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Subreddit for The Academy of Holy Angels located in Richfield, Minnesota.

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The subreddit for the NBC sitcom Superstore, a comedy about a unique family of employees that work in a big box store!

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A place for UK MUAs to share hauls, tips and everything and anything makeup related!

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2023.06.08 10:02 AutoModerator Daily Discussion Thread Jun 08, 2023 - Upcoming Event Schedule - New players start here!

Yahoooo! Welcome to the Daily Discussion Thread! Have a very cool day! Luigi numbah one!
Welcome to the Daily Discussion Thread. This is the place for asking noob questions, venting about netplay falcos, shitposting, self-promotion, and everything else that doesn't belong on the front page.

New Players:

If you're completely new to Melee and just looking to get started, welcome! We recommend you go to and follow the links there based on what you're trying to set up. Additionally, here are a few answers to common questions:
Can I play Melee online?
Yes! Slippi is a branch of the Dolphin emulator that will allow you to play online, either with your friends or with matchmaking. Go to to get it.
Netplay is hard! Is there a place for me to find new players?
Yes. Melee Newbie Netplay is a discord server specifically for new players. It also has tournaments based on how long you've been playing, free coaching, and other stuff. If you're a bit more experienced but still want a discord server for players around your level, we recommend the Melee Online discord.
How can I set up Unclepunch's Training Mode?
First download it here. Then extract everything in the folder and follow the instructions in the README file. You'll need to bring a valid Melee ISO (NTSC 1.02)
I'm having issues with Slippi!
Go to the The Slippi Discord to get help troubleshooting.
How does one learn Melee?
There are tons of resources out there, so it can be overwhelming to start. First check out the SSBM Tutorials youtube channel. Then go to the Melee Library and search for whatever you're interested in.
But how do I get GOOD at Melee?
Check out Llod's Guide to Improvement
Where can I get a nice custom controller?
I have another question that's not answered here...
Check out our FAQs or post below and find help that way.

Upcoming Tournament Schedule:

Upcoming Melee Majors

Melee Online Event Calendar

Make a submission to the tournament calendar here. You can also get notified of new online tournaments on the Melee Online Discord.

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2023.06.08 10:01 pikzigmar [IIL] Original Prostataler Drecksaumassakra! [WEWIL?]
The combination of metal and "oberkrainer" (accordion, trumpet, etc...) music just sounds way to awesome for this to be the only one :)
I know folk metal exists but I can't find anything similar to this.
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2023.06.08 10:01 Sizzlelyy My best friend’s sister had sex with me and no one believes me

About a two and a half years ago my ex-best friends sister got me drunk and had sex with me. we’ll call her Reese. Reese was always quite close to me and acted like the older sister I never had so I was very trusting and attached to her and she seemed pretty normal too always trying to help me and give me good advice. Around 14 and a half this changed from like a sister to her undressing infront of me and being really physical, I had expressed before it made me uncomfortable but she would just brush it off as “your my brother it’s normal” for a while i thought it was normal until she started staying around me more and it felt purposeful atp. Mind you I was 14 and she was 17 almost 18. anyway this behaviour of sorta showing herself off continued for about a few months to the point where i completely forgot about how weird it was and assumed it was normal, plus I only saw her a few times a week so it wasn’t often at all. It started to get worse when I had just turned 15 with me and her hanging out more because our family’s got a lot closer, with more family vacations and her being 18 she was told to stay with me and my best friend Victor. this caused her to be alone with me much more. she started to lay on me and i have no proof but i swear she would always make sure we had to share a bed. She would press her chest against me and sit on me and “accidentally” feel in my pants. eventually we ended up being even closer then me and victor, she would invite me to events and parties with her and other seniors, one of which she got me drunk to the point i barley could walk on my own and she took me to the bathroom and pulled my pants down, pretending to act like she was trying to help all while i was asking her what she was doing and slurring my words clearly uncomfortable. she sat me down on the toilet and slid my dick inside her taking my virginity. I was clearly telling her to stop but she kept going and convincing me to let her keep going and saying over and over again “it’s okay” “It’s just me” for what felt like a eternity and when i was about to finish in her I kept telling her to stop and she would just say “it’s okay i’m on birth control” which leads me to believe she had planned it. After I had finished she kept going which made me even more upset and betrayed then I already was feeling. when i was starting to almost pass out i saw her talking her phone out and the flash turning on and off a few times which made me want to throw up even more, i felt terrible and just wanted to disappear. I’m not 100% certain she took a picture but it’s still so scary to think she might have a picture or video of me like that. all hot and sweaty begging her to stop it’s disgusting. the next day when I was home I told victor and his parents what reese had done but since I was bigger and stronger then her and she always acted so nice to me no one believed me and even my befriend said that I went to a party and was drunk and the blame started to shift to me for going out to a party and for making up a rape accusation. My parents also got angry at me and punished me for going to a party, just like reese was a perfect angel and it wasn’t possible anything i was saying was true. I’ve felt so betrayed and angry with my family and reese and victor but the worst part of this all is my family is still close with them i still have to see reese consistently and it’s so awkward she acts so cold towards me but like a angel when anyone else is around us. anyway i’m 17 now and feel like my entire family hates me. I live with my gf now and don’t talk to anyone in my family and i’m happier then i’ve ever been.
(sorry for shitty spelling and grammar it’s 2am and i barley can see)
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2023.06.08 10:01 Boss_of_babylonia Hortus De Escapismo spoiler

I will just put this one and back to read the story
Lemuen: But the Sarkaz inside are just some hunters, farmers... the only mercenary, has died in front of us. Lemuen: Your so-called quelling will be a massacre. Lemuen: When thinking about how to maintain the holiness of Laterano in the future, you have already defiled it, don't you think it's ridiculous? Oren: The joke is on you, Lemuen Oren: As far as I know, "Lemuen the Silence" wouldn’t even bat an eye when dealing with such matters. Oren: Did the five years of deep sleep in the hospital bed change your personality, or..... Oren: That guy called "The Martyr" influenced you—
Oren failed to say the name.
The wheelchair rushed in front of him, and the barrel of the sniper rifle stabbed him hard in the waist. He leaned against the wall so that he didn't fall, and he gritted his teeth so that his voice of pain would not change its tone.
Oren: Hiss-- Lemuen: You go on. Oren: ..... Spuria: ..."Lemuen the Silence". Spuria: ...I said that senpai is not easy to mess with. -----------------
>Holy shit this is hilarious, Lemuen used to be a cold-blooded person? >Oren's comment about Andoain has influenced her, pissed her off. >Oren is jobbed by girl in wheelchair LMAO pathetic
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2023.06.08 10:00 AyonMridha Looking for some clingy friends. Doesn't matter if you're older than me

I would describe myself as a funny dude. Humor and i are synonymous but that doesn't mean I'm going to joke every possible second. Curiosity is in my DNA i guess. So you might often find out I'm asking many questions. Hmm..what else i missed...well you'll find out more once you start chatting.
Things i like are looking at the sky, enjoying the beauty of the full moon when it comes out, spending times in nature, listening to EDM's and some pop musics, watching endless hours of youtube videos, watching wrestling matches, reading books. I read non fictions and thrillers mostly. Haven't tried any romance novel. If you want to suggest some then be my guest! Some other things I'm interested in are space,history,human psychology, philosophy, rhyming, cars, guns and few other stuffs. Btw, I'm not into video games. So can't talk about it with you sadly. Timezones don't matter. So see ya in my chat/dm. 26M btw
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2023.06.08 10:00 CasperMMA Youtube Automation Earning Potential?

how does making money on youtube actualy work?
advertisers pay youtube to show their ads n the site as display ads, search results ads, and as pre and mid roll and post roll ads. when a viewer sees an ad on a video the advertiser has been charged moneyu that was taken in by youtube and split with the creator whose video the ad played on.
how much the advertiser paid is called the CPM, cost per mille or per thousand impressions
how much you will make per thousand views is RPM
and this is a certain percentage of the CPM
cpm can fluctuate heavily depending on amount of advertisers in a niche and during big events or holidays
Hope that helped,
Casper Van der Ree (Cash Cow Casper)
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2023.06.08 10:00 ogreatgames Just Dance Summer Party: Beat The Heat - Wii Game

![video](034c11vxv4491 " Relish in a thrilling musical summer party dance game. Visit to buy these item(s) & more while supplies last! -- ")
#wii #rhythm #music --
Just Dance Summer Party For Nintendo Wii. Pick up your Wii remote. Dance to the music of Summer songs hits. Different music genres are coming your way. Exciting game modes including "Classic", "Duets", and "Just Sweat Mode" are available in this full-packaged summer party experience. Have a blast with Just Dance Summer Party. --
Hey check out similar videos here:
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2023.06.08 10:00 pellicle_56 My Phylida arrived today

My Phylida arrived today
I am quite please with it.
After getting the PD1701 there were a few small things I was a bit disappointed with; some were my fault, others were "luck of the draw". These were things like realising that as it wasn't going to be a daily driver (its just not that comfortable) that Quartz wasn't ideal for "occasional wear" (battery being dead when you decided to wear it) and small issues with hand alignments. I am not sure how I feel about the high polish of the bezel tachymeter either.
So when I discovered (here) the Phylida it seemed to tick all my boxes. So after a few youtube videos later I bought it and today it arrived. I immediately removed the bracelet (which seemed ok) and put it on a leather strap (which is my preferred wear).

Phylida Speedmaster homage
So for the interested here's a few thoughts
  • Crown winding is smooth and the crown well sized for the task
  • lume is as (poor) as I expected
  • hand alignment is very satisfactory
  • watch finishing is excellent and has no sharp edges as the Pagani did (which I finished by hand)
  • I really do like the running seconds hand and can use it to do useful things such as check my HR when walking up steep hills (sort of fitness tracking). I wasn't able to do this on the Pagani because the hands often seemed to be between a marker; not so with this
  • I really like the fast change minute subdial, that's just nice
  • liking the anodised bezel better
  • pusher feel is excellent (start / stop is a nice defined click and the reset {must be stopped} is much softer and feels great)
  • because its hand wound I'm more liberal about using the timer now because its not reducing the battery life
  • display window is nice
a couple of things I'm not fond of
  • I don't like the shape of the base of the bezel, its too exaggerated
  • Not as happy with the shaping of the lugs, not as much taper to the edge
  • somehow the crystal isn't as clear to look through on the Phylida (and I'm pretty sure that the Pagani doesn't have AR inside.
  • I prefer the circular brushed back on the PD1701 but that's why I put this point last
I'll likely compare the two on my blog and post here.
Lastly I paid US$150 for mine, but that translated to about AU$300 (including the international Txn fee)
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2023.06.08 09:59 thenightvamp I Found Le Garde Death , is this normal ?

I Found Le Garde Death , is this normal ?
I was following this Video to be ALLAH of the dungeon normally in his walk, le garde was alive did i made anything wrong maybe i was looting is this the reason of it ? Is it depend the run to run ?
I dont know so much lorically i am open to everything i just know i want to be strong AF.
submitted by thenightvamp to FearAndHunger [link] [comments]

2023.06.08 09:59 HaiiroEth Beyond light

Hello Fam, I recently bought destiny with all DLCs and currently try to play through all the story quests, my next one would be beyond light, but I just can’t find the starting mission of it, I already googled and looked at YouTube but I can’t figure out what to do to find it.
submitted by HaiiroEth to destiny2 [link] [comments]

2023.06.08 09:58 execay Diablo IV Giveaway

Diablo IV Giveaway
To celebrate the launch of Diablo IV, I'm giving away one standard edition to a random winner. 🎁🎉
How to enter:
👤 Follow me ➡️ For a higher chance to win, leave a subscription over at my YouTube
Winner will be drawn this weekend!
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2023.06.08 09:57 482jobs Head Veterinarian - Australia Relocation/Sponsorship support, with Competitive salary

Job description
Head Veterinarian Full Time Negotiable Hours
- Build and develop the clinic YOUR way! - Relocation/Sponsorship support, with Competitive salary. - Partnership opportunity available with the company. 
PETstock VET Craigieburn is an inspired member of the Petspiration Group who has established itself as an industry leader with a focus on delivering world class, innovative patient care & providing a work environment where our team are valued for the experience & skill set, they bring.
PETstock Vet Craigieburn is a purpose-built clinic located in a PETstock retail store. The clinic has a great range of facilities and equipment such as Ultrasound, full iM3 Dental suite, complete in-house laboratory equipment and digital radiography including digital dental radiography.
See what it is like to work at PETstock Vet:
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2023.06.08 09:56 MajdOdeh Avatar is overpraised in the YouTube community.

I'm about to piss a lot of people off, but the amount of youtubers I see praising Avatar is just way too much. And the praise it gets seems so basic at times.
Saw this youtuber that started by saying "Sokka's first lines of dialogue depict his personality perfectly. 'It's not getting away from me this time' shows his determination even if he's inexperienced". He goes on to analyze basic stuff that this show does making it seem like "OMG WOW NO ONE HAS EVER DONE THIS BEFORE".
Don't get me wrong, I love the show. It's very good and is in fact one of my favorites. But the amount of praise it gets and HOW it gets that praise just seems a little too much at times that it makes me think that one of the biggest reasons it's so praised is because it's a Western show. In my opinion, if the EXACT same show was made in Japan, it would not be getting worshipped as much as it is now. It's still be considered good, don't get me wrong.
I guess a big part of this is probably because any people in the West grew up on this show, so it's understandable why it resonated with so many people.
Curious to hear other people's thoughts on this.
submitted by MajdOdeh to Avatarthelastairbende [link] [comments]

2023.06.08 09:56 PM_ME_ABOUT_LOVE [Some S1/2 Spoilers] I have binged this show the past two days, and it has a lot of intriguing premises, but holy shit, the characters in this show are so emotionally (perhaps literally) stupid, and the dialogue is so bad.

I have the same issues it seems many here do about the pacing, lack of answers, etc. I won't go hard into those. I would say to the writing/creative team, if the most hardcore people here have the same issues, that should tell you something. Fwiw, I'm on ep 3 of season 2 when I'm writing this.
Shows like Dark have shown you can have out there topics, but if done right, can really pick up in popularity. No excuses, not even being on MGM+.
But holy mother forking shirtballs, is the dialogue bad on this show. It is the most soap opera nonsense I've seen in sometime - the worst of network TV writing.
Jim's pissed off first, ask questions later attitude. I want to punch him in the face.
Boyd is one of the best characters, but too often he doesn't answer questions, and interrupts when people are going to give them (a staple of the show). Sometimes I want to punch him in the face.
But Ellis? What a fucking toolbag. He is a grown-ass man with the angst and emotional intelligence of a man half his age. Like when Boyd goes to say goodbye, and he just is like mmkay, like a tool, but then Fatima has to come encourage him to leave cause we need that big soap moment, then he goes chasing after him, and then has to give his own monologue with the big dramatic apology and my eyes rolled so far back in my head that I tumbled out of my chair and rolled around the neighborhood for a couple hours.
Then at the start of s2ep03, Boyd tries to explain what happens and he fucking argues about it and won't shut up, using Fatima as the excuse. You can be worried about her and not be a literal fucking moron.
To say Tabitha is dumber than a brick would be an insult to bricks. It hurts the show too that half of the main characters I have seen for a main show for a streaming service, or one with this much support from a company, are some of the worst acting talent (Kenny, Kristi, Jim, Tabitha, Ellis). I watch some scenes were you can just see its supposed to be an emotional moment and they are trying their hardest....and it just ain't happening.
Then you have people like Julie knowing what is out there and still trying to rescue her dad at night... Characters don't grow or learn or apply logic, but also barely get rounded out.
The thing is, I don't hate the show. I am very intrigued by it. I just want it to be better, and this is like dialogue 101 stuff.
It isn't even that there isn't enough communication, its that people don't have the emotional IQ to know how to communicate. It's infuriating and drags the entire show down with it.
The reason Lost worked was because the characters were still good despite the mysteries and people were invested in them. The reason the monologues work in Midnight Mass is because they are written well and flesh out the characters.
This show feels like Lost and Midnight Mass smashed together but then what they created fell down the stairs head first.
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2023.06.08 09:55 bubblyseal920 My sister is a liar, do I tell my mom?

I really need some advice on what to do in this situation and if I should let my mom know. I’m extremely upset right now because I (23F) just learned that my sister (16) is lying to us and I believe she made up a scenario about her friends to get us to take a trip so she can see a boy.
Basically, a few months ago she said her friend’s family invited her on a trip to Los Angeles to tour colleges (LA is a 5 hour drive from our city) and asked if I could drive her. I was excited because I’d been looking forward to touring colleges with her and said I’d be willing to drive her. Then my mom said we should just turn it into a family vacation and do something fun like Disneyland since it’s not often we get to take trips. My sister suddenly got argumentative and when I tried to ask about the plans for the college tours she screamed at me and told me she didn’t want me to go on the tour with her and her “friends” and how she didn’t want us to come at all because she’s going to be “sleeping over at and spending most of the time with my friends”. I didn’t think much about it as I thought okay classic teen behavior and maybe she just wants to be with her friends.
Today, however, she broke my trust when I overheard her talking through the walls on the phone to what sounded like a male voice. She was making plans and saying how they’re going to go to all of these places, etc. I was so upset I wanted to barge into her room and scream at her but I didn’t. She is extremely argumentative and gets very physically violent toward both me and my mom when things don’t go her way or when confronted which is why I didn’t go in. I don’t know who this male is and I’m so upset that she would lie so heavily like this and feel so comfortable letting me and my mom splurge on a trip knowing we work our asses off to keep a roof over our heads and trips are a luxury. Please help, do I tell my mom? I hate to be the “snitch” older sister but I’m concerned about her safety.
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2023.06.08 09:55 Jaufre Twitch vs. Youtube: Where to watch Starfield Direct (/Xbox Showcase)?

So, since we're all excited for the big showcase this weekend, where will you all watch it? The official website directly links to Youtube, Twitch and Facebook. With Facebook being ... a special kind of livestreaming platform, I am wondering what's the better place to watch the livestream in regards to stream quality; Twitch or Youtube. What do you think, where will you watch?
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2023.06.08 09:54 thegiantsavior Incident at the Station
Both POVs have the same scenario, but you get to choose who to play AS.
Option 1: Witness POV
There was a heated argument happening at the bus station you were in. You didn't really get into it, as you didn't want to get tangled up in unnecessary drama you weren't even a part of. But then, there was a moment of uncanny silence. Out of curiosity, you decided to turn around, instantaneously greeted by this bloody sight. (There are more people, X just didn't put them in the picture.) WDYD?
Option 2: Harmer POV (OCs with sharp weapons recommended for this)
(Note: The harmer's motives can be changed, X'm just providing a general prompt) He wouldn't shut up. He just wouldn't shut up. He kept asking the same stupid question, and despite you trying your best to say the same answer in varying levels of literacy, it's like he couldn't understand what you were saying. Eventually, you lost it, delivering a strong blow at him. Once you calmed down enough, you began to realize what you just did; it was far worse than a simple cut. WDYD?
POV Rules:
- Try to be descriptive in your responses. At least one sentence is fine.
- No insta-heal OCs. For the love of everything holy, don't make your OC grow his arm back. He stays amputated.
- Human OCs recommended, but nonhumans are fine.
Other Notes:
- Mac Terra's pronouns are he/they.
- X may stop responding out of the blue. It's probably a motivation thing, please don't take it personally.
- It's recommended that you describe your OC's appearance or provide a picture. Nothing too important, it's just for mx to be able to write mx responses better.
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2023.06.08 09:53 Craft_Assassin This is why I left Crossroads Church

For context, I am a Catholic that got invited to Crossroads Church, a born-again ministry, back then in July 2022 here in Cebu when I was having a difficult phase in life. I was invited from a reformed schoolmate who used to do drugs, alcohol, not attend classes, and bully others. He is a pleasant person now and his transformation made him closer to God.
I was paired with a Cell Leader who is a good man at heart. His wife is a pastora in that ministry as well. I know that my Cell Leader is a good man with the best intentions.
I started thinking twice about it because the church started asking many things from me such as my time, tithing, joining Life Class, and joining Life Coaching. They really plan to convert young people to become born-again Christians. In fact, many of the youth that join Crossroads are Catholics that are either curious or having a difficult phase in life. It got toxic to the point wherein the diehard pastors would demand we devote our Fridays to our respective cell groups, Saturdays for the youth praise worship, and Sunday for the Sunday service. I couldn't do this because I already have pre-planned some of my what limited weekends there were in my calendar.
Around November 2022, one of the newest members of our cell group is a known diehard. His story is that he used to be a former sacristan of a Catholic Church. He later left the Catholic church, worship of Saints and Mary, and the fact "Why does one get absolved of sin when he/she sacrifices?". He even stated that he got heartbroken because he allegedly broke up with his girlfriend. He was left to wonder until one person came to him and presented him a phamplet for Gravity, the youth ministry of Crossroads Church. That's when he joined Crossroads.
He's a nasty individual and he's proud to say that he is a diehard Christian who doesn't care being called out as a "weirdo" or an "extremist". At one point, he called out two of my cell groupmates (both being former Catholics) for doing un-Christian things.
First guy he called out, a waiter for a restaurant:
The second guy he called out is a banker:
This asshole went so far as to say all religions are false. That Catholicism is a cult, Islam is a cult, Buddhism is a cult, etc.
He also tried to convince me NOT to celebrate the ultimate Sinulog comeback last January because it is "parading an image". Even though my purpose for celebrating Sinulog was to meet friends who may not be around by 2024 as many of them will leave the country. Keep note Cebu has been waiting for the return of Sinulog since 2020 due to the pandemic and on the personal note, six years for me because (Sinulog 2017-2020 wasn't as fun because there was a no-street party rule. I didn't go to Sinulog 2018 because I was in medical school, and there was no Sinulog in 2021 and 2022 because of the pandemic). There are diehard Christians from other born-again ministries every Sinulog that do militant street preaching in the middle of the fun festival. Often times, their preaching comes out as harassment to the festival goers. For him and the diehards, anything fun = earthly/worldly = sin because it is not "honoring Christ". In other words, even if you are in Sinulog to experience Cebu's culture or just to enjoy a street party, you are committing a sin.
I was roped into Life Class last February since they timed it onto the Friday cell group meeting. I didn't even consent to it. The Life Class is a 10-week session with one-class held every Friday. Looking at the calendar, the Life Class would have ended in the middle week of May. I already had planned out my vacations for the Summer of 2023.
I was then roped into joining the Encounter, wherein we are supposed to meet Jesus and experience the Holy Spirit. The Encounter took one whole weekend that spanned from 8 am to 5 pm (but we got late, because on the first day it ended at 8 pm). The fee was also 500 pesos. During the Encounter, they asked as thithing four times and I only have enough for myself since my salary is very menial. One of the diehard pastors there were asking us to fully devote our lives to this Church and invite two people every Sunday so that there will be more disciples of Christ. The diehard pastor went so far to say to decline all fun things and outings such as if you have a relative from abroad coming and wants to go to the beach on Sunday, we will have to decline because our priority is with the Church itself. We then had the typical Encounter activities. We also had things that are forbidden to do in their eyes such as celebrating festivals (Sinulog being their primary target), going to concerts, listening to rock and pop music, partying, pornography, gambling, drugs, alcoholism, practicising witchcraft, and the like. While I agree gambling, drugs, pornography, and witchcraft are bad, it's way too much to restrict people from watching concerts or going to street parties.
After the Encounter last March, I just ran away and never returned. I essentially ghosted them but later explained to them I was leaving the church. The cell leader was saddened because he's a good man and he really wanted me to be a disciple. We even finished Change 12 between October to December 2022. In other words, the cell leader was beginning to invest in me. I just couldn't stand the toxicity and the diehard fundamentalists in that ministry; my cell leader not one of them (he is a cool guy).
Anyways that's my take. Feel free to comment.
Apologies for the long post. Had to let this out.
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2023.06.08 09:53 lilgenga No real personality/interests. Extreme Boredom

Hi Reddit
Ive been reading alot of posts on here, which caused me to realize that i most likely have adhd. At the moment im in the process of being diagnosed. One thing that has bothered me especially in the last few weeks is extreme Boredom. Not long ago i loved getting into new things, i was constantly switching my interests and hobbies, started new videogames etc. even tho i knew it wasnt gonna last long or i wasnt gonna finish the game. But now i feel like i switched so many interests that they last way less and i dont get that nice new dopamine feeling i used to get when starting something new. its almost exhausting having to go through another prologue of a game which i wont finish. i dont have any real interests or hobbies bc they seem to switch everyday. sometimes i dont even find anything interesting and almost feel "empty" for some reason bc i dont even know what to do. This happens in every part of my life, relationships, hobbies, movies, youtube videos, music etc
anybody else dealing with this? any tips maybe?
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2023.06.08 09:53 notarypublic24 Top Law Firms in Dubai for Corporate Legal Services

Dubai is known for its thriving business and legal environment, and there are several top law firms that provide corporate legal services in the city. Here are some of the notable law firms in Dubai known for their expertise in corporate law:
  1. Al Tamimi & Company: Al Tamimi is the largest law firm in the Middle East and has a strong presence in Dubai. They offer a wide range of corporate legal services, including mergers and acquisitions, corporate governance, commercial contracts, and dispute resolution.
  2. Clyde & Co: Clyde & Co is an international law firm with a prominent office in Dubai. They have a dedicated team of corporate lawyers who specialize in advising clients on corporate transactions, joint ventures, corporate restructuring, and regulatory compliance.
  3. Baker McKenzie Habib Al Mulla: Baker McKenzie is a global law firm with a strong presence in Dubai through its association with Habib Al Mulla. Their corporate law practice focuses on cross-border transactions, private equity, corporate restructuring, and corporate governance.
  4. Hadef & Partners: Hadef & Partners is a leading law firm in the UAE and has a dedicated team of corporate lawyers in Dubai. They provide a wide range of corporate legal services, including mergers and acquisitions, corporate structuring, corporate governance, and commercial contracts.
  5. Afridi & Angell: Afridi & Angell is a well-established law firm in Dubai with a strong corporate law practice. They advise clients on corporate structuring, mergers and acquisitions, joint ventures, corporate governance, and commercial contracts.
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2023.06.08 09:51 Morrogorrorros Help with understanding PIS and NIS formula in TOPSIS MCDM method

Alright, so I'm writing my thesis. This topic is about a decision making matrix, to make decisions using n criteria and n weights for m amount of alternatives.
snippet from paper
Now I don't understand the formulas from PIS and NIS. Especially the v^+_1, v^+_2, etc.
What does the + or - mean above v? I know that v a weighted normalised matrix is from all of the alternatives and all of the criteria.
Some more background information:
  1. TOPSIS step by step excel implementation
  2. Download paper

I hope you can help me! Thanks in advance and let me know if I can assist in any way!
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