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Daemon on the Small Council; his qualities as an Administrator

2023.04.19 05:25 BurnedBadger Daemon on the Small Council; his qualities as an Administrator

One of the things that is pointed as a significant flaw towards Daemon's character, especially by those who lean more towards the Greens, is his supposed terrible qualities as an administrator. It's especially hammered when it is used to justify why Rhaenyra should have been named heir over Daemon in his supposed terrible qualities that'd make him an ineffictive ruler over a government.
In the books, little detail is given as to why Daemon is removed from the positions as Master of Law and Master of Coin, other than that he grew 'bored' of governance, but being bored of governance is not the same thing as being bad at it; one could be great in a skillset, dutiful in performing them when needed, but be bored when performing it. We have other examples of characters who many fans agree would be good kings who clearly aren't happy at all with the position such as Stannis Baratheon, so someone not liking the aspects of a job doesn't mean they would necessarily be bad at it.
We're given no specific wrongdoings in the book that Daemon did, and are only informed of Otto's opinion by implication with the line "It was Ser Otto who convinced Viserys to remove Prince Daemon as master of coin, and then as master of laws, actions the Hand soon came to regret." We then get a more clear line of Otto's opinion from his own hand, with Otto writing "On no account can Prince Daemon be allowed to ascend to the Iron Throne... He would be a second Maegor the Cruel, or worse.". Of course, this demonstrates Otto clearly was against Daemon's politics, character, and management, but this is insufficient to demonstrate that Daemon is incompetent and terrible in governance, only that Otto himself believes Daemon is so.
The show gives us a bit more, however. In the first episode, Otto tries to persuade Viserys to name Rhaenyra as heir and Viserys quotes Otto's opinion on Daemon as an administrator on the Council in prior years. There are two things in particular we should note on what Otto thought of Daemon:
Let's first tackle his role as Master of Coin. As Master of Coin, the responsibility would be two main aspects: ensuring the incomes of the crown from taxation, profits, and loans, and managing the expenses of the crown in all matters. Otto never mentions anything about Daemon failing in the first aspect, that Daemon failed in securing the incomes to the crown, which makes sense. Who in their right mind would fail to pay their taxes to a tax man with a dragon?
It's particularly the second aspect that Otto thinks Daemon fails in, that he is a spendthrift and thus spends too much money. This is odd though, not because I don't think Daemon couldn't overspend their money in a general sense, but I don't see how he could do more than they already were.
Here's a description of Visery's reign in the book:
Viserys I Targaryen had a generous, amiable nature, and was well loved by his lords and smallfolk alike. The reign of the Young King, as the commons called him upon his ascent, was peaceful and prosperous. His Grace’s open-handedness was legendary, and the Red Keep became a place of song and splendor. King Viserys and Queen Aemma hosted many a feast and tourney, and lavished gold, offices, and honors on their favorites.
Viserys himself is an immense spendthrift in the books, and we can see in the show that he carries this same behavior with the tourneys, grand events, and splendor presented in his reign. Viserys was already spending large amounts of money on frivolous events that don't inherently benefit the realm, but rather enrich the high lords or politically connected, or simply bring pleasure without any real economic output. Further, it'd be strange for Otto to use as criticism towards Daemon in regards to such actions while then doing nothing as Hand to curtail Visery's same such behavior. So, it's not these kinds of things that Daemon was spending so much money on.
What more could Daemon have been doing? Daemon is never presented as the type to splurge excessively on tourneys, feasts, and presenting prestigious positions to those he favored, and if he was it's strange the text and show both fail to mention this. If Daemon was misusing the crown's funds for excessive personal pleasures, say on banging whores and going out drinking, partying, etc, I don't see how that would be of such a significant issue that the problem would be the money rather than the purposes themselves; even if Daemon was going for a world record in amount of sex in a year with as many prostitutes as he could and spending enough on drinks to actually kill people, there's simply no reasonable means by which the amount of money spent would put such a significant dent in the treasury and not also mention such a horrendous character trait. Even Robert Baratheon, a blatantly incompetent spendthrift, couldn't achieve such heights, as much of the debt of the crown in the current novels is because of Littlefinger's scheming and money laundering.
So, again, what could Daemon have been doing with the treasury that was seen as so terrible by Otto? Well, we have one hint as to what Daemon may have been doing from the book:
Prince Daemon took eagerly to the work of the gold cloaks, and oft prowled the alleys of King’s Landing with his men. That he made the city more orderly no man could doubt, but his discipline was a brutal one. He delighted in cutting off the hands of pickpockets, gelding rapists, and slitting the noses of thieves, and slew three men in street brawls during his first year as commander. Before long, the prince was well-known in all the low places of King’s Landing. He became a familiar sight in wine sinks (where he drank for free) and gambling pits (where he always left with more coin than when he entered).
We've seen how the smallfolk react towards those in power in regards to things they are in charge of; with blame. Tyrion is given a lot more blame over the financial and economic situation in King's Landing over Cersei and Joffrey in spite of him doing what he thinks is necessary. However, the opposite must also hold. Now, it's possible that either Daemon is such an amazing and stellar officer of justice that the people simply loved him for it or he was such a corrupt one that no one dared risk his ire and thus gave him free drinks and coin. However, the first would put that at odds with the idea that Daemon is incompetent anyway, and the second would be odd as why not mention his terrible treatment of the smallfolk? The book is always using the supposed opinions of the smallfolk, of who they loved or hated. So, why not do the same here? Why the absence of any such mention of mistreatment towards the smallfolk if it occurred?
We can note in the show when Daemon is at the small council, he argues for his extreme actions with the Gold Cloaks by citing the smallfolk and their safety and wellbeing, while criticizing the high lords there for ignoring such issues while safe in the Red Keep. Daemon clearly has concerns for the smallfolk of Westeros (or at least of King's Landing). If I had to hypothesize what Daemon 'did wrong', it was curtailing the spending from lavish actions like tourneys and feasts and other corruptions and instead towards actually helping the smallfolk, an action Otto must not have approved of.
Let's turn to as well Daemon's role as Master of Laws. The Master of Laws appears to be responsible for a number of things, primarily
Of these, the ones in which Daemon could possibly have presented as a tyrant really is the first one. The second one is mainly handling paperwork and legal proceedings which isn't something one can really be tyrannical in (except the bills of attainder, but it is odd then to not mention Daemon going after loads of innocent people. We can note that Otto makes no attempt to claim Daemon was killing innocent people in the show in Episode 1, and conceded Daemon was killing criminals without even Daemon there to press him if he said otherwise), and while someone could be tyrannical in managing a dungeon it'd be odd for that to be Otto's main concern, and lastly Daemon being tyrannical to judicial officers under his command would be a strange assertion considering he was supposedly bored of governance; is he doing his duties barely and poorly, or is he doing far too much and excessively?
So, Daemon's position as Master of Laws as a supposed tyrant must coincide with his advice to Viserys, on his politics. So... what was Daemon suggesting? To analyze this, let's consider other Targaryens who were considered tyrannical. We have a few obvious ones, that being Maegor, Aegon IV, and Aerys II. However, if Daemon was suggesting tyrannical things like what Maegor did... why? Viserys' reign was peaceful, with nothing mentioned of such extreme severity imperiling it during the time Daemon was at court. Who exactly would Daemon be wanting to harm in such a way that Otto disapproved? As for Aegon IV's tyrannical behavior, the image of Daemon was either himself acting like or suggesting Viserys act like a total lazy drunken hedonist is hilarious but also out of character; Daemon was clearly extremely active in his functions as head of the Gold Cloaks, efficient with high work ethic, so the idea that he was anything like Aegon IV is kind of absurd. Lastly, there's no suggestion that Daemon was paranoid nor insane.
Let's examine then another Targaryen who was called a tyrant: Aegon V. He was described as "A bloody-handed tyrant intent on depriving us of our gods-given rights and liberties.", a comment on his reforms in the law. Due to Aegon's upbringing squiring for Dunk, he came to understand a lot of the troubles and concerns of the smallfolk, and empathetic for their plights he instituted reforms to grant the smallfolk rights and protections, an action that earned him the ire of many lords. Notably mentioned on the wiki, "Lacking the dragons controlled by early Targaryen kings, Aegon reluctantly compromised with the recalcitrant lords on several issues.".
I therefore propose that Daemon's tyranny wasn't actions we would find genuinely terrible, but rather reforms meant to aid the smallfolk. We can see the similarity here, with lords calling Aegon V a tyrant for such reforms and changes in the law and Otto calling Daemon a tyrant for his unknown actions as Master of Laws.
In short, I think the argument that Daemon was terrible at governance is off base and far less supported by both the text and the show. The evidence as presented leans more towards Otto's dislike of Daemon on the Small Council not coming from genuine incompetence but from serious political disagreement on which we would far more side with Daemon than on Otto.
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2023.03.07 22:04 Nitsuuhan Problem with dragon forge

Hey there
I wanted dragonsteel stuff so I updated the Iceandfire mod, but it seems like the dragon forge isn't working. I've set up the forge just as explained on the wiki page, built it out of fire dragon scales, with the core and the aperture also being out of fire dragon materials, with a fire dragon breathing into it, as well as iron and fire dragon blood into the forge.
I've looked up this issue and it seems to happen quite often, just no answer given. Yeah so I just need some advice on what to do to fix
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2023.01.18 02:47 gurlboss1000 Three-Eyed Crow (question)

Is Brynden “Bloodraven” Rivers the Three eyed crow? It appears in the asoif wikipage that “Bran discovers Brynden is still alive as the Three-Eyed Crow…” However, the fandom page says the three-eye crow is >1000 years old in age. I’m not very versed in this GOT knowledge, but is the TEC an entity that possesses and reincarnates or is the ASOIF page wrong? Or am I getting them mixed up? OR am I just over thinking everything.
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2022.08.29 18:55 Samuele1997 What if in Game of Thrones/A Song of Ice and Fire Daenerys was the older sister of Viserys?

I was personally thinking of something like this, all the events prior to the books/show went exactly the same way with Raeghar "kidnapping" Lyanna Stark, Robert Baratheon starting his rebellion that ended with Jamie killing Aerys II Targaryen, Robert killing Rhaegar and both Daenerys and Viserys escaping into the Free Cities, the main difference is that during all of these events Daenerys was more or less 15 years old while Viserys was no older than 5 years old.
After their escape Daenerys was the one who took care of Viserys for more than 10 years while they wandered into the Free Cities, because of their circumstances Daenerys was even forced to work as a prostitute to provide for both of them. During the events of the books/show Daenerys willingly gave herself to Khal Drogo as her bride so that she could have a powerful army for taking back the Iron Throne, so rather than being raped Daenerys essentially sold herself to Khal Drogo in the same way she did when she was a prostitute. Meanwhile under Daenerys request Viserys was taken under the wing of Drogo who trained him as a Dothraki's warrior. The rest of the story would go more or less in the same way except that Daenerys' journey to go to Westeros and take the Iron Throne is done with Viserys on her side.
Now because these changes i was thinking that their personalities would change as well, Daenerys would remain the same for the most part except the fact that she's much wiser and more pragmatic. She deeply loved her brother being very protective towards him, especially due to the fact that he's the only person she has left of her family, there are moments in which she could be quite strict and authoritarian to him but it's always clear that she cares about him. During her childhood Daenerys has been abused both physically and emotionally by her father with only her brother Rhaegar as her only defense, not to mention she also witnessed first hand her father's rapes towards her mother, as such Daenerys was very close to both Raeghar and to her mother while on the other hand she deeply hated her father, one time she even tried to stab him to death on his sleep only to be stopped by Raeghar, as such she also tried to raise Viserys to be a better person than her father.
As for Viserys i was thinking that because of his upbringing he would have a totally different personality, he's very attached to Daenerys being the only mother figure he had in his life, deep down though he also has an inferiority complex towards her because he's afraid to be completely codependent from her and that without her he has nowhere to go. At the beginning of the story he was quite similar to his counterpart from the actual books/show except that he was not a total asshole but simply a rebellious teenager, he went against his sister both for his desire of independence and also because he felt betrayed by her for her decision to sell himself to Khal Drogo for an army, something that truly disgust him because of her past as a prostitute. Overtime though Viserys matured a lot becoming a much better person, he even learned to find a balance between being loyal to his sister while also being able to speak his mind when needed. He also became more skilled as a warrior thanks of the training he received first from Khal Drogo and later from other mentors like Daario Naharis and the Stormcrows, in other words he became a true badass.
So what do you think of these changes? Do they make sense in the constest of Game of Thrones? Otherwise how do you think the story would change if Daenerys and Viserys ages were switched?
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2022.05.25 22:27 CoolMurilinBoy Complemento "Ice and Fire: Dragons"

Então vamos lá... Ice and Fire: Dragons
Primeiramente, parabenizo o mod; com certeza foi o melhor mod de exploração que já joguei. Posso dizer sem relutância que daria 10 de avaliação.
Recentemente embarquei nesta aventura com meu amigo e realmente consegui sentir uma "emoção diferente" (por assim dizer) jogando: o medo de encontrar um Dragão quando por hora incapaz de enfrentá-lo, ou de ser atormentado por Serpentes Marinhas enquanto cruzava perigosos mares; foi uma jornada épica, díficil e desafiadora com objetivo de atingir o ápice: os Itens Dracônicos.
Sem mais delongas: "Ice and Fire: Dragons" Parte 1: Adições, Sugestões e Incoerências


  • A maioria dos itens de cobre não compensam sua fabricação pois, além de requisitarem o material, possuem uma eficiência mais lenta do que quando se quebra com a mão em si.
  • A receita de fabricação da Poção de respiração aquática com as Escamas brilhantes não pode ser fabricada, afinal, ela requisita a Poção não fabricável que, como diz seu próprio nome, não pode ser fabricada (apenas obtida por comando). Assim, no caso, este item será substituído por uma Poção estranha (fabricada com Fungo do Nether). Caso usemos Frascos de água e pulemos a etapa dos Fungos do Nether, a poção ainda pode ser fabricada.
  • Não faz sentido dragões nível 5 serem guardados no Chifre de dragão. A partir do nível 3, não se pode "transportar Dragões pelo chifre", é necessário o uso do Cristal de invocação.
  • Não sei se é um bug, mas: o Arco de ossos de Dragão não perde durabilidade de modo regular igual a todos as outras ferramentas ou armas; é como se ele viesse com Durabilidade) por natureza, tornando-o muito mais resistente.
  • Ao passar correndo pelos Espigões de gelo, o jogador é, por algum motivo, ricocheteado.
  • O Bestiário, em Português BR, fica com pontos de interrogação (?) no lugar de letras com acentos gráficos.
  • Dragões domesticados, quando ligados ao Cristal de invocação de seu elemento, não podem ser invocados em outras dimensões.


O mod Ice and Fire é um mod que é muito rico em variabilidade de itens, blocos e entidades, entretanto, esta excessividade causa superlotação de itens e deixa o mod mais pesado. Tentarei remover o que não é tão importante, mas de modo a manter a essência do incrível mod.
  1. Ovo podre
  2. Terra congelada*
  3. Bloco de grama congelado
  4. Pedra congelada
  5. Pedregulho congelado
  6. Cascalho congelado
  7. Caminho de grama congelado
  8. Terra rachada
  9. Bloco de grama rachada
  10. Pedra rachada
  11. Pedregulho rachado
  12. Cascalho rachado
  13. Caminho de grama rachado
  14. Bloco de grama carbonizado
  15. Cascalho carbonizado
  16. Caminho de grama carbonizado
  17. Bestiário (completo)**
  18. Terra do cemitério***
  19. Ovo de dragão de gelo congelado****
  20. Ovo de hipogrifo (preto)
  21. Ovo de hipogrifo (marrom)
  22. Ovo de hipogrifo (cinza)
  23. Ovo de hipogrifo (castanho)
  24. Ovo de hipogrifo (cor de pele)
  25. Ovo de hipogrifo (marrom escuro)
  26. Ovo de hipogrifo (branco)
  27. Ovo de hipogrifo (Raptorfarian)
  28. Ovo de hipogrifo (AlexThe666)
  29. Ovo de hipogrifo (dodô)*****
  30. [Interior Podre] (conquista)
* Os rastros de Dragões agora são compostos principalmente por:
Elemento Fogo Gelo Elétricos
Material Terra carbonizada; Pedra carbonizada; Cinzas Estilhaços de gelo; Espigões de gelo Terra carbonizada; Pedra carbonizada; Cinzas
** O Bestiário (completo) foi removido do HUD do modo criativo. Pode-se ser obtido pelo comando: /give (nome de jogador) iceandfire:complete_bestiary
*** A Terra do cemitério — que gera Fantasmas e compõe a estrutura do Cemitério, respectivamente — é substituída pela Areia das almas.
****O bloco Ovo de dragão de gelo congelado deixará de existir, ao tentar obter o bloco pela tecla-chave de copiar blocos, obter-se-á Gelo.
*****Os Ovos de hipogrifo serão reduzidos à um único item no HUD criativo. Quando chocados, podem ser de quaisquer cores.


1. Renomeação

Todos os itens do mod que possuem mais de um substantivo, possuem seu segundo nome, também, com letra maiúscula; mas todos os itens do Minecraft Vanilla não são assim, ele seguem um padrão:
1° Substantivo (letra maiúscula) + Preposição/Conjunção + 2° Substantivo (letra minúscula); isso considerando o idioma deste post: Português BR.
Dito isso, todos os segundos substantivos estarão em letra minúscula. Bem, agora vamos à renomeação específica:
  1. Cristal para invocar dragão de fogo => Cristal de invocação congelado
  2. Cristal para invocar dragão de gelo => Cristal de invocação flamejante
  3. Cristal para invocar dragão elétrico => Cristal de invocação elétrico
  4. Sangue de dragão de fogo => Frasco com sangue de dragão de fogo
  5. Sangue de dragão de gelo => Frasco com sangue de dragão de gelo
  6. Sangue de dragão elétrico => Frasco com sangue de dragão elétrico
  7. Osso queimado => Osso de wither
  8. Presa da hidra => Presa de hidra*
*A preposição de + a, artigo, concede determinada importância, dando a entender que existe apenas uma Hidra, o que não é bem o que acontece; portanto a remoção do artigo feminino.


Os itens, dependendo do que for, aparece como Arma lendária ou Arma cômica como classificação; não acho que este sistema de classificações se encaixe nos padrões do Minecraft Vanilla, mas lembrando, é só uma sugestão, nada que caso discorde, deva ser levado em consideração.
Para melhorar isso, cores deveriam ser atribuídas para cada item, indicando sua raridade e, por sua vez, classificação. Os itens Arma lendária entrariam na classificação laranja*.
*A classificação de cor laranja foi atribuída apenas ao Estandarte sinistro — item pertencente aos Saqueadores.

2. Adição de receitas

Poção de veneno

Com uma Presa de hidra, um Pó de blaze e uma Poção estranha, pode-se fabricar uma poção de veneno de potência III (3). A poção de alta potência não pode ter seu tempo de duração amplificado; seu padrão é de 0:45s.Não pude representar a receita pois não é permitido colocar itens variados no Suporte de poções.

"Alquimia com sangue"

Para, agora, aprimorar um item feito de Osso de dragão, deve-se, utilizar a Bancada de ferraria. Desta forma:

Areia das almas

A mesma receita para antes fabricar Terra de cemitério, é utilizada para produzir Areia das almas:

3. Mudanças de receitas


O Bestiário não pode mais ser fabricado com apenas 3 Manuscritos, agora necessita-se também 1 Couro:

Ninho de dragão

Ao invés de fabricado com 8 Fardos de feno e 1 Osso de dragão, usa-se 8 Trigos e permanece o osso:

Poção de respiração aquática (pela receita do mod)

Ao invés da Poção não fabricável (ou qualquer Frasco com água), usam-se Poções estranhas:


Ao invés de 1 Pó de fada requisitado para fabricar Ambrósia (refeição divina destinada aos deuses); requisita-se 5:
Quintuplicar a quantidade de Pós de fada necessários logicamente deixará a receita 5 vezes mais difícil, porém, a quantidade de dropes das Fadas aumentarão: 1 - 3.

4. Cannoli

O Cannoli — refeição de maior saturação e alimentação do mod — possui um modo de encontrá-lo desconhecido; após pesquisar bastante na internet, vi que há boatos do item apenas poder ser encontrado em ninhos de Dragões elétricos, mas não há certeza. Minha proposta é que o item esteja disponível no Bestiário; mais especificamente na aba de Dragões elétricos, e que assim as questões possam ser esclarecidas sobre.

5. Dragões domesticados

Dragões domesticados podem apenas serem guardados no Chifre de dragão até o Estágio 2, depois disso podem ser convocados com Cristal de invocação.

6. Esqueletos wither

Os itens dropados de um Esqueleto wither serão alterados:
Antes Osso e Carvão Crânio de esqueleto wither [2,5%] e Espada de pedra [8,5%]
Depois Osso de wither Crânio de esqueleto wither [2,5%] e Espada de pedra [8,5%]

7. Cemitérios

Os Cemitérios possuem uma chance de virem acompanhados de um Baú enterrado em algumas covas:
*Representação de itens do baú enterrado

Dados das armaduras

Eu acho as armaduras do mod muito bem pensadas, entretanto, algumas armaduras pecaram em proteção e em durabilidade, mantendo uma "durabilidade simétrica" que varia de 5 em 5.
Não gosto de durabilidades regulares, calculo novas durabilidades próximas as tais de acordo com as atuais do jogo Vanilla, usando-as como base.


Disfarçe de ovelha Pontos de armadura Resistência de armadura Resistência à repulsão Durabilidade
Helmo +1 - - 55
Peitoral +2 - - 80
Calças +3 - - 75
Botas +1 - - 65
Helmo +2 - - 165
Peitoral +5 - - 240
Calças +4 - - 225
Botas +1 - - 195
Helmo +2 - - 110
Peitoral +4 - - 160
Calças +3 - - 150
Botas +1 - - 130
Couro do Trol (todas as variantes)
Helmo +3 +1 - 220
Peitoral +7 +1 - 320
Calças +5 +1 - 300
Botas +2 +1 - 260
Minhoca mortífera (todas as variantes)
Helmo +3 +1.5 - 165
Peitoral +7 +1.5 - 240
Calças +5 +1.5 - 225
Botas +2 +1.5 - 195
Myrmex (ambas as variantes)
Helmo +4 - - 220
Peitoral +8 - - 320
Calças +5 - - 300
Botas +3 - - 260
Guardião da Maré (todas as variantes)
Helmo +4 +2.5 - 330
Peitoral +7 +2.5 - 480
Calças +8 +2.5 - 450
Botas +4 +2.5 - 390
Escamas de Dragão (todas as variantes)
Helmo +5 +2 - 396
Peitoral +9 +2 - 576
Calças +7 +2 - 540
Botas +5 +2 - 468
Aço dracônico (todas as variantes)
Helmo +7 +6 - 1760
Peitoral +12 +6 - 2560
Calças +9 +6 - 2400
Botas +6 +6 - 2080


Disfarçe de ovelha Pontos de armadura Resistência de armadura Resistência à repulsão Durabilidade
Helmo +1 - - 55
Peitoral +3 - - 80
Calças +2 - - 75
Botas +1 - - 65
Couro do Trol (todas as variantes)
Helmo +3 - - 77
Peitoral +5 - - 112
Calças +4 - - 105
Botas +3 - - 91
Helmo +2 - - 88
Peitoral +5 - - 128
Calças +4 - - 120
Botas +2 - - 104
Helmo +2 - - 154
Peitoral +6 - - 224
Calças +5 - - 210
Botas +2 - - 182
Minhoca mortífera (todas as variantes)
Helmo +3 +1 - 291
Peitoral +7 +1 - 423
Calças +6 +1 - 396
Botas +3 +1 - 344
Myrmex (ambas as variantes)
Helmo +3 +1.5 +1 255
Peitoral +8 +1.5 +1 370
Calças +6 +1.5 +1 347
Botas +3 +1.5 +1 301
Guardião da Maré (todas as variantes)
Helmo +4 +2 +1 471
Peitoral +9 +2 +1 686
Calças +7 +2 +1 643
Botas +4 +2 +1 557
Escamas de Dragão (todas as variantes)
Helmo +4 +2 +1 471
Peitoral +9 +2 +1 686
Calças +7 +2 +1 643
Botas +4 +2 +1 557
Aço dracônico (todas as variantes)
Helmo +9 +10 +3 2035
Peitoral +12 +10 +3 2960
Calças +10 +10 +3 2775
Botas +9 +10 +3 2405

Dados das ferramentas

Embora os danos das ferramentas e durabilidades sejam benfeitos, acho que algumas coisas possam ser alteradas.


Cobre Dano por golpe Velocidade de ataque Durabilidade
Espada 4 1.6 300
2.5 1 300
Picareta 2 1.2 300
Machado 6 1 300
Enxada -1 1 300
Espada 5 1.6 460
3.5 1 460
Picareta 3 1.2 460
Machado 7 1 460
Enxada 0 1 460
Myrmex (ambas as variantes)
Espada 5 1.6 600
3.5 1 600
Picareta 3 1.2 600
Machado 9 1 600
Enxada -1 1 600
Ossos de dragão
Espada 8 1.6 1660
6.5 1 1660
Picareta 6 1.2 1660
Machado 10 1 1660
Enxada 1 1 1660
Arco Variável Variável 584
Aço dracônico (todas as variantes)
Espada 25 1.6 8000
26.5 1 8000
Picareta 26 1.2 8000
Machado 30 1 8000
Enxada 2 1 8000


Cobre Dano por golpe Velocidade de ataque Durabilidade
Espada 5.5 1.6 170
4 1 170
Picareta 3.5 1.2 170
Machado 9 1 170
Enxada 1 2 170
Espada 6 1.6 213
4.5 1 213
Picareta 4 1.2 213
Machado 9 1 213
Enxada 1 3 213
Myrmex (ambas as variantes)
Espada 7 1.6 1483
5.5 1 1483
Picareta 5 1.2 1483
Machado 9 1 1483
Enxada 1 4 1483
Ossos de dragão
Espada 8 1.6 1366
6.5 1 1366
Picareta 6 1.2 1366
Machado 10 1 1366
Enxada 1 4 1366
Arco Variável Variável 806
Aço dracônico (todas as variantes)
Espada 25 1.6 5118
23.5 1 5118
Picareta 23 1.2 5118
Machado 30 1.1 5118
Enxada 1 5 5118

— Asdauhsdfgydvhabusbuvcausbhbvjasjdaknakns, amém! Não vos esqueçais de acompanhar à 2° parte. Espero-vos lá!
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2021.05.23 23:16 ColorMeGrey Dozens of ghosts in nether gib me immediately upon entry?

Decided to go to the nether today and went from 25 hearts and full diamond armor to dead inside of 3 seconds. There were several dozen Ice and Fire ghost mobs surrounding my portal. The little glimpse I saw of the mob on waila showed 1500 hearts of health each. Is this a bug? Just a super unlucky nether portal spawn?
Update: managed to hit one before I died once, they do in fact have 1500 hearts of health.
Update 2: Used /kill to clear them out but this seems to be a valid spawn location for them, and good god do they spawn.
Update 3: Biome I spawned in was a soul sand valley, which it seems is whitelisted as a 'graveyard biome' in the iceandfire-biomes.toml config file. Tried removing these entries but the ghosts still spawn.
Final Update!: Apparently this and other issues were caused by a faulty config that had nothing to do with Ice and Fire. Github thread has a config file for byg that you can replace to correct if this happens to you.
submitted by ColorMeGrey to allthemods [link] [comments]

2020.03.28 17:28 zionius_ (Spoilers Extended) Homages in ASOIAF

(Spoilers Extended) Homages in ASOIAF
There're already many nice summaries of the Easter eggs in the books over the years. See 1 and 2 for examples. This post aims at being the most complete summary so far. Please comment if I missed anything. (I'd only include undeniable homages, likely references which might be pure coincidence and inspirations are usually not included.)


  • Thomas B. Costain
GRRM's favorite author in historical fiction and popular history, whose The Pageant of England is GRRM's main source for the War of Roses.
House Costayne refers to him, whose sigil is quartered silver chalice and black rose, a reference to Costain's novels The Black Rose and The Silver Chalice. The memmber of House Costayne includes Tom Costayne, which refers to Thomas.
  • Jack Vance
Whenever asked his favorite author, GRRM will reply "Jack Vance, Jack Vance and Jack Vance". Therefore nods to him is everywhere. Two House Vances located in Wayfarer's Rest and Atranta, refer to Liane the Wayfarer and a land in Vance's Bad Ronald. Their sigils refer to The Dragon Masters, The Eyes of the Overworld and The Last Castle.
Lord Vance of Wayfarer's Rest has three children: Liane, Rhialta and Emphyria, refer to charaters in Liane the Wayfarer, Rhialto the Marvellous and Emphyrio. Lord Vance of Atranta has five children: Ronald the Bad, Hugo, Ellery, Kirth and Jon, refer to Bad Ronald, Vance's Hugo awards, Vance's pen name Ellery Queen, and the protagonist of Demon Princes.
Off to Gulltown to see the fair maid, heigh-ho, heigh-ho refers to Ho! and off to Thamber Meadow to see the beautiful golden witch in Liane the Wayfarer.
  • Robert Jordan
House Jordayne of Tor refers to him, whose sigil (quill) and words (Let it be written) refer to an author. Its lord Trebor is a reverse of Robert. Its castle Tor refers to Robert Jordan's publisher, where his wife worked as his editor.
"Archmaester Rigney once wrote that history is a wheel, for the nature of man is fundamentally unchanging. What has happened before will perforce happen again" refers to Wheel of Time. Robert Jordan's real name is James Rigney.
Lord Jordayne's identity was officially revealed in a fanfiction by GRRM in 2010:
"I knew your Creator," the dwarf broke in. "Lord Jordayne, he was called here." He took a sip of wine and smiled sadly. "A good fellow, warm-hearted and generous, with a rare fine humor. He lived down south, at the Tor, and was famous for his hospitality. Lord Jordayne has been much missed by all who knew him. The tales he told will be fondly remembered by all those who heard them. But he did not create Westeros, my lady, no more than Lord Costayne or Lord Vance or Lord Peake. We have our own Creator here... a crueler one than yours, I fear. In his domain the only pattern is the one men make themselves, There are no ta'veren. No man is ever safe."
  • Tad Williams
House Willum refers to him, whose sigil refers to Memory, Sorrow, and Thorn. The brothers Josua & Elyas Willum are also from the novel.
  • Roger Zelazny
House Rogers of Amberly refers to him and The Chronicles of Amber. Lord of Light and the Patternmaker's Maze in Braavos also refers to Zelazny.
  • Mervyn Peake
House Peake of Starpike refers to him and Steerpike in Gormenghast.
Members of House Peake inlude Titus, Gormon, Yrma and Barquen, which refer to Titus Groan, Gormenghast, Irma Prunesquallor, Barquentine in Gormenghast. There is also a Mervyn Flowers in the House, why would he be a bastard? Well, it would be too explicit if he's trueborn :P
  • JRRT
Samwell is clear. Rosey, the serving wench in Quill and Tankard refers to Rosie, the waitress in Green Dragon, who became Samwise's wife. So you know why Rosey's maidenhead worths a golden dragon. And wait to see when Sam meet her :)
"The eyes were where a dragon was most vulnerable. The eyes, and the brain behind them. Not the underbelly, as certain old tales would have it." (ADWD Tyrion XI) refers to Smaug.
Hodor tossed the slate over the edge. "You shouldn't have done that. You don't know what's down there. You might have hurt something, or . . . or woken something up."
refers to the story in Mines of Moria.
Honeywine follows Brandywine.
In F&B, Baela's pets includes "a conjurer of cheap tricks she took for an actual sorcerer", refers to Gandalf's line in the movie.
  • H.P. Lovecraft
References inludes Church of Starry Wisdom, Carcosa, K'Dath, Leng, the Old Ones, the Deep Ones.
  • J.K. Rowling
In 2001, ASOS, Harry Potter, Calculating God by Robert J. Sawyer were in Hugo final list, and J.K. Rowling won. Four years later in AFFC we saw this:
She had ridden over Harry Sawyer and broken Robin Potter’s helm, giving him a nasty scar.
The scar also refers to arry Potter.
Another novel in the final list, The Sky Road by Ken MacLeod also won more votes than ASOS. I don't know if there's also some reference to it in AFFC.
In 2014, when an interviewer said JK Rowling, Queen of Fantasy said: "Fantasy has its own laws.Some things are forbidden. No sex near unicorns." GRRM replied: There are unicorns in my next book, and probably sex not far from unicorns.
  • Michael Moorcock
Bloodraven came from Elric of Melniboné, both are albino. And his sword Stormbringer might inspired Lightbringer.
  • Phyllis Eisenstein
ASOS is dedicated to her. And Alaric of Eysen in ASOS refers to Alaric (Tales of Alaric the Minstrel) and Eisenstein.
  • Diana Wynn Jones
Howland's Greywater Watch could refer to Howl's Moving Castle.
  • A. Merritt
Мerrit o'Moontown could refer to A. Merritt's Moon Pool.
  • Robert Graves
"Lord Tywin Lannister ruled the Seven Kingdoms, but Lady Joanna ruled Lord Tywin" from "Augustus ruled the world, but Livia ruled Augustus" in I, Claudius.
  • Classic Works
"Thoros claimed that as a priest he knew how to tend a flock.", "I never asked for this cup to pass to me", Forsaken, and "The reign of King Maegor I Targaryen, known to history and legend as Maegor the Cruel, lasted six years and sixty-six days" are bible reference.
Tywin's body stink came from The Brothers Karamazov. GRRM confirmed it in Russia.
Robb at the tomb of Tristifer IV Mudd (ASOS Cat V) nods to Ozymandias by Percy Bysshe Shelley.
Stannis took Deepwood in disguise of woods refers to Macbeth.
The exchange between Blackfish and Jaime: "-Do you even know what honor is? -A horse." resembles Falstaff in Henry IV: "What is honour? A word."
The show about Tyrion in Mercy is a homage to Richard III.
Tyrion calling Tywin "once and future Hand of the King" came from The Once and Future King.
Tyrion calling Jaime "never untied a knot when he could slash it in two with his sword" refers to Gordian Knot.
The Winds of Winter and A Dream of Spring refer to "O Wind, If Winter comes, can Spring be far behind?"
In AFFC, Braavosi said "Our walls are made of wood and painted purple, Our galleys are our walls. We need no other." refers to Themistocles interpreted the wooden wall in a Delphi Oracle as fleet would save Athens from Xerxes.
Snowflakes swirled from a dark sky and ashes rose to meet them, the grey and the white whirling around each other as flaming arrows arced above a wooden wall and dead things shambled silent through the cold, beneath a great grey cliff where fires burned inside a hundred caves. Then the wind rose and the white mist came sweeping in, impossibly cold, and one by one the fires went out. Afterward only the skulls remained.
The "wooden wall" in Mel's vision also refers to Cotter Pyke‘s ships.
House Toland's sigil refers to the Ourobouros.
Stannis saying " Would that all the lords in the Seven Kingdoms had but a single neck" from Caligula "Would that the Roman people had but one neck!"
"down to a sunless sea" in ADWD Bran from Coleridge's Kubla Khan.
Jaime to Cleo's "We have promises to keep, and long leagues before us." from Robert Frost's *Stopping by Woods on a Snowy Evening. "*But I have promises to keep, And miles to go before I sleep."
The Liddles are called Big Liddle, Middle Liddle, and Little Liddle, a reference to Liddell & Scott, a famous Greek dictionary.
It is now conventionally referred to as Liddell & Scott, Liddell–Scott–Jones, or LSJ, and its three sizes are sometimes referred to as "The Little Liddell", "The Middle Liddell" and "The Big Liddell"
Maester Nicol and The Measure of the Days may refer to Nicolaus Copernicus.

Movies & Comics

  • Superheros
Behind the Lannisters came their great lords and captains. Their banners flared and flapped, a pageant of color: red ox and golden mountain, purple unicorn and bantam rooster, brindled boar and badger, a silver ferret and a juggler in motley, stars and sunbursts, peacock and panther, chevron and dagger, black hood and blue beetle and green arrow.
The last three sigils refer to 3 superheros with the same name.
Emerick Peake of Starpike, the Avenger, resembles Captain America.
  • Blackadder
The sigil of House Wyl is a black adder.
Baldric I Durrandon (the Cunning) in TWOIAF and cunning Baldrick in F&B both refer to Baldrick in Blackadder, whose catchphrase is "I have a cunning plan".
  • The Three Stooges
Lharys, Kurleket and Mohar in AGOT when Cat captured Tyrion.
  • The Wizard of Oz
Their masks gleamed in the sun: boars and bulls, hawks and herons, lions and tigers and bears, fork-tongued serpents and hideous basilisks. -ADWD Dany IX
  • Muppets
Grover, Elmo, Kermit and Oscar Tully in F&B are from the Muppets. Elmo, Grover and Kermit are red, blue and green, matching the three rivers in the Trident.
F&B says Kermit is green as summer grass, and "His brother Oscar, who had slain three men during the Muddy Mess and been knighted on the battlefield afterward, was still greener". In the Muppets Oscar is greener than Kermit, and he became green after a visit to Swamp Mushy Muddy.
  • Monty Python
ADWD refers to the Unsullied as "the kind that don't break and run when you fart in their general direction", which refers to Monty Python and the Holy Grail.
Another one is "Grand Maester Pycelle told Cersei that she had not lost a son, but rather gained a daughter."
  • Four Weddings and a Funeral
GRRM planned to include four weddings and a funeral in ASOS. He ended up with 2 funerals.
  • Little Mermaid
Ursula Upcliff, a sorceress called herself bride of the Merling King featured in TWOIAF.


  • Bill Belichick
GRRM loves NY Giants and NY Jets (football teams), and hate their rival New England Patriots and its coach Bill Belichick. He called him Evil Little Bill. In 2007, New England Patriots made a record of winning all 16 games within a season, then lost the final in Superbowl to Giants. So in ADWD we find:
Triarch Belicho, a famous Volantene patriot whose unbroken succession of conquests and triumphs ended rather abruptly when he was eaten by giants.
  • Molly Malone
Arya as fishmonger in Braavos echos the lyric:
As she wheeled her wheelbarrow, Through the streets broad and narrow, Crying "cockles and mussels, alive, alive, oh"
  • Toy Knights
Ser Courtenay Greenhill is a knight who pays court to Margaery Tyrell. His names refer to two makers of toy knights which GRRM collects, Richard Courtenay and Peter Greenhill.

Personal Experince

  • GRRM's works
GRRM gave the Kettleblacks so similar names than he confused himself and called Osmund Oswald twice in ASOS. He "fixed" it in ADWD:
Penny shook her head. "She never … it was a man who came to us, in Pentos. Osmund. No, Oswald. Something like that.
GRRM referred to 5 year gap in AFFC:
I had hoped to have four or five quiet years to plant some seeds and allow some fruits to ripen, but is a good thing that I thrive on chaos.
The Seven came from novella The Lonely Songs of Laren Dorr, Bakkalon (a god in Braavos) came from novella And Seven Times Never Kill Man, Saagael (a god in Lys) came from novella Only Kids are Afraid of the Dark.
The ship Nightflyer came from novella Nightflyers. "My mother told me that dead men sing no songs" (AGOT) came from short story collection Songs the Dead Men Sing.
Fever River refers to novel Fevre Dream. The phrase "fever dream" also appears multiple times in ASOIAF.
Green dreams feature in Guardians from Tuf Voyaging.
House Tudbury and its sigil refer to Tom Tudbury, the Great and Powerful Turtle in Wild Cards.
Robb, Lyanna, Barristan the Bold, R'llor, Hairy Hal, Greywater, Fever River etc. appear in GRRM's previous works.
  • School motto
“Honor, Not Honors” was his high school motto. In 2006 GRRM said "I should really borrow that motto for one of the noble houses of Westeros." A year later it became motto of House Westerling.
GRRM graduated
  • Pet
His first cat is named Mully, orange color, and lived to an old age. Mully is an old steward of the Night's Watch with greasy orange hair and a beard.
Parris & Mully
  • Birthday
Jaehaerys's birthday is the same as GRRM.
  • Readers
Elio_Garcia (aka Ran) appeared in The Hedge Knight Comic as Ser Randor the Exile.
Patrick St. Denis, a blogger lives in Montreal (royal mountain literally) won a football wager with GRRM after his Dallas Cowboys had a better season than NY Giants, winning the right to be killed by GRRM in ADWD. Therefore, Ser Patrek of King's Mountain, bearing the sigil of Dallas Cowboys, was killed by the giant Wun Wun. Wun Wun refers to Phil Simms, No.11 in NY Giant.
Dave Goldblatt, Dave Cotton and an anonymous woman donated $20k to charity, wining the rights to be killed in TWOW.
Adam Whitehead (Werthead) is mentioned in TWOW Arianne II as Addam Whitehead.
Ken Keller, an old friend of GRRM, grew up in the west coast of the United States and lives in Kansas City. George dedicated the first volume of Wild Cards to Ken, and named Kennos of Kayce after him. So, wait for the glorious deaths of Ser Addam and Kennos :)
Mary Mertens, an old friend of GRRM since 1977 (GRRM dedicated two Wild Cards volumes to her and her husband) is the model of Mary Mertyns. She once lived in New Orleans, hence the owl of House Mertyns. Mary Mertens passed away recently, so I guess Mary Mertyns will live forever in ASOIAF.
Gerardys was named for Vince Gerardis, GRRM's agent.

Debunked Homage

  • Grateful Dead
GRRM's favorite band. But Direwolf, Dark Star, Mountains Of The Moon are not from their songs, at least unintentional.
  • Marillion
The singer is not named after the band. GRRM even got so annoyed being asked again and again that he proposed to change the name both in the books and the show.
submitted by zionius_ to asoiaf [link] [comments]

2020.01.27 21:08 Rein20 Removing a mob drop that is not in the mobs lootTable.

So I wanted to remove the Witherbone item, thats added from Ice And Fire mod, from the LootTables of the Wither Skeletons and I tried with CraftTweker:
val entity = ; //removeDrop(item); entity.removeDrop(); 
But that did nothing, so I tried using the LootTweaker mod. I dumped the Wither Skeleton loot table, but what I found really surprised me. There is nothing in the loot table of the mob that says anything related to the Ice and Fire mod.
So it turns out that the mob drop is no through the Loot Table (I think). If so LootTweaker is useless for this particular thing and I am absolutely lost on how to remove the drop. I still tried removing all instances of iceandfire:witherbone from all pools, but the console only confirmed there aren't any. So what do I do to remove such a mob drop?
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2019.05.20 15:56 AFKBOTGOLDELITE It's all Bran/Bloodraven's plan (why the Golden Company got destroyed)

It's all Bran/Bloodraven's plan (why the Golden Company got destroyed)
Context: the previous greensee3-eyed crow was the Targaryen bastard Brynden Rivers/Lord Bloodraven, of "A thousand eyes and One" fame, referring to his thousand eyes (flocks of bird spies he wargs into) and one (his archnemesis half-brother Bittersteel put out his other eye in battle during the Blackfyre Rebellion).
( )
Now, after those wars, Bittersteel went east to found *The Golden Company*.
Our Omniscient Three-eyed-Raven has engineered the precise timeline that leads to (a) his successor ruling Westeros, and (b) Bittersteel's legacy, the Golden Company *incredibly improbably* being *completely savaged* by dragons.
Our Three-eyed-raven sure knows how to hold a grudge.
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2019.04.24 22:46 Foxfire1257 Crafttweaker error

Not a crash but the other FTB sub-reddit auto deletes this so I have to post it here.
So for some reason I can't smelt silver ore into ingots(Some confliction I guess) so I tried to fix this with crafttweaker. I already got one recipe to work with it, but now this one won't. I have no clue why as everything is the same as the wiki and it has no problem reading my other lines of code. The recipe code looks like this:
furnace.addRecipe(, );
and the error is: Error parsing recipes.zs:16 -- ) expected. I have no idea what the problem is as this fits with what is on the wiki. Any help would be appreciated.
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2019.04.24 22:43 Foxfire1257 CraftTweaker error

So for some reason I can't smelt silver ore into ingots(Some confliction I guess) so I tried to fix this with crafttweaker. I already got one recipe to work with it, but now this one won't. I have no clue why as everything is the same as the wiki and it has no problem reading my other lines of code. The recipe code looks like this:

furnace.addRecipe(, );
and the error is: Error parsing recipes.zs:16 -- ) expected. I have no idea what the problem is as this fits with what is on the wiki. Any help would be appreciated.
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2018.05.18 23:12 nic0lk (Spoilers Published) Why is learning about the history and lore in ASOIAF, in some regards, more interesting than learning about the history and lore in our own world?

I remember seeing somebody over in /pureasoiaf joke that they could visualize what's across the Narrow Sea better than they could visualize what's across the Atlantic, or something to that effect. It got me thinking about not only the geography of asoiaf but also the history and lore of it, and how in some aspects I know more about it than our own history and lore here on earth. That being said, I definitely love history and learning about the past, but the fact of the matter is that sometimes I can just get overwhelmed and bored while trying to read certain parts of real world history, but I almost always find the history of asoiaf really interesting.
Let's take for instance a comparison of The War of Five Kings and its real world parallel the Thirty Years War. I was initially going to compare TWOFK to the Wars of the Roses, because I knew of the parallels between Lancaster and Lannister and York and Stark, and and rivalry between the two houses in medieval Europe, but the Ice and Fire Wiki claims that the fictional war's parallel is actually the Thirty Years War, but in any case my point remains the same.
Alright so here is the Wikipedia page on the Thirty Years War and here is the Ice and Fire Wiki page on the War of Five Kings. Just read through the beginning of both of these articles. Reading through the Ice and Fire Wiki page is pretty simple. There was a war where five kings all wanted the throne. Some houses switched sides, some were loyal, and some were neutral. Even reading through the Causes section is pretty straightforward. The only aspect I could see somebody who has no prior info on this series getting confused by is the large amount of houses and different people.
Reading through the Thirty Years War page, something I admittedly know essentially nothing about, I get confused partway through the introduction. I think this is mostly due to a lack of context I have for a lot of the factors involved. There's so many factors at play here. You have to understand the difference and dynamics of the protestants and the Catholics and about the Peace of Augsburg and the Holy Roman Empire and the Protestant Union and much else.
When I first started reading AGOT, I hadn't seen the show and I knew nothing in the slightest about the world I was entering into. It was a bit confusing to learn that I was starting the book right after a giant rebellion against a dynasty that had been in power for three hundred years. But continuing to read and learning organically about this world and the events that led up to where we are, it made sense and all came together. When learning about world history, it just seems so much more dense and hard to piece everything together.
I think there's a few reasons for this. For one, Westeros is pretty self-contained and even though Martin has said it's roughly the size of South America and South America is roughly three times larger than Europe, it doesn't feel that way. Westeros is essentially one giant country, but even when they weren't they were only seven kingdoms. Europe today has fifty countries but even when they had fewer autonomous states, it shows how many areas of interest and conflict there were to lead to there being so many countries. I feel like if Westeros broke apart again, it would roughly split into the same amount of Kingdoms. As big and diverse as Westeros is, especially when it was built by one man, it's still pretty unified, enough to make learning about each different area and culture and skirmish less overwhelming than all that are in Europe.
I think another reason is simply that, being built by one man, he wanted to purposely make his world interesting. It takes all of the interesting and juicy bits of kings and queens and playing the game of politics and world-building without the boring parts. I can't quite think of any trade routs in Westeros. I think this applies to religion too. Obviously religion has played a gigantic role in the shaping of our world and geography, but there are really only two religions in Westeros, and one more isolated to one archipelago, and all of these religions are pretty tolerant of each other. Even when religions from the east get involved, it doesn't open quite a religious conflict that we've seen in real life. If start a game of Crusader Kings 2 you'll see nations that are Catholic or Orthodox or Sunni or Slavic or Tengri or Shia or Tengr. There's so many religions or denominations that just have subtle differences sometimes. The largest religion in Westeros, the Seven, is pretty much agreed upon and I can't think of any instance of conflict from interpreting the Seven Pointed Star differently. The same goes for the Old Gods and The Drowned God, and I can't think of any religious conflict or war that has happened in Westeros. The all seem pretty chill with it all.
Furthermore, the religions in Westeros I feel are simpler than, well, real life. The Seven is an interesting polytheistic (or monotheistic, depending on what some septons will tell you) religion that has seven distinct figures that are suppose to represents different aspects of your life. The Drowned God is supposed to resurrect you in the sea when you die and getting baptized involves being drowned. In real life, learning about the difference between the interpretation of the Torah and the Bible and the Koran is just frankly not as interesting, to me at least. They're not as captivating and they don't practice the same wild rituals as the religions in asoiaf that make them fun to learn about.
One thing I've avoided talking about is the magic and fantasy elements in the books because they don't exist in real life. Maybe that's unfair but really reading the books feels more like reading an alternate medieval history than a fantasy akin to Lord of the Rings or the Elder Scrolls. Again, I'm just talking about the books and not the show, which I haven't seen, but I sometimes forget that Dragons or White Walkers are part of it because they're really not in that much. The first three books are about a civil war primarily that could have happened in an alternate Europe.
So what do you think? I've been rambling for a while but those are just kind of my thoughts for why I feel like the history of Westeros and Essos, which I didn't really mention, can be more engaging that actual history. I think living through these events through they eyes of the characters can help contextualize it all, something we can't do in real life. How do you feel about it all?
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2018.03.19 15:07 hearthsan-bot Full Card Art Top 5 - Basic, Classic, and Naxx

I got to browsing all of the card artwork in the game and decided to compile a list of my favorites from each set because it's more fun than doing the work I should be doing instead. This is obviously all my own opinion - hopefully it inspires some people to go check out and appreciate some of the art themselves.
Basic Set Top 5
Honorable Mentions
Dishonorable Mentions
Classic Set Top 5
Honorable Mentions
Dishonorable Mentions
Curse of Naxxramas
Top 2
Bottom 2
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2018.03.19 15:07 PegLegGreg Full Card Art Top 5 - Basic, Classic, and Naxx

I got to browsing all of the card artwork in the game and decided to compile a list of my favorites from each set because it's more fun than doing the work I should be doing instead. This is obviously all my own opinion - hopefully it inspires some people to go check out and appreciate some of the art themselves.
Basic Set Top 5
Honorable Mentions
Dishonorable Mentions
Classic Set Top 5
Honorable Mentions
Dishonorable Mentions
Curse of Naxxramas
Top 2
Bottom 2
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2018.03.17 17:21 MsEBL [Talkmoot] What Is Varys Really Up To?

If Varys is so concerned with the people of the realm, why did he promote Viserys (who would have been as bad or worse than Joffrey), even to the point of having Dany assassinated? Didn't his 'little birds' tell him about Viserys? I know there are strong hints the assassination attempts were just ruses, but when Jorah saves her from the poisoned wine--that was Jorah doing that (even if Varys managed to let Jorah know in time, it was only because he was instructed to call it off by Ned).
Varys also set up the alliance with Dorne/Sand Snakes and Highgarden (how did that turn out for them)? Did Varys tip off Euron?
Daenarys also warned Varys not to betray her. D+D were not exactly subtle about it and the foreshadowing suggests Varys may end up betraying Daenarys (and may end up having Dracarys being the last word he hears).
Varys is also paired up with Illyrio Mopatis. He sheltered Viserys and Daenarys when they were children. Illyrio gave her the dragon eggs--did he know they were still viable?
We know that Euron is going to ferry the Golden Company to Westeros. Will they stay loyal to Cersei or turn on her for Daenarys? The GC was founded by a Blackfyre and it is hinted that Varys may be a Blackfyre also.
Why did the sorcerer cut off young Varys' manhood? Was Varys specifically selected. If Varys did have Blackfyre blood, that is some potentially powerful blood magic. For what purpose? Varys managed to capture the sorcerer and presumably know knows why. There are also rumors that Illyrio's second wife Serra, may be Varys' sister.
In the books, Illyrio also told Tyrion that the GC will switch allegiance to Daenarys, in exchange for being able to return to Westeros (like her, they were exiled). ADWD, Tyrion II While I doubt he has that much influence, Jorah also fought for the GC.. It was Illyrio who introduced Jorah to Viserys and Daenarys.
The books and show had Littlefinger setting things into initially motion, but was Littlefinger manipulated by Varys all along? Varys tells Illyrio in their meeting at King's Landing (the one Arya overhears down in the dungeons in the first book and in Season I) that the Starks and Lannisters are about to become enemies.
The story did not make it clear who was manipulating who, there was a lot of double and triple crossing and agency going on, but at least at the end of Season 7 Littlefinger is dead and Varys is still alive. Varys is still manipulating Tyrion.
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2017.08.24 22:17 devondjones What the actual F@#$ Arbys

To quote the article ( 'Denver is 1 of 9 cities to get an Arby’s turkey leg in time for “Game of Thrones” finale'
What the hell to turkey legs have to do with ASOIAF? For anyone who has read the books, Martin is oddly specific and detailed in his descriptions of food. You can check the prolific list of food and drink ( ) in the books. Do any of YOU see Turkey Legs listed?
NO, not fucking once.
But they are at the Ren Faire you say? They make no goddamn sense there either! I should know, I sold turkey legs are the Colorado Renaissance Festival for 2 summers in college, and they made no sense then either. I guaren-fucking-tee that there were no turkey legs in the court of Henry V. The fucking turkey is native to North Fucking America.
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2017.03.03 19:03 Wild2098 (Spoilers Extended) Your Unsullied name

You're a member of the Unsullied the day that Dany frees you:
One of the first things Dany had done after the fall of Astapor was abolish the custom of giving the Unsullied new slave names every day. Most of those born free had returned to their birth names; those who still remembered them, at least. Others had called themselves after heroes or gods, and sometimes weapons, gems, and even flowers, which resulted in soldiers with some very peculiar names, to Dany’s ears. Grey Worm had remained Grey Worm. When she asked him why, he said, “It is a lucky name. The name this one was born to was accursed. That was the name he had when he was taken for a slave. But Grey Worm is the name this one drew the day Daenerys Stormborn set him free.”
What is the name that you choose from that point forward? Is it the name you picked out of the barrel that day, your accursed birth name if you remember it, or perhaps your favorite weapon or flower?
-List of characters
-Age of Heroes
-List of gods
-Couldn't find a list of gemstones so here's food and beverages
-List of all plants
This one is known as Pale Morningstar.
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2016.06.24 02:33 AlaerysTargaryen (No Spoilers) Which Planetosi food and drink would you pay good coin for?

Here I am, browsing the sub, thinking how in a couple of days the Long Night of waiting for a new season will begin. Lots of exciting events are set to happen in the finale, but I was daydreaming on how sweet would it be if Arya returning to Westeros would run into Hot Pie and he welcomes her with a fresh batch of delicious direwolf bread. Anyway, it got me thinking, since I'm hungry, what food from ASOIAF you would gladly try?
My pick: A glass of summerwine and some pigeon pie. Sansa's lemoncakes for dessert.
Wouldn't eat even if they paid me Fat Walda's weight in silver: Dothraki fermented mare's milk and Meereenese dog sausages or unborn puppies.
So what's something you havealways wanted to get a bite from Asoiaf? Something refined like a cup of Arbor Gold? Something adventurous like a bowl o'brown? Or go for the top prize and share a chicken with the Hound?
Edit: Here is a couple of links to refresh your memory. Link 1, Link 2.
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2016.06.13 05:16 anom_aly Information about the Reach

Book spoilers in the links.
My vote is to cut off food and wine to anyone we do not consider allies. Our borders are numerous, so we need to pick a safe spot for a garrison that is easily defendable.
We could potentially ally with the North and bring forces to the middle, crushing enemies between our two armies.
The Westerlands is another choice. One of our closest borders and largest immediate threat. With the Lannisters out of the way, we might stand a chance of a more tenable alliance with dryan0's house. If we are able to use them to smash the other territories or even turn some lords to our cause, we can surely defeat them and unseat them to claim the Iron Throne as ours.
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2016.05.21 17:24 FallOutFan01 Metal gear vs game of thrones

Metal gear vs game of thrones Round one
Vulcan Raven vs The Mountain
Vulcan Raven Stands at 6 feet 10 inches and is capable of lifting and firing a M61 Vulcan cannon which weighs in at 112 kg or 248 Ib he can also carry the ammo drum on his back and combined weight is almost the weight of a car.
The Mountain stands at 6 feet 9 inches tall his actor can bench press 507 Ibs the weight of a grizzly bear
*RAVEN knows CQC
*GREGOR gets his great sword.
Round two Pre-Cyborg Sam Rodrigues VS [Ser Barristan Selmy] (Ser Barristan Selmy) in His prime.
Samuel Rodrigues is a master swordsman who supposedly killed ten members of a MOB hit Squad armed with automatic weapons around the year 2000 before Cyborg technology was Public.
Ser Barristan Selmy was THE Best Swordsman in the seven kingdoms
Sam is pre-Cyborg has his Murasama blade but is Pre-High frequency modification assume the blade/metal is to this specifcation *1050 carbon steel (mono-steel)
*Treatment: Hand Forged, Through Hardened, Heat Treated & Tempered, Water Quenched. Sam is not wearing a exoskeleton. His sword looks like this minus the red on account of it being Pre-High Frequency .
Ser Barristan Selmy Is in the prime of his life and has his sword but no armour.
Round three
Vamp vs 200 knights armed with Swords,Crossbows,Spears and armour.
Vamp has his nanomachines,knifes and other abilities and knows CQC.
The Knights have swords,Crossbows,Spears and armour
Battle is to the death or incapacitation of Vamp and takes place in the throne room.
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2016.05.08 03:02 Feekdkjebrrjbrbejdnr (Spoilers Everything) Dorne seems fairly minor

After season 5, I saw much venom here regarding Dorne. So I read the books. But Dorne is very minor in the books.
Only a relatively very small number of chapters. And not much happens in these chapters I recall.
Even in the show, Dorne overall gets very relatively little screen time in season 5.
So I don't understand why some fans (especially the lovely people) have become such massive fans of Dorne when it has such little material. Dorne in the show is not good but I find it bizarre that people swear off the show and post so much online about it regarding a storyline that has little screen time in the show and barely any chapters in the books?
Looking for some honest answers. Thank you.
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2015.07.29 21:53 JennyPretzel [ALL SPOILERS] How come Tyrion loves whores so much when....

one of them shattered his heart?
Okay so I am currently reading and binge watching the series. I can't help but wonder how can Tyrion love whores so much, after what happened with Tysha. To me it only makes sense he would hate them, given that they can do something like that just for gold.
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