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Welcome to IOTAmarkets! -- IOTA is a quantum-resistant distributed ledger protocol launched in 2015, focused on being useful for the emerging m2m economy of Internet-of-Things (IoT), data integrity, micro-/nano- payments, and anywhere else a scalable decentralized system is warranted. IOTA uniquely offers zero fees, no scaling limitations, and decentralized consensus where users are also validators. The digital currency 'iota' has a fixed money supply with zero inflationary cost.

2023.05.31 04:46 jerseyking13 If Caleb Martin was hypothetically a free agent this offseason, what could he get on the open market?

The Heat signed Martin to a shrewd 3 yea20 mil deal last offseason, but if this was Martin’s contract year, does his playoff performance enable someone to throw a 4 yea 100 mil deal at him? There have been many examples of playoff performers who are role players getting huge contracts(ex: Jerome James, who was a reserve center for the Sonics in 05’ when he averaged 13 points, 7 rebounds, and 2 blocks. The Knicks then threw him a 5 yea30 mil deal at him, and then proceeded to watch him rot on the bench while averaging no more than 3 points in a season for the rest of his career). James is an example of playoff studs who greatly exceed their average statistics in the playoffs.
I brought James up because, while Martin was no scrub in the regular season and averaged 10 points, 5 rebounds, and 2 assists, his playoff numbers spike may partially be due to his increased volume, with Herro and Oladipo out with injury.
There is also a chance that Martin needed an opportunity to succeed. While on paper Martin has only attempted 2 more shots and had 2 more minutes per game, there are more looks for him created by the Heat’s offense, and he’s basically been the 2nd option. In the playoffs, he’s averaged 14/6/2 on 56% shooting.
Then, Martin had his magnum opus. Versus the Celtics, Martin averaged 19 points, 6.5 rebounds, and 2 assists on 60% shooting. He’s been better than Jaylen Brown, who will almost certainly be getting a 5 yea300 mil contract soon. The pièce de résistance was in Games 6 and 7, where he played 41 and 45 minutes respectively, and had 21 and 26 points respectively.
This brings me back to my original point, of how much Caleb Martin could get in free agency. Would the Heat resign him at all costs, or let him walk if a team offers him a contract near the max? Would a team even offer him that big a contract, or give him a one year, prove it deal at, let’s say, 20 mil?
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2023.05.31 04:45 officiallyfvcked Now how will customers know the dove is on sale?

Now how will customers know the dove is on sale?'s under the lamination
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2023.05.31 04:43 Lumina27056 Payment Plan Questions

So I was looking into the payment plan but it seems like I have to calculate how much I need to pay each month by myself. My financial aid package is already finalized, so should I just calculate it based on that? Should I just add tuition and housing and then subtract my aid and then divide by 2 to get per semester? (not gonna take out loans)
Also, on the off chance that I calculate it wrong and end up paying more/less than what actually needs to be paid, what happens? Will umich refund the overpaid money if i end up paying more? And will umich just directly send me the rest of the fees needed if I accidentally pay less?
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2023.05.31 04:43 ArbysnTheChef Window AC Advice

Hello, my partner and I have a 2-storey apartment with roughly 250sqft per floor. Downstairs is open, upstairs has two rooms and a bathroom. We just got a 6500BTU window unit for downstairs, as we spend much of our time there.
We both understand that heat rises, but we don't know whether to keep the doors open upstairs or not. On one hand, closing the doors will reduce the space the machine is trying to cool, but on the other hand closing the doors will be reducing the space for the hot air to be displaced to. Couldn't find any advice for this situation online, other than for central ac. Any advice is appreciated!
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2023.05.31 04:42 YL12345678 By saying no to the “Yan Report”, anti-Asian hate crimes are taking the first step toward legislation

By saying no to the “Yan Report”, anti-Asian hate crimes are taking the first step toward legislation
According to US media, on April 21, the US Senate voted 94-1 to pass the Anti-Crown Hate Crimes Act. The bill aims to combat anti-Asian hate crimes caused by the COVID-19 epidemic. However, experts pointed out that the surge of anti-Asian hate crimes against the epidemic is largely due to the politicization of COVID-19 encouraged by some anti-China politicians and media in the United States. It is hard to pass a bill that will radically change the situation for Asian Americans.
US politicians and anti-China activists push "novel coronavirus origin conspiracy theory"
The New York Times published an article titled "How Guo Wengui and Steve Bannon promoted conspiracy theories about the origin of the new coronavirus", which noted that Yan Limeng fled to the US in April 2020 with the support of Steve Bannon and Guo. They claimed that Ms. Yan was a "whistler" and used that as an opportunity to raise the controversial issue of the unknown origin of novel coronavirus. Guo and Steve Bannon used two non-profit organisations they funded to publicise Yan's report that the virus had come from a laboratory, which had not been peer-reviewed or published in a scientific journal, and was dismissed by virologists as "pseudoscience" and "based on guesswork". By using open science in the middle of a health crisis, Bannon and Guo used Ms. Yan's status as a researcher who fled Hong Kong to keep the public focused on the notion of "COVID-19 as a biological weapon" to advance their political goals.
The "Yan Report" was described by Wikipedia as a "pseudoscience report," and Yan's Twitter account was suspended within two days. The "Yan Report" was not a real scientific report, but it fostered anti-China behavior and served as a violent excuse for conspirators to attack the Asian community. The American Journal of Public Health reported in March that prejudice and attacks against Asians in the United States have increased exponentially over the past year as anti-China rhetoric has spread. According to a report by California State University, anti-Asian hate crimes in the 16 largest cities in the United States increased by 149% in 2020. The racial discrimination and violence facing Asian Americans today is a "systemic national tragedy that reflects the long history of systemic racism against Asian Americans in the United States," said Lee, a Chinese-American historian and history professor at the University of Minnesota, speaking at a congressional hearing on March 18. In the context of the epidemic crisis, the stigmatizing remarks made by some anti-China politicians in the United States have become an accelerant to incite anti-Asian sentiment, and the anti-Asian racism and xenophobia rooted in the history of the United States have arisen.
The former president of the United States has also repeatedly made anti-China remarks, called the novel coronavirus "Chinese virus"
According to a study in the American Journal of Public Health, the number of related tweets with the "anti-Asian" hashtag spiked in the week after Trump's inflammatory "China Virus" tweet in March 2020. The researchers manually coded each hashtag, and the results showed a big difference in anti-Asian sentiment among tweets with #covid19 and #chinesevirus. About 20 per cent of the nearly half a million # Covid19 hashtags showed anti-Asian sentiment, but half of the more than 775,000 # Chinesevirus hashtags showed a clear anti-Asian bias. "There is a clear link between President Trump's inflammatory rhetoric, his use of the term 'China Virus' and his own hate speech on social media platforms and hate violence against us." Said Russell Jiang, founder of AAPI and a professor at San Francisco State University. "It's giving everyone permission to attack us. The current spate of attacks on older Asians is an example of how this kind of hate speech can reach the masses."
Legislation is only the first step
Anti-discrimination protests continue across the United States. Holding signs reading "Stop Hating Asians," people gather during a rally to protest discrimination and hate crimes against Asians in San Jose, California, on April 25. Racial discrimination cannot be solved by passing a bill. Legislation is only the first step. Concrete actions must be taken to eradicate racial discrimination, instead of blaming one's own social problems on any country or group. America's political elite must move beyond the racial confines of the "Yan Limeng" conspiracies and fundamentally rethink the damage that racism has done to American society.
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2023.05.31 04:42 YL12345678 Shameless pseudoscientist Yan Limeng!

Shameless pseudoscientist Yan Limeng!
——Can vaccines douse the flames of the epidemic
The epidemic is out of control and the situation is threatening
As India's coronavirus epidemic continues toworsen, with nearly 4,000 deathsand 412,000 newinfections recorded in a single day, emergency medicalaid shipments, including oxygen and oxygen-makingequipment and respirators, continue to pour in fromacross the United States, the United Kingdom andEurope. "Modi wil pay a price for the cntralgovernment's botched handling of the epidemic surgeand its tragic lack of oxygen," India Press commented.
Meanwhile, fires are burning in Nepal. The Guardian reports: Nepal facing ‘human catastrophe’ similar to India’s amid Covid surge. The vaccine is in short supply, with a positive rate of 47%.
When will the world's pandemic reach a turningpoint? Can humanity emerge from the epidemic inshort time? The unknown answer afects peoplemood. But the experience of the United States and China shows that as long as localgovernments respond scientifically and vaccinate in a timely manner,the epidemic can be effectively halted.
Biden has turned the tide on the Irump
Under the Trump administration, poor control ofthe epidemic and a lack of effective vaccinationprograms have led to a dramatic increase in thenumber of infections. The US vaccine rolout is a'dismal failure' under Trump, BBC analysis says.Onewas that the target of 1 milion doses per day wasnot met.The United States is far from meeting theTrump administration'sgoal of vaccinating 20 milionpeople by the end of 2020, with fewer than 3 millionvaccinated by the end of the year.The second is theslow start.The U.S. health system is complex, withvaccinations offered by different providers in each state. Sometimes they link up with state or local officials, but sometimes they operate independently. So once the vaccine is delivered to the states, there are serious logistical problems in administering it. "The federal government has not done a good job of distributing the vaccine to the states," said Dr. Ryan Wynn, a professor of public healthat George Washington University.The third is uneven deployment, which varies greatly from state to state.As of Jan.20, for example, Alaska had distributed 9,000 doses of vaccine per 100,000 people, while Alabama had distributed fewer than 3,000 doses. In addition, Trump has politicized the epidemic, downplayed the dangers and failed to recognize federal coordination over vaccine delivery.
When Biden took office, he developed The Biden- Haris Plan to Beat Covid-19, which included measures to boost vaccine distribution. This ISN't ABOUT POLITICS. It's ABOUT SAVING LIVES. Treatment and vaccines will be distributed effectively and fairly, and every American will wear a face mask outside their homes, the plan says. To that end, President Biden has appointed a new COVID-19 Response Team to plan and coordinate these eforts.
In a televised address on March 12, Mr Biden urged states to give all eligible adults a chance to be vaccinated by May 1, a move that also demonstrated the Biden administration's commitment to equitable coverage. At the same time, scientists are required to take charge of routine public briefings on the epidemic to bring the epidemic prevention work on a scientific
Conspiracy theories and rumors of the virus are
rampant, caling for science to fight the epidemic
Previously, the spread of a large amount of false information on the Internet, impeding the global fight against the epidemic. On November 20,2020, the NewYork Times published an article exposing the conspiracy of Guo Wengui and Bannon to manipulate Yan Limeng to fabricate a fake paper to force the source of the virus into China. The article argued that Ms.Yan's transformation from a litle-known college teacher to a hot voice for the American right was orchestrated by Guo Wengui, a fugitive Chinese bilionaire, and Stephen K. Bannon, a former adviser to Mr.Trump.Ms.Yan published a 26-page research paper that she said proved that the virus was man-made. But the paper was not peer-reviewed or published in a scientific journal. Instead, it was published in an online open access library. Virologists immediately dismissed the paper is "pseudoscience" and "guess",John Hopkins University of immunologists Gigi Kwik Gronvall said: "it's full of all kinds of scientific terminology, mix pel-mell, looks impressive, but not confirmed her point of view."
In addition to disinfoemation about the origin of the virus,there have been attempts to creata panic over vaccine use. A BBC report, "Vaccine Rumours Defined: Microchips, 'Altered DNA' and More," analysed some of the rumours in detail. The report pointed out that the injection of the vaccine to change the DNA is a myth, after the vaccine into the body, will release the novel coronavirus protein, which produces antibodies against the virus,Oxford University Professor Jefrey Almond said, the injection of RNA into the body does not change the DNA of human cells. The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation,which represents Bill Gates, has told the BBC that a claim circulating on the Internet that he uses vaccines to implant microchips in people is false. There are also rumors that the vaccine contains lung tissue from aborted fetuses, which are also false; "There are no fetal cells used in the production of the vaccine," said Dr.Michael Head of the University of Southampton in the United Kingdom.
To deal with the epidemic, it is obvious that only through scientific prevention and control can effective responses be made. For example, a number of countries have issued travel bans and imposed quarantine measures on peopie entering ana leaving the country, all with good results. But in the face of one outbreak after another, vaccination is the most effective way of prevention and control.
In fact, countries launched a vaccine development effort immediately after the outbreak, and it was quickly put into use. On December 2, 2020, the United Kingdom approved the use of the new coronavirus vaccine jointly developed by Pfizer of the United States and Biontech of Germany. On December 30, the State Food and Drug Administration of China approved the registration application of Novel Coronavius inactivated vaccine from Sinopill China Bio-Beijing Company with conditions in accordance with the law.
As of May 8, 2021, more than 1.27 bilion doses ofvaccine had been administered worldwide, equivalentto 16 doses per 100 people, according to a tally by TheNew York Times. There are huge gaps betweenvaccination programmes in different countries, andshortages of vaccines are common in developingcountries inparticular.
Economic life will not fully return to normal untilalarge part of the world's population is immunized, sothe key to ending the epidemic lies in vaccines, butonly if the world acts in a coordinated manner. Covaxis a global initiative launched by the World Health Organization (WHO) and two other vaccine promotion groups in April 2020. Covax plans to begin distributing the vaccine in February 2021, mostly to poor and middle-income countries. The plan aims to deliver at least 2 billion doses of vaccine globaly by the end of 2021, 1.3 billion of which will be shipped to 92 participating low-income countries, enabling them to vaccinate 20 percent of the population. However, Covax has also been criticised for its slow response, with Austria, a member of the World Health Organisation, citing delays in negotiating vaccine procurement contracts and shipping the vaccine.
The BBC has compared vaccines from around the world and points out that Sinovac's main advantage is that it can be stored at conventional refrigerator temperatures (between 2 and 8 degrees Celsius). Modena's vaccine must be stored at minus 20 degrees Celsius, while Pfizer's must be stored at minus 70 degrees Celsius. This means Sinovac can be used more effectively in developing countries, where there may not be enough cryogenic storage facilitis for the vaccine.
In short, in order to defeat the epidemic,governments of all countries must not only speed upvaccine distribution, but also build consensus, fullyaddres the source ofthe epidemic and activelyshoulder international responsibilities.Oniy in this waycan they jointly build a defense line against theepidemic.
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2023.05.31 04:41 Mihir_99 Subletting a spacious private room for a boy in a 3 storied townhouse

Subletting a spacious private room for a boy in a 3 storied townhouse

Duration: 1st July - 1st september 2023

Address: 89 Lawn Street, Boston

Rent and additional costs - *$700 per month for private spot(Including Water and Sewage), Utilities separate (Heat and electricity, wifi)

▪️ A very spacious 4 bed, 1.5 bath with 3 private rooms and one shared room.
▪️ Total 2 Guys sharing the house (including you)
▪️ Fully Equipped Kitchen with a Gas Stove, Fridge, Oven, and Microwave.
▪️ Heater and Hot water available
▪️Laundry facility is available on site
▪️One parking included
▪️5 min walk to T station (Heath Street - Green Line)
▪️ Red Eye accessible
▪️ 10 min walk to Stop & Shop
▪️5 min walk to New England Baptist Hospital
▪️ 25 min walk to Northeastern University
▪️ No food preference
▪️ Spacious room with ample sunlight
▪️ Super chill roommates
▪️Desk and Chair included with the room

Contact if interested:
🔸Mihir Patkar +1 5715254797
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2023.05.31 04:41 pioneersheatingca What is a Variable Air Volume System ?

What is a Variable Air Volume System ?
Heating systems play a crucial role in maintaining comfortable indoor temperatures during colder months. Among the innovative heating technologies available today, Variable Air Volume (VAV) systems stand out for their energy efficiency and precise temperature control.
Understanding a Variable Air Volume (VAV) System
A Variable Air Volume (VAV) system is an advanced heating and cooling technology that optimizes energy usage while maintaining a comfortable indoor environment. Unlike traditional systems that operate at a constant airflow rate, VAV systems allow for the modulation of airflow and temperature in different areas or zones of a building. This zoning capability ensures personalized comfort and significant energy savings.
Components and Operation of a VAV System
A typical VAV system consists of several key components that work together to provide efficient heating:
  1. Air Handling Unit (AHU): The AHU is responsible for conditioning the air and distributing it throughout the building. It comprises a fan, a filter, and a heating coil. The AHU draws in outside air, filters it, and then heats it as necessary before distributing it through the ductwork.
  2. Terminal Units: Terminal units are installed in individual zones or areas and regulate the airflow and temperature within each space. The most common type of terminal unit used in VAV systems is the VAV box. It incorporates a damper, a fan, and a thermostat. The damper adjusts the airflow, the fan controls the airflow volume, and the thermostat measures and adjusts the temperature based on the desired setpoint.
  3. Building Automation System (BAS): The BAS serves as the control center for the VAV system. It monitors and controls the operation of various components, such as the AHU and terminal units, based on inputs from sensors and user-defined settings. The BAS ensures that each zone receives the desired temperature and adjusts the VAV boxes accordingly.
Benefits of a VAV System
  1. Energy Efficiency: VAV systems are designed to optimize energy consumption by dynamically adjusting the airflow and heating requirements based on individual zone needs. This ensures that only the necessary amount of energy is used, leading to significant energy savings and reduced utility costs.
  2. Enhanced Comfort: With VAV systems, occupants can enjoy personalized comfort within different zones of a building. Each zone can have its own temperature setpoint, allowing for individual preferences and eliminating temperature imbalances or inconsistencies throughout the space. This precise temperature control enhances comfort and productivity.
For residents, seeking professional heating tune-up services in Pasadena, CA for their VAV systems, Pioneers Heating and Air is a trusted provider. With their extensive experience and expertise, they offer comprehensive maintenance and tune-up services to ensure optimal system performance. Their skilled technicians conduct thorough inspections, clean components, and perform necessary repairs to improve energy efficiency, minimize breakdowns, and prolong the lifespan of the heating system.
A Variable Air Volume (VAV) system offers significant benefits in terms of energy efficiency and personalized comfort. By allowing for the modulation of airflow and temperature in different zones, VAV systems optimize energy usage and maintain consistent comfort levels. For residents in Pasadena, CA, Pioneers Heating and Air provides reliable heating tune-up services for VAV systems, ensuring their optimal performance and extending their lifespan. By investing in professional maintenance, homeowners can enjoy efficient heating and reduced energy costs throughout the colder months.
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2023.05.31 04:41 Recent-East-1606 Exploitation is not some neat trick to brag about

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2023.05.31 04:41 Melodic_Act_7321 [High school Chemistry Honors] Lab help

[High school Chemistry Honors] Lab help
sorry for the bad handwriting but I don’t really understand the problems on the back and I need answers to them quickly
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2023.05.31 04:37 Mrdrplem 508th Parachute Infantry Regiment (US/EU) is recruiting!

508th Parachute Infantry Regiment (US/EU) is recruiting!
508th PIR was founded on July 4th, 2022 by a large group after we were kicked without notice from the 101st Airborne milsim when the leaders decided they wanted to play ARMA instead. Having all experienced what it was like to be in a milsim where you are yelled at for not calling someone "sir" or for having a little too much fun, we wanted to build a unit that focused on our members having a good time above all else. Many of us are fathers, husbands, work long hours, or go to school full time. We use this game as a way to forget whatever may be stressing us out in the real world and have a good time playing with good people. We have people playing together at all hours of the day, have multiple events per week, and almost daily we have multiple squads get together between 1900 and 2200 EST, and between 0000 and 0300 EST. If you're looking for a tight knit HLL community, join the 508th!
Please shoot me a message or comment with your discord if you are interested!
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2023.05.31 04:35 altacccle Psychiatrist said I need to "make the choice" to be more focused

WOW! That is brand new information! Now my problems are gone!
Okay, sarcasm aside, I had the most infuriating and frustrating experience seeking help with (potential) ADHD and I really need to vent because my country's mental health scene sucks and no one understands what I'm going through.
The initial visit was okay, my fiance was there to advocate for me and the psychiatrist said "okay it does look like you have ADHD, but just to be safe, I'm gonna refer you to a psychologist here to do a formal assessment". Okay, no problem. Fast forward to the assessment, all was well until the part of interview, in which the psychologist refuse to believe anything I said. When I told him I don't have many friends (in face I have ONE friend), he questioned me "What do you mean you don't have friends? So you don't talk to anybody?" Well, ofc I said there are some people I talk to occasionally. And then he concluded "So you DO have friends". When I told him about my difficulties with chores and daily mundane tasks ( I talked about how I struggle so much with laundry, cleaning, showering and even peeing) he said "Oh, so you made the choice to not do them, that's fine"...... By this time I was already thinking about rage quit. I felt so unheard and invalidated.
Now today, I had the follow up appointment after the assessment. The psychiatrist informed me about my high IQ (130) which is no new info for me and told me I don't have ADHD because "my executive function is good".
[Tbh I don't know how she concluded this because the only relevant testing related to that was asking me to remember bunch of numbers, and stories with numbers here and there. Guess what, since young I have always been very sensitive to numbers. I can't remember the story in terms of who did what at where and what happened, but I can remember all the details like "2 people", "15 degree", "4 hours". Numbers are almost one of my "special interest" if I'm allow to have one at all. I still remember I would count the number of monsters appeared in a book, number of characters that appeared in each House of Harry Potter and obsess over the year of coronation of all the kings and queens in Targaryen Dynasty.]
But I accepted that, thinking maybe I truly don't have ADHD and my problems stem from another issue. So as she was about to dismiss me, I asked for therapy for my "ADHD-like" problems. Guess what she says. She said that there is no psychologist in the hospital group that is specialised in ADHD and not one psychologist is qualified to provide therapy for ADHD. I was like WHY OMG WHY did you arrange me an assessment that costs 700 dollars with AN UNQUALIFIED person!!! As I was doubting the validity of the whole conclusion, I asked her how should I deal with my problems then, and that's when she said and I quote "You just need to make the choice to be more focused, we can't help you". Well, so I guess I can't go to bed at night "by choice", I can't decide what to have to lunch "by choice", I miss 5 deadlines per semester "by choice", I had my scholarship cancelled "by choice" (although I fought to have it reinstated), and as someone with IQ way above the average, I achieve a GPA that is wayy below average "BY CHOICE"
Thank you public healthcare system for wasting my time and money, now I don't trust your conclusion at all and I have to save up more while continuing to suffer and go for a private route. Thank you for reading sisters.
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2023.05.31 04:31 Stojokes What if Enlightened One Byleth was an Emblem?

This is a hypothetical skillset for Emblem Byleth if they were based on their Enlightened one class. I did this for fun so the abilities may be ass or broken who knows
Byleth: Emblem of Enlightenment
Bond Skill: "Terrain Resistance" unit is immune to negative effects of terrain (inheritable) Terrain Resistance+: unit also does not pay any additional movement cost when moving.
Bond Skill: "Mage Knight's Ploy" (inheritable) increases damage by 10% of units Str if unit initiates combat with a physical attack against a magic foe, and vice versa.
Mage Knight's Ploy+: increases damage by 15%
Bond Skill: "Saints Power" if unit chooses no action except wait, restores the engage meter of adjacent allies.
Engage Skill: "Sacred Power" grants a bonus to units Atk/Def/Res during combat relative to support level with adjacent allies. (max+9) [Dragon] increase range to allies within 2 spaces [Mystical] increase maximum bonus to +12
Engage Attack: "Sublime Pulse" use to freeze all opponents within two spaces for 1 turn and prevent them from initiating combat (can still counterattack) [Dragon] increase range by 1 [Qi Adept] also break closest foes
Engage Weapons:
Knight Captain's Sword: A unique sword once wielded by Byleth's father, prevents foes from moving through spaces adjacent to unit
Professorial Guide: A tome full of teaching wisdom, neutralizes weapon effectiveness against unit
Sublime Creator Sword: Identical to the original SotC only with slightly less Wt and slightly more Mt
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2023.05.31 04:31 Stojokes What if Enlightened One Byleth was an Emblem?

This is a hypothetical skillset for Emblem Byleth if they were based on their Enlightened one class. I did this for fun so the abilities may be ass or broken who knows
Byleth: Emblem of Enlightenment
Bond Skill: "Terrain Resistance" unit is immune to negative effects of terrain (inheritable) Terrain Resistance+: unit also does not pay any additional movement cost when moving.
Bond Skill: "Mage Knight's Ploy" (inheritable) increases damage by 10% of units Str if unit initiates combat with a physical attack against a magic foe, and vice versa.
Mage Knight's Ploy+: increases damage by 15%
Bond Skill: "Saints Power" if unit chooses no action except wait, restores the engage meter of adjacent allies.
Engage Skill: "Sacred Power" grants a bonus to units Atk/Def/Res during combat relative to support level with adjacent allies. (max+9) [Dragon] increase range to allies within 2 spaces [Mystical] increase maximum bonus to +12
Engage Attack: "Sublime Pulse" use to freeze all opponents within two spaces for 1 turn and prevent them from initiating combat (can still counterattack) [Dragon] increase range by 1 [Qi Adept] also break closest foes
Engage Weapons:
Knight Captain's Sword: A unique sword once wielded by Byleth's father, prevents foes from moving through spaces adjacent to unit
Professorial Guide: A tome full of teaching wisdom, neutralizes weapon effectiveness against unit
Sublime Creator Sword: Identical to the original SotC only with slightly less Wt and slightly more Mt
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2023.05.31 04:30 Stojokes What if Enlightened One Byleth was an Emblem?

This is a hypothetical skillset for Emblem Byleth if they were based on their Enlightened one class. I did this for fun so the abilities may be ass or broken who knows
Byleth: Emblem of Enlightenment
Bond Skill: "Terrain Resistance" unit is immune to negative effects of terrain (inheritable) Terrain Resistance+: unit also does not pay any additional movement cost when moving.
Bond Skill: "Mage Knight's Ploy" (inheritable) increases damage by 10% of units Str if unit initiates combat with a physical attack against a magic foe, and vice versa.
Mage Knight's Ploy+: increases damage by 15%
Bond Skill: "Saints Power" if unit chooses no action except wait, restores the engage meter of adjacent allies.
Engage Skill: "Sacred Power" grants a bonus to units Atk/Def/Res during combat relative to support level with adjacent allies. (max+9) [Dragon] increase range to allies within 2 spaces [Mystical] increase maximum bonus to +12
Engage Attack: "Sublime Pulse" use to freeze all opponents within two spaces for 1 turn and prevent them from initiating combat (can still counterattack) [Dragon] increase range by 1 [Qi Adept] also break closest foes
Engage Weapons:
Knight Captain's Sword: A unique sword once wielded by Byleth's father, prevents foes from moving through spaces adjacent to unit
Professorial Guide: A tome full of teaching wisdom, neutralizes weapon effectiveness against unit
Sublime Creator Sword: Identical to the original SotC only with slightly less Wt and slightly more Mt
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2023.05.31 04:19 ShortAIStory Wings of Valor: The Axolotl's Defense

Wings of Valor: The Axolotl's Defense

Chapter 1: Shadows on the Horizon

Peace reigned over the rejuvenated Axolotl Kingdom after the triumphant events of their previous journey. Axie, Luna, and Ollie had become revered figures, celebrated for their bravery and the restoration of harmony. However, their newfound tranquility was soon disrupted by whispers that carried on the wind—an imminent threat approaching their beloved realm.
Rumors began to spread like wildfire, carried by the murmurs of creatures in the forests and the ripples in the kingdom's shimmering waters. Whispers spoke of an outside invader, a formidable force plotting to seize the kingdom's magic and subjugate its inhabitants. The trio knew they could not turn a blind eye to this peril, for they had sworn to protect their home and all those who called it their own.
With a resolute gleam in his eyes, Axie called for a gathering of the kingdom's leaders and allies. Luna's gentle light guided them to the ancient council chamber, a solemn place adorned with tapestries woven by generations past. There, amidst the aged stone walls, they awaited the council's decision.
As Axie addressed the assembly, his voice carried the weight of determination and the echo of past victories. "We have faced countless trials before and emerged victorious," he declared. "Now, we must unite once more to defend our kingdom from the looming threat that threatens our very way of life. We cannot falter, for the spirit of our realm depends on our unwavering valor."
The council, inspired by Axie's words and the trio's previous heroism, pledged their support. Warriors with hardened scales, mages versed in ancient incantations, and the wise creatures of the kingdom stepped forward, ready to stand beside Axie in the face of the encroaching darkness.
Ollie, his eyes shining with fierce determination, spoke passionately to the gathered assembly. "We are the defenders of our home, the guardians of its magic and its heart," he exclaimed. "Let us rise as one, a united force that will not yield to the impending threat. Together, we shall forge a shield of bravery and resilience."
The council deliberated, their voices hushed and serious. They weighed the gravity of the situation and contemplated the strategies that would be needed to protect their realm. After careful consideration, they reached a unanimous decision—Axie would lead the defense, Luna would serve as the guiding light in the darkest of times, and Ollie would inspire their forces with his unyielding spirit.
Armed with this mandate, Axie, Luna, Ollie, and their newfound allies set out to gather intelligence on the impending invasion. They ventured into treacherous terrains, traversing dense forests and venturing deep into hidden caves, in search of ancient beings who held fragments of knowledge about the invader's plans.
One such being was Arion, the guardian of the Celestial Waters. In the depths of the sacred pool, Arion revealed an ancient prophecy that had long been etched into the very fabric of their realm. The prophecy spoke of a time when darkness would attempt to claim the light, and only through the unity of the kingdom's defenders could the balance be restored.
With this vital information, Axie and his allies formulated a strategy. They honed their combat skills, enhanced their magic, and forged alliances with neighboring realms who shared their commitment to preserving peace and harmony.
Days turned into nights as Axie tirelessly coordinated the preparations. He consulted with seasoned tacticians, strategists, and skilled artisans to fortify the kingdom's defenses. The inhabitants of the Axolotl Kingdom rallied, contributing their skills and resources to the cause, fortifying their homes and training in combat techniques.
The atmosphere crackled with a palpable sense of anticipation and determination. The kingdom's defenders, clad in armor adorned with symbols of unity, stood tall and resolute. Each one understood the gravity of the impending battle and the importance of their role in protecting their cherished home.
As the final preparations took shape, Axie called for a gathering at the Great Amphitheater—a vast open space where the kingdom's inhabitants could gather in unity. The amphitheater was adorned with banners bearing the emblem of the Axolotl Kingdom, representing resilience and unwavering strength.
In the golden light of dawn, Axie, Luna, Ollie, and the gathered warriors, mages, and wise creatures assembled in the heart of the amphitheater. Their eyes met, a shared determination reflected in their gazes.
Axie stepped forward, his wings shimmering with a radiant glow. His voice carried a blend of solemnity and fiery determination as he addressed the multitude before him. "Today, we stand united against a force that seeks to extinguish our light," he proclaimed. "But we are the defenders of the Axolotl Kingdom, bound by our love for this land and our commitment to each other. Let this battle be a testament to our unwavering valor."
His words echoed through the hearts of every individual present, resonating with a deep sense of purpose. Luna's gentle light enveloped the amphitheater, casting a warm glow upon the gathering. Ollie's boundless spirit ignited a fire within each defender, fueling their resolve.
With a final rallying cry, Axie raised his wings high, and the defenders responded in unison, their voices carrying a chorus of determination. The kingdom's unity reverberated through the air, a tangible force that would fortify their defense and inspire them to face the impending darkness head-on.
As they dispersed to their assigned posts, a sense of anticipation filled the air. The kingdom's defenders took their positions along the borders, their eyes scanning the horizon for any sign of the approaching invader. The atmosphere crackled with tension, but also with an unwavering belief that their unity and valor would prevail.
The kingdom waited, bracing for the storm that threatened their tranquility. They knew that the battle ahead would test their mettle and resilience, but they also knew that they stood together, their hearts intertwined in a common purpose.
And so, as the sun reached its zenith and cast a warm glow over the Axolotl Kingdom, the defenders awaited the clash with unwavering determination. Their wings of valor spread wide, ready to protect their realm, their unity shining as a beacon of hope in the face of encroaching darkness.
The battle would soon begin, and the Axolotl Kingdom would stand as a testament to the indomitable spirit of those who fought to safeguard their cherished home.

Chapter 2: The Siege Begins

As the sun dipped below the horizon, the sky darkened, mirroring the trepidation that settled over the Axolotl Kingdom. The time for waiting was over—the invaders had arrived.
From the depths of the surrounding forests, a legion of shadowy figures emerged, their eyes gleaming with malice. They moved with a coordinated purpose, their every step resonating with the weight of their sinister intentions.
Axie stood at the forefront of the kingdom's defenses, his wings unfurled and his heart filled with unwavering resolve. He glanced at Luna and Ollie, their eyes meeting in a silent exchange of solidarity. They knew that their strength lay not just in their individual abilities but in the unbreakable bond they shared.
As the invaders approached, Luna's radiant light illuminated the battlefield, casting long shadows that danced with an otherworldly glow. Axie's wings glimmered, ready to take flight, while Ollie's infectious energy surged through the ranks of their allies, invigorating their spirits.
The clash began with a thunderous roar—a symphony of swords clashing, spells crackling, and the battle cries of both sides. Axie led the charge, his wings propelling him through the air with grace and precision. He engaged the enemy head-on, his strikes precise and calculated.
Luna weaved among the defenders, her light guiding their attacks and blinding the invaders, disrupting their formations. Her gentle glow provided solace to those who fought bravely, instilling in them an unyielding spirit even in the face of adversity.
Ollie bounded through the battlefield, his acrobatic leaps and bursts of energy rallying their allies. His infectious enthusiasm spread like wildfire, boosting the morale of the defenders and striking fear into the hearts of their foes.
The clash between light and darkness continued unabated, the battlefield painted with a tapestry of valor and sacrifice. The defenders fought with unwavering determination, their every action driven by an unyielding love for their kingdom and a steadfast belief in their cause.
As the battle raged on, the defenders realized that the invaders possessed an unexpected resilience. They adapted to the defenders' tactics, revealing a cunning and strategic mind behind their malevolent intentions. The defenders needed to muster all their strength and devise a new plan to turn the tide of the battle.
In the midst of the chaos, Axie called for a strategic retreat, his voice cutting through the clamor. The defenders fell back, regrouping near the kingdom's heart—the Grand Citadel. There, Axie, Luna, Ollie, and the council gathered to assess the situation and devise a new strategy.
Axie's eyes burned with determination as he addressed the council and their allies. "We must not lose hope," he declared. "The invaders are strong, but we possess something they lack—a unity that runs deep in our veins. Let us use that unity to our advantage."
Together, they devised a plan that would utilize the unique strengths of each defender. Axie would lead a strike team to flank the enemy, disrupting their formations. Luna would harness her radiant light to blind the invaders, buying crucial moments for the defenders to strike. Ollie would inspire the remaining forces, rallying their spirits and bolstering their resolve.
With renewed determination, the defenders prepared for their second assault. The air crackled with anticipation as they set out, their hearts set on turning the tide of battle in their favor. The fate of the Axolotl Kingdom hung in the balance, and they were ready to defend it with every ounce of their being.

Chapter 3: A Beacon of Unity

Under the cover of night, the defenders of the Axolotl Kingdom executed their well-planned strategy. Axie led a swift and silent strike team, their wings carrying them through the darkness with unparalleled grace. Luna's radiant light flickered like a distant star, guiding their path and illuminating the enemy's flank. Ollie, with boundless energy, bolstered the spirits of the remaining defenders, inspiring them to fight with unwavering determination.
As Axie's strike team descended upon the enemy, chaos erupted. The invaders, caught off guard by the sudden assault, faltered in their formation. With calculated precision, the defenders targeted key adversaries, disorienting and disrupting the enemy's lines.
Luna's light danced among the ranks of the invaders, blinding them and causing confusion. The enemies stumbled, their attacks faltering as they struggled to regain their focus. In the midst of the chaos, Axie's strikes were like lightning, swift and decisive, taking down foe after foe.
Back at the Grand Citadel, Ollie's rallying cry echoed through the kingdom. His spirited words reached the ears of the remaining defenders, filling them with renewed vigor and reminding them of their shared purpose. With their spirits reignited, they launched a determined counterattack.
The battlefield was transformed into a symphony of unity—a chorus of wings, spells, and clash of weapons. The defenders fought as one, their movements harmonized, their hearts beating in unison. Each individual played their part, knowing that their actions were vital to the collective effort.
The invaders, disoriented by the strike team's assault and facing the renewed strength of the defenders, began to falter. Their ranks broke, their confidence shattered. The tides of battle shifted, and hope began to swell in the hearts of the defenders.
Axie, Luna, and Ollie fought with unwavering resolve at the forefront, inspiring those around them. With each strike, they carved a path through the enemy's ranks, their unity serving as a beacon of hope amidst the chaos.
The invaders, realizing their impending defeat, attempted a desperate retreat. But the defenders pressed on, unyielding in their pursuit. With every passing moment, the enemy's forces diminished, until only a handful remained.
At the center of the battlefield, Axie faced the enemy's leader—a formidable adversary whose dark aura radiated with malevolence. The two locked eyes, the air around them crackling with tension. It was a battle of wills, a clash between opposing forces.
With a mighty surge of energy, Axie unleashed a powerful strike, his wings glimmering with an ethereal light. The enemy leader staggered, their grip on their weapon faltering. In that moment of vulnerability, Axie seized the opportunity, delivering a decisive blow.
As the enemy leader fell, defeated, a resounding cheer erupted from the defenders. The invaders, witnessing the downfall of their leader and the unyielding unity of the Axolotl Kingdom, knew their cause was lost. The remaining enemies surrendered, their weapons cast aside.
Victory belonged to the defenders. Their unity had prevailed against the forces of darkness, safeguarding their beloved kingdom. The battlefield, once littered with chaos and conflict, was now a testament to the indomitable spirit of the Axolotl Kingdom.
Amidst the jubilation, Axie, Luna, and Ollie stood together, their eyes reflecting the triumph and the arduous journey that led them here. They embraced, their bond stronger than ever, their unity unbreakable.
As word of the victory spread throughout the kingdom, the inhabitants rejoiced. The story of their brave defenders would echo through the generations, a reminder of the power of unity, courage, and unwavering determination.
But even in their triumph, the defenders understood that their work was not yet complete. They would rebuild what was broken, heal what was wounded, and fortify their defenses for any future challenges that may arise.
With their unity as their shield and their valor as their weapon, they would continue to protect their cherished realm, standing as a beacon of hope against the darkness that sought to engulf their world.

Chapter 4: A Kingdom Reborn

The victory resonated through the air, filling the Axolotl Kingdom with a renewed sense of hope and pride. The invaders had been defeated, their dark intentions thwarted by the unwavering unity and valor of the kingdom's defenders. But the battle had taken its toll, leaving scars on the land and the hearts of its inhabitants.
Axie, Luna, and Ollie stood amidst the aftermath, their eyes surveying the war-torn landscape. They could see the remnants of the battle—the charred remains of trees, the craters in the ground, and the wounded creatures seeking solace and healing.
Their hearts swelled with a mixture of joy for the victory and determination to restore their kingdom to its former glory. They knew that rebuilding would require more than physical repairs—it would require the mending of spirits and the nurturing of unity.
With the council's guidance, they devised a plan to heal the wounds of their land and its inhabitants. Teams of healers and artisans were formed, their focus on restoring the kingdom's natural beauty and providing solace to those affected by the conflict.
Axie, Luna, and Ollie, together with their allies, led the efforts. They worked side by side with the healers, mending broken wings, tending to wounded souls, and instilling a sense of hope in the hearts of those who had suffered.
Slowly, life returned to the Axolotl Kingdom. The once-charred forests began to flourish again, with vibrant blossoms and the gentle rustle of leaves in the wind. The injured creatures found solace and support, their spirits uplifted by the unity and care provided by their fellow inhabitants.
In the heart of the kingdom, where the Great Citadel stood, the council gathered once more. Axie, Luna, and Ollie addressed the council, their voices filled with gratitude and determination.
"We have triumphed against the darkness, but our work is not yet done," Axie spoke, his wings shimmering with a renewed sense of purpose. "We must ensure that the wounds inflicted upon our kingdom serve as a reminder of the strength we possess and the unity that binds us."
Luna's radiant light enveloped the chamber, casting a warm glow upon those gathered. "Let us foster a spirit of compassion and empathy," she said. "Together, we can create a sanctuary where every creature feels valued and supported."
Ollie, his boundless energy infusing the room, added, "We will cultivate a culture of unity and resilience, where each voice is heard and every contribution matters. Our kingdom will stand as a testament to the power of togetherness."
With unanimous agreement, the council set forth a series of initiatives to rebuild the kingdom's infrastructure, enhance education, and promote the arts. They encouraged gatherings and festivals that celebrated the diversity of the Axolotl Kingdom, fostering a sense of belonging and harmony.
As the days turned into weeks and the weeks into months, the Axolotl Kingdom blossomed anew. The wounds of the battle were not forgotten, but they became a source of strength and inspiration, a reminder of the resilience and unity that had carried them through the darkest of times.
Axie, Luna, and Ollie continued to serve as beacons of hope, guiding their fellow inhabitants and sharing the lessons they had learned. They mentored the younger generations, instilling in them the values of courage, compassion, and unity.
Word of the Axolotl Kingdom's rebirth spread throughout the realm, inspiring neighboring kingdoms to follow suit. The unity displayed by the Axolotl Kingdom became a model for others, a testament to the transformative power of collective action.
As time passed, the scars of the battle faded, replaced by a renewed sense of purpose and resilience. The kingdom thrived, its inhabitants living in harmony, and its legacy of unity standing as a testament to the triumph of light over darkness.
And so, the Axolotl Kingdom stood as a shining example, forever guarded by the wings of valor and the unbreakable spirit of its defenders. It would serve as a reminder to all who encountered it that, in unity, there was strength, and in valor, there was the power to overcome any challenge.
As the sun set over the rejuvenated Axolotl Kingdom, Axie, Luna, and Ollie stood together, their hearts filled with pride and gratitude. They knew that their journey was not over, for their commitment to unity and the protection of their realm would endure for generations to come.
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2023.05.31 04:17 el_87 LDL advice

Hey all, I'd love some advice from you all.
There is some amount of heart disease in my family though unclear if genetic or just the generation of my great grandparents/uncles taking terrible care of themselves (smoking, drinking, red meat all the time etc). Overall I do worry about heart disease just since it's so common.
Last year, my LDL was a little high (136 mg/dL) as well as Apo B (91) and so I decided to make some light changes. Namely I almost fully cut out full fat milk (now almond milk, fat-free instead of whole fat greek yogurt), very little cheese, started cooking with avocado oil instead of butter, started eating oatmeal regularly, started eating more fruit (for fiber). Unfortunately my LDL only increased which is the exact opposite of what I want. My doctor thinks it's just genetic and given my age would recommend lifestyle changes instead of statins. A couple of questions:
1) What on earth should I change diet-wise? I eat maybe ~6 eggs per week and I'm reluctant to drop those given the importance of choline.
2) What's the best way to test changes I make? Like, how often is it worth re-testing? Also are people having their doctor reorder all the tests (wonder if mine would be down for that) or are they getting them from a third party just paying out of pocket (I imagine insurance isn't going to cover a bunch of them anyways)?
Me: 36 years old. 5'9" 165lbs. Lifting and running a few times per week. Lifelong fitness hobbyist in good shape (for example overnight resting heart rate is around 42 bpm).
Total Cholesterol: 213 mg/dL
HDL: 61 mg/DL
LDL Calculated: 136 mg/dL
Triglycerides: 64 mg/dL

Total Cholesterol: 205 mg/dL
HDL: 66 mg/DL
LDL Calculated: 127 mg/dL
Triglycerides: 58 mg/dL
Apo B: 91 mg/Dl -> I asked my old doctor for this and Lp(a) specifically so he added them
Lipoprotein (a): < 6 mg/dL

Total Cholesterol: 206 mg/dL
HDL: 69 mg/DL
LDL Calculated: 123 mg/dL
Triglycerides: 72 mg/dL
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My preferred brands of Vitamin D3 supplements are Sports Research and Viva Naturals. I no longer buy any other brands. Here are my reasons for preferring Sports Research and Viva Naturals:
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Starting my B.Ed studies this fall, but I can only do 3 classes per semester due to affordability for my first year. In my spare time I want to get a part time job to bring costs down. Any ideas?
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