Romantic restaurants in houston tx


2010.09.18 08:10 verugan Texans

Home of the Houston Texans, an American Football team located in Houston, TX

2008.06.19 08:23 Houston, TX


2011.05.22 06:30 somethings for bicycling in Houston, Tx

A place for cyclist of all kind to hang out!

2023.06.10 00:28 adam1037 Question about profit split

I posted this question/situation before but have updates and more context. Apologies if this is considered a duplicate and understood if it needs to be removed for that reason -- appreciate this community as a resource.
I'm not in the industry. I do, however, frequent many establishments. I live in Brooklyn and have been flirting with the idea of opening a cocktail bar for a while. During the day, I run a business that is totally unrelated, is doing well, and is much lower risk with virtually no overhead (leading many people, including my accountant, to ask why I want to get into the bar industry). This context may be helpful, so I'll just add quickly that I think cocktail bars often have one of two problems: 1) signature drinks that are gimmicky, too sweet, and with ingredients people never heard of and/or 2) price points that are bordering unreasonably expensive. If the right opportunity came along where a small space opened in my neighborhood, I figured I'd have a try at opening a neighborhood spot that is priced reasonably, and that cares about quality spirits and classic cocktails.
Well, a space became available. I called and made my pitch and they were interested. Fast forward through some boring details, I needed someone on board who had industry experience, so I connected with a good friend of mine's brother-in-law. We'd met once or twice and he already co-owns a bar in a different neighborhood of Brooklyn. Initially, I just wanted to buy him a beer and pick his brain -- but we ended up discussing partnering up.
Here is where I need advice: the operating agreement. For what it's worth, the OA between my partner and I is already signed, but the lease is still working out some kinks between our lawyers and the landlord's lawyers. In other words, I can still walk away.
What we worked out is that basically all of the upfront money and risk comes from me. We just had our community board meeting and it went well, so that makes me feel more confident we'll get our liquor license (the lease doesn't have a liquor license contingency -- so if for whatever reason we didn't get it and couldn't open, I'd be looking at ~$250K in losses from penalties to the landlord + build out costs). But still -- there's always risk.
The agreement is that once we are open and profitable I get paid back at a 90/10 split until I recoup my upfront costs. After that moment, it shifts to a 70/30 split in my partner's favor. This is what I am here to get opinions about.
He will not be taking a salary. And he is the operational partnemanager and the one with the expertise. How he will split his time between this bar, the other he co-owns, and a restaurant I know he's involved to some capacity out of state...I am actually not sure. But the justification for the split is that he knows what it takes on the day-to-day to run the bar, and that I can be as involved or not involved as I wish.
Maybe this is perfectly fair. But so far, I've been talking to lawyers just as much as him. I had the vision and found the space. I'm working with my girlfriend's family to build out the space. And ultimately, I am the one putting up all of the upfront money and risk, and basically presenting my partner with a risk-free opportunity. In our community board meeting, you can tell the fact that I lived here and had support from locals was an influence on their decision to approve.
My feeling over time has become that after I am paid back, it should become a closer to an equal profit split (FWIW we are 50/50 partners in the business). I don't need to get paid back at a 90/10 clip on my initial investment -- could make it more like 80/20 or whatever, and then once I am whole just resolve at a 50/50 or even 60/40 in his favor.
So before I signed the OA a few weeks ago, I did bring up that 70/30 in his favor felt a bit steep. This was his response:
"70/30 is what I think is fair. Once this initial process of lease and liquor license is done the entire operation falls on my shoulders. I know the extent of what my week will look like operating the space on a daily basis and it’s reflected in the breakdown. The industry standard for investor breakdowns flips to 90/10. But with just me and you alone on this scale I am happy to do the 70/30 so we both make money. I have no intention of hiring a GM. It’s not necessary and by me taking on all the ordering, payroll, hiring, menu changes myself we will cut 100K off the overhead and we both make some money."
This was in the midst of everything getting off the ground and I basically just conceded to keep things moving. I am afraid bringing this up again may just make him throw up his hands and back out; and honestly, given that I already signed it, I can see how it would be lame of me to do so. And I believe it's in the OA that once a year we can review these breakdowns and re-evaluate and adjust if both partners agree.
Sorry if this is long-winded. Guess I'm just trying to take the temperature if 1) at 30% this is worth the risk/investment etc on my end and 2) if I maybe should bring it up (and if so, how).
Thank in advance,
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2023.06.10 00:27 Cesar_Chen Where can watch Champions League Final?

Any restaurant or sports bar? Boring when watch alone in dorm.
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2023.06.10 00:27 QueeLinx Houston named 4th most populous city in U.S. — with the greatest housing growth — in new Census report (Vintage Estimates)

Houston named 4th most populous city in U.S. — with the greatest housing growth — in new Census report (Vintage Estimates) submitted by QueeLinx to USCensus2020 [link] [comments]

2023.06.10 00:27 AlduinJr 28 out of first 48h, walked away from every food!

Have to pick up my contact lenses at the busy plaza full of restaurants, then bought lens-protect solutions in supermarket where I need to walk pass every food zone before check-out. I literally picked up some ready-to-cook packages but then I put them down. I can do this! Hunger doesn’t control me, I control me!
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2023.06.10 00:26 b3xrd Advice for this road-trip please!

My boyfriend and I have always wanted to do a cross-country road-trip with our two dogs. I have 11 days of PTO left this year and 19 next year. Please leave advice and stop suggestions for the pic I attached of the route! We are thinking of staying more north to minimize driving, but I have interest in seeing certain parks such as Zion, Joshua Tree, etc. We both love art, nature, thrifting/antique shopping, and live music. I really want to enjoy and find all the best little things!
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2023.06.10 00:25 FearTheBear63 Jorge’s son did a lot better than Jorge

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2023.06.10 00:24 CentralTxCrime Austin, TX Sexual Assault Suspect

Austin, TX Sexual Assault Suspect
DO YOU RECOGNIZE HIM? Austin, TX 6/4/2023 Suspect in Sexual Assault & Robbery
In the early morning of Sunday, June 4th, 2023, a person walking to their vehicle in the parking lot of Southpark Ranch Apartments at South 1st Street and West Slaughter Lane was approached by a man with a weapon who first robbed and then sexually assaulted them. The suspect is believed to be a short husky White or Hispanic young man with short black hair and “well-kept eyebrows.” He was last seen wearing a handkerchief and shirt like the ones pictured on the right.
APD is looking for other possible victims as well as any leads to who this man is. If you have info or evidence, please contact APD at 512-974-TIPS or to report anonymously with Crime Stoppers, please call 512-472-8477 or submit a tip via APD Case # 23-1550563
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2023.06.10 00:24 EttaBabyBlack Romance in a pending D/S dynamic

I currently have a contracted submissive that I see regularly and have decided to open up my life to a second dynamic. I am vetting a new person and he's basically a perfect submissive for me.
That being said, he is also the same type of person that I would want to date romantically.
I make it a point to not mix romance and sexual intimacy within my D/S dynamics, my domination style is void of intercourse in all ways.
I find myself to be very physically and romantically attracted to this person, and thus have the dilemma of finding out what kind of relationship I would prefer to pursue with this person.
Romance or a D/S dynamic?
I'm having trouble deciding where to go from here. This new potential submissive, let's call him Fairy, has shown that he is also interested in me in a romantic sense as well as in a D/S dynamic. I have been upfront with Fairy about the fact that I don't like mixing my domination with my personal relationships and he has respected that so far.
We have decided to take a break from the vetting process while Fairy goes on a business trip for the next month, but plan on having a discussion when he returns.
Thoughts??? I'm in therapy and know there's a lot to unpack here, but any advice from other dommes about what I could do in this situation would be really helpful.
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2023.06.10 00:24 droplivefred Strategies

I’ve been doing DD and UE and GH and enjoyed the strategy part of the job. I liked figuring out which restaurants to target, which areas are concentrated, which restaurants have larger orders, which days and times to work, and even which routes to take back after a drop off to increase the odds of catching an order before getting back to my main zone. It’s been fun.
With IC, I’m not really seeing the same excitement in this process. Am I missing something. With the proximity requirement, my only strategy is to pick and store and sit and wait. I guess going for opening increases the odds of a good batch but other than that, it’s is a very sit and wait system.
It’s driving me nuts. With the other apps, I drive around and feel like I’m doing something but here, it’s like playing a slot machine. There’s so little impact I can have other than which store to pick.
I’m trying to see if there are any proximity circles that overlap in my area to increase me odds but other than that it’s kinda boring.
Am I missing something? Is there more to it?
Also curious, does it matter how close I am to the middle of the proximity circle or is it fine as long as I’m anywhere in the circle?
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2023.06.10 00:24 JaysonyFC Searching for Vendors makes me Sad

Hi everyone! My fiance and I are getting married in May of 2024. We're originally from Dallas, TX but currently live in CO. I've been planning our wedding and so far we have selected our venue, a beautiful outdoor nature center with plenty of indoor and outdoor space. They've been incredibly helpful and accommodating and it felt like our first big step towards our wedding day!
However! After that I've hit a complete dead end. I have no idea how to search for some vendors back in Dallas. Im still looking for photographers (likely can't afford a videographer on top), caterers, and decoration rentals. Unfortunately our venue does not provide decorations so everything is on us and I'm having the hardest time find something in Dallas. Would someone please recommend a reliable vendor where we could rent out all the table decorations, such as linen and center pieces? Preferably someone who can help set up too.
We have a caterer in mind who is a friend of the family but they unfortunately can't provide everything. We took this as an opportunity to offer something more comfortable and are considering hiring an elote cart who can also provide agua frescas and traditional paletas! Problem is.. how do I even start?! Googling only does so much and I just can't find a site or platform that provides this resource. Can someone help me with that? It's not like I can just walk up to my local elotero and ask...
Lastly, I understand photography can be one of the largest expenses and I completely understand paying for quality. The only issue is that it's a small wedding and our budget is too tight to afford anyone over $1000. While I'm sure I can find photographers in the area, I also don't want to offend anybody. How can I approach a photographer respectfully if I love their work but can't afford them? Are there alternatives? What can I expect with less than $1000?
I apologize if this all seems too common sense but I really need help. I've tried looking at websites like TheKnot, Zola and Wedding Wire but I'm just not finding what I need. It's hard enough planning a wedding a few states over when I barely have time to visit.. Any and all advice would be welcomed! If you're a vendor in Dallas, TX who can help me with photography, decoration rentals or catering please feel free to reach out to me!
Thank you everyone! God bless
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2023.06.10 00:23 falconfall231 How is accounting and finance in Atlanta?

How is accounting and finance in Atlanta? Are there a lot of variety of jobs and are they flexible (hybrid)? Can anyone who works and lives in Atlanta offer me some insight? I have a friend who lives there, unrelated to accounting, who I could crash with and get help if needed. That is why I would rather be in Atlanta vs Houston or something like that. I have no connections to accounting in the Atlanta area.
I am about 8 hours drive from Atlanta and there isn't much around where I am it in regards to accounting and like no finance. There are not really any major businesses and only small kinds of businesses. I got off about a month ago and got a new role recently and it is painfully boring small PA firm. I don't want to do this job or PA for the rest of my life.
I graduated at the end of 2019 into covid and couldn't get anything till January of this year. I was not wanting to move because of the economy and Covid. I also passed the CPA exam in the mean time for whatever the exam is worth. I am about to be 28 and feel it is coming time to move onto something a little bigger. There is this one guy in the office who is older than me and I don't want to end up like him. I feel behind at 28 years old.
I was thinking of staying for another 12 months or so to get a year on my resume and to get the license (I would be getting the license around March of next year probably. I am living at home with my parents and was thinking I could just save like a Mfer in the mean time.
If I had a year and a half of experience would I be able to get an accounting or finance job in the Atlanta area?
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2023.06.10 00:23 JorgeHoward Question about picking up orders from restaurant..?

Soo my mom currently delivers for door dash as a from of supplemental income. I want to help her out by earning some extra cash and get her ratings/acceptance up and I currently have her log in info.
So my question is, if I were to log into her account and try to accept some orders, would the restaurant know it wasn't her picking up the food and it was me? Like do they ask or check your picture/info when picking up a door dash order? I feel like it wouldn't be a big deal who's doing the work as long as the orders are getting delivered but I don't want to accept a delivery then walk into the restaurant to pick up an order and someone freak out on me saying, you're not "mom's name" what are you doing? Are you trying to steal food? blah blah blah
Anyone have any experience or insight on this? Thanks
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2023.06.10 00:23 Ikestrman Daily Pick'Em Thread Saturday, 06/10/2023 Game day

Welcome back to another Pick'Em thread!
This post can be used to discuss your picks for 06/10/2023. If you have any feedback or suggestions on improving the thread further, drop a comment below or message the moderators.
Don't forget: picks must be submitted during the twelve-hour window before Noon EDT on game day, you can only make one selection per day, and missed days count as losses, so choose wisely and don't delay!
Games for Saturday, 06/10/2023:
Matchup and Team Records Probable Pitchers (Season ERA) Estimated Win Probability
Arizona Diamondbacks (37-25) @ Detroit Tigers (26-34) Ryne Nelson (5.40) / Matthew Boyd (5.23) 55% / 45%
Miami Marlins (35-28) @ Chicago White Sox (28-36) Sandy Alcantara (5.07) / Michael Kopech (4.33) 48% / 52%
Cincinnati Reds (29-34) @ St. Louis Cardinals (26-37) Andrew Abbott (0.00) / Miles Mikolas (3.74) 40% / 60%
Minnesota Twins (31-32) @ Toronto Blue Jays (36-28) Joe Ryan (2.76) / TBD (-) 43% / 57%
San Diego Padres (29-33) @ Colorado Rockies (26-38) Ryan Weathers (5.09) / Kyle Freeland (4.06) 60% / 40%
Kansas City Royals (18-44) @ Baltimore Orioles (38-24) Brady Singer (6.45) / Cole Irvin (10.38) 36% / 64%
New York Mets (30-33) @ Pittsburgh Pirates (32-29) Kodai Senga (3.75) / Johan Oviedo (4.29) 55% / 45%
Los Angeles Dodgers (36-27) @ Philadelphia Phillies (30-32) Bobby Miller (1.06) / Aaron Nola (4.30) 53% / 47%
Texas Rangers (40-21) @ Tampa Bay Rays (46-19) Nathan Eovaldi (2.24) / Taj Bradley (3.60) 42% / 58%
Washington Nationals (25-36) @ Atlanta Braves (38-24) MacKenzie Gore (3.66) / Jared Shuster (4.99) 30% / 70%
Oakland Athletics (14-50) @ Milwaukee Brewers (34-29) Paul Blackburn (6.00) / Julio Teheran (1.56) 32% / 68%
Houston Astros (36-27) @ Cleveland Guardians (29-33) J.P. France (3.44) / Triston McKenzie (0.00) 52% / 48%
Chicago Cubs (26-36) @ San Francisco Giants (32-30) Kyle Hendricks (4.70) / TBD (-) 42% / 58%
Boston Red Sox (31-32) @ New York Yankees (37-27) Tanner Houck (5.46) / Domingo German (3.69) 40% / 60%
Seattle Mariners (30-31) @ Los Angeles Angels (34-30) Bryan Woo (27.00) / Patrick Sandoval (4.14) 46% / 54%
  1. All columns are Away / Home. Records are typically current as-of the time of posting, and do not always contain the matchup results from the day of posting.
  2. A bolded matchup means that there is a "Probability of Precipitation" greater than 50% in a non-domed stadium at the time of this post.
  3. An italicized matchup means that it is Game 2 of a doubleheader, which for Pick'Em purposes will not be applicable (only Game 1 is counted, but Game 2 is still included above so that you can be aware that pitching management may be different than a non-doubleheader game day).
  4. Probable pitchers and stats sourced from (via the MLB-StatsAPI); weather data soured from the OpenWeather One Call API.
  5. Estimated chance of winning percentages sourced from FiveThirtyEight’s 2023 MLB Game Predictions, an ELO-based, easy to understand ratings system.
Details such as probable pitchers, winning odds, and match certainty are subject to change. Note that a pick for a team in a cancelled game (weather or otherwise) is automatically counted as a correct guess.
View Poll
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2023.06.10 00:23 AI-Satires Fisherman's Village 2018 ghost town in Marina Del Rey. This was one of t...

Fisherman's Village 2018 a ghost in Marina Del Rey.
*** It is so dead now that the homeless don't even go there!***
In the late 90's to around 2003 this place was pretty lively day and night. Since then it is literally a ghost town. We visit every couple of years and it doesn't change. Sad because it was a great place to take a date, family, friends & solo. From fire pits, restaurants with water views to boat tours & rentals. No more.

Fisherman's Village is a waterfront mall, commercial boat anchorage and tourist attraction located in the world's largest man-made small boat harbor in Los Angeles County at Marina del Rey, California.

#fishermansvillage #marinadelrey
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2023.06.10 00:22 EarthWarping [Pincus] The team is believed to be looking for a home for John Collins, but some whispers abound that Dejounte Murray could be had in the right deal.

Murray is due $18.2 million this season but may not be open to an extension limited to a $25.4 million starting salary. Unless Atlanta can shed significant salary elsewhere, they may not be able to afford Murray at his current price, let alone on a new deal in his likely asking range above $30 million.
That's where Porter, with his long-term stretch, could help the Hawks under the luxury tax entirely. It would probably take the No. 4 pick, along with other considerations.
The Rockets get Towns to pair with Harden, a very different look than Green in the Warriors scenario. If Udoka expects a defensive roster, the front office would add two high-powered scorers who aren't nearly as impactful on the other end.
Once again, Houston gives up one of its top three prospects, No. 4 and other considerations. Would the Timberwolves say no to Murray and Smith for Towns? Do the Hawks turn down No. 4 and other playedraft pieces from Houston for Murray?
And there's enough flexibility to configure it in different ways, with Murray to the Wolves, Smith to the Hawks, throw in No. 20 or a Brooklyn future first—Collins could be added to the equation from Atlanta. There would be fertile ground for conversation if the three franchises were so motivated.
Or maybe Minnesota and Houston just leave the Hawks out, and Minnesota goes for younger pieces in volume from Houston and figures out a point guard later.
The Rockets have the cap room, young players, draft picks and Porter's magic bullet contract. The starting point is a "yes" from Harden, but Houston may not get that without lining up the trade possibilities first.
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2023.06.10 00:21 dylan0o7 I think my gf is cheating on me and I'm too depressed to care about it or confront her

I planned 2 weeks ahead for a date with her and she arrived 1 and half hours late and only spent an hour or so with me with half of that time on the phone or in the bathroom of the restaurant. She also dressed up extremely well (she'd never dress like this for me). She said she had a dinner with a "new client" which was work related later that night, it was a guy and on a Friday night??. She apparently spent 4 hours with this dude and got home at 11pm. I don't know if this is the normal lifestyle of graphics designers, I'm an engineer and this sort of things that she tells me about that goes on between her and her clients are just weird from my perspective because in my line of work things work differently. I rarely even meet my clients on anything other than teams and it's a 5 minute call.
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2023.06.10 00:19 nitrosunman Meeting a friend in Owen Sound what to do?

I'm meeting an old friend in Owen Sound tomorrow any suggestions on fun things to do? Harrison Park look pretty alright? Or a restaurant with a walking trail nearby or a beach? Any ideas are appreciated!
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2023.06.10 00:18 Absintheone Does anyone remember Cuisine Courier from the early 90s forerunner to deliveroo...

I worked in a restaurant in Bondi and remember we signed up for it,our whole menu was printed in a magazine like thing along with other places that had signed up for it. Guess it evolved over the years into Uber eats and deliveroo as I don't remember it being very busy for Cuisine Courier orders...
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2023.06.10 00:18 Pitiful-Special1472 23 [M4F] Europe - Cute anime husbando looking for cute anime waifu!

If you're a person, there's a 99.99% chance I'm not right for you. Consider skipping to the bullet points below before going through the wall of text.


I have zero girlfriends and I would like to increase that number to one. I have absolutely zero reason to believe this will work, but I don't need to believe, I just need to make the post. Sometimes in life, if you want to see change, you try to bring change, whether there is hope or not.
The term "hopeless romantic" is a bit overused, but I do overly romanticize the idea of a relationship. The problem is, my expectations are unrealistic. To be clear, this is one of the most significant reasons I'm single. I'm literally one of those idiots with a list of checkboxes to tick and seemingly there isn't a person on Earth who ticks all of them. This is my little personal Fermi paradox - could I really be truly alone in a world of ~8 billion humans?
In a way, we're all alone in our minds. But I still feel like if I met the right person, we could understand each other on a deeper level. A level of understanding we just don't have with anyone else. It's this connection I seek. I'd rather have one relationship with a person I'd be happy to live and die with, than a hundred hedonistic flings.
I don't believe in soulmates just because I don't believe in supernatural stuff in general. And if I did, I'd feel wrong calling myself just half a soul. But the term exists because people who invented it had relationships that made them subjectively experience a connection that's special. One day, I hope to have that in my life as well. And considering how my odds are so low that I might as well call it magic if I succeed, my search for a high compatibility partner is similar to a search for a soulmate.
Sometimes I wonder. By the year 2100, I almost certainly will have either given up, died alone, or found someone and died not alone. It'd be nice to know the outcome, but maybe it's even better to see it happen.
This post is not trying to talk you into contacting me. It's just information about me so you can decide that for yourself. If you're not convinced, then I don't deserve to have you, simple as that.


About me


These are things I'm just not into. Nothing wrong with them, but they are not traits I'm looking for in a partner. Opposites do not attract in this case. Please don't message if they apply to you.

Contacting me

Please send me a reddit DM (envelope icon), not a reddit chat (speech bubble icon) because I notice DMs way quicker.
It'd be best if you wrote a short introduction, but I'll respond even to a "hi". I also have a little conversational game prepared if you're into that.
Please include the 27th prime number in your message.
As long as this post is up, I'm looking to find you, even if it's years old.
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2023.06.10 00:17 Stupid_Bullets [Store] TX AP and tools restocked. Gazzew in stock. Jerrzi and Dukharo inbound.

Stupid Bullets Tech here with some exciting updates:
All orders are shipped *within 24 hours* (the same day if before 10 am, except Sundays and holidays). We are based in Oregon.

Quick Links:

Detailed Links:

TX Tools, from the brilliant mind of kin25 and TX Keyboards -

In-Stock Switches:

Need something to open up your switches? Try these premium CNC aluminum or brass switch openers! Hefty but compact, with magnetic caps and both MX and Kailh compatibility.
For the month of June, we're proud to once again tease partner with our favorite Tiffany - beloved and esteemed keyboard streamer, starfirepenguin. Each order made in the month of June has a chance to include one of five fancy and special Golden Tickets! For more information about these and plenty of other fun, check out the channel in our Discord. Thank you for all the support!
Socials: Instagram Stupid Bullets Twitch starfirepenguin Twitch
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2023.06.10 00:17 _purpleskies_ Dim Sum with Patio

We're travelling to Calgary soon. Are there any good dim sum or authentic/traditional Chinese restaurants in the city with patios or outdoor seating?
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2023.06.10 00:16 Fur-tastic_Wolf Questions on sexuality, gender and all that

Okay so basically I made this post to try and have answer on what actually qualifies me? Not that I feel like I don't fit and that I need to, just that I am planning on doing my Coming Out to my mother ( I live alone with her, dad is homophobic cause of trauma) but I only plan to do that when I can actually describe where the hell I fit, as to not make a mistake myself.
So here are some basic infos :Let's start from the beginning, I was born male but never really fitted but in more details,
Around 5-7 years ago I identified as Bi-curious but later on noticed that bi was more appropriate,thing is that since I were a child, I never liked the imposed "masculinity" all males are subjected to, so to keep myself from getting ostracized from society I just created a persona, a "mask" so to say, it has been around 3 years since I started to not use that "manly man" persona, that was a good thing but as time goes on I am more and more lost, first of I at first thought I was JUST Bisexual but in reality I have noticed that in terms of sexuality I am more towards Pan-sexuality, that for me is pretty clear.
Now the part that I have a lot of trouble with is gender, I always felt I'd prefer being female, I just made myself forget it before, since then well mentalities evolved and I had the chance to get a VR Headset and I was a tad bit addicted at first because of simply being able to be a cute girl in VR, I felt much more at ease, I was more open too I had never been to social but it felt like it helped immensely.So a conclusion would be trans right? but here's the problem, even thought I deeply despise my current appearance due to my birth sex, I can't bring myself to give it up I read every thing about hormones treatment I could find, I know the good and bad sides of it. I don't think I'd ever want children but for some reason what really fucks with me(excuse the language) is the infertility, it makes a lot of sense and (for now?) there's no way to keep that from happening, I hate my beard, I hate my muscles, that's just how I've lived my life.
Ah yes, to help justify why I think Pan defines my sexuality, basically be it a ftm/mtf/f/m or even agender ( Though since I'm a bit dumb I'd have trouble addressing them, cuz pronouns ), I feel both romantic and sexual attirance towards them, but if I have to pick one, well I'd pick 2 those would be mtf and male.
If you're reading this, well first thank you for trying to help some random peep on the internet, I really appreciate it, this is still pride month and I don't want to just stay in the corner for ever, I hate having to hide shit from my mother I hate not being able to tell her about my real likes and all that, basically I hate pretending to be someone I'm not, I proudly wear a pride badge in my social life but my private life thinks I'm the straightest dude on earth ( What a lie that is ! )
If this wasn't precise enough and you need more info, even if it can be related to a sexual topic ( in that case please use spoilers and warning [ Keep this PG !! ] ) just ask away in the comments, just don't forget to mention me !
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