat panels to glue into the dollhouse once completed. I’m an longtime miniaturists but had given it up when I became debilitated by lupus and multiple sclerosis. They say I’m dying, but that was a over a year and a half ago. I’m still here and I’m still just brimming over with miniature ideas in my head! But how to accomplish from my bed and my chair? I’ve kind of mastered scrapbooking and with my limitations and I’ve got my bedroom literally set up like a craft room with floor-to-ceiling shelves. You should see the look on nurses’ and doctors’ faces when they come in! The “minimalist” types almost faint from horror!! 😀 Anyhow - my problem: I’m planning a double-story roombox for my mom’s birthday and I decided to try using as a shell those clear acrylic storage/display boxes that even have a clear, secure door on the front for access. I’m ready to go with all my supplies organized and accessible, but now I’ve realized that just like scrapbooking - I’m going to have to create my walls and floors with some kind of “flat” template that can then be glued into the box. I need something that comes in small sizes like 8 x 10, 12 x 12, etc to keep cutting ti a minimum, it also need to be able to cut easily but be sturdy enough to hold up to my real wood paneling and real plaster architectural features (as I used to be skilled at). I hear a lot about chipboard, mfd, foam board, insulation board, etc. I have no idea which of these would be right for my needs. I considered using my heaviest weight scrapbook paper, but will it hold up when glued to the acrylic walls? What about a heavy ceiling with metal studs? Floor-to-ceiling wood panels? What material, weight, thickness? Any help world be greatly appreciated. 👍
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2023.06.10 07:48 randomized312 Tokyo Ghoul CYOA

Cyoa Link
Drawbacks: Incompatible, Mild R.O.S, Watchlist
8,000 + (3,000 x 3)= 17,000 cells
Kagune: Bikaku for stability
Special Kagune: Self-ingestion (My stats are boosted when I digest my body, while I can use this to make myself stronger at the cost of getting hungrier, I choose to consume my excess RC cells)
Organization (Whole family are members): Anteiku -4,000 = 13,000
Social Class: Filthy Rich -3,000 = 10,000
Location: 20th Ward -4000 = 6000
Gene Mods: All - 4,000 = 2,000 left
Family business: Labor Company made of ghouls (construction, engineering, delivery, security and more)-2,000 cells = 0 cells left (I know it's not in the choices but if this will be similar irl this will be their choice.)
My family are well known to the public as rich ghouls; optimists who believe in peace between humans and ghouls. We give jobs to ghouls so they can afford to buy corpses instead of murder. We've had assassination attempts before, from both humans and ghouls, yet we've always fended them off as we are slightly better at everything due to the gene mods, as well as the use of Q bullets (we're rich we can afford it).
Whole family is targeted by both the clowns and Aogiri Tree due to conflicting ideals + 6,000 cells
Spy, Mask Maker and Hunter - 0 pts left

Story Snippet:
Reporter: "Breaking News! Roland Wonjick, brother of the head of the Wonjick Corporation; Adam Wonjick was killed. We have a video to be shown now, viewer discretion is advised as the killing was quite graphic”
A video in bird's eye view (likely from a phone of a resident in a building) showed a man surrounded by 10 ghouls. The man whipped out 2 desserts eagles and well as his tail and started dual-wielding, fighting like a character in an action movie. He shot 3 ghouls in the head; 3 Ukakus before the rest started charging at him.
He had 9 bullets left (7 bullets per gun), that was when he ran up to a building, he was wall running for a scant few seconds before he leapt to another building and did the same thing, once he got to the rooftop, he crouched down and took position with one of his guns, hitting 2 koukakus in the throat and heart respectively. Those shot did not get up, meaning the bullets were q bullets, though he got caught when a bikaku like him came from behind his back and injured his shoulder (turns out there were 11), Roland Wonjick killed the would-be assassin by spearing his tail through the man.
The distraction was enough for the remaining 5, 3 koukaku, 1 bikaku, and 1 rinkaku to jump and finish the job, Roland Wonjick killed 3 ghouls before his head burst like a watermelon from being punched by a koukaku. 2 Koukakus survived yet was killed by the CCG when they tried to escape the crime scene, the ghouls were too injured and too slow to block or dodge the overwhelming rain of bullets.
Video end
Reporter: “It seems that the 3 ghouls were affiliated with the Clowns with the rest part of the Aogiri Tree. We-”
The T.V. was clicked off by an 18-year-old boy, face pale white, hands trembling and a face showing rage, he looked at the remaining members of the Wonjick family; his 2 parents, 2 brothers, 3 sisters, his uncle’s wife, and her 4 children (3 boys and a girl).
“So what do we do now?” Alex the reincarnate asked
“They want a fight, we’ll give them a slaughter” Replied his brother
“We have one shot at this, fuck this up and the other organizations will know our capabilities,” Said his uncle’s wife
“Good thing we brought all that war gear, eh?” said his cousin
1 hour later
4 armored trucks were cruising to the suspected headquarters of the Aogiri Tree, inside were the 9 members of the Wonjick family (2 adults remained to protect the 2 kids). All wore riot armor with their tails holding custom-made shields 1 meter wide, 1.5m long, 8 inches thick, and fully transparent. Some held, SRM ARMS MODEL 1216 shotguns, and Heckler & Koch MP7 submachine guns, all were dual-wielded, except for my father, and his sister-in-law, who held honest-to-god heavy machineguns (the type to be mounted on armored cars) and me who had a Barret M82 Sniper Rifle, as well as my mom who was an ukaku with a kakuja; she held a grenade launcher and blast (demolition), fragmentation, antiarmor (armor-piercing), and incendiary (fire) bombs. The bullets were not q bullets (oh how our targets wished they were, we just finished them off with our tails), they were war crime bullets, dum-dums, glass slugs, explosive, poisonous, and more, every mag had one of each. All expensive and hard to get but oh so very worth it.
Due to the bikaku giving their users supernatural stability, and our family’s genetic modifications, we all had bullshit levels of accuracy and defense similar to koukakus (we were skilled in using our tails holding the shields to parry attacks like dark souls experts, enhanced stability means we don't get pushed back much when blocking, and if we can't block we are fast enough to dodge roll).
We came at them like medieval knights against archers and peasant soldiers of old, tanky, and unstoppable. In 1 week we waged a family war against both the Clowns and the Aogiri Tree (most of our ghoul employees joined on the 3rd night), with the CCG backing us up (the enemy of my enemy is my friend) we culled 40% of the members of the Aogiri tree and 60% on the clowns.
We had a few casualties; 2 employees, 2 Anteiku, 10 CCG, and 1 volunteer V member (we gave generous compensation money to their family members), though my little brother and 40 other people were badly injured, they all healed up and we paid them (except for 25 of those 40, those were CCG members). Most of our battle gear broke but we’re rich and we had plenty of backups, it was nothing.
Humans felt safer here as most ghouls not affiliated with V or Anteiku stayed away from the 20th ward. Though a lot were scared of us due to seeing videos of ghouls getting shot once, then said ghouls screeching and crying and begging for us to kill them just to ease their pain (war crime bullets).
Despite the mini-war the family waged, the Wonjick Corporation still kept making money, by making songs (ghouls have better hearing making those of us vocally gifted easily becoming experts), construction, engineering, mining, and salvaging wrecked ships (enhanced strength) even making video games (enhanced stamina, useful for crunches). Ironically, despite being ghouls who eat humanoids (only human or ghoul corpses) both my cousins were world-renowned doctors.
Reporter: "We are live in the Wonjick Estate with James and Sarah Wonjick, world-renowned doctors, tell me how did you become experts in just a year, an extremely short amount of time?
James: “The bikaku gives their users supernatural stability, and ghouls have natural enhanced senses, we can hear a humanoid’s (both ghouls and humans) heartbeat and blood flow, see without the need for instruments, we can literally smell what’s wrong with our patients, we also require less maintenance (get tired or hungry slower) compared to humans, we can do a 72-hour surgery by ourselves without problems.”
Reporter: “Wow, that is amazing! Tell me what made you become doctors?”
Sarah: “We-”
I crashed through the wall like the Kool-Aid Man and screamed
Sarah quickly covered my mouth with her tail, slowly choking me in hopes that I pass out
Sarah: “Sorry about him, he’s the weird one in the family.”
Reporter: “Uhmm, okay?”
James quickly ushers the reporters out of the house
James: “Thank you so much for the interview but it’s getting late and you should go.”
Reporter: “Wait, this is live and you haven’t answered the rest of the ques-”
*Bang!* Door slams shut
Sorry, I took liberties with the cyoa
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2023.06.10 07:39 squirellydansostrich An Unexpected Journey, or So Long and Thanks To All The Fish: The story of my first stage.

I wrote this in reply to someone asking about their first stage, but I kinda got into it. Hope you do too, chef.
My first stage, fresh out of cooking school (but with about 12 years of kitchen experience already under my belt) was under an accomplished master chef at a restaurant I would call home for a bit over five years. Usually they start their stages on GM, but for some reason, possibly my experience, he threw me onto Rotiss, the coal-powered grill station with a wood-burning rotisserie attached, both keeping the coals alive and cooking whole chickens and prime ribs above.
This night, I would be cooking in-house-cut ribeyes, striploins, lamb sirloins, flatirons, bison flanks, salmon, halibut, the occasional burger, grilled romaine, and naan bread on that grill, keeping the coals from getting too low (failing which would mean refilling during a rush, a big no-no when there's food on the grill because igniting coal crackles and spits black particles in all directions, including at the food) or too high, which would char the fucking lamb sirloins, ribeyes, and striploins, in the bad way, chef.
I later learned that I hadn't burned my body with fire until I burned it with coal, but I didn't know that yet, chef.
I started out confident in my skills, impressed that he expected I use the same 3-turn for grilling I learned about in school, dressing burgers and grilling lettuce for the 4:30 crowd, not yet paying full attention but still thinking everything was going great. First seating finally got its push, and I got a few flatirons and bison flanks on and off the grill, cooked properly, under the watchful eye of my shadow trainer, and even managed to hit my stride getting a couple naans up and out at the same time for firsts. Things were going well.
Then, tragedy struck. My trainer had to go offline to take off the rotisserie chickens, and I was on my own.
The first pickups for mains were fish. 1 salmon, 1 halibut. Oui. I knew enough, I thought, to be able to tell when fucking halibut was done without having cooked a dense fish like hali before. No, chef.
When one passes two items for the same table, they both have to be perfect, at the same time. It mattered not that the salmon was right, the halibut to go with it was only just rare in the middle, when he wanted it a touch past med rare, where the juices start to glisten and the fish changes from pale grey to warm pearl inside. His glare alone made me catch my breath, and I realized that I had been overconfident in my abilities, overzealous and way too fucking ambitious to cook fish on my own.
Remake. Heard. Fired. Sent. Next bill.
Striploins, one med rare, one medium. I had cooked steaks before, but, you know, the fucking a restaurant name that ends in s ones that are all the exact same shape and density, their fat caps never even seen or heard of, never mind the varying marbling that comes from grass-fed beef from small-town Alberta ranchers. I pulled them from the cooler, seasoned and oiled them up, moved the coals over so they'd give a good sear, and got ready to fire. It was fine until the first turn of the steak. I'd looked at the bottom and the colour was looking good. I turned both, onto spots of similar heat, and turned around to build a set for some burgers that were close.
Now, I didn't mention yet that this was not only an open kitchen, but that rotiss station has barstools all around it, which on busy nights has 12 to 15 guests at all times. I looked up from my happy burger place to see the faces of my closest guests illuminate, as their eyes stretched to the ceiling. Fuck. Fire, I turned around and moved the strips off the hot spot, smelling their pungent, acrid odour and seeing dark, sour smoke marks along the fat caps which had rendered, in turn causing the coals to get even hotter and ignite the grill and the meat.
Embarrassed, I collected myself and told him, "refiring 22, chef" and I thought he was going to hit me. The whites of his eyes were all I could see in that moment, because if I met his gaze I felt I could melt. It felt safer returning to my grill and standing next to 1100 degrees of ignited coal than bearing the shame.
"Well, get it on, then."
"Yes chef, heard chef, firing now."
"You mean refiring now?"
The question, that awkward sense of seeming completely rhetorical, but also being somehow more, made my ears ring as though he had hit me. He was staring through me as though expecting an answer, but at the same time daring me to speak
"Yes chef." Was all I knew how to say. Steaks fired. Trainer still MIA, turned out he was firing more chickens for the rotiss, and I also now needed to build up the fire with birch so the birds could get a crispy skin, before reducing the temp with cherry wood. All while cooking this refire. Orders were now piling in, first seating was in full swing, and firsts from the early stages of second seating were starting to be taken, meaning I'd soon need more steaks on the grill so they could rest. I had to fight my senses now, leaving my strips just a little longer on the first turn, watching for flare-ups on the second. and by the time I had my med rare almost ready, I had the medium one off and resting. I pulled the med rare as well and chef came over, showed me how to rub them down both sides with cold butter to arrest the rushed cook. No compliment, no acknowledgement save a nod that I could go on next.
I got two more strips a bill or two after that, cooking them accurately but missing the rendering of the fat cap during the cook, where leaving them on their side to render properly would make overcooking inevitable, and I'll never forget this moment. He brought my trainer back on line to cover me, and called me back behind the rotiss.
"Do you have a fucking learning disability or something?"
"Yes chef, well, no, chef, but I might be a slow learner when it comes to this, chef."
"Get the fucking striploins into your seasoning pan immediately, so they warm up to room temp. Don't over-oil them, look at the side, what is that made of?"
"Fat, chef"
"Yes, fat. Do you know what each of these strips costs me? About what you make in an hour. Do you have four hours to pay me back?"
"No, chef."
"Then don't fucking burn any more."
"Yes, chef."
I got back out there, miserable and defeated. We finished service a touch over 450 covers, in a meat-heavy restaurant, my first service in the books. We flipped, stocked, and smoked, as is tradition. As I was wrapping my knife roll up and getting ready to wrap the station for the night, my trainer came over with a big piece of foccacia. He split it horizontally, dunked the pieces in the resting tray, and threw them down on the hot part of the grill to blacken and burn. He took them off and offered me one, and we munched, both staring into the black abyss of the rotisserie.
"I've been working for chef for years and I've never seen him cut someone up like that on his first day. He must really like you."
He gave me a knowing smile, because he already somehow fucking knew I'd be back.
"Good job tonight."
"Thanks, Mike."
And I would. Chef called me the next morning and asked if I would be interested in coming in to work dinner.
"Yes chef."
"Well, everybody around here usually comes in at least an hour early (unpaid, but that's another story), so I'll see you at 1:30."
"Yes chef, see you then."
It's been 25 years since I started cooking professionally. I worked my last day in a kitchen a couple months ago. I hated every fucking minute, but I have never found any other work that made me as satisfied and angry at the same time. Good riddance and best wishes, chef. And Mike? Thanks for showing me the real heart of the industry, you big fucking freight train of a man.
Bye, chef. See you tomorrow.
--Honestly, I'm turning this into a post on main because no one will ever see it here I'm vain and want someone to see my work, but thank you for inspiring me to write about my experience itsnotyourfault- I owe you a debt of gratitude.
TLDR: Don't be a dick, render those fat caps, and be kind to your brothers, chef.
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2023.06.10 05:54 PlatinumRooster The mount experience is kinda pants.

Before I begin, I'll just say that the CONTENT available for the horses, including those in the shop that I'll never touch, is all pretty good.
I've found a number of horses already, horse adornments, and trophies.
My favorite combo is the Light-Bearer with the Scosglen Barding armor. Of course, trotting around with the exaggerated swagger of a standard ATC member.
Anyway, onto the aforementioned 'pants'.
So, remember that issue from the betas where walking out of towns was almost impossible because of the broken instance loading? Remember how they fixed it for launch and it was awesome? Yeah, mounts break that because of their speed. In fact, mounts seem to break everything, everywhere, all at once.
Let's discuss.
  1. Random stopping
I'm kinda glad that mounts don't have seatbelts, because I'd rather fly off my mount at a bajillion miles an hour in one piece than get cut in half doing so. I'm not armor spec'd.
When I'm cruising around Sanctuary using Spur and I cross into another territory, even if it's through a seemingly wide open glade, my mount will get caught on seemingly nothing, or maybe the smallest pile of Ghoul shit in the middle of the road. Beats me, because I can't see it. This happens all the time when rounding corners as well. It's bloody frustrating.
  1. Speaking of Spur...
I truly don't know what the fuck it actually does when activating it multiple times. It says it makes the horse move faster, but relative to what? Sometimes when I click it, we'll enter a hearty gallop. Other times, my mount will be gifted with the kindred spirit of Seabiscuit and will move faster than I have time to react to.
And what about spamming it? Does it stack? Seems to sometimes, and other times it doesn't. Does stacking it make the Spur last longer, or just 1x, 2x, and 3x the speed for the original duration? Don't have a clue.
What about the times where I click it and my mount just ain't feelin' today and says 'naw fam', and just continues to trot? Just a very inconsistent experience.
  1. Ability dismounts
I straight up feel like Kung-Fu Panda sometimes flying off my mount as a giant angry hairy meat nugget... in slow motion. Again: this seems to be an issue with the speed of mounts. There's no rubberbanding or anything, which is the silver-lining I guess, but I'm literally in the air for up to two seconds watching myself fall with style. Additionally, akin to the issue with Spur, sometimes it doesn't even trigger, and then I'm sitting awkwardly in the middle of a pack of Lunatics hoping they don't laugh at me as I take the time to clunkily turn my mount around to try again.
  1. Celine Dion
Celine Dion had some pipes. I used to wake up to the shit at 2 in the morning all the time. Well, apparently, so does my horse. I wish to god I could muzzle his big beautiful stupid fucking face... because I'm tired of hearing it every 5 god damned seconds. It's ear splitting after the first two times.
Please let me mute him or only allow the whinny for the initial mount, or make it exceptionally rare.
TL;DR: plz fix kthx. fun game btw
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2023.06.10 04:59 Morlanticator Advice for removing mini split blower wheel

Advice for removing mini split blower wheel
Mitsubishi MSZGL12NA
TL;DR is there a trick to getting the drain pan to safely move more out of the way at this point to access the screw to remove the blower wheel?
Ok ok... so I finally conquered my fear of trying to remove a blower wheel myself. I was close...but I got too scared of breaking something.
I had the cover off and drain pan lowered but I wasn't successful in trying to copy a YouTube video entirely. I had the control module disconnected but I was still afraid of damaging it. I was just feeling resistance on trying to lower it any more. I didn't want to try and disconnect it entirely from the hose.
Am I safe to conquer my fear just a little bit more and just move it some more or is there some trick I'm missing? I was close but couldn't fit the screwdriver in well enough to access the screw on the wheel. I'd feel a lot better about it if the module could just be unplugged and removed but I didn't see any plug on it. I'd be feeling pretty dumb if I rendered a dirty but working unit inoperable by my own incompetence.
The videos I watched were helpful but moved too quickly and didn't explain required finess I think. That part they always kind of skipped past.
My whole mission here is thoroughly cleaning the wheel and around it. Super moldy and dusty. Is there a safe way to like spray it while it's in the unit that cleans it well enough? I guess I still wouldn't be able to clean behind the wheel but remove a lot of crud that way. I considered just spraying with water but wasn't going to do so without knowing if that's OK to do.
I only felt comfortable wiping and vacuuming with a small attachment at that point but I sure didn't get everything. A lot but not all. I suspect the previous owner had the fins cleaned but potentially never the wheel or around it. Maybe didn't keep filters clean either.
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2023.06.10 04:36 RkOShea Need help with a bad Ceiling Fan Outlet Box installation

Hi - I am replacing our Family Room ceiling fan, and the home builder did a lousy job installing the ceiling fan outlet/mounting box.
Instead of installing the ceiling fan mounting box properly with opening flush with the ceiling drywall, the mounting box was installed behind the drywall. On top of that, the box is not even aligned properly with the 4" circle cutout.
Does anybody have suggestions on how I can fix this amateur installation and get a solid mounting for our new (and very nice) ceiling fan?
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2023.06.10 04:15 smooth-dust2254 It is dumb to put a mini split in an un-insulated garage?

I'm building a new home with Richmond and they only offered drywall in the garage when I selected options, not drywall + insulation, so I opted for nothing extra with the intent of insulating and drywalling the exterior facing walls myself later and then installing a mini split which would primarily run on excess electricity from solar to cool and heat the garage. When fully insulated this was seemed like a good plan and I have been looking forward to it for a while.
Well on a recent walkthrough we noted the entire garage was drywalled, which seems to be a "bank error accept $200" but it's not insulated underneath on the exterior walls (which is most of this large 3 car garage with ~13' ceilings) so its kind of shaking up my plans.
Do I still install a mini-split and just get a huge unit? Is there some new technique to insulate behind drywall that I should research?
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2023.06.10 03:33 sophiasofar [WTS] [USA-PA] [H] Electro-Voice RE20 w/309A Mount GOXLR MINI [W] PayPal, Local Cash

All items will be shipped with sig conf via paypal invoice.

Item Info Price
Electro Voice RE20 w/309A Mount has case for mic, and mount. selling as a bundle. not splitting. $420 shipped
GOXLR Mini Has Box, only 6 months old, includes USB and XLR cable $140 shipped

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2023.06.10 03:09 gutowscr Looking for a review of a HVAC company solution for my cabin.

Looking for a review of a HVAC company solution for my cabin.
Cabin is two levels. Lower level is area for mini-split to be installed. 980 sqft divided up as 500sqft living area, two 144sqft rooms each and about 200sqft of bathroom/hall between two bedrooms. 8 ft ceilings, normal insulation and windows. They did a load calc. They are suggesting only 1 24kbtu mini-split in the living area and they said it will be more than adequate to also cool/heat bedrooms/bath.
Red is approx location of mini split indoor head. Will this work. This was based on a manual J they said they did.
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2023.06.10 02:54 jad3dd [US-CA][H]Bunch of leftover keyboard stuff (Keyboards, Keycaps, Switches, Etc) Firesale [W]Paypal/Local Cash

Timestamp EDIT Forgot some items! Added Selling what's remaining of my mechanical keyboard hobby collection. One board, and a bunch of random stuff. These are literally just sitting and taking space, please take them from me :x.Everything was mostly either on displayed or hardly used. I will note if something is uniquely different.I’ll eat PayPal fees, but you’ll have to cover shipping!Keyboards and Keycaps sold separately. Not splitting kits up at this time but will consider.Will ship bubble wrapped on high value items. Can do special things like signature confirmation on request.Discounts on bulk orders! Can do Local meet up in LA / Glendale! CONUS preferred. Priced to sell! More pics on request..

Keyboards Details Price
Apollo65 Robocop Built Built with holypanda tactiles, Robocop Colorway, carbon fiber plate. USB C Via. Mute plate not installed but included (you'll have to desolder if you want it on) $300 OBO + Shipping to you
KBDfans Niu Mini Red Built with Pale Box Blues? Not sure what switches, they're really loud clickies. Made this as a tiny but powerful board haha. Mini usb. Has underglow rgb. One of the switches has a mx lock switch! $60 OBO + Shipping to you

Keycaps Details Price
SA Carbon MISC Set (For 75%) This one's a weird amalgomation of a bunch of Carbon SA keycaps from various kits, novelties, alphas, mods, + extras. From R1 og kits. Enough for a 75% for sure, so probably enough for a TKL or 65%. Definitely used, see condition yourself via photos. I can do an actual per key photo on request $150 OBO + Shipping to you
SA Solarized Originative Kit The kit from originative, which supports TKLs and more iirc. Mounted but barely used! $80 OBO + Shipping to you
SA Hyperfuse Originative Kit Definitely used, got the classic abs shine, see photos for condition reference. $150 OBO + Shipping to you
SA Jadeite Alphas, Mods, Novelties, Used slightly and mounted, was bought from another user. In great condition. $150 OBO + Shipping to you
SA Laser Alphas, Mods, Novelties, Katakana Alphas. Used, see photos for reference. $200 OBO for everything + Shipping to you
Full Wasabi Green Topre Keycapset Mounted, used. No signs of wear though. Complete set of green alphas that are thermochromatic (they react to heat! $50 OBO + Shipping to you
DSA Astrolokeys Never used. These are just the Alphas/40kit $30 OBO + Shipping to you
Rainbow PBT Set Never used. Full set of rainbow gradient keys from Drop $20 OBO + Shipping to you
GMK Kaiju Base and Warnings Kit Enough for a TKL, novelties, spacebar. Barely used, mounted once and then displayed $185 OBO + Shipping to you
SA Domikey WoB Keycaps Full kit, was mounted on cyberboard then never typed. Basically new $80 OBO + Shipping to you

Artisans Details Price
RAMA SA R3 Liquid Wave Moon, Relic, Mercury Was mounted for years, definitely used. No signs of real wear though, metal is durable! $60 OBO + Shipping to you
Marble U.125 SA R3 Mounted Mounted), used. No signs of wear though.
Resin U1.25 SA R3 Mounted Mounted), used. No signs of wear though.

Artisans Details Price
RAMA SA R3 Liquid Wave Moon, Relic, Mercury Was mounted for years, definitely used. No signs of real wear though, metal is durable! $60 OBO + Shipping to you
Marble U.125 SA R3 Mounted, used. No signs of wear though. $15 OBO + Shipping to you
Resin U1.25 SA R3 Mounted, used. No signs of wear though. $15 OBO + Shipping to you
Topre Spacebars Mounted, used. No signs of wear though. I have an orange and green that are thermochromatic (they react to heat!) $10 OBO + Shipping to you

Deskmats Details Price
Alextotos Holy Panda Switch Barely used, only for photos $25 OBO + Shipping to you
Laser City Never used, only for photos! $25 OBO + Shipping to you

Switches Details Price
350 Vintage Blacks Bought this from a vendor Elboard Supply, pre 1994 harvest, I have no idea what the boards are, these are not sorted, no idea how many are good. I gave it a good shake though, gacha time lol $100 OBO + Shipping to You
Assorted Switches Honestly, I have a huge collection of random switches from these switch testers. I have no idea what each of them are, I can sell packs of 10 assorted ones if you want to try out some switches. Priced individually. There are some bobas, c3 macho/bananasplits,etc. .50 a switch or $5 for 10 OBO + Shipping to You

Misc Details Price
C3 LDN 60% RGB PCB Like new, never used! Will shipped bubble wrapped and protected $60 OBO + Shipping to you
Keyboard Stands From TKC, acryllic keyboard stands $10 a pair OBO + Shipping to you
A Bunch of Stab parts/zealencios/switch stickers Literally free with any purchase if you want them Free with purchase OBO + Shipping to you fcfs
Please leave a comment before dming
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2023.06.10 02:49 Prestigious-Bird-274 How to find replacement for dimmable under cabinet lights?
I have some old under cabinet lights that buzz, likely because they are attached to a switch with a dimmer. (I also had this same problem for some ceiling lights where just replacing with new dimmable light bulbs got rid of the buzzing.)
However, I can't find replacement dimmable lights that plug into this type of input/output. It looks like a mini three prong outlet - does anyone know what this is called? Googling the model (GKUC40-609) shows that this George Kovacs item isn't sold any more.
Any advice for what to do here? Is there some sort of converter that I can plug into this mini three prong thing?
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2023.06.10 02:48 Prestigious-Bird-274 How to find replacement for dimmable under cabinet lights?
I have some old under cabinet lights that buzz, likely because they are attached to a switch with a dimmer. (I also had this same problem for some ceiling lights where just replacing with new dimmable light bulbs got rid of the buzzing.)
However, I can't find replacement dimmable lights that plug into this type of input/output. It looks like a mini three prong outlet - does anyone know what this is called? Googling the model (GKUC40-609) shows that this George Kovacs item isn't sold any more.
Any advice for what to do here? Is there some sort of converter that I can plug into this mini three prong thing?
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2023.06.10 02:19 zieils mini split and too much airflow towards bed. ideas?

my bedroom has a mini split on the adjacent wall of my bed. I like to sleep cool but for whatever reason I do not like having air blowing on me all night. I also sleep hot and covering up with sheets can be too warm.
I've turned the mini split to its lowest speed and directed the vents the furthest from the bed, but it still feels drafty. due to how the bedroom is situated, air will always be directly hitting the bed.
is there any diy solution to covering up the vents just enough to dampen the airflow but still keep the room cool without damaging the mini split? I thought about adding some sort of thin fabric over the filter where the air blows through but I don't want to cause issues with the unit
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2023.06.10 02:09 Lunardragon456 Galio doesn't fulfill his fantasy and needs help

Galio is in serious need of some help for some time, but since pros liked using him a lot for specific reasons, it was a hard sell. His winrates recently however, have shown how badly he functions in general situations while never reaching the highs that Rammus gets for constantly being used as a counterpick.
Right now, the biggest issue I have with Galio is that *really* bad at fulfilling his fantasy of being this hulking gargoyle out on the front lines. He has paper thin armor, his magic resistance isn't particularly special, his kit incentivizes poke/skirmisher interactions over longer trades, and too much of his power budget is placed into his Ult.
For a mini rework, I think a lot of his abilities should move him more towards being a tanky juggernaut rather than a mage that wins neutral with his passive shield, with more power being shifted out of his ultimate into his kit like his PC version, but instead of skyrocketing his AP ratios, the power would be shifted more towards survivability.
For example:
Base stat changes
Health: Health at level 15 reduced from 2460 -> 2235 (-15 health/level)
-This is part of an overall change to nerf his pro-play tactics by reducing his shield and synergy with Font of Life.
Armor: 30-85 -> 42-111 (+12 armor at level 1 and +1 armolevel)
It's absolutely flabbergasting that Galio's armor is currently so low. He's balanced like he's a mid mage and has less armor than Enchanter supports. This buff moves him to tank/bruiser armor levels.
Magic Resistance: 38-62 -> 42-73 (+4 MR at level 1 and +.5Mlevel)
Makes his magic resistance the highest in the game. Helps offset the health nerf.

Ability changes:
Winds of War:
-Tornado duration increases by .5 seconds per rank (up to 3 seconds), dealing up to 16% (+4% AP) of the target's maximum health as damage. Damage is no longer invisibly capped against monsters
-The radius of the Tornado continually expands while Galio is inside of it.
These changes are minor annoyance at best in neutral where you can easily walk out of the Tornado, but significantly strengthens Galio's sustained damage when he goes all in to force enemies to take damage from the Tornado. The damage to monsters can always be reduced if Galio becomes an overpowered jungleobjective taker, but a hard cap doesn't really make sense with how other champion kits interact with monsters.
Shield of Durand:
-Passive shield strength reduced from 8/12/16/20% of Total health -> 6/8/10/12% of Total health.
-Passive shield immediately takes effect with infinite duration when charged and now continues charging while in combat. The passive shield will not trigger again until the current shield expires.
-Triggering Galio's trait when this passive is fully charged will consume his current shield, restoring health equal to the remaining value and allowing a new shield to take effect.
-Nearby spell casts and magic damage taken increase the speed at which the passive charges by 200% for 1 second. Duration stacks up to 4 seconds.
-Active physical damage reduction now scales with (8%) bonus armor and Active magic damage reduction scales with (10%) bonus magic resistance.
-Active damage reduction now persists for twice the Taunt duration (1-3 seconds)

There's a lot of changes to take in here so I'll make a bullet list for what these changes entail:

Overall, these changes would help transition Galio from a neutral focused mage, looking to make favorable trades until he's able to go in, into a much more aggressive brawler playstyle that forces his opponent to commit to trading aggressively else he will outsustain them, which in turn, creates more opportunities for Galio to punish mistakes. Coupled with the nerfs to the aspects for which he is taken in pro play (high health for Font of Life + Ult shield to make his team incredibly durable against Duo APCs) these buffs would help bump up his winrate without making him a must pick at the highest tier.

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2023.06.10 02:01 eric_chase Appreciated Caple’s Easter Eggs!

Appreciated Caple’s Easter Eggs!
The Mount St Hilary shot too!
I expected a low ceiling. high floor production. And it was exactly that. There may be a sequel or universe building or there may not be. Solid movie.
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2023.06.10 01:57 Resonence [H] Tyranids Lot [W] Astra Militarum or $$$ [Loc] MA, USA

PENDING DEAL I have a large tyranids army that I never really enjoyed playing. Id prefer not to split for now.
**Item List and MSRP:**
Combat patrol- 150
Tervigon- 60
Exocrine- 80
Trygon- 90
Carnifex- 50 (box of 2 costs 100)
12 hormagants 45
12 termagants (not the 35 from combat patrol) 35
3 warriors (not from combat patrol)- 60
Swarmlord- 60
Genestealers- 40
Broodlord- 45
Total: 715 USD
Karma Thread:

Id be willing to part with the lot for 500 USD, or a trade of about the same MSRP
For trades I am primarly looking for Leman Russes, Baneblade varients, deathstrike/manticores and Basilisks. I will also consider new cadians, Kasrkin and Kreigsmen.

PM offers
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2023.06.10 01:56 silent_melody Combined ducted and ductless heat pump?

Is there a manufacturer who makes a single heat pump compressor that can make use of a fan unit for existing ductwork as well as a separate ductless unit?
For context, we have a chimney that is failing and would like to change the central heating and air conditioning for the ~1500 sqft house to use a ducted heat pump. Additionally we are renovating a ~400 sqft attic space that has no existing ducting and would like to add a ductless wall unit there.
Before the chimney problems I received quotes for a mini split for the attic for Mitsubishi and Gree- was leaning Gree due to cost.
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2023.06.10 01:41 Mr_Fanntastic [WTS] Aimpoint T2 on a Larue LT-660 with Wage Cap and FCD ATA Turret Caps, Safariland 7390 for Glock 19 and TLR7

Cleaning out some items in my safe.
Aimpoint T2 - This is on a Larue T-660 lower 1/3 mount. The mount has been painted. It comes with a Wage battery cap and FCD ATA Turret Caps. Glass is almost perfect. Other than the mount, it looks like it has barely been used. It's been hanging out in my safe since I bought it. I am not splitting. - $730 OBO shipped/insured
Safariland 7390 for Glock 19 and TLR7 - Minimum use. Comes with midride UBL. - $65 OBO shipped/insured
For trades only really interested in a crosshairs or horseshoe red ACOG. Also looking for a 6390RDS and X300 for Glock 19/45
Let me know if you have any questions.
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2023.06.10 01:40 crocknrollrecipes What color/style rug should go under bed? Lighting help

What colostyle rug should go under bed? Lighting help
Feel free to drop a link! Just looking for ideas! Rug size can be 8x10
Also need help with lighting ideas/options. The bedroom doesn’t have any ceiling lights. I can mount on the walls. I can also paint walls, but I’d prefer not to so I don’t have change color back when I move out unless it’s a neutral color.
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2023.06.10 01:37 DabbyBear [WTS][MA] ASG USW-A1 + mags, APS CAM870 AOW + shells, KC-02 parts, Wii tech Mp9 x2 bundle, 3x Scorpion Evo 3 2020, AKs, UBG local items

Timestamp - 06/09/2023 - ASG USW-A1 Please message me if there is not enough gap between links and you cannot click different timestamps!
Album - 06/09/2023 - Vortex gear
Posts take me ~ one hour to organize, so please tell me if the formatting is fucked!
Album - 06/09/2023 - APS MK1 CAM870 AOW

Album - 06/09/2023 - Stocks for KC-02 (two PMACA)

Timestamp - 05/22/2023 - HSP, Spiritus, Mission Spec gear
Please look at my posts across other markets - I typically mark things as sold, but feel free to ask (about stuff in other posts). I have plenty of flair, but I always use timestamps regardless.
Pushed for swap meets at Ultimate Battlegrounds in Bridgewater, MA and its been finally happening! If you can match value to value, I may be willing to trade as well - lower flair sends item first (or local).
Prices have shifted down since my last post - and I am willing to do BOGO50% off OR buy two, get one free - it will be more for bundles including larger items (don't ask for three mags to get one free).
**PLS READ THIS** \- If you cannot listen to instructions, there's a chance I will not do a sale with you.
  4. TYVM
  5. Shipping info below We can discuss shipping based on bundling - shipping will depend on weight/size, but it likely will be $15 or less. CONUS only.
Newly Added:
ASG USWA1 w/ 8 CO2 mags - Timestamp - 06/09/2023 - ASG USWA1 - (same album as above)
Vortex Gear -
APS MK1 CAM870 AOW w/ upgrades - Album - 06/09/2023
Stocks for KC-02 - would prefer selling in person unless there is complete understanding that modification is needed to fit on a KJW Kc-02
Plate carrier + Mask Imgur album -
Condor LCS Vanquish Armor System - worth around $220-230, selling for $180 shipped/$170 local Gear that I used as back-up that hasn't seen use in a while. Great for someone jumping in who also wants to carry water or has a hpa tank.
Pilot mask (6mm ProShop) - $40 on evike - $30 local only
Additional pictures for HSP, Spiritus, Mission Spec gear shown above (old timestamp)-

KWA MP9 (foregrip model) with a second MP9 (rail model) for parts - old album
**Not splitting at this time. Not the mags. Not the adapter.**
If you're building a mp9 from scratch and you're trying to get all of the upgrade parts, you're going to end up spending more than what I am offering here.

Other GBBs - old album
ASG Scorpion Evo smg - with sold spicy scorpion
ASG Scorpion Evo carbine barrel -
Thanks for getting all the way down here! I will likely be bringing these items to the local sale. Here's some items I have, but have not yet taken pictures of because interest is likely very limited.. Most of this stuff would be miserable to ship so I have only included local prices. Message me if you want pictures of any of these items TO BUY LOCALLY IN MA.
Local items - old timestamps
AKs & King Arms PDW Shorty
Local Items w/o pictures - feel free to reach out for pictures if you're local to UBG
Disclaimer: Please do your own research on these parts. I am not responsible for getting your KC or G-series gbb working 100% after purchasing upgrades. There are no known issues with the upgrade parts, but the stock parts are unknown. I will inspect before sending out. No returns. Prices have already been reduced. Talk to me for negotiating further. Rogueworx KC-02 parts - Please check out Rogueworx's website for these parts. - The bolt carriers and pistons are newer versions than what I have here. If you have a kc-02 and you didn't already know, there is also a discord which proves to be very helpful. Spreadsheet broke so - First number is cost on from Rogeworx/supplier, not including shipping cost from the UK. KC-02 parts album
There are many items here so if it's a stock part I won't be listing the price here (G-series and KC-02). The going rate of most g-series/kc parts will be what jk-army charges but without the shipping cost of shipping from HK. The main purpose for these parts is to help those in desperate need of a fix for their kc and to get rid of these parts. If you want to offer me a lot price for the stock parts, go ahead. G-Series parts - [pictures]( - Plastic slides x2 (One with the trades messed up) - Stock hop-up (G17) with stock barrel and bucking - 3 stock G17 barrels, 2 with stock bucking
Items that I will accept for trading purposes but remember - CASH IS KING
* G-series/AAP-01 mags (boneyard or working)
Airsoft replicas:
Thank you for getting all the way down here. Now please, make sure you send an INBOX MESSAGE to me - do not use the instant chat! Message me and we can talk airsoft - worst I can say is: no thank you.
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2023.06.10 01:35 setuid_w00t DGPT Average Throw Distance Required

I was just watching some Portland Open coverage on Jomez and Nate Sexton was describing how you can judge how long a course is using this method:
"take the footage and divide by par and that's going to give you the effective length"
Then Jerm makes some noises and Nate continues
"The average each distance each throw would have to be. That tells you how long a course plays. Aside from hills."
I think Nate was onto something, but I don't think he got it quite right. Here's a Python function for what I propose:
def avg_throw_dist(course_distance, course_par, num_holes): return course_distance / (course_par - (2 * num_holes)) 
This is based on the expectation that for a par X, you throw X - 2 times and then allow for 2 putts per hole to make par. It's also assuming that you have covered the full distance of the hole using the allocated throws.
For the Portland Open, the East course is a par 66 at 11245 ft and the West course is a par 63 at 10692 ft.
So if you run the numbers:
East: 374.8 ft per throw
West: 396.0 ft per throw
If you want to get a bit more fancy you could consider that you just need to make it into C2 to reach the "green in regulation", so you actually require 66 ft less per hole. Here's that function.
def avg_throw_dist_c2(course_distance, course_par, num_holes): return (course_distance - (num_holes * 66)) / (course_par - (2 * num_holes)) 
and the results:
East: 335.2 ft per throw
West: 352.0 ft per throw
Are there any courses on the DGPT that require more average distance per throw than Glendover West at the Portland Open?
Also, before anyone suggests otherwise, I'm aware that this statistic fails to capture a million different things that make a course difficult including, but not limited to:
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